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10 Best Places to Visit in Macedonia



This video shows the most beautiful places in Republic of Macedonia.


Macedonia Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Macedonia.
Macedonia is a young Balkan republic that is a combination of both Orient and Occident. Skopje is the capital of Macedonia and is located in the Vardar River Valley. It has a dramatic history that spans many thousands of years and forms the junction of two trading routes in southeast Europe that unite both western and eastern civilisation. The legacy of Ottoman times is omnipresent in Skopje. One of the city’s most well-preserved mosques is that of the Gazi-Isisa-Bey Djamia and in the seventeenth century it is believed that there were up to a hundred and twenty mosques in the city. Ottoman rule began in 1392 and lasted for more than five hundred years. Near the village of Glumovo is the Bogorodica Monastery that was founded in the fourteenth century and is active again today. The mediaeval frescos on the walls and ceilings are well preserved after five centuries. Southwest of Prilep is the ancient city of Stibera that is also known as Macedonian Pompeii. It is in a good location on an important road. The last Macedonian king, Perseus, had his military headquarters in Stibera during his struggles with Rome. In the south, just a few kilometres from the Greek border, is Bitola, at the foot of Pelister Mountain and on the edge of the fertile Pelagonija Plains. Buildings with Neo-Baroque and Renaissance facades, huge mosques and splendid diplomatic residences indicate the city’s importance. Macedonia is a wild land full of natural splendour and with a long and dramatic history that is well worth more than just a flying visit. Indeed, this visit also features a Galička wedding that is a fine example of colourful tradition and local culture.

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MACEDONIA Top 50 Tourist Places | Macedonia Tourism

Macedonia (Things to do - Places to Visit) - MACEDONIA Top Tourist Places
A country in the Balkans
Macedonia is a landlocked Balkan nation of mountains, lakes and ancient towns with Ottoman and European architecture.

The capital, Skopje, is known for its sprawling Old Bazaar quarter and historic buildings turned museums, including the National Gallery of Macedonia, housed in a 15th-century Turkish bath complex. The southern city Ohrid, on a lake of the same name, has a medieval townscape and hilltop castle.

MACEDONIA Top 50 Tourist Places | Macedonia Tourism

Things to do in MACEDONIA - Places to Visit in Macedonia

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MACEDONIA Top 50 Tourist Places - Macedonia (FYROM), Balkans, Europe

Top 10 Places To Visit in Macedonia - Macedonia Tourist Attractions | Top 10 Places

Top 10 Places To Visit in Macedonia - Macedonia Tourist Attractions | Top 10 Places

1. Skopje

Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, in the point of convergence of the Balkan Peninsula. during the time it has experienced Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman run the show. The fifteenth-century Stone Bridge interfaces the Ottoman established Bazaar (Čaršija) at the Vardar River's north budgetary association
with cutting edge Macedonia square toward the south. The Skopje (Kale) fortress dismissing the stream has defended the town for quite a while.

2. Bitola

Bitola is a city inside the southwestern bit of the Republic of Macedonia. it's miles put inside the southern bit of the Pelagonia valley, included by using the Baba, Nidže and Kajmakčalan mountain levels, 14 ... Wikipedia

3. Kruševo

Kruševo is a city in Macedonia. it's miles the best city in Macedonia, arranged at a tallness of more than 4,429 feet above sea organize.
The city of Kruševo is the seat of Kruševo Municipality. Wikipedia

4. across the nation Park Mavrovo

Mavrovo across the nation Park is the greatest of the 3 across the nation stops of the Republic of Macedonia. It changed into arranged in 1949 and is placed in the west of the country between Lake Mavrovo and the Albanian periphery. Wikipedia
address: Macedonia (FYROM)

5. Pelister countrywide Park

Pelister across the nation Park is a countrywide stop inside the Municipality of Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. The diversion focus is arranged in the Baba Mountain massif and spreads a district of 171.five square kilometers. Wikipedia
adjust to: Macedonia (FYROM)

6. Stobi

Stobi transformed into a remarkable city of Paeonia, later vanquished by strategy for Macedon, and later transformed into the capital of the Roman zone of Macedonia
Salutaris. Wikipedia
oversee: motorway Alexander of Macedon, Macedonia (FYROM)

7. Gevgelija

Gevgelija is a town with a people of 15,685 arranged inside the southeast of the Republic of Macedonia close-by the banks of the Vardar Stream, arranged on the us of a's critical periphery with Greece, the ... Wikipedia

8. Strumica

Strumica is the best city in japanese Republic of Macedonia, close to the Novo Selo-Petrich periphery crossing with Bulgaria. around a hundred,000 people live inside the range enveloping the city. It is known as after the Strumica River which keeps running by method for it. Wikipedia

9. Ohrid

Ohrid is a little resort town on the uneven seashores of Lake Ohrid inside the southwest of the Republic of Macedonia. inside the city's moderate antiquated town, medieval spots of love, shelters and outside vestiges stay near to routine houses with purple-tiled housetops. The enormous dividers of the several years vintage Samoil's fortress, on the zenith of the incline, overpower the city skyline.


Struga is a city and famous voyager objective arranged inside the south-western zone of the Republic of Macedonia, lying on the shore
of Lake Ohrid. The city of Struga is the seat of Struga Municipality. Wikipedia

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Why You Should Visit Macedonia

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Here are some Macedonia Travel highlights:

Totally off the beaten path hike:

Paragliding at lake Ohrid:

Smolari and Kolešino Waterfalls:

Oh and the food of course:

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Skopje, Macedonia - Travel Around The World | Top best places to visit in Skopje, Macedonia

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Top best places to visit in Skopje, Macedonia
Skopje is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Macedonia.

It is the country’s political, cultural, economic, and academic center. Skopje is known as the City of Statues thanks to its impressive monuments situated all over the city.

In the center of town is the Macedonia Square, the biggest public space in Macedonia.
In its middle stands the Warrior on a Horse, a fountain and a statue of Alexander the Great.

The symbol of the city the Stone Bridge connects Macedonia Square to the Old Bazaar.

Around the square, which serves as a main entrance to the Old Bazaar, are:
The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle,
The National Theater,
And the Holocaust Memorial, a museum and multimedia center about the history of the Jews in the Balkans.

Nearby is another representative square with the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and a Philharmonic Hall.

And next to it is the Art Bridge, the most beautiful bridge in the city full of sculptures of noted artists.

Also worth a visit are:
The Porta Macedonia, a triumphal arch dedicated to 20 years of Macedonian independence.

The Mother Teresa House, a beautiful and tranquil modern chapel and a museum.

And the Church of St Clement of Ohrid, the largest cathedral of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

One of the most important places to go in Skopje is the Old Bazaar. It is the largest marketplace in the Balkans famous for its cultural and historical values.

Beside the stores there are some interesting objects within the Old Bazaar, such as:
The National Museum, one of the oldest museums in the country.

The Double Hamam, a Turkish bath, today used as a gallery.

The Church of the Ascension of Jesus, a tiny orthodox temple with a pleasant courtyard.

And the Mustafa Pasha Mosque, one of the most beautiful Islamic buildings in Macedonia.

In the vicinity of the Old Bazaar there are other prominent mosques, like:
The Sultan Murat Mosque, the biggest mosque in Macedonia.

The Gazi Isa Bey’s Mosque, the only seljuk mosque in Europe.

And the Yahya Pasha Mosque which has a roof in the shape of a pyramid and the tallest minaret in Skopje.

But the biggest attraction in the city is the Kale Fortress.

The historic fortifications was build on the highest hill in the Skopje valley

and now offer great views over the city.


Intro & Outro:

10 Things NOT To Do in Macedonia

Macedonia is a wonderful country to visit with its beautiful scenery, friendly people and delicious cuisine. As with any country, there are some things that you should avoid doing while there. Here are 10 things not to do while you are in Macedonia.

1. Don't Skip Declaring Valuables
A lot of tourists don't declare all of their valuables when they are leaving the country. This can lead to huge fines and a lot of trouble. You can avoid this from happening by declaring everything that you think is valuable.

2. Don't Plan To Stay The Entire Day In Ohrid
You may think that Ohrid is filled with a lot to do. However, it's only a small part of what Macedonia has to offer. You are better off only spending a little amount of time in this area and spending the majority of your time in Bitola.

3. Don't Pass On The Rakija
This drink is similar to brandy but even more delicious. Make sure you don't pass on trying it because you think that it's just like other drinks you've had before. It's best when taken as a shot as it can be very potent.

4. Don't Order Fries
Most of the food in Macedonia is good except for the fries. They tend to be soggy and lack taste. Don't order the fries while you're here, and save those calories for something else.

5. Don't Break The Alcohol Rules
There's some interesting alcohol rules in Macedonia. During the winter months, you can't purchase it after 7 p.m. or 9 p.m. when it's summer. Make sure you keep these rules in mind so that you don't inadvertently break them.

6. Don't Pass On The Markets
The markets are absolutely incredible. You can find a lot of organic fruits and vegetables here, and the locals are very friendly. Make sure you don't leave Macedonia without visiting a market or two.

7. Don't Forget To Exchange Your Money
You will need to exchange your money as the local shops won't take your dollars. Denars will be accepted pretty much everywhere in Macedonia, and you can get them in exchange offices. If you can find an ATM, you can withdrawal denars there as well.

8. Don't Get Offended By Questions From The Locals
The locals seem to want to know everything about visitors. Don't be offended by some of the questions that they ask. They are just trying to get to know you, and nothing is really off limits to them.

9. Don't Use Your Cell Without The Proper Sim Card
Many tourists try to use their cellular phone only to find that it doesn't work. Fortunately, you can easily get a SIM card to put in your phone that will allow you to have service. All you need to do is show your passport at one of the shops that sells them in order to get one.

10. Don't Buy Bottled Water Everywhere You Go
The water is safe to drink in Macedonia and pretty tasty. Because of this, there's no need to buy bottled water whenever you're thirsty. However bottled water is always safest, whenever you're away.

Where do you want to know what not to do in next?
Comment below!

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Europe's Most Unusual City | First Time In Skopje & Macedonian Food | Full Time Travel Vlog 25

Europe's Most Unusual City | First Time In Skopje & Macedonian Food | Full Time Travel Vlog 25

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We took the bus from Bulgaria to Macedonia and rented an apartment in Skopje. In this Macedonia travel vlog, we go out to see Skopje for the first time and share our first impressions of the city. We also try some traditional Macedonian food and explore the Bohemian district of Skopje. We found that Skopje is a budget-friendly city, great for digital nomads.

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BBC Travel Show - Macedonia (Week 35)


Best Attractions and Places to See in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

Ohrid Travel Guide. MUST WATCH. Top things you have to do in Ohrid. We have sorted Tourist Attractions in Ohrid for You. Discover Ohrid as per the Traveler Resources given by our Travel Specialists. You will not miss any fun thing to do in Ohrid.

This Video has covered Best Attractions and Things to do in Ohrid.

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List of Best Things to do in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
Lake Ohrid
National Park Galicica
St. Jovan Kaneo
Church of Our Lady Perivlepta
Monastery of Saint Naum
National Workshop For Handmade Paper
Saint Climent of Ohrid
Saint Sophia
Bay of the Bones Museum

(North) Macedonia First Impressions | Skopje Free Walking Tour | Travel Vlog

Our first day exploring the country now officially known as North Macedonia - with Free Skopje Walking Tours we discover...⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Skopje is such an interesting city to explore! We didn't expect the most polarising place we've ever visited to be in Macedonia / North Macedonia - but we're glad to be here and taking a free walking tour to get more of an understanding of this country.

Taking a tour of Skopje was vital - there's so much information to consume, so much history, so many oddly placed statues and layouts that it was definitely the best way to visit and understand how Skopje has become the city it is today to travel. It all just feels a bit random, a bit prepared and incredibly polarising, for all the reasons we mention in the video... but theres definitely some charm that goes with all that and made for an interesting day.

In our last travel video we arrived in North Macedonia and had plenty of conflicting comments from people, not about Skopje itself, but about the name of North Macedonia vs Macedonia. We always research so were well aware of the situation before arriving but the reality is we can't please everyone. Macedonians don't want to be called North Macedonia, yet that's officially what's been agreed upon and there are a few countries (one in particular) that passionately will not accept the name as Macedonia only. Tricky situation that we can't win either way regardless of what we say - we highly recommend you give it a Google and learn more if you're interested.

If you're visiting Skopje definitely check out Vasko was an awesome guide and showed us all a great time on the walking tour.

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4K Lake Ohrid, Macedonia - Relax Video - Short Travel Guide/Travel Journal

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We travel through the world to find the beauty, enjoy our life and make memories. This week you will be taken to the gorgeous Republic of Macedonia.
This country has a plenty of things to offer its numerous tourists such as wonderful events, lovely cities, national parks, museums, lakes, mountains, nice houses, galleries, caves, waterfalls and more.

Take in the stunning panoramic views, a relaxing atmosphere and listen to amazing music while watching this 4K urban video. The most impressive thing are crystal clear lakes of Macedonia.
One of the oldest and longest lakes is Ohrid Lake. There are several recreational activities on the lake: sailing, scuba diving or just strolling along the lakeside. Find a perfect place to spend your vacation or just take a private virtual tour to Macedonia while watching our 4K UHD video.

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Discover Skopje Macedonia

I really wanted to go to this place because of Canyon Matka not knowing that Skopje can offer more than that!

00:38 My Hotel Room in Skopje Marriott Hotel
01:59 Cable Car Ride in Vodno Mountain
03:24 Millennium Cross
05:24 Macedonian Village
07:41 Lake Matka
08:25 Boat Ride going to Vrelo Cave
09:11 Vrelo Cave
10:13 Dinner at Canyon Matka
11:25 Roaming Around Macedonia Square
12:15 Porta Macedonia
12:20 Stone Bridge (Skopje) or Dušan Bridge

Things I forgot to include in my vlog:
• There's no entrance going inside or just to see Lake Matka, other than the boat ride, there's also rental of kayaks and some of the tourists go swimming. However, the water is super cold but very clear.

• 80 euros for the whole tour (doesn't matter if how many people are coming). Only INCLUSIONS are car (ofcourse LOL), driver/tour guide, gasoline, 1 bottle of water for each passenger, entrance fee of the driver/tour guide in each ride, and of course new found friends. EXCLUDED from the tour are the fee for your cable car ride, food and snacks, gratuities, souvenirs, boat ride/kayaking in Lake Matka.

• The duration of the tour from the Hotel - Millennium Cross - Macedonian Village -Lake Makta - Hotel is 7 full hours.

• There's no entrance fee going inside Macedonian Village.

• Room was paid by my company

• We haven't got the chance to visit Skopje Fortress, Old Bazaar and the Memorial House of Mother Theresa due to time constraint plus we were very tired. On a good note, there's a reason to come back, right?

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#skopje #macedonia #northmacedonia
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Top things to do in North Macedonia

#NorthMacedonia #skopje #Macedonia #RepublicofMacedonia

Top 7 Things to do in North Macedonia:

1. Visit Skopje Square
2. Visit the Millenium Cross
3. Visit Lake Matka
4. Visit Ohrid
5. Try the Local Food
6. Visit the Old Bazaar
7. Visit Kale / Skopje Fortress

Other places to visit you could visit which we couldn't include in our list but should be at your top priorities - Mother Therese house and a day trip to Kosovo.

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SKOPJE ???????? Travel Guide | Top 5 Best Places in Skopje Macedonia

SKOPJE North Macedonia Travel Guide ???????? | Top 5 best places to visit

This video contains information about
this is 5 tourist atractions in skopje macedonia

5. Matka
Matka is a canyon located west of central Skopje macedonia. It is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Macedonia.
The Matka Lake within the Matka Canyon is the oldest artificial lake in the country.

4. Skopje Fortress
The Skopje Fortress is a historic fortress located in the old town of Skopje macedonia. It is situated on the highest point in the city.
The fortress is depicted on the coat of arms of Skopje macedonia, which in turn is incorporated in the city's flag.

3. Stone Bridge
The Stone Bridge is a bridge across the Vardar River in Skopje macedonia. It is also less frequently known as the Dušan Bridge.
The Stone Bridge connects Macedonia Square, in the center of Skopje macedonia, to the Old Bazaar.

2. Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Mustafa Pasha Mosque is an Ottoman-era mosque located in the Old Bazaar of Skopje macedonia.
A five-year renovation of the mosque, funded by the Turkish government, was completed in August 2011.

1. Skopje Aqueduct
The Skopje Aqueduct is an aqueduct and archaeological site located in the village of Vizbegovo.
This aqueduct was in use until the eighteenth century. It is the only aqueduct in Macedonia.

SKOPJE North Macedonia Travel Guide ???????? | Top 5 best places to visit


SKOPJE Top 50 Tourist Places | Skopje Tourism | MACEDONIA

Skopje (Things to do - Places to Visit) - SKOPJE Top Tourist Places
The capital of Macedonia
Macedonia is a landlocked Balkan nation of mountains, lakes and ancient towns with Ottoman and European architecture.

The capital, Skopje, is known for its sprawling Old Bazaar quarter and historic buildings turned museums, including the National Gallery of Macedonia, housed in a 15th-century Turkish bath complex. The southern city Ohrid, on a lake of the same name, has a medieval townscape and hilltop castle.

SKOPJE Top 50 Tourist Places | Skopje Tourism

Things to do in SKOPJE - Places to Visit in Skopje

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SKOPJE Top 50 Tourist Places - Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM), Balkans, Europe


Okay, so hot springs are great, obviously. But have you ever visited a THERMAL cave?! Do NOT miss this video as we explore one of Macedonia’s hidden gems.

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Nestled in the hills above a paid thermal retreat, is a hidden hot spring cave with steam pouring from the entrance and friendly locals inviting you in to bathe. The natural hot waters here are a comforting 40 degrees Celsius and just perfect for warming you up on a winters day!

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10 Day Road Trip Around Macedonia

In this week's episode we're in FYROM (Macedonia) and we're taking you with us on our 10 day road trip around the country! We rent a car in the capital of Skopje and tour this magnificent Balkan nation, stopping at some of the most beautiful places along the way. Check it out!

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Macedonia a marvelous country of mountains,lakes ,enigmatic monasteries and ancient towns.Full HD

7 Highlights:Ohrid;Skopje;Matka lake;St.John Bigorsky Monastery;Heracklea Lyncestis;Springs of Black Drim river;St. Naum Monastery



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