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10 Best Places to Visit in Nicaragua


NICARAGUA TOP 7 PLACES | This is why you should visit Nicaragua

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Where to travel to in Nicaragua in 2017? Here are my top 7 places to visit in Nicaragua for your next trip. This is why you should visit Nicaragua. Surf Volcanoes Islands it's all there!

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Now, where to travel in Nicaragua? I have often been asked, where my favourite place to travel in Central America is and after having given it a lot of thought, I concluded it is Nicaragua. Now of course, currently in 2018, Nicaragua is going through some tough times, but tourism will return to Nicaragua and the doors will open to travel Nicaragua once again and when you do plan to visit Nicaragua, you can use this top 5 places to travel in Nicaragua video to outline my personal favourite places, cities and towns in Nicaragua.

Here we go through my favourite 5 places you should visit when travelling Nicaragua starting at #5 The Corn Islands. Off the coast of Nicaragua, Big and Little Corn Island are two paradisical chunks of sand completely surrounded by gorgeous water. Sit back and relax!

My 4th favourite place in Nicaragua is the fun beach party town of San Juan del Sur. A lot of people love San Juan as it is called in Nicaragua, and as much as I did enjoy it, I was not in Nicaragua to just party so I found San Juan del Sur fun, but there were other better places.

San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua:

The biggest surprise whilst travelling through Nicaragua was my third favourite place, Leon in the north of Nicaragua. A place I thought only existed on the tourist trail for Volcano Boarding, Leon is actually a very cool, and authentic city!

Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua:

2nd best place in Nicaragua is Granada and Laguna de Apoyo. The town of Granada is gorgeous and colonial and right beside it is the volcano crater lake of Laguna de Apoyo, a pairing that is an absolute must visit when in Nicaragua.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua:

The BEST Places in NIcaragua whilst travelling through, I found was ... ISLA OMETEPE. The island of Ometepe is a volcano island located in the enormous lake which covers a large area of Nicaragua and it is an unusual lost world that I simply loved. The video below shows us scootering around the island, one of the best days of my life.

Isla Ometepe Scooter Trip, Nicaragua:

Those are my top 5 places to visit and things to do in Nicaragua. Click LIKE if you enjoyed it and SUBSCRIBE to stay tuned.

Top 5 Things to do, Granada Nicaragua:

Top 5 Places to go in Nicaragua:

Nicaragua Travel Videos and Tips of Places to Visit and Things to do in Nicaragua While Travelling and Visiting Nicaragua.

NICARAGUA Top 47 Tourist Places | Nicaragua Tourism

Nicaragua (Things to do - Places to Visit) - NICARAGUA Top Tourist Places
A country in Central America

Nicaragua, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes, and beaches.

Vast Lake Managua and the iconic stratovolcano Momotombo sit north of the capital Managua. To its south is Granada, noted for its Spanish colonial architecture and an archipelago of navigable islets rich in tropical birdlife.

NICARAGUA Top 47 Tourist Places | Nicaragua Tourism

Things to do in NICARAGUA - Places to Visit in Nicaragua

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NICARAGUA Top 47 Tourist Places - Nicaragua, Central America

NICARAGUA -Top places to visit. Why you should visit Nicaragua TRAVEL GUIDE

In this travel guide video we tell you why you should visit Nicaragua and share our top 5 sights in Nicaragua. We had a fabulous time exploring Nicaragua and hope that if you have a trip planned it will help you decide what to see and do during your time there.

We show you
- San Juan Del Sur
- Ometepe Island
- Granada
- Leon
- Somoto

Thanks for watching and coming on this adventure with us as we TREAD the Globe.

Travel vlog 244 | Top sights to visit Nicaragua | Country #18/195

If you're planning a trip to Guatemala or Central America then be sure to see the playlist for more tips. (also have playlists for each country in Central America)

#centralamerica #Nicaragua #treadtheglobe

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Marianne and Chris

Visit Nicaragua - The DON'Ts of Nicaragua

Read the Blog on Visiting Nicaragua & The Don'ts of Nicaragua:
Whether heading to the beautiful Lake Nicaragua or visiting the beautiful colonial cities of Granada or Leon, Nicaragua has so much for the tourist, traveler and vacationer. Whether you are a backpacker, surfer or traveling family you should make Nicaragua your next stop. However, with amazing things like volcanoes and beaches, there are things you shouldn't do when you visit Nicaragua and that is what this video is. What NOT to Do When You Visit Nicaragua.
The Don'ts of Visiting Nicaragua
Filmed on the Isletas in Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

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MANAGUA Top 31 Tourist Places | Managua Tourism | NICARAGUA

Managua (Things to do - Places to Visit) - MANAGUA Top Tourist Places
Capital of Nicaragua

Managua, on the south shore of Lake Managua, is the capital city of Nicaragua. Its cathedral, a shell since a 1972 earthquake, is on the Plaza of the Revolution.

Nearby is the tomb of Sandinista leader Carlos Fonseca. The 1935 National Palace of Culture houses the National Museum. Hilltop Parque Histórico Nacional Loma de Tiscapa is known for its crater lake and a huge statue of revolutionary Augusto Sandino.

MANAGUA Top 31 Tourist Places | Managua Tourism

Things to do in MANAGUA - Places to Visit in Managua

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MANAGUA Top 31 Tourist Places - Managua, Nicaragua, Central America

7 Best Traveling Destinations in Nicaragua

No longer visited only by in-the-know backpackers, surfers and adventure travelers, Nicaragua is now a top destination for families and retirees too. It’s shed the image of a rough and troubled past, to become the second safest country in Central America (stated by the United Nations), and arguably one of the best bets amongst other inexpensive tropical havens. We’ll go through our 7 best destinations in Nicaragua of the moment below.

Nicaragua is a country of natural beauty and exceptionally warm people to match it’s warm climate. Despite getting more and more international attention, Nica is still managing to avoid hordes of tourists, instead attracting a different type of traveler. One that enjoys wandering off the beaten path, and connecting with nature and locals alike. And opportunities and deals abound in both real estate and business. It’s tough to pick the best destinations in Nicaragua, as they are plentiful.

10 Best Places to Visit in Central America - Video Travel Guide

Copyright: Video created by
Omega Tours Co., LTD
Add: 176 Tran Phu Str - Hai Chau Dist - Da Nang City, Vietnam
Published by :


Disclaimer: All audio in this video, We was used free audio in Youtube Library.

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Video Travel Guide: 10 Best Places to Visit in Central America

List of Places in Central America:

1. Tikal
2. Roatan
3. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
4. Ambergris Caye
5. Antigua Guatemala
6. Panama City
7. Granada, Nicaragua
8. Arenal Volcano
9. Copan
10. Leon, Nicaragua

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Central America

10 Best Places to Visit in Central America
1. Tikal
2. Roatan
3. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
4. Ambergris Caye
5. Antigua Guatemala
6. Panama City
7. Granada, Nicaragua
8. Arenal Volcano
9. Copan
10. Leon, Nicaragua
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Introducing Nicaragua

Start exploring Nicaragua with Lonely Planet’s video guide to getting around, when to go and the top things to do while you're there.

25 Best Places to Visit in Central America - Central America Travel Guide

Central America Travel Guide: 25 Best Places to Visit in Central America.

List of Countries in Central America: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama.

Copyright: ALDH2009

25. Tortuguero National Park
Global Water Forum:
Vincent Poulissen:
24. Ometepe Island
Adalberto Hernandez Vega:,_Nicaragua.jpg
23. Semuc champey
Christopher Crouzet:
Mickaël T.:
22. Santa Ana Volcano
Christopher Porter:
Christopher Porter:
21. Panama Canal
20. Manuel Antonio National Park
David Ingram:
19. Caracol
Nathan LeClair:
18. Joya de Ceren
Christine and John Fournier:
17. El Tunco
Destinos Nauticos:
16. Ambergris Caye
Rachel Smith:
15. Arenal Volcano
Ralph Kränzlein:
Rose Davies:
14. Copan
Simon Helle Nielsen:
Erik Duinkerken:
13. Bocas del Toro
Tobias Eder:
Edwin Rios:
12. Granada, Nicaragua
11. Ruta de las Flores
Christopher Porter:
Celine Massa:
10. Leon, Nicaragua
Garrett Ziegler:
Garrett Ziegler:
9. Antigua Guatemala
John Fitzpatrick:
8. Caye Caulker
f. ermert:
f. ermert:
7. Lake Atitlan
Amanda Segur:
Amanda Segur:
6. San Blas Islands
Thibault Houspic:
Alexander Schimmeck:
5. Panama City
Tatiana Travelways:
Karsun Designs:
4. Roatan
Lowell Hendrix:
3. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
Mike Goren:
Peter Hook:
2. Belize Barrier Reef
1. Tikal
Nicole Evans:
Steven Newton:

The 5 BEST Places To Visit In Central America

Let Asuaire Travel help you experience the most beautiful destinations in Central America! ????

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Central America?

First of all, I want to state that the countries in Central America are Costa Rica Panama, Nicaragua Guatemala Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize. So you have six opportunities. If you have at least two weeks or start scratching your map and come to Central America six times, which would be awesome if you can do that.

0:50 Best Places To Visit In Central America #1: Costa Rica
Let's start with one of my favorites and the one that I'm currently located, which is Costa Rica, the land of Pura Vida. One of the best places to visit is Manuel Antonio, which is a national park. With fantastic beaches, so you have a little bit of everything.

The next place I love here in Costa Rica is the Arenal Volcano.
You can enjoy a full crater volcano with hot springs and enjoy a lot of Adventure like the canopy tour hanging Bridges.

You can do rafting then you can go to another place which I love that it's Monteverde. Monteverde is a cloud forest. It's a little bit more chilly, but it's a fantastic place to enjoy nature and relax in the Pura Vida of Costa Rica.

Then you can, of course, relax on the famous beaches of Guanacaste like Papagayo golf or Tamarindo fantastic Paradise for surfing.

1:50 Best Places To Visit In Central America #2
My next destination would be Nicaragua, where you can also enjoy premium surfing and fantastic food. In the areas of San Juan Del Sur and Granada, which is one of the best Colonial towns in Central America

2:08 Best Places To Visit In Central America #3: Guatemala
The other one that it's a beautiful Colonial Town is Antigua in Guatemala. This one is a must, and it's one of the Hidden gems that we have in Central America that you have to discover another place that I like.

If you're into the Mayan culture, Guatemala is one of the places that you must visit it. Little by little getting more well-known and it's just fantastic to explore the pyramids and get into the stories and the mysteries of what could have happened with this amazing culture.

2:41 Best Places To Visit In Central America #4: Belize
Another place that I love again is in beliefs if you like the beach and the diving or snorkeling or just relaxing on white sandy beaches, of course, you have all of the coasts of Belize where you can enjoy this. Go to Ramon's Village, for example, or staying in ambergris key, which is a fantastic place to get fresh seafood as well.

3:03 Best Places To Visit In Central America #5: Panama
Panama has a lot to offer not only the Panama Canal which is, of course, what a lot of people want to explore what it's like to cross from the Pacific to the Caribbean in just one day. It's a fantastic experience. But Panama offers a lot more you can have rainforest you have a lot of indigenous cultures that you can live and eat with them and learn about the little crafts that they do which are fantastic and Panama you have places like the Kuna Yala Islands.

You can rent a boat and drive around and sleep there in little huts or if you want to stay on a catamaran. It's a fantastic place to visit and also the famous Bocas del Toro in Panama, which is a surfers paradise and just pristine surfing and just relaxing depending on what you're looking for.

As you can see, Central America offers so much and I hope you're liking our videos and click here subscribe!


Hellloooooo everyone!

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I visited Nicaragua for 3 months and wanted to share my experience here.

This place often still gets a bad rep from people who are just unaware of what goes on. My time here and been nothing but magical to say the least! I have always felt safe and surrounded by beautiful people!

There is still so much that I wasn't able to show and share in this video alone, so I will be making a PT.2 coming your way shortly so stay on the look out!

Any support is appreciated so if you enjoyed this video please show it some love! Thank you so much for watching.

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Top 10 Nicaragua beaches

Mobile version

Top Things to See and Do in Nicaragua

Top Things to See and Do in Nicaragua



Nicaragua, a breathtaking experience!

This amazing video was taken in Nicaragua's beautiful San Juan del Sur, Mombacho and Momotombo Volcanoes, Cerro Negro, Masaya, San Juan River and Granada. It not only depicts the country's mesmerizing beauty, but its competitive advantages and most profitable investment opportunities. Enjoy the video and grow together with Nicaragua!

Discovering Nicaragua in 10 days (HD)

Short journey through the beautiful country of Nicaragua - From Managua to San Juan Del Sur - traveled by local buses, boats and tuc-tucs. We have seen many volcanoes, mist forests, beautiful undeveloped cities, lakes, markets with tonnes of the best fruit and vegitable you can imagine. We have eaten cheap but very good food! This country is not ready for simple and mass turism - wich is awesome!

Granada Nicaragua Travel Guide - Top Things To See & Do | 90+ Countries With 3 Kids

Welcome to Granada, Nicaragua where you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a tropical Spain.

The surrounding natural beauty has also inspired artists, poets, and writers well before the Spanish founded it in 1524. Combine these charming features with the relaxed air of the Nicaraguan people – one of the happiest in the world – and you have quite possibly the most laid-back and accessible city in Central America, fully imbued with color and culture.

Discover Lake Nicaragua and it's beautiful 365 Islands as well as the must see Laguna de Apoyo.

If you're wondering if Nicaragua is safe to visit, well, come along on the tour and we'll show you.

Enjoy the video and let us know where you’re watching from!

#Granada #Nicaragua
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Guatemala: Top 10 Tourist Attractions - Video Travel Guide

Tourist attractions in Guatemala
Guatemala Tourist attractions
Guatemala Attractions
Guatemala Tourist Destinations
Guatemala Destinations
Guatemala Travel Video

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Guatemala - Video Travel Guide

Copyright: Video created by
Omega Tours Co., LTD
Add: 176 Tran Phu Str - Hai Chau Dist - Da Nang City, Vietnam

Disclaimer: All audio in this video, We was used free audio in Youtube Library.

Photos Credit:

10. El Mirador
archer10 (Dennis):
Geoff Gallice:
9. Livingston

8. Parque Central Quetzaltenango
Author: Harry Díaz

7. Volcan Pacaya
Richard Liblanc:

6. Monterrico

5. Flores
Cecilia Schubert:

4. Chichicastenango Market

3. Santa Catalina Arch

2. Lago de Atitlan

1. Tikal

The Best of the Nicaraguan Cities and the Coast

For more stories, tips and information about our Life Redesign or Travel Inspiration you can find them at:

Our Itinerary: Nicaraguan cities and the Pacific coast

Our trip started in Granada, remembering our time when we visited last year, walking the colonial streets, drinking cold beers at the Calzada, taking Spanish classes and staying with a family, and wandering through the vibrant food and merchandise market. In Granada, we stayed at the lovely Casa Silas B&B – a two room, colonial house equipped with dip pool and the best breakfast frittata included in your nights stay. Our next stop was León We took a local bus there our first trip seeing this city, the second largest of the Nicaraguan cities, (Managua the largest ) León is much rawer than Granada, rather than being entirely filled with colonial buildings, it exudes a colonial and industrial feel. Most of our exploring of the city was wandering around the whitewashed cathedrals, watching several holiday parades and Catholic festivities, and discovering that León, hands down has the best restaurants of all the Nicaraguan Cities.

Las Peñitas

A short 20minute bus trip took us to the coastal town of Las Peñitas. An area that has an excellent reputation for surfing sunbathing and relaxing. It certainly delivers on all of this. Despite its well-known reputation, Las Peñitas is surprisingly underdeveloped with some comfortable spots for food, drink, and lodging but still maintains a touristy yet local approach. Best time to visit is Sundays; it's teeming with families and León tourists ready to surf and enjoy the day. We stayed on the beach at the simple, and comfortable Simple Beach House.

Salinas Grandes

Further south past Las Peñitas is Salinas Grandes, or “Big Salt.” This area is an entirely different vibe. Rugged roads get you into the Salt Flats – where salt processing plants harvest huge mounds of salt. About 20minutes later by 4x4 (ideally as in rainy season the roads can be washed out) you reach the beach area of Salinas and view some of the most secluded, quiet beach areas we have ever seen. There are Incredible surf waves right at your doorstep and miles of beach where virtually no one is around. We kicked back at this stunning and affordable ocean front villa (owned by a friend and marketing client of mine ) for a few nights. We definitely need to get back there again very soon! We missed out on visiting Ometepe Island this time around, although we have lots of great tips after spending 2 months living there last year. You can find our posts on Ometepe and Nicaragua here.

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