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10 Best Places to Visit in Trinidad and Tobago


Best Places to Visit in Trinidad and Tobago

Best Places to Visit in Trinidad and Tobago

At just 42km long and around 14km at its widest point, Tobago is a breeze to roam around. Anyone spending more than a few days on the island will quickly familiarise themselves with the roads, bays and bends, and it will all start to feel like home. You’ll never have to drive more than an hour and a half – which also means that hotel and even airport pickups may be included as part of tours. Be aware though that the easily queasy may want to limit the number of times they zigzag across the island; the roads rollercoaster along steep hillsides and motion sickness is even more of a risk than sea sickness. The reward is that every crest of a hill results in sweeping views of sapphire seas or emerald jungle; the journey really is all part of the adventure.

1.Pigeon Point Beach
2.Port of Spain
3.Maracas Bay
4.Asa Wright Nature Centre & Lodge
5.Little Tobago Island
6.Caroni Bird Sanctuary
7.Buccoo Reef
8.Englishman’s Bay
9.Argyle Waterfall
10. Fort King George

20 Things to do in Trinidad & Tobago


Sweet Trinidad and Tobago! I finally had the good fortune to visit this Caribbean nation a few months ago and fell in love with the food, beaches, music, and proud culture. Here's a video of the 20 things I think you should to do when you go! Trini massive or Trini-lovers, what would you add to my list?

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Trinidad and Tobago

Top 10 Places to Visit in Trinidad and Tobago

I have reviewed the best places to see in Trinidad and Tobago. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. From magical nature to the unique culture, check this guide to discover a part of the endless destinations Trinidad & Tobago has to offer!

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"TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO" Top 40 Tourist Places | Trinidad and Tobago Tourism

Trinidad and Tobago (Things to do - Places to Visit) - TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Top Tourist Places
A country in the Caribbean

Trinidad and Tobago is a dual-island Caribbean nation near Venezuela, with distinctive Creole traditions and cuisines. Trinidad’s capital, Port of Spain, hosts a boisterous carnival featuring calypso and soca music.

Numerous bird species inhabit sanctuaries such as the Asa Wright Nature Centre. The smaller island of Tobago is known for its beaches and the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, which shelters hummingbirds.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Top 40 Tourist Places | Trinidad and Tobago Tourism

Things to do in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Places to Visit in Trinidad and Tobago

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TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Top 40 Tourist Places - Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean


Every year, travellers flock to Trinidad and Tobago to experience the famous Carnival. Myself and 7 other bloggers/vloggers headed to Trinidad and Tobago to experience what the twin island countries had to offer pre-carnival. In this video, we experience one of the happiest places I've ever travelled throughout...Trinidad. From great food to soca dance parties, Trinidad is a places of celebration and smiling people!

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Places visited in this video:

Maracas Beach Bake & Shark
Hanuan Murti
Caroni Bird Sanctuary/Wetlands tour:
Hyatt’s for LIME Fete:

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Datev Gallagher

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A Tourist's Guide to Port of Spain, Trinidad

Country number 2 of 10 on my Caribbean island hop!

I fly into the capital, Port of Spain, see the sights and take a detour to see some hummingbirds.

10 Things NOT to Do in Trinidad and Tobago

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This twin island nation will absolutely reward your time. If you get the opportunity to travel to Trinidad and Tobago, go there. However, here are 10 things NOT to do.

1. Don’t Stay in Trinidad
Tobago has a tourist-friendly atmosphere and the best resorts. Trinidad has a bit more of a problem with crime; in fact, even the hotels recommend that you not hang out outdoors in after dark.

2. Don’t Try the Moruga Scorpion Pepper Without a Glass of Milk Handy
Trinidad has recently invented the world’s hottest pepper, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper, which clocks in at about 1.4 million SHU on the Scoville scale, the international measure of shale pepper heat. The Scorpion is hot. Beware.

3. Don’t Overlook the Diving Opportunities
The water around Trinidad and Tobago is typically very warm and clear. Also, the island nation is home to some of the world’s most unique coral deposits and more than 40 certified diving locations.

4. Don’t Be Rude While Dancing at Carnival
During this extremely omnivorous celebration, you’ll attract strangers to you like flies. Don’t be a jerk. If you’re approached by someone you’d rather not hang with, just tap their hand and they’ll leave.

5. Don't try the Weed
Here, people can often be seen toking up in public. You should know that weed is still illegal and tourists are more likely to attract police attention for breaking that particular law. You’ve been warned.

6. Don’t miss the Goat Racing
Since 1925, Tobago has been the world’s home to goat racing. During the unusual contest, a jockey runs alongside their goat, leading them onward with a leash … it’s strange, but kind of fun to check out.

7. Don’t Just Wander into the Rainforest
The jungles are everywhere, so it might be tempting to wander into them just to have a peek at what’s living in the recesses. But only go into the jungle if you’re accompanied by an actual naturalist who knows what they’re doing.

8. Don’t Skip the Island’s Musical Traditions
Trinidad and Tobago has a rich musical history. The island nation is the home of the steel pan drum, the only musical instrument invented in the 20th century. Calyspo also found its birthplace in Trinidad and Tobago.

9. Don’t Chug the Puncheon
That delicious liquor cocktail might taste like a wondrous concoction, but Trinidad and Tobago’s popular puncheon is about 75 percent alcohol. If you’re planning on drinking for a while, either take small sips and keep water handy, or pick something else.

10. Don’t Forget the Mud
You might not think to gravitate toward a place that’s described as a mud volcano, but Trinidad and Tobago is home to some of the most interesting spa experiences. Places like Piparo Mud Volcano attract mud-loving tourists who are searching for the substance’s purported healing properties.

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Best Trinidad and Tobago hotels 2019: YOUR Top 20 hotels in Trinidad and Tobago

The 20 Best Trinidad and Tobago Hotels - 2019

1. Grand Diamond Trinidad
Address: LP 12 Golden Grove Rd, Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago

2. Hyatt Regency Trinidad
Address: 1 Wrightson Road, 00000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

3. Mount Irvine Bay Resort
Address: Mt irvine Tobago, Grafton, Trinidad and Tobago

4. Metro Hotel Couva
Address: Noel Street, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago

5. Kapok Hotel
Address: 16-18 Cotton Hill, 00000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

6. Blue Waters Inn
Address: Batteaux Bay, 99910 Speyside, Trinidad and Tobago

7. Courtyard by Marriott Port of Spain
Address: Invaders Bay, Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

8. Crown Point Beach Hotel
Address: Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point, Trinidad and Tobago

9. Kariwak Village Hotel
Address: Kariwak Village Street, Crown Point, Trinidad and Tobago

10. Mt Plaisir Estate Hotel
Address: 3 Hosang Street Grande Riviere, Grande Riviere, Trinidad and Tobago

11. The Hummingbird
Address: Store Bay Local Road 128, The Hummingbird, Crown Point, Trinidad and Tobago

12. Studio 27 Inn
Address: 106 3rd street, Eliza Gardens Madras Road, Saint Helena, Trinidad and Tobago

13. Viola's Place
Address: 101 Hampden Road, Tobago, Lowlands, Trinidad and Tobago

14. Enchanted Waters Tobago
Address: 198-202 Shirvan Road, Buccoo, Trinidad and Tobago

15. Blue Haven Hotel - Bacolet Bay - Tobago
Address: Po.Box 8, Po.Box 8 Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago

16. L’Orchidee Boutique Hotel
Address: 3 Coblentz Gardens, St. Ann’s, 00000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

17. Acajou Hotel
Address: 207 Paria Main Road, 00000 Grande Riviere, Trinidad and Tobago

18. Tropikist Beach Hotel and Resort
Address: Old Store Bay Road, Crown Point, Crown Point, Trinidad and Tobago

19. Radisson Hotel Trinidad
Address: Wrightson Road, 00000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

20. Holiday Inn Express Trincity
Address: Exposition Drive 1, 00000 Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago

Best places to visit

Best places to visit - Villa Trinidad (Argentina) Best places to visit - Slideshows from all over the world - City trips, nature pictures, etc.

Port of Spain, Trinidad. History, Economy, Tourism, Climate

Port of Spain is the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago and the country's second-largest city after San Fernando. Port of Spain is a great place to spend a couple of days and is the hub for the Trinidad's famous carnival. It has been the capital since 1757. The city serves primarily as a retail and administrative centre. It is also an important financial services centre for the Caribbean. Port of Spain is a leading city in the Caribbean region.

Port of Spain is located on the Gulf of Paria, on the northwest coast of the island of Trinidad. Port of Spain measures about 10.4 km2 in area.

The Port of Spain was founded near the site of the Amerindian fishing village of Cumucurapo, located in the area today known as Mucurapo, west of the city centre. Spanish settlers, who established a port here Puerto de España.

The city has a tropical wet and dry climate climate characterized by warm to hot temperatures year-round, with little seasonal variation. nighttime temperatures dip somewhat during the winter months from January to March. Temperatures typically range from 19 to 34 °C. The wet season lasts from June to November, and the dry season lasts from December to May.

Piarco International Airport is about 45 minutes from the center of Port of Spain. From Tobago there are 14 flights a day on Tobago Express, which is operated by Caribbean Airlines. The most common route of transportation around the island are the public use taxis, called maxi-taxis.

Port of Spain is a shopping and business centre for much of the country. Most government offices are also located in the city. local banks headquartered here have helped it become a financial centre for the Caribbean and Central America region. Trinidad's economy is based on natural gas and oil. The city is also home to the largest container port on the island and is one of several shipping hubs of the Caribbean.

The pre-lenten Carnival is the city's main annual cultural festival and tourist attraction. Port of Spain offers a range of nightclubs and entertainment complexes. A great variety of restaurants including Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Thai, Venezuelan-Panyol, French, Japanese, Chinese, Creole, American and Indian can be found in Port of Spain. Port of Spain is also a cultural hub for the country. Regular dance and theatre productions occur.

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15 Things to do in Tobago

15 things I think you should do when you visit Tobago!
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How To Travel In Trinidad

Want to know how to Travel in Trinidad?! Watch me navigate Port of Spain using public transportation! So next time you are Caribbean hopping you'll be a pro. I talk about how to use Maxis and Taxis as I ride the bus in Trinidad and Tobago. How to make a payment and know how to get on and off!

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Top10 Recommended Hotels in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Top10 Recommended Hotels in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
1. Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre ****
2. Kapok Hotel ***
3. Radisson Hotel Trinidad ***
4. Courtyard Port of Spain ***
5. Hotel Normandie Limited ****
6. Hyatt Regency Trinidad *****
7. Inn at 87 ***
8. A Suite Escape Guest House Trinidad ***
9. L’Orchidée Boutique Hotel ***
10. Forty Winks Inn ***

1. IB Lady Young Road, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
This modern hotel is in Port of Spain, next to Queen’s Park and the Botanical Gardens. It includes an outdoor pool, spa, tennis courts and a fitness center.
2. 16-18 Cotton Hill, 00000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Located a 5-minute walk from Queen’s Park Savannah and from Ellerslie Plaza, Kapok Hotel features a swimming pool, garden and a terrace. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout.
3. Wrightson Road, 00000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Offering an outdoor pool and a restaurant, Radisson Hotel Trinidad is located in Port-of-Spain, overlooking the Gulf of Paria. It features free WiFi and a fitness centre.
4. Invaders Bay, Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
This hotel is 3.5 km from Emperor Valley Zoo and Port of Spain Botanical Gardens. It features an outdoor pool, restaurant and spacious rooms with a 32-inch flat-screen TV.
5. 10 Nook Avenue St Ann´s, Trinidad Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Set between the rain forest and Queen’s Park Savannah, the Hotel Normandie Limited features an outdoor pool, bright accommodations and a Pilates studio. There is a restaurant, café and bakery.
6. 1 Wrightson Road, 00000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Hyatt Regency Trinidad is a 5-minute walk from Trinidad and Tobago Water Taxi and Ferry Terminal, plus it features an outdoor infinity pool, a state-of-the-art gym and a business center.
7. 87 Woodford St. Newtown, 00000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Located a 2 minutes’ walk from Queen’s Park Savannah, Inn at 87 offers laundry service, free WiFi and free private parking.
8. Westmoorings, 000000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Suite Escape Guest House is a convenient location for Business, Carnival & Other Events in Westmoorings a 5 minute drive to Woodbrook, Queens Park Savannah the Oval where all the shows are held and...
9. 3 Coblentz Gardens, St. Ann’s, 00000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
This quaint, attractive hotel is located within a 5-minute walk of Port of Spain City Centre and offers guests free parking, conference facilities and a business centre.
10. 24 Warner St. Newtown, , 00000 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Centrally in Port Spain Capital City and a 2 minute drive from Queen’s Park Savannah, the Forty Winks Inn features colorful décor, a furnished terrace and free Wi-Fi throughout.

Trinidad & Tobago: Best Places to Visit The Caribbean

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TOBAGO Travel Guide | TOP 10 THINGS to See

Villa Sans-Souci is located in the Tobago Plantations Golf, Beach & SPA Resort with its entry and exists controlled by manned security gates. The villa is situated on the 12th fairway of the golf course with its swimming pool, whirl-pool, balconies and manicured garden looking on to tropical coconut trees decorating the golf fairways being reflected in magnificent golden Caribbean sunsets. 15 minutes drive from Arthur Robinson International Airport, Main town Scarborough, groceries and shopping.

Villa Sans-Souci is only 400 meters walk away from the newly renovated Hilton now called the Magdalena Grand Hotel – also in the resort & situated on the beach with its bars, restaurants and beach facilities. The golf club; located also in the resort is just about the same walking distance away. One can walk the trails of the golf course within the resort before 8 AM in the morning & from 5 PM in the afternoon ( attention to golfers ) and not just play golf or enjoy the beach but experience tropical nature at its best. A PGA 18 hole international golf course awaits you with its several lakes and sea coast views….

Only 12 minutes drive away

Only 300 meters away at the MAGDALENA GRAND HOTEL – Also in the RESORT

Agent on spot to greet and manage the villa.
For Car Rentals:

Covered Garage for Parking

We also provide free Wi-Fi with good speeds

On Request Your housekeeper will prepare meals at a small extra cost.

4 Ring Stove Infra Red, Hob, Dishwasher, Freezer, Grill, Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator and Ice Maker. Washing Machine & Dryer.

Daily housekeeping with private housekeeper

Audio Tape Player, CD Player, Radio, Satellite / Cable, Stereo and Television also provide only for your entertainment.

Ground management services – will ensure your check-in and give a full description of all equipment and alarm systems.

Villa Sans-Souci is fully equipped with all linen, crockery, utensils, glassware, cutlery & we even supply beach & pool towels.






Call now +41-(0)21 312 29 21
Visit -
Email -

What To See In Trinidad.Places To Visit In Trinidad

Trinidad Tourist Attractions.Things To See In Trinidad.Places To See In Trinidad

Top10 Recommended Hotels in Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago

Top10 Recommended Hotels in Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
1. Half Moon Blue Hotel ***
2. Grafton Beach Resort ***
3. Blue Haven Hotel - Bacolet Bay - Tobago ****
4. Bacolet Beach Club ****
5. Being Villa ****
6. Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort ***
7. Ade's Domicil
8. Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort ****
9. Villas at Stonehaven ****
10. Tobago Hibiscus Golf Villas & Appartments ****

1. 73 Bacolet St, Tobago / West I Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
This boutique hotel overlooks Bacolet Bay and is located beneath the hill of Fort King George. Guests can enjoy an ocean view
and access to Half Moon Blue Hotel's private beach opposite the hotel.
2. Stonehaven Bay, Black Rock, Tobago / West I Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
This beachfront resort is located in Stonehaven Bay on Tobago’s hilly northwest coast. Surrounded in tropical gardens, it offers 2 squash courts, an outdoor pool with swim-up bar and a diving school.
3. Po.Box 8, Po.Box 8 Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
Blue Haven Hotel - Bacolet Bay - Tobago is located on the seafront, 100 metres from Bacolet Bay Beach. It offers a restaurant, an outdoor pool and air-conditioned rooms with ocean views.
4. 73 Bacolet St, Tobago / West I Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
Set on a private beach of Bacolet Bay, this boutique hotel features an infinity pool and rooms with views of the Caribbean Sea. Bacolet Beach Club is 15 minutes’ drive from Tobago Airport.
5. Arnos Vale, 00000 Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
Being Villa is a self-catering accommodation located in Scarborough that offers free WiFi access, an outdoor swimming pool and a beautiful garden with an ocean view. The property offers free parking.
6. Stonehaven Bay, Tobago / West I Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
This delightful adult-only resort is located in scenic Stonehaven Bay. It offers an outdoor pool, a Spa with hot tub, massage and beauty treatments and tennis courts, 8 km from Scarborough.
7. 19 Old Lighthouse Road, Bacolet Point, Tobago, 00000 Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
Located 1 km away from Minister Bay Beach in Scarborough, Ade’s Domicil features free private on-site parking and free Wi-Fi access throughout the property.
8. Tobago Plantations Estate , 00000 Lowlands, Trinidad and Tobago
Offering a private beach area, hot tub and 3 swimming pools with sun terrace, Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort is set on the shores of Little Rockly Bay and 10 minutes’ drive from Scarborough City.
9. Stonehaven Bay , 1079 Black Rock, Trinidad and Tobago
Villas at Stonehaven are only a 1-minute drive from the Stoneheaven Bay and all feature accommodations with ocean views, free Wi-Fi connection and a private pool. Public parking is available for free.
10. Kimme Drive, Mt. Irvine, Bethel, Trinidad and Tobago
Located in Bethel, Tobago Hibiscus Golf Villas & Appartments offers an outdoor pool. This self-catering accommodation
features free WiFi.

10 Best Places to Retire in the Caribbean

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10 Best Places to Retire in the Caribbean.
When it comes to planning your dream Caribbean retirement, not all Caribbean islands are the same. Some offer more cosmopolitan environments, others more rugged. Others offer more luxury, others more affordability. But when it comes to finding that perfect mix of affordability, available real estate and sheer excitement, it may be better to look where others are not. These are the best places to retire that you may have never thought of.
1. Barbuda
2. Culebra
3. Dominica
4. Anegada
5. Cayman Brac
6. Cat Island, Bahamas
7. Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe
8. Great Exuma
9. Little Exuma
10. Roatan

Alan Walker - Spectre [NCS Release]
Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release]
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We took a trip to Icacos point which is located on the most south western part Trinidad. It is the closest point to Venezuela from Trinidad and the body of water between the south western side of Trinidad to Venezuela is called the serpents mouth. It took us about two hours from Grand bazaar to get there. From Icacos, we got a view of Venezuela from Trinidad.

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Some beautiful locations in Trinidad and Tobago... my beautiful island.

Good friends good company... the site is beautiful as always, I think it's like almost 10 years since I was at this location, still a calm place. #hannumantemple #temple #trinidadandtobago (Shot and Edited on #iphone7plus ) con mi amigas @bygaby_mm @dixyleon y #mama y #sistagaby



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