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10 Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong SAR China


10 Best Places to Visit in China - Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video:

China, the gateway to East Asia, is a fascinating country. It is an ancient civilization that gave the world Peking Man, gunpowder and noodles. Visitors making their first trip to China usually stick to the larger cities. More experienced visitors to the Middle Kingdom will strike out in other directions, where traveling may be a bit more frustrating because of the language barrier, but most definitely doable for independent travelers. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in China:

TOP 10 Things to do in HONG KONG | Travel Guide

In this video you’ll see the top 10 things to see in Hong Kong, based on our experience:

0:20 1. Yick Fat Building
0:37 2. Victoria Peak
1:24 3. Hong Kong Park
1:48 4. Wong Tai Sin Temple
2:15 5. Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha
3:14 6. Fishing village Tai O
3:42 7. Kowloon Walled City Park
4:25 8. Noonday Gun
5:10 9. Symphony of Lights
5:34 10. Bruce Lee Statue
6:07 BONUS 1: Shenzhen
6:30 BONUS 2: Macau

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Hong Kong Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Hong Kong – the city that truly has everything! Dramatic cityscapes, tranquil temples and endless shopping await you here. Follow our journey through the city and even plan one of your own.

When ready, browse vacation packages to Hong Kong:

#HongKong is one of the most densely populated places in China and in the world. You’ll find quiet neighborhoods full of temples and a dazzling skyline loaded with shopping and dining opportunities.

Your #vacation must include visits to the many religious sites scattered around the city. You’ll have a marvelous time shopping in tax-free Hong Kong, where you’ll be able to find clothing, jewelery, furniture, and everything else under the sun.

Visit Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade which overlooks the stunning Victoria Harbor. Explore Central, the city’s main business district. The observation deck atop the International Commerce Centre will show you fantastic views of the city.

Hong Kong isn’t all cityscape, of course; there are many green spaces for you to relax. You’ll also find beaches, national parks, and quiet islands for you to indulge in natural beauty and serenity.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

More travel information around Hong Kong:

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0:00 - Hong Kong
1:12 - Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
1:28 - Temples Street and Ladies Street
1:44 - Tsim Sha Tsui
2:00 - Museum of Art and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2:13 - Central
2:30 - Victoria Peak
2:34 - Madam Tussauds
2:42 - Observation Deck
3:02 - Lugard Road
3:15 - Victoria Garden, Hong Kong Garden and Po Lin Street Bird Garden
3:26 - Kowloon’s Walled City Park
4:01 - Shek O
4:09 - Lamma Island
4:19 - Lantau
4:25 - Ngong Ping
4:40 - Wisdom Path
4:54 - Tai O
5:15 - Lan Kwai Fong

Hong Kong 4K. Interesting Facts about Hong Kong: Protests, People and Cuisine

Hong Kong has been all over the news in 2019. In this video we'll take a look at its economy , politics and cuisine! And we'll talk to people of Hong Kong and see the major sights! What's really going on in HK? Let's see real Hong Kong ! #HongKong

10 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam - Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video:

A long, narrow country squeezed in between the South China Sea and the Laos and Cambodia borders, Vietnam is a land of striking landscapes. Ranging from the lush rice terraces and forested mountains in the north to the picturesque valleys of the Central Highlands and the fertile delta and beautiful beaches of the south. Included in the mix are booming cities, colonial towns, traditional villages and otherworldly islands. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Vietnam.

10 Things NOT to Do in Hong Kong

Get more Tips here!

There are plenty of websites out there telling you what to see and do in Hong Kong. However, to experience the city at its fullest, you’ll also need to know what to avoid. Here’s a list of things NOT to do in Hong Kong.

1. Don’t Spit
Spitting is just not considered rude in China. Some believe it helps ward off evil spirits. However, cross over to Hong Kong and it is prohibited to spit in public. In fact, you can be fined up to HK$5,000 for doing so.

2. Don’t Assume Hong Kong is as Free and Open as the West
Despite it embraces more legal freedoms than the People’s Republic, some believe that e-mails are being monitored and Internet censorship is happening. Travelers should be aware of these rising tensions and be cautious about engaging in politically charged communications.

3. Don’t Overpay at Street Markets
Hong Kong offers a vast range of exciting street markets where you can buy just about any type of consumer good imaginable. Learn the art of haggling, you will often be able to buy things for little over half the asking price.

4. Don’t Take Taxis
It is an unnecessarily expensive way to get around, and it can take a long time to get anywhere through the gridlock. Instead, try using the efficient and affordable Mass Transit Railway, buy an Oyster Card if you’re going to use this several times.

5. Don’t Bother With the Sky Terrace
Instead of going to popular and overpriced tourist traps such as the Sky Terrace, consider the top of The Peak Galleria mall, it is free and the crowds are nil, also try Central Plaza, the Bank of China, Two IFC and One Island East.

6. Don’t Take the Peak Tram
The Peak is undoubtedly one of the best vantage points in Hong Kong, but taking the overpriced, over-crowded tourist tram up to the top isn’t the only way up there. Instead, if you’re fit, consider hiking up the hill using the designated footpaths.

7. Don’t Underestimate the Language Barrier
If you need to ask anyone for directions, try to find younger people to help, since they’re more likely to speak English. Taxi drivers rarely speak English, so have a map or written address on hand to convey where you want to go.

8. Don’t Forget about the Entry Requirements
Hong Kong has its own entry requirements. Citizens of the US and most western nations do not need any visa to visit Hong Kong for a period of less than 90 days. However, if you want to go to Shenzhen or other parts of mainland China, you will need a separate visa.

9. Don’t Bring Chinese Currency
While China uses the Yuan, Hong Kong still uses its own currency; the Hong Kong dollar. Although you shouldn’t have any problem changing money anywhere in the region. If you’re arriving via mainland China, you’ll need to withdraw or change some money as soon as you get to Hong Kong.

10. Don’t Neglect the Rest of Hong Kong
Venture into the New Territories and you’ll find traditional walled towns like Kat Hing Wa, fishing villages on Lamma Island, beaches in Lantau. Surf in Big Wave Bay, markets in Stanley and Repulse Bay. Visit Cheung Chau island and its Cheung Po Tsai pirate caves. There are lots of places to visit. Don't miss them!

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Top 10 Best Things About Hong Kong (2022)

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a metropolitan area on the eastern Pearl River Delta of the South China Sea.

The name translates as fragrant harbour or incense harbour.
The simplified name Hong Kong was frequently used by 1810. The name was also commonly written as the single word Hongkong until 1926, when the government officially adopted the two-word name.

Hong Kong truly is a unique place, an urban concrete jungle where east meets west, a financial hub where some of the richest and most successful go to spend their money and live a lavish lifestyle.

For many people, including myself, Hong Kong is a dream destination where you have to visit at least once in your life.

#HongKong #HK

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Hong Kong - City Video Guide

Located on China's south coast, Hong Kong offers some of the world's most intense shopping, sightseeing and dining experiences, yet moments of stillness await at every turn.

Hong Kong has over 600 places of worship, from neighborhood temples to hilltop monasteries.

Shopping is almost a religion too! From opulent malls like Pacific Place to the markets of Temple Street, tax-free Hong Kong is heaven for bargain hunters.

From Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, hop aboard a Star Ferry for the crossing to Hong Kong Island. Explore the futuristic architecture of Hong Kong's main business district, Central, then take a tram to Victoria Peak.

Hong Kong offers plenty of green spaces, such as Kowloon's Walled City Park. Outside the urban areas, over forty percent of the territory has been designated as national park.

Spend a day on the tranquil beaches of Shek O, or hike the trails of Lamma Island. On Lantau Island take the cable car to the Po Lin Monestry and the Tian Tan Buddah, then explore the traditional fishing village of Tai O.

At the end of the day, cruise the bars and restaurants in fashionable Soho and Lan Kwai Fong.

Top 5 Malls to Visit in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Nightlife: TOP 20 Bars & Clubs

This is my Ultimate Hong Kong Nightlife Guide featuring the TOP 20 bars & nightclubs which I carefully selected including places such as Eyebar, HQ, The Ring, The China Bar, Hong Kong Pub Crawl, Zentral and Play, the most epic nightclub in Hong Kong. Subscribe to my channel ► for weekly videos!

Hong Kong is a magical place, especially for its vibrant nightlife. It surprised me how little is known about all the amazing venues and places to party. Most tourists and travelers stay in the popular LKF (Lan Kwai Fong) nightlife district and not venture out to the other exciting districts in the city like the Knutsford Terrace, which is a big mistake!

@0:00 - Intro

@1:05 - 1) Ozone
@1:26 - 2) Eyebar
@2:06 - 3) The China Bar
@2:25 - 4) Arena Bar by Zerve
@2:52 - 5) Pong
@3:10 - 6) Showtime
@3:30 - 7) The Ring - eSports Bar

@4:49 - 8) Iron Fairies
@5:13 - 9) Slide on 79
@5:24 - 10) Gough's on Goughs
@5:40 - 11) Wahtiki Island Lounge
@6:07 - HK Halloween
@6:41 - 12) Hong Kong Pub Crawl, $13 USD (10% discount)
@7:28 - 13) Geronimo Shot Bar
@7:42 - 14) Le Jardin Club
@8:25 - 15) Fire N Ice
@8:51 - 16) Karma Lounge
@9:16 - 17) Dragon-i Nightclub
@9:31 18) HQ by Terrace Concepts
@10:16 - 19) Zentral Nightclub
@10:46 - 20) Play Nightclub

@11:09 - Thainan Chicken, afterparty food
@12:04 - Tips & Tricks
@12:33 - Victoria Peak, romantic sunrise
@12:52 - Airbnb deals
@13:26 - Aqua Luna discount, $20 USD

To start off, grab a few cocktails at the highest bar in the world located on the 118th floor of the ICC building, currently world's 4th tallest building with stunning views of the Hong Kong skyline.
A beer starts at $102 Hong Kong dollars, roughly $13 US dollars. They have a special observatory deck called SKY100 with 46% discount on tickets. Alternatively, visit Eyebar which offers an outdoor patio with, in my opinion, the best view of Hong Kong. Beers here will set you back $100 HKD, $13 USD.

FREE - Download my Hong Kong Nightlife map:

(prices, discounts and 100+ photos)

Osaka Nightlife: TOP 20 Bars & Clubs (NEW)

I visited Hong Kong during Halloween, widely known to be the best time of the year! During my stay I ventured out to the Lan Kwai Fong district to join the popular Hong Kong Pub Crawl,
they had a massive turn-out resulting in one of the most fun parties I have ever attended. The Hong Kong Pub Crawl is ONLY $12 USD with a 10% discount, includes 3x bars and 1x nightclub (so cover is free), free shots and 50% OFF drinks at the bar because nightclubs and drinks are very expensive.

The Hong Kong nightlife has two major districts; LKF (Lan Kwai Fong) in HK-Central with bars Le Jardin Club, Karma Lounge, the Iron Fairies and Wahtiki Lounge.
The second district is Knutsford Terrace in Kowloon with excellent bars; The China Bar, Arena by Zerve and my favorite The Ring Bar which is an esports nightclub with Street Fighter,
Mario Kart and FIFA soccer you can freely play, the best thing: Edelweiss beer on tap, my favorite beer in the world.

LKF known by the locals as 'bad white people place'. To say there is a specific bar that stands out I would be lying. SOHO and LKF districts are packed with incredible bars and nightclubs, all within walking distance. If it is a regular Saturday night, then I highly recommend Play to mingle with the locals, it is an excellent nightclub and not too touristy.

The great thing about Hong Kong is almost everyone speaks English!

Nightlife in Hong Kong often keeps going until 6am at the earliest. 6am is the perfect time to visit Victoria Peak since everyone will be sleeping, so you can watch the sunrise all by yourself.
Taking a taxi to Victoria peak is dirt cheap, Hong Kong taxis are very afforable.

Hotels & Airbnb in Hong Kong Central can be very pricey, so if you are on a budget consider staying in the Causeway bay area, or Mong Kok area. Please do avoid staying at the Chungking Mansions guesthouses, rumor has it that the building is very dirty and loaded with cockroaches. However, I can offer you $47 USD OFF your first Airbnb rental in Hong Kong visit

In conclusion, the Hong Kong Nightlife was better than I expected, however it did take a few days to get familiar with the nightlife districts to find the best bars & nightclubs.
The city offers so many great places to drink and party but if you are new to Hong Kong, do not forget to join The Hong Kong Pub Crawl for just $13 USD with 10% discount, you cannot go wrong!

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Magic of Hong Kong. Mind-blowing cyberpunk drone video of the craziest Asia’s city by for collaborations and license footage

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Original Music by Artem Zinovyev
Special thanks Vensus lens for Laowa 9mm f/2.8 lens.
Laowa - Venus Optics youtube channel:

Filmed with Zenmuse X7 camera, attached to a DJI Inspire 2 drone.

The Timelab team are setting out on a whole series of international projects. “Upcoming we have Switzerland, Rome, and Paris. We want to film in the Arab nations too, as well as China, and start to film in Africa. Creative art videos filmed with drone of world destinations are our passion. We aim to create a documentary film portrait for every corner of our amazing planet.

Sha Tin Hong Kong to Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery Hong Kong Travel Guide (2019) / 沙田到萬佛寺 (2019)

Sha Tin Hong Kong to Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery Hong Kong Travel Guide (2019). Recorded in 4k on May 2019. Highly recommended to use headphones to experience surround 3D sound. No talking or distracting captions.

Filmed using:
Camera: Osmo Pocket -
Extension Rod: Osmo Pocket Extension Rod -
Audio Recorder: Zoom H1N -
Camera Charger: Osmo Pocket Charging Case -
Editing Software: DaVinci Resolve -

Sha Tin Info:
Sha Tin is a city along the Shing Mun River in the Sha Tin District of East New Territories, Hong Kong. Administratively, it is part of the Sha Tin District. It is one of Hong Kong's most prominent examples of new town developments in the 1970s. Together with its satellite town Ma On Shan, Shatin is the most populous city in the New Territories, with a 2011 population census of 630,273 within an area of 35.87 km2. Situated in the southern half of New Territories East below Tolo Harbour, it is the principal city of Sha Tin District, which is the second most populous district of the territory.

The city was founded in 1973 under the New Towns Development Programme of the Hong Kong government. Its current name was named after the nearby village of Sha Tin Wai. Housing the industrial area of Fo Tan, Shatin's economy once heavily relied on manufacturing, logistics, and transportation. Since the late 1990s, it has undergone an extensive transition into areas such as business, service, tourism, entertainment, culture, education, sports, technology, and scientific research. This has been marked by the building of Sha Tin Racecourse, Hong Kong Sports Institute and the Hong Kong Science Park in its outskirts.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery Info:
The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Chinese: 萬佛寺) is a mid-20th-century Buddhist temple located in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, at 220 Pai Tau Village. Its designation as a monastery is actually a misnomer because there are no monks residing at the complex, which is managed solely by laypersons. Both the main temple building and the pagoda are listed as Grade III historic buildings by the Government of Hong Kong.

Groundbreaking and construction of the temple began in 1951 under Yuet Kai and his followers, and the structure was finished six years later. It closed for three years at the end of the 20th century after one of its caretakers was killed in a mudslide caused by poorly-maintained slopes nearby. The main journey up to the monastery is an attraction itself, as the path is lined on both sides with golden Buddhas, each unique and in different poses. Despite the common translation of its name, the monastery actually contains nearly 13,000 Buddha statues.

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Tai Kok Tsui to Sham Shui Po Hong Kong Traveling Guide (2019)

Sheung Wan Hong Kong to Central Hong Kong Travel Guide (2019)
上環到中環香港 (2019)

Instagram: @alanchuatravels

Chungking Mansion Hong Kong

Chungking Mansion is located in one of the busiest districts of Hong Kong; it is very close to the Tsim Sha Tsui Station and East Tsim Sha Tsui Station of the MTR. Several airport buses run by it (A21 No14-Bus Stop). Chungking Mansion

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00:00 - Intro
01:02 - Turn left onto Nathan Road
01:42 - This is the entrace to Chungking Mansions
04:55 - Staircase to the second floor
06:54 - Exit

Though the building was supposed to be residential, it is made up of many independent low-budget hotels, shops and other services. As well as selling to the public, the stalls in the building cater to wholesalers shipping goods to Africa and South Asia. The unusual atmosphere of the building is sometimes compared to that of the former Kowloon Walled City.

Chungking Mansions features guesthouses, curry restaurants, African bistros, clothing shops, sari stores, and foreign exchange offices. It often acts as a large gathering place for some of the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, particularly South Asians (Indians, Nepalese, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans), Middle Eastern people, Nigerians, Europeans, Americans, and many other peoples of the world. Peter Shadbolt of CNN stated that the complex was the unofficial African quarter of Hong Kong.

The building was completed in 1961, at which time Chinese residents predominated. Now, after more than five decades of use, there are an estimated 4,000 people living in the complex.


Hong Kong has developed from a small fishing village in the 1800s into a dynamic and thrilling 21st century cosmopolitan metropolis. It is a bustling coastal city full of impressive high rises, and a fusion of eastern and western cultures. It proudly proclaims itself to be 'Asia's World City' and remains a key gateway to China.

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China. It is located on the southeast coast of China, facing the South China Sea. It is about 3½ hours by air from Beijing and 2½ hours from Shanghai.

With an area of 1,110 sq. km, Hong Kong consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and a group of 260 outlying islands.

Hong Kong is a fusion of East and West. There is no better place to experience both eastern and western cultures, and experience traditional and modern life.
Hong Kong is a shopping paradise, bringing all the world famous- brands together. Shopping malls, department stores, boutiques, and street markets are clustered around the island.
Hong Kong is a world of exquisite, mouthwatering international cuisine.
Hong Kong boasts a highly developed transportation network. It is very convenient to travel to and from Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is the ideal springboard for trips to the rest of China as well to other parts of East Asia.



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Travel to Hong Kong | Interesting Facts about Hong Kong In Urdu & Hindi | ہانگ کانگ کی سیر

Travel to Hong Kong | Interesting Facts about Hong Kong In Urdu & Hindi | ہانگ کانگ کی سیر हांगकांग यात्रा

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a metropolitan area and special administrative region of China on the eastern Pearl River Delta in South China.

Travel to Hong Kong | Documentry & History about Hong Kong In Urdu & Hindi | ہانگ کانگ کی سیر

Travel To Hong Kong||Full History And Documentary About Hong Kong In Urdu & Hindi||ہونگ کونگ کی سیر

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Visiting :
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Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Interesting Facts about Russia

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The Top 12 Favorite Tourist Spots In Hong Kong

The Top 12 Favorite Tourist Spots In Hong Kong
Hong Kong is known the world over as a glamorous city and a top choice for luxury shopping. But this city-state is steeped in culture and history, and has a lot more to offer than mouthwatering dim sum and an impressive skyline.

Hong Kong has an energy about it that is hard to describe. Around every corner is something new and unique, whether it's an ancient temple, a shop selling the latest electronic gadget, or a man taking his bird in a cage for a walk.

Hong Kong has another side as well, where you'll find forest-covered mountains, hiking trails, beautiful beaches, islands, and traditional fishing villages.

As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong presents an interesting study in the influences of ancient Chinese culture, as well as its own attitudes and history, independent from that of mainland China.

Hong Kong is one of the most impressive cities in the world, certainly, but there's much more here than meets the eye. Find out what to see and do and discover the best places to visit with our list of top attractions in Hong Kong.
Here are 12 Favorite Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong
1. Victoria’s Peak
2. Hong Kong Disneyland
3. Tian Tan Buddha Statue
4. Dragon's Back
5. Sky 100
6. Ocean Park
7. Repulse Bay and the Beaches
8. Star Ferry
9. Peak Tram
10. Avenue of Stars
11. Wong Tai Sin Temple
12. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
#hongkong #hongkongtourism #hongkongtopspots

4 Best Places in Hong Kong, China

4 Best Places in Hong Kong, China

Check our recent video

The world’s original international city, many people ask what country is Hong Kong in? The answer isn’t as simple as it may seem; with its own money, passports and legal system Hong Kong isn’t quite Chinese, but with Chinese flags flying from its buildings and Beijing appointing its chief executive it isn’t quite independent. We unravel exactly what country Hong Kong is in. This video is best tourist places in hong kong, china. visiting also.

Until 1997, and the Hong Kong handover, Hong Kong was a colony of the United Kingdom, ruled by a governor.

Today, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) is a part of China, although this comes with a biblical size of caveats.

Hong Kong’s Basic Law, as agreed between China and Britain, means Hong Kong will retain its own currency (the Hong Kong dollar), legal system, and parliamentary system for fifty years. This means, for all practical purposes, Hong Kong is actually a separate country to China.

Visitors to Hong Kong, who usually receive visa free access, will have to apply for a visa to visit China. Chinese nationals also require permits to visit Hong Kong. Hong Kong and China maintain a border.

Hong Kong is not a province
Hong Kong is not a country
Hong Kong is a company *
Hong Kong is a protectorate **

* the leader is called the Chief Executive and the most influential people are businessmen who play HK like hasbro.comMonopoly
** HK has administrative and political independence, except in defence (military) and foreign affairs, which are responsibilities of the PRC. Officially called Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

For more about Hong Kong, check

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HongKong Travel Guide | Best Places of HongKong | Touropia XP

Thank you for watching video !!
#HongKong #Travel #Guide | Best Places of Hong Kong | Touropia XP
Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a metropolitan area and special administrative region of the People's Republic of China on the eastern Pearl River Delta of the South China Sea. Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical, tending towards temperate for nearly half the year. During November and December there are pleasant breezes, plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Best Nightlife Experiences in Hong Kong :

Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo.
Rooftop bars.
Symphony of Lights Hong Kong.
Wan Chai.
Clubbing in Hong Kong.
Night cruise.
Temple Street Night Market.
Hong Kong night tour.

Sovereign state: People's Republic of China
Regional language: Cantonese
Population: 7.507 million (2019) World Bank
Official scripts: Traditional Chinese; English alphabet
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Top 10 Hong Kong Tourist Attractions | Hong Kong Travel Guide (2021) | Ghoomo Now - ???? ???????? #shorts ❤️

Top 10 Hong Kong Tourist Attractions | Hong Kong Travel Guide (2021) | Ghoomo Now - ???? ???????? #shorts ❤️ will show Top 10 places to visit in Hong Kong to help you short-list Best of Hong Kong if you have planned a travel tour at this inspiring destination. Hong Kong, S.A.R – P.R.C.

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This #shorts video will show you Magic of Hong Kong as well as give you insight into Hong Kong Street Food Tour & Travel Guide; interesting facts about Hong Kong, Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong, etc. A city with world’s longest sea bridge – Hong Kong has many places of breath-taking beauty & fun. This shorts tour will also show you a peek into the Hong Kong History, the Best of Hong Kong such as Big Buddha (Tian Tan), Victoria Peak, Star Ferry, Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Disneyland, Happy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong Skyline, Dragon's Back Hike, Hong Kong Tramways, etc.



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Stunning HONG KONG, CHINA ???????? [4K] | Drone Aerial Tour of Best Places

Let take a tour of best places in HONG KONG CHINA by drone in 4k.
This video showcase most beautiful places in the Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China).
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12 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known the worlds over as a glamorous business centre, and a select metropoli for comfort patronize. But this city-state is steeped in culture and history, and has a lot more to offer than mouth-watering dim part and an superb skyline. Hong Kong has an intensity about it that is hard to describe. Millions of people are crammed into a small infinite that somehow seems to function flawlessly. Around every corner is something new and peculiar, whether it's an archaic church, a browse selling the latest electronic contraption, or a humankind making his fledgling in a cage for a saunter. As a Special Administrative Sphere of China, Hong Kong presents an interesting analyze in the influences of archaic Chinese culture as well as its own attitudes and history, independent from that of mainland China. A trip to Hong Kong can include expansive vistums of tract, ocean, and structure, extraordinary seas, great hikes, and traditional fish villages with a slower tempo of life. Hong Kong is one of the most impressive metropolitans in the worlds, surely, but there's much more to the country than congregates the eye.

Bellow information place
1 Star Ferry
2 Victoria Peak
3 Victoria Central Business District
4 Wong Tai Sin Temple
5 Tsim Sha Tsui
6 Avenue of Stars
7 Ocean Park
8 Repulse Bay and the Beaches
9 Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue)
10 Tai O Fishing Village
11 Temple Street Night Market
12 Dragon's Back Hike

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