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10 Best Places to Visit in Nicaragua


10 Best Places to visit in Nicaragua | Travel Video | SKY Travel

10 Best Places to visit in Nicaragua | Travel Video | SKY Travel
02.San Juan del Sur
03.Ometepe Island
04.New Leon
05.Old Leon
06.Cerro Negro
07.Corn Island
09.Apoyo Lagoon
10. Masaya Volcano

Country in Central America
Nicaragua, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches. Vast Lake Managua and the iconic stratovolcano Momotombo sit north of the capital Managua. To its south is Granada, noted for its Spanish colonial architecture and an archipelago of navigable islets rich in tropical bird life. ― Google

Capital of Nicaragua
Managua, on the south shore of Lake Managua, is the capital city of Nicaragua. Its cathedral, a shell since a 1972 earthquake, is on the Plaza of the Revolution. Nearby is the tomb of Sandinista leader Carlos Fonseca. The 1935 National Palace of Culture houses the National Museum. Hilltop Parque Histórico Nacional Loma de Tiscapa is known for its crater lake and huge statue of revolutionary Augusto Sandino. ― Google



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Now, where to travel in Nicaragua? I have often been asked, where my favourite place to travel in Central America is and after having given it a lot of thought, I concluded it is Nicaragua. Now of course, currently in 2018, Nicaragua is going through some tough times, but tourism will return to Nicaragua and the doors will open to travel Nicaragua once again and when you do plan to visit Nicaragua, you can use this top 5 places to travel in Nicaragua video to outline my personal favourite places, cities and towns in Nicaragua.

Here we go through my favourite 5 places you should visit when travelling Nicaragua starting at #5 The Corn Islands. Off the coast of Nicaragua, Big and Little Corn Island are two paradisical chunks of sand completely surrounded by gorgeous water. Sit back and relax!

My 4th favourite place in Nicaragua is the fun beach party town of San Juan del Sur. A lot of people love San Juan as it is called in Nicaragua, and as much as I did enjoy it, I was not in Nicaragua to just party so I found San Juan del Sur fun, but there were other better places.

San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua:

The biggest surprise whilst travelling through Nicaragua was my third favourite place, Leon in the north of Nicaragua. A place I thought only existed on the tourist trail for Volcano Boarding, Leon is actually a very cool, and authentic city!

Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua:

2nd best place in Nicaragua is Granada and Laguna de Apoyo. The town of Granada is gorgeous and colonial and right beside it is the volcano crater lake of Laguna de Apoyo, a pairing that is an absolute must visit when in Nicaragua.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua:

The BEST Places in NIcaragua whilst travelling through, I found was ... ISLA OMETEPE. The island of Ometepe is a volcano island located in the enormous lake which covers a large area of Nicaragua and it is an unusual lost world that I simply loved. The video below shows us scootering around the island, one of the best days of my life.

Isla Ometepe Scooter Trip, Nicaragua:

Those are my top 5 places to visit and things to do in Nicaragua. Click LIKE if you enjoyed it and SUBSCRIBE to stay tuned.

Top 5 Things to do, Granada Nicaragua:

Top 5 Places to go in Nicaragua:

Nicaragua Travel Videos and Tips of Places to Visit and Things to do in Nicaragua While Travelling and Visiting Nicaragua.

NICARAGUA TOP 7 PLACES | This is why you should visit Nicaragua

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Where to travel to in Nicaragua in 2017? Here are my top 7 places to visit in Nicaragua for your next trip. This is why you should visit Nicaragua. Surf Volcanoes Islands it's all there!

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Top 10 Things To Do in Nicaragua 2021

Known as ‘The land of Lakes and Volcanoes', Nicaragua is the largest of all the Central American republics. Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this country has recently been discovered as a new destination to execute the plans of escapades. The capital of the country is Managua. It is also the largest city in the country and manages to inhabit about one-sixth of the population. Lets explore the Top 10 things to do in Nicaragua 2021

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Nicaragua travel guide – 10 best reasons to visit! | Budget backpacking two weeks

Budget travel guide featuring the 10 best things about Nicaragua.

Is Nicaragua cheap for travel? Is Nicaragua safe for tourists and how dangerous is Managua to visit? A two week travel guide on a budget, including Masaya volcano, Granada, León, Managua and Laguna de Apoyo.

How to backpack Nicaragua as a solo traveler, what to see and the best places to visit.

Answers questions like: Is it expensive to travel Nicaragua? Where to go? What to do in Nicaragua? What is the security like? Where to find volcanoes? What to do as a tourist? Is it expensive or cheap to travel Nicaragua? Can you drink alcohol, is it safe for women, backpacking + solo travel and is there a risk for violence? 2 week itinerary for safe backpacking travel.
Guía de viaje económica con las 10 mejores cosas de Nicaragua.

¿Es barato viajar a Nicaragua? ¿Es Nicaragua segura para los turistas y qué tan peligroso es visitar Managua? Una guía de viaje económica de dos semanas, que incluye el volcán Masaya, Granada, León, Managua y la Laguna de Apoyo.

Cómo viajar de mochilero a Nicaragua como viajero solitario, qué ver y los mejores lugares para visitar.

Responde preguntas como: ¿Es caro viajar a Nicaragua? ¿Dónde ir? ¿Qué hacer en Nicaragua? ¿Cómo es la seguridad? ¿Dónde encontrar volcanes? ¿Qué hacer como turista? ¿Es caro o barato viajar por Nicaragua? ¿Se puede beber alcohol, es seguro para mujeres, mochileros + viajes en solitario y existe riesgo de violencia? Itinerario de 2 semanas para un viaje seguro con mochila.

NICARAGUA Top 47 Tourist Places | Nicaragua Tourism

Nicaragua (Things to do - Places to Visit) - NICARAGUA Top Tourist Places
A country in Central America

Nicaragua, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes, and beaches.

Vast Lake Managua and the iconic stratovolcano Momotombo sit north of the capital Managua. To its south is Granada, noted for its Spanish colonial architecture and an archipelago of navigable islets rich in tropical birdlife.

NICARAGUA Top 47 Tourist Places | Nicaragua Tourism

Things to do in NICARAGUA - Places to Visit in Nicaragua

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NICARAGUA Top 47 Tourist Places - Nicaragua, Central America

NICARAGUA TOP 5 PLACES | This is why you should visit Nicaragua

Raw Travel travels off the beaten path to one of the hottest budget, eco-tourism destinations in all of Latin America, Nicaragua.

#5 Masaya
#4 Craft Market
#3 Ometepe Island
#2 Managua - Ciudad Vieja / Old City
#1 Watch to find out the #1!

More Nicaragua on Raw Travel Plus:
Things to know:

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7 Best Traveling Destinations in Nicaragua

No longer visited only by in-the-know backpackers, surfers and adventure travelers, Nicaragua is now a top destination for families and retirees too. It’s shed the image of a rough and troubled past, to become the second safest country in Central America (stated by the United Nations), and arguably one of the best bets amongst other inexpensive tropical havens. We’ll go through our 7 best destinations in Nicaragua of the moment below.

Nicaragua is a country of natural beauty and exceptionally warm people to match it’s warm climate. Despite getting more and more international attention, Nica is still managing to avoid hordes of tourists, instead attracting a different type of traveler. One that enjoys wandering off the beaten path, and connecting with nature and locals alike. And opportunities and deals abound in both real estate and business. It’s tough to pick the best destinations in Nicaragua, as they are plentiful.

Top 10 activities to do in Masaya Nicaragua! | Nicaragua Travel Tips

There is so much more to Masaya Nicaragua than just Masaya Volcano! There are the famous markets of Mercado Municipal Ernesto Fernández and Mercardo de Artesanias, the stunning viewpoints from the Malecon de Masaya and Fortaleza el Coyotepe, the best of Nicaragua’s cuisine to and culture to experience and so much more! In this Nicaragua travel vlog we share our Top 10 activities to do in Masaya Nicaragua and after watching you won’t want to miss this vibrant city when next visiting Nicaragua!

This video has captions in multiple languages.

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0:00 Introduction to Masaya Nicaragua
0:50 Why visiting Volcan Masaya is one of the best things to do in Nicaragua
1:35 When is the best time to visit Masaya Volcano?
3:45 Malecón de Masaya: Where to get the best sunset views of Masaya Volcano
5:16 Where is the Mercado Municipal Ernesto Fernández in Masaya?
7:03 Visiting the Mercardo de Artesanias
7:57 Where and when to watch traditional Nicaraguan dances in Masaya Nicaragua
8:35 What cultural festivals can you experience in Masaya?
9:27 What to do in the Parque Central Masaya
10:12 Best traditional Nicaraguan food Masaya Nicaragua
11:17 What to expect when visiting Fortaleza el Coyotepe
12:38 Where to buy the best hammocks in Nicaragua

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El Nuevo Diario • Noticias • Nicaragua
Así celebraron a San Jerónimo

¡Viva San Jerónimo!

Dario Herreros
Armadillo * Nine-banded

#MasayaNicaragua #NicaraguaTourism #NicaraguaTravelVlog

You Wouldn’t Believe This is Nicaragua (Big Corn Island Tour)

In this Nicaragua Travel Vlog I take you to the best place to visit in Central America for a Big Corn Island Tour. The Corn Islands are two secret Nicaraguan islands located in the middle of the Caribbean sea. Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island are no doubt, the best place to visit in Nicaragua and are truly a Nicaraguan paradise. Big Corn Island is home to a unique cultural where the locals typically speak Spanish, Creole, and English and eat a ton of delicious seafood and coconut infused dishes.

In this Big Corn Island Tour I take you around the island on my scooter, showing you all the best things to do on Big Corn Island. To start off my tour of Big Corn Island Nicaragua I climb for amazing views of the Caribbean sea. After getting back on my scooter, I ended up stumbling upon an abandoned home with incredible views of the Caribbean and tall palm trees. After some delicious food for lunch and dinner, I eventually make my way over to Arenas Beach Hotel and Arenas Beach, which is home to the best beach on the island with soft white sand and turquoise blue water. This beach is perfect for swimming and relaxing, and is even home to some great snorkeling if you walk further down the beach. I end my time on Big Corn Island with the famous island dish called Rundown, which is a delicious coconut seafood stew.

I hope that after watching my Big Corn Island Vlog you can now see why the Corn Islands are the best place to visit in Nicaragua!

0:00 Intro
0:29 Corn Islands Explained
1:55 Amazing Island Views
4:11 Exploring an Abandoned Home
5:22 Lunch on the Beach
5:53 Snorkeling in the Caribbean
7:10 Island Tour
8:00 The Best Beach on the Island
10:32 Discovering a Shipwreck
12:04 Rundown - the famous local dish


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10 Best Places to visit in Colombia – Travel Video

Best Places to visit in Colombia ????????

#Colombia is one of South America’s beautiful countries filled with amazing things to do and places to visit. From the blue waters of Tayrona National Park, to the sweeping views of the Cocora Valley. And from the Lost City of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, to the white colonial buildings of Popayán and the hustle and bustle of its metropolises.

You will find the lively rhythms of salsa and merengue, spiked with three great chains of Andean peaks, scented with mountain coffees and dressed in everything from misty rainforests to rolling pampas. So here is the Top 10 Most Beautiful #places to #visit in Colombia which will help you to set your next bucket-list destinations:

10: La Guajira Peninsula
09: Mompox
08: Providencia Island
07: Ciudad Perdida
06: Bogota
05: Tayrona National Natural Park
04: Leticia
03: Eje Cafetero
02: Medellin
01: Cartagena

#travel #tourism #Colombia



Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Mexico – Travel Video



Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Colombia - Colombia Travel Video

Colombia Travel Guide | Top 10 Things to Do in Colombia | 4K | Drone


????NICARAGUA best resorts for 2021 travel: Top 10 hotels in Nicaragua, Central America

What are the best Nicaragua hotels in 2021? Travelers review and rate the hotels on various travel websites, and we compiled the data to rank them. Check the most popular and the best rated hotels el Nicaragua, Central America!

Hotels in rating:
10. DoubleTree by Hilton Managua
9. Hotel Real La Merced
8. Marina Puesta del Sol
7. Hotel Victoriano
6. Rancho Santana
5. Barcelo Montelimar
4. Hotel El Convento
3. Holiday Inn Express Managua, an IHG hotel
2. Isleta El Espino Ecolodge
1. InterContinental Managua at Metrocentro Mall

Hotels and resorts that was close to TOP 10:
Little Corn Beach and Bungalow
Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort
La Bicicleta Hostal
Morgan's Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge
Hotel Flor de Sarta
Globales Camino Real en Managua
Aqua Oceanfront Resort and Residences
Hacienda Puerta Del Cielo Eco Spa
Casa del Agua
Redwood Beach Resort
Hotel Patio del Malinche
Hotel Plaza Colon
Colibri Hotel y Desayuno
Hotel Los Portales
HC Liri Hotel
Montebrisa Boutique B&B
Nuestra Casa B&B
Airport X Managua Hotel and 24 Hour Restaurant
Paradiso Hostel
Hotel Estrada

#vacation #travel #trip #traveltips #travelguide #hotel #resort #nicaragua

Best Nicaragua hotels for 2021 Video :

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Central America

10 Best Places to Visit in Central America
1. Tikal
2. Roatan
3. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
4. Ambergris Caye
5. Antigua Guatemala
6. Panama City
7. Granada, Nicaragua
8. Arenal Volcano
9. Copan
10. Leon, Nicaragua
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BEST beaches of OMETEPE ISLAND! | Nicaragua Travel Guide

Discover the best beaches of Ometepe Island in this Nicaragua travel vlog! Ometepe Island is a magical place and a must for any Nicaragua travel itinerary. The island is home to many picturesque beaches, surrounded by Lake Nicaragua, with Volcano Concepcion and Volcano Maderas providing a stunning backdrop. Whether you want that perfect volcano sunset shot, a beach side party atmosphere or simply a quiet swim, this travel vlog will ensure that you don’t waste any time out of the water on your next Ometepe Nicaragua Trip!

This video has captions in multiple languages.

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0:00 Introduction to Central America Travel vlog
0:29 Living in Nicaragua 2021
0:42 About Isla De Ometepe
1:10 Best Sunsets on Ometepe Island: Punta Jesus Maria
2:45 Beachfront Resort near Ojo de Agua Ometepe Island: Playa Santo Domingo
4:53 Best swimming beach on Ometepe Island: Playa Santa Cruz
6:36 Bucket List Travellers Nicaragua Tourism videos
6:48 Chocolate Cafe on Ometepe Island: El Pital at Balgue Ometepe Island
7:49 Best party beach on Nicaragua Ometepe Island: Playa los Mangos
8:59 Best beachfront dining on Ometepe Island: Playa El Peru

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Meet & Fun! - Ofshane (YouTube Audio)
Summer in Colombia - Carmen María and Edu Espinal - (YouTube Audio)
Savannah Sunshine - Dan Henig-YouTube Audio
Snake on the Beach - Nico Staf - YouTube Audio
Calimba - E's Jammy Jams-(YouTube Audio)

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Visit Nicaragua - The DON'Ts of Nicaragua

Read the Blog on Visiting Nicaragua & The Don'ts of Nicaragua:
Whether heading to the beautiful Lake Nicaragua or visiting the beautiful colonial cities of Granada or Leon, Nicaragua has so much for the tourist, traveler and vacationer. Whether you are a backpacker, surfer or traveling family you should make Nicaragua your next stop. However, with amazing things like volcanoes and beaches, there are things you shouldn't do when you visit Nicaragua and that is what this video is. What NOT to Do When You Visit Nicaragua.
The Don'ts of Visiting Nicaragua
Filmed on the Isletas in Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua
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Visit Granada - 10 Shocks of Visiting Granada, Nicaragua

Volcanoes spitting lava, gorgeous islands throughout Lake Nicaragua, Amazing locals who will show you the best of Nica culture. Granada, Nicaragua is a true colonial gem in Latin America. If you are wondering if Nicaragua is safe or worth visiting, well Granada will show you the best that Latin America has to offer.
10 Things That Shock Tourists when They Visit Granada, Nicaragua
Filmed in Granada, Nicaragua
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

Visit San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua - Advice & Travel Tips

The DON'Ts of Visiting Nicaragua

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NICARAGUA will be one of the countries that I will visit on 2022 because I want to stay 30 days. Admire this #travelvlog​​​​ about this country to understand as a preview how will be my experience there.
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10 days in Nicaragua-What to do?

This was my first backpack trip in January 2014!
Nicaragua is an amazing country!

Places I visited
Managua:- La Plaza de la Revolución
Granada:-Las isletas boat tour
-Granada's cathedral
-La Merced church
-Evening trip to Masaya (market, volcano, caves)
Ometepe Island: -2 volcanos
-A lot of beaches
-Natural spring water Ojo de Agua
San Juan del Sur: -Christ on top of the hill
-Restaurants and bars on the beach
León:-Volcano Boarding
-Central Park and the museum of the revolution
-From there we went to Las Peñitas beach for surfing

Favorite hostels: Big Foot Hostel in León and Turtle Lodge Surfing in Las Peñitas.

Money currency: They use Cordobas and accept US$

Instagram: @saritaisabel12
Facebook page: Travel with Sarita
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We show you the top 50 beaches on Nicaragua's Pacific Coast in less than 8 minutes. Starting in the south and ending inside the Cosiguina Volcano in the Gulf of Fonseca. One continuous shot that is narrated to give you more details about each beach. There are hundreds of beaches but these are the main ones, with a little extra hidden locations.


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