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10 Best Places to Visit in Equatorial Guinea


EQUATORIAL GUINEA Top 10 Tourist Places | Equatorial Guinea Tourism

Equatorial Guinea (Things to do - Places to Visit) - EQUATORIAL GUINEA Top Tourist Places
A country in Central Africa

Equatorial Guinea is a Central African country comprising the Rio Muni mainland and 5 volcanic offshore islands. Capital Malabo, on Bioko Island, has Spanish colonial architecture and is a hub for the country’s prosperous oil industry.

Its Arena Blanca beach draws dry-season butterflies. The tropical forest of the mainland’s Monte Alen National Park is home to gorillas, chimpanzees and elephants.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA Top 10 Tourist Places | Equatorial Guinea Tourism

Things to do in EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Places to Visit in Equatorial Guinea

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EQUATORIAL GUINEA Top 10 Tourist Places - Equatorial Guinea, Africa

15 Best Places to Visit in Equatorial Guinea

15 Best Places to Visit in Equatorial Guinea

What is Equatorial Guinea? (THEY SPEAK SPANISH)

I have made it to EQUATORIAL GUINEA -- Africa's richest country (per capita) and the only nation on the continent that speaks Spanish.

Equatorial Guinea is truly such a different place in every way possible, and I'm excited to tell you all about. I think you will learn more about Equatorial Guinea in the next 5 minutes than in your entire life!

Please share your thoughts/suggestions/reactions in the comments below about Equatorial Guinea. Honestly speaking, have you ever heard of Equatorial Guinea before and did you know that they speak Spanish?

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Best Places To Visit - GUINEA | Travel & Tourism

Here are the Top 10 places you must visit in Guinea.

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Top 15 Places To Visit In Guinea

Cheapest Hotels To Stay In Guinea -
Cheap Airline Tickets -
Here are top 15 places to visit in Guinea
All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. Fouta Djallon Highlands -
2. Iles de Los -
3. National Park of Upper Niger -
4. Conakry -
5. Kankan -
6. Nzérékoré -
7. Massif du Ziama -
8. Mount Nimba -
9. Labé -
10. Cape Verga -
11. Kindia -
12. Faranah -
13. Boké -
14. Kissidougou -
15. Dubreka -

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MY TRIP TO MALABO// EQUATORIAL GUINEA 2019⎮African Queen in Poland????????????????????

#visiterlafrique #traveltoequatorialguinea #malabo

Going back to my country after 3 years!

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Travel to Equatorial Guinea | Equatorial guinea|Urdu documentary moving to Equatorial guinea

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Travel to Equatorial Guinea | Equatorial guinea Urdu documentary moving to Equatorial guinea
video link :
Equatorial Guinea is located on the west coast of Central Africa. It covers both the mainland and the island, covering an area of 11,000 square miles.
Full discussion about this video

Hello friends to our trip to Equatorial Guinea and we discous equatorial guinea tourism and also share Equatorial guinea vlog
in this video we are moving to Equatorial guinea and see living in Equatorial Guinea we visit Equatorial Guinea for information
and share our experience Equatorial guinea in this video you should know is Equatorial guinea safe in Equatorial guinea vlogs different peoples share different facts but this video is amazing and we want to inform you Equatorial guinea life and share December in Equatorial Guinea you should also get information about Equatorial guinea women and Equatorial guinea nightlife we are visiting Equatorial Guinea for fun today we are driving in Equatorial Guinea and share Equatorial guinea road trip
all the information or taken from internet so for any confusion and question please comment thanks
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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Equatorial Guinea
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Top 15 Places To Visit In Guinea-Bissau

Cheapest Hotels To Stay In Guinea-Bissau -
Cheap Airline Tickets -
Here are top 15 to visit in Guinea-Bissau
All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. Bissau -
2. Dulombi-Boe National Park -
3. Gabú -
4. João Vieira Island -
5. Orango Island -
6. Saltinho -
7. Bubaque Island -
8. Bafatá -
9. Cacheu -
10. Bolama Island -
11. Lagoas Cufada Natural Park -
12. Rubane Island -
13. Farim -
14. Varela -
15. Florestas de Castanhez National Park -

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Amazing Facts about Equatorial Guinea | Africa Profile | Focus on Equatorial Guinea

Africa Profile with Focus on Equatorial Guinea. Here are 10 Facts about Equatorial Guinea. Let us know what you have learnt about Equatorial Guinea in the comment section. Lets keep leaning about Africa

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Top 15 Places To Visit In Equatorial Guinea

Cheapest Hotels To Stay In Equatorial Guinea -
Cheap Airline Tickets -
Here are top 15 things to do in Equatorial Guinea
All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. San Antonio de Ureca -
2. Bata -
3. Luba -
4. Djibloho -
5. Malabo -
6. Monte Alén National Park -
7. Annobon -
8. Evinayong -
9. Monte Temelón Natural Reserve -
10. Moca -
11. Corisco -
12. Mbini -
13. Altos de Nsork National Park -
14. Utonde -
15. Cogo -

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Equatorial Guinea – Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions In Africa

For business and tourism inquiries, contact
Para consultas comerciales y turísticas, contacte
לפניות עסקיות ותיירותיות בגינאה המשוונית צרו קשר
With vast pristine land- and seascapes, highly developed ground infrastructure,
and an attractive climate,
Equatorial Guinea stands to become one of the leading ecotourism destinations in Africa with its tropical beaches and activities such as hiking, canoeing, and fishing.
In recent years, the country has developed large hotel infrastructure,
and the government has made it a priority to remove obstacles to development,
including administrative procedures, difficulties in obtaining visas
The continental culture of Equatorial Guinea is strongly linked to ancient rituals and songs. This is especially true of the Fang in the Capital City of Bioko Island, very much influenced by Spanish customs and traditions during the colonial era.
There is a university, the National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE by its Spanish acronym) in Malabo, and a School of Medicine in Bata. The School of Medicine in Bata is mainly supported by Cuba, whose government graciously transfers professors and medical doctors to the center. The Spanish National University of Distance Education has centers in Malabo and Bata.
Several cultural organizations (the Hispanic-Guinean Cultural Center, the Spanish Cultural Center in Malabo and others) are very active in the country. Their main goals are teaching literacy and supporting culture among the population.
Farmers from different tribes still maintain their ancient customs. Abira is a well-known national celebration. It is believed to clean the community from evil. The balélé dance takes place along the coast throughout the year and in Bioko around Christmas.
The majority of the country’s inhabitants are Christians in name, particularly Roman Catholics, and many others practice a mix of Catholicism and native traditions.
Spanish, French and Portuguese are the official languages of the country, while several regional languages, such as Fang, Bube, Fa d’Ambu and Molengue (or Balengue) are officially recognized. Besides, Benga, Ngumbi, Bissio, Igbo (or Ibo) are also spoken, along with English and German, without the official recognition. Spanish is the prevailing national language, having been the only official language until 2007. French became official to use the CFA franc for trade purposes, and Portuguese became official to join the community of Portuguese-speaking countries.

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MALABO Top 5 Tourist Places | Malabo Tourism | EQUATORIAL GUINEA

Malabo (Things to do - Places to Visit) - MALABO Top Tourist Places
Capital of Equatorial Guinea

Malabo, on Bioko island, is a port city and the capital of Equatorial Guinea. Spanish colonial architecture includes the neo-Gothic, twin-towered Santa Isabel Cathedral.

The dark green Casa Verde is a 19th-century house that was prefabricated in Belgium. The Equatoguinean Cultural Centre has gallery and performance spaces. To the south, densely forested Parque Nacional del Pico Basilé surrounds Pico Basilé Volcano.

MALABO Top 5 Tourist Places | Malabo Tourism

Things to do in MALABO - Places to Visit in Malabo

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MALABO Top 5 Tourist Places - Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa

Explore Equatorial Guinea | Billionaire President & Poor Citizens

Welcome to my channel and this week’s video is about Explore Equatorial Guinea, Billionaire President & Poor Citizens.

I’ve never seen corruption so clear and obvious as in Equatorial Guinea. Fancy huge homes, cars, and yachts for the president and his friends while everyone else lives on a few dollars a day on muddy streets.

This is the land of primates with painted faces, soft clouds of butterflies and insects so colorful they belong in the realm of fiction.
Yes, Equatorial Guinea has something of a reputation, with a history of failed coups, allegations of corruption, trafficked bush meat and buckets of oil, but there is plenty to bring you to this country's beautiful black-and-white shores.

The capital, Malabo, boasts fascinating colonial architecture alongside sleek oil company high-rises, yet retains its African flavor with colorful markets and a bustling port. Though the country is currently dripping in oil wealth, many people's taps run dry. Poverty permeates ordinary life, making a trip to Malabo at once hedonistic and heartbreaking.

Beyond Malabo, on Bioko Island, are volcanic views, fishing villages, rainforests full of endangered primates, vibrant birdlife and shores of nesting sea turtles. On the mainland, Rio Muni's white beaches, forest paths and jungle-escapes await.

In this Equatorial Guinea Travel Vlog 2020, I will explain you about How to Travel to Equatorial Guinea? Tips for Equatorial Guinea travel budget, Equatorial Guinea top attractions, Things to see and do in Equatorial Guinea. Best places to visit in Equatorial Guinea. This is Equatorial Guinea Travel reviews for your future Equatorial Guinea Vacation planning.
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Things to See and Do in Equatorial Guinea and Best Places to visit in Equatorial Guinea:

• Malabo Capital of Equatorial Guinea
• Monte Alén National Park
• Cascades of Moca
• San Antonio de Ureca, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea
• Bata
• Evinayong
• Luba
• Djibloho
• Mbini
• Annobon Island
• Colobus Monkey
• Monte Temelón Natural Reserve
• Corisco
• Cogo
• Utonde Beach
• Arena Blanca Beach Bioko
Equatorial Guinea:

Equatorial Guinea (Spanish: Guinea Ecuatorial;[a] French: Guinée équatoriale; Portuguese: Guiné Equatorial), officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Spanish: República de Guinea Ecuatorial, French: République de Guinée équatoriale, Portuguese: República da Guiné Equatorial),[b] is a country located on the west coast of Central Africa, with an area of 28,000 square kilometres (11,000 sq mi). Formerly the colony of Spanish Guinea, its post-independence name evokes its location near both the Equator and the Gulf of Guinea. Equatorial Guinea is the only sovereign African state in which Spanish is an official language. As of 2015, the country had an estimated population of 1,222,245.


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Parque Nacional de Malabo -10 Most Beautiful park in Africa - Equatorial Guinea National Park

El Parque Nacional de Malabo forma parte de las obras que ha acometido el Gobierno en la República, para mejorar el ocio de la ciudad, consta con un área de tierra planificada de 870,000 m2, es un proyecto paisajístico, para que los visitantes disfruten de su esparcimiento con total tranquilidad, el Parque Nacional Malabo en Guinea Ecuatorial está ubicado en la nueva área de Malabo, la Capital de Guinea Ecuatorial, y comprende ocho zonas funcionales, incluyendo la Plaza de la Independencia, la Zona de Aduanas Étnicas y la Zona del Lago Central .
El Proyecto establece funciones tales como paisaje natural, recreación , entretenimiento, deportes restaurantes; zona deportiva; espacio para los menores; zona verde, laguna con motos de agua y barcas; galería de arte que restaura las vidas tradicionales de las nacionalidades locales, las características culturales urbanas y regionales, y muestra completamente la perspectiva espiritual de Guinea Ecuatorial do. Es el primer parque urbano completo en África Central

The Malabo National Park is part of the works that the Government has undertaken in the Republic, to improve the leisure of the city, it has a planned land area of ​​870,000 m2, it is a landscaping project, so that visitors can enjoy their Recreation with total tranquility, the Malabo National Park in Equatorial Guinea is located in the new area of ​​Malabo, the Capital of Equatorial Guinea, and comprises eight functional zones, including the Plaza de la Independencia, the Ethnic Customs Zone and the Lake Zone Central.
The Project establishes functions such as natural landscape, recreation, entertainment, sports, restaurants; sport's zone; space for minors; green area, lagoon with jet skis and boats; Art gallery that restores the traditional lives of local nationalities, urban and regional cultural characteristics, and fully shows the spiritual perspective of Equatorial Guinea. It is the first complete urban park in Central Africa

Bioko International Consulting gathers the best tourism development experts to create
business strategies and marketing strategies for countries who seek to increase their part in the global tourism market.
Claudio Sapoznik is in charge of marketing the tourism of Equatorial Guinea to the world.

ביוקו אינטרנשיונל
מספקת שירותי ייעוץ ברחבי העולם.
החברה הוקמה על ידי קלאודיו ספוזניק ומנהלת פרויקטים בינלאומיים,
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קלאודיו ספוזניק – יזם ויועץ לאסטרטגיה ושיווק בינלאומי. יזם ישראלי יליד ארגנטינה, בעל כושר מכירתי-שיווקי מצוין, עם ניסיון אדיר בשיווק ומכירות בענפים רבים במשק הישראלי.

קלאודיו ספוזניק הוא בעל ראיה אסטרטגית בינלאומית, בעל יוזמה ויכולת יצירתית לפיתוח ערוצי שיווק חדשים.
יתרונו הגדול בא לידי ביטוי בניהול משא ומתן מורכב בין גופים שונים ורשויות שונות
Bioko International provides consulting services around the world.
Founded by Claudio Sapoznik, the company operates global projects, from Africa to South America.
Bioko International specialized in business development abroad and initiates projects for Israeli companies in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure, water and energy, trade and tourism.

Claudio Sapoznik - entrepreneur and consultant for international strategy and marketing

Claudio Sapoznik is an Argentine-born Israeli entrepreneur with vast marketing and sales experience in various industries In the Israeli economy. He has international strategic vision, with initiative and creative ability to develop new marketing channels.
Its great advantage comes from managing complex negotiations between different bodies and authorities.
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Welcome to Equatorial Guinea - Guinea Equatorial, Africa

For business and tourism inquiries, contact
Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Israel galgalei a plada 11 herzlia pituaj
Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Israel,E. Luciano Ncogo Ndong Ayecaba,
PDGE, malabo, israel, turismo guinea ecuatorial, oportunidades de inversiones en guinea ecuatorial
claudio sapoznik.bioko consulting.sapoznik claudio-bioko claudio.
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Top10 Recommended Hotels in Equatorial Guinea, Africa

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Top10 Recommended Hotels in Equatorial Guinea, Africa: 1. Sofitel Malabo Sipopo Le Golf *****
2. Hilton Malabo *****
3. Sofitel Malabo President Palace *****
4. Grand Hotel Djibloho *****
5. Magno Suites ***
6. Ibis Malabo ***
7. Ibis Bata ***
8. Hotel Anda China Malabo
9. Galerias I&R

1. Zona Sipopo, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Price range: $208 - $304
11.3 km from Malabo Rial Supermarket, Sofitel Malabo Sipopo Le Golf is located in Malabo and has free WiFi, concierge services and a tour desk. 12.9 km from Malabo EGTC Supermarket and 14.5 km from Martinez Hermanos Supermarket, the property provides a garden and a terrace. Pico Basile National Park is 43.5 km away and Malabo Cathedral is 14.5 km from the hotel.
2. Carretera del Aeropuerto Km 7, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Price range: $244 - $346
Located in Malabo, Hilton Malabo has an outdoor swimming pool and fitness center. Among the various facilities of this property are a garden, a terrace and a bar. Grill/Bbq cuisine is served at the restaurant.
3. Plaza de la Independencia Centro Historico Zona Presidencial, EQUATORIAL GUINEA, Price range: $241 - $342
With breathtaking views over Malabo Cathedral the president of Equatorial Guineas official residence and bustling port and bay this elegant Malabo hotel is an easy stroll from businesses government offices restaurants and entertainment.
4. Djibloho, Oyala, Wele-Nzas, Equatorial Guinea, Djibloho, Equatorial Guinea, Price range: $146 - $197
Set in Djibloho, Grand Hotel Djibloho offers free bikes. Each accommodations at the 5-star hotel has lake views, and guests can enjoy access to a hot tub and a sauna. Guests can enjoy pool views.
5. Barrio de Paraiso, Carretera del Aeropuerto, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Price range: $184 - $205
Magno Suites is located in Malabo, a 17-minute walk from Martinez Hermanos Supermarket, and has a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a terrace and a shared lounge. Located around 4.5 km from Malabo EGTC Supermarket, the hotel with free WiFi is also 5.6 km away from Malabo Rial Supermarket. The hotel has a playground and a 24-hour front desk.
6. P O Box 201 Isla de Bioko, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Price range: $135 - $216
Ibis Malabo offers accommodations in Ciudad de Malabo. The hotel has an outdoor pool and views of the mountains, and guests can enjoy a drink at the bar.
7. Paseo Maritimo Bata, Bata, Equatorial Guinea, Price range: $136 - $156
Ibis Bata offers accommodations in Bata. The hotel has a year-round outdoor pool and views of the sea, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or a drink at the bar.
8. Hotel Anda, Malabo II, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Price range: $173 - $208
Hotel Anda China Malabo is located in Malabo, within 3.2 km of Casa Verde and 6.9 km of Malabo Rial Supermarket. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with free WiFi. The property has an outdoor pool, fitness center, sauna and bar.
9. litoral Caidasa Iyubu, Monte Alen, Equatorial Guinea,
Offering free WiFi, a sun terrace with a swimming pool, bar and private beach area, Galerias I&R is located in Monte Alen. Featuring room service, this property also provides guests with a restaurant. The property has services including meeting and banquet facilities and evening entertainment.

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The Beauty of Equatorial Guinea

Come visit Equatorial Guinea. Where fishing, eco-tourism, cultural tourism flourish and communing soon...retirement communities. The country remains stable under the wise stewardship of its government. See for yourself and you'll be amazed.

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Malabo, The Capital of Equatorial Guinea 2019

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Equatorial Guinea( Guinea Ecuatorial) stunning views of Africa.

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