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10 Best Places to Visit in Réunion


Top 10 Things to Do in Reunion Island | Travelstart

Reunion Island is a spectacularly magical oasis characterised by ever-changing scenery of wonder forming the perfect backdrop for adventure activities. The dramatic landscape is picture-perfect with majestic mountains, emerald forests, thunderous waterfalls and picturesque beaches waiting to be explored. Let your wanderlust guide your travel plans:

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10 Unexpected Places for a Family Reunion

10 Unexpected Places for a Family Reunion

Reunion Island Travel Guide

Reunion Island Travel Guide - Oh la la! After a long-haul flight, you step off the plane and you're greeted with a bonjour. Then you breakfast on croissants and chocolat chaud (hot chocolate). At first glance, Réunion is like a chunk of France teleported to the tropics. But beyond the Gallic panache, you'll soon realise it's a resplendent tapestry, which also blends Indian, African and Chinese influences.

Home to one of the world's most active volcanoes, snow-capped Piton de Fournaise, Reunion Island is a little known gem. This rocky, French-governed island off the coast of East Africa is easily explored by Les Cars Jaunes, yellow buses that link main settlements. The road into the mountains provides breathtaking scenery. Bike tours on rough back roads are an option for the brave and the extremely fit. Beyond the reach of cars, untamed village Cirque de Mafate shows the island's wildest side.

Enjoy Your Reunion Island Travel Guide!


REUNION ISLAND TRAVEL GUIDE - Quick Tour & Top Highlights - La Réunion

Get a quick tour of breathtaking Reunion Island and see the top things to do: from the best beaches, hikes, scenic drives and more! Get your FREE Reunion Island itinerary at:
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Voici enfin mon vlog de mon voyage à la Reunion ! J'espère qu'il vous plaira ❤️

Les bons plans à La Reunion????????:
・Restaurant La Plancha à Saint-Pierre
・Cap Rand'eau est une association tenu par mon cousin qui vous fera découvrir les profondeur de la mer à un tarif plus abordable que les organismes non associatives.
・La bonne marmite, restaurant à volonté de plat créole à l'Ermitage.
・et pleins d'autre endroit exceptionnel. Si vous voulez une vidéo sur quoi faire à la Reunion, dites le moi en commentaire

Bon plan:
・Airbnb: -25€ sur votre première réservation avec ce lien
・Uber Eat: livraison gratuite avec le code eats-tawnkbfue
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Top 10 Villages of SWITZERLAND – Most beautiful Swiss Towns – Best Places [Full Travel Guide]

Switzerland is a small country full of surprises and wonderful villages. Since decades, Switzerland has been attracting numerous tourists from allover the world. It is the Alps that fascinates most of the visitors but also the very well preserved villages. Although Switzerland is quite small, depending on the region, the villages and towns may look very different. In this video, the 10 most beautiful villages from allover the country will be presented in detail. While there may be a few that you might have heard of, there will be quite some surprises.

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Special thanks to:
Johannes, Razi, Nik, Julia, Hanafi and Laura for support and guest appeareance
No e Wili Association for permitting me to use some of their clips

Music by Epidemic Sound
Equipment: Sony α6500, GoPro Hero 8 Black, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Mavic Air, Sony RX0

More information about the tourism (no paid content):

Information about some of the museums :

How to fly to Switzerland:

This video was realized without any financial support. Please contact me on should you want to request a license for the use of this footage.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Madagascar | MojoTravels

Forget everything the film series taught you. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Reasons to Visit Madagascar.

For this list, we’re taking a look at why you should add Madagascar to your bucket list.

#Madagascar #Travel #AfricaTourism

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Most Beautiful Places to Travel to in 2021!

What with 2020 being a disastrous year for everything including tourism, 2021 is looking to be very promising! In the attempt to incentivise tourism many locations have special offers and deals available for the upcoming year. With this in mind, here are the Most Beautiful Places to Travel to in 2021!

1. Jamaica
If you book now for a vacation in 2021 not only with you get huge savings but you'll also be spoilt for choice, everything is available, from budget apartments to luxury villas.
if you travel off peak season you'll save even more money and because Jamaica is warm all year round you,ll still be able to sun yourself!
2021 is an extra special year here, with lots festivals and events lined up, including a Bob Marley birthday event in February and the Ocho Rios jazz festival in June.
Always vibrant and incredibly beautiful, you can't go wrong vacating in Jamaica.

2. Cape Coral, Florida
If you enjoy watersports, fishing or just dining at a waterfront restaurant, this is the place for you! You can have fun with the kids at Sun Splash Water Park, or take long walks at the beautiful Four Mile Cove nature reserve.
Amazing waterfront vacation rentals are available which are close to all the local amenities and many of which have their own swimming pool and some have a private dock where you'll be able to hire a boat and navigate the over 400 miles of canals in Cape Coral.

3. Barbados
Everybody knows that Barbados is beautiful but most people don't know that it has two completely different sides to it. You have the beautiful west coast with white sand beaches, luxury hotels and villas, and high class restaurants and then you have the windy east coast with rocky cliffs and big waves that attract surfers and watersports lovers from all around the world. A wide variety of accommodation is available, and 2021 will be a fun packed year with lots of music and festivals including The annual Crop Over festival in the summer which is something definitely worth seeing!

4. Orlando, Florida
Yes, I know, Florida again, but you have to admit that with a name that literally means 'flowery' it has to be beautiful! Orlando is the theme park capital of the world and therefore kiddy heaven. Normally its hugely expensive, but if you book your 2021 vacation now, you find some interesting discounts. by booking accommodation at Reunion resort, Champions Gate or Windsor Hills instead of the theme park hotels extra saving can be made. In addition its Disney's 50th anniversary in October 2021 and the new Tron themed rollercoaster in set to be opened in time for the celebration.

5. Koh Samui, Thaiand
This relatively small island packs a hell of a punch, insanely beautiful beaches, traditional temples, and top restaurants, it really does have it all, including variety in accommodation. from budget beach side bungalows to lavish luxury resorts you can unwind and relax in beautiful spas or dance all night in the resort town of chaweng, which has the best bars and discos, not to mention beach parties!

6. Saint Tropez
Traditionally the resort of the rich and famous, Saint Tropez is a picturesque town on the french riviera. Yacht-filled marinas, quaint cafes, museums, parks and historical sights as well as the Place des Lices Provencal Market are just some of the beautiful sights to be seen in this old-world haven. Take advantage of early booking deals for 2021 and have a jet-set vacation on a bourgeoisie budget!

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Best Tourist Attractions Places To Travel In France | Reunion National Park Destination Spot

Top Tourist Attractions Places To Travel In France | Reunion National Park Destination Spot - Tourism in France


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Réunion National Park is a national park on the island of Réunion, an overseas department of France in the western Indian Ocean.
Established on 5 March 2007, the park protects the endemic ecosystems of Les Hauts, Réunion's mountainous interior, and covers around 42% of the island.
Plans for a park date back to 1985, and in a public survey in 2004, the communes of Réunion approved the creation of a national park.
It officially came into existence in 2007.
The park's mission, other than preserving landscape and biodiversity, is to share knowledge and welcome visitors, and to work together with local communes.
It is a popular destination for hiking and mountaineering.
The isolation of the island and its diversity of habitats and microclimates have favoured the diversification of a highly endemic flora: Of the 850 known native plant species, 230 are endemic, and half of those are endangered.
This native flora is found at various altitudes.
Nearly as many exotic plants as native ones, 830, have become naturalised on the island, and 50 are considered invasive, threatening native flora and habitats.
The park's fauna includes notably several endemic bird species, such as Barau's petrel, the Réunion harrier, and the Réunion cuckooshrike.
In total, 18 bird species are found at Réunion, half of which are endemic.
At least 22 bird species have already gone extinct since human colonisation.
A major threat to the bird fauna are introduced cats and rats.
Of mammals, the Mauritian flying fox recolonised the Réunion after going extinct from the island.
Notable butterfly species include Papilio phorbanta and Salamis augustina, and an endemic reptile is the Reunion Island day gecko.
The national park constitutes one of Réunion's major attractions.
Its mountains are a popular destination for hiking and mountaineering; there are more than 900 km of marked trails, crossing such different landscapes as rain forests, sugar cane plantations and volcanic fields.
They include three long-distance trails approved by the French Hiking Federation, with mountain lodges along the trail.
More than 400,000 people each year visit the Piton de la Fournaise volcano, for which a discovery trail has been established.


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LA RÉUNION, l'ile intense en 2 MINUTE

LA RÉUNION, l'ile intense en 2 MINUTE
Première fois à la Réunion en avril 2019, une île qui marque! Une biodiversité incroyable, des paysages à couper le souffle, un des volcans les plus actifs du monde, un mélange de cultures unique sans oublier son petit lagon (qui a tout d'un grand). Quelle claque!
Pour tous les amoureux de nature et d'outdoor, mettez la Réunion sur votre Bucket list!

TOUS NOS CONSEILS & BONNES ADRESSES de voyage sur notre blog


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Envie de continuer à voyager? Rejoins l’aventure Bestjobers à travers le monde!

À bientôt! Elisa & Max


En collaboration avec Reunion Tourisme

Family Reunion Planning Web App - Tools Guides Checklists and Ideas

Access Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Web App at Includes:
1. Reunion planning web app with:
Step by step planning guide
5 Fresh Inspiring Themes,
5 Theme Itineraries
5 Luncheon/Dinner Program Featuring Entertainment and Activity ideas
Reception Hall Setup Planner
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Timeline planning guide and checklist.
Printable departmental worksheets
Family Reunion Recipe Compiler
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Cruise Planner
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3. Reunion planning spreadsheet with:
Attendee and t-shirt roster as well as a
Survey Results Tally
Budget List and Calculator.

Read the eBook and get inspired to plan your next most memorable family reunion. Get five fresh inspiring themes, itineraries, creative Ideas, reunion activity guide, and more. Everything you need to plan, manage, and organize a successful, memorable family reunion.

Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Web App - Event Planning Guide
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REUNION ⁄⁄ CatCreature

????I N T H I S V L O G

03:00 black tank top- old, featured here:
08:55 *red longsleeve-
cherry earrings- from this vlog:
ft in lookbook:
*peachy lip color-
09:25 *Grey Everywhere Bag-
11:00 wide leg jeans- (Nina, dark wash)
12:50 black velvet dress- thrifted vintage
sparkly chokers- old
sparkly earrings- bought for $4 when I was in middle school for a costume... lol... they even have missing rhinestones, but not like you could tell :P still works!
black opera gloves-
13:15 *hair straightener-
15:30 *red heels-
yellow coat- old
21:11 maroon pants-
*pink sneakers-
22:08 *orange turtleneck sweater-
26:30 *red lipstick-
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-Final Cut Pro x edited by me
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????FTC disclaimer- Not a sponsored video. Some links in promo section are affiliate links, in which I receive commission from transactions (i.e. amazon, rewardstyle). products mentioned that are gifted to me by kind friends at brands are marked with a (*). all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

This is a video diary of my weekend spent in New York 2 weeks ago. It was nice to see Tyler again after 2 months, and also a reunion for all three of us with William (whose birthday was the day before I went to the City).

I'm so grateful for friendship, love, and the ability to travel & walk all over the streets of ny. I know that my youth is finite and someday I'll be cranky and ache-y, but I'm very thankful that my body is healthy and serving me well.
I'm grateful for my eyes, which see color and allow me to enjoy the splendor of it. and for my ears, which allows me to be further observant to the world around me, to listen to music which soothes or excites me. And I love my mind, which always seems to desire to explore and to create and to tell stories from those experiences.
I'm thankful for the ability to form meaningful connections with other beings in this world. I hope that I can continue to flood myself with this sense of belonging and motivation each day, no matter how flat, boring, or unproductive some days may seem. still lots more to see, and a lot more stories to tell.

I will see you soon :-)
tomorrow, a sketchbook sunday will be up on the art channel Pyperbleu! Go check it out if you haven't yet, and catch up on some recent vids my sister and I made.
our channel-

All my love,

Reunion Resort 10: The ideal vacation home for a large group stay...

Reunion Resort 10: The ideal vacation home for a large group stay.

If you're heading to the City Beautiful with a significant travelling party, there aren't many more attractive options than a stay in the impressive Reunion Resort 10. Crafted with a modern eye, and located within easy reach of key amenities – including Disney World just 8 miles away – it really is an exemplary option for those hunting out a special stay.

Upon entry to this sprawling mansion, an open-plan layout perfectly illustrates the impressive range of living space. Each complimented by luxurious furniture, multiple rooms across all floors offer guests a place to unwind however they should desire. Cooking and dining facilities are also first-rate, with a stunning contemporary kitchen backed up by table space for over 30 guests to eat in the same sitting.

The property boasts 10 bedrooms, all of impressive size – with two decked out in special themes, making them ideal for younger guests. There are no shortage of recreation options either, with a fun-filled games room, impressive home movie theater, incredible golf simulator and a refreshing third-floor drinks bar.

Guests can enjoy a dip in a stunning pool, equipped with unique water features than span throughout the vast outdoor space accompanying the property. Swimming remains an option evening when evening comes, with beautiful LED lighting making the area an aesthetic delight in the dark.

From the first step through the door, this property offers the facilities to make a stay extra special. Book easily online or over the phone, and benefit from outstanding service from our Guest Experience team as soon as you complete your booking. With Top Villas, your dream vacation can become a reality.

View Reunion Resort 10 -
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British Virgin Islands
#1 World's Best Places to Visit

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Top 5 Dangerous Places In Mauritius | Mauritius Discovery

Let's explore the real beauty of Mauritius. Dear Mauritian people, join me in this adventure together to discover new beautiful things in our country and share it with the rest of our people or even greater....Let's share it with the world.

15 Best Family Reunion Resorts, Places, & Venues

At least once a year, there's a time to spend quality time with the whole clan. Fun and relaxation is a top priority to get the perfect vacation.

With a well-planned family reunion, every member will surely get a great take-home lifetime memory.

Want to know where to spend your next family reunion? We have listed the best resorts for family reunions to help you out.

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Exploring Reunion Tower, Dallas

Exploring Reunion Tower, Dallas

Reunion Celebration with School Friends at The Chocolate Room - Bistro & Cafe at Ghatkopar East

Reunion Celebration with School Friends at The Chocolate Room - Bistro & Cafe at Ghatkopar East

We meet after nearly 29 years, had Dinner together at The Chocolate Room - Bistro & Cafe at Ghatkopar East, Suburb of Mumbai

The Chocolate Room - Bistro & Cafe at Ghatkopar East is really bvery nice place to Dine - Inn, We tried many varieties
1) Ceaser Salad Wrap
2) Veg Cheesy Jain Pizza
3) Tandoori Pepper Paneer Cheese Burst Pizza
4) Penne Pasta
5) Tandoori Paneer Garlic Bread
6) Sizzlers Noodles, Manchurian with French Fries
7) Mojito
Each Food Item was Very Tasty, I like Pizza which was baked in Tandoor n not Oven, which was having smoky flavour .....

Must Visit this place to try something different and Unique Dishes

Travelopia - around the world is, Food and Travel Vlog. Here we will provide you information about places and foods around the world and even events around the world.
#The_Chocolate_Room_-_Bistro_&_Cafe #Ghatkopar_East #Ceaser_Salad_Wrap #Veg_Cheesy_Jain_Pizza #Tandoori_Pepper_Paneer_Cheese_Burst_Pizza #Penne_Pasta #Tandoori_Paneer_Garlic_Bread #Sizzlers_Noodles #Manchurian_with_French_Fries #Mojito #The_Chocolate_Room-Bistro_&_Cafe_at_Ghatkopar_East #Reunion_Celebration_with_School_Friends #Suburb_of_Mumbai #Vegetarian_Food_in_Ghatkopar #Vegetarian_Food_in_Mumbai #Multi_Cusine_in_Mumbai #multi_cuisine #Indian_Chinese #Italian_Dishes #Bistro_and_Cafe

Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion

Mark Your Calendars - The 20th Anniversary of Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion will take place September 10-12, 2021.

Surprise Family Reunion in Las Vegas | Fly Swoop

In celebration of Family Day weekend, Swoop, a Canadian airline, surprised one big family with an epic destination family reunion, almost 10 years in the making. The Kryk family did things to do in Las Vegas with kids including enjoying the High Roller Observation Wheel at the LINQ Promenade, wandering the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas, exploring the city through Pink Jeep Tours, feeling like a kid at the Circus Circus Adventuredome, witnessing the high-energy acrobatics and inspiring imagery of Mystére by Cirque du Soleil and feasting at the indulgent Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace.

Bacchanal Buffet and High Roller –
Cirque Du Soleil -
Circus Circus Adventuredome:
Pink Jeep Adventure Tours –
Fremont Street Experience –




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