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10 Best Places to Visit in Faroe Islands


Top Places to See in the Faroe Islands

Top Places to See in the Faroe Islands


Welcome to the Faroe Islands! The Faroe Islands in Danish means the Islands of the Sheep, and you will see why! It’s located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean about 400 miles off the coast of Northern Europe, between Norway and Iceland. The first people to colonize the islands were Norwegians about 1,200 years ago and it become a major Viking settlement in that time. Its main industries are fishing and tourism - people come to experience its natural beauty, incredible bird life and delicious Faroese gastronomy.

First up is Gasadalur, which for a long time it was the most isolated town in the Faroe Islands. It’s a very popular town to hike to because of its natural scenery and its cliff views. In 2006 they opened a tunnel to make the town more accessible. Fun fact: Gasadalur means Goose Valley.

Lake Sorvagsvatn is the biggest lake in the Faroe Islands. It has an area of 3.4 sqkm, and its located on the island of Vagar, where the airport is. It takes a few hours to hike around the entire lake, so get your hiking boots ready! The best way to see the lake is by helicopter, the only way to see the lake emptying out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Torshavn is one of the smallest and most pleasant capital cities in the world! Torshavn in Old Norse means Thor, God of Thunder. It’s a modern city with the highest concentration of hotels, restaurants and cafes in the islands. You can explore the old Tinganes district where the parliament building is. You can see the national museum, check out some galleries, see the harbor and dine at some delicious modern and traditional restaurants.

Now we head to the southernmost village in Streymoy, Kirkjubour. This was the religious center on the Faroe Islands for over 1,000 years until the reformation. We came to see the 13th century ruins of the Saint Agnes Cathedral, the House museum and a middle age church.

We head north on Streymoy to Saksun. This is a beautiful town with turf roof houses. The best time come is during low tide because you can see the beach and walk on a sand bar to the lagoon. There are no restaurants here so be sure to bring a snack for a picnic!

Tjornuvik is the northernmost town on the island of Streymoy. It’s a quiet village, but the scenery is beautiful its beach has epic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Next up is Gjogv, the northernmost town on the Island of Eysturoy, the second largest island in the Faroes. It’s a small scenic village with a charming bed and breakfast. We stayed a night, but you can just as easily just come for the day. Gjogv is undoubtedly on of most picturesque places in the Faroe Islands. The name Gjogv means gorge – it was named after the village’s natural gorge

Klaksvik is the second largest town in the country and from here you can take a ferry to Kalsoy. I suggest you pass by Bakariio Jorun (Bakery Jorun) and grab a snack or lunch. They have plenty of Danish-style toasts with different toppings, as well as homemade pastries, coffee, and beverages.

A 25-minute ferry ride will take you to Kalsoy, AKA island of the man. There is one road that travels up the east side of the island connecting a handful of villages. Kalsoy is the best place in the Faroe Islands to go hiking. Or, you can just drive around and snap tons of photos of this picturesque island.

Next is Vidoy, the northernmost island in the archipelago. Here we visited Vidareidi. The northern islands are more traditional, less modern but if you love taking photos of amazing scenery then you must visit Vidareidi.

Lastly we are heading to the Island of Mykines! We took a helicopter but you can also take a ferry. Once you arrive you need to hike about 90 minutes west to see all the sea birds. There are over a dozen species of birds like the Gannet, Fulmar, Starling, Gulls, Razorbills and the most famous that everyone comes to see are the Puffins! Be sure to bring a packed lunch, drinking water, a warm outfit, comfy shoes, and don’t forget your camera!

We hope you enjoyed my Top Places to See in the Faroe Islands! Please subscribe, give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment below!

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Top Places to See in the Faroe Islands

Road trip & Things to do in the Faroe Islands

I'm taking you on a road trip and show you the best things to do in the Faroe Islands (a true outdoor paradise) in partnership with Visit Faroe Islands.
My Guide:

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I spent exactly one week on the Faroe Islands working together with the local tourism board to show you an interesting mix of the best things to do in the faroe islands from outdoor adventures, iconic panoramas and food experiences to one of the largest festivals in the country named „G! Festival“.

Beside checking out the local attractions I got the chance to truly live like a local - I stayed with a local family for a few days, got invited by farmers for dinner and went hiking with one of the most famous outdoor adventurers.

Together with travel blogger Amanda Williams I rented a car and went on a road trip to the most popular instagram hot spots, got to do sea kayaking and said hi to Puffins on Mykines island. Visiting the annual G! festival was the perfect finish to a memorable trip…topping it off with a helicopter flight. What a ride!

This trip was executed within 7 days - following I list all the places I visited & Things to do in the Faroe Islands:
- Traelanipa (hiking with Reika Adventures)
- Torshavn
- Gasadalur & Mulafossur
- Hoyvik (sea kayaking with NEX)
- Mykines (Puffins & Lighthouse hike)
- Tjornuvik
- Gjógv
- Vidareidi & Cape Enniberg
- Gota
- G! Festival
- Helicopter flight with Atlantic Airways

— About my Cooperation with Visit Faroe Islands —
I got invited by Visit Faroe Islands to produce this video showcasing my travel experience. I was free to create my very own itinerary with all the freedom needed. Nevertheless all opinions, recommendations and views are my own.

This video is part of the #MyFaroeIslandsHome project by iAmbassador.

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- Blossom Learning
- Young Rich Pixels

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14 Amazing Sights You Have To See In The Faroe Islands - Europe’s Most Dramatic Country

The Faroe Islands are some of Europe's most beautiful islands and this video is going to take you on a little tour with us across the islands. There are so many amazing and dramatic sights to see all across the islands - even the drive from the airport will leave you having to stop several times just to take it all in.
See more about The Faroe Islands on our blog at


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The Iconic Photography Spots of The Faroe Islands

Today on the vlog we went to some Iconic Landscape photography spots in The Faroe Islands.
Find my Faroe Islands photography on IG at
There are lots of iconic photo spots on The Faroe Islands. In fact, within a 10 minute drive of the airport, you can find about 4 shots that are absolute classics. Some of the best photography locations anywhere in the world are all within a short trip. And sure, this photo trip to the Faroes is meant to be about location scouting and finding new locations. But, we can't help but stop and photograph the iconic photo spots.
On today's photography vlog, I took the participants of my workshop to some of the most iconic spots to sort of get them out of the way. If you capture the classic images right away, you're not so worried about being sure you get those images later on It takes a lot of weight off your shoulder.
So, as this Faroe Islands photography vlog series continues, look for fewer of these iconic photo locations, and more hidden gems we find along the way.

The Otherworldly Beauty of the Faroe Islands! (A 5-Day Itinerary)

A vlog recap of my amazing road trip experience to the Faroe Islands! If you're planning on visiting this unspoilt beauty, here’s a comprehensive travel guide for ideas on things to do in 5 days: ▾ // See more details below // ▾

Love and thanks to Visit Faroe Islands for making this epic trip possible!

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Faroe Islands. Streymoy island. Best places of it

Streymoy Island. The biggest island of the Faroe Islands.
This video shows the best places to visit:
- Fossa Waterfall (the biggest on the Faroe Islands)
- Tjørnuvík - the village of Vikings
- Saksun
- and other beautiful places

This video is one from the Faroe vidoes on this channel.
Check out Travel videos playlist.

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Faroe Islands are AMAZING!

The Faroe Islands are an amazing place to visit and explore the outdoors even with two small kids!

The Top Ten Places to See the Northern Lights

The Top Ten Places to See the Northern Lights

10-Donegal, Ireland
09-Faroe Islands,Denmark
07-Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
06-Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
04-Abisko, Sweden
03-Reykjavík, Iceland
02-Kakslauttanen, Finland
01-Tromso,Troms Fylke, Norway

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Gjaargardur Guest House - Gjógv, Eysturoy, Faroe Islands

David’s Been Here is traveling all over the Faroe Islands in search of the best destinations and coolest local experiences. In this travel short, David heads to the northern Faroe Islands to visit the small town of Gjógv on Eysturoy (East Island) where he spends a night at the Gjaargardur Guest House. In operation for ten years, this quaint guesthouse has everything you need to make your stay in Gjógv comfortable & memorable. Surrounded by stunning mountains, lush green landscapes and the Gjógv Gorge- the town’s namesake- outdoor enthusiasts will love a stopover in this quaint corner of the Faroe Islands.

If you’re paying a visit to the Faroe Islands and don’t want to spend all your time inside the capital, make the day trip to Gjógv, Eysturoy and stay at the Gjaargardur Guest House- you won’t regret it!

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My name is David Hoffmann and for the last decade I have been traveling around the world in search of unique culture, food and history! Since starting Davidsbeenhere in 2008, I have traveled to 71 countries and over 1,000 destinations, which I welcome you to check out on my YouTube Channel, blog and social medias.

I focus a great deal on food and historic sites, as you probably have seen! I love to experience the different flavors that each destination has to offer, whether it’s casual Street food or gourmet restaurant dining. I’m also passionate about learning the local history and culture.

Gjaargardur Guest House - Gjógv, Eysturoy, Faroe Islands


Top 10 Places to Visit in Iceland (for Short & Long Trips)

This list shows you the best places to visit in Iceland with tips for short term visitors as well as ring road adventurers with more time.
➸ My related guide:

➸ Checkout my travel buddy Gareth:

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Iceland is a true dream destination for outdoor lovers & landscape photographers due its impressive, dramatic landscape. It is a volcanically and geologically active Nordic island country of Europe located in the North Atlantic Ocean. With its volcanoes, guysers, geothermal hot springs and its many waterfalls as well as glaciers it truly is the often claimed land of fire and ice.

Traveling Icelands Ring Road is the perfect way to get to know the country on and off the tourist paths. Therefore we took about 2 weeks to get to know Iceland properly by exploring waterfalls, canyons, hot springs, glacier caves, black beaches and of course the stunning coastlines all around the island finishing off in Reykjavik with the countries biggest music festival called „Iceland Airwaves“

We show you which things to do & the best places to visit in Iceland in our videos and how to plan & organize your very own road trip in Iceland. Make sure to subscribe & activate notification to not miss any episode!

Places to See in Iceland & Things to do in Iceland as shown in this episode:
- Skogafoss
- Geysir
- Vatnajökull / Jökulsarlon Galcier lagoon / Ice Cave Tour Skaftaell
- Central Highlands
- Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon
- Arnastapi
- Road Southeast (Stokksnes)
- Asbyrgi Canyon
- Hengifoss
- Reykjadalur

— Places we stayed at —
As said in the video we exclusively stayed in places offered on HomeAway. Therefore the following Links are direct Affiliate Links to the shown properties on the HomeAway website.

Bragdavellir Cottages:

Cosy Cottage in Vik:

— About our Cooperation with SadCars & HomeAway —
We partnered up with a local car rental company called who offer some of the best deals for travelers looking into renting a camper or road trip vehicle. For this the folks at SadCars provided us with a Dacia Duster for the period we did the Ring Road and the Golden Circle route.
In order to show you several accommodation options you can find in Iceland we teamed up with who let us stay in some of the coolest places all around the island.
Nevertheless all opinions, recommendations and views are my own.

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Faroe Islands Travel Video

Faroe Islands - the fantastic place you should definitely visit!
The 10 most interesting places below:
1. Drangarnir - the giant Arch in the open ocean. The most epic spot in my opinion.
2. A mount near the Funningur. The most exciting view of the Faroes
3. Mykines Island - the Puffin heaven! To get here you need to book a ferry or a helicopter and you better do it at least a month before the visiting day.
4. Tralanipan - its just mind blowing surrealistic place! Where else you can see the lake flying over the ocean. You just have to see it you own eyes!
5. Gasadulur Waterfall - The best place for a sunset!
6. Fossa Waterfall - the biggest waterfall at Faroe.
7. Saksun - the village with the grass roof tops and the black sand beach
8. Gjogv - the village with the epic dock just between the two rocks
9. Sandoy Island - here you can find the biggest blue postbox and the cutest little lonely house right near the road
10. Helicopter ride for the price of a taxi. Yes it is real! the best way is to take a ride from the Airport to Mykines and back on a ferry or from Torshavn to Klaksvik and back on a bus.
Like it!
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Ask a question of it!
Just go an visit it!

Топ 10 мест фарерских островов!
1. Drangarnir - огромная каменная арка в океане, за которой высится остров Tindhólmur. Цена - 5500₽. Старт от порта г. Sørvágur. Идти 2,5 часа в каждую сторону. Пожалуй, самое эпичное место на островах.
2. Гора рядом с деревушкой Finningur. Отсюда открывается самый захватывающий вид на острова. Находим парковку и далее 15-20 минутный хайк на вершину.
3. Остров Mykines - тупиковый рай! Добраться можно на пароме (1500) или вертолете (...). Паром разбирают очень быстро. Бронировать лучше за месяц. На вертолете можно улететь только в одну сторону (обратно паром). Сюда нужно ехать в любую погоду т.к. в хорошую погоду почти все тупики сидят в море, но когда на море качка, они возвращаются к норкам - прямо у вас под ногами!
4. Tralanipan - сурреалистичное место где озеро «парит» над океаном. Это просто нужно увидеть своими глазами! Цена 2000₽. Идти 40 минут. Легко найти в Гугл мапс.
5. Водопад Gasadulur - идеальное место для заката! Солнце заходит прямо за ним! Легко ищется в Гугл картах
6. Водопад Fossa - самый большой водопад фарерских островов! Стоит ехать только если на днях шли дожди. Без дождей водопад засыпает и превращается в ручеёк.
7. Saksun - деревушка с домиками с травой на крыше и чёрным пляжем. Домики можно смотреть бесплатно, а вот для Прогулки по черному пляжу нужно заплатить.
8. Gjógv - деревушка с эпичным выходом в океан. Который до сих пор активно используется местными. Также можно хайкнуть на гору левее от деревушки. Все бесплатно.
9. Остров Sandoy - на нем расположен самый большой почтовый ящик и самый миленький одинокий домик. Добраться на пароме из Gamlarætt Ferry Port Цена 1500₽ в обе стороны.
10. Вертолетная прогулка по цене обычного такси. Да, на Фарерах такое возможно. Лучший вариант это лететь из аэропорта на о. Мичинес и обратно на пароме. Но если на этот рейс места кончились то можно лететь из Торсхавна в Клаксвик и обратно на автобусе. Бронировать полеты на сайте Atlantic Airways! Напомню Вертолёт нельзя купить в обе стороны!

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The Faroe Islands - A Photography Adventure 2020


This are the Faroe Islands.

A place that no video or photo can ever make the right justice to it.
You have to go there and see it, feel it for yourself.
I hope that this video can give you an extra boost for you to book the trip of your life, and visit one of the last unspoiled places on Earth.

Footage by:
Carlos Pimentel ►
Kristof Massoels ►
Davy Prenen ►

TRAVEL DIARY #1 - Faroe Islands

Special thank you to all who made this trip possible!

Michael Nguyen

Makito Umekita

- Faris Car Rental

- Hotel Hafnia

- Eysturland Lodge

- Fjord Cottage

- Restaurant Katrina

- Navia

Guðrun & Guðrun

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The Faroe Islands: The Adventure Begins

The Faroe Islands are becoming a hot travel and photography destination. I'm going to 10 days to see what it's all about.
My Faroe Islands photography on Instagram:
I'm in the Faroe Islands for 10 days of photography. I'm leading a photography workshop which is actually my first ever photo location scouting VIP trip. I'm excited about this brand of workshop as I think it has a lot to offer new photographers. And, for me, it's fun to get to visit a location and treat it as if it were an assignment but not really have anyone (aside from the participants) to answer to. And, this location is amazing.
It wasn't easy getting to The Faroe Islands, though. I had a flight cancelled for weather. And then when I finally did get on a flight the next day, I had maybe my wildest landing on a flight ever. Shout out to the Faroese pilot who made that landing in crazy weather.
Today's vlog, we're out finding photography locations on the Faroe Islands. My photography workshop starts in 2 days. So, we're sort of prepping and exploring, and finding some cool places to take people to.
Overall, I think this Faroe Islands photography vlog series is going to be a blast!

Landscape Photography Location Scouting in The Faroe Islands

Today on the photography vlog, we're location scouting for landscape photography in The Faroe Islands.
Find my Faroe Islands Photography on Instagram at
A lot of landscape photography comes down to location scouting. It's easy to take the picture. But, what lots of people don't realize is that finding that location alone takes a lot of time and effort. And, today we went to full effort in The Faroe Islands.
It should also be noted that today's landscape photography is so different than it was years ago thanks to social media and the internet. Now, we can rely on others to help find places. However, in new destination like The Faroe Islands, there's still so much time and planning that goes into landscape photography location scouting.
So, what are some of the cool photo spots on the Faroe Islands? Well, stay tuned to this series for more of the videos. The Faroe Islands photography playlist is just getting started as I still have 8 vlogs from here. Stay tuned.

Faroe Islands: Inner Hebrides to Faroe Islands 1 of 2

Join the Faroe Islands group on Facebook here and find out where you can see the full video:

Coast heads high into the wild Atlantic to the majestic Faroe Islands, where Neil Oliver discovers how romance blossomed for British soldiers and Faroese women during the Second World War's 'Operation Valentine'.


/// English subtitles available ///
Visit the Faroe Islands and explore Europe's best kept secret.
The World's most appealing Destination The islands received top marks for its preservation of nature, historic architecture and national pride.

Less is more
The lesson to be learned from the Faroe Islands is quality over quantity. National Geographic named the archipelago the best island destination of 2015, citing its commitment to maintaining its traditions and way of life without standing in the way of progress. The Faroese haven't bowed to the pressure of mass tourism, although it's the islands' second largest industry, and visitors are expected to endure stormy seas and unpredictable weather just as the locals would. Careful maintenance of a traditional lifestyle and consequent dedication to sustainability are things to admire in this cluster of islands in the Atlantic.

Kamil Bartošek (KAZMA)
Most of the people are postponing their plans for life, while it’s slipping through their fingers. When there is less work, when there is more money, when kids grow up, when we pay a mortgage, when we buy all of the rubbish we need or when it's time. But the world is not waiting for anyone and the person you think you are, will die one day. Remember that when your life will be asking you, whether you’ll go for it or not, do it and go at full throttle. Because there is not much to be missed, except for time. I cannot tell you what will happen, but I know for sure that if you do not try, nothing will happen at all. So live and risk everything. Because this is life and there’s nothing more left here for you.


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???? Amann

Exploring Faroe Islands - Kalsoy

Kalsoy offers some of the most dramatic views on the Faroe Islands and it's one of the places I wanted to visit most during my trip there in August. Despite somewhat unlucky weather, we were not disappointed.

My gear list:
My Instagram:

My blog post about Kalsoy:

Kalsoy ferry timetable:

Shot with: Panasonic G7, Canon 80D, GoPro Hero 3 and DJI Spark

Music (courtesy of
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Faroe Islands: An extraordinary Road Trip

There are those who think that there is no unexplored places on Earth any more. Expecially in Europe. They have never been on Faroe Islands. This is a short movie of our extraordinary road trip around unspoiled, unexplored and unbelievable Faroe Islands...

C'è chi pensa che non esistano più luoghi inesplorati sulla terra. In Europa, soprattutto. Non sono mai stati alle Isole Faroe. Questo è il breve video del nostro straordinario road trip alle Isole Faroe. Una terra incontaminata, inesplorata e incredibile.

Più foto e video sul nostro blog o sulla nostra pagina Facebook:

Exploring the Faroe Islands

Visiting the Faroe Islands in August 2016, we travelled the islands of Vágar, Streamy and Eysturoy. These are some of our adventures!

Visit Faroe Islands made these experiences possible through inviting Reiselykke on a press trip.

Reiselykke besøkte Færøyene august 2016 i anledning en pressetur, og dette er noen av de opplevelsene vi hadde der.

Sjekk for reisetips og reiseskildringer fra Færøyene.

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