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10 Best Places to Visit in Congo - Kinshasa


Congo Tourist Attractions: 14 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Congo? Check out our Congo Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Congo.

Top Places to visit in Congo:
Congo River, Virunga National Park, Mount Nyiragongo, Kahuzi-Biéga National Park, Lola ya Bonobo, Garamba National Park, Okapi Wildlife Reserve, Salonga National Park, Boyoma Falls, Livingstone Falls, Pool Malebo, Maiko National Park, Idjwi, Petites Chutes de la Lukaya

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Best Places To Visit - Democratic Republic of Congo | Travel & Tourism

Here are the Top 10 places you must visit in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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travel to : Congo !!!

best places to visit in Congo !!

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Trip to Congo May 2015. Province of Kouilou.
Filmed with GoPro 3, Iphone 6, Panasonic FTZ3

Music: 'After Gold' by Big Wild.

Deadliest Journeys - Congo River

We make the epic journey from Kinshasha, capital of the DRC, to Kisangani, the third largest city in this vast country. The only way to move between the cities is by boat or plane. We join 1,500 people onboard the 'Gbemani', sailing along the Congo River. Without fresh water, electricity, or medicines, it is a perilous voyage.

Top 10 Hottest Nightclubs in Africa

#africatop10 #africandance #africanmusic #africa #2nacheki Africa offers a great nightlife scene, from raves, dancing clubs to incredible live performances. These venues offer quite a bit of variety to suit everyone's taste, from those seeking a luxurious experience to those who want to have fun on a budget. And in this video, 2nacheki presents Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Africa.

Here are 10 Best Nightclubs in Africa



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Travel to Benin: a stunning piece of Africa | TravelGretl

Early 2018 we travelled to Benin for the Hunger Project. They celebrated their 10 year anniversary in this beautiful country, working hand in hand with locals towards a sustainable end of world hunger.

At the end of our trip we got 2 days of to see a bit of the country. Visiting Ganvie in lake Nokoue, and walking the route of the slaves. Which is very impressive!

Of course we missed out on a lot as well, not being able to see some of the wildlife in the north. There is much more to explore!

Benin is a stunning country with amazing people, I can only recommend visiting if you ever get the chance.


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Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotel, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Book now -
Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotel
7, AVenue Batetela, Commune de la Gombe, Kinshasa, 95335, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Luxury hotel in Kinshasa with 2 restaurants, 2 bars/lounges
Free WiFi
This hotel has 190 rooms

Top 10 most beautiful countries in Africa

Top 10 of the most beautiful countries in Africa. This list is based on the cultural and natural tourism resources of each country and doesn't take geopolitical problems or unrest into consideration. The quotation is based on bio-diversity, natural landscapes and cultural heritage of each country.

Our top 10:
#10 Mali
#9 Zimbabwe
#8 Morocco
#7 Namibia
#6 Ethiopia
#5 Democratic Republic of Congo
#4 Kenya
#3 Egypt
#2 Tanzania
#1 South Africa

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travel to : Central African Republic !!!

Best places to visit in Central African Republic !!! (CAR)

Travel to : Mali !!!

Best places to visit in Mali !

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One day in Luanda - WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE CITY | Travel Vlog #79

Luanda, the capital of Angola, is a port city on the west coast of Southern Africa. A seafront promenade known as the Marginal runs alongside Luanda Bay. Nearby is the well-preserved 16th-century Fortress of São Miguel, which now contains the Museum of the Armed Forces. The fort has views of the harbor and the Ilha do Cabo, a long, thin peninsula in the bay that’s home to beaches, bars and restaurants.

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KINSHASA (facts)!

Some interesting stuff about the great African city of Kinshasa! SUBSCRIBE for more.

Kinshasa july09

tourist attractions of Kinshasa

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Zambia Africa | RK Travel

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Zambia Africa
1.Devil's Pool
In Zimbabwe, Africa, you will find the magnificent Victoria Falls,at a height of 128m. The location is known as the “Devil’s Swimming Pool”. During the months of September and December, people can swim as close as possible to the edge of the falls without falling over. These falls are becoming well known amongst the “radical tourist” industry, when more and more people search for the ultimate experience.

2.Victoria WaterFalls
Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya, is a waterfall in southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It has been described by CNN as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.

3.Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park
Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, is an UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to one half of the Mosi-oa-Tunya — 'The Smoke Which Thunders' — known worldwide as Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River.

4.Livingstone Museum
The Livingstone Museum, formerly David Livingstone Memorial Museum and Rhodes-Livingstone Museum, is the largest and the oldest museum in Zambia, located in Livingstone near Victoria Falls.

Lusaka is the capital of Zambia. In the center, sprawling Lusaka City Market sells clothing, produce and other goods. The National Museum exhibits archaeological finds and contemporary art. Nearby, the Freedom Statue commemorates Zambia's struggle for independence. South of the city, Munda Wanga Environmental Park has a wildlife sanctuary and botanical garden. The Lilayi Elephant Nursery cares for orphaned elephants.

6.Lower Zambezi National Park
Lower Zambezi National Park is in southern Zambia, on the Zimbabwean border. In the south, the Zambezi River valley is known for abundant wildlife, including buffalo, fish eagles and herds of elephants. Canoes ply the river, which is home to hippos and crocodiles. In the east, the river passes past the striking red cliffs of Mupata Gorge, with its fish-filled waters. North is the steep and rugged Zambezi Escarpment.

7.Blue Lagoon National Park
Blue Lagoon lies only 120kms west of Lusaka on the Kafue Flats and the vast floodplain attracts thousands of Kafue lechwe, zebra, sitatunga, some buffalo and numerous waterbirds. The plains are fringed with acacia woodland. This park is an birdwatchers dream. The abundance and variety is astounding and the fact that it has not been opened up until recently and is still undeveloped, makes it one of those last untouched places left in Africa.

8.Kafue National Park
Kafue National Park covers a massive area in western Zambia. It’s known for its abundant wildlife and the Kafue River, running north to south through the park. In the north, the fertile Busanga Plains are home to lions, zebras, abundant birdlife and the sycamore fig trees of Busanga Swamps. In the more remote south, elephants and antelopes roam the Nanzhila Plains, and hippos swim in the waters of Lake Itezhi-Tezhi.

Siavonga is a town in the Southern Province of Zambia, lying on the north shore of Lake Kariba. It is Zambia's principal tourism centre for the lake, with accommodation, boating and fishing tours on offer.

10.Zambezi River
The Zambezi is the fourth-longest river in Africa, the longest east-flowing river in Africa and the largest flowing into the Indian Ocean from Africa. The area of its basin is 1,390,000 square kilometres, slightly less than half of the Nile's.

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Nyiragongo Volcano, Virunga NP, DR Congo in 4K Ultra HD

Mount Nyiragongo is an active volcano in Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Trekking to the crater rim (starting at 1,989m/6,525ft, reaching 3,470m/11,380ft) is about 5-6 hours, the hikers sleep in huts on the top and enjoy stunning night views of one of only several crater lakes in the world, this one being the largest.

Virunga National Park, in the eastern part of DR Congo, was the first Africa's national park, established in 1825, and UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979.

Recorded January 2017 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX100.

Rapoon - What do you suppose - 02 - Waddi Haj
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Travel in DR Congo

Interview of Jean-Marc in the middle of nowhere...

Jean-Marc is the first traveller who believes in Pure Congo to explore the DRC.
What an amazing souvenir of our immersion with the Batwas pygmies, living with them into the heart of the rainforest! A real life changing experience.

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Hope to see you around!

Sabrina Blanchard

Democratic Republic of the Congo breathtaking landscapes

An aerial montage of amazing landscapes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Scenic Route To Congo | Travel Vlog

In December 2017 I moved to Congo for a new assignment as a humanitarian aid worker. This video tells my story of travelling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), sometimes also called the heart of darkness a term coined by Joseph Conrad and his bestselling book Heart Of Darkness.
Enjoy the ride!

Congo videos are uploaded Tuesdays @ 4 pm Central European time (but I can't promise one every week)

Pre-filmed videos will continue to go live Saturdays @ 9 am Central European time.



How I Became A Humanitarian Aid Worker:

Hello From Congo & Channel Update:

I'm Moving To Congo, Africa:

Preparing for my move to Congo - Vaccinations, Malaria meds & more:

What To Pack As A Humanitarian Aid Worker:





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Brazzaville - Pointe-Noire - Libreville - Luanda / Congo, Gabon, Angola / Central Africa

This video is about central Africa's booming cities in 2019. These are the cities to watch out for if you're an investor or businessman that's ready to tap into the central African market.

Brazzaville is the political and administrative capital of the Republic of Congo. It was also the capital of free France from 1940 to 1942. The city has a population of more than 1.9 million inhabitants and a density of 6, 963 pers./km2. Their official language is French, they use the central African franc. Brazzaville is investing heavily in its road and bridge infrastructure.

Pointe-Noire is the economic capital of the Republic of Congo, located in the extreme south of the country. With more than 1.1 million inhabitants in the agglomeration, Pointe-Noire has become a full-fledged department. Oil activity continues to be the main sector of the Pontenegrin economy. However, the city has been experiencing a real-estate boom in the past five years.

Libreville, the political capital of Gabon, is the first city of the country in number of inhabitants. Its population was estimated at 750,000 in 2017. Gabon’s national language is French. The Librevillois, as they’re called, enjoy a GDP per capita equal to 20,000 US dollars. They use the central African franc, capped at a two percent inflation rate. The city is undergoing a major makeover with the creation of a new business district on the artificial peninsula named La Baie Des Rois. The first skyscrapers are expected to rise this summer, while the overall project is set to be completed by 2025.

Luanda is the capital of the lusophone country of Angola. With a population of 7.4 million inhabitants, it is the main economic center of the country and concentrates tertiary and industrial activities. Since 2002, thanks to the civil peace found and the oil money from offshore deposits located near the capital, it has experienced a particularly significant growth in construction. The local currency is the Kwanza.



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