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10 Best Places to Visit in Saint Barthélemy


St. Barths Top Ten Things To Do, by Donna Salerno Travel

St Barths Top Ten Things To Do, is a tour of the most popular activities and highlights.
Saint Barthélemy, FWI is also know as St. Barths and considered one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean for the Jet-set crowd and celebrities. But it is a terrific destination for anyone, for fabulous beaches, restaurants and watersports activities.

Top Ten Things To Do on Vacation:
1) Gustavia: capital with shopping, restaurants and mega-yachts
2) St Jean Beach: Eden Rock hotel, beach, al fresco dining
3) Boating: fishing boats to mega-yachts
4) Snorkel & Dive: great for every age
5) Colombier Beach: north island beach with great swimming
6) Watersports: windsurf, paddle boards, jet-ski and more
7) Island Drive: scenic drives to explore island
8) Dining: Fench flovor from al-fresco to fine dining
9) Grand Cul de Sac: beach with Guanahani resort & more
10) Shopping: Duty free shopping with a European flair

Day trips are also available from St Barths (aka St. Barts) to St Maarten, Saba and Antigua. #St. Barths, # Saint Barthélemy

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Saint Barthelemy Tourist Attractions: 10 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Saint Barthelemy? Check out our Saint Barthelemy Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Saint Barthelemy.

Top Places to visit in Saint Barthelemy:
Colombier Beach, Anse du Gouverneur, St. Jean Beach, Grande Saline Beach, Shell Beach, Anse des Flamands, Lorient Beach, Toiny Coast, Grand Cul de Sac Beach, Corossol

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10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean

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10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean.
Caribbean getaways are a regular part of the good life for many. The beaches and sumptuous climate are the kind of delightful shock to the soul that everyone needs to recharge their batteries and be reminded that we are all children of the sun. But as familiar as many Caribbean Islands are in hospitality, grilled fish and music vibz, each Island-nation has its own distinct personality and layers of treasures to explore.
The following are ten of the best Caribbean Island destinations to include in any serious vacation bucket list.
1. Aruba
2. St Lucia
3. Bermuda
4. Barbados
5. Turks & Caicos
6. St Maarten
7. St Barts
8. US Virgin Islands
9. Anguilla
10. Jamaica
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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean 2018 | 4K

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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean.
Caribbean getaways are a regular part of the good life for many. The beaches and sumptuous climate are the kind of delightful shock to the soul that everyone needs to recharge their batteries and be reminded that we are all children of the sun. But as familiar as many Caribbean Islands are in hospitality, grilled fish and music vibz, each Island-nation has its own distinct personality and layers of treasures to explore.
The following are ten of the best Caribbean Island destinations to include in any serious vacation bucket list.
1. Aruba
2. St Lucia
3. Bermuda
4. Barbados
5. Turks & Caicos
6. St Marteen
7. St Barts
8. US Virgin Islands
9. Anguilla
10. Jamaica
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Beautiful St Barts - Eden Rock, St. Jean, Nikki Beach in 4K

Saint-Jean is a quartier of Saint Barthélemy usually referred to as St Barths (aka St Barts) in the Caribbean. It is located in the northern part of the tropical island. It contains one of the best-known beaches (including Nikki Beach, St Jean Beach) on the island and is the center of water sport activity on the island.

0:01 - SBH Saint Barthelemy St Barts Airport
0:30 - Eden Rock St Barts
2:42 - St Jean and Nikki Beach
4:00 - St Barths views
5:05 - St Jean Shopping Dining area

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St Barths ~ Saint Barthelemy ~ St Barts ~ Best UAV Drone Caribbean ~

More footage of beautiful Sint Barthelemy.
Saint Barthélemy, a volcanic island fully encircled by shallow reefs, has an area of 25 square kilometres (9.7 sq mi) and a population of 9,035 (Jan. 2011 estimate). Its capital is Gustavia, which also contains the main harbor to the island. It is the only Caribbean island which was a Swedish colony for any significant length of time; Guadeloupe was under Swedish rule only briefly at the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Symbolism from the Swedish national arms, the Three Crowns, still appears in the island's coat of arms. The language, cuisine, and culture, however, are distinctly French. The island is a popular tourist destination during the winter holiday season, especially for the rich and famous during the Christmas and new year period.

The landing runway is 2170 feet long, and the approach, from either direction, is often plagued by varying degrees of turbulence. As a result, the French aviation authorities require that a special permit be issued to any pilot who intends to land in St. Barts.

Those planning to land in St Barts will have to land in Grand Case, French St Martin, first, in order to get their qualification. St Barts Control tower (Telephone: 590 590 27 65 33 - Fax: 590 590 27 98 96 ) will tell you how to contact a French instructor for certification. It takes a couple of hours, and includes touch-and-go in both directions. Don't do it on a windy day with a hangover.

The landing fee varies from 8.5 Euros to 12.5 Euros, and parking fee is 5.5 Euros/ night.

There are no mechanic nor fuel on the field. Best nearby place for that is at Grand Case Airport in St. Martin. No fuel is available during their long lunch hour.

When you arrive or depart, you are required to deposit a General Declaration form with the immigration officer at the door and file a flight plan : call (+590) 590 27 65 33 or fax (+590) 590 27 98 96.

Destinations in this video: Saint Barthselemy Caribbean

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Filmed by Annie & Captain Eric Bergeron
Edited on Final Cut Pro X on Mac
Camera: Nikon S9900, Phantom, GoPro 4 Black & DJI Inspire 1
Music By: Ryan Taubert - Kings
Facebook: Annie Eric WeBeYachting
Website: WeBe2938ejErsmfdjWejjwodj


Just kicking it with my girlfriend & family in St. Barth's. Full post on my website:


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We stayed at Villa Xanadu which is managed by Eden Rock.

Beaches: Anse de St. Jean, Anse de Lorient, Anse Grand Cul-de-Sac, Anse de Grande Saline, Anse du Gouverneur, Petis Anse de Galet (Shell Beach), Anse de Columbier, Anse de Flamands, Anse des Cayes

Restaurants: Eden Rock (Sandbar & On The Rocks), Le Guanahani (Indigo on the Beach), Cheval Blanc (Isle de France), Santa Fe, Le Piment, JoJo Burger, Bonito, Bagatelle.

Note: The fireworks show was Jeff Gordon's (NASCAR) 10 Year Vowel Renewals.



Saint Barth Travel

Saint Barth Travel - Saint Barthélemy (French: Saint-Barthélemy, French pronunciation: [sɛ̃barteləˈmi]; Swedish: Sankt Barthelemy), officially the Collectivity of Saint Barthélemy (French: Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy), is an overseas collectivity of France. Often abbreviated to Saint-Barth in French, or St. Barts in English, the collectivity is one of the four territories among the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean that comprise the French West Indies, along with Guadeloupe, Martinique and St. Martin.

St. Barts has an area of 21 km² and a population of 8,398 (census 2006). Its capital is Gustavia, which is also its main harbor. It is the only Caribbean island to have historically been a Swedish colony for any significant length of time (Guadeloupe only having been one briefly, at the end of the Napoleonic Wars). The Swedish influence can still be found in architecture and street names.[citation needed] The language, cuisine and culture are distinctly French. ( source Wikipedia )
Enjoy Your Saint Barth Travel!

Back and Better Than Ever: The Recovery of St. Barth

Join New Jetsetters as we celebrate the recovery of the gorgeous, tiny Caribbean jewel that is St. Barthelemy Island in the French West Indies after it was nearly decimated by Hurricane Irma in 2016.

Best Caribbean Island for Honeymoon, St. Barts, France

Saint Barthelemy is an island in the French West Indies. This island also called as St. Barths, St. Barts and St. Barth. First European to discover this island was Christopher Columbus. He named it after his brother Bartolomeo.Capital city of this island is Gustavia. Famous tourist attractions are Saline Beach, St Jean Beach, Colombier Beach, Governor's Beach, Lorient Village and Gustavia city. Best time to visit this Island is December.

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Just Go Trav with Tammy Levent / NBC Daytime/ Enjoy Paradise in St Barts Exceptional Villas

There is a reason why the rich and famous flock to St Barts year after year. Imagine the south of France with all its wonderful culture and chicness and then combine that with the beauty of the Caribbean. It’s a totally winning combination. St Barts is also one of the safest places in the world. They say you can leave your purse in your convertible car, go for lunch and it will still be there when you return several hours later. St Barts is truly one of the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands. It is so tiny that you can drive around in an hour, yet it has 22 stunning picture postcard white sandy beaches. It has some of the world’s best restaurants. The culture of food and wine is greatly enhanced by the French culture. If you love fashion and shopping, there is nowhere quite like it. Island chic is brought to a whole new level on St Barts. The list is absolutely endless, but above all, the appeal of St Barts is often in what it doesn’t have! There are no casinos, no high-rise buildings, no golf courses and above all no crime.
All our Clients are VIP’s and treated like celebrities. We offer the best price guarantee and a full complimentary concierge service. We organize everything possible such as airport fast-tracking, car hire, ground transportation, restaurant bookings, boat trips and everything that will make the vacation as easy and as relaxing as possible.

Luxury Hotels - Eden Rock-St Barths - Saint-Jean

Eden Rock-St Barths
Baie de St-Jean
Saint-Jean 97133

Web :
Group/Affiliation : Oetker collection - Relais & Châteaux

Tourism in the Caribbean - Best Tourist Attractions

Tourism in the Caribbean - Best Tourist Attractions

Dominican Republic, Cuba, Bahamas, Jamaica, Saint Barths, Barbados, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Aruba and Curacao

The Caribbean is a region that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands (some surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and some bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean) and the surrounding coasts. The region is southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America.

Situated largely on the Caribbean Plate, the region comprises more than 700 islands, islets, reefs and cays. These islands generally form island arcs that delineate the eastern and northern edges of the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean islands, consisting of the Greater Antilles on the north and the Lesser Antilles on the south and east (including the Leeward Antilles), are part of the somewhat larger West Indies grouping, which also includes the Lucayan Archipelago (comprising the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands). The Lucayans and, less commonly, Bermuda, are also sometimes considered Caribbean despite the fact that none of these islands border the Caribbean Sea. In a wider sense, the mainland countries, regions, and territories of Belize, the Caribbean region of Colombia, Cozumel, the Yucatán Peninsula, Margarita Island, the Guyanas (Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Guayana Region in Venezuela, and Amapá in Brazil), are often included due to their political and cultural ties with the region.

Geopolitically, the Caribbean islands are usually regarded as a subregion of North America and are organized into 30 territories including sovereign states, overseas departments, and dependencies. From December 15, 1954, to October 10, 2010, there was a country known as the Netherlands Antilles composed of five states, all of which were Dutch dependencies. From January 3, 1958, to May 31, 1962, there was also a short-lived political union called the West Indies Federation composed of ten English-speaking Caribbean territories, all of which were then British dependencies. The West Indies cricket team continues to represent many of those nations.

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Inside St Barths - A Personal Look at My Favorite Place to Visit

Peel back all the glamour and glitz of this famous jet-setter island, and it can be a very charming, local experience. From the food and travel website,

The Best Beaches in St Barth

It's the jewel of the Caribbean, a tiny, luxurious island that's also home to some spectacular beaches: St Barth. And while this French Caribbean paradise has a little bit of everything, the sand is superb. Here are the Best Beaches in St Barth.

St. Barts

Video made about the beautiful island of St. Barts located in the Caribbean. The island of St. Barts is 8 miles squared where the official language is French but the majority of the people speak English.

Link to song:

Filmed in February of 2017.

Spots Filmed: Gustavia, St. Jean, Nikki Beach, and Governeur.

Saint Barth Vacation Ideas - Best Caribbean Travel Destination

Saint Barts Island is a paradise! Gustavia, St. Barths Island's best place for shopping - chic boutiques, duty free shops, and art galleries line the streets. St. Barth's tax-free ports attract shoppers from within the Caribbean, and even from mainland Europe. Gourmet restaurants serve mouthwatering French-inspired cuisine.
Getting around St. Barthelemy is easy due to the fact that its main economy is supported by tourism.
A picturesque island like this may strike you as a honeymoon destination, but it is not solely a place for newlyweds and couples to celebrate love in. St. Barth's beaches and resorts are suitable for friends and families. St. Barth has been a very popular destination wedding venue, and many villas, yachts, resorts, and private beaches host several weddings throughout the year.
For an island that gets around 300 sunny days a year, guests are recommended to make the most out of the island's tropical weather. If what you seek is a beach getaway, St. Barth has several beaches from where you can soak up the sand and play in the sand. It's most popular resorts include Shell Beach, which is within Gustavia, Saline Beach, which is considered a virgin beach to this day, Flamands, which is a less crowded and more exclusive destination, and Grand Cul-de-Sac, which attracts a lot of families visiting with children.
If your dream getaway involves a lot of sand, watersports, yachts, shopping, and romantic sunsets, stay in our stunning villas that dot the beautiful island of St. Barthelemy in the Caribbean.

Exploring the NUDE BEACH of St. Barth's! (MJ Sailing - EP 68)

It turns out you don't need a lot of money to be able to enjoy St. Barth's. You just need a scooter to take full advantage of all its beaches.

Having spent much of our time centered in Gustavia, we wanted to see what else the tropical paradise of St. Barthelemy had to offer. And prior to this, when we asked other travelers what there was to see and do on the island, their answer was always 'So and so beach'...and of course the airport.

Heading out in the morning we had a list of beaches to tackle, although really the main goal was just to drive and stop when something looked good. And it turns out...a lot of the beaches looked pretty good!

First was Anse de Colombier, which was a great hike leading to a beach and anchorage that left us drooling...and then back on the bike to Anse de Lorient which was fairly empty and had a laid back vibe.

Anse Marechal was the next stop for us...a popular beach with the kiteboarders. From the air, it was a spectacular view. Our fourth beach for the day we knew we needed to make a visit to. Anse de Grande Saline, or the nude beach. In French islands, all the beaches are topless, but usually they have one or two nude beaches also. And well....we kind of wanted the chance to go skinny dipping without getting a fine. The water here was amazing and we could have stayed all day.

There was a late lunch at JoJo's Burger Shack before watching the planes come in to land at the airport...the 3rd most dangerous in the world. And then and visit to our last beach of the day...Govuneuers Harbour.

Saint Barthelemy, you have really stolen our hearts.

Cheers from St. Barth's!

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Our boat: 1983 Trisalu 37 (custom aluminum, built in Quebec)

Where we've been: 2.5 year refit in Indiantown, Florida; Abacos, Bahamas; St. Barth's; St. Maarten; Antigua; Saba; Azores

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Application Destination St Barths

Envie de découvrir l'Ile de St Barthélemy en toute liberté ou de préparer votre voyage dans les meilleures conditions?
Où que vous soyez, vous pourrez retrouver facilement des informations touristiques essentielles sur les hôtels, villas, restaurants, l'actualité locale, les événements à venir, ou encore des services et informations pratiques pour faciliter votre séjour de réserver un hôtel ou une voiture en ligne.

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Top 10 Luxury Hotels in The Caribbean

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in The Caribbean ...

The Cliff Hotel
4-star hotel
West End Road, Negril, Jamaica ...

Four Seasons Resort Nevis
5 stars
P.O. Box 565, Pinney’s Beach, 0000 Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis ...

Tortuga Bay
5-star hotel
Punta Cana Motorway - Higuey, 23302 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic ...

Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa
5-star hotel
Lance Aux Epines, Grenada Saint Georgeʼs, Grenada ...

Eden Rock - St Barths
5-star hotel
Baie de St Jean, 97133 Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy ...

Marigot Bay Resort and Marina By Capella
5 stars
PO Box MG 7227, 00000 Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia ...

Baoase Luxury Resort
5 stars
Winterswijkstraat 2, Willemstad, Curaçao ...

Le Guanahani
5-star hotel
Grand Cul de Sac , 00000 Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy ...

Zoetry Agua Punta Cana
5 stars
Playa De Uvero Alto , Uvero Alto, 22000 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic ...

Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve
5-star hotel
100 Dorado Beach Drive, 00646 Dorado, Puerto Rico ...



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