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10 Best Places to Visit in Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan - Why You Should Visit Now & Tashkent Travel Guide

Uzbekistan is the gem of Central Asia and is the next major tourism destination. This video will show you why you should visit Uzbekistan now, before it blows up. Learn the tips and hacks for traveling in Uzbekistan and explore Tashkent, eat 1500 pounds of plov (pilaf) at an Uzbek restaurant and get ready for an adventure along the Silk Road.



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Top Places to visit in Tajikistan | Tajikistan nightlife |Tajikistan beautiful places Europe Top 10

Rising Star Tours & Travels
Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia surrounded by Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. It’s known for rugged mountains, popular for hiking and climbing. The Fann Mountains, near the national capital Dushanbe, have snow-capped peaks that rise over 5,000 meters. The range encompasses the Iskanderkulsky Nature Refuge, a notable bird habitat named for Iskanderkul, a turquoise lake formed by glaciers.










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Top 10 Places to visit in Kyrgyzstan | Kyrgyzstan nightlife | Bishkek Kyrgyzstan tourist attractions

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Kyrgyzstan, officially the Kyrgyz Republic, and also known as Kirghizia, is a country in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country with mountainous terrain. It is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west and southwest, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east.











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Partying in UZBEKISTAN! Uzbek Food, Dancers & Hookah | Buhkara, Uzbekistan

After an amazing day exploring the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bukhara, it was time for my new friends and I to let loose and have some fun with some Uzbek food, dancers, and hookah! Come along with me as I go partying in Uzbekistan!

We started off with dinner on a terrace in Nodira Devon Begi Madrasah! The madrasah is a school that was built in 1622. There were lots of vendors around us, with over 70 people seated around 25 tables in the middle.

Our dinner began with a cabbage salad, eggplant, figs, somsas, tomatoes and zucchini, cold cuts, and more!

I started with the somsa, which was really beefy and had a nice crunch. I loved the layers in it. I could eat five of them a day, easy! As we ate, we watched traditional female dancers perform to music. They wore beautiful, traditional clothing and put on an amazing show.

Next, I dug into the eggplant salad, which was very nice! Then, I tried a pepper, which wasn’t spicy but was very watery. After that, I did a shot of vodka as the performances continued!

My next dish was a beef soup with vegetables and noodles. It was so rich and flavorful. I loved the yellow carrots in it! Then we had some royal vodka as the singers, musicians, and dancers performed. It wasn’t long before my fellow influencers and I hit the dance floor and went a little nuts! This is what partying in Uzbekistan is all about!

Our last dish was tomatoes, potatoes, and beef in a pot. It was like a soup and was boiling hot! We followed that up with more shots of vodka and cognac from Bukhara!

Then, I hung out with some of my fellow Italians and smoked some hookah. I wasn’t used to it, at first, but I got into it after a while!

I hope you enjoyed coming partying with me in Uzbekistan! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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10 Best Places to visit in Uzbekistan | Central Asia | Travel Video 2018

10 must experience places to visit in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is the proud home to a spellbinding arsenal of architecture and ancient cities, all deeply infused with the bloody, fascinating history of the Silk Road. Video Link --
Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva never fail to impress visitors with their fabulous mosques, medressas and mausoleums, while its more eccentric attractions, such as the fast disappearing Aral Sea, the fortresses of desperately remote Karakalpakstan, its boom town capital Tashkent and the ecotourism opportunities of the Nuratau Mountains, mean that even the most diverse tastes can be catered for.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Uzbekistan | Central Asia | Tourist Attractions

This doubly landlocked Central Asian Country is rich in history and culture. While it may not be at the top of most people’s travel lists, this fascinating country has a lot to offer. There are many places to visit in Uzbekistan. From its Silk Road cities of Samarkand and Bukhara to the many palaces and museums, it is home to four significant UNESCO World Heritage sites you cannot miss.

Top 7 Places To Visit In Tashkent

Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. It’s known for its many museums and its mix of modern and Soviet-era architecture. The Amir Timur Museum houses manuscripts, weapons and other relics from the Timurid dynasty. Nearby, the huge State Museum of History of Uzbekistan has centuries-old Buddhist artifacts. The city’s skyline is distinguished by Tashkent Tower, which offers city views from its observation deck.

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Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions: Tashkent, Samarkand & Bukhara [HD 2018]

Uzbekistan is the Next Most Fascinating Country
In this video you will find the top reasons why you should visit Uzbekistan on your next tour…

About Uzbekistan:
This Video Describes: Uzbekistani Tourism

Types of Tours In Uzbekistan
• Uzbekistan Cultural Tours
• Uzbekistan Religious Tours
• Uzbekistan Mountain Tours
• Uzbekistan Adventure Tours
• Train Tours In Uzbekistan

About Tashkent & Leisure Attractions - Capital Of Ujbekistan

• Botanical Garden
• Bowling Alleys
• Coffee Houses
• Restaurants And Cafes

Also, You Find the Top Tourist Attractions Of Tashkent

• AFROSIAB - High Speed Bullet Train
• Cherry Farms
• Charvak Reservoir
• Teleshayakh Mosque
• Chimgon Chimgan Ski Resort
• Metro Taschkent
• Minor Mosque
• Uzbekistan State Museum Of Applied Art
• Chorsu Bazaar
• Amir Timur Museum
• Independence Square
• Railway Museum

About Samarkand - The Capital of Tamerlane

• Shah-i-Zinda
• Tillya Kori Madrasah
• Sher Dor Madrasah


• Lyab-i-Hauz
• Moschea Bolo-khauz
• Ismail Samanid Mausoleum

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UZBEKISTAN Top 42 Tourist Places | Uzbekistan Tourism

Uzbekistan (Things to do - Places to Visit) - UZBEKISTAN Top Tourist Places
A country in Central Asia
Uzbekistan is a Central Asian nation and a former Soviet republic. It's known for its mosques, mausoleums and other sites linked to the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean.

Samarkand, a major city on the route, contains a landmark of Islamic architecture: the Registan, a plaza bordered by 3 ornate, mosaic-covered religious schools dating to the 15th and 17th centuries.

UZBEKISTAN Top 42 Tourist Places | Uzbekistan Tourism

Things to do in UZBEKISTAN - Places to Visit in Uzbekistan

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UZBEKISTAN Top 42 Tourist Places - Uzbekistan, Central Asia

10 Top Tourist Places in Uzbekistan - Trending Travel Video 2020

#Uzbekistan #Travel #top10
Episode. 19
10 Top Tourist Places in Uzbekistan - Trending Travel Video 2020

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UZBEKISTAN Travel Guide ???????? | Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Uzbekistan

uzbekistan travel guide and tips, where to go: tourist attractions & best places in uzbekistan.

This video contains information about
-uzbekistan tourism
-things to do in uzbekistan
-tourist attractions in uzbekistan
this is 5 best places to visit in uzbekistan.

5. Shah-i-zinda
Shah-i-Zinda is a necropolis in the north-eastern part of Samarkand.
The complex was formed over eight (from 11th till 19th) centuries and now includes more than twenty buildings.

4. Kalyan Minaret
It is a minaret of the Po-i-Kalyan mosque complex in Bukhara,and one of the most prominent landmarks in the city.
The body of the minaret is topped by a rotunda with 16 arched fenestrations, from which the muezzins summoned the Muslims in the city to prayer.

3. Gur-E-Amir
Gur-E-Amir is a mausoleum of the Asian conqueror Timur (also known as Tamerlane) in Samarkand.
It occupies an important place in the history of Persian-Mongolian Architecture.

2. Registan
It was the heart of the ancient city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan. It is framed by three madrasahs.
The three madrasahs are the Ulugh Beg Madrasah, the Tilya-Kori Madrasah and the Sher-Dor Madrasah.

1. Itchan Kala
Itchan Kala is the walled inner town of the city of Khiva, Uzbekistan. Since 1990, it has been protected as a World Heritage Site.
The old town retains more than 50 historic monuments and 250 old houses, dating primarily from the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries.

uzbekistan travel guide and tips, where to go: tourist attractions & best places in uzbekistan.


5 Best Places is very Amazing - Uzbekistan Travel

UZBEKISTAN Travel Guide, Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Uzbekistan. This is info about Uzbekistan tourist attractions, a tourist destination in Uzbekistan with Uzbekistan tourism and best places to visit in Uzbekistan. In this video, there is an Uzbekistan travel and absolutely Uzbekistan travel guide. You must visit Uzbekistan, because of Uzbekistan best places and awesome. Things to do in Uzbekistan and What to do in Uzbekistan.

5. Khorzem
Khorezm region is one of the most ancient histories and culture of Central Asia. Khorezm is also known as the country's tens of thousands, the ruins of the castle's former Palace of the most notable of which was the Toprak-Kala, Jabbas-Kala, Koy-Krylgan-Kala, Kyzyl-Kala, and Ayaz-Kala (Kala is translated as fortress.) Even today, the size of the giant ruins impress with its grandeur and power. Thousands of forts scattered across the vast arid steppe and giant statues of ancient Khorezm keep a secret. Khorezm not only attracts many ruins of an ancient and medieval fortress. This right can be regarded as the homeland of one of the world's oldest religions-Zoroastrianism.

4. Khiva
Khiva has Middle Eastern-style architectural. The walls of the ancient city of austere, but not impressed. Cities that are unique and interesting can be easily found in this one. Here there is also a market that serves a variety of stuff to you guys that make the traditional insistence on to buy it.

3. Tashkent
Tashkent is the old city with its age already for centuries. In the past, the town was called Chach, Shash or Binkent. Tashkent was formerly the location of stops in the Silk Road trade route from Asia to Europe. Here, there are many historic sites, such as the Khazret Imam Mosque, Genuine Muskhafe-Usman Koran, Amir Temur Square, Kukeldash Madrassah & Museum, Old Town, to Independence Square.

2. Bukhara
Bukhara is located off a long river that irrigates the whole country of Central Asia called the Oxus River or Jeyhun or Mulyan. In the town of birth of Imam Bukhari, tourists can enjoy a variety of beautiful buildings that became evidence of the development of Islamic civilization in ancient times. The city experienced its heyday in the 9th-century ad to 13th-century a.d. as a center of Islamic civilization and trade in Central Asia, in addition to Samarkand. There are many unique buildings and beautiful like a Fortress Arc Fortress, Chashma Ayub Mausoleum, Ismail Samani, the mosque of Magoki Attori Mosque and Kalon. A large number of heritage buildings make the city is set to be one of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

1. Samarkand
Samarkand is situated in the province of Samarqand, Uzbekistan. It is the third largest city in Uzbekistan. Samarkand is a very old city, which was founded nearly 3 thousand years. In 1868, Samarkand became part of Imperial Russia, and from 1925 until 1930 the town was the capital of the Socialist Republic of Uzbekistan. In this city, there are some of the greatest relics of Islamic architecture. Like the mosque Bibi-Khanum, Ulugbek Madrasah, Madrasah, Sher-Dor Madrasah-Tilya-Kori Museum and the archaeological site of Afrasiab Gur Emir Mausoleum and Ulugbek Observatory.

Credit Video :
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Travel Guide Uzbekistan :
5 Tourist Attractions in SAMARKAND:
5 Tourist Attractions in BUKHARA:





TASHKENT Top 37 Tourist Places | Tashkent Tourism | UZBEKISTAN

Tashkent (Things to do - Places to Visit) - TASHKENT Top Tourist Places
Capital of Uzbekistan
Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. It’s known for its many museums and its mix of modern and Soviet-era architecture. The Amir Timur Museum houses manuscripts, weapons and other relics from the Timurid dynasty.

Nearby, the huge State Museum of History of Uzbekistan has centuries-old Buddhist artifacts. The city’s skyline is distinguished by Tashkent Tower, which offers city views from its observation deck.

TASHKENT Top 37 Tourist Places | Tashkent Tourism

Things to do in TASHKENT - Places to Visit in Tashkent

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TASHKENT Top 37 Tourist Places - Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Central Asia

10 Magical Places To Visit in Uzbekistan - Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions and Travel Guides

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10 magical places to visit in Uzbekistan,
Best places to visit in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan tourist and travel guides, Uzbekistan, travel to Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan vacation, visit Uzbekistan, visit Tashkent, visit Bukhara,

#Uzbekistan #Tashkent #Bukhara #Uzbek

15 Things To Know When Visiting Uzbekistan 2019

Uzbekistan appears to be on many travelers' radars this year, so to help you make your travels easier I'm sharing 15 things you should know before visiting Uzbekistan in this video!

Are you planning to visit Uzbekistan soon? Did you know any of the things I shared?

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Top 10 reasons why you should visit Uzbekistan

Top 10 reasons why you should visit Uzbekistan

✅Located at the heart of Central Asia − Uzbekistan since ancient times has been a crossroad of ????caravan routes, a connecting link between countries and people, a meeting place for languages, cultures and civilizations. The ????Great Silk Road passed here, connecting India, China, Iran, Iraq, the countries of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Endless caravans of camels transported carpets and silk, porcelain and ✨precious stones, spices and ????medicine.

✅The majority of cities in Uzbekistan are over 2500 years old. And this is not an exotic specially built for tourists - this is the real-life of real people. At the same time, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort: in this Central Asian republic, there are five-star ????hotels of world brands, an analog of Ukrainian Hyundai ????trains and hospitality, from which tables break. Year after year, Uzbekistan is becoming a popular ✈️travel destination attracting millions of travelers.

????In this video, you will get to know the ultimate reasons why Uzbekistan is a great place for everyone.

☑️If you have a desire to visit Uzbekistan or Central Asia, entrust this matter to us. Our team of professional tour-operators will organize a✈️ trip for you that will be remembered forever.

Uzbekistan travel video | country, nature, tourism, tourist places | Uzbekistan by drone 4k

Travel to Uzbekistan. This drone video shows beautiful landscapes, unique nature and the best places for tourism in Uzbekistan. Whenever you plan a trip, you want to learn as much as possible about the country you are going to visit. This 4K video will help you see the country from a new perspective. List of the best places to visit in Uzbekistan.

1. Tashkent
2. Samarkand
3. Khiva
4. Bukhara
5. Andijan

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Travel Guide Uzbekistan | Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in Uzbekistan | Must See

Please watch: Visit Today- Top 10 visit places in Bangladesh- Book Now
The ultimate travel guide to Uzbekistan, do not miss it. Must visit today and enjoy your holidays.

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Visit Uzbekistan, exploring Tashkent city. One day trip in Tashkent with Sally.

Hi guys Sally here,

Not many know Uzbekistan is a country located in Central Asia, its new to the world of the tourism.
Originally I am Uzbek myself and I know that tourism just started to develop and now there are more and more tourists arriving for visit.
If you are visiting Uzbekistan for the first time, then my advice is to book everything through travel agency. Airport, transfers, tours with guides. Uzbekistan is not yet English friendly country and its a little bit complicated to travel on your own if you don't know Russian.
Not many places have English signs (very few). Not everyone speaks Russian.
To travel comfortably by cab download Yandex Taxi application, we do not have Uber.
If you still decided to visit Uzbekistan, especially Tashkent city (that's what video is about) on your own then this video with main city attractions is for you.
So far most popular tourist spots in Tashkent city are:
- City Center which starts with Amir Temur Square, Uzbekistan Hotel, Quranti, Broadway, Amir Temur Museum. All places are located near each other. And you can walk from one to another.
- Independence Square, Mourning Mother Monument, Eternal Fire
- Courage Monument
- Drujba Narodov or Friendship Square with Friendship Monument
- Old Town which has Khast Imam and Khazrati Imam complex, Kukeldash mosque
- Chorsu bazaar is one of the biggest bazaars in part of Old Town.

I hope this was helpful, and leave your comments about my video!
If you finally decided to visit and you want to go with travel agency services do not hesitate to contact me on my email

UZBEKISTAN | The most beautiful country on the silk route?

Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia and is a former Soviet state. Originally part of the Silk Route, Uzbekistan is famous for its incredible architecture and it has UNESCO world heritage sites that aren't overrun by tourists!

In this Uzbekistan vlog I travel to Samarkand and explore Registan Square, visit Bukhara and Tashkent. I also go into the countryside of Uzbekistan and try the cuisine before visiting Lake Charvak, a stunning lake surrounded by mountains.

If you're thinking of travel to Uzbekistan, I can't recommend it highly enough for people who want to see somewhere different, or for adventurous travellers / backpackers.

#uzbekistanvlog #uzbekistan #uzbekistantravel



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