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10 Best Places to Visit in Neutral Zone


11 Best Places to Visit in Bhutan | Travel Vlog | 4K | The Planet D

Amazing things do in Bhutan? From Timphu to Paro, We count down the top 11 places to see in the country.
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Dave and Deb of The Planet D share their favourite places to visit in Bhutan in their latest travel vlog.
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We met the King of Bhutan:
Bhutan Trek to Laya -

Gray Langur Tours invited us on their very first Bhutan Tour to experience the second annual Royal Highlander Festival.
Gray Langur offers travel, treks and cultural cultural tours to Bhutan:

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Watch this video to find out the more unique things to see and do in Bhutan. Bhutan is expensive and most people have limited time, so we round up the best sites so you can make the most of your time.

►What to see in Bhutan:
1. Tiger's Nest Monastery
2. Festivals - Royal Highlander Festival
3. Phunaka Dzong
4. Trekking to the Himalayas
5. Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten
6. Whitewater Rafting
7. Fertility Temple
8. Dochula Pass
9.Buddha Dordenma
10.Suspension Bridge
11. Meet the locals

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10 Unique Places Where Gravity Is Zero

Planet Earth lives by the laws of gravity discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. Gravity is constant. It's something entirely unshakeable that we can always rely on in this ever-changing world, right? Umm, not really. In fact, it’s not as honest and clear as you think.

There are gravitational anomalies in some places where gravity behaves like it’s gone crazy. In such places this law can’t be applied: there, a car can go uphill with its engine off, a waterfall doesn’t fall, and a very heavy boulder can sit on top of a rock at a very strange angle without tumbling down.

Where cars crawl upwards 0:40
Where trees twist to the north at the roots 1:41
Where a waterfall moves upwards 2:30
Where water flows up instead of spilling down 3:14
Where different objects roll uphill 3:59
Where a boulder sits upon the edge of a cliff 4:43
One more boulder defying gravity 5:41
Devils Tower 6:54
Where you can’t stand straight 7:58
The Hudson Bay anomaly 8:54

#gravity #anomaly #brightside

- There’s a stretch of road in India that’s been attracting tourists from all over the world. If you stop your car on the Magnetic Hill going up the slope and put it on neutral, it’ll start crawling upwards, eventually reaching the speed of up to 12 mph.
- Near the village of Nowe Czarnowo, there’s a forest, in the depth of which you can find a strangely looking pine grove. Planted in 1930s, there are 400 trees that sharply twist to the north almost at the roots and then grow upwards in a semicircle.
- Ever seen an upward moving waterfall? You can have a look at one on the Faroe Islands halfway from Iceland to Scotland.
- If you ever get up to the top of the dam, which is about 726 ft high, you can try a little trick: take a bottle of water and pour it over the edge. You’ll see the water flow up instead of spilling down.
- Another gravitational anomaly located on a road. Locals once found out that, if you put an empty can or a bottle on the ground, it will immediately start rolling uphill.
- If you happen to be in Burma, make sure to visit this well-known site. A gold-leaf covered boulder sits upon the edge of a cliff, and a small pagoda is built on top of it. The impressive thing about the rock is that it only lightly touches the cliff for support.
- If there ever was a thing that said “I defy gravity” out loud, it’s the Stone of Davasco. The huge 300-ton boulder stands precariously on the edge of a cliff and rocks a little bit from side to side in the wind.
- The true mind-blowing feature of Devils Tower is that scientists can’t explain how it came to existence in the first place. You see, it’s an 867-foot rock formation with walls so steep they’re basically vertical. This piece of stone just rose amid rolling plains of Wyoming with nothing like it for miles and miles around.-
- The House of Mystery in Gold Hill, Oregon, amazes its visitors with gravity-defying effects: you can’t stand straight there, always leaning to the side and having to hold on to something for balance.
- Hudson Bay, Canada, is probably the only place in the world where gravity is indeed lower than anywhere else on the planet! Even skeptics can’t smirk at it because the difference has been measured with precision equipment.

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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Bhutan | Travel Video

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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Bhutan.
From magical monasteries to stunning scenery, the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has plenty to entice intrepid travellers and to get you started with your holiday planning, we've listed our top pick of destinations.
Tiger's Nest Monastery
Paro and the Paro Valley
Gangtey Valley
Manas National Park

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11 places you are not allowed to visit in the world

These 11 places are highly guarded and mysterious places are not easy to get to and visit like the dangerous radioactive Chernobyl.
7. The Colonel's LIttle Secret
Similar to the Coca Cola vault, Colonel Sanders really doesn’t want anyone else replicating his mighty fine, fingerlicking good recipe. He has a total of 11 herbs and spices he mixes in there and the recipe is stored in the an upgraded modern security facility at the headquarters in Kentucky. What are they putting in our chicken? According to rumor, even the President of KFC doesn’t know the recipe, so don’t try bribing the drive through to give it up.

6. Room 39
It’s not like anyone would willingly want to go to North Korea but if someone were to try to get into Room 39 it would be extremely difficult. At an undisclosed location, most likely in or near the capital of Pyongyang, lies a rumored headquarter that's in charge of North Korea's underground activities. They are mostly in charge of gathering foreign currency in whatever way possible. Whether it’s drugs, counterfeits arms deals the lists go on. If North Korea were to get a hold of a nuke, it would most likely have to come from foreign counterfeit.

5. Chernobyl
No one is legally able to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone without permission from the Ukrainian government, which basically means it’s off limits. Some people are willing to take the risk to visit the abandoned city but it’s extremely risky especially for foreigners who don’t speak Russian well. The only way you’re getting in here is with a heavy bribe to the police if you’re stopped. In just a short period of time you might be able to get away with visiting the outskirts without too much bodily damage. The sludge that’s left here after the literal meltdown of the radioactive materials is known as the elephant's foot as you see in this photo is still extremely lethal. Just after 300 seconds of exposure gives you only 2 days to live. It’s actually still melting and could one day seep into the ground water. Good luck!

4. Ozyorsk, Russia
Sometimes entire cities can be completely off limits in Russia. Located in the Chelyabinsk Oblast Region, Ozyorsk is considered a closed town due to how close it is to the Mayak plant. However people do live here, you're just not invited to this one. The Mayak plant is a facility that processes nuclear waste and decommissions decaying weapons of mass destruction. It used to be a location where the Soviet Union would find its source of plutonium. The area is now polluted with industrial and radioactive waste.

3. Svalbard Global Seed Vault
If the world were to come to a tragic end or certain species of plants have become extinct, the svalbard seed vault has got their back! Located only 800 miles south of the North Pole in Norway lies a vault that has a set goal on preserving plant diversity and holding on to large amounts of seeds in the case of an emergency. More than 400,000 crop seeds are stored here and includes seeds for 32 varieties of potatoes. The Norwegian government spent 9 million dollars on this facility that one besides scientists can go to and maybe some day it’ll be useful.

2. The Demilitarized Zone
Also known as the 38th Parallel, the demilitarized zone was created at the end of the Korean War to keep the two countries at peace. It’s considered to be neutral territory that neither country is allowed to cross and at least a 10 mile wide buffer zone between the two. It’s most heavily militarized border in the worlds Near this zone, you’ll notice quite a few landmines, armed soldiers, watch towers. You can almost feel the tension about to burst. North Korea even built the 4 largest flagpole in the world in order to giver the southerners a view of communism. You’re really not allowed to visit this zone, and some how if you find away, you may bring on another world war.

1.Area 51 Nevada
No other place seems to be so secret yet well known at the same time. Also located within the isolated National Nevada Security Site, the government only recently admitted its existence. They claim to use the smooth, dry lake bed known as groom lake as a runway for experimenting with new aircraft. But do to the extreme restriction many wonder exactly what’s going on out there. Motion detectors and thermal body heat detectors are spread across desert and will detect anyone who thinks about coming close. Not to mention the constant surveillance of drones that relentlessly monitor the area for trespassers. Conspiracy theorist claim the government is holding extraterrestrial life forms or even their flying saucers at this location, but it’s restricted, i guess we’ll never find out exactly, will we?

Please watch: what to do in phuket


Nepal, most beautiful places in the world HD नेपाल सुन्दर देश l

Nepal, most beautiful places in the world
Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia. It is a multi-ethnic nation with Nepali as the official language. Kathmandu is the nation's capital and largest city. Nepal is bordered by China to the north and India to the south, east, and west. Nepal is located in the Himalayas and is home to eight of the world's ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth. The country has an area of 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 sq. mi). Nepal is a gift of nature. It is a small landlocked Himalayan country. However, it is full of geographical and cultural diversity.
Lumbini, Kathmandu, Janakpur, Mount Everest, Khaptad, Rara Lake, Janki Temple, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath stupa, Pashupati temple Barun Valley, Kanyam, Illam, Manakamana Temple, Dachhinkali Temple, bhaktapur durbar square Patan durbar Square Phoksundo lake, gosaikunda, Bandipur, Jomsom kagbeni, Karnali river Kaligandki river changu narayan Temple, Machhapuchhre Mountain are some of the most attractive places of Nepal.
Popular places to visit in Nepal, Tourist Attraction Places in Nepal, famous place in Nepal, place to visit in Nepal, Travel Destinations in Nepal ,Famous Tourist Places of Nepal, Popular Places to Visit in Nepal
,top places to visit in Nepal, famous tourist places in Nepal, interesting places in Nepal for tourists, places to be visited in Nepal, beautiful places to visit in Nepal, 10 best places to visit in Nepal, places to visit in Nepal for honeymoon, must visit places in Nepal, Nepal tourist places map, famous tourist places in Nepal tourist area in Nepal, tourist destination in Nepal best place to visit in Nepal, beautiful places to visit in Nepal, places to visit in Nepal for honeymoon, 10 best places to visit in Nepal, must visit places in Nepal, important places in Nepal, Nepal tourist places videos, Nepal tourist places pictures, Nepal tourist places list, Nepal tourist attractions, tourist spot in Nepal, tourist destination in Nepal, Nepal tour packages
यस च्यानलमा रहेका Video हरु कपि Download गरी अन्य Channel मा Upload गरेके पाएमा प्रचलित कानुन बमोजिम कडा भन्दा कडा कारबाही गरिनेछ ।
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10 Terrifying Places Science Still Can't Explain

How to Learn More about the Earth. The scientific community has made great strides in discovering a lot about the planet we call home. Yet there’s still so much we don’t know! In this video, we’ll tell you about 10 of the most mysterious and bewildering places on Earth that even scientists can’t explain! Magnetic Hill, Skeleton Lake, Boiling River and a Dancing Forest. Plus, some mysterious waters where ships disappear.

Skeleton Lake 0:56
The Hessdalen Lights 1:53
Lake Anjikuni 2:41
The Devil's Sea 3:43
The Lake Michigan Triangle 4:44
Magnetic Hill 6:11
The Devil's Kettle 6:57
The Patomskiy Crater 7:57
The Boiling River 9:55
The Dancing Forest 11:16


-Every year when the snow and frozen water melt, Roopkund Lake in the Himalayas reveals 300 skeletons dumped in it.
-The Hessdalen Lights occasionally turn yellowish or reddish, and nobody knows what makes them change color.
-Canadian fur trapper Joe Labelle came to a village located on the shore of Lake Anjikuni to find it completely deserted.
-Some folks call the Devil's Sea the Pacific Bermuda Triangle since ships and planes tend to disappear there with the same regularity as its North Atlantic counterpart.
-The Lake Michigan Triangle has been gaining its notorious reputation since 1891 when a ship disappeared in its waters, along with its crew of seven sailors.
-If you turn off the engine of your car and leave it in neutral on the Magnetic Hill, your vehicle will start climbing ahead, possibly at a speed of 12 miles per hour.
-About a mile before the river empties into Lake Superior, a rocky outcrop splits it in two. And while the eastern flow drops 50 feet down and keeps flowing into the lake, the western part travels 10 feet down into a giant hole... and vanishes.
-Located in Siberia, the Patomskiy Crater is described as a mound with a perfectly circular shape. It’s as big as a 25-story building, sits right in the middle of a wooded area with its top chopped off, and presents quite a sight.
-The Boling River really is steaming hot. At a temperature of 187°F, it’s not exactly boiling, but it’s pretty close.
-Located on the thin Curonian Spit that divides the Baltic Sea from the Curonian Lagoon is one of the strangest places on Earth. The pine trees in this forest have shockingly unusual shapes: they twist in spirals and circles along the ground.

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Bringing Life Back into Yangon's Abandoned Amusement Park!

Hang on for Yangon as we get up to some more urban exploration! Within the city center lies the lost but unforgotten Doh Pyi Thar amusement park. After a full day of sights and sounds, we then kick it at the best pagoda in the world, The Shewdagon.


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Exploring Arkansas May 2016

Speleology students from Lyon College in Batesville go to their class at Bat Cave nearby town. Gravity Hill in Helena has been perplexing folks for quite some time, as vehicles roll uphill when put in neutral. The Wax Museum in Hot Springs wasn't always that –built in 1893, the building was the Southern Club – the oldest illegal gambling casino in the South. Mt Magazine in west Arkansas is the highest peak in the state, along with its own climate – if you're looking for snow in the winter, you'll most likely find it atop this mountain.

How to Get the Best Seats on a Plane - Scoot

Welcome to Scooter’s Boiling Points - the show where it pays to be patient. In this episode, we put unsuspecting victims on a plane to test with passengers from hell. Or simply avoid them with Scoot’s MaxYourSpace. Find out more about MaxYourSpace here:


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The 10 Most Sustainable Cities In The World You Must Visit! | Amazing Earth

The 10 Most Sustainable Cities In The World You Must Visit! | Amazing Earth


Rated one of the world’s most livable cities, the metropolis of nearly two million people is known for advanced environmental policies and planning, with its goal to be carbon-neutral by 2025 and Cleantech Cluster of more than 500 companies. City infrastructure is designed to be conducive to bicycling and walking rather than cars.


Everyone rides bicycles in Amsterdam and has been doing it for decades. It’s one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world, due in part to its compactness and flatness, as well as its bike infrastructure, including protected paths, racks and parking. The city has more bicycles than people.


Stockholm was the EU’s first city to win the European Green Capital Award. With coordinated environmental planning that began in the ’70s, ample green space and a goal to be fossil fuel-free by 2050, it’s one of the cleanest cities in the world.


Vancouver is densely populated and expensive but its moderate climate makes it a highly desirable place to live. So does the fact that it’s the cleanest city in Canada and one of the cleanest in the world.


One might not think of foggy Londontown as a green city but the town has actively worked to leave its bleak, early Industrial Revolution image behind it, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating more green spaces.


Coming in first on the European main continent, Berlin’s Environmental Zone in its city core allows only vehicles that have a sticker indicating that it meets certain emissions standards.


New York is, perhaps surprisingly to some, the greenest large city in the U.S. Its greenhouse gas emissions are low for a city its size and its population relies heavily on its extensive public transportation system. The city itself has put in place a green building initiative.


After industrialization brought heavy pollution, Asia’s greenest city tackled the problem head on, creating its first Singapore Green Plan in 1992 to tackle clean water, clean air and clean land. It aims to have zero waste in landfills by the mid 21st century.


Like many Scandinavian cities, Finland’s capital encourages bicycle use and public transportation. The city has been working toward sustainability since the late ’50s with energy efficiency programs and an aggressive Sustainability Action Plan adopted in 1992.


Norway’s capital rounds out the four Scandinavian cities in the top ten. The city government has its Strategy for Sustainable Development which includes an aggressive program to protect its natural surroundings. Its Green Belt Boundary protects wild areas from development.

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Top 10 Best Countries To Live In If You are A Woman 2018 must watch

Top 10 Best Countries To Live In If You are A Woman must watch

These are the countries that are making strides in women's rights and equality.

This Scandinavian country is a champion of women's rights: It has one of the best paid parental leave policies in the world for both genders (parents get 480 days of paid leave split between them), women receive free or subsidized prenatal care, many daycare centers are gender-neutral to promote equality early on, and half of the country's political ministers are women.

Compared to other countries, Denmark has small relative gaps between men and women across education, economy, health and politics, and it offers an earnings-related daycare system. It also has one of the most flexible parental leave policies in the European Union.

In Norway, women can take 35 weeks of maternity leave at full pay or 45 weeks at 80 percent pay. The country is considered one of the most gender-equal nations in the world.

New mothers are provided with a maternity nurse, which is paid for (at least partly) by insurance, and the country has done a considerably good job of narrowing the gap between men and women in various fields.

Canada has actually made protecting women's rights a part of its domestic and foreign policy, though it's worth pointing out that being a woman in this country isn't necessarily uniform. For example, indigenous women have far higher murder rates than the majority of other Canadian women.

The first country to give women the right to vote and to legalize universal suffrage, Finland also just founded the International Gender Equality Prize and, this year, all 9th-grade students received a free translated copy of We Should All Be Feminists.

Ranked as the best city overall to live in 2017, Switzerland has long prided itself on promoting diversity and women's rights, though it only allowed women to vote at the federal level in 1971 — and was one of the last countries in the world to do so.

Both men and women show a high participation in sports in Australia, where the life expectancy is high for both genders.

This high-income democracy is a cultural center that boasts one of the world's highest standards of living for women and men, with high rankings in entrepreneurship, citizenship and heritage.

For both genders, New Zealand is a safe, peaceful country that has been a leader in peacekeeping and global security. Since 1980, it has been a nuclear-free zone.

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Travel Vlog Cambodia Phnom Penh

As I entered Cambodia from Vietnam, I passed through a neutral zone to exchange currency. I turned in my millions of Vietnamese Dong for US dollars and some Cambodian Riep. Despite having lost a lot of sleep in the days before, I arrived at Phnom Penh, the capital city, with a lot of energy and anticipation for a new chapter of exploring. My first stop was the central market, which looked like an Art Deco landmark. There was a central dome with arches surrounded by innumerable stalls of every type. The flower shops were fragrant. The jewelry stores were bountiful. There were tons of clothing options. In the alleyways I saw antiques as well as people working on various artworks and crafts. I decided to shop for some gifts, including a bracelet and a scarf. I was able to haggle successfully. After the market, I stopped by the old French train station and reflected on the Buddha's teachings at the golden Sakyamuni Stupa, which previously housed one of the Buddha's relics (the relics were moved to the ancestral city of Oudong, ~40km north of Phnom Penh). I enjoyed a beautiful sunset and then visited the temple Wat Phnom and the Daun (Grandma) Penh statue. Daun Penh was a legendary figure in the founding of the city. Apparently, she discovered a log floating down the river that contained statues of the Buddha and of Vishnu. I found this combination of Buddhism and Hinduism fascinating. I learned a great deal of history about the city, its origins, and King Sisowath. As the night unfolded, I found myself in the Independence Square, walking among the locals. The Independence Monument was built in 1958 to commemorate Cambodia's independence from France in 1953. Then, I continued to stroll down the waterfront by the Royal Palace where the Mekong and Tonlé Sap rivers joined. I witnessed people praying for the spirit of the city. All in all, it was a great day! At least I got some sleep that night. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching. Check out more of my trips.

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Trekking & Things to do in Bhutan (Documentary in 4k)

Explore Bhutan with me in this documentary as I take you trekking & show you the best things to do in Bhutan!
▸ My Bhutan Tour:

All music used in this Bhutan documentary was provided by Epidemic Sound. Use the following link to get a free 30 day trial (free music for your videos with no obligation to sign up after!):

As a Wanderer for G Adventures I got the chance to travel around Bhutan to explore monasteries, fortresses, temples, the food, traditions, even the nightlife and with that develop a deeper understanding of the culture. In combination with a proper 4 day trekking adventure in the Himalayas along the Druk Path Bhutan simply blew me away.

With this video I give you an introduction to traveling and things to do in Bhutan, I explain why the Bhutan visa has such a high price tag and why it is only possible to explore the country on a tour. I take you with me on the demanding Druk Path trek and show you around all the major sights in Thimphu, Punakha and Paro including the hike up to the popular Tiger’s Nest monastery.

Use this video as your Bhutan guide in order to help deciding which tour you want to take and/or which sights in Bhutan you want to explore yourself!

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All Things to do in Bhutan as shown in this episode:
- Druk Path Trek
- Paro Dzong
- Punakha Dzong
- Tigers Nest / Paro Taktsang
- Jele Dzong
- Memorial Chorten Thimphu
- Buddha Dordenma
- Archery Ground Thimphu
- Royal Takin Preserve
- Institute for Zorig Chosum
- Dochula Pass
- Chimi Lakhang monastery
- Kyichu Lhakhang

--About my Cooperation with G Adventures--
For many years I was searching for a suitable partner who offers tours in South America which align with my style of traveling as well as my values. After many meetings I’m glad I found this partner with G Adventures who offer many adventurous tour packages for travelers like me…but who also care about the environment and local communities in order to execute sustainable tourism. I forced this cooperation because I like the products and the philosophy of the company. Nevertheless all opinions, recommendations and views are my own.

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BHUTAN 4K | November 2018

BHUTAN | November 2018

This November, I spent 4 days exploring Bhutan. In that time I came to realise just how special this unique kingdom is and I hope to convey that realisation in this video.

My trip was organised by Raven Tours and Treks. I had my own private guide who was very well informed and had extensive knowledge to answer all my questions - no matter if they were political, religious or even personal.
For more information, check out their website!

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The Most Dangerous Road in New Zealand #VettasInNZ

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My New Zealand Road Trip continues.

I spent the night in and around Queenstown, the finally made the drive up to the Remarkables where I was actually above the planes flying in, pretty crazy, I dont often get scared on crazy roads but for whatever reason the road up the Remarkables was a little scary.

I then spent the afternoon at Coronet Peak which is directly opposite and got to the the infamous Skippers Canyon Road, arguably New Zealands most dangerous road.

I met a couple of Aussies, Josh and Aaron, a wedding celebrant and photographer, always great meeting fellow aussies when abroad.

Check out their social accounts below.

Joshua Withers -
Aaron Smith -


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Inside Singapore Changi Airport's New $1.3 Billion Lifestyle Hub

Singapore's Changi Airport just opened 'Jewel,' a $1.3 billion mall boasting the world's tallest indoor waterfall, an IMAX movie theatre, and a hotel.

Inside America's First Private Terminal For Millionaires

9 Of The Most Exclusive Spots In Disney Parks

Why Amtrak Is So Expensive | So Expensive


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Inside Singapore Changi Airport's New $1.3 Billion Lifestyle Hub

Fleetwood Nautical College Accommodation

Fleetwood Nautical College accommodation, is a family business offering nautical college students quality accommodation within easy reach of the campus..

Four fantastic homes, newly renovated to suit every need of the student community..

All properties are cleaned and maintained by our very own team of cleaners.

We know that today’s student would like a little more than the standard accommodation on offer, so we decided to go the extra mile and offer some fantastic extras that will keep you happy while you stay with us.

Our student accommodation has been accredited, and certified by Blackpool and Fylde College, to ensure we offering the highest standard of accommodation available to Fleetwood Nautical College students.


Our rooms are finished to a high standard, with a neutral modern colour scheme, with good light.

Your own key for bedroom and front door.

Bedrooms come with double and single beds with two pillows, big fluffy duvets and clean fitted sheets.

An study area with convenient purposely sized study table and comfortable chair.

A generous storage space for your clothes and belongings, wardrobes, shelving and cupboards.

Bedside table with some storage.

Wipe clean flip boards.


All our communal rooms have great facilities to help you relax and unwind after a long day of study.

Big flat screen televisions

DVD Players

Comfy couch and chairs

Play Station Consoles (with lots of controllers)

Fast speed broadband connection

Satellite television via freeview box, or built in to the televisions

NETFLIX subscription so you can have a huge range of viewing options

TV Licence included on all houses

Ironing boards and irons


Fully fitted kitchens


Washing machine and tumble dryer

Fire extinguisher and fire blanket


All cutlery, plates and bowls etc needed for four students


All our houses have controllable central heating, with radiators in all the rooms, one street parking and gas and electric meters..

Please contact Sam for availability on

Phone - 07974912364

Email -

Website -

Fleetwood Nautical College


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My second day in Saint Petersburg, Russia was off to a late start, but that didn't stop me from exploring one of the most underrated and most beautiful cities in the world.

In this vlog I'll take you guys along with my family and I around St. Petersburg. We explored the Peter and Paul Fortress, walked over the Neva River, visited the Palace Square and more. We also got to see a fantastic fireworks show during the 2018 Scarlett Sails Festival.

Thanks for watching!


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The Magic Zone, Colima Mexico

This video really doesn't do the anomaly of this place its credit.
Anything on this stretch of road will roll back up hill.
Its apparently from research not an optical illusion, nor a geo magnetic effect.
Its cause is unknown but its impact is pretty damn impressive.
If you are trying to find this place, you dive out of Colima, Colima Mexico into Comala, head north and drive all the way through comala, then take the right fork in the road. Follow this for about 2 - 3 miles and you will see the signs. The road is split into an outer road so you can do this trick without causing an accident. On the way back to town, take the outer road on the southbound side. Shut your car off and you will roll back up the hill again.

ok mystery solved. apparently.
please see these links for an explanation of this event.

Lucerne Excursions: Rigi, Bürgenstock, Pilatus, Switzerland

One of the great activities that you can enjoy while in Lucerne, Switzerland is cruise on Lake Lucerne and visit Mt. Rigi. You take the boat over to Weggis and go up the mountain to Rigi by cablecar.
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Switzerland playlist At the top you can walk around and enjoy the views, then take a rack railway back down to Vitznau, finally catching the next boat for a return journey back to Lucerne.
The other great mountain to visit near Lucerne is Pilatus, easily reached by boat and rail, and an enjoyable option to consider on your way to Pilatus is a stop at Bürgenstock. It's a small mountain plateau with a dramatic cliff-hugging walking trail. Most of the boats to Pilatus stop here en-route so hop off at the Bürgenstock dock, ride the funky old-fashioned funicular to the top and start hiking, following the signs to the cliff walk. This is a level path with sweeping views across the lake and at the rock face of the mountain, looking straight down about 1000 feet. You can have snacks or a meal at the restaurant other attractions on the plateau, which include more hiking trails through the forest, several newly-built deluxe hotels and a nine-hole golf course.
From Bürgenstock continue by boat and rack rail ride to the top of Mount Pilatus. You take the boat to Alpnachstad, one hour and 10 minutes, and then you ride up the world's steepest cogwheel railway to the top of Pilatus for sweeping view of the lake.
They do have a lovely rustic restaurant at the top and there's even a hotel up there that you could spend the night at. You can return back down the same way on the rack railway or for a slightly faster alternative with a totally different routing and some variety, take the cable car down the backside of the mountain to Lucerne.



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