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10 Best Places to Visit in Cyprus


Places to visit in Cyprus

Exploring the beautiful Republic of Cyprus in a week.
-it has been recorded in April 2018 and I've structured it in a travel preview/sample format for people who plan to visit (and not only) to get an idea of what they can expect to see and do here.

10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Cyprus

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Divide your time between the island’s rich cultural history and beaches so beautiful you’d be hard-pressed to find their equal anywhere else. There are dozens of reasons to spend some time bumming around Cyprus; here are some of the most compelling.

1. It’s Bright and Sunny All Year Long
The island of Cyprus averages about 326 days of sunshine a year. That means that even in the dead of winter, you’ll be greeted by bright sunshine pretty much every day.

2. Beaches of All Kinds
Cyprus is home to a variety of different beaches. Rocky inlets and white sand beaches are scattered across the island. Even better, no matter where you drop your beach towel, you’ll have the opportunity to wade into the cleanest water in all of Europe.

3. But It’s Not All Beaches
Cyprus is also home to Mediterranean forests that house some plants that can’t be found anywhere else, the Cyprus cedar and the Cyprus oak among them. More than 125 local plants can be found in the island’s lush forests.

4. Hit the Town and Have a Blast
Each one of the island’s six, large cities has its own nightlife and each one is worth checking out. Will you hit the clubs in Limassol or push it to the limit in Ayia Napa. Every flavor of nightlife in Cyprus is a ton of fun; all you need to do is find the one that’s right for you.

5. The Food Is Amazing
Halloumi cheese is a delicacy. Cyprus also does its own version of souvlaki (which is tasty grilled meat and vegetables). For a snack, stop and grab a Koubes — it’s basically a hush puppy stuffed with minced meat and spices. There’s really no end to the rich, delicious offerings on the tiny island.

6. The Booze Is Incredible, Too
The national drink is known as a Brandy Sour. The cocktail is a heady mix of Cypriot brandy, lemon squash, some Angostura bitters, and a splash of soda water. If you fancy wine, Cyprus is home to the world’s oldest wine, Commandaria.

7. You Can See the Whole Island in One Trip
It’s possible to set up camp pretty much anywhere on the island and then take short day trips to see whatever tourist spots you’d like to see. Nowhere on the island is more than 3 hours away from anywhere else, so you’re always near wherever you want to be.

8. Cyprus Is Very Safe
Cyprus is considered extremely friendly. Sure, in the urban areas you have to be on the lookout for a small amount of expected crime (pickpocketing, that sort of thing), but Cyprus is still considered one of the safest destinations in all of Europe.

9. ‘Quaint’ Doesn’t Begin to Cover the Architecture
The towns and cities that dot the island of Cyprus are a thrill to simply walk through. If you do manage to find yourself winging your way toward Cyprus, make sure to spend some time simply walking around. You won’t regret it.

10. Birthplace of the Goddess of Love
Any fans of Greek history might recognize Cyprus as the reputed birthplace of Aphrodite. During the goddess’ hey day, her chief temple was located in Paphos, the town near which she supposedly sprung from the foam of the sea.

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Top 10 places to visit in Cyprus:
1. Avakas Gorge
2. Aldonis Baths
3. Tombs of the Kings
4. Aphrodites Rock
5. Sea Caves
6. Salt Lake
7. Cape Greco
8. Agioi Anargiroi
9. Konnos Beach
10. Love Bridge

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Cyprus in a week - Beaches, mountains and lost places

In July 2017, I spent a week on the island of Cyprus with my travel buddies John and Gui. We saw a lot in just a few days, and we had a great time in spite of some mishaps like getting robbed...

If you want to see Cyprus in a week, I will show you where to go and what to do!

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Cyprus - top 10

Cathy Bartrop shares her top ten things to see and do in Cyprus.
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Top Beautiful Places Of Cyprus

Fall in love with Aphrodite's isle, where legend has it the goddess of love arose from the waves, and discover ancient UNESCO-listed sites, wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters. Although compact, this attractive island offers a rich variety of landscapes from pine-clad mountains to golden sandy beaches.

Things not to miss in Cyprus

Explore seaside towns, painted churches and ancient ruins with our list of the top things not to miss in Cyprus.

Top Things To Do in Paphos // CYPRUS TRAVEL GUIDE

From ancient historical and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to beautiful Blue Lagoons and gorgeous beaches to the best places to eat and explore - here's my pick of the top things to do in Paphos Cyprus.

Places visited: The Blue Lagoon, Coral Cover, Pauls Pillar, Paphos Harbour, Paphos fort, the Mosaics World Heritage Site, the Memory Tree and more!!

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Discover Cyprus - Best Places to Visit in Cyprus 2019 | Cyprus Travel Guide 2019

Check out my Discover Cyprus - Best Places to Visit in Cyprus 2019 | Cyprus Travel Video 2019 video

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and its beaches are absolutely amazing. Crystal clear sea along with tidy and neat beaches will make you feel like you are in a paradise on Earth. And when you add the fact that the most of the year is sunny, you’ll get the recipe for an unforgettable experience. 

Cyprus has one of the oldest histories dating as far back as 1100 BC. Try taking a trip to Salamis, a city which was once host to successive superpowers including Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians and Romans; or opt for Soli, an ancient Cypriot city kingdom located near Lefke and linked with St Mark. Though excavation in Soli is yet to be completed, there are a number of ancient churches, museums and other monuments are scattered across the island.

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Top 15 best beaches in Cyprus, 2019

Top 15 Best beaches in Cyprus 2019
Die besten Strände in Zypern
Las mejores playas de Chipre
Les meilleures plages de Chypre
Nejlepší pláže na Kypru
Bästa stränderna på Cypern
Ciprus legjobb strandjai
Melhores praias em Chipre
Лучшие пляжи на Кипре
Najljepše plaže na Cipru

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Top 15 List:
15. St. George
14. Akti Olympion
13. Sirena
12. Kourion
11. Landa
10. Pissouri
9. Mackenzie
8. Fig Tree bay
7. Aphrodite
6. Lara beach
5. Makronissos
4. Konnos
3. Coral beach
2. Blue Lagoon
1. Nissi beach

Exploring LARNACA, CYPRUS: Is It Worth Visiting?

Walking through the city of Larnaca in the Mediterranean country of Cyprus.
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Exploring LARNACA, CYPRUS: Is It Worth Visiting?

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Cyprus: Agios Lazaros Church, Kolossi Castle, Kourion, Kykkos Monastery, Nissi Beach, Omodos Village, Paphos Archaeological Park, St. Hilarion Castle, Zenobia Wreck Diving, Tomb of the Kings

Top 10 Places To Visit in Cyprus | Beautiful Places Of Cyprus | Best Places to Visit in Cyprus

Top 10 Places To Visit in Cyprus | Beautiful Places Of Cyprus | Best Places to Visit in Cyprus

1. Famagusta

Famagusta/ˌfæməˈɡʊstə, ˌfɑː-/, is a city on the east financial institution of Cyprus. it's far discovered east of Nicosia, and has the most vast harbor of the island. Wikipedia

2. Akamas Peninsula

Akamas, is a projection and cape at the northwest furthest reaches of Cyprus with a region of 230 rectangular kilometers. Ptolemy portrayed it as a thickly wealthy headland, remoted into two by way of summits [a mountain range] rising in the direction of the north. Wikipedia

3. Nicosia

Nicosia is the greatest town at the island of Cyprus. it's miles organized close to the point of convergence of the Mesaoria undeniable, on the banks of the River Pedieos.

4. Protaras

Protaras is a especially visitor resort which goes under the administrative ward of Paralimni Municipality in Cyprus. In outdated situations, in which Protaras is through and by determined, stood the old metropolis-kingdom of Leukolla. Wikipedia

5. Kyrenia

Kyrenia is a city on the northern financial institution of Cyprus, cited for its hanging harbor and residence. it's miles beneath the genuine manage of Northern Cyprus. Wikipedia

6. Larnaca

Larnaca (Larnarka) is a port town at the south coastline of Cyprus. it's acknowledged for Finikoudes seaside, a sandy strip in the downtown territory supported via a palm-covered sea aspect promenade. Murmuring bars line the waterfront at Mackenzie seaside. essentially towards the sea, the M.S. Zenobia wreck is a
substantial dive website online. The 9th century Church of Saint Lazarus carries the tomb of the heavenly person said to have grew to become out to be alive by using and through.

7. Troodos Mountains

Troodos (now and again spelled Troödos; Greek: Τρόοδος [ˈtɾooðos]; Turkish: Trodos Dağları) is the greatest mountain pass in Cyprus,
organized in for the maximum element the factor of convergence of the island. Troodos' maximum crucial zenith is Mount Olympus at 1,952 meters, which has four ski slants. The Troodos mountain pass expands transversely over most by way of a ways of the western aspect of Cyprus.

8. Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a Mediterranean inn city at the southeast shore of Cyprus, recognized for its shorelines. The city's essential motive of intrigue is the storied, Venetian-time Ayia Napa Monastery, which remains within the significant rectangular of Plateia Seferi, enveloped by way of bars and clubs. these days got fish is served at Ayia Napa Harbor's clamoring tavernas, at the same time as circumscribing Pantachou beach gives a attain out of great sand.

9. Limassol

Limassol is a metropolis on the southern bank of Cyprus and capital of the eponymous region. Limassol is the second one greatest urban location in Cyprus, with a city people of a hundred and sixty,000–176,seven-hundred. Wikipedia

10. Paphos

Paphos is a city on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

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TOP 5 Best Beaches in Cyprus

The Best 5 Beaches in Cyprus!

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CYPRUS TRAVEL GUIDE // Best things to do in Cyprus

Want to see what the best things to do on the Island of Cyprus? From picture-perfect UNESCO villages to stunning mountainscapes, this vlog will show you the top highlights and places to visit in Cyprus, a destination in the Mediterranean.

Attractions include wine tasting in the Laona wine villages, visiting an ancient monastery, and exploring an ancient Amphitheatre.

If you're planning your trip to Cyprus and not sure what to do, then this vlog is the one to watch!
Places mentioned in the video:
- The Tombs of the Kings
- Paphos Mosaics
- Kourion Amphitheatre
- Limassol
- Omodos
- Choirokoitia
- Pano Lefkara

Cyprus Blogs:
- Towns you need to visit:
- Reasons to visit Cyprus:
- Things to do in Paphos:

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TOP 5 Places to Visit in Ayia Napa • ТОП-5 Агия-Напа

Top 5 Places to Visit in Ayia Napa
ТОП-5 Агия-Напа

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AYIA NAPA UNCOVERED: Sun, Palm Trees, Beaches, Nightlife & More

We went on an amazing trip to beautiful Ayia Napa, which is regarded as one of the best party destinations in Europe!

Expect nothing less than paradise when heading to this Mediterranean resort town on the southeast coast of Cyprus:
🌴 palm trees ☀️ sunshine 🍹cocktails 🛥 boat parties 🎉 incredible nightlife and, of course, amazing beaches 🏖

We start off at Café del Mar on Sandy Bay, the perfect place to chill out & relax after a heavy night on the strip. Of course, Ayia Napa offers plenty of water sports for you to enjoy during the day and if you fancy some more action, head to the Greek-themed water park 'WaterWorld' with 18 thrilling rides and attractions.

When the sun goes down, make sure to check out the legendary Full Moon Party on Makronissos Beach and if you want to party even harder, head to the after parties on the strip at Bedrock Inn, Castle Club, River Reggae Club or some of over eighty other clubs across the region. River Reggae also hosts a mental Boat Party which is a must on any Napa holiday. For another crazy night, rave to the best summer tunes and get covered in paint at the Paint Party!

But it doesn't end there! The Luna Park in Ayia Napa is home to the biggest fun fair in Cyprus, so make sure to try some of the incredible rides there, like the famous Sling Shot.

An absolute highlight of any Napa holiday is Nissi Beach with its stunning turquoise blue waters and golden soft sand. So don’t hesitate to book your holiday to this perfect island paradise!

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10 Best Places to Visit in Cyprus

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Explore Paphos, Cyprus

Exclusively produced for MyCyprusTravel, Kristy Agapiouexplores Cyprus and highlights special attractions throughout the island.
This 8 minute video features Paphos, located in the western part of the island. A vibrant, dynamic city that offers many cultural attractions (including an archaeological site with pristinely preserved Roman mosaics), Paphos offers untouched natural beauty, stunning mountain villages and gorgeous beaches – all the elements for a perfect holiday!
For more:

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Top 10 Best Things to do in Limassol, Cyprus

In this video our travel specialists have listed some of the best things to do in Limassol . We have tried to do some extensive research before giving the listing of Things To Do in Limassol.

If you want Things to do List in some other area, feel free to ask us in comment box, we will try to make the video of that region also.

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List of Best Things to do in Limassol

Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum
Omodos Village
Kourion Beach
Limassol Marina
Fasouri Watermania Water Park
The Sanctuary Of Apollo
Columbia Plaza
Limassol Municipal Gardens




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