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10 Best Places to Visit in Macedonia


10 Best Places to Visit in Macedonia | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel

10 Best Places to Visit in Macedonia | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel
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Top 10 Places for Every Visitor in North Macedonia

North Macedonia is a small country in Balkans but it has plenty of unique and fun things to do and great places to explore. This is my list of top 10 places to see in North Macedonia.
The list is no particular order and the spots covered are:
Unique Things in Skopje
Sveti Naum Monastery (Monastery of Saint Naum)
Macedonia Square & The Old Stone Bridge of Skopje
Mavrovo National Park
Pasha's Mosque Tetovo/ Painted Mosque of Tetovo
Wine Region of Povardarie
Vodno Mountain & Millennium Cross
Galicica National Park
Matka Canyon
The Old Bazaar of Skopje
The Old Town of Ohrid

00:00 Welcome
00:44 A note about the name
00:58 Unique things from Skopje
02:58 Top 10 Places to see in North Macedonia
03:06 Sveti Naum
04:00 Macedonia Square & Old stone bridge
05:02 Mavrovo national park
05:49 Pasha's mosque/Painted Mosque
06:44 Povardarie
07:20 Vodno & Millenium Cross
08:16 Galicica national park
09:11 Matka canyon
10:14 The old bazaar of Skopje
11:04 The old town of Ohrid
11:52 Outro


Top 10 Places To Visit in Macedonia - Macedonia Tourist Attractions | Top 10 Places

Top 10 Places To Visit in Macedonia - Macedonia Tourist Attractions | Top 10 Places

1. Skopje

Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, in the point of convergence of the Balkan Peninsula. during the time it has experienced Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman run the show. The fifteenth-century Stone Bridge interfaces the Ottoman established Bazaar (Čaršija) at the Vardar River's north budgetary association
with cutting edge Macedonia square toward the south. The Skopje (Kale) fortress dismissing the stream has defended the town for quite a while.

2. Bitola

Bitola is a city inside the southwestern bit of the Republic of Macedonia. it's miles put inside the southern bit of the Pelagonia valley, included by using the Baba, Nidže and Kajmakčalan mountain levels, 14 ... Wikipedia

3. Kruševo

Kruševo is a city in Macedonia. it's miles the best city in Macedonia, arranged at a tallness of more than 4,429 feet above sea organize.
The city of Kruševo is the seat of Kruševo Municipality. Wikipedia

4. across the nation Park Mavrovo

Mavrovo across the nation Park is the greatest of the 3 across the nation stops of the Republic of Macedonia. It changed into arranged in 1949 and is placed in the west of the country between Lake Mavrovo and the Albanian periphery. Wikipedia
address: Macedonia (FYROM)

5. Pelister countrywide Park

Pelister across the nation Park is a countrywide stop inside the Municipality of Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. The diversion focus is arranged in the Baba Mountain massif and spreads a district of 171.five square kilometers. Wikipedia
adjust to: Macedonia (FYROM)

6. Stobi

Stobi transformed into a remarkable city of Paeonia, later vanquished by strategy for Macedon, and later transformed into the capital of the Roman zone of Macedonia
Salutaris. Wikipedia
oversee: motorway Alexander of Macedon, Macedonia (FYROM)

7. Gevgelija

Gevgelija is a town with a people of 15,685 arranged inside the southeast of the Republic of Macedonia close-by the banks of the Vardar Stream, arranged on the us of a's critical periphery with Greece, the ... Wikipedia

8. Strumica

Strumica is the best city in japanese Republic of Macedonia, close to the Novo Selo-Petrich periphery crossing with Bulgaria. around a hundred,000 people live inside the range enveloping the city. It is known as after the Strumica River which keeps running by method for it. Wikipedia

9. Ohrid

Ohrid is a little resort town on the uneven seashores of Lake Ohrid inside the southwest of the Republic of Macedonia. inside the city's moderate antiquated town, medieval spots of love, shelters and outside vestiges stay near to routine houses with purple-tiled housetops. The enormous dividers of the several years vintage Samoil's fortress, on the zenith of the incline, overpower the city skyline.


Struga is a city and famous voyager objective arranged inside the south-western zone of the Republic of Macedonia, lying on the shore
of Lake Ohrid. The city of Struga is the seat of Struga Municipality. Wikipedia

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Macedonia country tour | Attractions, lakes, mountains, nature, cities | 4k video | North Macedonia

Macedonia country tour. Attractions, lakes, landscapes, mountains, nature, cities, recreation and much more that we recommend to visit in Macedonia. This video was shot from a drone in 4k. This video review will introduce you to the best vacation spots. The state of North Macedonia is a country located on the Balkan Peninsula. There are beautiful places, friendly people, delicious food and grateful tourists leaving reviews. Top best vacation spots you need to see when visiting this beautiful country.

Macedonia from above:
1. Lake Ohrid
2. Matka Canyon
3. Skopje city

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10 Things NOT To Do in Macedonia

Macedonia is a wonderful country to visit with its beautiful scenery, friendly people and delicious cuisine. As with any country, there are some things that you should avoid doing while there. Here are 10 things not to do while you are in Macedonia.

1. Don't Skip Declaring Valuables
A lot of tourists don't declare all of their valuables when they are leaving the country. This can lead to huge fines and a lot of trouble. You can avoid this from happening by declaring everything that you think is valuable.

2. Don't Plan To Stay The Entire Day In Ohrid
You may think that Ohrid is filled with a lot to do. However, it's only a small part of what Macedonia has to offer. You are better off only spending a little amount of time in this area and spending the majority of your time in Bitola.

3. Don't Pass On The Rakija
This drink is similar to brandy but even more delicious. Make sure you don't pass on trying it because you think that it's just like other drinks you've had before. It's best when taken as a shot as it can be very potent.

4. Don't Order Fries
Most of the food in Macedonia is good except for the fries. They tend to be soggy and lack taste. Don't order the fries while you're here, and save those calories for something else.

5. Don't Break The Alcohol Rules
There's some interesting alcohol rules in Macedonia. During the winter months, you can't purchase it after 7 p.m. or 9 p.m. when it's summer. Make sure you keep these rules in mind so that you don't inadvertently break them.

6. Don't Pass On The Markets
The markets are absolutely incredible. You can find a lot of organic fruits and vegetables here, and the locals are very friendly. Make sure you don't leave Macedonia without visiting a market or two.

7. Don't Forget To Exchange Your Money
You will need to exchange your money as the local shops won't take your dollars. Denars will be accepted pretty much everywhere in Macedonia, and you can get them in exchange offices. If you can find an ATM, you can withdrawal denars there as well.

8. Don't Get Offended By Questions From The Locals
The locals seem to want to know everything about visitors. Don't be offended by some of the questions that they ask. They are just trying to get to know you, and nothing is really off limits to them.

9. Don't Use Your Cell Without The Proper Sim Card
Many tourists try to use their cellular phone only to find that it doesn't work. Fortunately, you can easily get a SIM card to put in your phone that will allow you to have service. All you need to do is show your passport at one of the shops that sells them in order to get one.

10. Don't Buy Bottled Water Everywhere You Go
The water is safe to drink in Macedonia and pretty tasty. Because of this, there's no need to buy bottled water whenever you're thirsty. However bottled water is always safest, whenever you're away.

Where do you want to know what not to do in next?
Comment below!

Get more Tips here!


Kuzey Makedonya’ da gezilecek yerler nereler? Kuzey Makedonya Üsküp‘ te nerelere gidilir? Vizesiz Balkan turu durağı Kuzey Makedonya.

Üsküp Meydanı • Taş Köprü • Osmanlı Camileri • Müzeler • Mother Teresa Evi • Üsküp Kapı • Han &Hamam • Kale • Ohrid • Matka Kanyonu

Eski Osmanlı toprağı Makedonya. Yeni adıyla Kuzey Makedonya. Balkanların göz bebeği güzel ülke vizesiz seyahat fırsatıyla her zaman seyahat noktaları arasından göz kırpmıştır. Türkiyeden sadece 1 saat 10 dakika uçuş mesafesindeki ülke hafta sonu kaçamağı için de uygun, komşu diğer Balkan ülkeleri Kosova ve Arnavutluk günübirlik ziyaretlerini plana dahil edersek 1 hafta kalmak için de uygun. Makedonya bütçenizi zorlamayacak, tam da damak lezzetimize uygun yemekler yiyebileceğimiz düşük bütçeler ayırarak seyahat edilebilecek bir yer. Mesela Üsküp havalimanından merkeze servis otobüsüyle ulaşım 180 MKD = 28₺
Üsküpte börek yemek isterseniz içecekle birlikte porsiyonu 80 MKD = 12₺. Meşhur Köfteci Destan’ da akşam yemeği yiyeyim derseniz porsiyon köfte 250 MKD = 40₺

Makedonya demek Üsküp demek. Öncelikle başkent Üsküp. Tarihi camileri, hanları, hamamları, eski çarşısı meydanı, müzeleri ve gezilecek diğer yerleriyle muhteşem bir başkent. Lezzetleriyle, Osmanlıdan izleriyle, Türk nüfusuyla adeta Türkiye’de hissettiriyor. Üsküp merkezi doya doya gezeyim derseniz 2 gününüzü kesinlikle alır.

Makedonya’ da 2. durak Üsküp’ e otobüsle 3 saat uzaklıktaki Ohrid. Doğasıyla sahil kesimiyle gerçekten etkileyici bir yer Ohrid. Üsküp merkezde yer alan Vero avm yanındaki otobüs terminalinden Ohrid’ e şehirler arası minibüsle ulaşım 350 MKD = 55₺

3. Durak doğa severlerin rüyalarını süsleyen doğal güzellik Matka Kanyon’u. Üsküp’e sadece 30 dakika mesafedeki Matka Kanyonu mutlaka görülmesi gereken bir yer. Listenizde olmazsa olmaz. Bu arada Matka Kanyonu’ na Üsküp merkezde yer alan Vero avm yanındaki otobüs terminalinden 60 numaralı halk otobüsüyle ulaşım 50 MKD = 7.5₺ Kanyonda yarım saat tekne turu yapayım derseniz 200MKD = 31₺

Kuzey Makedonya Üsküp’ ten Kosova Piriştine’ ye geçiş: Makedonya Üsküp’ ten Kosova’ya geçiş çok kolay. Üsküp merkezdeki terminalden kalkan otobüslerle 350mkd= 55₺ ye Piriştine’ye ulaşım mümkün. Sadece 20 dakikalık seyahatten sonra Kosova sınırına varıyorsunuz. Sınırdan sonra 2 saatlik yolunuz kalıyor. Sınır polisleri çok cana yakın. Türk olduğunuzu öğrenince yardımcı oluyorlar. Kosova’ ya geçişte PCR testiniz olmalı bunu unutmayın. Üsküp merkezde yer alan Acıbadem Sistina hastanesinde 400₺ karşılığında sıra beklemeden PCR testi yaptırabilirsiniz.

Kuzey Makedonya Üsküp’ ten Arnavutluk Tiran’ a geçiş: Üsküp’ ten Tiran’ a yolculuk için şehir merkezindeki otobüs terminaline gitmelisiniz. Ortalama 3 saat sürecek yolculuktan sonra Tiran’ dasınız. Ücret 350mkd= 55₺. Arnavutluk’ a giriş için PCR testine ihtiyacınız yok.

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Kuzey Makedonya vize istiyor mu?
Kuzey Makedonya’ da gezilecek yerler
Vizesiz Avrupa ülkeleri
Üsküp’ te nereler gezilir?
Üsküp seyahat önerileri
Kuzey Makedonya gezisi
Kuzey Makedonya Ohrid
Kuzey Makedonya Matka Kanyonu
Skopje city tour
North Macedonia places to see
North Macedonia visa
North Macedonia Albenia Kosovo tour
İstanbul - Üsküp uçuş
Top 10 places to see on North Macedonia
Ohrid city tour North Macedonia
Matka Canyon North Macedonia
Makedonya’ya pasaport gerekli mi?
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Üsküp gezilecek yerler

10 Beautiful Restaurants in Macedonia | 10 Prekrasni Restorani vo Makedonija

10 Beautiful Restaurants in Macedonia
10 Prekrasni Restorani vo Makedonija

???? 10 Ubavi Restorani vo Makedonija
???? Etno restorani vo Makedonija
???? Ribni restorani vo Makedonija
???? Najubavi restorani vo Makedonija
???? Ubavi restorani vo Makedonija
???? Restorani vo priroda Makedonija
????10 Makedonski Avtenticni Restorani

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✅ Video delovi | Видео делови:
00:00 Pocetok | Почеток
00:13 Najava
01:03 Restoran Kujka na Mijacite
03:14 Hotel & Restoran Tutto - Jance
04:32 Restoran Na Valajci - Slosestica
05:54 Riben restoran Belica - Makedonski Brod
06:45 Nacionalen restoran Gorna kuka - Slepce
07:57 Etno restoran Kuklica
08:47 Etno restoran Kaj mostot - Zovic
09:39 Riben restoran Nezilovo
11:02 Restoran Babino
12:30 Etno Restoran Topila - Gari
13:09 Kraj

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1.Restoran Kujka na Mijacite:
2.Hotel & Restoran Tutto - Jance:
3.Restoran Na Valajci - Slosestica:
4.Riben restoran Belica - Makedonski Brod:
5.Nacionalen restoran Gorna kuka - Slepce:
6.Etno restoran Kuklica:
7.Etno restoran Kaj mostot - Zovic:
8.Riben restoran Nezilovo:
9.Restoran Babino:
10.Etno Restoran Topila - Gari:

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???? Most beautiful Macedonian villages:

???? Macedonian villages:

???? Places to visit in Macedonia:

???? Mountain villages in Macedonia:

✅ Za nas:
✔️ Makedonija se naoga vo centralniot del na Balkanski poluostrov, pravejki ja most koj gi povrzuval istokot i zapadot so vekovite.
✔️ Za Makedonija so pravo se veli deka e srceto na Balkanot.
✔️ Nasa cel e da gi promovirame nejzinite ubavini.

✅ За нас:
✔️ Македонија се во централниот дел на Балканскиот полуостров, правејќи ја мост кој ги поврзувал истокот и западот со векови.
✔️ За Македонија со право се вели дека е срцето на Балканот.
✔️ Нашата цел е да ги промовираме нејзините убавини

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THIS Is Why You Should Come To North Macedonia

(North) Macedonia is definitely one of the most under rated countries in Europe for just how much it has to offer. From its stunning nature, to its delicious food and the very kind people who live there, it is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to see Europe off the beaten track. I spent almost a month and a half exploring this beautiful country, so I decided to compile a TOP 10 LIST of things I would recommend seeing and doing while there. I hope you guys find it helpful and would love to know your thoughts in the comments!

If you'd like to check out the amazing Ohrid Pearl Shop that I mention in the video, this is their location in Ohrid:
Original Ohrid Pearls - Mihajlo Filev
Tsar Samuel Blvd (near St Sophia Cathedral)
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5 Beautiful Villages In Macedonia That You Must Visit | PART 1 | ENG

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✔️ We present you the first part of the series:
Beautiful Villages in Macedonia that you must visit

5 Beautiful Villages In Macedonia That You Must Visit | PART 1 | ENG
English Speaking

✅ Video Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:18 The Village of Trpejca
02:44 The Village of Lazaropole
04:55 The Village of Papradishte
07:05 The Village of Galichnik
09:34 The VIllage of Radozda


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???? Most beautiful Macedonian villages:

???? Macedonian villages:

???? Places to visit in Macedonia:

???? Mountain villages in Macedonia:

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5 Travel Tips for Ohrid, North Macedonia | Discover Ohrid, the Pearl of the Balkans

Have you heard of Ohrid, the ‘Pearl of the Balkans’? The city in northern Macedonia is well worth a visit – and who better to introduce you to it than a local? Gjoko Kostoski has a few tips for you, starting with a boat trip on Lake Ohrid – one of the oldest lakes on earth. For a culinary treat, here you’ll find tasty Ohrid trout. Watch the video to find out how the lake is connected to the secret of Ohrid’s pearls – popular with tourists and royalty alike. Gjoko also recommends a visit to Samuel's Fortress, and the well-preserved old town. Medieval Ohrid – with its wealth of cultural monuments, churches, and monasteries – was a holy center of Christianity, known as the ‘Jerusalem of the Balkans’.

5 recommendations for Ohrid:
00:00 Intro
00:31 Visit Samuel’s Fortress
00:59 A stroll though the old city
03:22 Visit a pearl craft shop
05:00 Take a boat ride on Lake Ohrid
05:50 Try Ohrid trout

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BEST Places To Visit In Kosovo (Top 8)

Kosovo is amazing! This small country was never on my list to go but it has easily become one of my top countries I've been! I've spent 20 days in this amazing place and feel like I have not scratched the surface here's a list of some of my favorite spots YOU MUST GO

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list of accommodations I've stayed in, all found on
Prishtina: Prishtina center hostel and moon hostel
Prizren: M99 hostel
Gjakove: Bujtina Zhaveli
Peja: Urban hostel
Reka e Allages: Peaks of the Ballkans Tour ( Hostel Panorama )
Gračanica: XYZ apartment

#kosovo #bestofthebalkans

0:00 intro
0:10 Prishtina
1:15 Prishtina bear sanctuary
2:33 Marble Cave
3:10 Prizren
4:21 Sharr Mountain National Park
5:19 Peja
6:23 White Drin Waterfalls
6:50 Lake Leqinat
7:50 Outro


This video shows the most beautiful places in Republic of Macedonia.

MACEDONIA Top 50 Tourist Places | Macedonia Tourism

Macedonia (Things to do - Places to Visit) - MACEDONIA Top Tourist Places
A country in the Balkans
Macedonia is a landlocked Balkan nation of mountains, lakes and ancient towns with Ottoman and European architecture.

The capital, Skopje, is known for its sprawling Old Bazaar quarter and historic buildings turned museums, including the National Gallery of Macedonia, housed in a 15th-century Turkish bath complex. The southern city Ohrid, on a lake of the same name, has a medieval townscape and hilltop castle.

MACEDONIA Top 50 Tourist Places | Macedonia Tourism

Things to do in MACEDONIA - Places to Visit in Macedonia

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MACEDONIA Top 50 Tourist Places - Macedonia (FYROM), Balkans, Europe

10 best places to visit in North Macedonia

North Macedonia is a small country in Balkans but it has plenty of unique and fun things to do and great places to explore. This is my list of top 10 places to see in North Macedonia.

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Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit North Macedonia
10 Top Tourist Attractions in North Macedonia
TOP 10 Things to Do in North Macedonia
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Best Places to visit in MACEDONIA, MACEDONIA Tourism Guide, Vlog & Adventure in MACEDONIA, Things to do in MACEDONIA, Best tourists destinations in MACEDONIA.
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Hidden away from popular travel routes, this small country is located at the centre of the Balkan Peninsula. The name issue is somewhat of a political crisis, so you’ll also find it under the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, or North Macedonia as of recently.
This guide will walk you through 10 of the most popular places in Macedonia, what to expect, and what to pay attention to in order to enjoy a royal vacation.

The Ultimate North Macedonia Travel Guide

Welcome to my North Macedonia Ultimate Travel Guide.
I will explore a lot of topics that you need to know before heading to this beautiful, small, landlocked country in the Balkans.

The topics I cover in this video are:

-A brief introduction to North Macedonia Travel
- Visa for North Macedonia
Check the link below to see if you need a visa

- Best Sim Card for North Macedonia
- Internet in North Macedonia
- Getting to North Macedonia
- Public Transport in North Macedonia
- Roads in North Macedonia
- How Expensive is North Macedonia
- Best Time to Visit North Macedonia
- How many days for North Macedonia
- Macedonia or North Macedonia, the name of the country
- Is North Macedonia safe to visit?
- People of North Macedonia
- Language of North Macedonia
- Which sockets are used in North Macedonia
Correction: North Macedonia operates on 220V.
- What I liked about North Macedonia
- What I didn’t like about North Macedonia
- Stray Dogs
- Can you drink Tap Water in North Macedonia
- Things to do in North Macedonia

00:00 Welcome to North Macedonia
01:14 Introduction to North Macedonia Travel
01:52 Visa
02:34 Best Sim Card
04:06 Getting to & Around
05:00 Money
06:00 Best time to visit
06:41 How many days
07:19 Name of the country
07:37 Is North Macedonia safe?
08:14 People
09:26 Language
10:41 A fun fact
11:11 Plugs/Sockets
11:24 What I liked
12:05 What I didn’t like
12:49 Stray dogs
13:20 Tap Water
13:34 Things to do
15:03 Outro


SKOPJE Top 50 Tourist Places | Skopje Tourism | MACEDONIA

Skopje (Things to do - Places to Visit) - SKOPJE Top Tourist Places
The capital of Macedonia
Macedonia is a landlocked Balkan nation of mountains, lakes and ancient towns with Ottoman and European architecture.

The capital, Skopje, is known for its sprawling Old Bazaar quarter and historic buildings turned museums, including the National Gallery of Macedonia, housed in a 15th-century Turkish bath complex. The southern city Ohrid, on a lake of the same name, has a medieval townscape and hilltop castle.

SKOPJE Top 50 Tourist Places | Skopje Tourism

Things to do in SKOPJE - Places to Visit in Skopje

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SKOPJE Top 50 Tourist Places - Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM), Balkans, Europe

TOP 10 BALKANS. Exploring the BEST BALKAN areas where it is easy to visit during COVID restrictions.

Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia have been relaxed with their border restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. All 4 countries are hidden gems of Europe and will explode with tourists in the coming years.


Video from: Ohrid, Macedonia, Europe
Video resolution:4K UHD
Video tipe: city walking tour



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