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10 Best Places to Visit in Isle of Man


Top 12 Tourist Attractions on The Isle of Man - Travel United Kingdom

Top 12 Tourist Attractions on The Isle of Man - Travel United Kingdom:
Isle of Man Bus and Rail, Manx Museum, House of Manannan, Laxey Wheel, Castle Rushen, Peel Castle, Port Erin, Gaiety Theatre, The National Folk Museum at Cregneash, Curraghs Wildlife Park, Manx Aviation and Military Museum, Milntown House and Gardens


Arriving on the Island on the car ferry after a three and a half hour voyage and having a good look at the buildings, the statue to Norman Wisdom who settled on the Island and the seafront at Douglas.

EXPLORING the beautiful ISLE OF MAN and its capital DOUGLAS

SUBSCRIBE: - Let's go for a tour around this beautiful island nation and let's enjoy its majestic capital, Douglas. Vic Stefanu, The Isle of Man is a self-governing Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann.

Top 10 Best Things to do in Isle of Man, United Kingdom UK

Isle of Man Travel Guide. MUST WATCH. Top 10 things you have to do in Isle of Man. We have sorted Tourist Attractions in Isle of Man for You. Discover Isle of Man as per the Traveler Resources given by our Travel Specialists. You will not miss any fun thing to do in Isle of Man.

This Video has covered top 10 Best Things to do in Isle of Man.

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List of Best Things to do in Isle of Man, United Kingdom (UK)

Manx Aviation and Military Museum
Murrays Motorcycles Museum
Isle of Man Bus and Rail
Isle of Man Steam Railway
Gaiety Theatre
Douglas Bay Horse Tramway
Manx Museum
Home of Rest of Old Horses
Manx Electric Railway
House of Manannan

Isle of Man - The Extraordinary Story (Full Length)

Imagine a place…

Shrouded by mystery, a sea-bound kingdom with its own captivating story to tell.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In Scotland For Nature Lovers

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In Scotland For Nature Lovers

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, with Edinburgh being its capital. The only larger city than the capital is Glasgow and these two are visited by so many tourists every year. However, what makes Scotland so special is not only the vibrant city life that it offers, but something more wonderful that cannot be compared to anything that a city offers.

Castles, green highlands and lowlands, forests, lochs, rivers and national parks – Scotland has it all and every piece of its landscape is so perfectly designed by nature that you will be amazed like never before. The country offers so many beautiful places to be seen, that a regular 10 day vacation won’t be enough. You will understand why Scotland is the perfect country for nature lovers!

1. Three Sisters, Glencoe
Many tourists come here to see the dramatic beauty of Beinn Fhada, Gearr Aonach and Aonach Dubh, all three together known as the Three Sisters. These three are ridges from the Bidean nam Bian, a complex mountain located in the south of Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. Glencoe is considered to be Scotland’s second most popular and scenic Highland glen, but the gateway to the highlands too. Here you will find all the mountain fun you can possible imagine, including for family time too.

2. Luskentyre Beach, Isle of Harris
The Luskentyre Beach is one of UK’s best beaches and certainly the best one on the west coast of South Harris in the Outer Hebrides. What makes this beach so special is the long, white sand beaches and dunes and the turquoiuse water. There’s nothing better than enjoying the beauty of nature on this sandy coastline, being surrounded with the Harris Hills and Mountains. Besides the beach fun, if you show at the right time, you might even spot wild ponies, eagles, seals and even dolphins.
3. Trossachs National Park
The Trossachs National Park together with the Loch Lomond became operational in 2002 and were officially opened by Princess Anne. The park is split in four distinct areas and each of it is going to offer you amazing view – from mountains to lowland landscape, from lochs to rivers – everything that you would love to see in nature. The National Park has 21 Munros (mountains above 3,000ft), 20 Corbetts (mountains between 2,500ft and 3,000ft), 22 larger lochs and about 50 rivers and large burns.

4. The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye
The Old Man of Storr is a large pinnacle of rock that you won’t find anywhere else, except on the island of Skye. It is located in the north of the isle in an area called “Trotternish“. The Old Man is also the most popular route walk on the isle and covers a distance of almost 4 km. The route is suitable for almost anybody, but at the foot of the Old Man you need to be careful, as the road becomes steep and scramble.

5. The Quiraing, Isle of Skye
Here’s another attraction on the Isle of Skye. It is the Quiraing walk that passes through one of the most scenic Scottish landscapes. We are sure that the whole green scene, the high cliffs, the pinnacles of rock, all the surrounding will take your breath away! The Quiraing walk covers a distance of almost 7 km and it takes on average two hours to complete it. It’s not suitable for everyone because it is classified as “hard” when it comes to difficulty and “medium” when it comes to the walk’s length, but if you think you can manage it, it’s definitely worth the try.
6. Loch Awe
Loch Awe or Lochawe is located in the region of Argull and Bute, and it is also the third largest and the first longest loch in Scotland. The loch is known for trout fishing and for the nearby village that has the same name. It is a very small village, it only has a 19th century chapel and a railway station and streamer pier. Near the loch you can see this old castle – such a Scottish scenery, isn’t it?

7. The Old Man of Hoy, Orkneys
Located on the island of Hoy, the Old Man of Hoy is one of the oldest sea stacks in the United Kingdom. It stands close to Rackwick Bay and is approximately 250 hundred years old. However, it is possible that soon it will collapse in the sea. That being said, take your chance while it is still there and if you love climbing, you can take one of the seven routes and climb it.

8. Northern Lights, Shetland
Maybe you didn’t know this by now, but the Northern lights can be seen from some parts of the country. The best time of the year to see the Aurora Borealis is during autumn and winter, when there are longer periods of darkness. You can spot the Northern Lights from the northern parts of the country, such as Shetland in Orkney, Lewis in Harris, Moray Coast, the most northern part of Isle of Skye and others.

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Top 10 Best Things to do in Isle of Wight, England

In this video our travel specialists have listed some of the best things to do in Isle of Wight . We have tried to do some extensive research before giving the listing of Things To Do in Isle of Wight.

If you want Things to do List in some other area, feel free to ask us in comment box, we will try to make the video of that region also.

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List of Best Things to do in Isle of Wight

Haven Falconry
Monkey Haven
Bembridge Lifeboat Station
St Catherine's Lighthouse
The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary
West Wight Alpacas
Godshill Model Village
Shanklin Theatre
Tapnell Farm Park
Steephill Cove Beach


21 Hidden Secrets & Best Places in Miami, Florida

Ultimate Miami Travel Guide! These are my carefully selected 21 hidden secrets & best places in Miami which I've visited 4x times and includes gems like Scuba diving, Jet-skiing, Eating Alligator, Lock & Load. Subscribe to my channel ► for weekly videos!

Complete list:

My Miami travel guide includes things to do in Miami and where to visit during your stay in this ultimate Florida experience.

Too many boring travel guides are available these days for Miami and sadly are mostly all the same, that's why I dug deep into this city to bring you the best hidden spots.

The places featured in my detailed video above are organized from the morning, afternoon towards the evening and nightlife so you can make the best out of your days in Miami.

Miami can be very expensive if you don't know what you are doing but luckily there are some FREE things to do as well, like the Lincoln Parking deck view or sneaking into the Mondrian or Spa Standard Hotel to observe their gorgeous pools.

I personally recommend going all out because there are so many amazing things to do you do not want to cheap-out, saving up a few months extra will be worth every penny in the end. A very-rough budget for 1 awesome week per person would be around a $500 flight, $500 AirBnB and $1500 for Uber, shopping, food, events, museums & night time party = around $2500 to start.

Miami very widespread with many districts from Miami South Beach, which is its own peninsula, to the Wynwood Art District. Split up your days by having 2 days in Miami South Beach to visit Ocean Drive, Espanola Way and Lincoln Road. Spend the other days on day trips to downtown Miami, Wynwood, the Florida Keys and the incredible Everglades.

My favorite way to explore a city is by jogging, you'll be surprised as to what you may find. A few of these photos where taken at places I randomly walked into, places you will never see on a guided tour.

Besides great hidden attractions; Miami also offers amazing restaurants like Sylvanos, great Italian cuisine at affordable prices and NaiYara, voted the best restaurant in Miami South Beach offering Thai-Japanese fusion cuisine with dishes like freshly made beef jerky, salmon tacos and ultra fresh sashimi. Try a piece of Ootoro (Blue fin tuna belly) sashimi before leaving! You won't regret it.

Miami has many incredible pools but the ones that truly stand out is the infinity pool at the Spa Standard Hotel and the pool at the Mondrian Hotel visit these pools in combination with doing an Art Deco tour of Miami South Beach with places such as the Delano, Colony Theater, the Carlyle and Breakwater.

I would love to know if my article was helpful and if so, please leave a comment below and let me know which place seems most interesting to you? Or let me know if you want more information about a specific place I mentioned.

Do you want more travel tips for Miami, Florida?

- Swim with Dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium.
- Take a day trip to the Everglades National Park and jump on an Airboat to see hungry alligators.
- Feast on the best burger in town at Shake Shack.
- Do not miss a Miami Heat basketball game at the American Airlines Arena, one of the most popular sports in the USA.
- Avoid touching the blue looking jelly fish on the beach, these are Portuguese man o' war and poisonous.
- Sriracha House, for the best after party food in Miami.
or Pizza Rustica, Miami's #1 pizza in town.

- Weird American Junk Food Review (next week)

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Top 10 Worst Places to Live in England

Get more Tips here!
According to, which has been compiling this list for more than a decade, with the votes from thousands of readers, these are the WORST places to live in England.

10: Blackpool

Once famed for its golden mile, Blackpool now conjures up images of drunken stags and hens, falling over in the street and spewing on themselves, before retiring to a grotty seaside B&B.

9: Oldham
The most deprived town in England according to the ONS, where the streets have been described as “graffiti covered, fly-tipped shells of what they once were”.

8: Sunderland
has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in Europe.
sexual offences, violent crime and theft are all on the up and are higher than the national average. (I’ve seen policemen on pedal bikes chasing chavs in stolen cars. You might not believe it but I really have seen it!)

7: Gravesend
One voter comments: I have lived in Gravesend all my life. I have visited many other crap towns across Kent like Lewisham, Dartford, Chatham and so on and not one so far, has even came near to being as chav infested as Gravesend.

A Commenter says: Bradford is literally hell on earth. The city centre resembles a squalid cess pit, full of monstrous partially demolished 60’s concrete office blocks, Pound shops, amusement arcades, prostitutes, heroin addicts, Eastern European car-jackers, Asian drug dealers, pre-pubescent mums and mad alcoholic tramps having arguments with themselves.

Being the sixth largest city in the country, in terms of population, it now boasts another famous serial killer...

One in seven people in Rochdale had no qualifications at all. Weekly earnings were £413 on average last year, compared to £676 in London.

A town once voted the least romantic place in the country.
Apparently Maccy Ds is a chav’s staple diet. Well the small town of Scunthorpe has 3.

One commenter points out; on Christmas day the local McDonalds gets busier every year”

Black, White, Asian it doesn’t matter, everyone looks like they’re trying to escape or have given up hope on life itself.

based on official government statistics, Hull is the worst place to live in England.

Apparentñy Dover only beat Hull by 16 votes.
One reader comments;
Let us for a moment imagine that the British Isles are the silhouette of an old man. Scotland is his cap, Cornwall his toes, Anglia his curved spine, making Dover his herpes infested s**t-hole.

Which do you think is the Worst Place to Live in England?

Top 10 Best Things To Do in Douglas, United Kingdom UK

Douglas Travel Guide. MUST WATCH. Top 10 things you have to do in Douglas. We have sorted Tourist Attractions in Douglas for You. Discover Douglas as per the Traveler Resources given by our Travel Specialists. You will not miss any fun thing to do in Douglas.

This Video has covered top 10 Best Things to do in Douglas.

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List of Best Things to do in Douglas, United Kingdom (UK)

Isle of Man Bus and Rail
Isle of Man Steam Railway
Gaiety Theatre
Manx Museum
Douglas Bay Horse Tramway
Home of Rest of Old Horses
Manx Electric Railway
Groudle Glen Railway
Isle of Man Welcome Centre
A.R.E Motorcycle Collection

Cycle to spectacular places in the Isle of Man

Whether you’re an off-road biking enthusiast or simply looking for a leisurely trail the whole family can follow, there are a variety of cycling opportunities in the Isle of Man.

Swoop down open roads, plunge through thick forests, carve a few corners … No, we’re not talking about the Isle of Man’s TT Races; these are adventures anyone can have when they explore the island from the seat of a bike.

No matter what your ability or fitness level, there are cycling and mountain-biking routes that will take you to parts of the island few other people reach, or to areas where your efforts will be rewarded with views to make your eyes pop and your toes tingle.

Top 10 Largest Cities or Towns of Isle of Man

Thanks for watching.....
1) Douglas
2) Castletown
3) Peel
4) Ramsey
5) Port Erin
6) Port Saint Mary
7) Laxey
8) Onchan
9) Andreas
10) Niarbyl

The Isle of Man , is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann. The Lord of Mann is represented by a Lieutenant Governor, but its foreign relations and defence are the responsibility of the British Government.

The island has been inhabited since before 6500 BC. As one of the six Celtic nations, Gaelic cultural influence began in the 5th century AD, and the Manx language, a branch of the Gaelic languages, gradually emerged. In 627, Edwin of Northumbria conquered the Isle of Man along with most of Mercia. In the 9th century, the Norse began to settle there. Norse people from Scotland then established the Kingdom of the Isles. The King's title would then carry the suffix, and the Isles. Magnus III, the King of Norway, was also known as King of Mann and the Isles as part of the Hebrides civilization between 1099 and 1103. A Norse-Gaelic culture arose and the island came under Norse control. In 1266, the island became part of Scotland, as formalised by the Treaty of Perth. After a period of alternating rule by the kings of Scotland and England, the island came under the feudal lordship of the English Crown in 1399. The lordship revested into the British Crown in 1765, but the island never became part of the kingdom of Great Britain or its successor the United Kingdom, retaining its status as an internally self-governing Crown dependency.

The Isle of Man is Manx: Ellan Vannin, where ellan is a Manx word meaning island. The earliest form of Man is Manu or Mana, which appears in the genitive case as Vaninn, hence Ellan Vannin Island of Man.

The name Mana/u is related to the figure of Celtic mythology known as Manannán mac Lir to the Irish and Manawydan to the Welsh.

The name enters recorded history as Mona (Julius Caesar, 54 BC), and is also recorded as Monapia or Monabia (Pliny the Elder, AD 77), Monœda (Ptolemy, AD 150), Mevania or Mænavia (Orosius, AD 416), and Eubonia or Eumonia by Irish writers. Welsh records it as Manaw, and in the Sagas of Icelanders it is Mön.

Though the Isle of Man was never incorporated into the Roman Empire, the island was noted in the Classics where it was called variously Monapia, Mοναοιδα (Monaoida), Mοναρινα (Monarina), Menavi and Mevania. The Old Welsh and Old Irish names for the Isle of Man, Manau and Mano, also occur in Manaw Gododdin, the name for an ancient district in north Britain along the lower Firth of Forth.[13] The name is probably connected with the Welsh name of the island of Anglesey, Ynys Môn[14] and possibly with the Celtic root reflected in Welsh mynydd, Breton menez, and Scottish Gaelic monadh,[14] all of which mean mountain and probably derive from the Proto-Indo-European root *men-, to tower.[15] In this case, such a name may have referred to the island apparently rising out of the Irish Sea on the horizon.

Rising water levels cut off the island from the surrounding islands around 8000 BC. Evidence suggests that colonisation of the island took place by sea some time before 6500 BC. The first residents lived in small huts, hunting, fishing and gathering their food. They used small tools made of flint or bone, examples of which have been found near the coast. Representatives of these artefacts are kept at the Manx Museum.

The Kingdom of the Isles about the year 1100. Sodor and Mann in red.
The Neolithic Period marked the coming of knowledge of farming, better stone tools and pottery. It was during this period that megalithic monuments began to appear around the island. Examples from this period can be found at Cashtal yn Ard near Maughold, King Orry's Grave at Laxey, Meayll Circle near Cregneash, and Ballaharra Stones at St John's. This was not the only Neolithic culture: there were also the local Ronaldsway and Bann cultures.


Come to your senses... Come to the Isle of Man 2017

Ideally located in the centre of the British Isles, almost equidistant from Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland, the Isle of Man is a self-governing kingdom that’s as independent as it is individual. This distinct destination, rich in Norse and Celtic heritage, offers each and every visitor a sensory overload of experiences, whether you’re scaling the summit of Snaefell, the Island’s highest peak, on the Mountain Railway and gazing over the seven kingdoms or taking a pleasant stroll along the 2 mile Victorian promenade of Douglas, the Island’s capital.

Our new 2017 Isle of Man Visitor Guide is out now!

For more information visit:

What to do in the Isle of Man

Ever wondered what goes on in the Isle of Man? A place we barely knew existed has fast become our beautiful adventure haven. Full of nature and super fun things to get involved in. Think bike rides, local produce, fishing villages, seal spotting, beaches, coastal hikes, kayaks, castles and paddle boarding. It blew our little adventure socks off! Check out what we got up to in our Isle of Man vlog. If you like it please show it some love!

Thank you to Visit Isle of Man for having us, we had a blast. Hopefully it will help to give you guys some ideas of what to get up to on your trip. If you haven't been we strongly recommend it! It's super fun. To find out more information about Isle of Man, visit the Isle of Man website.

Best of ISLE OF SKYE Vlog | 3-Days Exploring Everything

One of the most iconic spots in Scotland - where do you start on Isle of Skye?! We go EVERYWHERE. A travel vlog of eating the best food, hiking the stunning hills and falling under the enchantment of the fairies.

For links + more details on all the places featured visit

1:05 - Misty Isle Boat Trip (
3:10 - Art House B&B (
5:05 - The Quiraing
5:45 - Mealt Falls + Kilt Rock
6:01 - Old Man of Storr
6:45 - Hotel Eilean Iarmain + Gaelic Whisky
8:25 - Talisker Distillery + Scottish Whisky
9:15 - The Oyster Shed
10:08 - Jann's Cakes
10:36 - Neist Point Lighthouse
11:35 - Stein Inn
12:14 - Coral Beach
13:08 - Dunvegan Bakery & Cafe
13:30 - Faerie Glen
14:36 - Isle of Skye Brewery
15:09 - Rha Waterfall
15:47 - Portree/Cafe Arriba
16:06 - Cuillin Brewery

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Top 10 Isle of Skye - What to See on The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Visit the Isle of Skye. Portree, Kilt Rock, Dunvegan Castle and so much more. The Isle of Skye is one of my favorite parts of Scotland and all of Great Britain. Here we cover the top tourists destinations on the Isle of Skye for travelers. Feel like travelling to the Isle of Skye? This will give you what to see, what to do and some other tips about visiting the Isle of Skye, Scotland.
filmed on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Copyright Mark Wolters 2010 and 2013
Some Tips, Advice & Information on Visiting the Isle of Skye, Scotland.
1. Book Your Accommodation & Dinner Reservations Early - The Island gets booked up quickly in the high season so you may need to stay off island in Plockton.
2. Rent a Car - To see all that the Isle of Skye has to offer you must have your own car.
3. Visit the Slate Peninsula
4. Visit Dunvegan Castle.
5. Visit Portree the Capital of the Isle of Skye and Home to the ATM (Cashpoint).
6. Check Out the Waterfalls along the coasts.
7. Visit Kilt Rock - A sheer cliff that looks just like a kilt.
8. The Old Man of Storr - a very phallic looking stone rock.
9. Local Producers: Lots of Wool Weavers and Distilleries.
10. Hiking in the Cullen Hills.
11. Eileen Dolan Castle - From numerous movies and just outside the Isle of Skye.

Filmed on the Isle of Skye

Fantastic Heritage sites in the Isle of Man

Uncover fascinating heritage sites on your family holiday in the Isle of Man, including history-rich museums and atmospheric castles.

The Isle of Man is full of stories. There are lots of striking heritage sites and compelling history-rich museums to explore across the island, including The Old House of Keys in Castletown and the Manx Transport Heritage Museum in Peel.

ISLE OF MAN, EXPLORING beautiful and historic CASTLETOWN

SUBSCRIBE: - Historic Castletown, Isle of Man. Castletown (Manx: Balley Chashtal) is a town lying at the south of the island, it was the Manx capital until 1869. The centre of town is dominated by Castle Rushen, a well-preserved medieval castle, originally built for a Viking king. Vic Stefanu, The Isle of Man is a self-governing Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in Europe

Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in Europe

Europe…there’s no other place like it in the world. Its fabulous monuments reveal one layer of history after another, and its breathtaking natural scenery couldn’t be more diverse. From wild to elegant, its countries bring together a kaleidoscope of cultures, and the landscapes are as intriguing as its past.
They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, so, naturally, many of you will disagree with my picks for Europe’s top 10 most beautiful countries, in which case I invite you all to leave your thoughts in the comment section.
10. Austria
9. Scotland
8. Turkey
7. Iceland
6. Greece
5. Croatia
4. France
3. Norway
2. Italy
1. Spain

Alan Walker - Spectre [NCS Release]

Ahrix – Nova
Youtube Channel:
Youtube Video:

The Isle of Man -- Ancient Origins

Is this the castle of the Holy Grail? Peel Castle on the Isle of Man has been a monastic retreat, a fortress and home to a Viking king. Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Celtic remains have been excavated in recent years and a visit to Tynwald Hill and the House of Keys reveals evidence of the island's Viking heritage in the parliamentary system and language. We explore the islander's love of folklore and their healthy appetite for locally smoked kippers. For more information visit and check out episode #26 in the Journeys through the British Isles category.



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