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10 Best Places to Visit in Guadeloupe


Guadeloupe Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Guadeloupe? Check out our Guadeloupe Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Guadeloupe.

Top Places to visit in Guadeloupe:
Pointe des Châteaux, Jardin Botanique de Deshaies, Petite Terre, Vert Intense, Les Saintes, La Soufriere Volcano, Parc des Mamelles, St. Anne Beach, Carbet Falls, La Desirade, Plage de Bois Jolan, Maison du Cacao, Memorial Acte, Plage Leroux, Fort Napoléon

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Guadeloupe

This video shows 4k drone footage and GoPro footage from 10 amazing places in Guadeloupe. The list of the places is here:

1. Chutes de Carbet
2. Pointe de la Grande Vigie
3. Pointe des Chateaux
4. Fort Delgres
5. Grand Etang Lake
6. La Soufriere
7. Plage de la Perle
8. Le Gosier Beach
9. Morne a l’Eau cemetery
10. Cousteau Reserve



5 Must-Do Activities in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is one of the Caribbean’s under-the-radar destinations, set between Dominica and Antigua in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. In-the-know visitors come to enjoy it’s sailing culture, quiet beaches, French Caribbean cuisine and Creole heritage. There is much more to uncover as well. What follows are five things everyone should do when visiting Guadeloupe—the “Pearl of the French Caribbean.”

1. Attend a Cultural Festival

Guadeloupe has a colorful history, a mélange of cultures and customs.
The best way to celebrate its storied past is to time your visit with a cultural festival, such as Fête des Cuisinieres.

Each August, female chefs take to the streets in festive aprons and madras headscarves in celebration of St. Lawrence, the patron saint of cooks. They sing traditional songs, ring dinner bells and spread the love, by sharing their home cooking with newfound friends.

2. Go Rum Tasting

Guadeloupians are serious about rum, so make a point to head to one of its nine distilleries for a tasting and a tour. We chose Domaine de Bellevue on Marie Galant to sample the islands famous Planteurs punch, rum creme and oak barrel-aged rums. My favorite was the Coconut Punch rum, which combined the creaminess of a crème liquor (like Bailey’s Irish Crème) with the boldness of coconut. Rum tastings are offered every day and are free to visitors.

3. Try Creole Delicacies

Come hungry because the Creole food in Guadeloupe is outstanding. One of my favorite dishes, called a bokit, just tastes better when ordered from a food truck. This fried-bread sandwich includes the protein of your choice (conch, ham, grilled fish), a fried egg, tons of cheese and a spicy mayonnaise to tie all of the flavors together.

There are a lot of things you should do when you visit the scenic archipelago of Les Saintes, and trying a tourment d’amour should be one of them. The pastry— filled with coconut, guava or banana—is baked fresh daily and available at the ferry docks. Just look for women carting around large, decorative baskets.

No trip to Guadeloupe would be complete without sampling the region’s signature appetizer, cod fritters with homemade dog sauce. Most restaurants will serve a version of this garlicy, fried dish, and it’s perfect for sharing with friends (who don’t mind if your breath stinks afterward). You can find the recipe and a how-to video here:

4. Visit a Coffee Plantation

Not a lot of people know that Guadeloupe is the oldest coffee-growing region in the Americas—its roots tracing back to 1726, when the first Arabica Typica coffee seeds were introduced. At Habitation La Grivelière, coffee is painstakingly made the traditional way, which will give you a new appreciation for each and every cup.

5. Photograph Pointe des Chateaux

The Atlantic Ocean collides with the Caribbean Sea at Pointe des Chateaux, and you’re going to want to bring your camera to capture its rugged beauty. These are the same sights that drew in Christopher Columbus in 1493, and now it’s your turn to discover them.


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Executive Producer: Skye Mayring
Editor: Gerardo Jaquez Lechuga

My trip to Guadeloupe was made possible by Atout France. Views expressed are my own.

10 Best Places to Retire in the Caribbean

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10 Best Places to Retire in the Caribbean.
When it comes to planning your dream Caribbean retirement, not all Caribbean islands are the same. Some offer more cosmopolitan environments, others more rugged. Others offer more luxury, others more affordability. But when it comes to finding that perfect mix of affordability, available real estate and sheer excitement, it may be better to look where others are not. These are the best places to retire that you may have never thought of.
1. Barbuda
2. Culebra
3. Dominica
4. Anegada
5. Cayman Brac
6. Cat Island, Bahamas
7. Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe
8. Great Exuma
9. Little Exuma
10. Roatan

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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean 2018 | 4K

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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean.
Caribbean getaways are a regular part of the good life for many. The beaches and sumptuous climate are the kind of delightful shock to the soul that everyone needs to recharge their batteries and be reminded that we are all children of the sun. But as familiar as many Caribbean Islands are in hospitality, grilled fish and music vibz, each Island-nation has its own distinct personality and layers of treasures to explore.
The following are ten of the best Caribbean Island destinations to include in any serious vacation bucket list.
1. Aruba
2. St Lucia
3. Bermuda
4. Barbados
5. Turks & Caicos
6. St Marteen
7. St Barts
8. US Virgin Islands
9. Anguilla
10. Jamaica
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Martinique Island Guide

travelguru Cathy Bartrop takes us on a tour of the French Caribbean island of Martinique. Explaining the island's geography and highlighting the key attractions, discover the best places to stay and where to find the best beaches.

Best Beaches on les îles de Guadeloupe, incl. Plage de La Caravelle

Caribbean Sea;
Les meilleures plages de la Guadeloupe dans la mer des Caraïbes:
1. Plage de Grande Anse, Deshaies
2. Club Med La Caravelle, Sainte Anne
3. Plage de la Datcha, Le Gosier
4. Plage du bourg, Sainte Anne
5. Plage anse à la Gourde, Saint-François
6. Plage de Bois Jolan, Sainte Anne
7. Plage de Gros Sable
8. plus hotel: Le Relais du Moulin, hôtel de charme & spa

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe: The Ultimate Travel Guide to The French Caribbean Island

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Guadeloupe: Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Guadeloupe: Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

There's no doubt Guadeloupe possesses a certain je ne sais quoi—a spark that separates its sun-washed coasts from other Caribbean getaways. Sparkling white- and black-sand beaches extend into calm, cerulean waters, and verdant forests border the imposing La Soufrière volcano. And just a few miles south, quaint villages welcome visitors to centuries-old distilleries and remote sugar plantations. Put simply, Guadeloupe features an unspoiled natural setting with rustic charms.

Guadeloupe (travel-documentary from the season "Caribbean Moments")

Creolic life style and diverse nature! Enjoy the caribbean!
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The French Caribbean Island Guadeloupe looks from above like two butterfly wings. Its two islands Grande Terre and Basse Terre are separated only by a narrow channel. The modern infrastructure and the good food are mixed with the local culture. Gwoka is the music of Guadeloupe, which is reminiscent of slavery.

Located on the lesser Antilles, Guadeloupe is the French part of the Caribbean and belongs to the European Union. It consists out of different islands: Grande Terre consists of limestone with long beautiful beaches, Basse Terre is a mountainous island with extensive rainforest and the volcano, la Soufrière. There are also the smaller islands of Marie-Galante and La Désirade, the Îles de la Petite Terre and the Îles des Saintes.
When Christopher Columbus came to Guadeloupe in 1493, the existing populations were the Caribs. But Christopher Columbus did not stay, because the Spanish wanted to discover larger islands. The smaller island in the Caribbean were colonized by the British and French, so in 1635 Guadeloupe by the French. It was mainly farmers from Normandie, Brittany and Charente settled on the island and cultivated Coffee and sugarcane plantations.

With the French revolution, slavery was abolished in 1794, but it was reintroduced by Napoleon in 1802 because of the cheap labour and lasted until 1848.

The civilization today is creole, a melting pot: French, the descendants of black slaves, Indian immigrants, Syrian-Libanese immigrants and nowadays Chinese immigrants. Creole cuisine is a mixture of European food with African ingredients, oriental flavours and products from the Caribbean.
Gwoka is the traditional music on Guadeloupe, but not only music and danse, but also the joy of life and a reminder of the time of slavery

by Hannes Naderhirn, 2010, future production&promotion

Caribbean Moments shows a different side to the Caribbean. Everyone visualises sand, sunshine and palm trees – but hardly anyone really discovers what lies behind them. In fact an unbelievable variety of cultures, music and religions has developed as a result of the different influences – African, Indian, English, French and authentically Caribbean.

This documentary series attempts to portray the people - be they the Rastas, who have a lot to say about their mission, the Amerindians in Trinidad, who still have their own Queen, or the Black Caribs – a mixture of escaped slaves and Caribs.

In addition, of course, there’s a huge variety of music: steelpan, parang, calypso, soca and chutney soca shape Trinidad, whilst other islands are especially scenically beautiful, such as Dominica, which is actually a single rain forest and which seduces with its abundant vegetation. Here too are the true Caribs, who occupy themselves with traditional boat building in the same way as their ancestors did centuries ago.

The films were produced in 6 parts to create a documentary series that shows what lies beneath the surface.

Guadeloupe - Marie-Galante Island - The best Vacation in Guadeloupe

My vacation in Guadeloupe was absolutely amazing!!!
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2014 Guadeloupe Islands Press presentation

Guadeloupe Islands 2014 Press Presentation.

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Guadeloupe Road Trip

Guadeloupe—located in in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles—is known by the French as the “Pearl of the French Caribbean.” But for most Americans, Guadeloupe isn’t quite on the radar yet … and that’s a good thing. That means Guadeloupe’s white-sand beaches are less-crowded by its Caribbean counterparts and that the French overseas region isn’t diluted with American business chains (take a hike, Starbucks).

During a weeklong road trip through this Caribbean nation, my friends and I got a taste of what life might be like on Guadeloupe. We hiked La Soufrière Volcano and rewarded ourselves with a dip in its geothermal pool. We drank rum for breakfast at the Rhum Bielle Distillerie and visited penitentiary-turned-museum Fort Napoleon. While there, we also had an incredible vantage point of Les Saintes Bay—designated by UNESCO as one of 10 most beautiful bays in the world.

Locals were friendly and showed us how to bring our meals of fresh fish and conch to the next level with a dash of “dog sauce.” Just about every restaurant has its own version of the garlicy goodness (just ask your server to bring some out). It’s typically made with diced peppers, onions, garlic, herbs, white vinegar and olive oil.

“In hotels and tourist shops, we call dog sauce ‘Creole sauce’ so as not to scare tourists who might thing the sauce is either made for dogs or made of dogs,” said Sandra Venite, the USA director of the Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board. “We call it dog sauce for a reason though. When dogs like something, they drool. This sauce is so good that it makes you drool like a dog.”

When I wasn’t drowning my food in dog sauce, I was stuffing my face with street food, including greasy bokits. How can you go wrong with a sandwich of fried bread, melted cheese, a fried egg and grilled peppers?

The islands of Guadeloupe are also home to lush rainforests, ample scuba diving sites and one of the oldest coffee plantations in the Americas, the Plantation La Grivelière.

In this his video, see highlights from our road trip through the islands and get a sense of Guadeloupe’s je ne sais quoi—that intangible quality that grabs you and never quite lets go.


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Executive Producer: Skye Mayring
Editor: Gerardo Jaquez Lechuga

My trip to Guadeloupe was made possible by Atout France. Views expressed are my own.

Top10 Recommended Hotels in Sainte Anne, Grande Terre, Guadeloupe, Caribbean Islands

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Top10 Recommended Hotels in Sainte-Anne, Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe, Caribbean Islands : 1. Club Med La Caravelle ****
2. La Toubana Hotel & Spa ****
3. Le Relais du Moulin ****
4. Village Pierre & Vacances - Sainte Anne ***
5. Le Diwali ***
6. Pierre & Vacances Premium Les Tamarins ***
7. Hotel Le Rotabas **
8. Le Grand Large Plage **
9. Alizes Bungalows **
10. Be On The Beach

Houses and flats for rent in Sainte-Anne
Look for cheap airline tickets to Sainte-Anne

1. 97180, Guadeloupe, From € 412
Lap up the fabulous Caribbean sun, stroll down the golden sandy beach, discover rare volcanic islands, and marvel at the impressive tropical gardens in this spectacular family-focused Caribbean Club Med Resort.
2. Route de Sainte Anne, 97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, From € 212
This property is 3 minutes walk from the beach. Offering amazing views of Saint-Anne Bay, La Toubana Hotel & Spa has a beautiful beachside setting. It features suites and bungalows with sea views, an outdoor swimming pool and a spa.
3. Le Helleux, 97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, From € 139
Offering a year-round outdoor pool and views of the garden, Le Relais du Moulin is set in Sainte-Anne. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar and free private parking is available on site.
4. Seo La Pointe de Helleux, 97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, From € 100
This property is a 15-minute walk from the beach. Located on the beachfront in Sainte Anne, Village Pierre & Vacances - Sainte Anne is a tropical apartment complex with a spa, swimming pools, tennis courts and lush gardens. Each air-conditioned apartment includes a balcony.
5. 80 Bd H. Ibene, 97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, From € 216
This property is 1 minute walk from the beach. This beautiful property is located in front of a white-sand beach on the Caribbean coast of Sainte-Anne. It offers guests excellent sea views, free breakfast and free Wi-Fi.
6. Seo La Pointe de Helleux, 97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, From € 120
Located 1.8 km from Schoelcher Square, the beach-front Pierre & Vacances Premium Les Tamarins offers 2 outdoor swimming pools, beach volleyball court and beach soccer court.
7. Durivage Pointe De La Caravelle, 97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, From € 79
This property is a 5-minute walk from the beach. Surrounded by tropical grounds, this hotel offers direct access to La Caravelle Beach and an outdoor swimming pool. Hotel Le Rotabas has a cafeteria, a restaurant and a patio.
8. 11 rue bastaraud, 97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, From € 152
This property is 1 minute walk from the beach. Surrounded by an extensive garden, Auberge Le Grand Large is located in beach of Saint Anne, close to shops and craft markets. It features a furnished terrace with barbecue and free Wi-Fi in public areas.
9. C/ 249 Rue Lethiere, Carrefour de la Gendarmerie, 97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, From € 225
This property is a 5-minute walk from the beach. Alizes Bungalows is located in Sainte-Anne. Free WiFi access and free private parking are available here.
10. Avenue Ibene, 97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, From € 665
Located in Sainte-Anne in the region of Grande-Terre, 12.9 km from Le Gosier, Be On The Beach features a barbecue and a private beach area. Free WiFi is provided and free private parking is available on site.

1 week in GUADELOUPE

Week spent on the island La Désirade, Guadeloupe doing research on the invasive goat populations; enjoying the sun and sand; and spending some quality time with 9 other cool cats from my college. A few bits from Pointe-a-Pitre included as well!

Guadeloupe Places to Visit: Le Gosier Beach

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Montserrat Tourist Attractions: 10 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Montserrat? Check out our Montserrat Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Montserrat.

Top Places to visit in Montserrat:
Soufriere Hills Volcano, Scuba Montserrat, Rendezvous Beach, Montserrat Volcano Observatory, National Museum of Montserrat, Montserrat Cultural Centre, Woodlands Bay, Little Bay Beach, Oriole Walkway Trail, Runaway Ghaut

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travel to : Guadeloupe !!!

Best places to visit on Guadeloupe islands !

Top 10 Caribbean Islands with the most Beautiful Women: Passport Kings Travel Video

It's time for one of my final countdowns of the year. In this one we are exploring the Caribbean to see where the beauties are. But in this video I will go a tad bit further into these beautiful women's culture to see what we can do to put the odds in our favor. It's also cool to do a little bit of research of the Islands and try to figure out why the women look the way they do. Usually, going on an exciting cruise will drop you off to a beautiful Caribbean Island. In fact, we are planning an exciting cruise o the number 1 position on this list Yes, some of these women are celebrities, but they have origins in the islands mentioned, when their pictures appear! There is nothing quite like a caribbean vacation and there is also nothing like a Caribbean Woman... Go and have fun!

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Guadeloupe Islands | TRAVEL VLOG

*** WATCH IN HD ***
Here's a video from our 2 weeks in Guadeloupe! We had the best time discovering the main island of Guadeloupe but also a couple of smaller ones. Even the boat trip was an adventure in itself!
We drove a scooter, hang out with goats and chickens, tried to speak French with local people, drank rum and spent a lot of time on these beautiful beaches!

I hope you enjoy watching this vlog and if you consider visiting Guadeloupe, don't think twice! :)

See you soon,

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