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10 Best Places to Visit in Niue


TOP 10 places to visit in Niue Island

TOP 10 places to visit in Niue Island . Watch this video and share it with your friend if you like this video please Subscribe My Channel For more video.
KEYWORD: TOP 10 places to visit in Niue Island.
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10. Lakepa
Lakepa is one of the fourteen villages of Niue. Its population at the 2001 census was 88, and 51 in 2011.

09. Tuapa
Tuapa is one of the fourteen villages of Niue. Its population at the 2001 census was 129, and 97 in 2011.

08. Hikutavake
Hikutavake is one of the fourteen villages of Niue. Its population at the 2001 census was 65, and 40 in 2011.

07. Hakupu
Hakupu is one of the fourteen villages of the island of Niue. According to the 2006 census, it has a population of 162, making it the third-largest village in Niue.

06. Makefu
Makefu is one of the fourteen villages of Niue. Its population at the 2001 census was 87, and 69 in 2011.

05. Mutalau
Mutalau is one of the fourteen villages of Niue. Its population at the 2001 census was 133, and 94 in 2011.

04. Tamakautoga
Tamakautoga is one of the fourteen villages of Niue. Its population at the 2001 census was 140, and 157 in 2011.

03. Namukulu
Namukulu is one of the fourteen villages of Niue. With a population of 14, it is one of the smallest settlements of the island.

02. Avatele
Avatele, formerly known as Oneonepata Matavaihala, is one of the fourteen village of Niue, located on the southwest coast, with a population of 139 residents as of 2011.

01. Alofi
Alofi is the capital of the Pacific Ocean island nation of Niue. The capital city is located within the Realm of New Zealand.

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Top 10 Cities of Niue - Island Country

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1) Alofi
2) Hakupu
3) Avatele
4) Mutalau
5) Tuapa
6) Lakepa
7) Makefu
8) Liku
9) Hikutivake
10) Fatiau

Niue is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean, 2,400 kilometres (1,500 mi) northeast of New Zealand within the triangle formed by Tonga (to the west), Samoa (to the north) and the Cook Islands (to the east). Its land area is 260 square kilometres (100 sq mi) and its population, predominantly Polynesian, is around 1,400. They commonly refer to the island as the Rock, a reference to the traditional moniker Rock of Polynesia.[citation needed]
Niue is a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand, and most of its diplomatic relations are conducted by New Zealand on its behalf. Niueans are New Zealand citizens, and Queen Elizabeth II is head of state in her capacity as Queen of New Zealand. 90--95% of Niuean people live in New Zealand,[4] along with about 70% of the speakers of the Niuean language.[5]
Niue is not a member of the United Nations, but its status as a freely-associated state has been accepted by UN organs as equivalent to independence for international law purposes.[6] Niue is a member of some UN Specialized Agencies.
In 2003, Niue became the world's first Wi-Fi nation, in which free wireless Internet access is provided throughout the country by The Internet Users Society-Niue.

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Travel to : Niue !!!

Best places to visit on Niue island !

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10 Days in Niue

10 days in the South Pacific paradise of Niue. Filmed with GoPro 3 Black and a DJI Phantom 4 drone
Watch in HD

Niue Island Tourism Promotional

We visited this remote island in the South Pacific in 2012 on the (then) once weekly fligth from Auckland. Niue is not your typical South Pacific Island with snowy white sand and swaying palm trees! But what they lack in terms of beaches the reason why you should come here, is the people of the island! Incredible hospitable and we felt that the entire island met us at the airport on arrival. Immediately invited to chair in local traditions (as the weekly sundowner on the beach bar) to local festivities. And on top of the people iot is the incredible diving that are offered on Niue. This is a very special place in the South Pacific scheme of things! The video was given to us by the Niue Tourism Office.


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Scenic Matavai Resort Niue

Scenic Matavai Resort Niue is just 3.5 hours from Auckland New Zealand. Located on the unique coral atoll of Niue in the South Pacific, Scenic Matavai Resort is the perfect place to stay. The resort also includes a function centre (Matavai Conference Centre Niue) which can host your dream island wedding, special event or business conference.

TOP 10 Places to Visit in Solomon Islands

TOP 10 Places to Visit in Solomon Islands. Watch this video and share it with your friend if you like this video please Subscribe My Channel For more video.
KEYWORD: TOP 10 Places to Visit in Solomon Islands.
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10. Auki
Auki is the provincial capital of Malaita Province, Solomon Islands. It is situated on the northern end of Langa Langa Lagoon on the north-west coast of Malaita Island. It is one of the largest provincial towns in Solomon Islands.

09. Ghizo Island
Ghizo Island, home to Gizo, the capital of the Western Province, Solomon Islands. The island is named after an infamous local head-hunter. It is located west of New Georgia and Kolombangara.

08. Rennell Island
Rennell Island, locally known as Mugaba, is the main island of two inhabited islands that make up the Rennell and Bellona Province in the Solomon Islands.

07. Santa Isabel Island
Santa Isabel Island is the longest in the Solomon Islands, the third largest in terms of surface area, and the largest in the group of islands in Isabel Province.

06. New Georgia
New Georgia is the largest island of the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. With an area of 2,037 km², it is the 200th largest island in the world.

05. Munda, Solomon Islands
Munda is the largest settlement on the island of New Georgia in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, and consists of a number of villages.

04. Malaita
Malaita is the largest island of the Malaita Province in Solomon Islands. South Malaita Island, also known as Small Malaita and Maramasike for Areare speakers and Malamweimwei known to more than 80% of

03. Gizo, Solomon Islands
Gizo is the capital of the Western Province in Solomon Islands. With a population of 6,154, it is the second largest town in the country.

02. Guadalcanal
Guadalcanal is one of the Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific. It’s known for its WWII relics, plus dive sites like palm-fringed Bonegi Beach, with 2 two sunken Japanese wartime vessels. West of the capital, Honiara, Vilu War Museum has memorials and WWII aircraft. Honiara’s busy Central Market sells produce and traditional handicrafts. Cultural artifacts and war relics are on show at the National Museum.

01. Honiara
Honiara, on the island of Guadalcanal, is the capital city of the Solomon Islands. Its buzzing Central Market sells local produce and handicrafts. Traditional frescoes adorn the conical National Parliament building. The National Museum has WWII relics and cultural artifacts. The Botanical Gardens includes an orchid house. Outside the city, the waters of the Mataniko Falls thunder down a rocky cliff into a canyon.

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EXPLORING island of MYKONOS, TOP SITES to see and to visit (GREECE)

SUBSCRIBE: - Let's go to the world-famous Greek island of Mykonos and let's visit the most important and beautiful sites of Chora (Χωρα), the main town.

Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. It's popularly known for its summer party atmosphere. Beaches such as Paradise and Super Paradise have bars that blare thumping music. Massive dance clubs attract world-renowned DJs and typically stay open well past dawn. Iconic landmarks include a row of 16th-century windmills, which sit on a hill above Mykonos town.

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Island Life on Niue.m4v

You've always asked yourself, I'd like to travel to Niue
but what's it like there?...

Well here it is, a quick slideshow of images taken around the island,
it's walks, it's people, it's marine life and it's beauty. The music is
one of the traditional Niue'an songs which the children at
Alofi Primary School sing every Friday morning at their
assembly. Many tourists who fly home on the Friday
afternoon come to the school to see and interact with
the kids and listen to their voice... Lucky me didn't realize it
but I sat next to the school principal... Her name is Itsy.

Niue is one of those rare places which is still very much
the way it was a century ago apart from the fact there are
a few cars and electricity cables!! With a population of no
more than 1500 on an island which is about 60km around...

Niue attracts less than 100 tourists every week, Niue is a
place where it will seem as though you're the only people
sharing such a majestic place with the islanders.

If you ever want to go to a place where it's NOT over run
by tourism, then go to Niue.


Sweet spots in Niue

Fakaalofa atu, here are some of the must see spots while your in Niue!


TOP 10 Places to Visit in Norfolk Island

TOP 10 Places to Visit in Norfolk Island . Watch this video and share it with your friend if you like this video please Subscribe My Channel For more video.
KEYWORD: TOP 10 Places to Visit in Norfolk Island .
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Norfolk Island, a tiny Australian island in the South Pacific Ocean, is defined by pine trees and jagged cliffs. Sandy beaches include Emily Bay, with reef-protected waters. Norfolk Island National Park offers views over palm forests from Mt. Pitt. In the capital Kingston, the Norfolk Island Museum traces the island's colourful past. The Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area has a ruined British penal colony.

10. Norfolk Island Cemetary
09. No 10 Quality Row
08. Kingston Pier
07. Anson Bay
06. Norfolk Island National Park
05. Puppy's Point
04. Captain Cook's Monument
03. Old Kingston Town
02. St. Barnabas Church
01. Emily Bay

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Niue 2018

First exploratory trip to Niue Island in the South Pacific for our son, Taine's 21st birthday. Blown away, awesome diving, great people and caves!!!!


SUBSCRIBE: - Let's go visit the magnificent caves of the beautiful island nation of NIUE in the Pacific Ocean. According to some European cave experts, Niue possesses the most spectacular and extensive cave system in the entire South Pacific.

Niue’s coastline is punctuated by literally hundreds of magnificent caves and chasms. All are unique and some, where the sea no longer invades, are used for the storage of canoes while others have been used as ancient burial places or homes in the past. Many are still being formed, with stalagmites and stalactites in all stages of formation. Many can be explored self guided but for those that dare tours can be arranged for some more challenging and impressive caves can be booked through the Niue Tourism Visitor Information Centre.

Vic Stefanu,

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Easy Walks in Niue with Clarke Gayford

Join Clarke Gayford as he explores some of the easy walking tracks Niue has to offer.

Niue Alofi, Gopro / Niue Alofi, Gopro

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Niue issues an open invite to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Check out this invite from one rock to another!
Are you headed to the Niue Festival??

The Open Invite:

Malō uso, Dwayne! As one “Rock” (Niue – the world’s biggest coral island) to another (the world’s biggest film star) – have we got a proposition for you.
We know you like ukuleles – we saw your sweet little solo on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island...
“What a wonderful world” - You were singing about us weren’t you?
So we know (obviously) that you also have a thing for mysterious islands.
Put the two together and you have Niue’s inaugural Ukelele Festival “NiueKelele” happening in late October.
We’d love you to join us for four days of music (21-24 October) and a chance to sample the other scenic delights and activities Niue can offer. Great food, great people, diving, whale-watching...a chance to slow down (no more fast and furious) and enjoy the beauties of one of the Pacific’s hidden treasures. How much would we like to see you? Go online and hear our voices...
How could you not come to a real mysterious island and reprise the song that must have been written for Niue? And play to an entire nation!
You can fly to Niue via the land of the kiwi – and see a bit of NZ, your old homeland, on the way.
We know you’re making a journey to the Moon, and the Moon rocks, but on the way how about “The Rock” making Journey 2.5: Niue at “The (other) Rock”?
Moana might be there...

From the People of Niue...with love.
Koe kia!

Beautiful Niue - A small country in pacific


Niue Vacations and Tourism (Niue coastline)

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