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10 Best Places to Visit in Guam


GUAM Top 44 Tourist Places | Guam Tourism

Guam (Things to do - Places to Visit) - GUAM Top Tourist Places

Guam is a U.S. island territory in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific. It's distinguished by tropical beaches, Chamorro villages, and ancient latte-stone pillars.

Guam’s WWII significance is on view at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park, whose sites include Asan Beach, a former battlefield. The island’s Spanish colonial heritage is evident in Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, atop a bluff in Umatac.

GUAM Top 44 Tourist Places | Guam Tourism

Things to do in GUAM - Places to Visit in Guam

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GUAM Top 44 Tourist Places - Guam, Oceania

Our Trip to Guam | Travel Guide | Things to Eat and Do

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In 2019, we had the chance to visit Guam for a few days, and we had a great time! The people are warm and generous. The food was delicious! The beaches - breathtaking!

Places we visited:
• Little Pika's
• Chamorro Night Market
• Ben N' Yan's Filipino Restaurant
• Two Lovers' Point
• Inarajan Natural Pools

We stayed at:
Hilton Tumon Bay

All shot on an iPhone.

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10 Things You Can Only Do on Guam

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GUAM | Beaches, Parks, and Landmarks | My favorite scenic spots on Guam!

If you're new to Guam or you may be moving to the island soon, here are my favorite and some of the most beautiful spots, beaches, parks, and landmarks!

00:00 Welcome!
01:28 Alupang Beach
02:31 Vietnam Conflict Memorial
03:03 Fort Soledad
03:49 Talofofo Bay
04:53 Bear Rock
05:31 Inarajan Pools
05:51 War in the Pacific National Historical Park/ Asan Beach Park
06:43 Latte of Freedom
07:58 Hilaan Mushroom Rocks
09:59 Two Lovers Point
11:09 Tumon Bay
11:34 Lotte Beach
12:42 Dungca's Beach/ Jimmy Dee's Beach

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Is Guam worth the visit? What can you do in Guam? Click here to find out the magnificent sights and laid back vibes of Guam. Join me as iI share my trip and what to see in Guam in this Guam Travel Vlog! Here I'll be sharing some tips on where to eat in Guam as well as sharing a bit of Guam beaches. Can you enjoy Guam? My quick but meaningful trip the possibilities on what to do in Guam! Guam United States

Hafa Adai Guam!


3 Perfect Days: Guam / On Location: San Jose

Steven kicks off his action adventure day in Guam day by deep sea fishing and catching his own yellow fin sashimi breakfast. The rest is a roller coaster journey of heights, speeds, tropical waters and much more. Guam truly is a nature and adventure paradise and you’ll see why.

Guam is so much more than a tropical island paradise; it actually is a world class shopping district and its all tax free! Diliana takes us on her perfect day of luxury, from shopping to spas to a sunset serenade, she really shows us the best treasures on island.

Guam is so rich is culture that it’s so important for visitors to immerse themselves in all the wonders that the island has to offer. Franceska’s perfect day is full of history and culture; she walks through the ancient Chamorro village, Valley of the Latte, weaves ger own basket, rides a carabao and has a tour of the Gum Museum. From She ends her night watching a beautiful sunset before seeing some traditional Chamorro dancing.

“Born and raised in San Jose, Alex could not be a greater champion of his home city.

Surrounded by the rolling hills of Silicon Valley Alex gives us a tour of his urban playground. He flies like a bird at the Tech Museum of Innovation and tastes some high grade sashimi in the historic area of Japan Town. Camino Brewery gives us a taste of the huge craft beer scene and a walk along the San Jose Public Art Walk brings a splash of colour to this innovative city.”

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Ask a Local: Guam

Tumon Bay, Guam is an island escape in the Pacific Ocean. Snorkel the pristine waters, try local cuisine and soak in the stunning landscape.

“Ask a Local” uses a documentary-styled approach to sharing amazing travel experiences through the voices and faces of U.S. residents. These first-person recommendations highlight local attractions, food, nightlife, music, and scenery throughout the 50 states, 5 territories, and the District of Columbia.

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Go on a virtual hike with me to Ague Cove, Guam. I think this is one of the most beautiful spots - but it is definitely a workout to get to. On the day that we went, it ended up raining and eventually storming.. but it was still nice to get a good hike in! Always be careful hiking during the rainy season, as flash flooding can be a dangerous thing to deal with. And don't forget your bug spray!!!

*There is a huge gate across the street at the start/trailhead. Can be a little tricky to know you're in the right place, but if you make it to that gate, you're in the right place. Always hike with a buddy!

*Apologies for some footage with the raindrops on the lenses, I was still getting used to using this camera!

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Flying to Guam in a Pandemic | Nicole Andersson

Flew to Guam and starting my 14 day quarantine it is mandatory to quarantine and you don't get to choose the room but this place and this view is spectacular. I can't wait to share more with you as the days go by.

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DU LỊCH MỸ đến 10 Địa Điểm Nổi Tiếng, Hùng Vĩ và Đẹp Nhất nước Mỹ. Top 10 Places to visit in USA.

VACA truyền hình thực tế tại 10 địa điểm danh tiếng và vĩ đại nhất tại nước Mỹ: Làng Pháp tại New Orleans, Thủ Đô Hoa Thịnh Đốn (Washington DC), Thành Phố Thiên Thần Los Angeles California, Thiên Đường Nhiệt Đới Hawaii, Thành Phố Không Ngủ Las Vegas, Thác Nước Thần Sấm Niagara, Cầu Cổng Vàng Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California, Công Viên Quốc Gia Yellowstone Wyoming, Nữu Ước New York, Đại Vực Grand Canyon Arizona. Travel and Discover 10 most famous and beautiful places in the United States of America: New Orleans, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, Yellowstone National Park, New York, Grand Canyon Arizona.


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This video is all about
Instagrammable spots in Guam
Top places to visit in Guam
Tourist Spots in Guam
Must visit in Guam

Things to do in Guam! Pilgrimage, Shopping, & Sightseeing (Guam Island, United States of America)

I find myself on American soil, enjoying the very best that the island life has to offer and it only took me a 3-hour flight from Manila.
That’s faster than “Hafa Adai” which means “Hello” in Guam by the way.
So, what’s there to do in Guam?
Read More: What to do in Guam? Pilgrimage, Shopping, and Sightseeing!

Top 10 TV | Top Picks: 10 Best Hotels and Resorts in Guam

Welcom to my chanel Top 10 TV _ Top Most Popular Tourist Hotels
Top 10 TV | Top Picks: 10 Best Hotels and Resorts in Guam

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These places includes different activities such us hiking, freediving/snorkling, and sightseeing.
1. Fish Eye
2. Mount Lamlam
3. Marbo Cave Cliff Side
4. Marbo Cave
5. Jimmy Dees Beach
6. Old Wives Beach (Naval Base Guam)
7 Upper and Lower Sigua Falls

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괌 여행 남부투어 사진 맛집 10선 TOP 10 Places to Visit in Guam

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괌 여행 남부투어 사진 맛집 10선을 지금부터 선사합니다.

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사진 맛집 으로 알려진 괌 여행 10선.
지금부터 만나보시쥬!

00:03 괌 메리조 부두 공원(Merizo Pier Park)
00:21 Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor's Complex
00:31 Talaifak Bridge
00:36 Two Lovers Leap
00:42 Emerald Valley
00:47 7th Annual Guam BBQ Block Party
00:55 Taotao Tasi the Beach BBQ Dinner Show
01:10 Chamorro Village
01:13 Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort
01:19 Cetti Bay Overlook


Guam is an island of breathtaking and expansive views, grounded in the character and warmth of a culture that makes every visitor feel welcome. As the westernmost territory of the United States, it serves as a cultural bridge between the dynamism of the many islands of the Pacific. With its beautifully diverse landscapes and compassionate people, Guam's specialty is its breadth of activity and excitement paired with a unique heritage that cannot be found anywhere else.

What to eat on Guam? (6hr layover)

I spend my 6 hour layover on Guam checking out some familiar places with local twists.. while catching up with family on our first Episode of Lil Islander Big Adventurer

ULTIMATE FOODIELAND TOUR ( Guam Food, Honey Cones, and Onion BOMBS)

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ULTIMATE FOODIELAND TOUR ( Guam Food, Honey Cones, and Onion BOMBS) We are back in Foodieland again for the final 2019 Foodieland weekend. Here in this video we feature Boonie Pepper, Hawaiian Honey Cones, and The Onion Bomb. We are introduced to Guam style food from Boonie Pepper as owners Jason and Lang prepare some delicious Guam dishes. Owner Chris from Hawaiian Honey Cones shares the geniusness of the Hokkaido cream filled honey cone and we witness an explosion from the Onion Bomb as Vince and the team show us the making of their stunning creation! This is part one of the October 2019 Foodieland Food Tour Series. I hope you enjoy the video. If you haven’t yet please subscribe to my channel and to be updated when I upload new videos just push the bell to be notified. Give it a thumbs up if you like the video and feel free to leave a comment. I’m open to any feedback, compliments or whatever you’d like to say. Thanks for taking the time to watch!


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Top20 Recommended Hotels in Guam, Mariana Islands, Oceania

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Top20 Recommended Hotels in Guam, Mariana Islands, Oceania: 1. Outrigger Guam Beach Resort ****
1255 Pale San Vitores, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 183
2. Dusit Thani Guam Resort *****
1227 Pale San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 201
3. Hyatt Regency Guam *****
1155 Pale San Vitores Road, Tamuning, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 210
4. Guam Reef & Olive Spa Resort ****
1317 Pale San Vitors Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 162
5. The Westin Resort Guam *****
105 Gun Beach Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 179
6. Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort *****
470 Farenholt Avenue, 96913 Tamuning, Guam, From € 142
7. Lotte Hotel Guam *****
185 Gun Beach Road Tamuning Guam, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 167
8. Hilton Guam Resort & Spa *****
202 Hilton Road, Tumon Bay, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 136
9. Fiesta Resort Guam ***
801 Pale San Vitores Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 134
10. Onward Beach Resort ****
445 Governor Carlos G. Camacho Road, 96913 Tamuning, Guam, From € 388
11. Oceanview Hotel and Residences ***
1433 Pale San Vitores Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 82
12. Days Inn Guam ***
155 Ypao Road, 96913 Tamuning, Guam, From € 70
13. Guam Plaza Resort & Spa ***
1328 Pale San Vitores Rd., 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 108
14. Garden Villa Hotel ***
800 Pale San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 104
15. Leopalace Resort Guam ****
221 Lake View Drive, 96915-6002 Yona, Guam, From € 103
16. Holiday Resort & Spa Guam ****
881 Pale San Vitores Rd., 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 103
17. The Bayview Hotel Guam ***
1475 Pale San Vitores Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 82
18. Pacific Star Resort & Spa ****
627B Pale San Vitores Road, 96913 Tumon, Guam, From € 127
19. Wyndham Garden Guam (formerly known as Aqua Suites Guam) ***
240 Ypao Road , GU 96913 Tamuning, Guam, From € 75
20. Palmridge Inn ***
122 Hasalao Street Route 8, Barrigada, Guam 96913, 96913 Tamuning, Guam, From € 63

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