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10 Best Places to Visit in Palau


TOP 10 Places to Visit in Palau

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10. Ngkeklau
Ngkeklau is a populated area in the southern region of the state of Ngaraard in the Republic of Palau. The town has a small population, on the east coastal plains of Ngaraard.

09. Kloulklubed
Kloulklubed is the main settlement on the Palau island of Peleliu. it is situated at the northern end of the island, close to North beach.

08. Airai
Weather: 27°C, Wind E at 0 km/h, 82% HumidityHotels: 3-star averaging.

07. Melekeok
Melekeok is a town in the State of Melekeok. It is located on the east coast of Palau's largest island, Babeldaob.

06. Angaur
Angaur or Ngeaur is an island in the island nation of Palau. The island, which forms its own state, has an area of 8 km². Its population was 130 in 2012. The state capital is the village of Ngeremasch on the western side.

05. Eil Malk
Eil Malk or Mecherchar is the main island of the Mecherchar Islands, an island group of Palau in the Pacific Ocean. In a more narrow sense, just the southeastern peninsula of Mecherchar is called Eil Malk.

04. Ngerulmud
Ngerulmud is the seat of government of the Republic of Palau, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. It replaced Koror City, Palau's largest city, as capital in 2006.

03. Babeldaob
Babeldaob is the largest island in the island nation of the Republic of Palau. It is in the western Caroline Islands, and the second largest island in the Micronesia region of Oceania.

02. Rock Islands
The Rock Islands of Palau, also called Chelbacheb, are a small collection of limestone or coral uprises, ancient relics of coral reefs that violently surfaced to form Islands in Palau's Southern Lagoon, .

01. Koror
Koror is the state comprising the main commercial centre of the Republic of Palau. It consists of several islands, the most prominent being Koror Island. The state of Koror contains about 70% of the population of the country.

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How to Get to Palau

Wondering how to get to Palau? This video explains where Palau is located and how to get to Palau in the most efficient way.
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Palau Paradise (Oceania) Vacation Travel Wild Video Guide

The Republic of Palau consists of a string of islands along an oceanic ridge in the Western most part of the North Pacific, 800 Km East of the Philippines, 660 Km North of Irianjaya and 2000 Km North of Australia. Palau is part of a scattering of islands that became known collectively as the Caroline Islands. These islands lie within the larger region of Micronesia and it’s not hard to see the attraction of this place. Palau’s such an untouched paradise above and below the waterline.

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Palau Road Trip

We decided to rent a car in The Republic of Palau, a chain of islands in the Pacific between the Philippines and Guam. Across from our hotel, the Palau Hotel was a rent-a-car place that was really inexpensive! $30 a day for the whole day!

While Jess loves to plan out adventures, Ben enjoys spur of the moment days. We drove around the 16 states of Palau and saw a few cool spots. We stumbled upon the Etpison Museum and learned about Palauan culture and history and ended the day at the Nagadrmau Waterfall!

We got a bit lost looking for the waterfall, but after a 20 minute hike found the main trail and got to play in the water. It then started to rain and we had to stomp around in the mud on the way up. Luckily we had a dry bag to protect our camera gear. All in all, it was quite an adventure!

Thanks for watching!

Stay Curious!

Jess and Ben


Driving in the city of Koror Palau

Top10 Recommended Hotels in Koror, Palau, Oceania

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Top10 Recommended Hotels in Koror, Palau, Oceania: 1. Palau Pacific Resort *****
2. Palau Royal Resort *****
3. Garden Palace Downtown Koror ****
4. Airai Water Paradise Hotel & Spa ***
5. Palau Hotel ****
6. G.A.U. Mechang Lagoon Resort ***
7. Palasia Hotel ****
8. Island Paradise Resort Club
9. Beluu Sea View Resort
10. Rose Garden Resort ***

1. Palau Pacific Resort, 96940 Koror, Palau, Price range: $354 - $528
Showcasing a hot tub and a private beach area, Palau Pacific Resort is located in Koror. The resort has a year-round outdoor pool and terrace, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or a drink at the bar. Free private parking is available on site.
2. P.O. Box 10108, 96940 Koror, Palau, ?Price range: $244 - $356
Showcasing a playground and views of the sea, Palau Royal Resort is located in Koror. The resort has a sun terrace and fitness center, and guests can enjoy a drink at the bar. Free private parking is available on site.
3. Garden Palace Downtown Koror, Ngerbeched, 96940 Koror, Palau, Price range: $173 - $307
Featuring free WiFi and a terrace, Garden Palace Downtown Koror offers accommodations in Koror. Free private parking is available on site.
4. P.O. Box 8067, Koror, Palau, 96940 Koror, Palau, ?Price range: $105 - $275
Showcasing an outdoor pool and views of the sea, Airai Water Paradise Hotel & Spa is located in Koror. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant.
5. P.O.Box 457, Ikelau Hamlet, 96940 Koror, Palau, Price range: $108
Featuring free WiFi and a sun terrace, Palau Hotel offers accommodations in Koror. Free private parking is available on site.
6. P O Box 68 Ngermid, 96940 Koror, Palau, ?Price range: $117 - $184
G.A.U. Mechang Lagoon Resort offers accommodations in Koror. The hotel has a playground and water sports facilities, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Free WiFi is featured throughout the property and free private parking is available on site.
7. P.O Box 10027 Koror, 96940 Koror, Palau, Price range: $131 - $217
Featuring free WiFi and a sauna, Palasia Hotel offers accommodations in Koror. The hotel has an outdoor pool and fitness center, and guests can enjoy a drink at the bar. Free private parking is available on site.
8. P.O. Box 6114, Koror, Palau, 96940 Koror, Palau, Price range: $234 - $333
Featuring a sun terrace with a swimming pool, as well as a garden, Island Paradise Resort Club is set in Koror. Featuring a bar, the resort has air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom. The accommodation provides a 24-hour front desk.
9. Meyungs, 96940 Koror, Palau, Price range: $189
Featuring free WiFi and a restaurant, Beluu Sea View Resort offers accommodations in Koror. The resort has a sun terrace and views of the sea, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Free private parking is available on site.
10. Ngerkebesang Meyuns, 96940 Koror, Palau, Price range: $440 - $501
Featuring free WiFi, a restaurant and a terrace, Rose Garden Resort offers accommodations in Koror. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. Free private parking is available on site.

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Top Cities and Towns of Palau - Island Country

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1) Airai
2) Imeong
3) Kloulklubed
4) Koror
5) Melekeok
6) Meyuns
7) Ngaramash
8) Ngetkip
9) Ollei
10) Ulimang

Palau , officially the Republic of Palau (Palauan: Beluu er a Belau), is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is geographically part of the larger island group of Micronesia. The country's population of around 21,000 is spread across 250 islands forming the western chain of the Caroline Islands. The most populous island is Koror. The islands share maritime boundaries with Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Federated States of Micronesia. The capital Ngerulmud is located in Melekeok State on the nearby island of Babeldaob.
The country was originally settled around 3,000 years ago by migrants from the Philippines and sustained a Negrito population until around 900 years ago. The islands were first visited by Europeans in the 18th century, and were made part of the Spanish East Indies in 1885. Following Spain's defeat in the Spanish--American War in 1898, the islands were sold to Imperial Germany in 1899 under the terms of the German--Spanish Treaty, where they were administered as part of German New Guinea. The Imperial Japanese Navy conquered Palau during World War I, and the islands were later made a part of the Japanese-ruled South Pacific Mandate by the League of Nations. During World War II, skirmishes, including the major Battle of Peleliu, were fought between American and Japanese troops as part of the Mariana and Palau Islands campaign. Along with other Pacific Islands, Palau was made a part of the United States-governed Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands in 1947. Having voted against joining the Federated States of Micronesia in 1979, the islands gained full sovereignty in 1994 under a Compact of Free Association with the United States.
Politically, Palau is a presidential republic in free association with the United States, which provides defense, funding, and access to social services. Legislative power is concentrated in the bicameral Palau National Congress. Palau's economy is based mainly on tourism, subsistence agriculture and fishing, with a significant portion of gross national product (GNP) derived from foreign aid. The country uses the United States dollar as its currency. The islands' culture mixes Japanese, Micronesian and Melanesian elements. The majority of citizens are of mixed Micronesian, Melanesian, and Austronesian descent, with significant groups descended from Japanese and Filipino settlers. The country's two official languages are Palauan (member of the wider Sunda--Sulawesi language group) and English, with Japanese, Sonsorolese, and Tobian recognised as regional languages.


PALAU Top 33 Tourist Places | Palau Tourism

Palau (Things to do - Places to Visit) - PALAU Top Tourist Places
Country in Oceania

Palau is an archipelago of over 500 islands, part of the Micronesia region in the western Pacific Ocean. Koror Island is home to the former capital, also named Koror, and is the islands’ commercial center.

The larger Babeldaob has the present capital, Ngerulmud, plus mountains and sandy beaches on its east coast. In its north, ancient basalt monoliths known as Badrulchau lie in grassy fields surrounded by palm trees.

PALAU Top 33 Tourist Places | Palau Tourism

Things to do in PALAU - Places to Visit in Palau

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PALAU Top 33 Tourist Places - Palau, Oceania

Best Attractions and Places to See in Palau, Italy

Palau Travel Guide. MUST WATCH. Top things you have to do in Palau. We have sorted Tourist Attractions in Palau for You. Discover Palau as per the Traveler Resources given by our Travel Specialists. You will not miss any fun thing to do in Palau.

This Video has covered Best Attractions and Things to do in Palau.

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List of Best Things to do in Palau, Italy

Spiaggia di Talmone
Porto Pollo
La Fortezza di Monte Altura
Batteria militare di Talmone
Roccia dell'Orso
Cala di Trana
La Sciumara - Rada di Mezzo Schifo
Spiaggia Porto Mannu
Raviolo Sardo
Spiaggia dell'Isola dei Gabbiani (Isuledda)


Our week exploring the best of Palau, from world class dive and snorkel sites to white sand beaches and jungle waterfalls. This remote gem is full of natural wonders so sit back, enjoy the footage, and start planning your next adventure! Watch in 1080p :)

Places visited: Palau Royal Resort, Neco Marine, Ulong Channel, Clam City, Big Drop Off, Choll, Ngardmau & Ngatpang Waterfalls, Malakal Harbour

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Palau is an island paradise standing up to the world

The tiny island of Palau is a remote, beautiful paradise and the rest of the world knows it. But existing in a connected world can put extreme stress on small countries. The nation of just 20,000 people has seen an influx of tourists recently, but that hasn’t necessarily been a good thing.

But visitors arriving by the tens of thousands from such behemoths as Japan, South Korea, and China, put considerable stress on Palau’s environment and economy.

Quartz News travels far into the Pacific to find out how the island nation of Palau is standing up for itself against the world’s superpowers.


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On Location: Palau

Growing up on the beautiful tropical islands of Palau in the Pacific Ocean, Rondy is used to living between reef and rainforest. Rondy takes us on an adventure by boat through the rock islands, experiences world class diving and marine wildlife as well as relaxes in the natural spa called the milky way. On land he visit a local Arai village to teach us Palauan traditions and customs but above all shows us, why Palau is known as a pristine paradise.

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Palau & Peleliu (America's Compact Countries Part 4/4) 4K

Part 1 Marshall Islands
Part 2 Pohnpei, FSM
Part 3 Chuuk, FSM
Part 4 Palau

An overview of Palau as part of the U.S. Compact of Free Association. Looks at its history, origins, its current government, and the island of Peleliu, where we speak to a local survivor of the 1944 battle, and finally a spectacular look at the UNESCO world Heritage Site, the Rock Islands. This is part 4 of a 4 part series on the U.S. Compact. The other parts cover the Marshall Islands and Palau. Filmed on location in March 2018.

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Raymond Ngodrii Tiakl
Local Guide

Swing Aguon
Owner, Swings Palau Tours

Hisako Sowad
Lifetime Peleliu Resident


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Palau: Best in Travel 2021 Sustainable Islands

This island nation in the Pacific Ocean is on its way to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral tourist destination with citizens and visitors alike pledging to live eco-consciously.

See more of Best in Travel 2021

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Palau, Micronesia - The last Paradise Island

The best island of the world. Palau, Micronesia, Oceania.
L'isola tropicale più bella al mondo. Paradisiaca

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Top 10 Palau hotels with restaurants

Top 10 Palau hotels with restaurants

Hotel Palau Royal Resort
Hotel Palau Pacific Resort
Hotel G.A.U. Mechang Lagoon Resort
Airai Water Paradise Hotel & Spa
Palasia Hotel
Villa M&A Riverside Beach Bungalows
Hotel Rose Garden Resort
Hotel West Plaza Desekel
Hotel West Plaza Malakal
Sea Passion Hotel

DIY Destinations (4K) - Palau Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

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This episode of DIY Destinations will feature the best of Palau has to offer, including the Rock Islands, Jellyfish Lake, German Channel, Big Drop off and more. We'll also explore the mysteries of the Badrulchau Stone Face Monoliths on the most northern tip of Babelodab Island, and Ngardmau Waterfalls. In the south, we'll explore the southern parts of the country with famous remains from World War II left behind from the Battle of Peleliu between Imperial Japanese Army and United States. Co-hosted by Charles Huang, Trissa Lin and Tangy Hesus.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Philippines | MojoTravels

Don’t sleep on this tourist gem in Southeast Asia. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 reasons to Visit the Philippines.
For this list, we’re looking at the best places to go and things to see and do in this astonishing archipelago, regardless of any turmoil.

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Best of Palau (4K): Rock Islands, Big Drop Off, German Channel and Jelly Fish Lake

Presented by our local host Trissa Lin! We'll explore the Lover's Arch, German Channel, Big Drop-off and the famous Jellyfish Lake and more Lover's Arch. Full episodes of DIY Destinations - Palau:

U.S. to Palau: 30 hrs in 5 minutes

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