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10 Best Places to Visit in Saint Martin



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St. Maarten is a beautiful island and one of our favorites. There is so many fun things to do there. If you are planning a vacation there or a cruise port stop, I have a list of things to check out with a little bit for everyone.
Hope this is helpful....Happy Cruising!!!

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Top 10 Things to Do in St. Maarten

Here are my top 10 things to do in St. Maarten plus the details on how to do them....

1. Taste local Rum - Visit Toppers Rhum Factory.
2. Visit Nectar of St. Maarten for natural / organic skin care, protection and bug repellent. These products are sold throughout the islands and are amazing!!
3. Party - Come during Carnival and experience J'ouvert and party with the locals.
4. Watch the sunset – It is absolutely gorgeous, especially at Divi Little Bay -
5. Stroll in Philipsburg and visit Guavaberry Emporium -
6. Ride in a water UFO - An Unbelievably fun object..
7. Go shopping at the Marigot Market on the French side
8. Visit Loterie Farm in the hills of Pic Paradis to be surrounded by nature as you zipline, party or relax by the pool.
9. Visit Orient Beach - It's on the French side and is the most popular beach on the island. It is also home to Club Orient which is a clothing optional beach resort.
10. Watch the extreme airport landings from Maho Beach. Schedule some time before your flight home to experience this.

Happy travels!!



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St Martin and St Maarten Top Things To Do, by Donna Salerno Travel

Plan your next vacation to this popular tropical playground in the Caribbean. Half French and have Dutch, this island has a unique European flair with exceptional dining and shopping. Turquoise water, sun and surf ... this island has it all.
Contact Donna Salerno Travel to plan your next tropical vacation.

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Top 10 Caribbean/North Atlantic Islands to Visit in 2019

Need a tropical getaway? A warm vacation? The Caribbean and North Atlantic is for you. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Caribbean and North Atlantic Islands to Visit in 2019.

For this list, we’re taking a look at Caribbean islands that tourists should consider for their 2019 vacation destination. We’ll be taking recent hurricanes into account, as they’ve sadly left parts of the Caribbean devastated. Even in the wake of tragedy, though, the Caribbean remains a cornucopia of culture that everybody should visit at least once.

10: Bermuda
9: Jamaica
8: Saint Lucia
7: Sint Maarten
6: Martinique
5: Puerto Rico
4: Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

#Caribbean #Islands #2019

Shop & Savour St. Martin - St. Maarten | WestJet Vacations

Is it St. Martin or St. Maarten? Actually, it’s both, and this island is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. It just might be the shopping capital, as well. Join WestJet Vacations as we shop the day away and savour some of St. Martin’s tastiest dishes.

Things to do in St. Martin: start with shopping and dining. We’ve found out how to improve the duty-free concept: duty-free shopping on a tropical holiday in paradise. Front Street in the Dutch capital of Phillipsburg presents a dazzling array of “retail therapy” options. Then it’s off to the quaint seaside cafés of the boardwalk. The French capital of Marigot offers a wide variety of shopping opportunities in the Marigot market and beyond, as well as some great restaurants. St. Martin benefits greatly from its French and Dutch heritage, and a decided international influence in the cuisine on both sides of the island.

To plan your St. Martin vacation, visit, or call your travel agent. Follow our channel for more great vacation ideas, and feel free to comment below – especially if you’ve got a favourite St. Martin restaurant or retail recommendation.

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8 Hours In The Royal Caribbean: St. Maarten

This is not a flat tire on a side street. This is zooming through two extraordinary worlds in St. Maarten, making the most of every second in eight unforgettable hours on a unique Caribbean island that oozes with personality. Join Tyson Mayr as he explores St Maarten's shimmering seas, unique eats, and the sweeping, spectacular views you could spend your whole life searching for. This is how Tyson spends his eight hours in St. Maarten. What will you do when your clock starts ticking?

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St. Martin / St. Maarten - French & Dutch Influence | WestJet Vacations

At 87 square kilometers, the island of St. Martin/St. Maarten is the smallest landmass in the world that is shared by two nations. The Dutch and French influence is evident everywhere!

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St. Barths Top Ten Things To Do, by Donna Salerno Travel

St Barths Top Ten Things To Do, is a tour of the most popular activities and highlights.
Saint Barthélemy, FWI is also know as St. Barths and considered one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean for the Jet-set crowd and celebrities. But it is a terrific destination for anyone, for fabulous beaches, restaurants and watersports activities.

Top Ten Things To Do on Vacation:
1) Gustavia: capital with shopping, restaurants and mega-yachts
2) St Jean Beach: Eden Rock hotel, beach, al fresco dining
3) Boating: fishing boats to mega-yachts
4) Snorkel & Dive: great for every age
5) Colombier Beach: north island beach with great swimming
6) Watersports: windsurf, paddle boards, jet-ski and more
7) Island Drive: scenic drives to explore island
8) Dining: Fench flovor from al-fresco to fine dining
9) Grand Cul de Sac: beach with Guanahani resort & more
10) Shopping: Duty free shopping with a European flair

Day trips are also available from St Barths (aka St. Barts) to St Maarten, Saba and Antigua. #St. Barths, # Saint Barthélemy

For more information on St Barths or any destination worldwide visit us online at or call us today.
Donna Salerno Travel
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Top 5 Best Beach of St. Maarteen French and St.Martin Dutch

Here is some of the best beach of St Martin/St Maarteen. You can view also the Famous Orient beach. Please let me know in the comment what other Top 5 beach you want to see.

SAINT MARTIN TOURISM - The Friendly Island

Welcome in Saint Martin ....,

an island in the northeast Caribbean, approximately 300 km (190 miles) east of Puerto Rico. an island that is divided approximately 60/40 between the French and the Dutch with slightly more people living in the Netherlands. This is the smallest inhabited island is divided between the two countries.

St. Martin is known for its lively nightlife, beaches, jewelry, rum-based drink made genuine Guavaberry, and casinos. This island is known for its beaches, clothes, shopping (including the outdoor market), and the French Caribbean and Indian cuisine. English is the language most commonly used in conjunction with the local dialect. The official language is French for Saint-Martin, and both Dutch and English for Sint Maarten.

Rental cars are the primary mode of transportation for visitors staying on the island. Neighboring islands including Saint Barthelemy (France), Anguilla (British), Saba (Netherlands), Sint Eustatius Statia (Netherlands), Saint Kitts and Nevis (Independent, formerly England). With the exception of Nevis, all of the island is easily visible on a clear day from St. Martin.

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10 Best Places to visit in Toledo

10 Best Places to visit in Toledo (Spain)

1. Bisagra Gate
2. Mosque of Cristo de la Luz
3. Zocodover Square
4. Alcazar of Toledo
5. Cathedral of Toledo
6. Church of St. Tome
7. Synagoge del Tránsito
8. St. John of the Kings Monastery
9. St. Martin's Bridge
10. Viewpoint of the valley

... and 10 more

- House of the Diamond Cutter
- Town Hall
- St. Ildefonso's Church
- St. Peter martyr's Convent
- St. Domingo the Old's Convent
- St. James at the suburb Chuch
- Cambron Gate
- Mosque of White St. Mary
- Church of Salvador
- Mosque de las Tornerías
- Santa Cruz Museum
- Alcantara Bridge
- Castle of St. Servando
- Train Station

Saint Martin's Island - Just wonderful! - Part 9

Motorcycle trip Bangladesh. Great time in St Martin's Island

The trip was two months long and I did a little above 13,000km. I was on the territories of Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. I had wonderful time there and met so many so many great people. The idea of these video series is to show you the world the way it is. No hard edition, no cinematic effect. I want you to see and feel everything I have experienced there. Before I start the trip I was looking for information about this part of the world and found that there is not enough. I believe that these video series will fill the gap and provide the necessary information for every motorcycle traveler who has these destinations in his mind.
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St. Martin 4K Quality Vacation Travel Video Guide

Enjoy the friendly island of St. Martin, with the nice and dangerous Maho beach.

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Sundance Vacations- Things to Do in St. Maarten

Visit us at:

Interested in a tropical getaway with Sundance Vacations? Things to do in St. Maarten seem endless. This video is an overview and you can find Things to do in St. Maatin here:

Of course, people want to visit this beautiful island to go to the beach. In fact, there are 36 beaches on this island and the water is very warm. The Sundance Vacations Better Business Bureau rating is an A.
We have so many other videos to show you on the main site:

While on your Sundance Vacations trip, check out one of the many beaches like Baie Rouge or maybe swim with some exotic island critters like sea turtles or dolphins.

There are tons of places to hike as well like Loterie Farm or places to visit with the kids like the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit, featuring relics from Star Wars, Terminator, and more design work by Nick Maley.

Get ready to party on the island too, because there are tons of things to do in St. Maarten for those looking to have a good time. There’s always festivals and celebrations happening, so check to see what’s going on while you’re there.

Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-220-9400 to speak to someone about booking your getaway with Sundance Vacations.

Also be sure to subscribe to Sundance Vacations YouTube channel for more destination videos!

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Top 5 Things to Do - St. Martin/St. Maarten

Call Us at 800-869-8017 (US/Can) or 214-350-6220 (Int.) and speak with our island expert, Summer. Book the trip of a lifetime!

10 Reasons To Visit St Martin | The Gentleman Wayfarer

Let your cares go away in Happy Bay, where you can have a beach entirely to yourself OR shed your clothes at Orient Bay Beach, where you can literally let all hang out. Explore the Dutch side - St Maarten and have the best of two Europe's in the Caribbean. All in all the island offers a perfect retreat no matter what you are looking for in a beach holiday. Read more on The Gentleman Wayfarer Blog.

Travel Destination: Saint-Martin

The Gentleman Wayfarer is a travel vlog and blog dedicated to St Martin travel inspiration and destinations, travel photography and travel resources.

TOP 10 Places to Visit in Bangladesh

TOP 10 Places to Visit in Bangladesh, Must watch this video and share with your friend and if you like this video than subscribe my Channel For more video
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1. Cox’s Bazar
Cox’s Bazar is the longest unbroken sandy beach in the world, 125 km in length. It is the most popular tourist spot among the locals in Bangladesh. Perfect place to relax in the end of a long trip. To avoid the crowd, stay on a resort with their own private beach. The Wholesale Fish Market in Cox’s Bazar comes as number one on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

2. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

Sundarbans in the largest mangrove forest on earth and UNESCO world heritage site. Sundarbans is located in between two neighboring countries – Bangladesh and India. Majority of forest is located in Bangladesh. It is home of the last remaining Bengal tigers in the world and many other wildlife. Environment of Sundarbans is tranquilizing and visiting this forest could be an once in a lifetime experience.

3. St. Martin’s Island
St. Martin’s Island is a beautiful coral island of Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. For the beach lovers, this is the best place to visit in Bangladesh.

4. Srimangal
Srimangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh, located in the eastern part of the country. You’ll find lush green tea gardens anywhere you go here. This is one of the few places in the country where if you look around, you may not find any other people anywhere except you. A really nice and calm place. Cycling through the trails inside the tea plantations here could be one of the best thing you can do in Bangladesh.

5. Rangamati

Rangamati is a district of Chittagong Hill-Tracts area. Main reason to visit the place is the Kaptai Lake. It is a naturally beautiful man made lake surround by beautiful hills. Best thing to do at Rangamati is enjoying boat ride in the Kaptai Lake for the whole day. Rangamati is also home of many tribal groups. You can visit their handicraft market here to buy some fine quality handmade fabrics. There is a Buddhist monastery called Rajban Bihar which is also worth visiting.
6. Sylhet
Sylhet is a naturally beautiful place in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh, close to the Meghalaya state of India. It has many beautiful places to visit. Green-water canal Lalakhal, stone collecting area Jaflong, Ratargul swamp forest, and many of its tea gardens are the attractions to visit Sylhet.

7.  Somapura Mahavihar, Paharpur
In the north-western part of Bangladesh, there is a tiny little Place called Paharpur, which holds the most impressive archeological site I Bangladesh called Somapuri MahabhiHara, a UNESCO world heritage sitek.

8. Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka
The construction of the Lalbagh fort was started in 1678 AD by Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah the son of the emperor Aurangzeb and later emperor himself. It is an incomplete fort 17th century Mughal complex in Dhaka . The architecture of this fort attracts many tourists .

9. Sixty Dome Mosque, Dhaka
The Sixty Dome Mosque known as Shait Gambuj Mosque , It is one of the largest mosque and built in Sultanate period . The construction of the masque as started in 1442 and it was completed in 1459 . The mosque is usually used for prayers and also

10. Sonargaon

Sonargaon was a historic administrative, commercial and maritime centre in Bengal. Situated in the centre of the Ganges delta, it was the seat of the medieval Muslim rulers and governors of eastern Bengal.

I'm not owner this video I collect this information from this link:

Top Ten Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands

Top Ten Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands

10. U.S. Virgin Islands
9. Cuba
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis
7. Curacao
6. Aruba
5. Puerto Rico
4. Jamaica
3. Dominican Republic
2. Saint Martin Island
1. Barbados

Thanks for watching! :)

AIRPLANE BEACH | Jet Blast & Low Landings at Maho Beach, St. Martin

The Caribbean Island of St. Martin has a very unique beach called Maho Beach, otherwise known as Airplane Beach because it sits right next to Princess Julianna Airport. We stood directly below massive planes as they were landing and experienced the strong jet blast blowing everyone over as the planes took off the runway! Travel vlog 588 | St. Martin Island | Country #84/100

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Saint Martin Things To Do in one week Sint Maarten

Life Doesn't Suck brings you our complete trip to Saint Martin over the course of one week. In it you'll experience Sint Maarten's most fun activities such as Toppers Rhum, Captain Alan, Snorkling, Tintamarre Island, Creole Rock Sleeping indian, Sea Turtles, Pinel Island Iguannas, Loterie Farm, Fort Louis, St. Maarten Zoo, Fort Amsterdam, Maho Beach, Orient Nude Beach, Topless Beaches, Grand Case, Lambada Catamaran, Aqua Mania, Prickly Pear, Anguilla, Guavaberry Rum, and Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit.

We went to St Maarten and discovered an incredible time!

St Martin is one of funnest tourist destinations on this planet. Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the episode!!


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