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10 Best Places to Visit in Turkmenistan


Top 10 Places To Visit In Turkmenistan

Top 10 Places To Visit In Turkmenistan

Places Must Visit in Turkmenistan | Turkmenistan fire hole |Turkmenistan nightlife | Europe | Top 10

Places Must Visit in Turkmenistan | Turkmenistan fire hole
Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia bordered by the Caspian Sea and largely covered by the Karakum Desert. It’s known for archaeological ruins including those at Nisa and Merv, major stops along the ancient trade route the Silk Road. Ashgabat, the capital, was rebuilt in Soviet-style in the mid-20th century and is filled with grand monuments honouring former president Saparmurat Niyazov.

1. Gonur Depe Bronze Age Site
2. Merv, Ancient Silk Road City
3. Darvaza Gas Crater

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World's Strangest City (ASHGABAT, TURKMENISTAN)

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Have you ever heard of TURKMENISTAN before? If not, then get ready to learn about how strange it is here in my 170th country.

I've spent the last 24 hours roaming around the capital city of Ashgabat, and IT REMINDS ME EXACTLY OF PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA in just about every way possible. Huge fancy buildings with very few people inside, perfectly manicured gardens and boulevards with nobody on them and a this eerie feeling that someone is watching over your shoulder 24/7.

People had told me that Ashgabat was strange, but I had no idea to what extent it was until arriving here.... Find out everything you need to know about Turkmenistan's capital in this video!

How many of you guys actually knew about this place? Would love to see a show of hands :)

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10 Wacky Things About TURKMENISTAN

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It's been a wild several days in Turkmenistan. In my opinion, this is (by a long shot) the world's most bizarre country.

In this video, I explain the 10 strangest things that I find about Turkmen culture -- from the thousands of white-marble buildings to the shockingly empty streets, a massive fire crater in the desert that hasn't stopped burning for 50 years and the heavy censorship of the internet.

Turkmenistan is essentially the North Korea of Central Asia. Both capital cities of Pyongyang and Ashgabat feel eerily similar when walking around. The only major difference is that the people of North Korea are oppressed, whereas the people of Turkmenistan seem to be warm, friendly and hospitable.

Please share any thoughts/comments/questions about Turkmenistan and I'll be happy to answer!

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Turkmenistan tourist attractions | Top places to visit in Turkmenistan | Yatraworld

Know about Turkmenistan top tourist cities Ashgabat, Turkmenabat, Dashoguz, Mary & Merv, Darvaza, Konye-Urgench, Bayramaly's attractions places, and trip cost. There are many things to do in Turkmenistan by tourists.

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Turkmenistan Vlog | Exploring Ashgabat an INSANE marble city!

Turkmenistan Part 2:

Thank you so much for watching! My brother and I traveled across Central Asia in October 2019. Read about locations and trip details below:

Location: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Stop #1: Happiness Palace (Wedding Palace) -- The eleven-story building holds seven banquet rooms, 36 shops, and two cafes, providing all the necessary items of wedding services, including dress shops, decorations, beauty salons and a 22-room hotel. The third and fourth floors hold administrative offices and a library.

Stop #2: Old Nisa -- One of the Parthian Empire’s earliest capitals. Its Parthian name was Mithradatkirt, or fortress of Mithradates (171-138 BC), after the king who turned Parthia into a powerful empire and one of Ancient Rome’s greatest rivals.The Parthian Empire was the most powerful force on the Iranian plateau, intermittently controlling Mesopotamia between 190 BC and AD 224. At one point, its empire occupied all of modern Iran, Iraq and Armenia, parts of Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. It also briefly held territories in Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine.

Stop #3: Türkmenbaşy Ruhy Mosque -- The mosque, constructed by the French company Bouygues, was built in the hometown of President Saparmurat Niyazov. It opened on October 22, 2004 and was built by Niyazov with a mausoleum in preparation for his death. Niyazov died two years later, and was buried in the mausoleum on December 24, 2006.


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Spending $20 at a Turkmenistan Market

Ashgabat Turkmenistan is a strange place. I have never seen so much gold and marble in my life, but the streets seemed empty. In this Turkmenistan travel vlog, I join my friend Lexie Alford and make a trip to a local Turkmen market called the Russian Bazaar. Here, we tried street food, interacted with the locals, and witnessed some real culture.

I say real culture, because Turkmenistan is known as the North Korea of Central Asia. The president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow has a tight grip on the country, and it's very hard to get off the normal tourist path.

Beside our hotel was a local market, we asked our guide if we could visit, and he said if we really wanted to we could, but not to bring a camera because of police. The locals had been so nice to us, so thought we would take a small chance.

One more thing to note. After I posted the first Turkmenistan travel vlog in Ashgabat, I had said that we had our US dollars exchanged to Turkmen Manat at 1 to 13. Locals commented that it's actually suppose to be 1 to 20. It's funny though, from an atm it's 1 to 3.5.
Very happy we got our money on the black market.

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Best Attractions and Places to See in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Ashgabat Travel Guide. MUST WATCH. Top things you have to do in Ashgabat. We have sorted Tourist Attractions in Ashgabat for You. Discover Ashgabat as per the Traveler Resources given by our Travel Specialists. You will not miss any fun thing to do in Ashgabat.

This Video has covered top Attractions and Best Things to do in Ashgabat.

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List of Best Things to do in Ashgabat

Gypjak Mosque
Turkmen Carpet Museum
Parthian Settlement of Nisa
Turkmenistan Independence Monument
Ashgabat National Museum of History
Monument Arch of Neutrality
Ertugrul Gazi Mosque
Turkmen Museum of Fine Arts
Ashgabat hippodrome

10 Best Tourist Places to visit in Tajikistan - Travel Tajikistan | TravelDham

Here are the list of 10 Best Tourist Places to visit in Tajikistan. Tajikistan is the smallest country in Central Asia. You can still enjoy nature at its beautiful best in places like the Fann Mountains.

It is known for its incredible panorama, beautiful mountains, bustling and unique metropolis, and scenic lakes.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Central Asia and the Caucasus - Silk Road Travel Video (Documentary)

Welcome to Central Asia and the Caucasus, two beautiful regions on the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Often overlooked as travel destinations, the countries here provide some of the most rewarding and unique experiences. From stunning mountain landscapes of the Pamir Highway to historic monasteries in Armenia, from spectacular monuments along the ancient Silk Road to the modern skylines of Baku and Astana.

I traveled through these regions for four months in 2013, and in this short travel documentary I share with you my personal top 10 places to visit. The countries included in the video are Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

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Copyright of all footage: Hoffer Media

Here’s a brief overview of the content in this video:

We begin this journey in Samarkand, one of the most iconic cities along the ancient Silk Road. Located in Uzbekistan, it’s full of remarkable monuments but also provides a good introduction into daily life, especially in the lively farmers markets and bazaars. After Samarkand, we go to the Caucasus, to visit the fast developing capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku. Visiting the modern shopping malls and vibrant streets gives an interesting contrast with the narrow alleys of the old town here, and the wide promenade facing the Caspian Sea.

The Pamir Highway in Tajikistan is one of the most challenging, but also rewarding, travel destinations in Central Asia. It requires solid preparation, and many tourists decide to hire experienced travelers and guides for their trips. Back in Uzbekistan, the Fergana Valley takes you back in time, with charming villages, and an opportunity to view a traditional silk weaving factory.

Astana, now known as Nur-Sultan, is the modern capital city of Kazakhstan, and sometimes nicknamed as ‘Dubai of the Steppe’. It’s an interesting place to visit, and attracts people from across the country to work, study, and live. Back in the Caucasus, Tbilisi is steeped in history, and full of culture and charisma. The stunning Tsminda Sameba Cathedral is an important place of worship in the Georgia’s Orthodox Christian religion.

In Kyrgyzstan you will find some of the region’s most traditional ways of life, as nomadic shepherd families still move from villages to classic yurts. Traveling across the green pastures is a great way to experience a lifestyle that seems unusual in many societies these days. The capital city of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, is a peculiar place on the list. Regarded as a secretive dictatorship, Turkmenistan is also one of the most mysterious and closed countries in the world. Keep in mind that people here face severe limitations in their daily lives.

Armenia is a beautiful destination in the Caucasus, and includes the friendly capital Armenia, and several stunning medieval monasteries. We finish this journey in Bukhara, another important stop on the historic Silk Road. There are many mosques and other landmarks to visit, but it’s also just a friendly town where you can eat some delicious food and soak up the relaxed atmosphere.

Turkmenistan (Most Populated place of Ashgabat) Part 10

Welcome to my travelchannel. ☛☛☞☛
On my channel you can find more than 1000 films of almost 80 countries. See the playlist on my youtube channel.Enjoy!
Ashgabat – the capital of Neutral and Independent Turkmenistan considered as an administrative, cultural and business centre of the country since the declaration of Independence of the country on 27th of October in 1991.
The fate of Ashgabat is wonderful and unique. With its name, tracing back into centuries, and being wiped off the face of the earth in the middle of the XX century, this city has become an embodiment of immortality, the most everlasting soul of the Turkmen nation.
This nation has passed a historical way equal to the history of the whole human civilization. Having taken upon itself the world joy and miseries, having introduced its inexhaustible spiritual donation and constructive energy, this nation has not worn out in soul and talent, and its today revival witness thereof.
Being founded in 1881 the city was given the name of the adjacent village – Asgabat. The name of the rapidly built, buried in verdure Caspian oblast was translated as “city of love, fertility, welfare”. Hence became the custom: Ashgabat is a city of love. A sunny cosy oasis, protected by the Karakum desert in the north and by the Kopet - Dag ridge in the south, has aroused in its citizens bright and warm feelings towards their native city, and it has become a sing of Ashgabat, its essential peculiarity.
Having been newly built after the earthquake (6th of October in 1948), Ashgabat has preserved this peculiarity.
Day by day the capital of our motherland become more and more beautiful and gladdens the eye with its new appearance. Constellation of unique architectural buildings, lots of museums, exhibition halls and theatres attract the guests of our capital.
For the last years Ashgabat completely changed it’s former appearance. The present Ashgabat distinguishes itself with its own style, combining the best traditions of national architecture and the achievements of modern town-building such as “Arch of Neutrality”, “Museum and the monument for the victims of the Ashgabat earthquake in1948”, “National Museum”, “Monument and the park of Independence”, “Ice Palace”, “Cable Cars”, “Path of health”, “The fairy tale world of Turkmenbashy”, “Olympic swimming complex”, “Puppet theatre”, “Park of 10 Akhaltekin horses” and many others.
Fresh climatic air, clean and wide streets, new parks with majestic fountains and originality of the capital keep unforgettable impressions.
For the guest services there are lots of luxury hotels with high class services and modern design of International standard satisfy every guest of the capital.

10 Cheapest Countries in the World

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Think travel is expensive? Think again! ... Here are the top 10 cheapest countries in the world from my experiences!!

El Salvador

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We explored the best of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan on an amazing 13 day trip with G Adventures. We were the first among a small group lead by a local guide to experience this tour that was new by G Adventures for 2019 and it did not disappoint!

Traveling along the Silk Road with G Adventures is a journey of discovery, culture, history, and unforgettable local moments. We experienced things that you will not experience on any other tour.

View the full itinerary (The best of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan with G Adventures) at

Plan your trip today with a detailed travel guide to this trip.

Filmed and edited by Lina and David Stock.
All rights owned by Divergent Travel Media LLC.

About us: Americas Adventure Couple, award-winning travel photographers from Wisconsin. Full-time travelers since Feb 2014 visiting over 100 countries on 7 continents. Lina & David are on a mission to experience and document the Top 100 Travel Adventures. Dream, Dare, Diverge. Join the adventure.


10 Best Places to Visit in Kyrgyzstan | Travel Videos | SKY Travel

10 Best Places to Visit in Kyrgyzstan | Travel Videos | SKY Travel
#Travelvideo #Kyrgyzstan

The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live or Retire | You Might Not Need to Work

You often dream of quitting your job, ditching it all and moving to paradise.
In this video, International Living revealed top 10 cheapest places to live & retire for 2019, and the reasons why we think these are the best places to consider.
The list isn't just for retirees, it's also for people who want to live somewhere so cheap that they don't have to work.
10. Spain.
9. Thailand.
8. Peru.
7. Portugal.
6. Colombia.
5. Malaysia.
4. Ecuador.
3. Mexico.
2. Costa Rica.
1. Panama.
Thanks for watching this video. I hope it's useful for you.
(This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment).
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TURKMENISTAN Top 33 Tourist Places | Turkmenistan Tourism

Turkmenistan (Things to do - Places to Visit) - TURKMENISTAN Top Tourist Places
A country in Central Asia
Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia bordered by the Caspian Sea and largely covered by the Karakum Desert. It’s known for archaeological ruins including those at Nisa and Merv, major stops along the ancient trade route the Silk Road.

Ashgabat, the capital, was rebuilt in Soviet-style in the mid-20th century and is filled with grand monuments honoring former president Saparmurat Niyazov.

TURKMENISTAN Top 33 Tourist Places | Turkmenistan Tourism

Things to do in TURKMENISTAN - Places to Visit in Turkmenistan

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TURKMENISTAN Top 33 Tourist Places - Turkmenistan, Central Asia

ASHGABAT Top 18 Tourist Places | Ashgabat Tourism | TURKMENISTAN

Ashgabat (Things to do - Places to Visit) - ASHGABAT Top Tourist Places
Capital of Turkmenistan
Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan. It’s known for its white marble buildings and grandiose national monuments. To the northwest, the sprawling Ruhy Mosque has a vast gilt dome.

The central Artogrul Gazi Mosque is modeled on Istanbul’s Blue Mosque. Examples of traditional weaving are displayed at Turkmen Carpet Museum. The Wedding Palace is a series of star-shaped tiers topped by a giant golden globe.

ASHGABAT Top 18 Tourist Places | Ashgabat Tourism

Things to do in ASHGABAT - Places to Visit in Ashgabat

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ASHGABAT Top 18 Tourist Places - Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, Central Asia

Top 10,Ten Popular Travel Destinations in Turkmenistan











































Turkmenistan Tourism, Facts – Ashgabat Tourist Attractions | Places to Visit Turkmenistan

The history of Turkmenistan is largely mysterious on with the arrival of many invaders right from Arab invasion Russian Colonization, Revolution and Civil War up to the Soviet Union. They got their independence with the dismemberment of USSR. The city-state which was an epitome of the country was Merv for being a transit hub on the Silk Road. Turkmenistan was a country listed to be the least visited country in World and now Turkmenistan tourism is attracting visitors for its rich historical and cultural attractions. Some of the top Turkmenistan tourist attractions are Gates of Hell, Ashgabat, Ancient city of Merv, Karakum desert, Dasoguz Province, Gypjak Mosque, Turkmen carpet museum, Parthian settlement of Nisa, Wedding Palace.

Why should you visit Turkmenistan?

Historical extravaganza
Ancient Turkmenistan attractions
The Fresh Appeal
Grand bazaars
Natural Beauty
Bathe in an Underwater Cave
City of Love

Turkmenistan Facts

• Holds the Guinness World Record for the largest indoor Ferris wheel

• Turkmenistan has the 6th largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world

• Ashgabat holds the Guinness World Record for the most public pools in a single place

Dook international is the biggest DMC for CIS and European countries. Recently, Dook has just launched Turkmenistan tour packages: Turkmenistan 4 Nights 5 Days and Turkmenistan 3 Nights 4 Days. These packages are inclusion of Visa support (LOI), Transfer and transport, Guide-translator Entrance fees, Excursions per program, Traditional Dinner, Accommodation in hotel with breakfast, Indian food Lunch and Dinner at restaurants.

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Best Restaurants and Places to Eat in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Ashgabat Food Guide. MUST WATCH. We have sorted the list of Best Restaurant in Ashgabat for you. Using this list you can try Best Local Food in Ashgabat or select best Bar in Ashgabat.

And Lot more about Ashgabat Food and Drinks.

It's not the Ranking of Best Restaurants in Ashgabat, it is just the list of best Eating Hubs as per our user's ratings.

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List of Best Restaurants in Ashgabat

Uzum Cafe
Ammar Cafe
AlpEt Steakhouse
Merdem Restaurant
Kopetdag Restaurant
Sazada Kafe
Altyn Cynar
Argentina Steak House
Sha Coffee
Asuda Nusay



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