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10 Best Places to Visit in Oman


Top 50 Places to Visit in Oman [Middle East] - A Tour Through Images | Oman

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#Oman [#MiddleEast] is an Arab country on the southeastern coast of the #ArabianPeninsula. Oman has a wealth of Beauty and Culture which can attract people from all over the world to visit there. Here is our list of the Top 50 #BeautifulPlacesInOman so you can spend your time wisely.

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Top 50 Beautiful Places to Visit in Oman [Middle East]:

1- #JabrinFort (Jabrin)
2- #BahlaFort (Nizwa)
3- #TanufRuins (Nizwa)
4- #JebelAkhdar (Nizwa)
5- Nizwa Souk (Nizwa)
6- #SoharFort (Sohar)
7- #BukhaFort (Musandam Governorate)
8- #NakhalFort (Al Batinah Governorate)
9- Bin Ali Tomb (Mirbat)
10- Bait Al Zubair (Muscat)
11- The National Museum (Muscat)
12- Sultan's Armed Forces Museum (Muscat)
13- Amouage Perfumery (Muscat)
14- Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre (Muscat)
15- Ghalya's Museum of Modern Art (Muscat)
16- Natural History Museum (Muscat)
17- Bait Al-Baranda Museum (Muscat)
18- Children's Museum (Muscat)
19- Omani - French Museum (Muscat)
20- Royal Opera House (Muscat)
21- Qurum Beach (Muscat)
22- Qurum Natural Park (Muscat)
23- Wadi Al Arbeieen (Muscat)
24- Bediyah Safari Tours (Muscat)
25- Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque (Muscat)
26- Pebble Beach (Muscat)
27- #MuscatCityCentre (Muscat)
28- Al-Riyam Park (Muscat Governorate)
29- Al Alam Royal Palace (Muscat Governorate)
30- Omani Heritage Gallery (Muscat Governorate)
31- Wadi Dayqah Dam (Muscat Governorate)
32- Old Castle Museum (Al Kamil Wal Wafi)
33- The Currency Museum of Oman (Ruwi)
34- Al Mughsail Beach (Salalah)
35- Museum of the Frankincense Land (Salalah)
36- Teeq Cave and Tawi Ateer Sinkhole (Salalah)
37- Sultan's Palace (Salalah)
38- Nabi Imran A.S Tomb (Salalah)
39- Khor Ruri (Salalah)
40- Sumhuram Old City (Salalah)
41- Wadi Bani Khalid (Ash-Sharqiyah Governorate)
42- Turtle Beach (Al Hadd)
43- Al Hoota Cave (Al Hamra)
44- Murtada A.K. Trading (Muttrah)
45- Bimmah Sink hole (Dibba Al Bay Ah)
46- Ibri Castle (Ibri)
47- Bait Na'am (Barka)
48- Sunaysilah Fort (Sur)
49- Sur Maritime Museum (Sur)
50- Wadi Shab (Sur)


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10 Best Places to Visit in Oman

Oman, a nation on the Arabian Peninsula, has terrain encompassing desert, riverbed oases and long coastlines on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. Wahiba Sands is a region of dunes inhabited by Bedouins. The port capital, Muscat, is home to the massive, contemporary Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, and the old waterfront Muttrah quarter, with a labyrinthine souk and busy fish market.
Capital: Muscat
Dialing code: +968
Currency: Omani rial
GDP (PPP): 2017 estimate
Capital and largest city: Muscat; 23°36′N 58°33′E / 23.600°N 58.550°E

Oman Travel Tales Episode 2 - Top 7 Things To Do In Muscat | Curly Tales

Muscat in Oman is famous for dazzling souks, gorgeous seas, trek deserts at sundown and amazing architecture & more. Explore Oman and discover the top 7 things you must do in Muscat. Don't to forget to drop us your valuable feedback.

#CurlyTales #ExperienceOman #TravelTales

Ep 01 - Reasons You Should Visit Oman:
Ep 03 - Oman's Highest Luxury Resort:
Ep 04 - Places to Visit in Nizwa:
Ep 05 - Camping in The Middle Of Omani Desert:

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Top Things To Do In Oman | Travel With Me

The best kept secret in the middle east, Oman is a country for your rugged adventure whether its offroading, watching 100's of dolphins in the wild sea, a land of desert Safari and Bedouins, jumping in wild wadis and sinkholes and watching Turtles by night!

Travelling to Oman,Here's everything you need to know

Salalah 10 Best Places to Visit || #salalahkhareef || Salalah tour || Oman

Top 10 best places of Salalah for tourist for the khareef season 2019.Many people dont know about many of these beaitiful places that i shared.Do visit these places in khareef season. The best time to see waterfalls is the month of august when most of the waterfalls start here. This beautiful season of khareef start from 21st June and lasts till 21st September every year.Durring this season everything here turns lush green and waterfalls start .Durring these days rain is falling continuosly and fog is on the moutains all the time.The temperature is between 20 degree to 28 degree centigrade.Its even less on mountain tops.That makes Salalah a very special place, when the most of the world is facing highest summer temperature this place becomes cool with beautiful weather and scenery .
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Important note :
Dear viewrs waterfalls are natural phenomenon ...they start falling and also stop falling whenever and at whatever day and time , its a total natural phenomenon but most of the water falls do start in the month of august. No one can predict that when they stop.So, please keep that in mind while going to waterfalls.They may fall very fast at times and they may fall slowly at other times and they may totaly disappear too even in the peak of the khareef season.

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MUSCAT Top 44 Tourist Places | Muscat Tourism | OMAN

Muscat (Things to do - Places to Visit) - MUSCAT Top Tourist Places
Capital of Oman
Muscat, Oman’s port capital, sits on the Gulf of Oman surrounded by mountains and desert. With a history dating back to antiquity, it mixes high-rises and upscale shopping malls with clifftop landmarks such as the 16th-century Portuguese forts, Al Jalali and Mirani, looming over Muscat Harbor.

Its modern, marble-clad Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, with 50m dome and prodigious Persian carpet, can accommodate 20,000 people.

MUSCAT Top 44 Tourist Places | Muscat Tourism

Things to do in MUSCAT - Places to Visit in Muscat

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MUSCAT Top 44 Tourist Places - Muscat, Oman, Middle East

Top 10 places To Visit in oman | Top 10 Places To Visit Oman Before They Disappear

Top 10 places To Visit in Oman | Top 10 Places To Visit Oman Before They Disappear

1. Misfat al Abryeen

Misfat Al Abriyeen city is situated in Wilayt AlHamra in A'Dakhiliyah Governorate. it's far characterized by its again boulevards, ordinary
structures, high clean frameworks.

2. Masirah Island

Masirah or Mazeira Island is an island off the East monetary organization of region Oman and the greatest island of Oman. Wikipedia

3. Bahla

Bahla is an UNESCO worldwide foundation site city, found forty km some separation from Nizwa, and around 2 hundred km from Oman's capital Muscat which lies in the advancement Dakhiliyah region of Oman. Wikipedia

4. Salalah

Salalah is the capital city of southern Oman's Dhofar district. it is perceived for its banana homes, Arabian Sea shorelines and waters
flourishing with sea ways of life. The Khareef, a consistently rainstorm, adjustments the sell out region directly into a well off, unpracticed scene and makes intermittent waterfalls. The Frankincense Land Museum, some bit of the Al Balid Archeological site, depicts the city's maritime records and part in the pizzazz trade.

5. Jebel Akhdar

The Jebel Akhdar, Jabal Akhdar or Al Jabal Al Akhdar, is a lump of the Al Hajar Mountains amplify in promotion Dakhiliyah Governorate of Oman. Wikipedia

6. Ras al Jinz

Ras al Jinz (Ras al Junayz), the easternmost reason for the Arabian Peninsula, is a ... Oman has a basic component to play in the security of this imperiled.

7. Musandam Fjords

perceive Musandam Fjords Dhow Cruise as a normal for your warily coordinate event to Oman. connect with considered one of Audley's specialists to begin masterminding your best trip.

8. Wahiba Sands

The Sharqiya Sands is a range of neglect in Oman. The region transformed into named for the Bani Wahiba tribe. The domain is described by means of a limitation of one hundred eighty
kilometers north to south and 80 kilometers east to west, with a zone of 12,500 rectangular kilometers. Wikipedia

nine. Nizwa

Nizwa is an out of date city inside the advertisement Dakhiliyah region of northern Oman. It sits on a straightforward depicted through normal conduits and palm farms. it's perceived for Nizwa post, a chateau with an extraordinary round and opening tower worked inside the seventeenth century to shield the town's position
on an imperative interchange way. The flanking business focus, Nizwa Souk, is settled with meticulous work backs off and silversmiths running in little shops.

10. Muscat

Muscat, Oman's port capital, sits at the Gulf of Oman incorporated by utilizing mountains and neglect. With history going again to remnant, it mixes tall frameworks and upscale shopping offices with clifftop purposes of enthusiasm, for instance, the sixteenth century Portuguese posts, Al Jalali and Mirani, drawing nearer over Muscat Harbor. Its cutting range, marble-clad Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, with 50m vault and monstrous Persian cowl, can coordinate 20,000 individuals.

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OMAN WADIS: The Most Beautiful Desert Oasis and Tips on Traveling to Them

We talk about swim suit dress code, the best Wadi's to go to, how to get there and why Oman is one of our favorite places in the entire world. But Oman isn't cheap... how were we able to afford renting a car to travel around to all of the water holes- watch to find out!!
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Top 15 Tourist places in Muscat city a visit


Muscat in Oman is famous for dazzling souks, gorgeous seas, trek deserts at sundown and amazing architecture & more. This video will take you on city tour exploring Muscat top tourist attractions, sight seeing places and top things to do. The tour of the city includes visits to the Muscat, Oman مسقط, Muttrah , Souk Royal Opera House Muscat دار الأوبرا السلطانية, , Old Muscat Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque جامع السلطان قابوس الأكبر , and Al Alam Palace قصر العلم. Explore Oman and discover the top things you must do in Muscat.

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OMAN Top 45 Tourist Places | Oman Tourism

Oman (Things to do - Places to Visit) - OMAN Top Tourist Places
A country in the Middle East
Oman, officially the Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. Its official religion is Islam.

Holding a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, the country shares land borders with the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest, and shares marine borders with Iran and Pakistan.

OMAN Top 45 Tourist Places | Oman Tourism

Things to do in OMAN - Places to Visit in Oman

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OMAN Top 45 Tourist Places - Oman, Middle East

OMAN Tourist Attraction | Best Place to Visit in Oman

#FullMooNTv Explorer

Oman Attractions & Must-See Oman Guide - Oman Tour Ideas

Oman attractions and must-see Oman guide. Discover Oman with our Oman guided tours and itineraries, or relax in the amazing luxury Oman hotels on offer with Direct Traveller.

For the best deals to Oman - visit Oman specialist Direct Traveller where you can find amazing exclusive offers and holiday deals to Muscat hotels and many other Oman hotels and Oman tours.

Travel Guide to Oman

Peaceful and tranquil, Oman occupies the southeastern part of the Arabian peninsula and has long been an important gateway for trade between Africa and Asia, once controlling the lucrative trade in frankincense.

A land of ancient seafarers, and home to the legendary Sinbad, historically the country was long closed off to the outside world and, even today, still exudes a captivating aura of myth and mystery. A compelling blend of the old and the new, its impeccably maintained capital, Muscat combines traditional Arabic and Islamic styles with ancient fortifications and architectural treasures that sets it apart from many other modern cities in the Middle East.

Today, Oman enjoys a reputation as a modern Arabic country that retains much of its old desert traditions. Outside the cities, its spectacular desert scenery is riddled with high mountains and fertile oases that hide deep canyons and beautiful coastlines that harbour deserted beaches, lush wadis and a whole array of fascinating fortresses. To the south, beyond the Qara Mountains, lies the city of Salalah, a surprisingly lush eden, whose waterfalls and frankincense trees benefit from the annual fruits of the monsoon rains. In a country that is 80% desert, Salalah is a real treat and every trip to Oman is completed by the hospitality of its welcoming people, who are visibly proud of their unique country.

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Oman | Best Places in Oman

Table of Contents
1. Muscat
2. Nizwa
3. Wahiba Sands
4. Musandam Fjords
5. Ras al Jinz
6. Jebel Akhder
7. Salalah
8. Bahla
9. Masirah Island
10. Misfat al Abryeen
11. Muttrah Souq
12. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
13. Wadi Bani Khalid
14. Jebel Shams
15. Majilis Al Jinn
16. Royal Opera House
17. Wadi Damm
18. Sands of Rub Al Khali
19. Bimmah Sinkhole
20. Sur
21. Wadi Shab
22. Al Khaluf
23. Dhofar
24. Khasab Fortress
25. Taqah Castle in Mirbat

Best Places in Salalah Oman for Tourist ALI AAKASH أفضل الأماكن في صلالة عمان للسياحة

Must Hit on subscribe Button Guys. :) This is a Video Guide for those who want to visit best places in Salalah Oman . I hope you will find the best Places to visit in this Video.

Oman Best Tourist Attractions of 2018 that You Should Visit | Tour Report

Oman Best Tourist Attractions 2018 : In this video i have compiled my Oman Holidays 2018 Travel videos, short clips, pictures of Oman tourist spots and some best places in Oman that i will recommend you to visit.

1. Al Alam Palace Muttrah .
2. sultan qaboos port mahtra.
3. Mahtra Beach and Parks.
4. Barka Beach and much more
5. Muttrah, Barqa, Muscat. :)

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One of the best tourist places in Oman, Monsoon Starts June to September. Weather dip 25 degrees in Salalah. Waterfalls, river, mountain road travel, swimming, and more entertainment. You can't feel you are staying in the desert.

(Salalah Oman) صلالة عمان
பாலை வனத்தில் ஒரு சோலைவனம்.(A LAKE FOREST IN THE DESERT.)

Best places in Salalah locations in google maps.

Note: There Many places available. I selected the best places.

What are the best places in Salalah, Oman?
1. Mughsail Beach
2. Darbat waterfalls
3. Wadi darbat boating
4. Wadi Darbat
5. Salalah Hills road
6. Gravity point
7. Ayn razat
8. Ayn Athum waterfalls
9. Ayn turbook
10. Archaeological Gallery
11. Ain garziz
12. Nabi Ayub
13. Atin Mountain
14. Salalah City tour
15. Coconut shop street
16. Salalah City view
17. Koorspring falls

Weather condition?
Temperature approx. 25 degree in July and August

Google map works in Oman?
Yes. works but navigation not working due to GPS signal week. Try any other navigation app.

Best time to visit Salalah?
monsoon Season starts from June to until September. Best time to visit salalah JULY AND AUGUST month. If you are going to expect these months, no waterfalls, no water in the river, no monsoon and completely dry. better June to September the best time to visit.

How to reach from Muscat to Salalah?
Two options to reach Salalah
1. Travel by your own vehicles it will take 12 hours from Muscat Journey in the desert. from Muscat to Salalah 300 km no problem, remain 700 km deep desert. (don't drive day time in the peak summer, temperature touch more than 45 degrees). keep your vehicle very good condition then travel.
2. Travel by flight takes 1 hr 30 min, direct flight from Muscat to Salalah.

Any Gas station Available between Muscat to Salalah?
Don't worry, every 100 km (approx) Gas station and restrooms available. better keep your vehicle fuel tanks in full condition.

Debit and credit card acceptance in Oman gas station?
No. Mostly not accept debit cards or credit cards. better carry cash.

Is there any Hotel rooms available in Salalah?
Yes. There are many types of rooms available, Price slightly higher during season time. Price starts at Approx. 15 OMR.

Muscat to Salalah road is good?
Yes, Very good road but a 2-way road, drive safely and Speed limit 120km/h.

Did you cover all places in Salalah?
No. because I stayed in 3 days. there are many places to visit Salalah.

How Long stay in Salalah to cover all place?
At least 4 to 5 days stay in Salalah to cover all place.

Did they accept gulf country currencies?
Yes. Accepted all outlet. For example, if you have AED (United Arab Emirates). Just pay AED and get balance in OMR. No issue about currencies.

Salalah is the capital city of southern Oman's Dhofar province. It's known for its banana plantations, Arabian Sea beaches and waters teeming with sea life. The Khareef, an annual monsoon, transforms the desert terrain into a lush, green landscape and creates seasonal waterfalls. The Frankincense Land Museum, part of the Al Balid Archaeological Site, recounts the city’s maritime history and role in the spice trade.

All Footage was taken with XPERIA XZ MOBILE.

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Explore Oman, The Best Places to Visit in Oman

On the edge of the Arabian Peninsula, you’ll find the Sultanate of Oman. Often overlooked by travelers, Oman is an exotic destination filled with incredible attractions and cities. The capital of Muscat is by far the most popular destination, but it only contains a small part of what makes Oman great. If you’re thrilled by desert landscapes, incredible mountain ranges, historic forts and warm beaches throughout the year, then make Oman the next destination on your travel bucket list. An overview of the best places to visit in Oman:

Keywords expoza travel oman, muscat oman travel, oman travel documentary,

Best Places in Salalah Oman for Tourist a visit..



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