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10 Best Places to Visit in Montserrat


Supernatural Mountain | Montserrat Spain | Full Time Travel Vlog 10

Supernatural Mountain Holy Grail | Montserrat Spain | Full Time Travel Vlog 10

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Montserrat is one hour from Barcelona but bit of a hidden gem. Although plenty of tourists visit the monastery, the walking routes are very quiet. This place has a fascinating history with Napoleon and Himmler paying it a visit. Himmler specifically came looking for the holy grail which he believed would give him supernatural powers. It is easy to get here from Barcelona and a perfect day trip. We sleep in our car again and find out that many truck stops have showers to use for a small fee, a great budget travel hack.

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Barcelona Day Trip to Montserrat | Is it worth visiting in Barcelona?

#barcleona #montserrat #barcelonadaytrips
A day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona is always a wonderful idea. There is so much to do and to see, from visits to the monastery, to hiking, and the mountain offers incredible views.

Only an hour outside of Barcelona it is one of the best day trips. In this video I give you some options of how to get there and a sample itinerary of what to do at Montserrat to help you better plan your trip to from Barcelona, so you can decide for yourself.

What do you think?

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ABS TV Island Tour of MontserratBWI

This video gives guests an idea of the activities they can engage in on a visit to the Caribbean island of Montserrat. To join in this breathtaking experience you can connect with us via a 15 flight or 90 minutes fast ferry from our closest neighbour Antigua and Barbuda!

Trek to Montserrat! | How to get to Montserrat | Barcelona Day Trip

How to get to Montserrat | Barcelona Day Trips

Montserrat was probably my favorite place on my whole Spain adventure. Come as we travel from Barcelona, up the mountain and make the pilgrimage to see Our Lady of Montserrat. This place is an incredible place just an hour or so outside of Barcelona. You can't miss it!

#montserrat #barcelona #travelonestep

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Montserrat, closer than you imagine!

Not your typical Caribbean destination, #MontserratBWI offers that idyllic backdrop where you can just switch off the engines and retreat from the crazy world. #visitmontserrat #Montserratdreaming #caribbeandreaming #traveltomorrow #traveltogether #mnilove

Where to Stay: Montserrat, W.I

The Caribbean Island of Montserrat is a fun place to visit for anyone who loves to explore the world. If you want to know where to stay, this video tells all about several comfortable options, which are also excellent value.

It is one part of a series about the island of Montserrat, covering different topics from dining-out to hiking.

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Black Madonna at Montserrat Barcelona Spain | Epi: 13 | Irem Ozel

Montserrat is a charming mountain range located 45km from Barcelona. Day trip to Montserrat is very popular so it would be great to go there early to capture the monastery in the beautiful golden light. From the train trip to get there to the cable car ride up, truly an incredible experience! Make sure to give yourself the whole day, if you love to explore, and hike around you’ll need that time. Tickets can be purchased from Placa d'Espanya metro station or like I did from the information office for the bus tours.
Inside the Montserrat Abbey, the queue to see the black Madonna might be long but I would say this would be 5-stars for religious pilgrims mainly because of the black virgin statue that you can experience - there is a queue for this so start early if you want to touch the statue. There is also a choir performance every 1PM for about 15 minutes (looks seasonal so please check). The abbey was serene and beautiful, as was the candle stations located just after the exit from the abbey. The highlight of this place are definitely the hiking trails for me and loved the funiculars up to Sant Joan. Cafeteria was super busy and the wine tasting is great (if u r into drinking).
I still regret taking an hour and a half tour as there were many things I could not do. Also do check the weather before going and do not be drenched like I was due to bad weather.

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Eating Out in Montserrat, W.I

For those who like to explore different cultures, food is often the best part. Here you can see the local cuisine of Montserrat, West Indies.

This video is one part of a series about the island of Montserrat, covering different topics from accomodation to hiking.

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Take a Road Trip up the Mountain to the Monastery of Montserrat Spain. Explore the beauty of this holy place & experience great views of Cataluña.

Also explore the Stairway to Heaven & see the mountain through the eyes of Jaydadrone!

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Best Caribbean Islands 2021 | Top 20 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Best Caribbean Islands 2021 - The Top 20 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean. In this video we are going to give you the best caribbean islands 2021, a Caribbean travel guide as we share with you the top 20 best places to visit in the Caribbean. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, as our #1 best caribbean island 2021 is the best place to visit in the caribbean and will show you the true meaning of iconic!

On Montserrat, A Unique Festival blends African and Irish Heritage

On this episode of Destination Diaspora, we take you to Montserrat!

Montserrat is known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean because of its lush green landscape and the fact that many of its early settlers were from Ireland. It’s the only place outside of Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s day as a national holiday.

On Montserrat, Saint Patrick’s day became a national holiday in 1985 but not to celebrate St. Patrick, who is patron saint of Ireland. And the 10-day festival which takes is not just about parties and fetes although speaking from experience they are really good.

Montserrat’s St. Patrick’s festival actually commemorates the enslaved Africans known as the freedom fighters who lost their lives after their planned Saint Patrick’s ay slave rebellion set for March 17th, 1768 was discovered. Although unsuccessful, it was the beginning of movements for the abolition of slavery on the island.

So the St. Patrick’s festival is really about honoring the memory of those freedom fighters.
Black people, people of African descent and the role they played in helping to bring an end of slavery. On Montserrat, the holiday weaves together two heritages, acknowledging the early Irish influence while honoring the enslaved Africans who rebelled against it.

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Montserrat Volcano & Exclusion Zone FULL TOUR (EP. 31 Between Sun and Sea)

Explore More!

Join us for an Exclusive Full Access of the Volcanic Exclusion Zone of Montserrat as we venture on a guided tour through the abandoned capital city of Plymouth! For a full day we adventure through ghost towns of ruins and debris, old seemingly haunted hotels, and walk across the pyroclastic flows that flowed out of the devastating Soufriere Hills Volcano.
Since 1995 the volcanoes on the south island have been actively brewing below the surface.
In this video, you won't just get to know the beauty of Montserrat above sea, but below it too as we swim through caves filled with thousands of bats- right next to the anchorage!
Fellow Sailors, do NOT miss this peaceful off the grid paradise and just sail past the island. Spend some time cruising, hiking, and diving with any of the many friendly local guides standing ashore, ready to help!
Take our advice, and say yes to the adventures that await!

For more information on tourism or conservation in the area, head to or email us at to explore more!

Until Next Time,
Go have fun!

Much love,
Alex xx

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Gingerbread Hill: What to do on Montserrat

Top 10,Ten Popular Travel Destinations in Montserrat












































This video video provides you all the information you need before traveling to Montserrat Spain in 2021.
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0:00 Introduction
0:33 Travel from Barcelona to Monistrol de Montserrat
1:05 Monistrol Central to Montserrat
1:43 Montserrat
2:45 The Monastery of Montserrat
3:25 The Basilica of Montserrat
4:21 Montserrat, is it worth the hype ?
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60-seconds at Montserrat Mountain

60-seconds of beauty at Basilica de Montserrat.

The basilica of Montserrat began construction in the 16th century and began to be completely rebuilt in the year 1811, after being destroyed in the Peninsular War. Located on the mountain of Montserrat in Monistrol de Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain. It is notable for enshrining the image of the Virgin of Montserrat (black madonna). The monastery was founded in the 11th century and rebuilt between the 19th and 20th centuries, and still functions to this day. There have always been roughly 80 monks in residence.


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Montserrat Visit

Montserrat visit Prior to Boarding Ruby Princess

MONTSERRAT Spain, Barcelona. Day trip 24.2.2020

Montserrat Monastery, Spain ????????, Catalonia, cable car, daytrip, hiking.

Best Kept Secret in Barcelona? Top 4 Reasons to Visit Montserrat in Barcelona

Could this be the best kept secret in Barcelona? We think so.

We're in Barcelona this month, and we're visiting all of our favorite things to see in Barcelona, including Montserrat, a must see hidden gem just outside of Barcelona. Here's why you should make a Montserrat day trip a priority when you visit Barcelona!

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Montserrat Vacation, Caribbean, October 2012

Our 23rd annual trip to the Caribbean. This year, 2012, we decided to go to Montserrat. We spent a day on Montserrat in 2002 and always wanted to return. We were quite surprised by the continued destruction of the island from the volcano.

It's a great little island if you don't want to go night clubing and things like that.



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