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10 Best Places to Visit in Saint Pierre and Miquelon


The Coolest Tourist Attractions in Greenland

Greenland coolest tourist attractions, you should must go in life!
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Saint Pierre and Miquelon Vacation - North America's France

Welcome to St. Pierre et Miquelon, a slice of France in North America! Saint Pierre and Miquelon to Canada is only 25 kilometres! Take a ferry to France from Newfoundland!

This is one of the most unique places you can visit around Canada. From baguettes and croissants to Peugeots and euro's, It's France in North America!

In this video, we take you on a short tour through St. Pierre and Miquelon, showcasing some of the best things to do in Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a popular place to visit from Newfoundland, as it only requires a 1.5-hour ferry. However, you can also fly there from a number of cities, including Montreal, Halifax, St. John's, and Paris!

We also want to thank Tourism Saint Pierre et Miquelon for helping us with the trip and the drone footage.

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Landmarks of North America

1. Anguilla (UK) - Wallblake House
2. Antigua and Barbuda - St. John's Catherdal Church
3. Aruba (Netherlands) - Royal Plaza
4. Bahamas - Tropical Beaches in Bahamas
5. Barbados - Parliament Building
6. Belize - Blue Hole
7. Bermuda (UK) - Sessions House
8. Bonaire (Netherlands) - Washington Slagbaai National Park
9. British Virgin Islands (UK) - Downtown Roadtown
10. Canada - Parliament Hill
11. Cayman Islands (UK) - Grand Cayman
12. Costa Rica - National Theatre of Costa Rica
13. Cuba - Grand Theater of Havana
14. Curaçao (Netherlands) - Willemstad Harbour
15. Dominica - Downtown Roseau
16. Dominican Republic Republica Dominicano - National Palace, in Santo Domingo
17. El Salvador - Ruinas de San Andres
18. Greenland Kalaallit Nunaat (Denmark) - Statue of Hans Egede in Nuuk
19. Grenada - Downtown St. George's
20. Guadeloupe (France) - Downtown Les Saintes
21. Guatemala - Ruinas de Tikal
22. Haiti - National Palace in Port au Prince
23. Honduras - Dolores Church
24. Jamaica - Secret St. John
25. Martinique (France) - Mt. Pelee
26. Mexico - Pyramid of the Sun
27. Montserrat (UK) - Soufrière Hills
28. Nicaragua - Colonial City of Granada
29. Panama - Panama City Trump Ocean Club
30. Puerto Rico (USA) - Fort San Juan el Morro
31. Saba (Netherlands) - Mt. Scenery
32. Saint Barthelemy (France) - Gustavia Harbour
33. Saint Kitts and Nevis - Southeast Peninsula
34. Saint Lucia - Pitons
35. Saint Martin (France) - Downtown Marigot
36. Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (France) - Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse
37. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Parliamentary Building in Kingston
38. Sint Eustatius (Netherlands) - The Quill
39. Sint Maarten (Netherlands) - Maho Beach
40. Trinidad and Tobago - Stollmeyer's Castle
41. Turks and Caicos Islands (UK) - Grand Turk Lighthouse
42. United States of America - Capitol
43. US Virgin Islands (USA) - St. Thomas Harbour

CANADA Top 45 Tourist Places | Canada Tourism

Canada (Things to do - Places to Visit) - CANADA Top Tourist Places
A country in North America

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometers, making it the world's second-largest country by total area.

Canada occupies much of the continent of North America, sharing land borders with the contiguous United States to the south, and the U.S. state of Alaska to the northwest. Canada stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west; to the north lies the Arctic Ocean. Greenland is to the northeast and to the southeast Canada shares a maritime boundary with the Republic of France's overseas collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, the last vestige of New France.

CANADA Top 45 Tourist Places | Canada Tourism

Things to do in CANADA - Places to Visit in Canada

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CANADA Top 45 Tourist Places - Canada, North America

Isle Aux Morts, Newfoundland - Historical Facts

I decided to make this quick fact video of my hometown of Isle Aux Morts, Newfoundland where i was raised. I was feeling homesick and felt it would be fun to experiment with syncing the music with the drone footage that was provided to me by a family member.

Hope you enjoy this video and let me know in the comments below if you think i should do more of these in the future!

Drone footage by Tyler Lefrense
Audio by Kirk Wells @RifferAudio

22 Famous Movie Beaches You Can Visit

Whether you’re a fan of action, romance or musicals, there’s a screen-worthy beach from the movies for you.

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22 Famous Movie Beaches You Can Visit
By Kaitlin Miller, 26 March 2018

Itinerary: 8 Days in Newfoundland, Canada

Here's my itinerary for spending 8 days in Newfoundland, Canada! For more tips and detailed information on the places I visited, check out these blog posts:

Itinerary: 8 Days in Newfoundland:

Tips for Driving in Newfoundland:

Planning Your Visit to Signal Hill:

Things to do in St. John's, Newfoundland:

Witless Bay Ecological Reserve Boat Tour:

Spotting Icebergs in Newfoundland:

Cape Spear: The Easternmost Point in North America:

Things to Do in Gros Morne National Park:

Western Brook Pond Boat Tour:

L'Anse Aux Meadows: Viking Settlement in Canada:

The Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park:

5 Things to Do in Bonavista, Newfoundland:

Elliston: The Best Spot for Puffin Watching in Newfoundland:

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Explore St. Pierre in Martinique with Eva's Best Travel and Cruises!

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10 years back my visit aberdeen scotland

or more details visit our site

Aberdeen is a port city in northeast Scotland, where the Dee and Don rivers meet the North Sea. With an offshore petroleum industry, the city is home to an international population. It's also known as the ‘Granite City’ for its many enduring grey-stone buildings. The 19th-century Marischal College is typical – a monumental Victorian landmark that’s now headquarters of the City Council

Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon : Culture

#tourisme #saintpierreetmiquelon #culture #SPMexception
Découvrez notre Culture unique et laissez nous vous raconter notre Histoire...

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TOP 10 SUMMER places to visit in and around REGINA | Vlog CANADA

This video showcases our top 10 picks for best places tp visit during Summer months. Regina being mostly on the colder side for 7-8 months in a year, Summer is very short-lived and is a very precious season of the year among the residents and is enjoyed thoroughly.

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Best Attractions & Things to do in Nantes, Loire Atlantique

In this video our travel specialists have listed some of the best things to do in Nantes . We have tried to do some extensive research before giving the listing of Things To Do in Nantes.

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List of Best Things to do in Nantes

Jardin des Plantes
Passage Pommeraye
Parc de la Beaujoire
Le Voyage A Nantes
Parc de Proce
Les Machines de L'ile
Cathedrale de Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul
Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne
Le Maille-Breze
Village de Trentemoult


Uganda life comparison with Pakistan | business in Uganda

is Uganda is batter for jobs and business in this video we just give a review about life comparison between Pakistan and Uganda

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Offbeat Canadian Destinations

Off the Beaten Path Canadian Destinations - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Off the Beaten Path Canadian Destinations

Canada is a very large country and there are many large cities to explore and places off the beaten path within the cities, but I'm going to take you outside the cities.

My favorite place off the beaten path in Canada is without doubt, the North shore of Lake Superior. The north shore of Superior is full of legends and stories as well as natural beauty. A great place to hike and a great place to relax.

Another place I love is the Bay of Fundy, which is part of Nova Scotia as well as New Brunswick. If you circumnavigate the Bay of Fundy, which you can because there's a ferry between Digby and St. John - you have fine food, you can go whale watching, you can walk on the floor of the ocean and you can ride the tidal bore which is wilder than rafting, white water rafting. So it's a very fun place.

Another place in the East, is Gros Moor National Park in Newfoundland. This is a forgotten area of Canada that just too many people do not get to, but it's beauty rivals the Rockies it's stunningly gorgeous, and while in Newfoundland if you can, hop over to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and you're going to France by taking a ferry. It's just a short little ferry.

Going to the west coast, Tofino is just a wonderful place, wonderful beaches in Tofino. It's not quite off the beaten path because it's been discovered a little bit more but it's definitely worth the trip.

And then one very long path that everyone should take at least once is a drive across the Prairies. The Prairies are beautiful in their own way, they're known as big sky country and it's just gorgeous. Really it should be explored and enjoyed.

BEST THINGS TO DO in Regina, Saskatchewan! Welcome to Queen City!

Visiting Saskatchewan? Don't miss the capital city of Regina! From beautiful Wascana Centre to the energy of a Roughriders football game, there are many things to do in Regina!

In this Regina travel guide video, we experience and talk about some of the best things to do on your next Regina visit, including the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame, Hotel Saskatchewan, a Roughriders game at Mosaic Stadium, a day in Wascana Centre, and so much more.

Regina is a beautiful city and we hope this video inspires you to visit and explore. You can also learn more about Regina and what we did at

This video was done in partnership with Tourism Saskatchewan. Visit them at

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We Made it to NUNAVUT! Expedition Arctic Cruise!

We finally made it to NUNAVUT! Canada's Arctic! Canada's largest and newest territory is home to the Inuit! From icebergs to historic sites and small communities, we toured the arctic with Adventure Canada, realizing a dream come true!

In this Nunavut travel guide video, we experience and talk about our experience on an expedition cruise with Adventure Canada to Canada's High Arctic, including Beechey Island, Pond Inlet, Devon Island, and so much more!

Nunavut is a spectacular place and we hope this video inspires you to visit and explore. You can also learn more about Nunavut and what we did at

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A Corner of France in North America

Discover St. Pierre, the first French overseas territory in the world and a small cultural outpost that lives on in Canada. Video by Ross Weinberg.

Canada, land of adventure - From the frozen north to the islands of the Atlantic (Documentary)

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Stopover will take you on prodigious trips across the most marvelous oceans and rivers of the world. Travel with us as we explore not just the waters of the world, but also the mythical cruise ships, legendary liners, magnificent sailboats and fascinating traditional vessels that take us from place to place.

Take a behind the scenes peek into the lives of liner crew members and discover the pleasures of a life spent at sea.

Board the Queen Elizabeth 2, the Royal Clipper, Le France/Le Norway, the Sun Boat II, the Classica, the Vat Phou, the Bolero, the Wind Song, the Grigoriy Mikheev icebreaker and the Silver Cloud among many others.

Travel from Southampton to New York, Gao to Mopti, Aswan to Abu Simbel, Dubai to the port of Muscate, on the famous Incense Route of the Desert Cities in the Negev.

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Droning in Alabama // 4K

Leah and I were visiting some family in Florence, Alabama or Muscle Shoals, however you want to look at it. I always take the chance to fly around. SUBSCRIBE -

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