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10 Best Places to Visit in Congo - Brazzaville


DR CONGO Top 39 Tourist Places | Democratic Republic of the Congo Tourism

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (Things to do - Places to Visit) - DR CONGO Top Tourist Places
A country in Central Africa

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as DR Congo, the DRC, DROC, Congo-Kinshasa, or simply the Congo, is a country located in Central Africa. It is sometimes anachronistically referred to by its former name of Zaire, which was its official name between 1971 and 1997.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is located in central sub-Saharan Africa, bordered to the northwest by the Republic of the Congo, to the north by the Central African Republic, to the northeast by South Sudan, to the east by Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, and by Tanzania (across Lake Tanganyika), to the south and southeast by Zambia, to the southwest by Angola, and to the west by the South Atlantic Ocean and the Cabinda Province exclave of Angola.

DR CONGO Top 39 Tourist Places | Democratic Republic of the Congo Tourism

Things to do in DR CONGO - Places to Visit in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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DR CONGO Top 39 Tourist Places - Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa

Best Places To Visit - Democratic Republic of Congo | Travel & Tourism

Here are the Top 10 places you must visit in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Top 15 Facts of Congo Brazzaville | 2020 | Democratic Republic of Congo | 4K | Kinshasa

In this video we gonna known about Top 15 facts beautiful country Congo-Brazzaville also known as Democratic Republic of Congo of 2020 in 4K

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A Week in D.R. CONGO ????????(country #185)

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Hey guys! Sorry for the week-long hiatus -- I've been having WAY too much fun in the D.R. CONGO, country #185!!!

This video is a recap of the last week of my life, spent with my friend Obed, who I met a few weeks ago on Instagram. Long story short: it has been AMAZING!

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My name is Drew Binsky and I am going to all 197 countries in the world. I make daily travel videos about people, culture and anything else I find interesting on the road. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to travel far and wide, because our planet is beautiful!


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Expedition DR Congo | Where Whites Can’t Date Africans

Expedition DR Congo | Where Whites Can’t Date Africans

Welcome to my channel and this week’s video is about Expedition to DR Congo, Where Whites Can’t Date Africans. Travel to democratic republic of Congo like never before.

Learn about my DR Congo Travel adventure to one of the most natural place in the world. In this video I will show you Budget Travel Tips for DR Congo, Things to do and Places to visit in DR Congo.
It is an extremely alluring region: green and mountainous, with people who, for the most part, are extremely friendly and helpful. But the main attraction is primate tourism.

Encounters with mountain gorillas are much sought-after. They are found only in the Virunga Massif (a chain of eight volcanoes spanning eastern DRC, western Rwanda and western Uganda), and in the adjoining Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the southwest corner of Uganda.

Despite some of the political and social problems, Congo (both countries) still holds a powerful allure for travelers to Africa searching for something a little different, on the road less travelled.

Whether you venture into the Republic of Congo, with its unique parks and lowland gorillas, or delve into the DRC in search of mountain gorillas in Virunga, visiting these forests is a life-changing experience, and a true voyage into the heart of untouched Africa.
Best Places to Visit in DR Congo
• Kinshasa, DRC
• Lola Ya Bonobo
• Kahuzi Biega National Park
• Nyiragongo Volcano
• Virunga National Park
• Lake Kivu, Congo
• Garamba National Park
• Salonga National Park
• Okapi Wildlife Reserve
• Maiko National Park
• Falls Of Zongo
• Kisangani

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Democratic Republic of the Congo:

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (About this sound pronunciation (help info) French: République démocratique du Congo [kɔ̃ɡo]), also known as DR Congo, the DRC, DROC, Congo-Kinshasa, or simply the Congo, is a country located in Central Africa. It was formerly called Zaire (1971–1997). It is, by area, the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa, the second-largest in all of Africa (after Algeria), and the 11th-largest in the world. With a population of over 84 million, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the most populous officially Francophone country, the fourth-most-populous country in Africa, and the 16th-most-populous country in the world. Eastern DR Congo has been the scene of ongoing military conflict in Kivu, since 2015.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is extremely rich in natural resources but has had political instability, a lack of infrastructure, issues with corruption and centuries of both commercial and colonial extraction and exploitation with little holistic development. Besides the capital Kinshasa, the two next largest cities
Lubumbashi and Mbuji-Mayi are both mining communities.

DR Congo's largest export is raw minerals, with China accepting over 50% of DRC's exports in 2012. In 2016, DR Congo's level of human development was ranked 176th out of 187 countries by the Human Development Index. As of 2018, around 600,000 Congolese have fled to neighboring countries from conflicts in the center and east of the DRC. Two million children risk starvation, and the fighting has displaced 4.5 million people. The sovereign state is a member of the United Nations, Non-Aligned Movement, African Union, and COMESA.


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Best Places To Visit - CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC | Travel & Tourism

Here are the Top 10 places you must visit in Central African Republic.

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Top 10 Best places to visit in Gabon- Must See

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travel to : Congo !!!

best places to visit in Congo !!

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Visa Free Countries for Congo (DRC) Passport Holders | Countries Congolese can Visit Without visa

Visa Free Countries for Congo (DRC) Passport Holders | Countries Congolese can Visit Without visa

There is so many wrong/false information out there when it comes to Visa free countries for Congolese citizens/passport holders. I literally called up the embassies for each country to find out the deal for you guys.

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CYPRUS Top 50 Tourist Places | Cyprus Tourism

Cyprus (Things to do - Places to Visit) - CYPRUS Top Tourist Places
A country in the Middle East
Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean and the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean, located south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel, north of Egypt, and southeast of Greece.

The Republic of Cyprus has de jure sovereignty over the entire island, including its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone, with the exception of the Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, which remain under the UK's control according to the London and Zürich Agreements.

CYPRUS Top 50 Tourist Places | Cyprus Tourism

Things to do in CYPRUS - Places to Visit in Cyprus

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CYPRUS Top 50 Tourist Places - Cyprus, Europe

The Best of the Democratic Republic of Congo

DR Congo is a vast country with immense economic resources and, until recently, has been at the center of what some observers call Africa's world war, with widespread civilian suffering the result.

The war claimed an up to six million lives, either as a direct result of fighting or because of disease and malnutrition.

The war had an economic as well as a political side. Fighting was fuelled by the country's vast mineral wealth, with all sides taking advantage of the anarchy to plunder natural resources. Some militia fight on in the east, where a big United Nations force is trying to keep the peace.

The DR Congo country profile

The D.R.C on Wikipedia

DR Congo facts

Brazzaville - Pointe-Noire - Libreville - Luanda / Congo, Gabon, Angola / Central Africa

This video is about central Africa's booming cities in 2019. These are the cities to watch out for if you're an investor or businessman that's ready to tap into the central African market.

Brazzaville is the political and administrative capital of the Republic of Congo. It was also the capital of free France from 1940 to 1942. The city has a population of more than 1.9 million inhabitants and a density of 6, 963 pers./km2. Their official language is French, they use the central African franc. Brazzaville is investing heavily in its road and bridge infrastructure.

Pointe-Noire is the economic capital of the Republic of Congo, located in the extreme south of the country. With more than 1.1 million inhabitants in the agglomeration, Pointe-Noire has become a full-fledged department. Oil activity continues to be the main sector of the Pontenegrin economy. However, the city has been experiencing a real-estate boom in the past five years.

Libreville, the political capital of Gabon, is the first city of the country in number of inhabitants. Its population was estimated at 750,000 in 2017. Gabon’s national language is French. The Librevillois, as they’re called, enjoy a GDP per capita equal to 20,000 US dollars. They use the central African franc, capped at a two percent inflation rate. The city is undergoing a major makeover with the creation of a new business district on the artificial peninsula named La Baie Des Rois. The first skyscrapers are expected to rise this summer, while the overall project is set to be completed by 2025.

Luanda is the capital of the lusophone country of Angola. With a population of 7.4 million inhabitants, it is the main economic center of the country and concentrates tertiary and industrial activities. Since 2002, thanks to the civil peace found and the oil money from offshore deposits located near the capital, it has experienced a particularly significant growth in construction. The local currency is the Kwanza.

Gorges de Diosso, Congo-Brazzaville.

Les gorges de Diosso, un relief boisé près de la côte balnéaire de Pointe-Noire.

Top 10 des Activités lors d’un Voyage ou Safari en Afrique

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Congo: What to see and where to stay

Changing the face of African travel, the Republic of the Congo has opened up Central Africa’s great equatorial rainforests and intrepid travellers can now walk through sunlit jungle in search of gorillas and chimpanzees, stake out salt licks to wait for shy forest buffalo and elephant, and sweep a spotlight around at night to look for rare antelope and stealthy predators.

With most of its population concentrated in the south and the capital Brazzaville, Congo has managed to keep most of its northern forests and wetlands intact, the epitome of which is the spectacular Odzala-Kokoua National Park. Here, over 13 000 km² of primary rainforest provides Central Africa’s most important sanctuary for lowland gorillas and forest elephants. Odzala’s best accommodation is a trio of luxurious fly-in camps called Mboko, Ngaga and Lango. It’s worth the effort to travel there: these sensitively designed eco-lodges deliver comfort and adventure in equal proportions, and something of a pioneering spirit fills the people who you meet there. Expert guides lead you along forest paths clouded with dazzling butterflies; boatmen take you down lazy rivers to the calls of monkeys and tropical birds.

The best game viewing is at a ‘bai’, a marshy forest clearing where open water, good grazing and vital minerals in the soil attract some of Africa’s hardest-to-see animals. Forest elephant, bush pig and forest buffalo wallow in the mud; leopard, hyena and even bongo, the rainforest’s largest antelope, slip in silently after dark. The most dramatic wildlife experience, however, is deep in the forest’s interior where lowland gorillas still live in unprecedented numbers. Finding them is tough work – the rainforest does not give up its secrets so lightly – but the reward is an hour in the company of a habituated gorilla family, complete with curious infants, moody teenagers and poker-faced silverbacks.

Raw, real and perfect for experienced safari travellers with a thirst for adventure, Congo is one of Africa’s newest travel destinations. It’s also one of the most under-developed, so take the uncertainty out of arranging a Congo safari and speak to us about creating an itinerary that delivers it as a complete stand-alone itinerary or in combination with other African safari destinations and the Indian Ocean islands.

Where to go in Congo:

Congo Safari | Gorilla Trek:

Accommodation Featured in this Video:

Mboko Camp:

Ngaga Camp:

Lango Camp:

The Scenic Route To Congo | Travel Vlog

In December 2017 I moved to Congo for a new assignment as a humanitarian aid worker. This video tells my story of travelling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), sometimes also called the heart of darkness a term coined by Joseph Conrad and his bestselling book Heart Of Darkness.
Enjoy the ride!

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Pre-filmed videos will continue to go live Saturdays @ 9 am Central European time.



How I Became A Humanitarian Aid Worker:

Hello From Congo & Channel Update:

I'm Moving To Congo, Africa:

Preparing for my move to Congo - Vaccinations, Malaria meds & more:

What To Pack As A Humanitarian Aid Worker:





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LA FORALAC EN DRONE | République du Congo – Afrique Centrale

La Foralac, une des plus grande et ancienne société de bois du Congo-Brazzaville.

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Go to Congo

Watch the video in 1080HD

Trip to Congo May 2015. Province of Kouilou.
Filmed with GoPro 3, Iphone 6, Panasonic FTZ3

Music: 'After Gold' by Big Wild.

Cycle Touring - Cape2Cape - Republic of the Congo

On our incredible bicycle touring adventure through Europe and Africa, we cycled through another beautiful country. We love to cycle in Central Africa and learn more about the culture, discover landscapes and meet local people. Check out our experiences and enjoy this cycling video!

We entered the Republic of Congo in a deserted area and therefore we were surprised that we could cycle on a good tarred road. The way led us through a hilly savanna landscape with seemingly endless meadows. The people in the villages waved at us energetically in contrary to Gabon and the kids almost lost their mind as soon as they spotted us.
Closer to Brazzaville, the capital of the country, the road got worse. So, we cycled through many places that were extremely difficult to pass. Muddy passages with huge, deep potholes. The Chinese partly repaired the road and due to that every few kilometres the character changed. This gave us an unwilling variety. Soon after, we cycled down from the plateau and saw the gigantic Congo River and the capital. After this long downhill, we cycled across the viaduct into the city centre.
After a pleasant stay in Brazzaville with many nice acquaintances, we left the large city along the river. Soon, the terrain challenged us and we had to climb many consecutive hills.
In the last town before the border, we left the comfortable paved road. Across hill and dale, the partly sandy gravel road led us over numerous hills and finally into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We are Adrian and Fabian from Switzerland and love adventures. In May 2018, we started our Cape to Cape cycling tour from Norway to South Africa. The project name originated from the exact starting point, which was the North Cape in Norway and our destination Cape Town in South Africa.
On the way we will cross two continents, more than 30 countries and master over 30'000 km. To connect the two capes with the bicycle, we plan to cycle for two years.

Visit our website for more infos:

Instagram: cycling_cape2cape



Tourism in Democratic Republic of the Congo ! Kwafrika Travel

This video is about the presentation of Democratic Republic of the Congo and its touristic potential. Its depicts the new politiics of the ministry of Tourism which has come which a comprehensive plan to turning congolese tourism around based on three pillars : Ecology, Environment and Development. Its presents both the natural and touristic potential of the country known as a geographical Scandal



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