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10 Best Places to Visit in Guam


7 Facts about Guam

In this video you can find seven little known facts about Guam. Keep watching and subscribe, as more states will follow!

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1. Guam is an unincorporated and organized territory of the United States in Micronesia in the western Pacific Ocean. They are part of the Mariana Islands. The inhabitants of Guam are called Guamanians, and they are American citizens by birth. During the Spanish–American War, the United States captured Guam on June 21, 1898. Under the Treaty of Paris, Spain ceded Guam to the United States on December 10, 1898.

2. Guam’s American colleagues, the Northern Mariana Islands, lie close at hand – a 128-mile hop to the north-east. But Tokyo is a rather larger leap of 1,570 miles over the horizon. Los Angeles? That’s 6,086 miles distant. London? That’s 7,476 miles, and a couple of changes of planes away.

3. Guam is not so remotely placed that it was beyond the telescopes and wanderlust of the great European explorers. In fact,
the greatest of them all, Fernando Magellan, spotted it on the first voyage of circumnavigation. While Magellan is often credited as the first man to sail around the world, he was killed en route, dying in a pitched battle with locals in the Philippines on April 27 1521. Guam was effectively the final friendly place Magellan saw before coming to what was a very sticky end.

4. Shoichi Yokoi did not surrender until January 24 1972, having concealed himself deep in the island’s jungle near the southerly village of Talofofo. He had spent the 28 years since America’s recapture of Guam living in an underground cave – despite the fact that, he later revealed, he had learned that the war was over in 1952, but was afraid to declare himself.

5. Guam’s capital is Hagatna. It sits roughly midway along the north-west coast.

6. Guam is the closest landmass to the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on the planet – which sinks all the way to 10,994m below sea level. Apra Harbor, on the west coast, is home to a number of accessible shipwrecks. These include the SMS Cormoran, a German merchant trader which sank during the First World War – and the Tokai Maru, a Japanese freighter that was sunk by an American submarine on August 27 1943. Curiously, these two vessels touch on the seabed.

7. Guam is pretty popular. So much so that, according to figures from the World Trade Organization, there are almost eight (7.9, to be precise) visitors to Guam for every resident. This is a similar ratio to the British Virgin Islands (12.8) and Monaco (8.7). Guam’s population, for the record, is 162,742. Would you believe the fact that Guam does not have sand? Yes, this is true! What you see on the beaches is coral, not sand. Paved roads in Guam are also made by mixing coral and cement together.

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TOP 10 Places to Visit in Guam

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10. Ypao Beach Park
Family activities abound at Ypao Beach. The local spot for seeing and being seen, Ypao beach is adjacent to one of the largest public parks on Guam. Parking is full on holidays and weekends and locked after sunset. Recently updated covered seating is in abundance and walking paths surround the space, as well as an outdoor shower. Events are scheduled regularly for this location and there is a bandstand for concerts on the lawn. This section of beach is groomed and manicured regularly. Tourists are also observed enjoying this park as the proximity to hotels and shops is so convenient.

09. Two Lovers Point
368-ft. lookout point offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains & the sea.oday, throughout “Puntan Dos Amantes,” or Two Lovers Point, are architectural elements reminiscent of Chamorro styles. A central monument carved in granite and marble uses five languages and a masterful storyboard to depict its legend. Two Lovers Point – for good reason – is also a popular location for weddings.

08. Sankyo Garden
A local business listing for Sankyo Garden in Dededo, GU, Guam, located in Mangilao, Guam. Here you can read and write consumer reviews and articles, and view map, photos and videos shared by customers about Sankyo Garden in Dededo, GU, Guam.

07. Guam Zoo
Guam Zoo is a privately owned zoo that was established in 1977 by Jimmy and Barbara Cushing. Since the zoo's first inception 34 years ago, the couple has worked diligently to provide a sanctuary for wildlife, and a unique zoo.

06. T. Stell Newman Visitor Center
The T. Stell Newman Visitor Center is located just outside the main gate of the Naval Base Guam on the ocean-side of Marine Corps Drive. It is open from Sunday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.tag_faces

05. Pacific War Museum
The privately-owned Pacific War Museum is located on Halsey Drive, or Route 6, in Asan-Maina, near the Guam Governor’s Office complex in Adelup.

04. Guam National Wildlife Refuge
The Guam National Wildlife Refuge protects Ritidian Point and unused military land in the United States territory of Guam. The focus of much of the efforts involves the suppression of invasive exotics to protect endemic species.

03. Latte Stone Park
Commemorative park with a statue of Chamorro activist Angel Leon Guerrero & 8 stone pillars.

02. Cocos Island (Guam)
Cocos Island is an island 1 mile off the southern tip of the United States territory of Guam, located within the Merizo Barrier Reef, part of the municipality of Merizo.

01. UnderWater World Guam
UnderWater World Guam is one of the longest tunnel-aquariums in the world and the only oceanarium in the United States territory of Guam. The aquarium opened in 1999 and has more than 2,000 animals representing more than 80 different species.

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GUAM Top 44 Tourist Places | Guam Tourism

Guam (Things to do - Places to Visit) - GUAM Top Tourist Places

Guam is a U.S. island territory in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific. It's distinguished by tropical beaches, Chamorro villages, and ancient latte-stone pillars.

Guam’s WWII significance is on view at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park, whose sites include Asan Beach, a former battlefield. The island’s Spanish colonial heritage is evident in Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, atop a bluff in Umatac.

GUAM Top 44 Tourist Places | Guam Tourism

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GUAM Top 44 Tourist Places - Guam, Oceania


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10 Things You Can Only Do on Guam

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00:47 7th Annual Guam BBQ Block Party
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01:10 Chamorro Village
01:13 Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort
01:19 Cetti Bay Overlook

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This is a video of my sister-in-law, Janille, visiting Guam for the first time as an adult. She was born here but has not come back since the early 80's. It was a week of fun activities touring the island and spending time with family.

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Capital of Guam

Hagåtña is the capital village of the United States territory of Guam. From the 18th through the mid-20th century, it was Guam's population center, but today it is the second smallest of the island's 19 villages in both area and population.

Hagåtña is located at the mouth of the Hagåtña River on Guam's west coast. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 1 square mile (2.6 km²). The village is bounded by the sandy beaches of Agana Bay to the north, the Agana River and associated wetlands to the east, and a cliff (above which is the village of Agana Heights) to the South.

HAGÅTÑA Top 18 Tourist Places | Hagåtña Tourism

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I got to visit Guam for two weeks and it was amazing to explore the island I was raised in.
Thanks to everyone that made my trip wonderful!
You can follow my future adventures here:
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Welcome to Guam


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Top20 Recommended Hotels in Guam, Mariana Islands, Oceania

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Top20 Recommended Hotels in Guam, Mariana Islands, Oceania: 1. Outrigger Guam Beach Resort ****
1255 Pale San Vitores, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 183
2. Dusit Thani Guam Resort *****
1227 Pale San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 201
3. Hyatt Regency Guam *****
1155 Pale San Vitores Road, Tamuning, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 210
4. Guam Reef & Olive Spa Resort ****
1317 Pale San Vitors Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 162
5. The Westin Resort Guam *****
105 Gun Beach Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 179
6. Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort *****
470 Farenholt Avenue, 96913 Tamuning, Guam, From € 142
7. Lotte Hotel Guam *****
185 Gun Beach Road Tamuning Guam, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 167
8. Hilton Guam Resort & Spa *****
202 Hilton Road, Tumon Bay, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 136
9. Fiesta Resort Guam ***
801 Pale San Vitores Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 134
10. Onward Beach Resort ****
445 Governor Carlos G. Camacho Road, 96913 Tamuning, Guam, From € 388
11. Oceanview Hotel and Residences ***
1433 Pale San Vitores Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 82
12. Days Inn Guam ***
155 Ypao Road, 96913 Tamuning, Guam, From € 70
13. Guam Plaza Resort & Spa ***
1328 Pale San Vitores Rd., 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 108
14. Garden Villa Hotel ***
800 Pale San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 104
15. Leopalace Resort Guam ****
221 Lake View Drive, 96915-6002 Yona, Guam, From € 103
16. Holiday Resort & Spa Guam ****
881 Pale San Vitores Rd., 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 103
17. The Bayview Hotel Guam ***
1475 Pale San Vitores Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 82
18. Pacific Star Resort & Spa ****
627B Pale San Vitores Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 127
19. Wyndham Garden Guam (formerly known as Aqua Suites Guam) ***
240 Ypao Road , GU 96913 Tamuning, Guam, From € 75
20. Palmridge Inn ***
122 Hasalao Street Route 8, Barrigada, Guam 96913, 96913 Tamuning, Guam, From € 63

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