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10 Best Places to Visit in Ecuador


Top 10 Things to Do in Ecuador (Ecuador Travel Guide)

This list of top 10 things to do in Ecuador shows you the highlights of the country along the avenue of the volcanoes in the Andean region
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Ecuador is one of the most diverse countries in the world though it's comparably tiny. Beside the Galapagos Islands (which is the #1 tourist destination in Ecuador) the country has a lot more to offer, therefore I focussed on La Sierra in this video which is a paradise for landscape lovers and outdoor adventurers.

Another reason to visit the Andean region is that you have the chance to dive into the local culture and get a real feeling of Ecuador. The places to see in Ecuador I focussed on in this short video are the result of my own travels along the center from north to south and are easily doable in 2 weeks time.

Things to do in Ecuador covered in this video:
01) 00:36 - Otavalo market in Otavalo
02) 01:00 - Hike the Cuicocha lake
03) 01:25 - Middle of the World, Mitad del Mundo & Quitsato in Cayambe
04) 01:48 - Quito, capital & UNESCO World Heritage
05) 02:08 - Termas de Papallacta (hot springs)
06) 02:24 - Cayambe Coca National Park
07) 02:45 - Quilotoa & Shalala viewpoint
08) 03:13 - Tren Crucero & Nariz del Diablo (Devil's nose)
09) 03:47 - Inka ruins in Ingapirca
10) 04:04 - Cuenca & it's beautiful old town

What are your best things to do in Ecuador?
I’m looking forward to more tips from other travelers and Ecuador experts. Have you been and know of some cool places? Let us know in the comments below!

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As part of Team Germany aka #TeamDe I was exploring the Andes region in Ecuador (La Sierra) within the Feel Again Project. In this project 18 artists from 4 different countries are exploring the 4 different regions of Ecuador:


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10 Best Places to Visit in Ecuador - Ecuador Travel Guide

Ecuador Travel Guide: 10 Best Places to Visit in Ecuador
List of Best Places to Visit in Ecuador: 1. Galapagos Islands, 2. Quito, 3. Otavalo, 4. Cuenca, Ecuador, 5. Baños, 6. Riobamba, 7. Quilotoa Loop, 8. Salinas, 9. Mindo, 10. Guayaquil

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10. Guayaquil
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8. Salinas
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7. Quilotoa Loop
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6. Riobamba
5. Baños
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4. Cuenca, Ecuador
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3. Otavalo
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2. Quito
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1. Galapagos Islands
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Best Places to Visit in Ecuador

Best Places to Visit in Ecuador

Ranging from the misty jungles and roaring waterfalls of the Amazon in the east to the salt-sprayed Pacific seaboard in the west, Ecuador encompasses everything from wondrous cloud forests to brooding volcanos, Andean peaks and Incan ruins between its borders.
Ecuador is one of the most fascinating nations in South America. Bordered by Colombia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean and no larger than most US states, this beautiful country attracts climbers, trekkers, adventurers, and nature lovers to its lush, ecologically important forests; wildlife watchers to its famous Galápagos Islands; and sun seekers to its pristine tropical beaches. Here are the best places to visit in Ecuador.

1.The Galápagos Islands
3.Playas and Puerto el Morro
5.Cotopaxi and Cajas National Park
6.Nariz del Diablo: The Devil's Nose

10 Best Travel Destinations in Ecuador

Best Places Channel | Ecuador Top and Best Destinations.

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Ecuador is a country straddling the equator on South America’s west coast. Its diverse landscape encompasses Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. In the Andean foothills at an elevation of 2,850m, Quito, the capital, is known for its largely intact Spanish colonial center, with decorated 16th- and 17th-century palaces and religious sites, like the ornate Compañía de Jesús Church.

Cajas National Park
Church and Convent of St. Francis, Quito.
Ciudad Mitad del Mundo.
Compañía de Jesús, Quito
La Capilla del Hombre.
New Cathedral of Cuenca.
Plaza de la Independencia.

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16 Best Places to Visit in Ecuador - ECUADOR TRAVEL VLOG

TRAVEL ECUADOR! Today we share 16 amazing and we think, BEST places to visit when traveling Ecuador. Frank and Angie will always TELL IT LIKE IT IS about everything traveling and living abroad. Visit our EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS AREA

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Top 5 Things To Do in Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador is magical! Here, I explore the top 5 things to do in and around the city. Links to these experiences are below...


Number 1: Visit the Old Town

Number 2: Visit the Middle of the World

Number 3: Go Shopping in Otavalo -

Number 4: Visit a Rose Plantation -

Number 5: Take a day trip on Tren Ecuador -



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Top 10 attractions and places in Ecuador - Best Places To Visit

best price Hotels -
Top 10 attractions and places in Ecuador Best Places To Visit: Waterfall Devil's Cauldron, Cotopaxi Volcano, The Galapagos Islands, Guayaquil, city of Cuenca, Chimborazo, The middle of the world

10 Best Places to Visit in Ecuador

10 Best Places to Visit in Ecuador: Baños, Galapagos Islands, Cuenca, Guayaquil, Mindo, Otavalo, Quilotoa Loop, Quito, Riobamba, Salinas

TOP 10 Places to Visit in Ecuador.

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10. Guayaquil
As Ecuador’s largest city with almost 2.7 million people, Guayaquil is the commercial heart of Ecuador. Located on the banks of the Guayas River that leads to the Pacific Ocean, the city was founded in 1538 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana. The Parque Historico Guayaqui offers colonial buildings, lush gardens and animals native to the country; visitors especially like the free admission.

09. Mindo
Mindo offers environmentally conscious travelers the best of two biodiversified ecosystems: the tropical Andes and the Chocoan lowlands. Here, visitors will see cloud forests, farmlands, three major rivers and hundreds of streams. One of Ecuador’s most popular tourist destinations, Mindo provides a wide variety of outdoor activities ranging from rafting and bird-watching to mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking.

08. Salinas
Salinas is the westernmost city in Ecuador, sitting on the Pacific Ocean, which makes it popular with surfers and yachters. Ecuador’s most popular beach resort city offers some great beaches. It is known as Little Miami Beach because of its high-rise condominiums dotting the shoreline.

07. Quilotoa Loop
Hikers who enjoy trekking through the backcountry surely will enjoy the Quilotoa loop, a trail that takes visitors through several of Ecuador’s remote Andean villages. Hiking the loop can take up to four days, but can be done in less time if hikers take a bus between points, though they’d be missing out on some ancient trails if they did this.

06. Riobamba
Riobamba, a city in the Andean highlands, is notable for a couple of reasons. One is its proximity to Chimaborazo, Ecuador’s highest mountain that stands 6,268 meters (20,564 feet) above sea level.

05. Baños
The small city of Baños lies at the foot of the active volcano Tungurahua. Named after the hot springs fed by the thermal waters of the volcano, Baños is one of the most popular places to visit in Ecuador. Known as the “Gateway to the Amazon,” Baños is a favorite departure point for jungle tours.

04. Cuenca
Cuenca, the capital of Azuay Province, is noted for its many old colonial buildings. A classic example of a planned Renaissance town in the Americas, Cuenca shares many architectural features with Old Quito. Its narrow, cobbled streets, balconied houses with interior courtyards and white churches however are all presented without the pollution, noise and crowds of the capital.

03. Otavalo
Otavalo is home to one of the most colorful, important weekly markets in the Andes. It’s the place to go for traditional handmade craft items, including the exquisite textiles the city is famous for, leather goods and jewelry. The market has been going on for centuries, since even before the Incas.

02. Quito
At 2,800 meters (9,350 feet) above sea level, the Ecuadoran capital of Quito is the highest capital city in the world. This cosmopolitan city of 2.2 million people is located in an active volcano section of the Andes.

01. Galapagos Islands
The 19 islands that make up the Galapagos Islands are home to unique wildlife not found anywhere else in the world. They’re best known as the site that inspired Charles Darwin to come up with his theory of evolution after visiting there in 1835.

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10 Top Tourist Attractions in Ecuador

Ecuador Travel Video. Ecuador has many cultural and historical attractions, Galapagos islands is one of most famous attractions in Ecuador. If you want to see Giant tortoises, sea lions, penguins, marine iguanas and different bird species, you must visit this island. If you like rafting and kayaking, visit Tena that located in the Amazon rainforest region of Ecuador.

Photo Credit:
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Cotopaxi By Malcolm Surgenor
Nariz del Diablo By Andreas Kay
Baños By Pascal Pizzol
Tena By Eddyl,_Ecudaor.JPG
Montañita By Belica
Catedral Nueva, Cuenca By Orban Lopez Cruz
Otavalo Market By Nicole Courneya
San Francisco Church, Quito By Victor Aulesta
Galapagos Islands By blinking idiot

Visit Ecuador - Safety Advice for Visiting Ecuador

Heading to the Galapagos Islands? Maybe a Day Trip to Banos? Hiking in the Altiplano? Eating Grubs in the Amazon? Well here is some travel safety advice for enjoying your trip to Ecuador. Whether you are visiting the Capital Quito or a regional gem like Cuenca there is a lot to enjoy, but there are a few things to look out for too.
Filmed in Bellavista Cloud Forest, Ecuador
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Top 10 Places to Visit in Ecuador

Top 10 Places to Visit in Ecuador
Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. It is set on the equator, and it is home to volcanic mountains and lush jungle.

Ecuador Top Ten Things To Do, by Donna Salerno Travel

Ecuador Top Ten Things To Do, is a tour of the most popular activities and highlights.
Ecuador and the Galápagos offer the traveler an amazing variety of landscapes and adventures. The people are friendly with an interesting culture.

Top Ten Things To Do on Vacation:
1) Galápagos Islands: animals & nature in pristine environment
2) Quito: capital city in mountain setting
3) Otavalo: traditional dress and crafts
4) Cuenca: cobblestone streets & old world charm
5) Guayaquil: largest city, river access to Pacific Ocean
6) Mashpi Lodge: rain forest tours
7) Baños de Agua Santa: volcanoes, adventure sports, waterfalls
8) Nariz del Diablo: Train Crucero train to the mountains
9) Cotopaxi: national park with volcano hiking
10) Napo Wildlife Center: Amazon tours in natural setting

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Donna Salerno Travel
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Top 10 Best Things to do in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca Travel Guide. MUST WATCH. Top 10 things you have to do in Cuenca. We have sorted Tourist Attractions in Cuenca for You. Discover Cuenca as per the Traveler Resources given by our Travel Specialists. You will not miss any fun thing to do in Cuenca.

This Video has covered top 10 Best Things to do in Cuenca.

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List of Best Things to do in Cuenca, Ecuador
El Cajas National Park
Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepcion
Rio Tomebamba
AMARU Bioparque Cuenca Zoologico
Plaza Abdon Calderon
Museo Catedral Vieja
Pumapungo Museum and Arqueological Park - MCYP
Ecuagenera - Orchids from Ecuador
Museo de las Culturas Aborigenes
Pumapungo Museo

Ecuadorian Food - 5 Things You Must Eat in Ecuador

What should you eat in Ecuador? How about Popcorn as a Side Dish? Grubs in the Amazon? Yes there are some interesting foods in Ecuador and here are our five favorite Ecuadorian dishes you should eat when you visit Ecuador.
The Food in Ecuador:
1. The Soups: Secos (Stews), Sopa (Soup) are all quite tasty. The best is Locro de Papas a creamy potato soup found throughout Ecuador. Caldo de Gallina (Chicken soup) is also a winner.
2. The Pigs: Hornado, Fritada or just simple guinea pig (guy) are all foods you will enjoy while traveling Ecuador.
3. Seafood: Ceviche, Corvina, Trout, there are a lot of great seafood and fish dishes in Ecuador to enjoy.
4. The Treats: The snacks you will find throughout Ecuador come in three typical varieties, corn based, banana based, or
5. Don't Drink the Water, but Do Drink the Club or Pilsner Beer, the Local Soda, and Canelazo, the local hot alcoholic drink.
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Top 10 Must See Destinations In Latin America

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Top 10 Must See Destinations In Latin America.

It's not easy to offer a short version of all that beckons travelers to Latin America, but there are a few spots that everyone should see in their lifetime. We've tried to include destinations for experienced adventurers looking for something new and unknown, as well as classic and well-worn draws for new travelers heading out on the road for the first time.
So start delving into remote ancient ruins, wandering charming colonial neighborhoods, exploring stunning natural wonders and enjoying pristine tropical paradises. Here are Latin America's top 10 must-see destinations that we have narrowed down for you.
1. Machu Picchu, Peru
2. Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala
3. Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil
4. The Lost City, Colombia
5. The Galapagos, Ecuador
6. La Candelaria, Colombia
7. Ilha Grande, Brazil
8. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
9. Chichen Itza, Mexico
10. Old Havana, Cuba
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Quito Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, sits high in the Andes and straddles the equator, making it the closest national capital to the sun.

San Francisco de Quito, as this harmonious city is officially called, is all about balance. Its World Heritage protected Old Town is contrasted by its progressive New Town.

The New Town, or La Mariscal, is centered on the bustling Plaza del Quinde and has markets, trendy cafés and nightlife.

The Plaza de la Independencia is the Civic heart of Old Town, is overlooked by the Municipal Palace, Archbishop’s Palace and Presidential Palace.

Quito has a wealth of ornate churches, including the Santo Domingo Church, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Basilica de la Merced, de San Francisco Church, the Church of the Society of Jesus and the Basilica of the National Vow.

There are two hills that are worth exploring: Panecillo Hill is famous for its winged statue known as the “Virgin of Quito.” Itchimbia Park has a contemporary
Cultural Center and panoramic city views.

The nearby Pichincha Volcano was once the setting of a historic battle that resulted in Quito’s liberation from Spain. But it’s the Cotopaxi Volcano, that is the Quito’s most famous landmark.While in the area, you can’t miss the Mitad del Mundo Monument and the Intiñan Solar Museum where you walk the line of the equator and be in two hemispheres at the same time.


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15 Best Things To Do In Guayaquil Ecuador

Many people have told us to skip Guayaquil. We read many opinions that there's not much to do here and it's not worth visiting. So we decided to settle into Ecuador's largest city to investigate.

We were pleasantly surprised to find so many awesome things to do in Guayaquil! Best things to do in Guayaquil Ecuador: We loved the stroll the Malecon 2000, the ride La Perla Ferris Wheel, climbing Cerro Santa Ana and Las Peñas, taking the pirate ship for a cruise on the River Guayas, cycling across Santay Island, eating congrejo criollo, and so much more!

So we wanted to make a video and write a blog post to show other travels that it can be worth a visit. So this video highlights what we found to the best things to do in Guayaquil. You can find all the details and directions on our associated article:

Music credit: Brasil Samba,

Exploring Quito: Ecuador's Incredible Capital City

What to See and Do When Visiting Quito, Ecuador

Our Antarctic adventure is behind us - but we're excited to be headed for (much) warmer climes! We kick off our next adventure series in the beautiful South American country of Ecuador, where we'll be searching for adventure in the wilds of the Amazon jungle! How crazy is that?

But first, we've got a full day to explore Ecuador's beautiful capital city of Quito. So come along as we take in incredible views of the city, straddle the equator, taste some local grub, and find adventure in one of Ecuador's most beautiful churches!

Be sure to subscribe for regular video updates, including new full episodes every Tuesday! And follow our adventures on our website, and social media channels:


This episode brought to you by the good folks at Adventure Life, leaders in adventure travel worldwide. Start your next great adventure at

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~ Nik and Dusty

Ecuador tourism (HD)

Visit Ecuador, Ecuador trip, Ecuador tourism, Ecuador tours, Ecuador vacations, Ecuador travel, Ecuador travel guide, Ecuador holidays, Tourist attractions in Ecuador, Ecuador Tourism Guide
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide
The US Centers for Disease Control has issued a travel alert suggesting that pregnant women postpone travel to Ecuador, where Zika virus transmission is ongoing. All travellers should protect themselves from mosquito bites. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all travel within the 20km exclusion zone along the border with Colombia except for the official border crossing town of Tulcan in Carchi province. There are a number of active volcanoes in Ecuador. The Cotopaxi volcano has experienced renewed activity in August 2015 and restrictions are in place. Don’t climb the Tungurahua, Reventador, Chiles and Cerro Negro volcanoes.
Ecuador is a country in Northwestern South America, with a Pacific Ocean coastline, lying on the Equator between Colombia, to the northeast, and Peru, to the south and east.

Cotopaxi is the world's highest active volcano. Many cities and sites in Ecuador are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Such cities and best known places are the Galapagos Islands, and the city of Cuenca.

Ecuador is the most biodiverse country in the world. Ecuador has over one hundred different types of hummingbirds and thousands of orchid varieties. Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve, Mindo and San Luis de Pambil are all good places to see many types of flora and fauna. The Galapagos Islands are justly famed for their wildlife.

The Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve is probably the best place to see the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, even though there are other national parks which are also interesting (such as the Yasuni National Park). It's a place of high biodiversity and nature lovers should feel in paradise. That's a good way to discover the indigenous communities of Ecuador and to eventually meet a local shaman. It's necessary to get to Lago Agrio to reach the reserve. Private transportation is made possible by the local accommodation, which is provided by eco-lodges.

The beaches in Ecuador are amazing, including: Salinas, Bahia de Caraquez, Manta, Crucita, San Jacinto, and San Clemente. They offer very inexpensive hotel accommodations, great food and friendly people. But there are also very upmarket establishments as well.

The Republic of the Ecuador was one of three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others being Colombia and Venezuela). Between 1904 and 1942, Ecuador lost territories in a series of conflicts with its neighbors. A border war with Peru that flared in 1995 was resolved in 1999.

Ecuador has many climate zones, from tropical along coast to cooler and dryer inland at higher elevations; tropical in Amazonian jungle lowlands. Ecuador is unusual in that one can choose any climate one wishes by where in the country one travels to. Lying on the equator means there is no summer or winter; however, there are typically wetter and drier seasons. The 'wetter' season is usually between December - June , while the drier season runs from July - November.

Ecuador has quickly become the safest country in Latin America (South and Central America). Its violent crime rate is half that of most of the United States with the popular cities of Cuenca and Loja being the safest.

Quito - Quito, the capital of Ecuador stands at an altitude of 2,850 m. The city has the best-preserved, least altered historic centre in Latin America.

Ambato - The central city of Ecuador. Special celebrations during Carnival time.

Baños- The adventure capital of Ecuador at the foot of an active volcano having small eruptions of ash and lava. Volcano Tungurahua. There are also many hot spring mineral baths as its name would imply.

Cuenca - The third largest city in Ecuador and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Trust site

Guayaquil - Largest city in the country and largest port city

Loja - The oldest colonial city

Manta - Largest coastal city and third largest city in Ecuador. Fastest growing city in Ecuador. Home to the largest port in Ecuador

Otavalo - Small town only two hours north of the capital famous for its Saturday market of indigenous crafts and livestock

Ibarra - Town of 100,000 inhabitants halfway between Quito and the northern border

Riobamba - Starting point of the famous train ride down the Nariz del Diablo and gateway to Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador's highest peak



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