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10 Best Places to Visit in El Salvador


El Salvador Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit El Salvador? Check out our El Salvador Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in El Salvador.

Top Places to visit in El Salvador:
Lake Ilopango, San Salvador, El Boqueron National Park, Lago de Coatepeque, Cathedral of Santa Ana, Tazumal, National Palace, San Salvador Cathedral, Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo, Estadio Cuscatlán, Teatro Nacional de El Salvador, Casa Blanca, El Salvador, Casa Presidencial, Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen, Estadio Óscar Quiteño

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The best place for vacation in central america - El Salvador

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El Salvador Needs to be on Your Bucket List

Did you know that El Salvador is smaller than Massachusetts, but has HUNDREDS of volcanoes?!

I had the opportunity to visit El Salvador a few weeks ago on a tour with Salvadorean Tours, and I was blown away by the natural beauty, hospitable people and tasty food (hello #pupusas)! We went all over the country, hiking volcanoes, visiting small villages, touring big cities, etc -- and I loved every second of being there.

El Salvador, unfortunately, gets a bad reputation on the news & media for being unsafe, and therefore, many tourists avoid going there. I'm here to tell you not to listen to the news and come visit for yourself to see how truly spectacular this country is. I'm not saying crime doesn't exist there (crime is everywhere) -- but as long as you take normal precautions and use common sense (i.e. avoid dangerous areas at night), then you will be fine. Salvadorean People are warm and friendly, and almost everyone is open to having a genuine conversation.

I hope this video changes your perspectives on the beauty of El Salvador.

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Lugares Turísticos De El Salvador│The best tourist attractions in El Salvador

Estos son unos de los lugares más visitados en nuestro querido El Salvador.


las mejores playas
las mejores playas de el salvador
the best beaches in el salvador
playa las flores
playa el cuco
playa el tunco
playa el sunzal
playa los cobanos
playa el esteron
playa las tunas

🇸🇻 Qué ver en EL SALVADOR, el pulgarcito de América

¿CONOCES EL SALVADOR? En el pulgarcito de América encotrarás de todo: ciudades coloniales como Suchitoto, playas como El Tunco, gente maravillosa... #ElSalvador #ElTunco #SanSalvador

El Salvador Impresionante / El Salvador Impressive

Today we will travel through El Salvador, a little great country that has a lot to show, so let’s not waste time and let's go to our first destination: Suchitoto, which is for me the great secret jewel of the colonial towns. Located next to Lake Suchitlán, there are few colonial cities in Latin America as well preserved and so little exploited by tourism, so it is a delight to walk through its streets surrounded by colors, history and especially the Salvadoran peaceful life.

Important notice! If you come to Suchitoto you are going to get your hands dirty because we are in one of the great centers of natural production of indigo. For those who do not know what I’m saying, indigo is a plant whose leaves, after a fermentation process, give a natural blue dye called indigo, with which we are going to dye a scarf

The first thing to do are knots with rubbers, thereby creating our own decor. Then, with a thread we will roll up the scarf to turn it into a long sausage. Now is when we are going to stain our hands submerging the scarf several times in the dye. We remove the excess of indigo, washing with soap and water, let it dry for several hours and we have our indigo-dyed scarf following natural processes.

El Salvador has two very good things for a visitor. The first is that it has everything: colonial towns, archeological sites, lush nature, endless beaches, traditions, gastronomy ... And the second is that being a small country, everything is very close. You know what they say: good essences come in small countries.

That's right, El Salvador has everything, and everything is very close so we will not take too long to reach El Malecón del Puerto de La Libertad, a destination that blends tradition and gastronomy. That pier that goes into the sea keeps the best of traditional Salvadoran fishing, dozens of small boats that every day bring to harbor an amazing variety of fish, which are cleaned and sold right away in the same boat where hours earlier they were fished. This gorgeous fish market is the source of fish of the chefs of the best restaurants in the country, and now you can imagine that here you can eat perhaps the best ceviches of El Salvador.

I do not want to end the episode without showing you at least one other site, so let's get to the surfer’s paradise of El Salvador: the beach of El Tunco, a destination marked in red on the agenda of waves lovers. Here come every year thousands of surfers from all over the world who spend hours into in these warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, constantly catching waves. It seems that the day in El Tunco is running out, but we still have much to discover in El Salvador, but we will do it another day and in another video.

TRYING FOOD IN EL SALVADOR | Comida tipica de El Salvador, Salvadorian Food!

I have been loving the food in El Salvador. I visited the markets in San Salvador and tried local food, as well as visiting Juayua and it's famous food market.

This travel vlog features some of my favourite foods in El Salvador; if you have your own suggestions as the best food here...please let me know. Loving Salvadorian Food!

Thanks to the fantastic @tuncolife for taking me to some great food places!



Best Places to Visit in El Salvador

Best Places to Visit in El Salvador

Las 5 mejores playas de El Salvador│The top 5 beaches in El Salvador

Sin duda alguna nuestro país tiene muchas playas hermosas. Estas son las 5 mejores playas de El Salvador.

El Salvador
El Salvador beach
playa el cuco
playa el tunco
playa los cóbanos
Playa costa del sol
Playa las flores
Playa el sunzal
Playa el Zonte
Playa las tunas

El Salvador news, discover the best places, with local experts

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10 Things You Need to Know About El Salvador

Get to know a little bit about El Salvador.

10 Cheapest Countries in the World

Think travel is expensive? Think again! ... Here are the top 10 cheapest countries in the world from my experiences!!

El Salvador

Do you have any other countries to add to this list? Comment below!

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El Salvador Travel Video Guide

El Salvador Travel Video Guide - El Salvador sneaks up on you: in lefty lounge bars in San Salvador, at sobering museums and war memorials, and along lush cloud-forest trails; it's a place of remarkable warmth and intelligence, made all the more appealing for being so unexpected. Travellers tend to skip El Salvador, wooed by marquee destinations such as Guatemala and Costa Rica, and unnerved by stories of civil war and gang violence. But the war ended almost 20 years ago, and crime, while serious, is almost exclusively played out between rival gangs; tourists are virtually never involved.

El Salvador Travel Fact: And though El Salvador has fewer protected areas than its neighbors, you get them practically to yourself -- including pristine forests, active volcanoes and sparkling lakes. The only place you might find a crowd is on Punta Roca, El Salvador's most famous surfing spot -- it happens to be one of the best right point breaks in the world, yet is a ghost town compared to lesser swells in Costa Rica and elsewhere. And when it comes to cities, none in Central America is smarter or cooler than San Salvador, with first-rate universities, museums and galleries, a vibrant bar and live-music scene, and an array of progressive NGOs, both local and international.

Enjoy your El Salvador Travel Video Guide!

El Salvador, Central America

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Nicole Evans:
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Travel to : El Salvador !!!

Best places to visit in El Salvador !! Enjoy the video !!

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Depends on your starting point and your destination in Nepal
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El Salvador - Not So Dangerous After All...

This was my first time to an under developed country. The first couple days were rough, but when I let go and immersed myself in the culture I learned to appreciate life in it's simplest form. I hope you enjoy my video, please like and share if you would like to see more of this in the world!

Travel Guide: El Salvador


Welcome to El Salvador,

A country in Central America bordered by Honduras and Guatemala. the state capital is located in the city of san salvador. One objective of inclusive vacations most visited famous tourist is from La Libertad, in the central region of the country. Beaches like El Tunco or El Sunzal ideal for Surf. Many Europeans and Americans have been fascinated by the waves Salvador, ranked among the best in the world for surfing.

El Salvador tourism offers many natural attractions including, beautiful beaches, mild tropical climate and lush landscapes. It also offers an important archaeological heritage and ecology, with the remnants of colonial and pre-Columbian, and the national reserve. El Salvador also has tremendous potential in the field of cultural tourism, with more than 2,000 known archaeological sites, sample the Maya and Olmec culture, especially. They stand out for their interests archeological remains of the Pyramid of San Andrés, Joya de Ceren, Cihuatán, Quelepa, Tazumal and Tehuacan.

On the beach Salvador can fish, surf, or just sunbathing. The entire coast of the country has beautiful beaches, from Ahuachapan to La Unión. Each one is special, for the people, waters and beautiful sunsets. Tourists can visit the Costa del Sol and Jiquilisco Bay, which is one of the largest attractions of the most heavenly in this country's natural diversity.

El Salvador has a variety of national parks is important, both for the quantity and uniqueness. The most important ecological areas are, among others: The National Reserve Forest El Imposible, Cerro Verde National Park, Montecristo National Park, The Conchagua Volcano National Park, The Jocotal Lake, El Forest of Nancuchiname. Famous archaeological sites such as: Joya de Ceren (ancient Mayan settlement) and Tazumal Ruins in Santa Ana.




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