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10 Best Places to Visit in Madagascar


Madagascar: Top 10 Tourist Attractions - Video Travel Guide

Madagascar Travel.
Madagascar Travel Video.
Top 10 Tourist attractions in Madagascar.

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Top 10 Places to visit in Madagascar | Madagascar: Top 10 Tourist Attractions - Video Travel Guide

Top 10 Places to visit in Madagascar | Madagascar: Top 10 Tourist Attractions - Video Travel Guide

►Top Things To Do in Ranomafana National Park, MADAGASCAR

1. Ranomafana nation wide Park

Ranomafana nation wide Park is inside the southeastern bit of Madagascar in Haute Matsiatra and Vatovavy-Fitovinany. Wikipedia
address: Madagascar

2. Masoala national Park

Masoala national Park, in top east Madagascar, is the biggest of the island's guaranteed territories. The more noteworthy a piece of the endeavor focus is sorted out in Sava
Region and an area in Analanjirofo. Wikipedia

3. Andasibe-Mantadia

Andasibe-Mantadia national Park is a one hundred fifty five square kilometer guaranteed region, situated around 150 km east of Antananarivo, containing typically of basic improvement woodlands in Alaotra-Mangoro locale in eastern Madagascar. Wikipedia

4. Grand Hill of Ambohimanga

Ambohimanga is a slant and conventional strengthened royal settlement in Madagascar, decided around 24 kilometers higher east of the capital town of Antananarivo. Wikipedia
address: Ambohimanga, Ambohimanga Rova, Madagascar

5. Ifaty

Ifaty is arranged on the south west coastline ideal for a few days of coastline loosening up toward the finish of your safari through Madagascar.

6. street of the Baobabs

The road or Alley of the Baobabs is a prominent gathering of baobab brambles ensuring the dirt road among Morondava and Belon'i Tsiribihina in the Menabe locale in western Madagascar. Wikipedia
address: RT 8, Morondava 619, Madagascar

7. Intruding Be

Intruding Be is an island off the northwest monetary foundation of Madagascar. Nosy Be is Madagascar's greatest and busiest guest lodging. It has a locale of 320.02 rectangular kilometers and its populace transformed into authoritatively assessed at seventy three,010 in 2013. Wikipedia

8. Tsingy de Bemaraha

The Tsingy de Bemaraha national Park is a national avoid situated in Melaky region, northwest Madagascar. The countrywide avoid focuses on geological patterns: the perfect Tsingy and the Little Tsingy. Wikipedia

9. Isalo nation wide Park

Isalo nation wide Park is a national Park inside the Ihorombe place of Madagascar. The activity center is comprehended for its broad accumulation of region, alongside sandstone advancements, significant ravines, a palm-covered desolate area springs, and prairie. Wikipedia

10. Ile Sainte Marie

Interfering Boraha, ahead alluded to as Île Sainte-Marie, is an island off the east coastline of Madagascar, to which it has a zone. The statute city is Ambodifotatra. Wikipedia

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10 Things NOT to Do in Madagascar

The island nation of Madagascar has something exciting for every traveler. Just like any travel destination, there’s a list of things you should include during your stay, such as a visit to the nation’s UNESCO World Heritage site, Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. But many people neglect to familiarize themselves with all the things they shouldn’t do. From failing to recognize social customs to disrespecting the cultural beliefs of different villages, here are 17 things you should NOT do in Madagascar.

1. Don’t Ignore Regional Fady
A “Fady” is a local taboo, and each region has their own set of customs and rules that all visitors should follow. The Fady of a particular region may prohibit eating pork, while others may forbid you from bathing in lakes. Since there are so many to be observed, it’s best to brush up on the cultural laws of the particular village you plan on visiting. No matter how strange these taboos are, it’s best to observe and recognise them unless you’d rather run the risk of disrespecting the locals and violating their laws.

2. Don’t Forget to Address the Elders
As we mentioned before, each region has its own set of laws, but there are also some universal customs that exist across the island nation as a whole. One such rule is the respect that’s granted to the elders and figures of authority in the villages. It’s advisable that you address them by the word tompoko, which means both sir and madame.

3. Don’t Pass Someone Without Being Polite
Another social faux pas you’ll want to avoid is the act of passing in front of someone without acknowledging them. In Madagascar, you’ll get extra brownie points if you politely say the word manao azafady, which translates to, “Excuse me.” It’ll definitely come in handy when you’re visiting the crowded streets of Antananarivo.

4. Don’t Walk Into a Village Like You Own It
Before waltzing into a remote village like you own the place, you’ll need to first meet and greet the head of the tribe. This is a sign of respect that’s required before you interact with other members of the group or conduct any business within the village.

5. Don’t Be Offended If They Stare
Vazaha (foreigners) should expect to get stared at, but they definitely shouldn’t take offense to it. Most Malagasy stare at people who look different than them, and it’s socially acceptable for them to stare, point, and make comments when they come in contact with tourists. Questioning the locals or asking, “May I help you?” in a combative manner will only cause you more trouble than it’s worth. So try to ignore the stares and carry on as if you aren’t being peered out by thousands of eyes.

6. Don’t Ignore Photo Etiquette
The Malagasy people are gorgeous, and you’ll definitely be captivated by their stunning beauty. But pulling out your camera phone and snapping photos of them is a huge no-no. The locals will demand that you ask their permission before taking their picture, but why would you want to take a photo of people living their day-to-day lives anyway? They’re humans, not animals in a zoo, so treat them accordingly and your trip will be much more pleasant.

7. Don’t Forget to Bring Cash
Some places may accept your Visa debit or credit card, but to avoid any hassle, it’s best to pay with cash. This island nation is a cash-driven economy, so make sure you plan your trip accordingly and always have some cold hard cash on hand.

8. Don’t Be Too Generous
In larger cities, you’ll likely be hounded by panhandlers, and most of them are young children. They stand in the main areas, usually in the capital of Antananarivo while holding a hat, and beg for cash. You may feel tempted to help them out by giving them some of your spare money, but in most cases, these kids are part of a larger circle of scammers who pickpocket unsuspecting tourists. While you’re interacting with them and placing money in their hat, a bystander is plotting on how to get your wallet out of your back pocket. Don’t fall for it!

9. Don’t Stick to the Main Areas of Ranomafana National Park
In the southeast part of the island, you’ll find Ranomafana National Park – one of Madagascar’s most popular parks. Home to the bamboo lemur, the real fun of this national treasure occurs in the distant areas. Link up with a tour guide who’s knowledgeable of the park’s history, which dates back to 1991, and you’ll be taken to the more remote areas where you can truly enjoy the reserve’s wildlife.

10. Don’t Take Your Eyes off of Your Luggage
Airports always stress the importance of keeping your luggage close by your side at all times, and it’s even more important if you fly into Antananarivo’s Ivato International Airport. Stolen baggage is a big problem here, where thieves scope out the baggage claim areas, grab luggage off the conveyor belts, and simply walk off with it.

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Travel Madagascar- Highlights of A Magical Country

I flew with Air France to Madagascar- an island country that happens to be home to some of the world's weirdest animals. This travel video features the highlights of my trip- including the Morondava, Avenue of the Baobabs, the Kirindy Reserve, Andasibe Mantandia National Park and Lemur Island.

Air France UK:
My website:
Video shot on my Panasonic G6:

Thanks to Air France for getting me there!

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World is a beautiful and magical place. You must see it! With our video guide on TRAVEL & FUN you will be able to visit amazing, distant places, cities and monuments. You will have a chance to rest by the seaside or in the mountains. Join us on this exceptional trip.

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Introducing Madagascar

Start exploring Madagascar with Lonely Planet’s video guide to getting around, when to go and the top things to do while you're there. For more travel tips, head to

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Madagascar | MojoTravels

Forget everything the film series taught you. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Reasons to Visit Madagascar.

For this list, we’re taking a look at why you should add Madagascar to your bucket list.

#Madagascar #Travel #AfricaTourism

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Paradise Found MADAGASCAR South Coast

After 4 hours driving a coastal sand track of 75km we made it to an absolute paradise!! Salary Bay, Madagascar.

This is the final destination for us in Madagascar and our last Vlog from the series. The Salary Bay adventure is a perfect relaxing end to an amazing trip overall :)

Again massive thanks to Mora Travel Madagascar for all of the fantastic support on the ground and for believing in us on a whim. Here's their direct contact for more info.

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"MADAGASCAR" Top 45 Tourist Places | Madagascar Tourism

Madagascar (Things to do - Places to Visit) - MADAGASCAR Top Tourist Places
A country in East Africa

Madagascar, officially the Republic of Madagascar, and previously known as the Malagasy Republic, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, approximately 400 kilometers off the coast of East Africa. At 592,800 square kilometers, Madagascar is the world's 2nd largest island country.

Neighboring islands include the French territory of Réunion and the country of Mauritius to the east, as well as the state of Comoros and the French territory of Mayotte to the northwest. The nearest mainland state is Mozambique, located to the west. The ring-tailed lemur is one of over 100 known species and subspecies of lemur found only in Madagascar.

MADAGASCAR Top 45 Tourist Places | Madagascar Tourism

Things to do in MADAGASCAR - Places to Visit in Madagascar

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MADAGASCAR Top 45 Tourist Places - Madagascar, East Africa

Top Things To Do in Ranomafana National Park, MADAGASCAR - Madagascar Travel Guide

Top Things To Do in Ranomafana National Park, MADAGASCAR - Madagascar Travel Guide

The Best Reasons to Visit Madagascar

Located in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is a small jewel. This island nation is where Mother Nature seems to have let her imagination go wild. No visitor to Madagascar can remain untouched by the rich bounty of plants and animals. They seem to have evolved uniquely into some of the most unusual wildlife on the planet.

Parc National de L'Isalo

Located in the Toliary region, southwest of Antananarivo, Parc National de L'Isalo has sandstone structures that date back to the Jurassic era. This national park has deep canyons, open grassland, fire-resistant forests. All this makes it one of the most stunning places in the region. It is perfect for hiking through the canyons.

The flora and wildlife is also nothing short of spectacular. The park hosts no less than 14 lemur species, 33 reptiles and 82 bird species. Some of these species are unique to this region and can be found nowhere else on the planet. Here you will find riparian forests along rivers, fire resistant Tapia and Heza forests. Be sure to book a guide and get on the trail. It can take anything from a day to seven days. However, it will be well worth it.

Ranomafana National Park

Meaning hot water in Malagasy, the Ranomafana National Park is perhaps one the most spectacular forests on this planet. It has an overwhelming range of wildlife species. It has 12 species of lemur, including the golden bamboo lemur. There are at least 115 catalogues species in these forests of which 30 are endemic to this region.

This is a rain forest and the wildlife is not just the sole attractions. Ranomafana National Park is almost like a magical forest straight out of a children's book. There are medicinal trees, rare plants, and even carnivorous plants. It also has many species of orchids and palm trees. The forest is bisected in many areas by small streams, ending in the Namorona River.

Andasibe and Mantadia National Park

Originally part of the same forest, the Andasibe and Mantadia National Park is now divided into two different forests. The former is close to Andasibe village while the latter is a much larger national park. These are dense humid forests and full of some of the most unusual plant life on the planet. The forests are covered with moss, lians, ferns, and orchids. There are also some precious and rare trees here.

Whatever you do, you cannot miss the Indri's call. Indris are the largest lemurs, with heights reaching up to a meter. Their peculiar cry can be heard all around the park. What makes this national park the best place to spot them are a couple of families that are habituated to the presence of humans. Apart from them there are 13 other lemur species. In addition, the Park has some 100 bird species like the Madagascar Wagtail and 15 mammal species. Do try to spot the reptiles. There are some 50 species here, including the island's biggest chameleon and the leaf-tailed geckos.

You can go on the many trails that go through the forest to spot its unique wildlife. These often include many of the holy places of the ancient residents of these forests.

Madagascar is like a giant playground where nature has experimented in leisure. There are many unique species of plants, mammals, reptiles, and birds on this island. A visit to its many national parks is a must for any trip to this stunning island.

Article Source: [ The Best Reasons to Visit Madagascar

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"ANTANANARIVO" Top 18 Tourist Places | Antananarivo Tourism | MADAGASCAR

Antananarivo (Things to do - Places to Visit) - ANTANANARIVO Top Tourist Places
Capital of Madagascar

Antananarivo is the capital city of Madagascar, in the island’s Central Highlands. Overlooking the city, the Rova of Antananarivo palace complex was the center of the Merina kingdom from the 17th century.

It features wooden houses and royal tombs. The pink baroque Andafiavaratra Palace sits in the nearby Haute Ville neighborhood. In the city center, heart-shaped Lake Anosy is ringed by jacaranda trees.

ANTANANARIVO Top 18 Tourist Places | Antananarivo Tourism

Things to do in ANTANANARIVO - Places to Visit in Antananarivo

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ANTANANARIVO Top 18 Tourist Places - Antananarivo, Madagascar, Africa

Madagascar Travel

Trip to Madagascar. Backpackers

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My First 24 Hours in MADAGASCAR

What a whirlwind the past 24 hours of my life have been in Madagascar!!

I decided to come to Madagascar with absolutely no plan. It's fun being spontaneous sometimes.

I arrived in the capital of Madagascar called Antananarivo early this morning with no hotel reservation, no plan and no idea what I'd be doing... Just seeking adventure!

Through Facebook, I got in touch with a local girl named Ali, who picked me up at the airport with her 2 classmate friends, Dave and Nancy. Not only have they been AMAZING tour guides around Antananarivo, but Dave volunteered to let me sleep at his house with his family -- who cooked me a delicious dinner of Madagascar food called Vary Amin’anana. Life doesn't get any better than this!

Today is a day that I'll never forget. I am so happy to be back in Africa and so thankful to be able to find people like Ali, Dave & Nancy from social media. I can't wait to see more of Madagascar over the coming days!

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10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Madagascar

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10 Top Tourist Attractions in Madagascar

One of the last major areas on Earth to be settled by humans, the natural beauty and ecological diversity of Madagascar makes it feel like a country forgotten by time. Located off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is home to thousands of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. Madagascar’s extraordinary natural diversity has earned the country the nickname “the eighth continent”. A veneration of ancestry and tradition pervades the national culture, a reverence that is reflected in the country’s architecture, art and social manners. Visit the top tourist attractions in Madagascar to discover for yourself the natural, cultural and historical diversity that is Madagascar.

WONDERFUL MADAGASCAR - Best of Madagascar Island - 10 Sites à visiter - Part 1

Les dix sites à ne pas manquer si vous faites un voyage à Madagascar. Ceci est la première partie (Tsingy de Bemaraha, Diego Suarez et ses 3 Baies et mer d' émeraude, l' allée des Baobabs à Morondava et les tsingy Rouges) - 10 most beautiful sites in Madagascar.

PART 2 Best of Madagascar Island :

Top 10 places to visit in Madagascar | Tour Now

Check out the top 10 tourist places to visit in Madagascar.

Plan your trip to Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa.
Madagascar's long isolation from the neighbouring continents has resulted in a unique mix of plants and animals, many found nowhere else in the world. This has led some ecologists to refer to Madagascar as the eighth continent. Of the 10,000 plants native to Madagascar, 90% are found nowhere else in the world.

1 Ile Sainte Marie
2 Isalo National Park
3 Tsingy de Bemaraha
4 Nosy Be
5 Avenue of the Baobabs
6 Ifaty
7 Royal Hill of Ambohimanga
8 Andasibe-Mantadia
9 Masoala National Park
10 Ranomafana National Park


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Top 10 Best Safari Destination in Africa

#africatop10 Are you thinking about visiting Africa for 2017? If you are, then you should consider taking a safari when you go there. A safari is an overland trip that is taken by tourists that visit Africa. It is similar to sight-seeing or hiking and is one of the most popular activities among the people who visit the country.

Here are the Top 10 African Holiday Safari Destination For December 2016


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WONDERFUL MADAGASCAR - Best of Madagascar Island - 10 Sites à visiter - Part 2

10 most beautiful sites in Madagascar island.Les dix sites à ne pas manquer si vous faites un voyage à Madagascar. Ceci est la deuxième partie (Sainte-Marie (nosy Boraha), Lac de tsimanampetotse, les pistes du grand sud Malgache)

PART 1 Best of Madagascar Island :

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Madagascar | East Africa Travel Guide

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Madagascar, Africa.

One of the last major areas on Earth to be settled by humans, the natural beauty and ecological diversity of Madagascar makes it feel like a country forgotten by time. Located off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is home to thousands of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. Madagascar’s extraordinary natural diversity has earned the country the nickname “the eighth continent”. A veneration of ancestry and tradition pervades the national culture, a reverence that is reflected in the country’s architecture, art and social manners. Visit the top tourist attractions in Madagascar to discover for yourself the natural, cultural and historical diversity that is Madagascar.

1. Ile Sainte Marie
2. Isalo National Park
3. Tsingy de Bemaraha
4. Nosy Be
5. Avenue of the Baobabs


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Madagascar Street Food!!! Super RARE Malagasy Village Food!

🎥Full Madagascar Playlist:
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Special thanks to Joel and Ramartour Madagascar for helping us capture the undiscovered parts of Madagascar. Go on your own tour of Madagascar with Ramartour: and follow them on Instagram for more Madagascar info: @ramartour_madagascar
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1. TSENA’NY TANTSAHA TALATAMATY: Rice Porridge + Chinese Noodle Soup
ADDRESS: Talatamaty City
OPEN: 3AM - 7AM (or whenever the police shut it down)

Four miles outside of Madagascar’s capital city, Antananarivo, lies Talatamaty City. Talatamaty City is home to one of the country’s largest local morning markets, Tsena’ny Tantsaha. Sellers open up shop at 3am, selling everything from produce to fabrics. And lucky for us, the market has no shortage of food to try as well.

🥣RICE PORRIDGE: Zebu (Malagasy cattle) and sausage are mixed with leaves, ginger, special Malagasy rice, porridge and spices.

🥡CHINESE NOODLE DISH: Pasta, macaroni, potato, mayonnaise and zebu skin.
2. TALATA VOLON’ONDRY: Sausage + Koba
ADDRESS: Talata Volon’ondry
OPEN: Varies

Talata Volon’ondry is a village located just outside of Antananarivo. The village is known for producing sausage and Madagascar’s national snack, koba.

🥔SAUSAGE: There are typically two types of sausage being sold - zebu sausage and a halal style potato sausage. This snack is frequently accompanied by local rum.

🇲🇬KOBA: Lay out banana leaf spines with banana leaves on top. Add a layer of rice flour to prevent the koba mixture from sticking to the banana leaves. Then add the koba mixture, a combination of crushed raw peanuts and sugar. Wrap it all up in the banana leaves and allow it to cook in a bit of water for 3 days.

Koba is beloved across Madagascar, primarily sold on the street or to people in their cars as they drive through a city. The fuel from the ingredients gives people energy and helps them stay full even when walking long distances without and source of food along the way.
💸PRICE: Sausage .14 USD/500 MGA | Koba .50 USD/1,756 MGA
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