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10 Best Places to Visit in Afghanistan


The 10 Best Beautiful Places to Visit in Afghanistan

The 10 Best Beautiful Places to Visit in Afghanistan

1. Gardens of Babur (Kabul)
The Garden of Babur is a historic park in Kabul, Afghanistan, and also the last resting-place of the first Mughal emperor Babur.

2. Blue Mosque (Mazar-i-Sharif)
The Blue Mosque is a mosque located in the center of Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. The Seljuq dynasty sultan Ahmed Sanjar built the first known shrine at this location.

3. Darul Aman Palace (Kabul)
Darul Aman Palace is a ruined palace located about sixteen kilometers south-west outside of the center of Kabul, Afghanistan, in District 7. As of 2017, progress is being made on a major project intended to fully renovate the building by 2019.

4. Buddhas of Bamiyan (Bamyan)
The Buddhas of Bamiyan were 4th- and 5th-century monumental statues of standing buddha carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan

5. Bagram Airfield (Bagram)
Bagram Airfield also known as Bagram Air Base is the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan. It is located next to the ancient city of Bagram, 11 kilometres southeast of Charikar in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan.

6. Herat Citadel (Herat)
The Citadel of Herat, also known as the Citadel of Alexander, and locally known as Qala Iktyaruddin, is located in the center of Herat in Afghanistan.

7. Friday Mosque (Herat)
The Jama Masjid of Herat, also known as the Masjid-i Jami' of Herat, and the Great Mosque of Herat is a mosque in the city of Herat, in the Herat Province of north-western Afghanistan.

8. Khwaja Abd Allah Ansari Shrine (Herat)
The Khwaja 'Abd Allah Ansari shrine, also known as Gazar Gah, is a funerary compound (hazira) in Herat, Afghanistan, that houses the tomb of the Sufi mystic and saint Khwajah Abdullah Ansari, also known as the guardian pir (wise man) of Herat. After his death in 1098, his tomb became a major Sunni pilgrimage center.

9. Shah-e Doh Shamshira Mosque (Kabul)
Shah-Do Shamshira Mosque is a yellow two-story mosque in Kabul (District 2), just off the Kabul River in the center of the city. It was built during the reign of Amanullah Khan. The mosque is located next to the tomb of a Mughal general, Chin Timur Khan, who was also the cousin of the central Asian conqueror Babur.

10. Gawhar Shad Madrasa and Mausoleum (Herat)
Madrasa-i Gawhar Shad. Herat, Afghanistan. Description; Data; Images; Publications; Video&Audio. Blank. Share. Print. Map. Only one minaret and the founder's mausoleum remain of the Madrasa of Gawhar Shad in the Musalla Complex

11. Shahr-e-Zahak (Red City) (Bamyan)
Shahr-e Zuhak, also known as The Red City, is an historic city ruins in Bamyan, Afghanistan which was once home to 3,000 people. This city used to be primary defense for the basin. The citadel was destroyed by Genghis Khan.

TOP 10 Places to Visit in Afghanistan

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10. Faizabad
Located on the northeast part of Afghanistan, Faizabad was historically remote due to bad road connections, which has helped to its local culture intact. To the present day two bazaars still function in Faizabad where they trade diverse items like cotton cloth and cutlery and provisions like tea, sugar and salt. Part of the historic architecture is in ruins, but other forts, mosques and shrines are still intact and tell the history of the region.

09. Jalalabad
Jalalabad, in the eastern part of the country, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Afghanistan thanks to the large green areas and surrounding water. It was an outpost for Ahmad Shah Durrani, the founder of modern Afghanistan, who used the city during his military campaigns in India. The architecture in Jalalabad is beautiful, from the Mausoleum of King Amanullah Khan to mosques and the Nangarhar University.

08. Samangan
Located in northern Afghanistan, the small town of Samangan used to be a medieval caravan stop. It was also part of the territories where Buddhist expansion reached around the fourth and fifth centuries. The place called Takht-e-Rustam on a hill near the town is a main example of the period’s architecture, with a mix of the Buddhist style. Every Thursday the weekly market takes place, an ancient traditional activity still preserved.

07. Bagram
Located north of the capital Kabul, the small town of Bagram was in ancient times an important passageway of the Silk Road for merchants coming from ancient India. The earliest mentions refer to a Persian settlement, followed by the Greek-influenced city planning and further Arab rulers.
06. Bamiyan
Located in central Afghanistan, Bamiyan is one of the last cities where the Buddhist expansion reached. Another culturally rich place, at the crossroads of East and West, Bamiyan’s archeology reveals a mix of Turkish, Greek, Persian, Indian and Chinese influence. Famous for the giant Buddha statues, destroyed in 2001, later discoveries in the area include a few caves with wall paintings from the 5th and 9th centuries and another giant statue,
05. Herat
Herat is an ancient city in western Afghanistan, with several ruins and historical places of interest, such as the Herat Citadel or the Mausoleum of Queen Goharshad. The Friday Mosque has been started as early as the year 1,200 AD and was completed throughout the centuries.

04. Mazar-e Sharif
Legend says that the city of Mazar-e Sharif owes its existence to a dream based on which a shrine was built and then gradually the entire city around it. It is mostly known by tourists as the Blue Mosque City, referring to the Shrine of Hazrat Ali in the center. Mazar-e Sharif is the capital of the Balkh province and a place historically part of several civilizations, which makes it multiethnic and full of interesting contrasts.

03. Kandahar
Alexander the Great founded the city of Alexandria Arachosia in 329 BC, on the place of what today is known as Kandahar. Afghanistan’s second largest city is one of the oldest known human communities, with an intricate history and culture. One of the most interesting places to see in Kandahar is the Friday Mosque of Kandahar, a holy Islamic place of worship considered of utmost importance in the country.
02. Balkh
Considered one of the oldest cities in the world, Balkh in northern Afghanistan was named by the Arabs ‘The Mother of Cities.’ At the crossroads between eastern Asia and the Middle East, Balkh was heavily influenced by the Buddhist culture before the Arab invasion. The ancient ruins of the city include Buddhist constructions and fortifications evoking the old Asian culture.

01. Kabul
The capital of Afghanistan and the country’s largest city, Kabul has a millenary history, as it exists for more than 3,500 years. Some of the city’s attractive sites are the Abdul Rahman Mosque, the Afghan National Museum and the historic park, Gardens of Babur. The Rahman Mosque is fairly new, having been inaugurated in 2012,

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AFGHANISTAN Top 50 Tourist Places | Afghanistan Tourism

Afghanistan (Things to do - Places to Visit) - AFGHANISTAN Top Tourist Places
Country in South Asia
Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located within south-central Asia. Afghanistan is bordered by Pakistan in the south and east; Iran in the west; Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan in the north; and in the far northeast, China.

Kabul serves as the capital and its largest city. Human habitation in Afghanistan dates back to the Middle Paleolithic Era, and the country's strategic location along the Silk Road connected it to the cultures of the Middle East and other parts of Asia.

AFGHANISTAN Top 50 Tourist Places | Afghanistan Tourism

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Kabul (Things to do - Places to Visit) - KABUL Top Tourist Places
Capital of Afghanistan
Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan, located in the eastern section of the country. It is also a municipality, forming part of the greater Kabul Province.

According to estimates in 2015, the population of Kabul is 4.635 million, which includes all the major ethnic groups in Afghanistan.

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KABUL Top 20 Tourist Places - Kabul, Afghanistan, South Asia

Top 15 Best Places To Visit In Afghanistan

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Our List of the top 15 Best Places to Visit in Afghanistan
Officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country in South and Central Asia. Afghanistan is bordered by Pakistan to the east and south, Iran to the west; Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan to the north; and China to the northeast. Occupying 652,000 square kilometers (252,000 sq mi), it is a mountainous country with plains in the north and southwest. Kabul is the capital and largest city. The population is around 32 million, mostly composed of ethnic Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Afghanistan:
1. Kandahar
2. Mazar-e Sharif
3. Jalalabad
4. Balkh
5. Herat
6. Samangan
7. Bamiyan
8. Faizabad
9. Band-e Amir National Park
10. Kabul
11. Kunduz
12. Khyber Pass
13. Panjshir
14. Bagram
15. Taloqan

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We Always hear about the country Afghanistan on Media that its a war-torn country, its dangerous etc. But This country is also a Beautiful country, it has Breathtaking Landscapes, Mountains, History, Culture and much more to know!

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Afghanistan | 2020 |

These are the top 10 places to visit in Afghanistan for 2020! Let us know in the comment section below if we missed anything!

Here are the links to all the photos and videos used...

Blue Mosque (Mazar e Sharif)

Darul Aman Palace (Kabul)

Buddhas of Bamiyan (Bamiyan)

Herat Citadel (Herat)

Friday Mosque (Herat)

Shahr-e-Zahak (Red City) (Bamyan)

National Museum of Afghanistan

Panjshir Valley

Band-e Amir National Park

Babur Tomb (Kabul)

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Top 10 Visit Place in Kabul,Afghanistan

Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan, located in the eastern section of the country. It is also a municipality part of the greater Kabul Province. which includes all the major ethnic groups of Afghanistan. Rapid urbanization had made Kabul the world's 75th largest city.Kabul is located high up in a narrow valley between the Hindu Kush mountains, with an elevation of 1,790 metres (5,873 ft) making it one of the highest capitals in the world.

Top 10 Visit Place in Kabul,Afghanistan
1.National museum of afghanistan
2.Babur shah tomb
3.Kabul Zoo
4.Gardens of babur
5.Darul aman palace
6.Abdul rahman mosque
7.Lake Qargha
8.Paghman Gardens
9.British Cemetery
10.Kabul Golf club

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top 10 tourist attractions in afghanistan

This is Kabul City in 4K | Kabul City Beautiful Places

Beautiful Kabul Afghanistan,I recorded this video in 4K from the Kabul City, Shahre Naw, Haji Yaqoob, Madina Bazaar, Computer Plaza.

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I am sure, you have noticed a change in Kabul City for the last three years, Shahre Naw has totally changed with new and better design of apartments, shopping malls, and coffee shops. Must visit the city if you had a chance, especially for those coming new to Afghanistan.

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KANDAHAR Top 4 Tourist Places | Kandahar Tourism | AFGHANISTAN

Kandahar (Things to do - Places to Visit) - KANDAHAR Top Tourist Places
City in Afghanistan
Kandahār or Qandahār is the second-largest city in Afghanistan, with a population of about 557,118.

Kandahar is located in the south of the country on the Arghandab River, at an elevation of 1,010 m. It is the capital of Kandahar Province, and also the center of the larger cultural region called Loy Kandahar.

KANDAHAR Top 4 Tourist Places | Kandahar Tourism

Things to do in KANDAHAR - Places to Visit in Kandahar

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KANDAHAR Top 4 Tourist Places - Kandahar, Afghanistan, South Asia

HERAT Top 9 Tourist Places | Herat Tourism | AFGHANISTAN

Herat (Things to do - Places to Visit) - HERAT Top Tourist Places
City in Afghanistan
Herāt is the third-largest city of Afghanistan. It has a population of about 436,300 and serves as the capital of Herat Province, situated in the fertile valley of the Hari River in the western part of the country.

It is linked with Kandahar, Kabul, and Mazar-i-Sharif via Highway 1 or the ring road.

HERAT Top 9 Tourist Places | Herat Tourism

Things to do in HERAT - Places to Visit in Herat

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HERAT Top 9 Tourist Places - Herat, Afghanistan, South Asia

✅Afghanistan travel vlog 2019 | Travel Afghanistan | The Unseen Afghanistan

Here are some best places to visit in Afghanistan.
1. Blue Mosque - Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan
2. Band-e Amir National Park - Lake in Afghanistan
3. National Museum of Afghanistan - Museum in Kabul, Afghanistan
4. Great Mosque of Herat - Mosque in Herat, Afghanistan
5. Herat Citadel - Historical place in Herat, Afghanistan

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Top 30 Amazing Places To Visit In Balochistan

#TourismLovers #TopBestPlaces #TopPlaces #Balochistan #Pakistan

Balochistan (Urdu: بلوچِستان ‬‎), is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. It is the largest province in terms of land area, forming the southwestern region of the country. Its provincial capital and largest city is Quetta.
Balochistan shares borders with Punjab and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the northeast, Sindh to the east and southeast, the Arabian Sea to the south, Iran to the west and Afghanistan to the north and northwest.
The main ethnic groups in the province are the Iranic Baloch people and the Pashtuns, who constitute 52% and 36% of the population respectively (according to the preliminary 2011 census) the remaining 12% comprises smaller communities of Brahuis, Hazaras, Sindhis, Punjabis and other settlers such as the Uzbeks and Turkmens. The name Balochistan means the land of the Baloch. Largely underdeveloped, its provincial economy is dominated by natural resources, especially its natural gas fields, estimated to have sufficient capacity to supply Pakistan's demands over the medium to long term. Aside from Quetta, a further area of major economic importance is Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea.
Balochistan is noted for its unique culture and extremely dry desert climate

Early history
Balochistan occupies the very southeastern-most portion of the Iranian Plateau, the setting for the earliest known farming settlements in the pre-Indus Valley Civilisation era, the earliest of which was Mehrgarh, dated at 7000 BC, within the province. Balochistan marked the westernmost extent of the Civilisation. Centuries before the arrival of Islam in the 7th Century, parts of Balochistan was ruled by the Paratarajas, an Indo-Scythian dynasty. At certain times, the Kushans also held political sway in parts of Balochistan.
A theory of the origin of the Baloch people, the largest ethnic group in the region, is that they are of Median descent

Arrival of Islam
In 654, Abdulrehman ibn Samrah, governor of Sistan and the newly emerged Rashidun caliphate at the expense of Sassanid Persia and the Byzantine Empire, sent an Islamic army to crush a revolt in Zaranj, which is now in southern Afghanistan. After conquering Zaranj, a column of the army pushed north, conquering Kabul and Ghazni, in the Hindu Kush mountain range, while another column moved through Quetta District in north-western Balochistan and conquered the area up to the ancient cities of Dawar and Qandabil (Bolan). It is documented that the major settlements, falling within today's province, became in 654 controlled by the Rashidun caliphate, except for the well-defended mountain town of QaiQan which is now Kalat.
During the caliphate of Ali, revolt broke out in southern Balochistan's Makran region. In 663, during the reign of Umayyad Caliph Muawiyah I his Muslim rule lost control of north-eastern Balochistan and Kalat when Haris ibn Marah and a large part of his army died in battle against a revolt in Kalat

The Unseen Afghanistan

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The Unseen Afghanistan is the first cinematic aerial film uncovering the beautiful never seen before landscape of Afghanistan from above.
Earlier this year I visited Afghanistan after a long 20 years. I was blown away by the natural beauty of my homeland right before the touch down into Kabul airport.

This was a passion project and I believe and hope that it will introduce a different face of #Afghanistan across the world which is rarely known or shown in present times.

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The Unseen Afghanistan

11 Best Places To Visit In Afghanistan | Top Facts

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Afghanistan | Afghanistan Tourist Attractions, History, Culture & Traditions | আফগানিস্তানে ভ্রমন

Afghanistan | Afghanistan Tourist Attractions, History, Culture & Traditions | জেনে নিন কি কি আছে আফগানিস্তানে ।
আফগানিস্তান, যার সরকারি নাম আফগানিস্তান ইসলামী প্রজাতন্ত্র (পশতু: د افغانستان اسلامي جمهوریت‎: দে আফ্‌গ়ানিস্তান্‌ ইস্‌লামি জোম্‌হোরিয়াৎ‌; ফার্সি: جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان জোম্‌হুরীয়ে এস্‌লমীয়ে অ্যাফ্‌গ়নেস্তন্‌ আ-ধ্ব-ব: [dʒomhuːɾije eslɒːmije æfɣɒːnestɒːn]) দক্ষিণ এশিয়ার একটি রাষ্ট্র। রাষ্ট্রটি ইরান, পাকিস্তান, চীন, তাজিকিস্তান, উজবেকিস্তান, ও তুর্কমেনিস্তানের মধ্যস্থলে একটি ভূ-বেষ্টিত মালভূমির উপর অবস্থিত। আফগানিস্তানকে অনেক সময় দক্ষিণ এশিয়া [৪][৫] এবং মধ্যপ্রাচ্যের [৬][৭][৮] অংশ হিসেবেও গণ্য করা হয়। আফগানিস্তানের পূর্বে ও দক্ষিণে পাকিস্তান [৯], পশ্চিমে ইরান, উত্তরে তুর্কমেনিস্তান, উজবেকিস্তান ও তাজিকিস্তান এবং উত্তর-পূর্বে গণচীন। আফগানিস্তান শব্দটির অর্থ আফগান (তথা পশতুন) জাতির দেশ। আফগানিস্তান একটি রুক্ষ এলাকা - দেশটির অধিকাংশ এলাকা পর্বত ও মরুভূমি আবৃত। পর্বত উপত্যকাগুলি আর উত্তরের সমভূমিতেই কেবল গাছপালার দেখা মেলে। এখানকার গ্রীষ্মকালীন আবহাওয়া গরম ও শুষ্ক এবং শীতকালে এখানে প্রচণ্ড শীত পড়ে। কাবুল দেশটির বৃহত্তম শহর ও রাজধানী।
আফগানিস্তান প্রাচীনকাল থেকেই এশিয়ার একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ সন্ধিস্থল হিসেবে পরিচিত। বহু প্রাচীন বাণিজ্য ও বহিরাক্রমণ এই দেশের মধ্য দিয়েই সংঘটিত হয়েছে। শতাব্দীর পর শতাব্দী ধরে বহু লোক আফগানিস্তানের ভেতর দিয়ে চলাচল করেছেন, এবং এদের মধ্যে কেউ কেউ এখানে বসতি স্থাপন করেছেন। দেশটির বর্তমান জাতিগত ও ভাষাগত বৈচিত্র্য এই ইতিহাসের সাক্ষ্য দেয়। আফগানিস্তানে বসবাসরত সবচেয়ে বড় জনগোষ্ঠী হল পশতু জাতি। এরা আগে আফগান নামেও পরিচিত ছিল। তবে বর্তমানে আফগান বলতে কেবল পশতু নয়, জাতি নির্বিশেষে রাষ্ট্রটির সব নাগরিককেই বোঝায়।
১৭৪৭ সালে আহমদ শাহ দুররানি কান্দাহার শহরকে রাজধানী করে এখানে দুররানি সাম্রাজ্যের পত্তন করেন [১০]। তখন থেকে ১৯৭৩ সাল পর্যন্ত আফগানিস্তান একটি রাজতন্ত্র ছিল। এরই মাঝে দেশের রাজধানী কান্দাহার থেকে কাবুলে স্থানান্তরিত করা হয় এবং দেশটি প্রতিবেশী রাষ্ট্রগুলির কাছে অনেক অঞ্চল হারায়। ১৯শ শতকে দেশটি ব্রিটিশ ভারতীয় সাম্রাজ্য ও রুশ সাম্রাজ্যের মধ্যে এক বিরাট খেলার মধ্যবর্তী ক্রীড়ানক রাষ্ট্রে পরিণত হয়। ১৯৭৩ সালে একটি সামরিক অভ্যুত্থানে সামরিক অফিসারেরা রাজার পতন ঘটান এবং একটি প্রজাতন্ত্র গঠন করেন। ১৯১৯ সালে তৃতীয় ব্রিটিশ-আফগান যুদ্ধশেষে আফগানিস্তান দেশটি ব্রিটেন থেকে সম্পূর্ণ স্বাধীনতা লাভ করে। ১৯৭০-এর দশকের শেষের দিকে আফগানিস্তানে এক দীর্ঘ রক্তক্ষয়ী গৃহযুদ্ধ শুরু হয়। গৃহযুদ্ধে হস্তক্ষেপের অভিপ্রায়ে ১৯৭৯ সালে সোভিয়েত ইউনিয়ন আফগানিস্তান আক্রমণ করে এবং সোভিয়েত-আফগান যুদ্ধ শুরু হয়। ১৯৮৯ সালে সোভিয়েতরা আফগানিস্তান থেকে সৈন্য প্রত্যাহার করে নেয় এবং এর সাথে সাথে দেশটিতে আবার গৃহযুদ্ধ শুরু হয়ে যায়। ১৯৯৬ সালে তালেবান নামের একটি মুসলিম মৌলবাদী গোষ্ঠী কাবুলের দখল নেয়। তালেবান সন্ত্রাসবাদী দল আল-কায়েদাকে আফগানিস্তানে আশ্রয় দেয়। ১১ই সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০০১-এর সন্ত্রাসী হামলার পর মার্কিন যুক্তরাষ্ট্র আফগানিস্তান আক্রমণ করে এবং ২০০১-এর শেষে তালেবানদের উৎখাত করে। ২০০৪ সালে আফগানিস্তানের সংবিধান নতুন করে লেখা হয় এবং একটি রাষ্ট্রপতি-ভিত্তিক গণতান্ত্রিক সরকারব্যবস্থা চালু হয়।
রাজধানী কাবুল
সক্রিয়মানচিত্রেঅবস্থানচিহ্নিতকরুন৩৪°৩১′ উত্তর ৬৯°০৮′ পূর্ব বৃহত্তম শহর রাজধানী রাষ্ট্রীয় ভাষাসমূহ পশতু, দারি (ফার্সি) সরকার ইসলামী প্রজাতন্ত্র • রাষ্ট্রপতি হামিদ কারজাই • উপ রাষ্ট্রপতি আহমাদ জিয়া মাসউদ • উপ রাষ্ট্রপতি করিম খলিলি স্বাধীনতা যুক্তরাজ্য থেকে • ঘোষিত আগস্ট ৮, ১৯১৯ • স্বীকৃত আগস্ট ১৯, ১৯১৯ আয়তন • মোট ৬,৫২,৮৬৪[১] কিমি২ (৪১তম)
২,৫১,৮২৭ বর্গ মাইল • পানি (%) - জনসংখ্যা • ২০০৯ আনুমানিক ২৮,১৫০,০০০[২]
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My backpacking journey through Afghanistan's rugged Wakhan Corridor. Two weeks in country, 10 days trekking through the Pamir Mountains. It was a wild trip!


Join Matt Karsten the Expert Vagabond as he shows you how to travel through the Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor.

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Hi! I'm Matt -- adventure travel enthusiast, photographer, digital nomad, and professional blogger who's been traveling the world for the past 9 years. Join me as I share entertaining stories, beautiful images, and useful travel tips with you from around the world. Oh, and fun videos like this too. I'm incredibly thankful that I get to do what I love for a living -- sharing travel experiences with you guys!


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DO THEY LIKE AMERICA? (Pakistan, Afghanistan & Iraq)

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There seems to be a negative stereotype that Americans (and other nationalities) have against the Middle East/South Asia - specifically in regards to AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN and IRAQ.

And I was eagerly curious to see if it's true the other way around.

So over the last month, as I've traveled deeply into these 3 countries - I interviewed 14 random people on the street and asked them, What are your honest thoughts about America?

I think you will be surprised by their answers.

Truth be told, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraqi Kurdistan have some of the most humble and hospitable people I've ever met, and it's about time that we chance our perception of these places!! Share this video if you agree.

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TOP 10 Places to visit in Pakistan

TOP 10 Places to visit in Pakistan. Watch this video and share it with your friend if you like this video please Subscribe My Channel For more video.
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10. Naran Kaghan Valley
Naran is a small town in upper of Kaghan Valley. Naran is also one of the most scenic town in Pakistan. It is the most beautiful place to visit in Pakistan. The beautiful views, rivers and lakes have spectacular views in Naran Valley.

9. Hunza Valley
Hunza is a mountainous valley in Gilgit region. Hunza Valley is an another most beautiful place in Pakistan. Every year tourists visit this place and capture the beautiful scenic views of this valley. There are so many places in Hunza Valley that are famous for their spectacular scene. Some of the famous places to visit in Hunza Valley are

8. Swat
Swat is also known to be as the Switzerland of Pakistan. Swat is a place for those who want to see the beauty of Pakistan. Swat is the historical valley in Pakistan. It is consisting of beautiful sights that tourists visit ever year.

7. Skardu
Skardu is a town along with Gilgit are the two major tourism trekking hubs. Skardu is the beautiful place in Pakistan that is visited by tourists each single year. There are so many visiting points in Skardu that are very popular

6. Gilgit
Gilgit is also very famous beautiful city in Pakistan. Every year tourists visit Gilgit to see the beautiful scenic views of Gilgit. There are so many places to visit in Gilgit but it is famous for Karakorum. Here is a list of best places in Gilgit that you should have to visit.

5. Chitral
Chitral is the capital of Chitral district and located in Khyber Pakhtoon Khuan. Chitral is also best tourist city in Pakistan. Chitral is famous its beautiful scenic views. It is consisting of lakes, rivers and villages that are the center of attraction of eyes.

4. Murree
Murree is the most beautiful and popular urban city in Pakistan. It is the best visiting city for tourist. Every year, thousand of tourists visit Murree and spend their holidays in the ages of beautiful scenic points. Murree is famous due to its scenery views.

3. Babusar
Babusar is a mountain pass at the north of Naran Valley. It is the highest point in Kaghan Valley which is considered to be as the best tourist place. It is a road pass from where you can enjoy the dramatic scene of Kaghan Valley.

2. Muzaffarbad
Muzaffarabad is the capital city of Azaad Kashmir and one of the major cities of Pakistan. Muzaffarabad is a hilly area and full of with beautiful cliffs. It is a city known to be as a major tourist city in Pakistan. Its scenic beauty and culture make its beautiful and great tourist place.There are so many rivers, valleys, forests, gardens and historical places in Muzaffarbad that everyone should have to visit.

1. Quetta
Quetta is one of the best tourist places in Pakistan. Quetta is the best place to visit in Pakistan. There are so many beautiful and famous places to visit in Quetta. There are so many lakes, museum, National parks and Mountains that you should have to visit. Here is a list of beautiful places in Quetta that everyone must have to visit.

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