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10 Best Places to Visit in Åland Islands


Åland Islands Attractions | 8-day Trip

Visiting Åland Islands July 5th - 12th. Ferry from Turku, Finland.

20+ activities include:
1) Lilla Holmen 2) Jan Karlsgården 3) Kastelholm 4) Stållhagen 5) Cafe Uffe På Berget 6) Eckerö church 7) Degersand beach 8) Viltsafari 9) Kajaking 10) Grottstigen trail 11) Godby Arboretum trail 12) Museum ship Pommern 13) Maritime Museum 14) Kallas Skärgård 15) Sandösunds Camping and Flowpark 16) Anni Blomqvist's house 17) Smultronstället smått & gott cafe 18) Långbergen trail 19) St. Mikael's church 20) Åland Museum

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【4K】Drone Footage | The Stunning ÅLAND ISLANDS ..:: Cinematic Aerial Film | Aland 2019

The final 4K footage of my drone flights in Aland Islands (Mariehamn, Aland); project finished & uploaded on 2019-05-02 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage.

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Media data: This drone video (3:58min playtime) is an extraction of my multipleGB Aland 4K Drone Video Footage & Aland Drone Pictures. Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, contact me via E-Mail, my Blog, Facebook or Instagram Page.

Aland Drone Flight: The Åland Islands, or Åland, is an autonomous region of Finland. Comprising around 6,700 islands, this Swedish-speaking archipelago is in the Baltic Sea. The capital, Mariehamn, on the main island of Fasta Åland, is known for its beaches and streets lined with 19th-century wooden townhouses, handicraft shops and cafes. Västerhamn, the towns western port, links Åland with Estonia, Sweden and mainland Finland. Västerhamn is home to the Åland Maritime Museum, with exhibits about the areas seafaring past, and the 4-masted sailing ship Pommern, which is moored beside the museum. Boatbuilding and crafts are on show in Sjökvarteret, the maritime quarter along Mariehamns eastern harbor. Kastelholm Castle, northeast of Mariehamn, dates back to the 14th century. Farther east are the ruins of Bomarsund, a Russian fortress destroyed in the Crimean War. Ferries from Grisslehamn, Sweden, land at Berghamn port on Eckerö Island, west of Fasta Åland. To the southeast, remote Kökar Island has the remains of a medieval Franciscan monastery. [wikipedia // Google]

Among others, you will see following places by Drone (Keywords): Aland, Aland Islands, Åland, Åland Islands, Finland, Scandinavia, Sweden, Mariehamn, Fasta Åland, Beach, Islands, Colorful, Sunset, Sunrise, Baltic Sea, Estonia, Tallinn

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Things to do in Mariehamn, Åland Islands, Finland

Last week I went to visit Mariehamn on the Åland Islands. This is what I got up to during my visit:

- Flew with Finnair to Mariehamn from Helsinki
- Stayed at Hotel Cikada
- Dinner at Restaurant ÅSS Paviljongen
- Lunch at Bagarstugan cafe
- Took Shipland ax boat taxi to Kobba Klintar
- Walked around Sjökvarteret
- Explore the new Mariehamn Wetland
- cycled to Godby on a rental bike
- Visited Uffe På Berget cafe and view tower
- Stop over at Taffel Factory Shop
- Visited Kastelholm Castle
- Dinner at the Stallhagen Brewery Gastropub
- Went to the Åland Maritime Museum and visited Museum ship Pommern
- Enjoyed a game of Mariehamn Disc Golf

Enjoy your visit to the Âland island.

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Finland ???????? | The Happiest Place in the World

10 Beautiful Places to visit in Finland. Some of the best places to visit in finland are natural wonders such as Lapland and aland islands. Finland which is part of scandinavia has many top european destinations such as helsinki, turku, espoo, rovaniemi and so much more! Finland has been named the happiest place in the world for a fourth year running, so thats another reason why you should visit ! For more countries check the playlist

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By ferry to Åland - We get lost in Mariehamn!

Elin and Emilia chose to take the small ferries to Ahvenanmaa/Åland. That way they get to see more than if they were to take a direct ferry. There are a lot of places to see, but from all the recommendations they got they end up visiting Mariehamn, Kastelholm and Soltuna. Check out the video for a few Åland tips and subscribe to never miss a part of the adventure around Europe!

Going to the Finnish island of Åland - My take-aways

My take-aways from going to the Finnish island of Åland. I took the Viking Line Baltic ferry Viking Grace from Stockholm, through the Stockholm archipelago to Åland islands and changed in Mariehamn to Viking Amorella back to Stockholm. This day trip to Aland islands is mostly to do tax free shopping and of course sing Finnish karaoke. How was the sun deck? How was the food? What could you do onboard? This questions are answered in the video.

My channel is packed with Swedish tutorials and language challenges where you can learn everything from nouns and verbs to grammar and special Swedish words. I also talk about places in Sweden and where you as a tourist can visit. I have made youtube videos for over 10 years and 10 Swedish Words started with me explaining 10 Swedish words that don't exist in English. You can also find videos about Norse Mythology, my deep-talk series Good Talk (which now has its own channel) and other info about Sweden and Swedish culture.

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Intro graphics by Oliver Holmgren & Erica Svejderud.
Music is used with permission from Epidemic Sound.

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-Martin in Sweden

10 Best Places To Visit In Finland | 2021

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10 Best Places To Visit In Finland - Updated 2021.
Finland is a nature-rich North-European country that is located between Sweden and Norway in the West and Russia in the East. This country not only holds stunning natural beauty but also rich art and historic architecture. Finland has a unique geographical setting with 188,000 lakes and 179,000 islands which makes it a peaceful and serene getaway in Europe. This Nordic country is also considered to be among the safest countries in the world for traveling. Finland has numerous ski resorts, ports, national parks, snow playgrounds, unique summer and winter activities, museums, and of course, a rich history. While a lot of people won’t miss the largest and capital city of Finland, Helsinki, it is notable that there are numerous smaller cities filled with natural wonders that you cannot miss in this country. Check out our list of best places to visit in Finland.
1. Lapland
2. Helsinki
3. Turku
4. Porvoo
5. Suomenlinna
6. Hameenlinna
7. Kemi
8. Rovaniemi
9. Aland Archipelago
10. Savonlinna
Thanks for watching!

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Sweden - Sweden Travel Video

Sweden, the heart of Scandinavia, has an incredibly rich history and beautiful landscapes. Sweden offers acres of unspoiled forests and majestic lakes to explore. The air and water are crystal clean, the roads and public transport are excellent, and the citizens are among the friendliest people in Europe.
As if all that wasn't enough, Sweden boasts an extremely interesting history full of vikings as well. so watch this Sweden travel video, and take a look at the top 10 places to visit in Sweden.

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We had three days in the Åland Islands to explore as much as we could. We went cycling through the snow, on a mountain hike and tried curling for the first time!

Thanks to the Nordic Blogger's Experience and Visit Aland for getting us there!

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Travel has changed my life and I have no plans on stopping any time soon.

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Experience the adorable Åland Islands

The adorable Åland Islands are located in the Baltic Sea between mainland Finland and Sweden. Åland has 6,500 islands and is an ideal and unique holiday destination for families with children. Silja Line has daily cruises from Turku to Åland.
READ MORE what to do in Åland:

Top 10 Destinations in Finland for Your Next Trip

We're obviously aware of and deeply concerned about the global pandemic, and are choosing carefully what to publish as forms of escapism and entertainment to help ease thoughts of anxiety, and provide an alternative from the news. We are obviously NOT encouraging anyone to travel now or discouraging social distancing.

Have you ever visited this amazing nation?

#Finland #Travel #Europe

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Trip 4 - Åland Islands

This video is about trip to Åland Islands in Autumn 2019.
The Åland Islands, or Åland, is an autonomous region of Finland. Comprising around 6,700 islands, this Swedish-speaking archipelago is in the Baltic Sea.

Finland Tour Video | TOP 10 Places to Visit in FINLAND !!

Finland Tour (Description):
From the vibrant art-filled cities of Helsinki and Turku to the thinly-inhabited outer archipelago, Finland remains a beautiful, diverse and relatively unknown corner of Europe, which makes it a perfect travel destination.
Watch this Finland tour video to take a look at the top 10 places to visit in Finland.

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Showing you around in Mariehamn, the tiny capital of the Åland Islands, a very charming, little city well worth a visit. It is small, but got everything you need. The music is by kind permission of my friend Carlos Peninha, from Viseu, Portugal. You can listen to more music by him here:

Bicycle Touring Åland Islands Day 3 - Best Day Of The Tour

The third day of our tour of the Åland Islands turned out to be the best day of the whole tour by far. Cycling through hundreds of small beautiful islands with stunning views everywhere you looked.

We started out in Bomarsund, Åland and ended up in Gustavs, Finland after a very long day of cycling and a total of four ferries.

সস্তায় জিনিস কিনবেন ? | অলান্দ দ্বীপপুঞ্জ | Interesting facts about Åland Islands

সস্তায় জিনিস কিনবেন ? | অলান্দ দ্বীপপুঞ্জ | Interesting facts about Åland Islands
Åland Islands is a autonomous region of Finland. It is a interesting place with red rocks. One of the wealthiest region under EU, Åland Islands is a group of 300 islands, 6400 skerries and many rocky places.



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【4K】¼ HOUR DRONE FILM: «Åland Islands» ???????????? Ultra HD ???? Chillout Music (for 2160p Ambient UHD TV)

4K UltraHD Relaxation Drone Aerial Travel Footage with Ambient | Chillout | Lo-Fi Beats Music for Healing | Stress Relief and a Natural Deep Sleep of my drone flights in Aland Islands (Autonomous Region); project finished & uploaded on 2020-12-21 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. #drone #aerial #relaxation

▶️ Drone Relaxation - Aland 2021 @ 0:00

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About Aland: is an archipelago at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea belonging to Finland. It is an autonomous and demilitarised region of Finland since 1920 by a decision of the League of Nations, and is Finlands only monolingually Swedish-speaking region. It is the smallest region of Finland, constituting 0.51% of its land area and 0.54% of its population. Mariehamn is the capital city of Åland. Åland comprises Fasta Åland on which 90% of the population resides and a further 6,500 skerries and islands to its east. Of Ålands thousands of islands, 60 are inhabited. Fasta Åland is separated from the coast of Sweden by 38 kilometres (24 mi) of open water to the west. In the east, the Åland archipelago is contiguous with the Finnish Archipelago Sea. Ålands only land border is located on the uninhabited skerry of Märket, which it shares with Sweden. From Mariehamn, there is a distance of about 160 kilometers to Turku, a coastal city of mainland Finland, and also to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. // Mariehamn is the capital of the Åland Islands, an autonomous territory under Finnish sovereignty. Mariehamn is the seat of the Government and Parliament of Åland, and 40% of the population of Åland live in the city. It is mostly surrounded by Jomala, the second largest municipality in Åland in terms of population; to the east it is bordered by Lemland. Like all of Åland, Mariehamn is unilingually Swedish-speaking and around 88% of the inhabitants speak it as their native language. [Source: wikipedia // Google]

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Top 10 Beach Destinations in Thailand

Thailand has so many beaches that it's difficult to pick the perfect one. You'll find party beaches, deserted islands, and family-friendly beaches.

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Best Things to do in the Faroe Islands | Faroe Islands Travel Guide

My Faroe Islands Travel guide follows my short road trip through the Faroese country

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4:24 - Gasadalur
4:55 - Drangarnir
5:25 - Sørvágsvatn
5:55 - Mykines
6:38 - Torshavn
7:14 - Fútastova, Ræst, Babara Fish House, Áarstova
7:34 - Fossá (Fossurin í Fossá)
7:53 - Saksun
8:19 - Tjørnuvík
8:41 - Gjogv
9:04 - Hvithamar ( Near Funningur)
9:48 - Kópakonan (The Seal Woman)
10:05 - Kallur Lighthouse
10:43 - Kunoy Park


Q: How long was your trip?
A: Around 4 days. But I recommend spending at least 5-7 days in the Faroes

Q: What was your travel budget?
A: Around 600 USD - excluding plane tickets and accommodations

Q: What time of the year did you visit?
A: April - Less crowded. But I believe the summer months are better.

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Bicycle Touring The Åland Islands Day 1 - Help! My Wife Is Faster Than Me

In the first installment of my most recent bike tour my wife Malin and I leave the Swedish mainland and hop on a ferry to the Åland Islands located right between Sweden and Finland. The Åland Islands is an autonomous region located in the Baltic Sea, belonging to Finland but all of its inhabitants are speaking Swedish.

We are celebrating me turning 40 and at the same time being married for 10 years by doing a week-long tour in the Åland Islands. We get off to a great start with (mostly) pleasant weather during our first day of the tour. Follow along, new episodes will drop every Thursday for the



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