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10 Best Places to Visit in Montserrat



Take a Road Trip up the Mountain to the Monastery of Montserrat Spain. Explore the beauty of this holy place & experience great views of Cataluña.

Also explore the Stairway to Heaven & see the mountain through the eyes of Jaydadrone!

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Supernatural Mountain | Montserrat Spain | Full Time Travel Vlog 10

Supernatural Mountain Holy Grail | Montserrat Spain | Full Time Travel Vlog 10

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Montserrat is one hour from Barcelona but bit of a hidden gem. Although plenty of tourists visit the monastery, the walking routes are very quiet. This place has a fascinating history with Napoleon and Himmler paying it a visit. Himmler specifically came looking for the holy grail which he believed would give him supernatural powers. It is easy to get here from Barcelona and a perfect day trip. We sleep in our car again and find out that many truck stops have showers to use for a small fee, a great budget travel hack.

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Trek to Montserrat! | How to get to Montserrat | Barcelona Day Trip

How to get to Montserrat | Barcelona Day Trips

Montserrat was probably my favorite place on my whole Spain adventure. Come as we travel from Barcelona, up the mountain and make the pilgrimage to see Our Lady of Montserrat. This place is an incredible place just an hour or so outside of Barcelona. You can't miss it!

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This video is of the Saint Joan Funicular railway which takes you higher up Montserrat Mountain after you drive up or take either the Narrow Gauge Rack Railway 'Cremallera' or Cable Car to the Monastery level. The other funicular is currently closed for renovation.

Montserrat Barcelona || Hiking & Exploring ||

Just a fun little video to show you guys what it's liking hiking in my new backyard of El Bruc, Montserrat, near Barcelona in Catalonia.

I'm excited to show anyone around who would like to come and visit!

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How to get from Barcelona to Montserrat ????????

We help take you from the gothic quarter to the train station to the amazing Montserrat monastery!

How to get to Montserrat Mountain | Daytrip from Barcelona

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Step 1: take train R5 from Espanya station in Barcelona
Step 2: stop at Aeri to take the cable cars or stop at Monistrol to take the train (Cremallera to go up)

When you're visiting Barcelona it's an absolute must to pay a visit to the Montserrat mountain range as well. It's just 45 minutes on train from the Barça center.

At Montserrat, which literally translates into sawtooth mountain, you can find the Benedictine Abbey Santa Maria de Montserrat, which hosts the Virgin of Montserrat.

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Black Madonna. Montserrat Monastery 4K

Montserrat is a spectacularly beautiful Benedictine monk mountain retreat about one hour North West from Barcelona by train.
Not only is Montserrat Monastery of significant religious importance but the natural beauty surrounding the monastery is simply breathtaking.
Whether you are religious or not, visiting the Black Madonna at Montserrat is a spiritual and worthwhile experience. You will join in line with a group of people, many of whom have come as pilgrims to the statue - the atmosphere is electric.

Where to Stay: Montserrat, W.I

The Caribbean Island of Montserrat is a fun place to visit for anyone who loves to explore the world. If you want to know where to stay, this video tells all about several comfortable options, which are also excellent value.

It is one part of a series about the island of Montserrat, covering different topics from dining-out to hiking.

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Montserrat, Spain: Mountaintop Monastery

More info about travel to Spain: With its dramatic mountaintop monastery and spiritual connection with the Catalan people and their struggles, Montserrat is a rewarding day trip from Barcelona. It's been Catalunya's most important pilgrimage site for a thousand years.

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ABS TV Island Tour of MontserratBWI

This video gives guests an idea of the activities they can engage in on a visit to the Caribbean island of Montserrat. To join in this breathtaking experience you can connect with us via a 15 flight or 90 minutes fast ferry from our closest neighbour Antigua and Barbuda!

The Monastery in the Mountains of Catalonia - A Visit to Montserrat Monastery in Spain

#TravelEurope #MontserratMonastery #VisitSpain
Not very far from civilization, yet utterly wild. Very close to the city, yet in the heart of the mountain. In close proximity to the most prominent urban areas, it is yet placed into a nature park.
Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey, also known as the Monserrat Monastery, is one of the most thrilling pearls in the crown of Catalonia, and we are here to tell you a bit more about it.

Location and getting there

The Montserrat Monastery is located in the Catalonian Monistrol de Montserrat municipality, Spain. It is only about 70 km from the city centre of Barcelona or 50 km from the borders of the city. It is an excellent day trip for every visitor to the famous Spanish city.

Montserrat reaches as high as 1,236 meters above the floor of the ravine, and is, therefore, the highest point of the Catalan valley.

The monastery is a prominent tourist destination and can be reached by car or a motorcycle, by train, or by a cable car. The Plaça Espanya train to the abbey departs every hour, starting from around 8:30 AM. The trip takes about an hour and a half.

A brief history of Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey

The Montserrat Monastery is a fully-functional monastery that was initially erected back in the 11th century, then shattered in the Peninsular War, and reconstructed again between the 19th and 20th centuries.

It is one of the most important religious landmarks of Catalonia and played a vital role in not merely the spiritual realm of the region, but also for the expansion of its arts and its traditions in publishing.

What is there to observe in and around the Montserrat Monastery

Once you set foot on the mountain of Monserrat, you can't afford to miss any of the following:

● The 12th-century image of the Virgin of Montserrat - a statue of the Madonna and Child, which represents the most loved patron saint of Catalonia.
● The Museum of the basilica that hosts works of art by many prominent painters such as Salvarod Dalí, El Greco, Claude Monet, and Luca Giordano.

● The peak of the Montserrat mountain - an epic viewpoint that stands 300 meters above the monastery.

● The Audiovisual Room, the cosy cafeteria and chill-out area of the monastery.

Visitors can design their own route throughout the area, or book one of the various guided tours that will spare most of the organizational concerns of their endeavour.

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Montserrat, Catalonia - Spain 4K Travel Channel

Montserrat is about 40 km north-west of Barcelona. Montserrat is at the same time name of the monastery and of sand stone mountains. It is one of the landmarks of Catalonia. The highest peak, Sant Jeroni is 1,236 m high. From Barcelona we go by train in about 30 minutes to the lower cableway station, built 1930 by the Leipzig company Adolf Bleichert & Co. A cable car takes us up to the monastery of Montserrat, which is located at an altitude of 720 m.
Apart from the cable car, there is a winding road and since 2003 a rack railway to the monastery. From there you can take a funicular railway to the summit of the mountain. Another funicular railway brings you down to the holy cave where the dark Madonna, since 1880 the patron saint of Catalonia, was allegedly found.
Of course, the mountain can also be reached by foot over steep trails.
The monastery from the 12th century is visited by many pilgrims, who worship the Black Madonna, which can be seen in the apse of the monastery church. Approximately 80 monks live here today.
In addition, the monastery is known for its boys' choir Escolania de Montserrat, which is proved documentary since 1307. Every day around 13.00 they sing the Marian hymn Virolai the in the church.
Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey is famous for its spectacular location, but also as a symbol of Catalan nationalism. During the Franco dictatorship it enjoyed religious privileges. It was not subordinated to the bishops appointed by Franco, and therefore the holy masses in the monastery were celebrated in Catalan, which was forbidden in the rest of the country. During our visit we got an impression.
On the square in front of the church the people are dancing the Sardana.
In 1881, Pope Leo XII declared the church a Basilica minor.
The Montserrat monastery is a Benedictine abbey. Here, St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, took his vow.
Adjoined to the monastery is a library of 200,000 volumes and an archaeological museum.
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Montserrat liegt ca. 40 km nordwestlich von Barcelona. Es ist zugleich der Name des Klosters und des Sandsteingebirges und eines der Wahrzeichen Kataloniens. Der höchste Gipfel, der Sant Jeroni ist 1236 m hoch. Von Barcelona fahren wir mit dem Zug in ca 30 Minuten zur Talstation der 1930 von der Leipziger Firma Adolf Bleichert & Co errichteten Seilbahn. Die Seilbahn bringt uns dann hinauf zum Kloster, das auf 720 m Höhe liegt.
Außer der Seilbahn gibt es eine kurvenreiche Straße und seit 2003 eine Zahnradbahn mit der das Kloster erreichbar ist. Von dort führt eine Standseilbahn zum Gipfel des Gebirges und eine andere hinab zur Heiligen Höhle, in der angeblich die dunkle Madonna, seit 1880 die Schutzpatronin Kataloniens, gefunden wurde.
Natürlich lässt sich der Berg über steile Pfade auch zu Fuß erklimmen.
Das Kloster aus dem 12. Jahrhundert wird von vielen Wallfahrern besucht, die die schwarze Madonna verehren, die in der Apsis der Klosterkirche zu sehen ist. Heute leben hier ungefähr 80 Mönche.
Außerdem ist das Kloster bekannt für seinen Knabenchor Escolania de Montserrat, der seit 1307 urkundlich nachgewiesen ist und täglich um 13.00 in der Kirche das Marienlied Virolai singt.
Das Kloster ist berühmt wegen seiner spektakulären Lage, aber auch als Symbol für den katalanischen Nationalismus. Während der Franco Diktatur genoss es kirchliche Sonderrechte. Es unterstand nicht den von Franco ernannten Bischöfen und deshalb wurden im Kloster die Messen in katalanischer Sprache, die im übrigen Land verboten war, gehalten. Während unseres Besuches bekamen wir direkt einen Eindruck. Auf dem Platz vor der Kirche wurde Sardana getanzt.
Papst Leo XII. erhob 1881 die Kirche in den Stand einer Basilica minor.
Das Kloster ist eine Benediktinerabtei. Hier legte der heilige Ignatius von Loyola, der Gründer der Societas Jesu, des Jesuitenordens, sein Gelübde ab.
An das Kloster angeschlossen ist eine Bibliothek mit 200.000 Bänden und ein archäologisches Museum.
Weitere Infos im Reisevideoblog:

Montserrat 4K

Utazás a montserrati kolostorhoz.

2016 02 17 Visit Montserrat Video

This video highlights what a visitor may expect when visiting the island of Montserrat, located 15 minutes via air from Antigua. Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory.

Manresa. Main attractions and places to visit.

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Traveling to Montserrat, Sagrada Familia and Monuments in Barcelona ★ Spain ★ 2016

Traveling to Montserrat, Sagrada Familia and Monuments in Barcelona ★ Spain ★ 2016
Пътуване до Монтсерат, Саграда Фамилия и Монументи в Барселона
Подпишитесь на наш канал!

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Barcelona City Tour + Montserrat

Barcelona City Tour + Montserrat

I booked a full day tour to take me around the city of Barcelona to check out some of its major sites, including Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. This tour also includes a trip to Montserrat Mountains.

Barcelona Day Tours
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Montserrat, Spain

Montserrat is a mountain top monastery in Catalonia, Spain. This is one of the known pilgrimage sites because of the apparition of the Virgin Mary at Santa Cova cave. You can reach it by train + cable car or train + funicular from Barcelona, Spain. From Montserrat you can use 2 funiculars going to other parts of the mountains such as Sant Joan and Santa Cova. You can visit the monastery and hike to watch the sunrise or sunset. At the peak is really a spectacular view. Highly recommended, it clears your mind and make you feel refreshed.

Best Kept Secret in Barcelona? Top 4 Reasons to Visit Montserrat in Barcelona

Could this be the best kept secret in Barcelona? We think so.

We're in Barcelona this month, and we're visiting all of our favorite things to see in Barcelona, including Montserrat, a must see hidden gem just outside of Barcelona. Here's why you should make a Montserrat day trip a priority when you visit Barcelona!

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