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10 Best Places to Visit in El Salvador


EL SALVADOR Top 45 Tourist Places | El Salvador Tourism

El Salvador (Things to do - Places to Visit) - EL SALVADOR Top Tourist Places
A country in Central America

El Salvador, officially the Republic of El Salvador, is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America.

It is bordered on the northeast by Honduras, on the northwest by Guatemala, and on the south by the Pacific Ocean. El Salvador's capital and largest city is San Salvador.

EL SALVADOR Top 45 Tourist Places | El Salvador Tourism

Things to do in EL SALVADOR - Places to Visit in El Salvador

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EL SALVADOR Top 45 Tourist Places - El Salvador, Central America

Where to visit in El Salvador?

What are your top spots to visit in El Salvador? I can't mention all of my favourite places in one this is just PART ONE of some of the top places to visit in beautiful El Salvador.

I've tried to pick some varied places, and would love to hear you guys' recommendations!

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Best Places To Visit in El Salvador in 2021

For the complete list head over to my blog:

Traveling to El Salvador and looking for cool things to do? See here all the best tourist attractions and places to visit in El Salvador...

SAN SALVADOR Top 42 Tourist Places | San Salvador Tourism | EL SALVADOR

San Salvador (Things to do - Places to Visit) - SAN SALVADOR Top Tourist Places
Capital of El Salvador

San Salvador is the capital and the most populous city of El Salvador and its eponymous department. It is the country's political, cultural, educational and financial center.

The Metropolitan Area of San Salvador which comprises the capital itself and 13 of its municipalities has a population of 2,404,097.

SAN SALVADOR Top 42 Tourist Places | San Salvador Tourism

Things to do in SAN SALVADOR - Places to Visit in San Salvador

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SAN SALVADOR Top 42 Tourist Places - San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America


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Why you should visit El Salvador | Our top sites to visit | El Salvador Travel Guide

In this episode we show you our top sites to visit in El Salvador. So why visit El Salvador, many people make the mistake of overlooking this amazing country and so as part of our El Salvador Travel guide video series we share with you our must see sites after spending weeks exploring it.

From the capital San Salvador, to the beach to the colourful towns and coffee growing regions there is something for everyone in El Salvador
So don't listen to all the hype on is El Salvador Safe or don't go because El Salvador is dangerous. We had the best time in El Salvador and we hope to show you why in this travel guide to visiting our top sites to visit.

Thank the people of El Salvador for making us feel so welcome - we'll be back one day

A huge thanks to Edwin from EC Tours for showing us the beauty of El Salvador and if you are looking for tours then check out their web site

And thanks to Suchitoto adventure Outfitters for the tours we went on in Suchitoto

Thanks for watching and coming on this adventure with us as we TREAD the Globe.

Travel vlog 237 | Top sites to visit El Salvador | Country #18/195

If you're planning a trip to El Salvador or Central America then be sure to see the playlists for more tips.

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Best Places to Visit in El Salvador

The best places to visit and best things to do or things to see in El Salvador.

Lugares Turísticos De El Salvador│The best tourist attractions in El Salvador | Salvadoreñísimo

Estos son unos de los lugares más visitados en nuestro querido El Salvador.


Regalando víveres a personas necesitadas:

Así se ganan la vida estos niños:

¿Quien es Nayib Bukele? Nuevo presidente de El Salvador:

¿Quién es Gabriela de Bukele? Nueva primera dama de El Salvador:

Toma de posesión de Nayib Bukele | Datos interesantes:

¿Qué opina la gente de Nayib Bukele? Nuevo presidente de El Salvador:

Salvadoreño en la NASA :

Los mejores memes de la toma de posesión de Nayib Bukele:

¿Qué significan estas palabras Salvadoreñas? | Vocabulario Salvadoreño:


las mejores playas
las mejores playas de el salvador
the best beaches in el salvador
playa las flores
playa el cuco
playa el tunco
playa el sunzal
playa los cobanos
playa el esteron
playa las tunas

Visitando los mejores sitios de El Salvador

Volteamos al sur y desde México viajamos a El Salvador. Nuestros hermanos centroamericanos serán los guías en el también llamado pulgarcito de América.

Por su tamaño, todo en este país está cerca. Nuestra primera parada fue la costa del Pacífico para pasar el día en la playa El Tunco en el departamento de La Libertad. Después, conocimos más sobre la capital, San Salvador, donde nos agradó su centro histórico.

Practicamos senderismo al llegar hasta la cima del volcán Santa Ana o Ilamatepec, y vimos un hermoso atardecer en el lago Coatepeque. También, nos empapamos de cultura al realizar la Ruta de las Flores.

Cerramos nuestro viaje al visitar el pueblo de Suchitoto, con la arquitectura colonial más bella de todo el país, y aprendimos de la historia e influencia maya en el sitio arqueológico de San Andrés, el mayor del país.

Con subtítulos en español e inglés.

Subtítulos: @jamesadamlogan


Hi Guys!! Welcome to the travel vlog series!! If you love beautiful free hikes and you would love to enjoy some of the best beach destinations in the world, then you need to add EL SALVADOR to your bucket list.

In this vlog, you will learn from fun traditions, food, places to visit, and history to start planning your trip to my home country!

Thank you again for watching, liking, and subscribing - Love, Ingrid!
#elsalvadortravel #elsalvadorimpresionante

El Salvador – is it dangerous to visit? | The safest places 1 week budget travel guide

Is El Salvador safe for tourists? How dangerous is it to visit? A one week travel guide for El Tunco, Sunzal and La Libertad on a budget.

Answers questions like: Is it expensive or cheap to travel El Salvador? Where to go and where to stay? What to do in El Salvador? Where are the best beaches and where to party. 1 week itinerary.

In Chinese:
薩爾瓦多對遊客安全嗎?參觀有多危險?為期一周的El Tunco,Sunzal和La Libertad旅行指南。

El Salvador: What to eat in El Salvador

El Salvadorian cuisine has become a popular food in many parts of the US in recent years for good reason. There are so many incredible dishes and flavors that come from El Salvador. The most popular is the pupusa which is two tortillas filled with various fillings that you eat with curtido and salsa. That is not all there is to enjoy, from the incredible seafood to the unlimited amount of beans, rice, and fruit you will have, you will not go hungry as a tourist on a vacation in El Salvador.
Traditional El Salvador Food
Filmed in El Salvador
Copyright Mark Wolters 2020
#travel #elsalvador #pupusas

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Why visit EL SALVADOR ? HONEST opinions from Travellers

We spent a few weeks exploring El Salvador and despite it's reputation, of being dangerous, we had an amazing time. Was our experience unique ? We invite other travel creators to talk about their honest impression of this underrated country.

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Travel vlog 305 | El Salvador | Country 30/197

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TOP 10???? Lugares únicos para visitar en EL SALVADOR

Durante nuestro recorrido por El Salvador descubrimos varios lugares, pero en este vídeo queremos compartir “El TOP de 10 Lugares Únicos para Visitar en El Salvador

Hay una cosa que me duele al visitar un país: que sé que tarde o temprano lo tendré que dejar. En ocasiones es fácil y en otras difícil, en otras deseas salir porque se avecina un invierno duro o porque una pandemia va pisándote los talones.
En otras ocasiones quieres quedarte para seguir descubriendo las maravillas, gente, comida del país.
Pero, hay un reloj que no para para y te recuerda que tienes que avanzar antes de que tu permiso de estancia caduque, y así cruzas fronteras, y sales de una etapa para entrar a otra nueva por descubrir en tu viaje.
Pero, de pronto, en algunos países todo pasa muy rápido, tan rápido que ni te enteras que te has ido, porque en tu burbuja del viaje sigues editando videos y fotos de ese lugar, sigues hablando con gente de ese país por WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
Sigues disfrutando de algún que otro suvenir gastronómico que al comerlo o beberlo vuelves a revivir tus días ahí…
Esto nos pasó con el país más chiquitín del continente… EL SALVADOR, al cual Gabriela Mistral lo bautizó como el Pulgarcito de América
En este post les explicamos nuestro recorrido por este maravilloso país lleno de gente hermosa y lugares increíbles…

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Entonces, te contamos que nuestra historia ya comenzó con gatos y en tierra neutral. Nos conocimos en EE.UU. y en aquel entonces, Eva ya tenía a Nino y a Nuix, dos gatos gringos que había adoptado en Alabama. A pesar de que Carlos tenía alergia a los gatos, el amor triunfó y ¡¡nos casamos en Las Vegas!! Después, nos fuimos a vivir a tierras catalanas donde adoptamos al tercer tripulante de cuatro patas: Cachito. Y finalmente, nos mudamos los cinco a vivir al Caribe mexicano. ¿No te has mareado todavía? Pues seguimos...

En tierras caribeñas empezamos a pensar en cómo viajar con los gatos ¡y se nos ocurrió la idea de viajar en kombi! Así que realmente, compramos la Kukis para los gatos, y la encontramos en Guadalajara, México.

Sin realmente saber si el experimento iba a funcionar, dejamos atrás nuestra vida en México, dejamos nuestros trabajos, regalamos nuestras pertenencias y el 31 de diciembre de 2014, pusimos rumbo al sur con la intención de empezar a cruzar fronteras y conocer tantos países latinoamericanos como fuera posible.

Ahora ya llevamos más de 5 años de viaje y 18 países recorridos... ¡y seguimos! Nuestra aventura se ha convertido en una colección de momentos inolvidables con gente especial que ya forma parte de nuestra vida: nuevos amigos que hemos conocido en la ruta, extraños que nos han ayudado sin esperar nada a cambio y quienes nos acompañan virtualmente de manera incondicional a través de Instagram, Facebook y YouTube.

¡Gracias a tod@s por formar parte de nuestra aventura! Ayúdanos y viaja con nosotros también suscribiéndote a Nuestro Canal YouTube y conoce las peripecias de los 5 tripulantes de 2 y 4 patas de Xino-Xano.

Este vídeo fue grabado el entre el mes de febrero y marzo del 2020.

BUDGET TRAVEL - El Salvador is so CHEAP

BUDGET TRAVEL - El Salvador is so CHEAP

I'm always looking for great budget travel options and El Salvador has always eluded me - until now. After a few quick google searches, I learned about a surf town called El Tunco - winning!

After my quick Central America vacation, I can now confirm - El Salvador is an UNDERRATED cheap travel destination. The locals loved tourists. El Tunco is a super small, quaint surf town with some seriously chill vibes. I felt safe the entire time. The coastline is mostly rock beaches with just about every type of surf break you could want.

Yes, El Salvador is off the beaten track. No, El Salvador is not a perfect country. For those reasons, I believe El Salvador has remained a hidden gem for budget travelers.

This was my first every Youtube vlog style video. Let me know what you think :)

IG: Theregoessimon

El Salvador - 10 Things You'll Love About This Country | 90+ Countries with 3 Kids

You might be wondering if El Salvador is safe and if it's ok to visit. Well, let me tell you...we had an amazing time!

We visited everything from the downtown market in San Salvador to the countryside along the Flower Route known as La Ruta de las Flores. We climbed the Santa Ana Volcano and the whole time we felt completely safe and absolutely loved it.

We decided to share with you 10 reasons why you'll love visiting El Salvador too!

We hope you enjoy the video and make sure to let us know where you're watching from!

#ElSalvador #SanSalvador
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El Salvador: Is it Safe to Visit El Salvador?

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Thinking about visiting the Mayan ruins of San Andres or Tazumal? Wanting to surf some of the best waves in Central America? El Salvador is a country with a lot of undiscovered wonders, but with the ranking as the murder capital of the world many tourists shy away from. Here we go through safety issues and safety concerns that travelers should look out for when they visit El Salvador.
Copyright Mark Wolters 2020
Filmed at Lago de Coatepeque, El Salvador
#elsalvador #visitelsalvador

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Two weeks in EL SALVADOR! | El Salvador Vlog 2020

Escape the tourist trail with a trip to El Salvador! This El Salvador vlog will give you all the information you need for planning two weeks in El Salvador. If you love to surf then El Salvador beaches like El Sunzal and El Tunco beach are a must. The Ruta De Las Flores has something for everyone, from food fairs and colourful towns to adventure seeking activities like ziplining in Apaneca and rappelling down the Seven Waterfalls in Juayua. It is not a proper El Salvador adventure without travelling by chicken bus and eating lots of pupusas! After watching this, you will definitely be adding an El Salvador trip to your Central America travel itinerary.

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This video has captions in multiple languages.

A big thanks to our friends Samuel and David for sharing their videos from Ruta Fresca with us!

0:00 Introduction to El Salvador Travel
1:10 What is the currency of El Salvador?
1:19 Electricity outlets used in El Salvador
1:30 Best places in El Salvador: La Ruta De Las Flores
2:24 Travelling by chicken bus in El Salvador
3:41 Best beaches in El Salvador: El Tunco and El Sunzal
4:43 The national dish of El Salvador: Pupusas
5:34 El Salvador travel destination: Ruta Fresca El Salvador
7:17 El Salvador tourism destination: Santa Ana Volcano
7:20 Visiting El Salvador: Spanish colonial town of Suchitoto

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Centro Coasting was our public transport travelling bible in Central America, so very helpful!

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Holiday by JayJen & Osheen |

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License


El Salvador 4K Channel:

El Salvador Dia a Dia

Ministerio de Medio Ambiente

Youtubero Salvadoreño

#Elsalvadorvlog2020 #Elsalvador #centralamericatravel

El Salvador | Travel Vlog | ✈️

His First Visit! ✈️
This trip was initially planned way earlier in the year but got delayed! We wanted to share our trip and experience in the beautiful country of El Salvador ???????? . Prior to our trip, we were tested several times. Throughout our trip, we practiced social distancing, use of facial masks and remained only with family :).
You'd be surprised how many more precautions El Salvador is taking! Which is wonderful. All restaurants gave us hand sanitizer and checked our temperatures upon arrival!

In this video we visited:
Lago Coatepeque
Hotel Pacific Paradise
Costa del Sol

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Stay Tuned for Part 2!

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