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10 Best Places to Visit in Metropolitan France


9 Best Inexpensive Cities in Europe to Visit on a Budget

Read the Blog for More Information on the Best Cheap Cities in Europe:
Where to go in Europe on a Budget? What are the best & most affordable vacation cities in Europe that have a ton of stuff to see & do? What European cities are affordable? Well, here is our list of the 9 (actually 10) best European cities to visit on a budget. Our list factors in the sights and activities tourists can see, prices for hotels, sights, and restaurants, available cheap transportation to that city and if you would actually want to have a fun time in that town.
Where should I go in Europe if I am broke or not broke? Well here is our list.
Filmed in Krakow, Poland and Dubrovnik, Croatia
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

10 Best Cheap Cities in Europe
#1. Krakow, Poland
#2. Lisbon, Portugal
#3. Valencia, Spain
#4. Tallinn, Estonia
#5. Riga, Latvia
#6. Prague, The Czech Republic
#7. Budapest, Hungary
#8. Athens, Greece
#9. Porto, Portugal
#10. Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in Europe

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Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in Europe.
Europe is the place of origin of the Western culture. With its ancient and modern history, the continent is best known for its Renaissance arts, humanism, exploration, science, and its modernization. When we hear of the word “Europe”, the classical heirloom first comes to mind. From its prehistoric years to the contemporary era, individualistic culture to Western democratic civilization, Europe is full of European idealists and philosophers.
In terms of the economy, Europe has the largest economy in the entire world. Also, it is the richest region. Annually, the continent attracts millions of visitors coming in and out of each country within it. With its beautiful sceneries, stunning artifacts and medieval tourist attractions, the continent is a great place to tour with your family or even a romantic getaway. But make sure to review this list of the top 10 best cities to visit in Europe before heading on a trip.
10: Venice, Italy
9: Vienna, Austria
8: London, England
7: Bruges, Belgium
6: Amsterdam, Netherlands
5: Rome, Italy
4: Berlin, Germany
3: Paris, France
2: Budapest, Hungary
1: Florence, Italy
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New York City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

New York City needs no introduction. Sitting at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists, NYC is always poised to impress. Check out our footage to see why!

When ready, browse vacation packages to New York City:

#NewYorkCity is an international metropolis built on the shoulders of immigrants and their descendants.

The city is home to eight million people, and receives more than 50 million visitors per year. Your New York City #vacation should include sampling the food of hundreds of different cultures. You can easily #explore on foot, by taxi, or via the famous subway system.

No New York #sightseeing is complete without a visit to Times Square, which you’ve no doubt seen in many movies. Take in its billboards, its many people, and its food, then cross over to Central Park, which comprises 850 acres of lakes and meadows, and is the setting for many a romantic comedy. You also have your pick of art and history museums, as well as the Reflecting Absence Memorial and Museum, where you can pay your respects to the victims of 9/11.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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1:24 - Empire State Building
1:51 - The Rockefeller Center
2:06 - Grand Central Station
2:21 - Fifth Avenue
2:39 - Times Square
3:00 - Central Park
3:23 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
3:46 - The Guggenheim Museum
4:00 - Reflecting Absence Memorial
4:27 - Little Italy
4:41 - SoHo
4:49 - Greenwich Village
5:00 - Brooklyn and Brooklyn Bridge
5:10 - Coney Island

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10 Ways To Have The Most Romantic Weekend In Paris

Paris is referred to as the “City of Love” and is a popular honeymoon destination. From dreamy scenery and landmarks to decadent treats and whimsical music playing on the streets, you'll find romance around every corner of the city. From tasting decadent chocolates made from one of Paris' most acclaimed chocolatiers to experiencing the beauty of the city on water, we'll feature 10 different romantic experiences around Paris that make it the “City of Love.”


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What It's Like To Stay At This $4 Million Mega Airbnb In Spain

What It's Like To Sleep In A Boeing 747 Hotel Room

43 Places To Add To Your 2019 Bucket List


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10 Ways To Have The Most Romantic Weekend In Paris

10 Best Places to Visit in Italy - Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video:

Located in Southern Europe, this boot-shaped country is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for a number of reasons that include art treasures, trendy fashion, stunning landscapes, passionate people and top-class cuisine. Italy offers so much to see and do that it would take a lifetime to explore.

New York City - City Video Guide

New York City is an international metropolis, which welcomes around 50 million tourists annually.

In Manhattan's Midtown are some of New York City's most iconic symbols; structures like the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, and the Grand Central Terminal.

Times Square and Broadway provide New York City with near-endless theater and entertainment choices. Fifth Avenue is one of the world's best shopping districts.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim are just two examples of New York City's cultural collection. Central Park is the city's green lung, where New Yorkers come to exercise and relax.

The Reflecting Absence memorial and museum honors the 3000 people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Little Italy packs the tastes and flavors of Italy into a couple of streets, while Soho attracts well-heeled bohemians. Greenwich Village has cafés and bars where the likes of Bob Dylan first performed. Brooklyn and Coney Island are two distinct districts easily reachable from Manhattan..

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10 Best Places to Visit in Greece

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10 Best Places to Visit in Greece.
Known for its plethora of ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, tasty cuisine and friendly atmosphere, it is no wonder that Greece ranks among Europe’s top travel destinations. Greece is made up of a mountainous mainland and hundreds of islands where each one offers its own share of stunning landscapes, historic sites, nightlife scenes and cultural delights. An overview of the best places to visit in Greece:
10. Cape Sounion
9. Thessaloniki
8. Zagori
7. Halkidiki
6. Peloponnese
5. Delphi
4. Meteora
3. Crete
2. Athens
1. Greek Islands
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Top 10 Cities of France,Visit France - The Top 10 Towns in France,

Top 10 Cities of France,Visit France - The Top 10 Towns in France,
France (locally [fʁɑ̃s]), officially the French Republic (République française [ʁepyblik fʁɑ̃sɛz]), is a country with territory status in western Europe and several overseas regions and territories.[XIII] The European, or metropolitan, area of France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. The republic also includes French Guiana on the South American continent and several islands in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. The country's 18 integral regions (5 of which are situated overseas) span a combined area of 643,801 square kilometres (248,573 sq mi) which, as of January 2017, has a total population of almost 67 million people.[3] France is a unitary semi-presidential republic with its capital in Paris, the country's largest city and main cultural and commercial centre. Other major urban centres include Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Nice, Toulouse and Bordeaux.

During the Iron Age, what is now metropolitan France was inhabited by the Gauls, a Celtic people. The area was annexed in 51 BC by Rome, which held Gaul until 486, when the Germanic Franks conquered the region and formed the Kingdom of France. France emerged as a major European power in the Late Middle Ages, with its victory in the Hundred Years' War (1337 to 1453) strengthening state-building and political centralisation. During the Renaissance, French culture flourished and a global colonial empire was established, which by the 20th century would be the second largest in the world.[9] The 16th century was dominated by religious civil wars between Catholics and Protestants (Huguenots). France became Europe's dominant cultural, political, and military power under Louis XIV.[10] In the late 18th century, the French Revolution overthrew the absolute monarchy, established one of modern history's earliest republics, and saw the drafting of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which expresses the nation's ideals to this day.

In the 19th century Napoleon took power and established the First French Empire, whose subsequent Napoleonic Wars shaped the course of continental Europe. Following the collapse of the Empire, France endured a tumultuous succession of governments culminating with the establishment of the French Third Republic in 1870. France was a major participant in the First World War, from which it emerged victorious, and was one of the Allied Powers in the Second World War, but came under occupation by the Axis Powers in 1940. Following liberation in 1944, a Fourth Republic was established and later dissolved in the course of the Algerian War. The Fifth Republic, led by Charles de Gaulle, was formed in 1958 and remains to this day. Algeria and nearly all the other colonies became independent in the 1960s and typically retained close economic and military connections with France.

France has long been a global centre of art, science, and philosophy. It hosts Europe's fourth-largest number of cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites and receives around 83 million foreign tourists annually, the most of any country in the world.[11] France is a developed country with the world's sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP[12] and ninth-largest by purchasing power parity.[13] In terms of aggregate household wealth, it ranks fourth in the world.[14] France performs well in international rankings of education, health care, life expectancy, and human development.[15][16] France remains a great power in the world,[17] being one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council with the power to veto and an official nuclear-weapon state. It is a leading member state of the European Union and the Eurozone.[18] It is also a member of the Group of 7, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and La Francophonie.
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10 Top Tourist Attractions in New York City

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10 Top Tourist Attractions in New York City
The largest and most populated city in the USA, New York City is often called the “city that never sleeps” because it is constantly buzzing with activity. The metropolis is the nexus of culture, art, architecture, history and entertainment. With so much to see and do in the city, it can be overwhelming to a New York novice. This comprehensive list outlines the top tourist attractions in New York City that travelers won’t find anywhere else.
10. September 11 Memorial
9. High Line
8. Grand Central Terminal
7. Rockefeller Center
6. Fifth Avenue
5. Brooklyn Bridge
4. Times Square
3. Central Park
2. Empire State Building
1. Statue of Liberty
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A Walk Around the Beautiful City Of Marseille, France

is the prefecture of the department of Bouches-du-Rhône and region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. It is located on the Mediterranean coast near the mouth of the Rhône. The city covers an area of 93 sq mi. and had a population of 870,018 in 2016. Its metropolitan area, which extends over 1,225 sq mi. is the third-largest in France after those of Paris and Lyon, with a population of 1,831,500 as of 2010.

Known to the ancient Greeks and Romans as Massalia. Marseille was an important European trading centre and remains the main commercial port of the French Republic. Marseille is now France's largest city on the Mediterranean coast and the largest port for commerce, freight and cruise ships. The city was European Capital of Culture in 2013 and European Capital of Sport in 2017; it hosted matches at the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2016. It is home to Aix-Marseille University.

Marseille is the third-largest metropolitan area in France after Paris and Lyon. To the east, starting in the small fishing village of Callelongue on the outskirts of Marseille and stretching as far as Cassis, are the Calanques, a rugged coastal area interspersed with small fjord-like inlets. Farther east still are the Sainte-Baume 3,763 ft. mountain ridge rising from a forest of deciduous trees, the city of Toulon and the French Riviera. To the north of Marseille, beyond the low Garlaban and Etoile mountain ranges, is the 1,011 m 3,317 ft Mont Sainte Victoire. To the west of Marseille is the former artists' colony of l'Estaque; farther west are the Côte Bleue, the Gulf of Lion and the Camargue region in the Rhône delta. The airport lies to the north west of the city at Marignane on the Étang de Berre.

The city's main thoroughfare (the wide boulevard called the Canebière) stretches eastward from the Old Port to the Réformés quarter. Two large forts flank the entrance to the Old Port—Fort Saint-Nicolas on the south side and Fort Saint-Jean on the north. Farther out in the Bay of Marseille is the Frioul archipelago which comprises four islands, one of which, If, is the location of Château d'If, made famous by the Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo. The main commercial centre of the city intersects with the Canebière at Rue St Ferréol and the Centre Bourse (one of the city's main shopping malls). The centre of Marseille has several pedestrianised zones, most notably Rue St Ferréol, Cours Julien near the Music Conservatory, the Cours Honoré-d'Estienne-d'Orves off the Old Port and the area around the Hôtel de Ville. To the south east of central Marseille in the 6th arrondissement are the Prefecture and the monumental fountain of Place Castellane, an important bus and metro interchange. To the south west are the hills of the 7th and 8th arrondissements, dominated by the basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde. Marseille's main railway station—Gare de Marseille Saint-Charles—is north of the Centre Bourse in the 1st arrondissement; it is linked by the Boulevard d'Athènes to the Canebière.

World's Best Shopping Cities | MojoTravels

Credit cards ready? Let’s do this thing! Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the World's Best Shopping Cities.
For this list, we’re looking at metropolitan destinations, highlighted by CNN, that are known for their amazing shopping opportunities at every level.

#Shopping #Cities #Travel

Paris Vacation Travel Guide | Must Do Travels

The city of Paris, France is one of the most frequently visited places in the world. More than 40 Million tourists visit the city each year, and it only seems to be getting more and more popular.

Paris is a great pedestrian city that is very conducive to self-guided walking tours. There are museums and other venues packed full of art, monuments and historical landmarks throughout.

Some of the most note-worthy destinations in and around Paris are the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coure Basilica, Paris Opera House (Palais Garnier), and that's just a short list.

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A Walk Around the Beautiful City of Nice, France

Nice is the seventh most populous urban area in France and the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department. The metropolitan area of Nice extends beyond the administrative city limits, with a population of about 1 million on an area of 278 sq mi. Located in the French Riviera, on the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the Alps, Nice is the second-largest French city on the Mediterranean coast and the second-largest city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region after Marseille. Nice is approximately 8.1 mi from the principality of Monaco and 19 mi from the French-Italian border. Nice's airport serves as a gateway to the region.

The city is nicknamed Nice la Belle (Nissa La Bella in Niçard), which means Nice the Beautiful, which is also the title of the unofficial anthem of Nice, written by Menica Rondelly in 1912. The area of today's Nice contains Terra Amata, an archaeological site which displays evidence of a very early use of fire. Around 350 BC, Greeks of Marseille founded a permanent settlement and called it Nikaia, after Nike, the goddess of victory. Through the ages, the town has changed hands many times. Its strategic location and port significantly contributed to its maritime strength. For centuries it was a dominion of Savoy, and was then part of France between 1792 and 1815, when it was returned to the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia until its re-annexation by France in 1860.

The natural environment of the Nice area and its mild Mediterranean climate came to the attention of the English upper classes in the second half of the 18th century, when an increasing number of aristocratic families took to spending their winters there. The city's main seaside promenade, the Promenade des Anglais (Walkway of the English) owes its name to visitors to the resort. The clear air and soft light have particularly appealed to notable painters, such as Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Niki de Saint Phalle and Arman. Their work is commemorated in many of the city's museums, including Musée Marc Chagall, Musée Matisse and Musée des Beaux-Arts. Nice has the second largest hotel capacity in the country and it is one of its most visited cities, receiving 4 million tourists every year. It also has the third busiest airport in France, after the two main Parisian ones. It is the historical capital city of the County of Nice (Comté de Nice).

Best places to travel Travel around Paris, France

Paris is one of the best places to travel in the world.
Paris is the capital and most populous city of France. Situated on the river Seine in northern metropolitan France, it is in the centre of the Île-de-France region, also known as the région parisienne, Paris Region. The commune of Paris largely retains its one and a half century old administrative boundaries, with an area of 105 km² (41 mi²) and as of 2014 a population of 2,241,346.[3][4] Together with its suburbs, the whole agglomeration has a population of 10,550,350 (Jan. 2012 census).[2] Paris' metropolitan area spans most of the Île-de-France region and has a population of 12,405,426 (Jan. 2013 census),[5] constituting one-fifth of the population of France.[6] The administrative region covers 12,012 km² (4,638 mi²), with approximately 12 million inhabitants as of 2014, and has its own regional council and president.
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Exploring France - Some Forgotten places in Normandy

#ExploringEurope #Normandy #NormanydPlacesToVisit
Normandy (French: Normandie); Norman: Normaundie; from Old French Normanz, plural of Normant, originally from the word for northman from Scandinavian languages is the northwesternmost of the 18 regions of France, roughly referring to the historical Duchy of Normandy.

Normandy has five administrative departments: Calvados, Eure, Manche, Orne, and Seine-Maritime. It covers 30,627 square kilometres (Normandy's name comes from the settlement of the territory by mainly Danish and Norwegian Vikings (Northmen) from the 9th century, and confirmed by treaty in the 10th century between King Charles III of France and the Viking jarl Rollo. For a century and a half following the Norman conquest of England in 1066, Normandy and England were linked by Norman and Frankish kings. Normandy is about 5% of the territory of metropolitan France. Its population of 3,322,757 accounts for around 5% of the population of France. The inhabitants of Normandy are known as Normans and the region is the historic homeland of the Norman language.

Here are some places that often are forgotten while visiting the more popular places in Normandy.

Normandy Bridge - The Pont de Normandie (English: Normandy Bridge) is a cable-stayed road bridge that spans the river Seine linking Le Havre to Honfleur in Normandy, northern France. Its total length is 2,143.21 meters. It is also the last bridge to cross the Seine before it empties into the ocean.

Les falaises des Vaches Noires is a remarkable natural site located in the municipalities of Houlgate , Gonneville-sur-Mer , Auberville , Villers-sur-Mer , in Calvados , in Normandy France.
The toponym Vaches Noires designates blocks of chalk having rolled from the top of the cliff onto the foreshore , the black color of which is due to the kelp having settled there,

Castle of Caen - The castle was built c. 1060 by William the Conqueror (William of Normandy), who successfully conquered England in 1066. His son Henry I then built the Saint George's church and a large hall for the ducal Court.

On Christmas 1182, a royal court celebration for Christmas in the aula of Caen Castle brought together Henry II and his sons, Richard the Lionheart and John Lackland, receiving more than a thousand knights.

Caen Castle, along with all of Normandy, was recaptured by the French Crown in 1204. Philip II reinforced the fortifications.

Longue-sur-Mer - was a World War II German artillery battery constructed near the French village of Longues-sur-Mer in Normandy. The battery was sited on a 60 m cliff overlooking the sea and formed a part of Germany's Atlantic Wall coastal fortifications. It was located between the Allied landing beaches of Gold and Omaha and shelled both beaches on D-Day (6 June 1944). The battery was captured on June 7 and played no further part in the Normandy campaign.

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10 Best Places To Visit In New York City | NYC Complete Travel Information

See this video to find out the Best Places To Visit in the New York City along with complete travel information about NYC.

New York is the most populous city of the United States of America and is present on the eastern side of the USA. New York is near to some important cities of America like Philadelphia, Washington and Boston and New Jersey. Some of the Top Places To Visit in New York City are Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and The High Line. Times Square and Rockefeller Center are amazing to see during the year end. If you have time then you can also see places such as Central Park, Madame Tussauds, Metropolitan Museum of Art and St. Patrick's Cathedral. New York has some good Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts to make your stay comfortable.

Some Vital information about New York City:
Best Season To Visit NYC: April - June / November - December (High Hotel Rates also)
Boroughs of New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island
Most Spoken Language: English, Spanish
New York Nicknames: The Big Apple, Gotham, City that Never Sleeps
Popular Markets: Union Square Green Market, Chelsea Market, Grand Central Market
What To Buy: New York Snow Globes, Statue of Liberty Statues, Picture Frames, I ❤️ NY T-Shirts
Suggested City Travel: Subway, Buses, Roosevelt Island Tram, Bicycle, Ferry, Taxi, Helicopter Tours
Popular Restaurants: Hometown Bar-B-Que, Gramercy Tavern, Bamonte's, Via Carota, Le Bernardin, Spice Symphony
Vegetarian Restaurants: Superiority Burger, Usha Foods, Dirt Candy, Bunna Cafe, Buddha Bodai
Main Bus Stand: Port Authority Bus Terminal (625 8th Ave, New York)
Airports: John F. Kennedy Int. Airport (Location: Queens, Code: JFK, Distance: 14 Miles)
LaGuardia Airport (Location: Queens, Code: LGA, Distance: 7.5 Miles)
Newark Liberty Int. Airport (Location: Newark, Code: EWR, Distance: 16.5 Miles)
Main Railway Station: Grand Central Terminal (89 E 42nd Street, New York)
Ideal Stay Duration: 4 - 10 days
Budget Range(Per Person, 1 Week): $650 - $2900 (ex. Flight Tickets)

0:00 New York Introduction
0:27 The High Line
1:18 St. Patrick's Cathedral
2:04 Metropolitan Museum of Art
2:45 Madame Tussauds
3:26 Brooklyn Bridge
4:24 Rockefeller Center
5:17 Empire State Building
6:09 Central Park
7:02 Times Square
7:29 New York Important Phones Numbers
7:39 Statue of Liberty

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Beautiful FRANCE - Travel World | 法國國家之旅 4k

France is an incredible European country. Let's start with the capital Paris and admire its amazing natural landscape and extraordinary cities from north to south, everyone will be shocked! This is the best destination for French tourism and free travel, you can easily understand France and broaden your horizons.

法國是一個不可思議的歐洲國家。 我們從首都巴黎開始,欣賞其令人驚嘆的自然景觀以及從北到南的非凡城市,每個人都會為之震驚! 這是法國旅游和自由旅行的最佳目的地,您很容易瞭解法國並開闊了眼界。

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Monthly Average Salary in European Countries ◉ ইউরোপের কোন্ দেশে কত আয়? ◉ Salary in Europe

অনেকেই মনে করেন, ইউরোপে প্রচুর টাকা ইউরো আয় করা যায়। কথাটা বাংলাদেশের পরিপ্রেক্ষিতে হয়তো অনেকখানি সত্য। কিন্তু ইউরোপের সব দেশে যে সমান রোজগার করা যায়, তা কিন্তু নয়। এবং সবাই-ই যে সমপরিমাণ টাকা রোজগার করতে পারে তা-ও নয়।

আয়-রোজগারের বিষয়টি নির্ভর করে যোগ্যতা, মেধা, পরিশ্রম আর কিছুটা ভাগ্যের ওপর। ইউরোপের মধ্যে সুইজারল্যান্ড, জার্মানি, ডেনমার্ক, ফ্রান্স, সুইডেন, নরওয়ে, ফিনল্যান্ড প্রভৃতি দেশে মাসিক বেতন তুলনামূলক অন্যদের চেয়ে বেশি।

ইউরোপের শেনজেনভুক্ত ২৬টি দেশসহ ইইএ দেশগুলোর কোনটিতে মাসে কত টাকা ইউরো আয় করা যায় বা গড় রোজগার কত তা-ই আজকের এই ভিডিওতে তুলে ধরা হলো। আশা করি আপনাদের এই ভিডিওটি ভালো লাগবে এ থেকে আপনি অনেক তথ্য পাবেন।

জার্মানিতে কে কেমন আয়রোজগার করে সে বিষয়েও অনেকেরই জানার আগ্রহ রয়েছে। জার্মানিতে কোন্ পেশার লোকজন মাসিক কত ইউরো ইনকাম করতে পারে তা নিয়ে একটি ভিডিও তৈরি করা হয়েছে। আশা করি আপনাদের এই ভিডিওটি ভালো লাগবে এ থেকে আপনি অনেক তথ্য পাবেন। জার্মানিতে কোন্ পেশায় কত আয় দেখুন ভিডিওতে :

জার্মানিতে কোন্ পেশায় কত আয় তার তালিকা :

জার্মানিতে স্থায়ী বা পার্মানেন্ট রেসিডেন্টশিপ এবং নাগরিকত্ব (PR and Citizenship in Germany) কীভাবে পাওয়া যায় সে বিষয়ে জানার আগ্রহ কমবেশি প্রত্যেকেরই। এই সম্পর্কিত ভিডিও :

পুরো তালিকা পাবেন এখানে :

How to get German citizenship:

জার্মান নাগরিকত্ব পরীক্ষা পাসের মোবাইল অ্যাপ :

জার্মান ভিসা ফরম অনলাইনে পূরণ করবেন যেভাবে :

অনলাইনে পূরণ করার লিঙ্ক :

জার্মানিতে উচ্চশিক্ষা বিষয়ক সকল ভিডিও...

জার্মানিতে স্টুডেন্ট ভিসার জন্য যা-যা লাগবে :

জার্মানি সম্পর্কে জ্ঞান বাড়াতে পত্রপত্রিকা পাঠের কোনো বিকল্প নেই। জার্মানির সকল পত্রপত্রিকার লিস্ট এখানে :

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List of European countries by average wage
ইউরোপের কোন্ দেশে কত আয়?
European countries by monthly average wage
France Minimum Wage
Spain Minimum Wage
Netherlands Minimum Wage
Average Salary Switzerland
Average Salary in Poland
Minimum Wage by Country
Average Salary in Spain
Romania Minimum Wage
Average Salary in Paris
European Minimum Wage
Average Salary in Germany for Engineers
IT Salaries in Germany
Doctors Salaries in European Countries
What is the minimum salary in Europe?
Which European country has the highest salaries?
What's the average salary in Europe?
What is the average salary in France 2019?
Monthly Average Salary in European Countries

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10 Days in South Korea???????? | Travel Iterinary Guide & Tips | Our First Korea Adventure!

Things to know before you go & some essential travel tips!

When to go to Korea
Based on our opinion, the best time to visit Korea, is either Spring or fall particularly April or October. We decided to go on April because we wanted to witness Korea's beautiful cherry blossoms making the country's most spectacular even more incredible.

Then let's started exploring Korea...
It's always an overwhelming experience travelling together as a couple for the first time. Here's our complete 10 Days iterinary trip in Korea.
*7 Days in Seoul*
Shop & eat your heart away @ Myeong-dong streets. Enjoy Korean street food delicacies, pancakes & more.

We're so amazed that we had to go up to the steep road way up to seoul tower. When we finally reached the bottom of the tower, I just realised that the tower is meant for lovers,.Saw love locks and tiles with written messages on it. It was exhilarating to be on top of Seoul and see how beautiful this city is!This metropolitan City is well balanced with the beauty of nature. Just lovely even more at night and see lots of people from different countries. And ofcourse the last part was so exciting, we rode a cable car from the tower going down with full of LED screens and great sounds. The dim glow of the city & beyond could be one of our most memorable memories in Seoul.

It is widely considered among the finest royal palaces in Seoul with this Hanbok (Korean traditional attire) rental service, skip the entry queues to the palace & enjoy the chance to dress up like Joseon-era royalty & explore Gyeongbok palace in the fashion of a bygone era. And a chance to witness the changing of Royal guards in the palace.

Also known as Namiseom, is a beautiful island among most popular attractions in Korea. Featuring beautiful trees, woodlands, riverside walks & many more. Most particularly, the hit Korean drama, Winter Sonata has led to the island's huge popularity among foreign guest.
5 must-see spots in Nami Island
1. The central Korean Pine tree
2. Ginkgo Tree lane- the splendid yellow
Ginkgo leaves during autumn
3. Metasequoia Lane- a path lined with
4. Riverside Path- the wooden walks
around the water's edge where you
take in the stunning views of the lake
& surrounding mountains
5. The Winter Sonata Statue

If you're a big fun of Hello Kitty, you should not miss this place in Seoul. When you walk into the cafe, you will be totally completely surrounded by Hello Kitty stuff. From the wallpapers, to the seats & the bathroom, everything is all about the character of Hello Kitty & adorably coloured in pink. If your visiting this cafe would be like a dream come true.

The tremendous amusement park. The best way to get there is through shuttle bus. It's a whole day tour but I guess 1day is not enough. There are lots of rides to conquer so dress comfortably. It's a reccomended place to visit for the whole family.

Squeeze in an extra day in Seoul for a tension-filled day trip to the DMZ @ Panmunjom. The most dangerous borders in the world.

I love how cute this place is. Wonderful & amazing views. We had fun while strolling around the area with different foreign nationals.

Definitely it's a memorial not a museum. We had the opportunity to visit this place & yes we consider it to have been a real honor. Our visit provided me with some valuable insights into the Korean War that began in June 28th 1950.

It's definitely worth a stop for those who wants to take a look & see about Korean History and also go back in time & learn about the King's clothing, daily routines & view artifacts.

After we spent 7 Days in Seoul, were heading our next stop to Gwangju Province where we spent 3 days & visited my long lost friend. From Seoul, we travelled almost 3 hrs via Express bus. What a vibrant place with magnificent views of mountains with full of different colourful flowers of Rose's. And amazingly their high-technological way of farming which really impressed us. The family & friends from well-known Sipalay hometown (pinas) was very accomodating, we really enjoyed our stay & will definitely visit again soon!

Our travel experience in Korea was incredibly worth it with so much fun & adventures! Will really recommend this place to your next travel destinations.

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Top 24 Things To Do In Cebu City, Philippines

Cheapest Hotels To Stay In Cebu City -
Best Tours To Enjoy Cebu -
Cheap Airline Tickets -
Here are top 24 things to do in Cebu City, Philippines
All photos belong to their rightful owners. Credit next to name.
1. Dive with Whale Sharks -
2. Tops Lookout - Jixin YU / shutterstock
3. Mountain View Nature Park -
4. Cebu Heritage Monument - GlebStock / shutterstock
5. Taoist Temple - Shutterstock
6. 1730 Jesuit House -
7. Basilica del Santo Nino -
8. Colon Street -
9. Jollibee -
10. SM Mall Cebu - walterericsy / shutterstock
11. Eat Lechon at Rico’s Lechon -
12. Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral -
13. Ayala Center Shopping Mall - Kim David / shutterstock
14. Taboan Public Market -
15. Island Hopping - Shutterstock
16. Terrazas De Flores Botanical Garden -
17. Crown Regency Sky Experience -
18. Spa Escape -
19. Fort San Pedro - Shutterstock
20. Scuba Diving - Shutterstock
21. Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary -
22. Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage -
23. Yap San Diego Ancestral House -
24. Cebu Westown Lagoon -

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