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10 Best Places to Visit in Bolivia


Incredible UNSEEN FOOD of AFRICA - Dorze Ethnic Group in Ethiopia!

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This is Part 2 of our Ethiopian village cultural food tour. If you haven’t already seen Part 1, you can watch it here:

From the incredible Konso Village, we drove back to Arba Minch in Ethiopia, and then continued driving into the mountains, to a Dorze ethnic people village, high into the misty peaks. This is the village where Dessie is originally from, and also our driver, so they know everyone there. It was amazing to arrive to the village.

One of the amazing parts of Dorze Ethiopian culture are their elephant shaped traditional huts, which are unique and one of a kind, shaped like elephants. One of the main most important foods of the Dorze is false banana, also known as ensete. It’s called a false banana because they plant does not produce banana fruit, but just giant leaves, and you eat the stump.

Aunty made a number of extremely unique dishes, including a false banana porridge, and a false banana pancake, along with coffee leaves tea - something I had never seen or ever heard of before.

Visiting the Dorze of Ethiopia was an incredible culture and food learning experience, and it was an honor to have a chance to visit on this Ethiopian food tour trip.

Thanks to Dessie from Go Addis Tours ( for arranging everything on this trip.

Hotel I stayed at in Addis Ababa:


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Quick Tour of the Victor Valley

See this panoramic tour of the Victor Valley in Southern California from atop two mountains which will show you where the communities of Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia and Victorville are located and what some of the industrial areas in the Victor Valley looks like.

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El Paso, Texas, United States. Best Place

El Paso is the sixth largest city in Texas, United States. The city of El Paso and other nearby cities, such as Juarez and Las Cruces, New Mexico are referred to as The Borderland. In 2010 and 2018, El Paso received an All-America City Award. El Paso is surrounded by many cities and communities in both Texas and New Mexico.

El Paso is located at the intersection of three states (Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua) and two countries (the U.S. and Mexico). It is the only major Texas City on Mountain Time. El Paso stands on the Rio Grande across the Mexico–United States border from Ciudad Juárez, the most populous city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. El Paso is often called the Sun City. El Paso is located within the Chihuahuan Desert. The Franklin Mountains extend into El Paso from the north and nearly divide the city into two sections.

El Paso was named as El Paso del Norte (The Pass of the North) by Spanish travelers in 1581. The area wasn't colonized by Europeans until 1598 when Don Juan de Oñate led an expedition into the territory. In 1848, El Paso became part of the United States and a military post was erected there which eventually became Fort Bliss. The city was incorporated in 1873. El Paso Public Library was the first public library in Texas.

The largest language spoken at home is Spanish, followed by English. Many older El Pasoans speak Spanish regularly in public.

El Paso is home to the University of Texas at El Paso, the largest public university in the region. UTEP was ranked as the 7th best university in National University Rankings, just behind Stanford and ahead of Harvard.  Also, the university's School of Engineering is the nation's top producer of Hispanic engineers with M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.

El Paso is part of the Chihuahuan Desert. El Paso has a transitional climate between cold desert climate and hot desert climate It receives on average about 8.5 inches of rainfall a year. The sky is usually clear and cloud-free. Summer temperatures can reach 100°F (37.7°C) or more. Winter rarely sees snow and temperatures drop to around 40 or 50°F. During periods of rain, flash flooding can occur.

El Paso has a strong federal and military presence. William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Biggs Army Airfield, and Fort Bliss call the city home. Fort Bliss is one of the largest military complexes of the United States Army and the largest training area in the United States.

Mayors and city council members are elected for four year terms and may not be elected more than twice or serve for more than 10 years in their respective offices. Municipal elections are currently held in May in odd-numbered years, but a voter-approved charter amendment will change this to November in even-numbered years, beginning in 2018.

The city operates under a council–manager form of government. Power is concentrated in the eight-member elected city council and mayor, who hire a manager to carry out its directives and oversee the delivery of public services.

El Paso's tallest building, the Wells Fargo Plaza, was built in the early 1970s as State National Plaza. The black-windowed, 302-foot (92 m) building is famous for its 13 white horizontal lights. The tower did use a design of the United States flag.The tower is now only lit during the holiday months, or when special events take place in the city.

El Paso economy focused primarily in international trade, military, government civil service, oil and gas, health care, tourism and service sectors. Cotton, fruit, vegetables, and livestock are also produced in the area. Over the past 15 years the city has become a significant location for American-based call centers.  El Paso has added a significant manufacturing sector with items and goods produced that include petroleum, metals, medical devices, plastics, machinery, defense-related goods and automotive parts. The city is the second busiest international crossing point in the U.S. behind San Diego.

360 Kyoto Japan

Gear Used
Samsung Gear 360 Real 360°

Travel books Used
TDK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Japan
Lonely Planet Japan
Lonely Planet Japanese Phrasebook
Fodor's Tokyo (Full-color Travel Guide)

Kyoto Japan 360 This video was filmed on our two week trip to Japan during cherry blossom season. Most of this video was filmed in Kyoto and Gion. For best viewing please change video quality to 4K, best viewed on a 4K monitor. Enjoy!

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The 10 Best Places To Live In Illinois (USA)

Top 10 Best Places To Live In Illinois (USA)
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Illinois is as diverse a state as its cities and people. Located in the heartland of America, the Land of Lincoln may have cultivated a reputation as one of the worst run states, but it still remains a great choice for anyone looking to put down roots.
Unemployment rate is one of the major causes of the high migration rates out of the state in recent years, but Illinois continues to prove its economic resilience. Illinois is also home to dozens of cities with revitalized downtowns, excellent entertainment venues and endless outdoor recreation opportunities.

Universities in the state are on the leading edge of research and several of them, including the University of Illinois (Champaign Urbana) and Northwestern University,
are among the only 108 institutions nationally classified as “Very High Research Activity” on the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

In the heart of the Midwest, Illinois has some crazy weather. The winters are harsh, the summers are hot, and several different seasons can show their face in a single day.
Every Illinoisan knows the importance of learning how to drive in snow and knows how to survive if their city gets shut down for a couple days.

Here are the 10 best places (cities and towns) to live in Illinois for 2018:
1. Northbrook.
2. Winnetka.
3. Buffalo Grove.
4. Naperville.
5. Galena.
6. Highland Park.
7. Wheaton.
8. Marion.
9. Park Ridge.
10. Elmhurst.
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The New Silk Road: Ambition and Opportunity | CNBC

Dr. May-yi Shaw explores the revival of the ancient Silk Road, meeting businesses and entrepreneurs looking to benefit from the trillions of dollars of spending, in this first phase of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Air Canada Rouge Seating Options Questions about seating options & upgrades with Air Canada Rouge? Air Canada sales rep Katie literally walks you through each section of the plane so you can see the difference in legroom and space in Premium Rouge, Preferred Seating, and regular Economy, check out the leg room, and even see how big the overhead bins are!
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The Mayas of Belize - Belize Culture

The Hammock -This short Belize film documents the all but dying traditional Maya art of weaving hammocks from the fibers of the agave plant.

103 Year Old Lady's Abandoned Home - Incredible Story | BROS OF DECAY - URBEX

I have never felt so sorry for the people that lived inside of this abandoned home. I almost started crying when I was telling there story. I wish there was a way for us to help these people in these difficult times. And we hope the owner of this place reaches out to us so we can meet him in person. We also adored the decay of this place, it was just stunning!
We hope you guys enjoyed this place.

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Abandoned Home With an Incredible Story Where a 103 Year Old Women Lived!

The BEST Age to File for Social Security

Updated Version --- What is the best age to file for Social Security? It can seem confusing so here's a few things to think about.

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How To Get LA's Best Underground Barbecue

Burt Bakman of Trudy's Underground BBQ opened Slab so that his fans could come by and eat his barbecue anytime. No longer underground, Slab is the result of tens of thousands of Instagram followers demanding delicious brisket and ribs without having to sneak into a random backyard. Here's how Burt is doing since the Insta-fame and INSIDER's original video.

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Texas BBQ Has A Secret Location In LA

Why Texans Call This The Best BBQ Spot In Dallas | Legendary Eats

Australian Chef Makes The Juiciest BBQ In Sydney


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How To Get LA'S Best Underground Barbecue

美國又「開炮」了 這回對著誰?1

美國又「開炮」了 這回對著誰?1




White Privilege destroyed by Adam Carolla


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Welcome to Brasilia - Brazil's Capital City from Above in High Definition

Did you know that this is what Brazil's capital city looks like?
Jump right in and enjoy these stunning views in High Definition.

Be sure to check out our other Brazil videos, as well as our other World From Above HD content, including full-length shows.

Covered Bridge Webcam Vermont's Mad River Valley

Welcome to our live webcam of the historic Waitsfield Covered Bridge in Vermont's the Mad River Valley. We would like to thank Tucker Hill Inn for sponsoring our webcam and being a valued partner!

Top 10 Underrated Cities in Europe You Need to Visit

Top 10 Underrated Cities in Europe You Need to Visit


Thanks to Getty Images for the pictures and videos!

London, Paris, and Barcelona draw the crowds, while these gems beckon just off the beaten path. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 underrated cities in Europe you need to visit.

For this list, we're looking at cities infused with great architecture, culture, and history, that are often overlooked in favour of their better-known brethren.

#10: Ghent, Belgium

#9: Bucharest, Romania

#8: Lyon, France

#7: Cork, Ireland

#6: Innsbruck, Austria

#5: Porto, Portugal

#4: Helsinki, Finland

#3, #2. #1 . . . ??

The four pillars of a decentralized society | Johann Gevers | TEDxZug

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. What if we could rebuild our society in a way that works for everyone? Epochal changes are now underway that are radically transforming how society operates.
Johann will describe this revolution, and how it will create vast new economic opportunities and unprecedented social freedom.

Johann Gevers is Co-Founder and CEO of Monetas in Zug. Monetas is building the world's first universal transaction platform—an essential infrastructure for the society of the future. Johann's lifelong driving passion is to help create a better life and world for everyone, through personal, organizational, and social transformation. It has inspired him to develop a pioneering new legal system for a free society, based on a new Golden Rule. His thirty-year journey searching for better methods and tools—and for freedom and joy for humanity—has profoundly enriched his and others' lives.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Ghost Town! Jerome Arizona

Jerome Arizona and Gold King Mine. Once known as the wickedest town in the west, Jerome was a copper mining camp, growing from a settlement of tents to a roaring mining community.

An attempt at traveling light and producing good, stabile video.

Panasonic HDC-TM700
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