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10 Best Places to Visit in Kenya


Top fun places to visit in Kenya

Thinking about visiting Kenya? I will help you discover this fantastic travel gem filled with abundant natural beauty, wildlife, rich culture, beautiful beaches and aquatic life

Top 10 Places to Visit in Nairobi

Top 10 Places to visit in Nairobi -

Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of Kenya. It is referred to as “The Safari Capital of the world” or as “the Green City in the Sun”. It was founded in 1899 as a railway camp. It has an elevation of almost 1800m.

1 Nairobi national park: It is very close to the city and it is home to many species like: Lions, Rhinos, Zebras, Hippos, Cheetahs and more.

2 Giraffe Center. The visitors can get a lot of information about them and they can feed them from a special platform. (photo from Kurt Thomas Hunt

3 David Sheldrick wildlife trust: Orphan elephant rescue program at the main gates of the Nairobi national park.
(photo by Ninara

4 Karura forest: Home to 200 species of birds. Over 50 km of trails for walking, running or biking.
(photo by Ninaras, Helsinki, Finland

5 Nairobi National museum: An opportunity to learn about Kenya’s history and culture. The exhibits include more than 900 stuffed birds and mammals (photo by Toppazz

6 Karen Blixen museum: The former house of the author of “Out of Africa” (photo by Alexander Leisser

7 Ngong hills: Popular weekend destination for picnics and walks.
(photo by Ninara

8 Kenyatta International Conference Centre: 28 floor tower next to a large amphitheater. It is used for conferences, meetings, and exhibitions (photo by Jorge Lascar

9 Nairobi mamba village: Crocodile Farm with many recreational activities
(photo by “Imaginextra”

10 Bomas of Kenya: A living museum of the tribes of Kenya with dances, songs and more. Visitors can learn about the culture of each tribe. (photo by “fetchstix”

1st Photo of Nairobi: photo by Quadell

Last photo: Uhuru Park Panorama: photo by Arthur Buliva

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Best Things To Do in Kenya!

The most epic Kenya trip - we adopted a baby elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, fed giraffes at Giraffe Manor and went on a hot air balloon safari!


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10 Best Travel Destinations in Kenya

Best Places Channel | Kenya Top and Best Destinations.

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Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It encompasses savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. It's also home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos. From Nairobi, the capital, safaris visit the Maasai Mara Reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrations, and Amboseli National Park, offering views of Tanzania's 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli National Park.
Diani Beach.
Brooks Falls.
Hell's Gate National Park.
Karen Blixen Museum.
Lake Nakuru.
Mount Kenya.
Nairobi National Park.
Nairobi Safari Walk.
Samburu National Reserve.
Tsavo East National Park.

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10 Attractions in Kenya that you didn't Know About

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19 Amazing Places to Visit in Kenya.--Travel Magical Kenya..

19 Fascinating Places that Proves Kenya is a beautiful Country.
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12 Best Tourist Attractions in Kenya Africa

12 Top Rated - Best Tourist Attractions in Kenya Africa

1. Maasai Mara National Reserve - One of the most popular game reserves in Africa
2. Amboseli National Reserve - There are dry areas that resemble deserts, especially in the dry season. Then there are marshes and tropical landscapes, with plenty of acacia trees in the park. The backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro is amazing, although you can't be guaranteed visibility at all times.
3. Tsavo National Park - Tsavo East is huge and if you have an excellent guide, can be a magical experience. There's a huge difference between watching a nature channel and seeing all these amazing animals in front of you.
4. Samburu, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba National Reserves
5. Lake Nakuru National Park - If you want a chance to see both the white and black Rhinos, Lake Nakuru is your best. There is also a large population of baboons here and they are hilarious trouble makers.
6. Lamu - A small town on Lamu Island, which in turn is a part of the Lamu Archipelago in Kenya.
7. Lake Naivasha - Great lake, great nature, great hippos and birds colonies!
8. Nairobi - the capital and largest city of Kenya
9. Mombasa - a city on the coast of Kenya. It is the country's second-largest city, after the capital Nairobi
10. Malindi (once known as Melinde) - a town on Malindi Bay at the mouth of the Galana River, lying on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya.
11. Mount Kenya National Park - With the beauty of sceneries, one can afford to have a good holiday
12. Hell's Gate National Park - Hells Gate is a beautiful getaway from Nairobi.

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15 TOP RATED - Tourist Attractions in Indonesia


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12 Top Rated - Best Tourist Attractions in Kenya Africa

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TOP 10 AFFORDABLE Things to DO in Nairobi!

The video talks about afew activities in Nairobi that I have experienced and I found really fun and affordable.

Here are my Top 10 affordable things to do in Nairobi:
• KICC rooftop
• Nairobi City
• David Shedrick wildlife trust
• National Museum
• Railway Museum, art studio
• Giraffe Centre
• National Archives
• Nairobi National Park/Nairobi Safari Walk/ Nairobi orphanage
• Karura forest
• Maasai Market

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Kenya Travel | Top 10 Reasons to Book a Trip of a Life Time

Welcome to my channel and this week’s video is about Kenya Travel, Top 10 Reasons to Book a Trip of a Life Time

Perceived by many as the original safari destination, Kenya is still one of the best choices for a classic African experience.
Famous lion prides range across the vast open spaces of the Maasai Mara, wildebeest and zebra arrive by the millions for the annual Great Migration and in some places, pastoralist Maasai and Samburu tribespeople continue to live as they have done for thousands of years.
There's more to the country than its game reserves, however. Nairobi offers multi-faceted culture while the Swahili Coast is home to historic towns and picture-perfect beaches. Discover 10 of Kenya's top attractions below and see Kenya trip of a lifetime.

In this Kenya Travel Vlog 2020, I will explain you about How to Travel to Kenya? Tips for Kenya travel budget, Kenya top attractions, Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kenya,Street food in kenya, kenya food, Things to see and do in Kenya. Best places to visit in Kenya.

This is Kenya Travel reviews for your future Kenya Vacation planning.
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Things to See and Do in Kenya and Best Places to visit in Kenya:

• Visit Nairobi capital of Kenya
• Make the Most of a Nairobi Stopover
• Witness the Maasai Mara's Great Migration
• Visit Both of the Tsavo National Parks
• Discover Swahili History on Lamu Island
• Photograph Flamingoes at Lake Nakuru National Park
• Trek to the Top of Mount Kenya
• Go in Search of Elephants at Amboseli National Park
• Admire the Desolate Beauty of Lake Turkana
• Book a Stay on a Kenyan Conservancy
• Make Time for Some Relaxation at the Coast


Kenya (/ˈkɛnjə/ (About this soundlisten)), officially the Republic of Kenya (Swahili: Jamhuri ya Kenya), is a country in Africa with 47 semiautonomous counties governed by elected governors. At 580,367 square kilometres (224,081 sq mi), Kenya is the world's 48th largest country by total area. With a population of more than 47.6 million people, Kenya is the 29th most populous country.[5] Kenya's capital and largest city is Nairobi, while its oldest city and first capital is the coastal city of Mombasa. Kisumu City is the third largest city and also an inland port on Lake Victoria. Other important urban centres include Nakuru and Eldoret.
Kenya is bordered by South Sudan to the northwest, Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south, and the Indian Ocean to the southeast.


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Kenya: Top 10 Tourist Attractions - Video Travel Guide

Kenya Travel.
Kenya Travel Video.
Top 10 Tourist attractions in Kenya.

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Hi rafiki! In this video I explored all that Nairobi has to offer, The David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Centre, The Railway Museum, and Panari Ice Skating Rink. Hope you enjoy the things to do in Nairobi list.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:

The Giraffe Centre:

The Railway Museum:

Panari Ice Skating Rink:



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Magical Kenya! Holiday

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Best things to do in Kenya while on holiday! Take a journey through Magical Kenya! From pristine white beaches to the Maasai Mara and Laikipia, from the Flamingo filled soda lakes to the second highest Mountain in Africa. Kenya has it all and more! #whyilovekenya by Adam Bowen. Filmed on a GoPro Hero 4 Black! This video is the property of Adam Bowen, Copyright.

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Travel Guide to Kenya

In this film Wild Frontiers, Jonny Bealby, explains about tourism in Kenya. Here is the text...

Jonny here, right now I am at Borana Ranch, high on the Laikipia Plateau, in the lee of Mount Kenya. And in this short film I am going to talk about tourism in Kenya.
If I asked what's the first thing you think about when turning your mind to travel in this colourful East African country, you'd almost certainly say wildlife. And of course you'd be right as over 80 percent of holidays here will have a wildlife element.
From the Marsabit National Park in the north, to the Masai Mara and Amboseli National Parks in the south, the planes of Kenya are teeming with wildlife or all shapes and sizes offering, along with its neighbour Tanzania, the best place in the world to view game. And if you throw in Mount Kenya and the Aberdares, the Laikipia Plateau and the Matthews Range, the Lamu Archipelago and the rest of the Kenyan coast, and some of the most spectacular and evocative accommodation anywhere on earth, then here in Kenya you have a true world class travel experience.
The Masai Mara is probably the most famous national park. Covering more than 500sqm, the Mara is universally renowned for its exceptional populations of lion, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, buffalo and giraffe and for the famous migration of wildebeest that takes place every year from July to October.
But the Masai Mara is by no means the only show in town. Further to the east you have Amboseli National Park with its epic views of Kilimanjaro, to the north you have Samburu, Marsabit and Meru National Parks, and here on Laikipia, in the Lewa conservancy, where the savannah is awash with elephants, giraffe, the quirky Grevy zebra and a new and burgeoning population of black rhino.
And as for the accommodation, well that is quite simply out of this world. Yes, to get the best you're going to pay, but in our opinion the experience you'll enjoy and quality of service you'll receive -- plus of course the game you'll see -- does make this value for money. There is simply nothing else like it on earth. Among many amazing places to stay, my personal favourites are Else's Kopje in Meru, Saruni in Samburu, Richard's Camp or Serian in the Mara, and either Sabuk or Borana here on the Laikipia Plateau.
But tourism in Kenya is not only about wild animals. The Kenyan Coast, stretching all the way from Diani Beach in the south the Lamu archipelago in the north, with its white sand beaches and gentle turquoise seas -- particularly when the trade winds are blowing in the right direction from November through to March -- again coupled with some fabulous accommodation, combine to make this a truly world class beach experience.
And if you like to meet the people -- an important factor in most Wild Frontiers adventures -- there are plenty of opportunities, particularly at Sarara, in the Matthews Range, at Il Ngwesi north or Mount Kenya and here at Borana.
To get around there is are great quality land cruisers, a brilliant air service, either in scheduled flights or on private charters, a classic bi-plane, or if you really want to push the boat out and get to places few others can reach, a truly amazing helicopter service, run by our friends at Tropic Air.
A classic African safari is a travel experience like no other, and one that all travellers should do at least once in their lives. And for that, in my opinion, there's nowhere better than Kenya.

TOP 10 AFFORDABLE Things to DO in Mombasa!

The video talks about afew activities in Mombasa that I have experienced and I found really fun and affordable.
Here are my Top 10 affordable things to do in Mombasa:
1. Sunrise
2. Mombasa Town
3. Mombasa old Town
4. Fort Jesus
5. Bombolulu Workshop and Cultural Centre
6. Swahili food
7. Mombasa Marine National Park
8. Haller Park, Mombasa
9. Mombasa beach
10. Nightlife in Mombasa

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10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Mombasa City.

Mombasa, Kenya's second largest city after Nairobi, offers travelers an exotic taste of the African tropics steeped in centuries of seafaring history.

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Top 10 African Countries to Visit (2019) | MojoTravels

From wilderness to cultural heritage, Africa is a continent full of life and adventure waiting for you to discover. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 African Countries to Visit in 2019.

For this list, we’re taking a look at some of the African countries you simply need to visit in 2019, with a primary focus on wild nature as well as tradition. Thanks to Acacia Africa for the selections.

#Africa #Tourism #Travel

Best Things to do in Nairobi / Kenya | 5 TOP MUST DOs

Wondering What to do in Nairobi Kenya? We will tell you about 5 top things to do in Nairobi Kenya.
It will be equally beneficial if you are looking for the best places to visit in Kenya Nairobi, rest assured.
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Here are the 5 top things to do in Kenya Nairobi, in no particular order:
1. Visit a Maasai Village
This will be out of nairobi (1 hour away) but you will surely get tours from companies from Nairobi to bring you there. You will experience the unique culture of the Maasai people. We will create another video for the Maasai People as well. Do subscribe if you want to catch that. You can check with the tour companies near your hotel or even at your hotel. Else, you can couple it with the Maasai Mara safari, check out point no. 4 for more details.

2. Visit a Maasai Market in Nairobi
If you like shopping and buying souvenirs, this is one of the ‘kenya nairobi things to do’ that you DON’T WANNA MISS! You could get away with some pretty great deals.
Check locations here:

3. Visit the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi
This is one of the must things to do in Kenya Nairobi and it’s fun too! That’s the only place where you will have close contact with Giraffes. Get your cameras ready!!
More details at:

4. Visit a Safari.
What do do in Kenya Nairobi? The first thing that Many will tell you is to go for a SAFARI! This is without doubt the best thing to do in Kenya Nairobi. While there is a safari in the city of Nairobi, the highly recommended one is the magical Maasai Mara. It is 6 hours away from Nairobi but it’s worth it!

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Also, as mentioned before, as a Kelvin Balloo subscriber, you are entitled to a Special Discount when booking your safari package with the company that we went to. To claim the special discount, head over to this link for more instructions: ????????

5. Visit the elephant orphanage in Nairobi
While we did not have time to go there, we really wanted to go there as part of our list of things to see in kenya Nairobi! It had some great reviews and that’s why we recommend it. They do an amazing job at rearing orphaned elephants, treat them and re-integrate them!
More details at:

Hope these would be fun places to visit in kenya nairobi for you as it was for us! Definitely, there are other must dos in Nairobi but this is just a starting point on what to do in Nairobi Kenya. You could expand further. Do comment below if you know of other fun things to do in nairobi Kenya! We’d love to hear from you!

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HOW TO TRAVEL NAIROBI in 2020 - Things to do in Nairobi

HOW TO TRAVEL NAIROBI IN 2020 - things to do in Nairobi

If you're coming to Nairobi in 2020, you need to watch this travel guide. These are the best things to do in Nairobi.
Here's some places you can have a great time at while you're in Nairobi. From Safari in the city to adventure, Nairobi has it all.

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10 TOP RATED - Tourist Attractions in Mombasa, Kenya Africa

10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Mombasa Kenya

1. Fort Jesus - beautiful place rich with culture and the architecture there is amazing. The old ruins stir up a sense of authenticity.

2. Haller Park - Awesome connect with nature. Swaying trees, swimming crocs, giant tortoise, hippos lurking below the meniscus, giant palms, unending trails... Just visit it!

3. Mombasa Marine National Park - you can see alot of diffrent kind of fishs and sea animals coralreefs, you can go by a glas bottem boat for snorkling or diving or just sit inside the boat and watch the fishes the under water wolrd is really beautyfull wounderfull amazing awesome

4. North Coast Beaches - a little livelier than the south coast and the resorts are closer to the airport and Mombasa City.

5. Old Town - The history of Mombasa is amazing, beautiful, detailed, and well preserved that shows the true authenticity of the island. It was a great walk through the town but would highly recommend a guide.

6. South Coast Beaches - The water is crystal clear and warm.

7. Mombasa Tusks - A famous landmark in the city, constructed of aluminum, the tusks mark the entrance to the heart of town where visitors will find most of the banks, shops, and markets.

8. Mamba Village Centre - Excellent getaway place in mombasa

9. Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre - A nice cultural place, that gives you a good feel of the coastal region of kenya. From craftsman to dancers to African clothing and art you can purchase. It also supports the local community.

10. Mombasa Go-Kart - Great place to race and just have a good time! They have a restaurant and a well stocked bar too.

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Kenya 10 Best Places To Visit/ Travel Around The World

1. Diani Beach
2. Maasai Mara
3. Lake Nakuru
4. Mount Kenya
5. Hell's Gate
6. Fort Jesus
7. Mombasa Marine
8. Jamia Mosque
9. Jumba la Mtwana
10. Shimba Hills



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