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10 Best Places to Visit in Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone Tourist Attractions: 10 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Sierra Leone? Check out our Sierra Leone Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Sierra Leone.

Top Places to visit in Sierra Leone:
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Bureh Beach, River Number Two Beach, John Obey Beach, Lakka Beach, Lumley Beach, Cotton Tree, Outamba Kilimi National Park, Bunce Island, Banana Islands

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Best Places to Visit in Sierra Leone

Here you can learn about the Best Places to Visit in Sierra Leone. There are many tourist attractions in Sierra Leone.

Official Sierra Leone Tourism Video

Sierra Leone Tourism

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Tourist attraction in Sierra Leone

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travel to : Sierra Leone !!!

Best places to visit in Sierra Leone !

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Regent, beautiful suburb of Freetown in Sierra Leone, mountainous town, friendly people

Regent is a mountainous town in the Western Area Rural District of Sierra Leone. Regent lies approximately fifteen miles east of Freetown, and close to the village of Gloucester. The population of Regent is largely from the Creole ethnic group.
Regent is the hometown of Sierra Leonean economist and politician Solomon A.J Pratt
Regent was founded in 1812 to provide accommodation for liberated enslaved Africans, who had been brought to Freetown by the British Royal Navy West Africa Squadron.[1]:122 Originally called Hogbrook,[2] Regent was named in honour of the George IV of the United Kingdom, at the time Prince Regent of England.
St Charles Church[edit]
The St Charles’ Church was built in 1816 as part of the Parish Plan.[2] This stone church was financed by the colonial government, and from 1817 the Church Missionary Society paid for a minister, a position taken up by Rev. William Johnson, nicknamed the “Apostle of Regent”.[2] He was so successful in his evangelicism that soon his congregation exceded the 500 person capacity of the church, and a gallery was added so that another 200 worshippers could be catered for.[2] However after Johnson's death in 1823, the size of the congregation became much smaller.[2]
2017 mudslide[edit]
On the morning of August 14, 2017, a large landslide killed at least 350 people after a night of heavy rains, with the death toll expected to rise
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tourist activities in Sierra Leone

tourist activities in Sierra Leone, Banana Island

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Travel Vlog - Sierra Leone 2017 Vlog Part 1

Welcome back to our channel, todays video is a 1 part of our 3 part vlog from our trip to Sierra Leone, where Joyce is from. We are excited to share our Sierra Leone Vlog part 1, we hope you will enjoy our vlog

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Top 5 Best Hotels in Freetown, Sierra Leone - sorted by Rating Guests

Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, Freetown
17 Lumley Beach Road, Aberdeen, Freetown, Sierra Leone
3-star hotel in Freetown with outdoor pool and restaurant
Free WiFi

Sierra Palms Resort
Lunley Beach, Freetown, Weatern Area, 00232, Sierra Leone
Upscale beachfront B&B in Freetown with restaurant
Free continental breakfast, free WiFi and free parking

New Brookfields Hotel
Jomo Kenyatta, New Englandville, Freetown, Sierra Leone
4-star hotel in Freetown with restaurant and bar/lounge
Free WiFi and free parking

Home Suites Boutique Hotel
78A Cape road, Bintumani Drive, Aberdeen, Freetown, Sierra Leone
4-star aparthotel in Freetown with outdoor pool and restaurant
Free WiFi and free parking

Bintumani Hotel
11 Man of War Bay, Aberdeen Hill, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Bayfront hotel in Freetown with 2 restaurants and outdoor pool
Free buffet breakfast, free WiFi and free parking

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Beautiful Sierra Leone - The Best Country in Africa

Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s known for the white-sand beaches lining the Freetown Peninsula. The capital city, Freetown, commemorates the nation’s slave-trade history with the Cotton Tree landmark and King’s Yard Gate. Both were known as places of refuge for returned slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries. Nearby Bunce Island was a key departure point during the slave trade.

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Sierra Leone, is a country with endless stories, with twenty -one protected areas, Sierra Leone houses some of the most un-spoilt jungles and beaches in the World. Its beaches are pristine and very cozy.

Tourism in Sierra Leone 2016

The Board's main objective is to enhance the development of Sierra Leone's tourism opportunities and market Sierra Leone worldwide as an attractive tourist destination. It is also tasked with developing and promoting sustainable tourism development and maintaining the operations of all tourist establishments to ensure quality service delivery in compliance with the ECOWAS standards of classification of Tourist Establishments.

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A Day at Lakka and Hamilton beaches | Freetown Sierra Leone

Jus t about 20 minutes from Freetown, the beaches of Lakka and Hamilton are a complete departure from the crowded Freetown.

we had to pay the community youths a small toll to get by their rope barricade, but in reality, they could use the 50,000Leones per car.

Getting to both beaches was slow once you leave the main road. With the rain, the roads were in terrible shape especially going to Hamilton beach.

but once there the beauty is captivating, it's quiet and clean, with the feel of the country so close to Freetown.

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Bureh Beach, Sierra Leone : Africa's most perfect beach

Stunning Bureh Beach is located on the Freetown Peninsula, a couple of hours drive south from the capital of Sierra Leone. I stayed here in 2012, sorry about the low-quality video, but I found paradise and I had to share it with youtube!

No. 2 River and Beers on the Beach in Sierra Leone

For more travel videos from this series visit us online at

Number 2 River is famous for having perhaps the most beautiful beach in all of West Africa, and this treasure in Sierra Leone doesn't disappoint at all. The best part is I have the beach nearly all to myself. The only other 2 guests here are a couple film makers whom I share a number of beers with.

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