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The Beauty of Bohinj, Slovenia


The Beauty of Bohinj, Slovenia

Trip through Bohinj Valley and Triglav National Park in Slovenia. Thanks to Grega Silc from Hikes&Bikes for showing around and making a cool cameo at 0:26.

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Bohinj, Slovenia: The most beautiful place we've ever seen

We said goodbye to Piran and drove to the OTHER lake in Slovenia: Lake Bohinj, a lake so beautiful and intimate that we actually like it better than the more popular Lake Bled. After marvelling at its mirrorlike waters, we reluctantly drove back to Ljubljana just in time to catch Grandfather Frost wishing us a Happy New Year.

Lake Bohinj:

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Slovenia's Beautiful Alpine Lake Bohinj in Triglav National Park - Timelapse Video

Bohinj Lake covering 318 hectares, is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia, located within Bohinj Valley of the Slovenian Julian Alps, part of Triglav National Park. Experience the magic of this beautiful part of the Julian Alps, might it be during sunset, sunrise, misty morning or stormy day or night with plentiful lightning. Views are equally spectacular, might it be from the shore of the Bohinj lake or the higher panoramic viewpoint on the Vogel mountain.

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Slovenia: Mostnica Gorge, Voje Valley, Bohinj Lake | Vlog 04 | World Wanderista

Slovenia: Korita Mostnice/Mostnica Gorge
Voje Valley
Bohinj Lake / Stara Fuzina

This video shows my hike to Korita Mostnice, the Voje Valley and the beautiful Bohinj Lake.

Vlog 1 - Bled:
Vlog 2 - Vintgar Gorge & Bled:
Vlog 3 - Slap Savica & Stara Fuzina:
Vlog 4 - Mostnica Gorge, Voje Valley, Lake Bohinj:
Vlog 5 - Tolmin Gorge & Slap Kozjak:
Vlog 6 - Slap Virje, Slap Boka & Soca Valley:
Vlog 7: Zelenci - Gozd Martuljek:
Vlog 8 - Slap Martuljek, Lake Jasna & Russian chapel:
Vlog 9 - Slap Pericnik, Ljuljana:

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Day Trip to Lake Bohinj, Slovenia - Top 4 Tips!

Most people who visit Slovenia have probably heard about Lake Bled which is definitely worth seeing, however, most are not aware that there is actually another larger lake which is just as beautiful, less touristy and much more peaceful!

Here are the top 4 tips to consider when embarking on a day trip to Lake Bohinj:
1) Savica Waterfall (get here early - right when it opens)
2) Ukanc Side of Lake (bring packed lunch)
3) Vogel Cable Car
4) Ribcev Laz

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Romantic fairy tales and travels around Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, Slovenia !

2012 Lake Bled in the Summer! :

Lake Bled
Lake Bohinj

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Slovenia's Secret Lake | Triglav National Park Lake Bohinj + Lake Bled

We were surprised to know that Lake Bled is not the only beautiful lake in the Julian Alps region. The Triglav National Park is also home to Lake Bohinj, the biggest lake in Slovenia.

We visit the stunning lake Bled with Endless Adventure and tried the famous Bled cake at Bled Castle and it is up there with the best deserts, well worth the entrance fee to eat this delicacy.

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Lake Bohinj - Beautiful Lake in the Alps

Spending a weekend in Bohinj Slovenia only with friends and nature is something I recommend :)..

And yes lake Bohinj in nicer than lake Bled.

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Our six month long journey started in Slovenia and it was a blast! This little country has so much to offer: from the sea to the mountains to one of the biggest caves in Europe, it's simply stunning. For everyone who is interested in the route we did:
- Bovec
- Napoleon's Bridge
- Slap Kozjak
- Tolmin & Tolmin Gorges
- Most na Soči (Soča Lake)
- Lake Bled
- Vintgar Gorge
- Velika Planina
- Kamnik
- Ljubljana
- Križna Jama
- Postojna Jama
- Predjama Castle
- Skocjan Jama

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Hiking Lake Bohinj / Triglav Mountain history - Slovenia

Back in Slovenia from our short adventure in Austria, we take the quietest ever ferry boat across Lake Bohinj and hike back, taking in some stunning views. Our day ends with a huge rain storm but rewarded with something quite beautiful!

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Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge, & Lake Bohinj: Backpacking Europe!

Hi, everybody! I'm sorry it took so long for this video to come out! I've been so busy with my MSc thesis and working. Also, welcome and thank you to all of our new subscribers!

After Slovenia's capital city, we made our way North West to connect with nature at the outskirts of the Triglav National Park. We stayed for 3 days in Lake Bled, hiked to Vintgar Gorge, and did a day trip to Lake Bohinj (pronounced boe-heen). We were awestruck by the beauty of the area. The waters were crystal clear as they rushed off the alps and into the lakes and rivers. Due to this, the waters were FRIGID cold, but we managed to enjoy them all the same. This was also our first time seeing the alps without being in a plane!

While Lake Bled is more famous, Lake Bohinj is much larger and arguably even more beautiful... Wait. Is that even possible? Umm yes. It actually is. Craziness. We even changed our travel plans so we could stay there longer. Totally worth it.

At both locations, you can rent row boats, paddle boats, or kayaks. We didn't rent any personally due to our budget, but at Lake Bled you can even swim out to Bled Island to check out that famous church.

Slovenia ended up being both of our favourite country and we highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who loves beauty. There's so much more to see than what we experienced. It's definitely on our list of places to go back to and potentially to move there in the future. So we'll keep you updated on our plans to return. ;)

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Beautiful Slovenia - 4K , Gorenjska, Bled, Bohinj, Begunje, mountains, Lipizzaners


Paragliding Slovenia, Vogel, Bohinj Lake / Параглайдинг в Словении


Slovenia is a very beautiful country. Julian Alps, blue lakes, flower meadows. To see this beauty from the air is a cool experience!
Near Bohinj lake (Bohinjsko jezero) there is a paragliding start Vogel. To reach Vogel is very easy by cable car. On this video you can see my flght from Vogel to mountains around. On the top I saw a herd of chamois.Welcome for paragliding in Slovenia :)!

Словения очень красивая страна: Юлианские Альпы, голубые озера, цветочные луга. С воздуха открываются потрясающие панорамы. Рядом с озером Бохинь имеется парапланерный старт Вогель. Добраться до Вогеля очень легко - от озера до Вогеля курсирует фуникулер. На видео - мой полет на параплане со старта Вогель. На одной из вершин удалось заснять горных козлов :).

Узнать больше о параглайдинге в Словении, тандемных полетах в Словении можно на нашем сайте:

Bohinj, Slovenia - unforgettable, mysterious and charming

Bohinj - unforgettable, mysterious and charming resort for lovers of the mountain vacations. Skiing in winter, swimming in summer and active holidays in between. You are most welcome.

CAMERA : Aleš Jurkovič, Alan Lenarčič, Gregor Kos
EDITING : Aleš Jurkovič, Alan Lenarčič

Two Days in Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

We spent two days in the mountains of Slovenia exploring the two most majestic lakes, Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj.


The Beautiful SLOVENIA

Here's our video from beautiful Slovenia. Definitely a must-see destination, filled with lots of cool places for sightseeing, hiking or just relaxing.

Lake Bohinj & Up Vogel Cable Car for the BEST Views

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia certainly has a different feel to Lake Bled. You won't find the lake shores lined with cafes, or a bunch of boatmen touting for business. Lake Bohinj is all about natural beauty and water sports. There's one panoramic boat trip from one end to the other (check the times, as they're not that regular).

The lake itself is beautiful, I got there around 9.30am to see the ribbons of fog slowly floating away.

Walk toward Ukranc to find the Vogel Cable Car which takes you up into the mountains for unforgettable views of the lake from above and the mountains (where the ski resort lives).


Beautiful Slovenia: Bled, Bohinj, and a view from Triglav

Beautiful scenery in Lake Bled, Lake Bohnj, and Triglav National Park. Great hiking trails, peaceful water, spectacular mountains and lakes.

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Bled & Bohinj Slovenia Travel Vlog

Travel Vlog covering the 3 day trip (precisely 2 and a half days) to Lake Bled and Bohinj, Slovenia.



Official information on the places we went to:
Lake Bohinj -
Lake Bled -
Vintgar Gorge -
Bled Castle Restaurant -
Dinner, at Babji Zob Restaurant -

Music - L'amour [intro] - Nohidea

Lake Bohinj Slovenia

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia, end of August 2017.
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