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10 Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria


Bulgaria: The 10 Most Beautiful places in 2021

Bulgaria, best places to visit during this summer, Check our spectacular video with the 10 most beautiful places to visit this 2020!
Much more about Bulgaria

TOP 10 Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria!!! (Amazing Beauty)



Which Place was your favourite? Would you visit it?

Top 15 Places to Visit in Bulgaria

???? BLOG: 15 Places You Must Visit in Bulgaria -

Back in 2013, my wife Ana and I spent 22 days driving around the beautiful Balkan country of Bulgaria. These are the 15 places you have to visit in Bulgaria!

1. Sofia
Bulgaria’s capital and largest city is the ancient city of Sofia. It’s the perfect city to begin your Bulgarian vacation. Check out Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the National Archaeological Museum, and the ruins of the Fortress of Serdika.

2. Rila Monastery
About 73 miles south of Sofia is Rila Monastery, the largest Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. It’s famous for its beautiful frescoes!

3. Plovdiv
Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria. Check out the 2nd century Stadium, the Ancient Forum, the Old Town, and the pedestrian-friendly city center!

4. Hisarya
From Plovdiv, take a day trip to the ancient Roman town of Hisarya, which is home to some of the best-preserved Roman gates and walls in Bulgaria, as well as ancient streets, Roman baths, and an amphitheater!

5. Stara Zagora
In Stara Zagora, visit the Neolithic Dwellings Museum, the Regional History Museum, and the Roman Forum of Augusta Trayana!

6. Burgas
In the coastal city of Burgas, check out the Sea Garden and Sculpture Garden, the Archaeological Museum of Burgas, and the annual Sand Festival. Grab a bite at either Ethnos Restaurant or Vodenitsata Restaurant.

7. Sozopol
Sozopol is a seaside town that dates back to the 7th century BC. You can find the remains of Apollonia on St. Kirik Island, and remains of the old city walls around town. Don’t forget the annual Apollonia Art Festival!

8. Pomorie
In the seaside resort town of Pomorie, check out its beach as well as the town’s wine production, salt production, and mineral water. You also can’t miss the unique Beehive Tomb, the only tomb of its kind in Bulgaria!

9. Varna
In the ancient city of Varna, visit Dormition of Mother of God Cathedral, the 2nd century Varna Roman Baths, and the Varna Necropolis. Don’t miss the oldest gold treasure known to man, the Gold of Varna, at the Varna Archaeological Museum!

10. Balchik Palace
Balchik Palace stands between the cliffs and the sea two kilometers south of Balchik. It’s made up of several buildings, a monastery, chapel, and more, and offers stunning views of the Black Sea!

11. Pliska
While in Varna, take a day trip to Pliska, a small town that served as the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire from 681 to 893 AD. The Byzantines burned Pliska to the ground, leaving only remains of the royal palace, the basilica, and walls.

12. Ruse
In Ruse, check out the historical architecture, the Pantheon of National Revival Heroes and the Regional Museum of History, and then have a traditional meal at Mehana Chiflika. Take a day trip from Ruse to the Rock Churches of Ivanovo!

13. Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo is a beautiful, 5,000-year-old city along the Yantra River. Notable sites include Tsaravets Fortress, the Old Town, and the Archaeological Museum. Don’t forget the Assens Monument!

14. Nicopolis ad Istrum
A great day trip from Veliko Tarnovo is the early Byzantine city of Nikopolis ad Istrum, founded in 106 AD by Emperor Trajan. The city’s remains include ancient streets, a forum, public baths, an odeon, public buildings, and an agora.

15. Maryan Winery
To get a taste of some of Bulgaria’s best wine, visit Maryan Winery in the village of Elena. They produce an award-winning rosé as well as limited amounts of Savignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and other blends.

Where have you been?

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10 best places to visit in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, the best place to visit during this summer, Check our spectacular video with the 10 most beautiful places to visit this 2020!

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Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Bulgaria
10 Top Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria
TOP 10 Things to Do in Bulgaria
#top10 #Bulgaria #placestovisit #visitBulgaria #tourism

Top 10 Places To Visit in Bulgaria | Top Things to See & Do in Bulgaria | Bulgaria Tourism

Top 10 Places To Visit in Bulgaria | Top Things to See & Do in Bulgaria | Bulgaria Tourist Attractions
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1. Varna

Varna is a port town and seashore hold up on Bulgaria's Black Sea, bordering the waterfront motels of Golden Sands, St. Konstantin and Albena. it's outstanding for the Gold of Varna, 6,000-12 months-antique Thracian circles found in a necropolis. the jewels' appeared inside the Archeological Museum, together with Greek, Roman and Ottoman relics. A bar-secured waterfront prom fronts nineteenth-century Primorski Park.

2. Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is a city in north fundamental Bulgaria and the authority point of convergence of Veliko Tarnovo Province. Wikipedia

3. Sofia

Sofia is the capital of the Balkan state of Bulgaria. It's in the west of the bound together states of america, underneath Vitosha Mountain.
The city's memorable focuses reflect more critical than 2,000 years of records, which fuse Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Soviet occupation. Medieval Boyana Church has thirteenth-century frescoes. worked by the Romans in the fourth century, St. George Rotunda Church has medieval additionally, Ottoman trimming dating to the tenth century.

4. Zheravna

Zheravna Bulgarian: Жеравна is a town in boss eastern Bulgaria, an a part of Kotel region, Sliven Province. Wikipedia

5. Burgas

Burgas, once in a while transliterated as Bourgas, is the second greatest town at the Bulgarian Black coastline and the fourth-greatest in Bulgaria after Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna, with a people of 211,033 ... Wikipedia

6. Rila Monastery

The Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila, generally called the Rila Monastery is the most fundamental and most clearly comprehended jap Orthodox religious group in Bulgaria. Wikipedia
oversee: 2643 Rilski manastir, Bulgaria

7. Bansko

Bansko is a city in southwestern Bulgaria, arranged at the foot of the Pirin Mountains at a tallness of 927 m above sea sort out. it's far a predominant ski motel. Wikipedia

8. Pamporovo

Pamporovo is a famous ski motel in Smolyan Province, southern Bulgaria, one of the impressive regarded in Southeastern Europe.
it's far set among Norway spruce boondocks and is normally gone to at some stage in the stormy atmosphere for snowboarding and snowboarding. Wikipedia

9. Pirin countrywide Park

Pirin national Park is a countrywide stop that conceals the more noteworthy a part of the Pirin Mountains in south-west Bulgaria, spreading over a region of 403.56 km². Wikipedia

10. Belogradchik

Belogradchik is a town in Vidin Province, Northwestern Bulgaria, the authority point of convergence of the homonymous Belogradchik
Locale. Wikipedia

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BULGARIA Top 50 Tourist Places | Bulgaria Tourism

Bulgaria (Things to do - Places to Visit) - BULGARIA Top Tourist Places
A country in the Balkans
Bulgaria is a Balkan nation with diverse terrain encompassing Black Sea coastline, a mountainous interior, and rivers, including the Danube. A cultural melting pot with Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences, it has a rich heritage of traditional dance, music, costumes, and crafts.

At the foot of domed Vitosha mountain is its capital city, Sofia, dating to the 5th century B.C.

BULGARIA Top 50 Tourist Places | Bulgaria Tourism

Things to do in BULGARIA - Places to Visit in Bulgaria

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BULGARIA Top 50 Tourist Places - Bulgaria, Europe

Top 10 Places to visit in Bulgaria

Top 10 Places to visit in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Travel Video (Best Places to visit in 2022) |

Top Rated Places to visit in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an eastern European country with diverse geography, history, and culture. From its stunning capital Sofia to the breathtaking Rila Monastery in the southeast, Bulgaria is a safe bet for any traveler looking for unforgettable experiences.
Bulgaria is a must-visit country because it is beautiful, has good food, and is full of culture.
Bulgaria is a small nation situated in Southeast Europe, just across the Black Sea from Turkey and the Middle East. It has been known for its ancient history and many natural wonders, including the oldest monastery in Europe, six of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and several excellent archaeological sites. With a rich culture and history, Bulgaria is a great place to visit, with a multitude of attractions, including Ancient cities like the capital, Sofia; the recently discovered, and now UNESCO-listed, a Thracian necropolis of Perperikon; the imposing Golden Gate of Adrianopolis, and the numerous castles and monasteries throughout the country.

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Top 10 places to visit in Northern Bulgaria

This video presents the best places in Northern Bulgaria. Bulgaria is full of beautiful tourist destinations and is one of the most ancient countries in Europe.

Top 10 places to visit in Southern Bulgaria

This video presents the best places in Southern Bulgaria. Bulgaria is full of beautiful tourist destinations and is one of the most ancient countries in Europe.

10 Things NOT To Do in Bulgaria! Part 2

Bulgaria is one of the poorest countries in the E.U. But despite its apparent poverty, its people are exceptionally friendly and is overflowing with amazing nature, tasty cuisine and plenty to see and do. However beware of these 8 More Things Not To do in Bulgaria!

1. Don't Visit Rose Valley Without Roses
Bulgaria is the biggest producer of Rose oil in the World. This is all produced in Rose Valley, in Karlovo, so you can imagine the sight and smell... However the roses only flower between May and June, and it's not really worth the trip to Karlovo if you're going to miss Rose Valley without any roses...

2. Don’t Go To Sunny Beach
You may of heard of Sunny Beach as a must visit Bulgarian summer location. And maybe that's the whole problem. It's become known for being a cheap holiday destination with plenty of sun, sand and well... drunken tourists vomiting in the streets... If you're hoping to meet a member of Geordie Shore it's probably the place for you, but if not... Stay away.

3. Don’t Trust Taxi Drivers
Pretty much everything in Bulgaria is cheap compared to Western prices.Not surprising as this is one of the poorest countries in the E.U... Perhaps due to this, taxi drivers have been known to pray on tourists, charging them extortionate prices on arriving at their destination, so be careful to check the driver's rate before getting in!

4. Beware The Weight of Food
In Bulgaria you might easily find yourself at a restaurant, staring blankly at a Menu written in Bulgarian, hoping that what you order will be enough to fill the gaping hole in your appetite. Thankfully however, it's customary there to display the weight of the dish in the menu. This way you know exactly what to expect!

5. Don’t Talk About Communism
Yes, Bulgaria has a communist past. No you shouldn't talk about it. Most of the locals won't have been brought up during the communist regime, but the older ones will have, and there are many mixed opinions about how it has left current day Bulgaria. One of the relics left by the regime is the abandoned Buzludzha Monument, well worth a visit, just don't talk about it...

6. Do Your Homework
Bulgaria is not a heavily tourist ready country. Most of the street signs and marking are in Bulgarian using the Cyrillic alphabet. You're not even going to know how to guess at pronouncing any of the road signs. Come prepared, study some pronunciations, or just install Google Translate to convert text on the fly.

7. Don’t Buy Bottled Water
Okay, this goes against everything we've always said. It still is a very sensible idea to only drink bottled water whilst abroad. But Bulgaria is known historically for the supposed healing powers of its water of which there are 225 mineral springs, and there is always a fountain nearby. Remember Spartacus? Some believe his power came from being raised on this Thracian elixir.

8. Don’t Limit Yourself to Sofia
The capital city of Bulgaria is a vibrant European city. But there is so much more to see and do in this Balkan wonderland.

Where do you want to know what not to do in next?
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Sofia, Bulgaria – Top 25 Things to Do and See in Sofia

Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Originally established by the Thracians, it was later an important city of the Roman Empire. Sofia became the capital of Bulgaria in 1879 - a year after the Liberation of the country from 500 years of Turkish enslavement. Although the main sights are concentrated in the city center and can be seen in 24 hours, there’s a plenty of things to do in Sofia and the surrounding area. Here are the top 25 things to do and see in Sofia: 1. St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral is Sofia’s main tourist attraction and a great start if you’re wondering what to do in Sofia first. 2. The Saint Sofia Church is the second oldest church in the city. 3. The Royal Palace (the National Art Gallery and the Ethnographic Museum) was among the first symbols of Sofia. 4. The “Ivan Vazov” National Theatre is Bulgaria’s biggest and most imposing theatre in the country. 5. Vitosha Boulevard is one of the main shopping streets in the city center. 6. The National Palace of Culture abbreviated in Bulgarian as NDK is the largest multifunctional congress, conference, convention and exhibition center in Southeastern Europe. 7. The Saint Sophia Statue, erected in 2000 is another symbol of Sofia. 8. The Central Mineral Baths is a landmark in the center of Sofia, a city known for the mineral springs in the area. 9. The hot mineral springs in the very center of the city, next to the building of the Central Mineral Baths. 10. The mosque Banya Bashi is situated in the center of Sofia close to the mineral baths. 11. The Sofia Synagogue is the largest in South Eastern Europe. 12. St. Nedelya Cathedral - Being one of the largest Orthodox churches in Sofia and on prominent display from along the entire length of the pedestrian Vitosha Boulevard. 13. Ancient Serdica Complex in Sofia situated just above the Serdika metro station, displays the remains of the Roman city, Serdica, that once occupied this area. 14. The Church of St Petka of the Saddlers (“St. Petka Samardzhiyska”) is a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church in Sofia. 15. St. George Rotunda Church is an Early Christian red brick rotunda that is considered the oldest building in Sofia.16. The Changing of the Guard is a must-see attraction in many countries and Bulgaria is no exception. 17. The National Museum of Archaeology in Sofia is the oldest museum in Bulgaria.18. The church of St Nicholas the Miracle-Maker also known as the Russian church in Sofia.19. The Monument to the Tsar Liberator. 20. The National Assembly of Bulgaria was established in 1879 and has been proclaimed a monument of culture for its historic significance. 21. Borisova gradina is the oldest and best known park in Sofia. 22. Vitosha Mountain: Vitosha is a the large mountain overlooking Sofia and the oldest nature park on the Balkan Peninsula. 23. The Boyana Church is a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. 24. Central Department Store (TZUM) 25. The Independence Square ( Plostad Nezavisimost )
Artist: Nicolai Heidlas
Title: Hand In Hand
CC BY License 4.0 (Creative Commons)

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Sofia, Bulgaria – Top 25 Things to Do and See in Sofia

20 Best day trips from Sofia | Travel in Bulgaria | Places you need to visit in Bulgaria

Tips by a local for 20 interesting and scenic places to visit for a day close to Sofia, Bulgaria. Below you will find links to the videos I have mentioned in my video. Learn more about life in Bulgaria and apply for university admission in Bulgaria:

0:00 Introduction
0:19 Idea #1
0:57 Idea #2
1:31 Idea #3
2:17 Idea #4
2:52 Idea #5
3:34 Idea #6
4:05 Idea #7
4:25 Idea #8
4:42 Idea #9
5:08 Idea #10
5:29 Idea #11
5:41 Idea #12
6:03 Idea #13
6:30 Idea #14
7:04 Idea #15
7:24 Idea #16
7:38 Idea #17
8:14 Idea #18
8:59 Idea #19
9:34 Idea #20

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10 Best Places To Visit In Bulgaria - Top Tourist Attractions In Bulgaria | TravelDham

Bulgaria is a Balkan nation with diverse terrain encompassing Black Sea coastline, a mountainous interior and rivers, including the Danube. You can Explore the 10 best places to visit in Bulgaria. Some of the top tourist attractions in Bulgaria and best things to do while travelling for Holiday Vacations.

Bulgaria is a country with picturesque landscapes, along the coast of Black Sea. Bulgaria boasts of beautiful cities and resort towns, which fascinate each and every traveler with their own charm and aura. Make sure to check them out on your trip to Bulgaria for an exquisite time with your family and friends.

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Bulgaria || 10 top-rated places to visit in Bulgaria

10 top-rated places to visit in Bulgaria.
#bulgaria #bulgariaplaces #explorebulgaria #tourism #bulgaria_places

10 best places to visit in Bulgaria | Travel Weekly | Holiday Travel | Sites To Visit

Here are the 10 best places to visit in Bulgaria. Toursite brings you the best places to travel and places to see incase you are looking for where to travel for vacation, trip, holiday, tour and adventure in Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria Tourism | Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Tourism | Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a Balkan nation with diverse terrain encompassing Black Sea coastline, a mountainous interior and rivers, including the Danube. A cultural melting pot with Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences, it has a rich heritage of traditional dance, music, costumes, and crafts. At the foot of domed Vitosha mountain is its capital city, Sofia
Rolling down from the pine-clad massifs of the Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope ranges to meet the sparkling blues of the Black Sea, Bulgaria offers everything from sun-kissed beaches to enthralling historical narratives, buzzing party towns to snow-shrouded ski resorts between its borders. In this guide to the 15 best places to visit in the country, we take a look at all the major hotspots that should be on anyone’s Bulgarian bucket list this year.
1. Varna
The sun-splashed favourite of local Bulgarians heading out of Sofia and Plovdiv for the summer, Varna is much more than just your run-of-the-mill resort town on the edge of the Black Sea. Yes sir, with a long and enthralling history, oodles of crumbling Roman bathhouses and elaborate Orthodox architecture (like the almost unpronounceable Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral), the city appeals to history buffs and culture vultures as well as sun seekers.
The sprawling capital of Bulgaria is something of a patchwork of its own past. Around its edges rise the great brutalist monuments to Soviet rule; endless streams of cookie cutting high-rises.

Closer to the centre and the ancient remains of the Serdica Fort and the Roman-Byzantine Church of St George sit in the shadow of Stalinist municipal buildings.

And then there are the iconic Orthodox domes and gilded edifices of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which glisten under the snow-packed tops of Vitosha Mountain in the distance.
3.Rila Monastery
Perhaps the most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in the world, Rila has risen and risen to become a veritable symbol of the Bulgarian nation.

It entered the UNESCO World Heritage List way back in 1983, hailed for its curious intermingling of Mamluk, arabesque, Byzantine and Romanesque styles, and resplendent iconostases walls, carved meticulously and inlaid with shimmering gold leaf.

An on-site museums helps travelers unravel the more than 1,000 years of history that coalesce at the site, while endless courtyards and peristyles decorated in murals and medieval scenes mean there’s plenty of art and architecture to draw the eye.
Prep the salopettes and wax the skis, because Bansko is Bulgaria’s most prized winter sports resort. With countless expansions and new lift projects at its back, the dual ski fields of the Chalin Valog and Shiligarnika that make their home between the fir forests here have become some of the most lauded in all of Eastern Europe.

And even if you won’t be hitting the 70 kilometers of groomed runs on offer, Bansko’s rugged setting in the Pirin ranges and wealth of luxury hotels, hedonistic bars, jazz joints, cross-country trails and Bulgarian tavernas is sure to hit the spot!
Encompassed by endless seas of pine trees that oscillate between verdant green and ice-caked white with the turning of summer and winter, the popular mountain resort town of Pamporovo makes its home amidst the undulating ridges of the southern Rhodope Mountains, just a short jaunt away from the borderlands with Greece.

And while the warmer months here do mean fantastic hiking opportunities along the trails of Smolyan, it’s the snows that really draw the crowds, when the slopes (all 36 kilometers of them) open and chairlifts creak and rattle to the tips of Rhodope with skiers in tow.

Bulgaria Travel | 9 best places to visit

We traveled Bulgaria for over 4 weeks and discovered all the many fantastic attractions and natural beauty this country has to offer. Check our itinerary for a 2 week trip.

In this video you will get a view of the best places to visit in Bulgaria.

Places we visited:
Varna, Sunny Beach, Nesebar, Burgas, Pink lakes, Poda National Park, Plovdiv, Asenovgrad,
Sapareva Banya, seven rila lakes, Bansko, Rila Monestary, Sofia

On our Youtube channel you can also find our other vlogs about all the places we visited in Bulgaria.

for more information about traveling in Bulgaria

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Top 10 places to visit on the Bulgarian seaside

The aim of this video is to present the best places on the Bulgarian seaside. Bulgaria is full of beautiful tourist destinations and is one of the most ancient countries in Europe.

4k top ten things to do in sofia bulgaria ????????

Awesome Top 10 Things To Do in Sofia Bulgaria:
10. Bulgarian People- amazing people
9. Bulgarian Food- absolutely lovely, not expensive
8. Sofia Zoo- Good day out for family
7. Free tours- so many recommended informative tours
6. Museum of History- highly recommend
5. National Museum of Military History-
so much to see, stunning
4. Bayana Church- amazing
3. Bayana Waterfall- awesome
2. Golden Bridges- gorgeous views
1. Vitosha Mountain- 2292 elevation, stunning place for hike
There are so many lovely places in bulgaria,in the coming weeks ,i will be sharing them with you all.stay safe debs xx



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