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10 Best Places to Visit in Macedonia


Top 10 Places To Visit in Macedonia - Macedonia Tourist Attractions | Top 10 Places

Top 10 Places To Visit in Macedonia - Macedonia Tourist Attractions | Top 10 Places

1. Skopje

Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, in the point of convergence of the Balkan Peninsula. during the time it has experienced Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman run the show. The fifteenth-century Stone Bridge interfaces the Ottoman established Bazaar (Čaršija) at the Vardar River's north budgetary association
with cutting edge Macedonia square toward the south. The Skopje (Kale) fortress dismissing the stream has defended the town for quite a while.

2. Bitola

Bitola is a city inside the southwestern bit of the Republic of Macedonia. it's miles put inside the southern bit of the Pelagonia valley, included by using the Baba, Nidže and Kajmakčalan mountain levels, 14 ... Wikipedia

3. Kruševo

Kruševo is a city in Macedonia. it's miles the best city in Macedonia, arranged at a tallness of more than 4,429 feet above sea organize.
The city of Kruševo is the seat of Kruševo Municipality. Wikipedia

4. across the nation Park Mavrovo

Mavrovo across the nation Park is the greatest of the 3 across the nation stops of the Republic of Macedonia. It changed into arranged in 1949 and is placed in the west of the country between Lake Mavrovo and the Albanian periphery. Wikipedia
address: Macedonia (FYROM)

5. Pelister countrywide Park

Pelister across the nation Park is a countrywide stop inside the Municipality of Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. The diversion focus is arranged in the Baba Mountain massif and spreads a district of 171.five square kilometers. Wikipedia
adjust to: Macedonia (FYROM)

6. Stobi

Stobi transformed into a remarkable city of Paeonia, later vanquished by strategy for Macedon, and later transformed into the capital of the Roman zone of Macedonia
Salutaris. Wikipedia
oversee: motorway Alexander of Macedon, Macedonia (FYROM)

7. Gevgelija

Gevgelija is a town with a people of 15,685 arranged inside the southeast of the Republic of Macedonia close-by the banks of the Vardar Stream, arranged on the us of a's critical periphery with Greece, the ... Wikipedia

8. Strumica

Strumica is the best city in japanese Republic of Macedonia, close to the Novo Selo-Petrich periphery crossing with Bulgaria. around a hundred,000 people live inside the range enveloping the city. It is known as after the Strumica River which keeps running by method for it. Wikipedia

9. Ohrid

Ohrid is a little resort town on the uneven seashores of Lake Ohrid inside the southwest of the Republic of Macedonia. inside the city's moderate antiquated town, medieval spots of love, shelters and outside vestiges stay near to routine houses with purple-tiled housetops. The enormous dividers of the several years vintage Samoil's fortress, on the zenith of the incline, overpower the city skyline.


Struga is a city and famous voyager objective arranged inside the south-western zone of the Republic of Macedonia, lying on the shore
of Lake Ohrid. The city of Struga is the seat of Struga Municipality. Wikipedia

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Macedonia Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Macedonia? Check out our Macedonia Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Macedonia.

Top Places to visit in Macedonia:
Mavrovo Lake, Church of St. John at Kaneo, Stone Bridge, Millennium Cross, Samoil’s Fortress, Kokino Observatory, Saint Panteleimon, Skopje Aqueduct, Mount Korab, The Arabati Baba Tekke, Ancient Theatre of Ohrid, Church of St. Sophia, Markovi Kuli, Stone town of Kuklica, Old Bazaar in Skopje

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5 Things to do in Skopje, Macedonia (Balkan Road Trip 02)

We show you 5 things to do in Skopje (Macedonia / FYROM) in our second episode of our Balkan Road Trip Series - follow us around exploring the city!
Related guide:

I had to disable the comment function due to rude discussions and several violations of the community guidelines of YouTube. This is not a video with a political statement about the country, it simply shows the sights and our travel experience.

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Skopje is located only a few hours east from Bulgaria, there is a daily connection between Sofia and Skopje which is very budget friendly. We show you the most important sights in Skopje in this episode and give tips for your visit.

Skopje is a very old city - the territory of Skopje has been inhabited since at least 4000 BC.

The following spots have been our favorite things to do in Skopje
- Old Bazaar and Old Town
- Stone Bridge
- Main Square with huge Monuments (e.g. Alexander the Great)
- City Museum
- Memorial House of Mother Teresa
- Kale Fortress
- Unity Hostel

In the next episode of our Balkan Road Trip we'll visit Tirana in Albania!

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My favorite Hotels & Hostels (also the Unity Hostel is listed there):


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Why You Should Visit Macedonia

There are many reasons but after watching this video and reading our Macedonia Blog: You will be booking your vacation there.

Don't visit Macedonia without reading our book:

Here are some Macedonia Travel highlights:

Totally off the beaten path hike:

Paragliding at lake Ohrid:

Smolari and Kolešino Waterfalls:

Oh and the food of course:

Skopje, Macedonia - Travel Around The World | Top best places to visit in Skopje, Macedonia

Top best places to visit in Skopje, Macedonia
Skopje is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Macedonia.

It is the country’s political, cultural, economic, and academic center. Skopje is known as the City of Statues thanks to its impressive monuments situated all over the city.

In the center of town is the Macedonia Square, the biggest public space in Macedonia.
In its middle stands the Warrior on a Horse, a fountain and a statue of Alexander the Great.

The symbol of the city the Stone Bridge connects Macedonia Square to the Old Bazaar.

Around the square, which serves as a main entrance to the Old Bazaar, are:
The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle,
The National Theater,
And the Holocaust Memorial, a museum and multimedia center about the history of the Jews in the Balkans.

Nearby is another representative square with the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and a Philharmonic Hall.

And next to it is the Art Bridge, the most beautiful bridge in the city full of sculptures of noted artists.

Also worth a visit are:
The Porta Macedonia, a triumphal arch dedicated to 20 years of Macedonian independence.

The Mother Teresa House, a beautiful and tranquil modern chapel and a museum.

And the Church of St Clement of Ohrid, the largest cathedral of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

One of the most important places to go in Skopje is the Old Bazaar. It is the largest marketplace in the Balkans famous for its cultural and historical values.

Beside the stores there are some interesting objects within the Old Bazaar, such as:
The National Museum, one of the oldest museums in the country.

The Double Hamam, a Turkish bath, today used as a gallery.

The Church of the Ascension of Jesus, a tiny orthodox temple with a pleasant courtyard.

And the Mustafa Pasha Mosque, one of the most beautiful Islamic buildings in Macedonia.

In the vicinity of the Old Bazaar there are other prominent mosques, like:
The Sultan Murat Mosque, the biggest mosque in Macedonia.

The Gazi Isa Bey’s Mosque, the only seljuk mosque in Europe.

And the Yahya Pasha Mosque which has a roof in the shape of a pyramid and the tallest minaret in Skopje.

But the biggest attraction in the city is the Kale Fortress.

The historic fortifications was build on the highest hill in the Skopje valley

and now offer great views over the city.


Intro & Outro:

Things to See and Do in Ohrid, Macedonia

Things to See and Do in Ohrid, Macedonia

In this episode, David takes us with him as he checks out the top things to see and do in Ohrid, Macedonia – a city at the center of Lake Ohrid tourism.

David starts with what to see in the city of Ohrid. He begins in the Old Town, which is home to several beautiful buildings like the historic Robevci House. He then makes his way up the hill to see some of Ohrid’s historical monuments. First up is St. Jovan de Kaneo, a Byzantine-style church perched above the shore of Lake Ohrid. This is one of the most photographed places in Macedonia.

Another beautiful church to check out is St. Clement Church. David’s guide Zivka gives some background on St. Clement. Then it’s time to head to to Tsar Samuil’s Fortress for amazing views over Lake Ohrid. Samuil was Tsar of the First Bulgarian Empire and best known for defending Bulgaria against Byzantine domination. He eventually moved the capital of the Empire to Ohrid and built one of the greatest strongholds in the Balkans. Today the fortress is a great place for panoramic views of the Lake and the city of Ohrid. Admission is 30 Macedonian denar.

Up next: The Roman Theatre. It was built to accommodate 4,000 spectators and was used for gladiatorial battles. Recently it was uncovered and is free to enter. The acoustics here are wonderful!

Heading back down the hill David visits one of the most important monuments in Macedonia, the Church of St. Sophia. Again, Zivka chimes in with some more information about the Church. The surviving frescos dates back to the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.

David and the team walk back to the main square of Ohrid to shop for Ohrid’s famous pearls. He introduces us to a man whose family was the first to bring the tradition to Macedonia. The Talev family workshop has been here since 1924.

David reminds us that no visit to Ohrid is complete without first taking a boat ride on Lake Ohrid. From here, you’ll get magnificent views of the city and lakeshore. Hire a local captain from the Ohrid Marina for one-hour tour.

The next day, David embarks on his first day trip from Ohrid, bringing him south of the city to National Park Galicica. The park separates Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa. It’s a popular with hikers and nature lovers who want to enjoy the clean, fresh air and stunning views of the lakes and towns below. You can also take your own car like David did.

A visit to the Monastery of St. Naum and the Black Drim springs is also a fantastic day trip from Ohrid. The monastery is located on a rocky outcrop at the southernmost part of Lake Ohrid near the Albanian border. Inside this cross-shaped church is the tomb of St. Naum. David sees if the local legend is true – you can hear St. Naum’s heartbeat if you put your ear to his tomb… it’s up to you to judge!

Once finished seeing St. Naum, David heads down to the riverbank to hire a rowboat to take him to see the crystal clear springs of the Drim River.

So that was David’s list of top things to see and do in Ohrid. Definitely one of the highlights of his Macedonia trip and a gorgeous destination to experience in the Balkans.

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10 Day Road Trip Around Macedonia

In this week's episode we're in FYROM (Macedonia) and we're taking you with us on our 10 day road trip around the country! We rent a car in the capital of Skopje and tour this magnificent Balkan nation, stopping at some of the most beautiful places along the way. Check it out!

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Top 10 Best Things to do in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Skopje Travel Guide. MUST WATCH. Top 10 things you have to do in Skopje. We have sorted Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg City for You. Discover Skopje as per the Traveller Resources given by our Travel Specialists. You will not miss any fun thing to do in Isle of Skye.

This Video has covered top 10 Best Things to do in Skopje.

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List of Best Things to do in Skopje

Lake Matka
Church of St. Panteleimon
Mountain of Vodno
Old Bazaar, Skopje
The Stone Bridge
Millennium Cross
Macedonia Square
Memorial House of Mother Teresa
Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Church of St. Clement of Ohrid


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Cheap Travel: Skopje Macedonia Europe Just $15 a Day

I just traveled to Skopje Macedonia for $15 USD a day. I visited Skopje in October 2017, and it was off season. this the most cheapest destination I've ever visited.

For more details:

Things to do in MACEDONIA - Places to Visit in Republic of Macedonia

Macedonia (Things to do - Places to Visit)
Country in the Balkans
Macedonia, officially the Republic of Macedonia, is a country in the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. It is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in 1991.

MACEDONIA Top 50 Tourist Places | Macedonia Tourism

MACEDONIA Tourist Places - Macedonia, Balkans, Europe

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Best Places to visit in MACEDONIA, MACEDONIA Tourism Guide, Vlog & Adventure in MACEDONIA, Things to do in MACEDONIA, Best tourists destinations in MACEDONIA.
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Macedonia Undiscovered Tresure HD


Top Macedonia Tourist Attraction | Tikves Winery

Tikveš (Macedonian: Тиквеш) is a plain situated in central Republic of Macedonia which is known for an artificial lake. It is home to the towns of Kavadarci and Negotino. Famous for its wine, Tikveš is the center of the Macedonian wine production which has been cultivated for more than 120 years. The region is also very famous f

Wine industry
A large fertile plain of about 2,000 square kilometers makes up the Tikveš district (part of Povardarie region), located in central Macedonia and enclosed by mountain highlands on three sides. It consists of gentle undulating hills at an average of 300 meters above sea-level. Its climate is characterized by long, hot summers and mild and rainy sub-mediterranean winters with an average of 460 mm of rainfall each year. Spring is shorter, some say fresher here and autumn is a bit longer and warmer.

Its altitude varies between 110 and 650 meters. The Vardar River, the country’s principal river, cuts the valley into western and eastern sections. These two sections are very different in their relief, climate, surface waters, soil quality and flora and fauna. The valley’s eastern section is arid and sparsely populated, while the western section is fertile and, compared to that of the east, much more densely populated. This area is also rich in forests, minerals and pastureland and resembles an oasis with a virtual Valhalla of vineyards and orchards.

District's wine growing characteristics
average sum of active temperatures during vegetation 42.84°C
absolute maximum temperature 44.8°C
absolute minimum temperature -23.2°C
average air temperature during the vegetation period 19.3°C
average late spring frosts occur to 23.03, early autumn frosts from 04.11
average rainfall per year 483 mm
average rainfall in the period of vegetation 262 mm
sum of sunny hours during vegetation 1750.8
As a result of a harmonious climatic and geographic convergence, the Tikveš region is a perfect place for the cultivation of wine (which is locally popular). The region has produced wine for over 2,500 years.

Today, there are predominantly 20 different grape varieties grown in the Tikveš region. The local Smederevka, Vranec and Temjanika comprise 80% of the total grape production. As wine consumers' preferences change globally, the region keep paces with current trends and adjusts its vine varieties accordingly.

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SKOPJE Travel Guide, 5 best places in skopje macedonia !!

skopje travel guide, 5 best places in skopje macedonia.

This video contains information about
skopje macedonia,
skopje travel guide,
skopje tourism,
skopje tourist attractions,
things to do in skopje,
best places in skopje macedonia that you must visit.
this is 5 tourist atractions in skopje macedonia

5. Matka
Matka is a canyon located west of central Skopje macedonia. It is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Macedonia.
The Matka Lake within the Matka Canyon is the oldest artificial lake in the country.

4. Skopje Fortress
The Skopje Fortress is a historic fortress located in the old town of Skopje macedonia. It is situated on the highest point in the city.
The fortress is depicted on the coat of arms of Skopje macedonia, which in turn is incorporated in the city's flag.

3. Stone Bridge
The Stone Bridge is a bridge across the Vardar River in Skopje macedonia. It is also less frequently known as the Dušan Bridge.
The Stone Bridge connects Macedonia Square, in the center of Skopje macedonia, to the Old Bazaar.

2. Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Mustafa Pasha Mosque is an Ottoman-era mosque located in the Old Bazaar of Skopje macedonia.
A five-year renovation of the mosque, funded by the Turkish government, was completed in August 2011.

1. Skopje Aqueduct
The Skopje Aqueduct is an aqueduct and archaeological site located in the village of Vizbegovo.
This aqueduct was in use until the eighteenth century. It is the only aqueduct in Macedonia.

skopje travel guide, 5 best places in skopje macedonia.

Highlights of Macedonia Travel

Highlights of Macedonia Travel. This video includes the Macedonia tourism attractions of Lake Ohrid area (the The Monastery of St. Jovan of Kano and the Monastery of St. Naum), The Monastery of Sveti John Bigorski, the Popova Kula winery, Matka Canyon, and Skopje.

To see more Macedonia travel adventures and our experiences in there, check out Travel Addicts:

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Drone footage courtesy of Charles Neville of JayWayTravel. Used with permission.


In this vlog I breakdown a day's worth of expenses as a budget traveller in Macedonia, whilst also showing some of the prices you can expect to find in supermarkets and restaurants around the capital, Skopje.


If you missed my first Macedonia vlog, you can watch it here:


Check out my travel vlogs from other countries:







Top 10 Cities of Macedonia

Thanks for watching.....
1) Bitola
2) Gostivar
3) Kumanovo
4) Ohrid
5) Prilep
6) Štip
7) Strumica
8) Tetovo
9) Tetovo
10) Veles

Macedonia, officially the Republic of Macedonia (Република Македонија, transliterated: Republika Makedonija [rɛˈpublika makɛˈdɔnija] ( listen)), is a country located in the central Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. It is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in 1991. It became a member of the United Nations in 1993 but, as a result of a dispute with Greece over its name, it was admitted under the provisional reference of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia[9][10] (поранешна Југословенска Република Македонија,[11] transliterated: Poranešna Jugoslovenska Republika Makedonija), sometimes abbreviated as FYROM.
A landlocked country, the Republic of Macedonia is bordered by Kosovo[a] to the northwest, Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south, and Albania to the west.[12] It constitutes approximately the northwestern half of the larger geographical region of Macedonia, which also comprises parts of Greece and Bulgaria. The country's capital is Skopje, with 506,926 inhabitants according to the 2002 census. Other cities include Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep, Tetovo, Ohrid, Veles, Štip, Kočani, Gostivar, Kavadarci and Strumica. It has more than 50 lakes and sixteen mountains higher than 2,000 m (6,562 ft). Macedonia is a member of the UN and the Council of Europe. Since December 2005 it has also been a candidate for joining the European Union and has applied for NATO membership. Source:

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Places to Stay at Ohrid, Visit Macedonia

10 Euros a private room I stayed in a quiet place right in the center. Ohrid has 4 millions years old lake, the oldest and deepest lake in Europe, amazing small place with rich history and culture, the best place to visit in Macedonia, walking Macedonia, Macedonia today, Travel with Daniel


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TOP 10 Tourist Attractions in BALKAN Peninsula.Full HD

Description:The video shows 10 of the most beautiful sites in: Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro

20 - Backpacking Republic of Macedonia

Incredible hitchhiking journey; enjoying Skopje, cooling off in Matka canyon, interacting with locals in Mavrovo, and beautiful Lake Ohrid.

***The politics/history about this country is sensitive to many! However, all and any negative comments will not be tolerated and removed. This is a video of my experiences here and the beauty I've seen.***

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Continuing on with my Balkan voyage brings me to my last and final former republic of the former Yugoslavia. From Prishtina, Kosovo, I arrived in the capital city of Skopje. Skopje is an interesting city due to the two sides that are complete opposites. In the east of the river, you have the old town Bazaar which resembles a little Istanbul, with many small cafes and mosques. Crossing the old stone bridge to the other side of the river, is the new side. Skopje 2014 was a massive makeover for this city, and now many monuments, statues, and new/renovated buildings stand in the old square and around the city. While the makeover is not accepted by many Macedonians, it certainly has brought a new personality to the center, and it's quite interesting.

Skopje, next to Athens and Podgorica was one of the hottest cities I've been to on my European voyage. Fortunatly, the nearby Matka Canyon was the means to cool off in the shade as well as in the COLD COLD COLD river. In this canyon, you can rent kayaks as well as take boat tours down the canyon. For me, I was good enough with a nice walk along the path down the canyon. In the end, it was definitely the place to cool off.

On my travel day, I was initially going to catch a bus to avoid the heat. And I was persuaded not to. But last minute, I hit the edge of the city, and found a ride to Tetovo and another to my desired stop, Mavrovo National Park. This is a massive park in the west of the country bordering Albania with many beautiful lakes, mountains, valleys, and villages. I was lucky enough to catch a ride with a Dutch couple going to Ohrid and also lucky enough to join them on a journey finding a waterfall. In the process, we picked up a villager who was kind enough to all the way to the waterfall, Duf Falls. After we were greeted and wished a great journey away, we stopped for a beer and enjoyed more view of the mountains before parting ways in Ohrid and being welcomed into my Airbnb.

In Ohrid, I was extremely lucky to have one of the most budget friendly but valued Airbnb's to date. I had a full kitchen and dining room on one floor with a bed room and terrace on the second floor with a pretty nice view of the lake for only 20 Euros. What a steal. As for my time in this region, due to the heat and the long day before, I simply enjoyed roaming around town and skipped the boat excursion across the lake. I enjoyed my last meal of Cevapi, walked the waterfront, walked through the town, up Samuel's Fortress for panoramic views of Mavrovo, the town, the Lake, the Albanian border and beyond. And to end the day just right, I enjoyed the picturesque view of St Johns church over the lake and enjoyed a nice sunset swim in the lake to cool off after a week of extreme hot weather.

To wrap up my time in the former Yugoslavia, I finally caught a short ride in a Yugo and hitchhiked my way to the Albanian border to Tirana.

I not only had the pleasure of spending a memorable time in Macedonia but a pleasure of befriending many incredible people. :)
Cheers/ Na zdravje

Iphone 5s & GoPro

Jovano Jovanke
KOK_2313_15 Ocean_At_Night
More Sokol Pie
KOK_2352A_24 Macedonian_Dance
KOK_2352B_12 Tirana_s_Street_Market



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