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10 Best Places to Visit in Mayotte


travel to : Mayotte !!!

Best places to visit on Mayotte island !

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Mayotte Tourist Attractions: 4 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Mayotte? Check out our Mayotte Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Mayotte.

Top Places to visit in Mayotte:
Plage de Moya, Plage de N’Gouja, Jardin Botanique de Coconi, MUMA musee de Mayotte

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Mayotte - First Week on the Island

Welcome-Caribou to Mayotte -- a tiny French African island located between Madagascar and Mozambique. Officially a department of France, deeply rooted to the Comoros.

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Victor Mercier visite l’Ontario pour découvrir la cuisine de la fourche à la fourchette.

Suivez Victor Mercier, finaliste de l’édition 2018 de Top Chef en France, dans son aventure où agriculteurs, chefs et vignerons, mais aussi membres des Premières Nations de l’Ontario nourrissent sa passion pour la sécurité alimentaire. Victor va à la rencontre de cette communauté de l’alimentation et s’intéresse à l’environnement. Il découvre notamment la méthode traditionnelle de fabrication du sirop d’érable près d’Ottawa, déguste dans le comté de Prince Edward du vin de la région et y rencontre le chef local Jamie Kennedy.

Goûtez à l’Ontario :

N'Gouja Beach, Hôtel Jardin Mahoré, Mayotte

Turtles, Beach, reef, freediving, Mayotte.


Mayotte is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the coast of Mozambique. It’s a department and region of France, though traditional Mayotte culture is most closely related to that of the neighboring Comoros islands. The Mayotte archipelago is surrounded by a coral barrier reef, which shelters a lagoon and marine reserve that are popular diving destinations.
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Best Places To Visit - COMOROS | Travel & Tourism

Here are the Top 10 places you must visit in Comoros.

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Travel to : Niue !!!

Best places to visit on Niue island !

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Plongée à Mayotte

Plongée dans le nord de Mayotte avec Happy Divers.
Musique: Belle et Sebastien i'm a cuckoo.

The beauty of Comoros


a rather disappointing adventure to the Comoros Islands

Beautiful Mayotte Landscape - hotels accommodation yacht charter guide

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6. Burundi - Independence Monument in Bujumbura
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8. Cape Vedre Cabo Verde - Mindelo vista
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10. Chad Tchad - Ennedi Desert
11. Comoros Comores - Friday Mosque
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13. Cote d'Iviore -Basilica of Our Lady of Peace
14. Democratic Republic of Congo République Démocratique du Congo - Palace of Justice in Lubumbashi
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16. Egypt مصر - Pyramid of Giza
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34. Mayotte (France) - Mont Choungqui
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48. South Africa Suid Afrika - Union Buildings
49. South Sudan - Dr. John Garang de Mabior Monument
50. Sudan سودان - Al Shahid Mosque
51. Swaziland - Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary
52. Tanzania - Mt. Kilimanjaro
53. Togo - Mosque in Sokodé
54. Tunisia تونس - El Jem Amphitheatre
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Comoros Tours Video

Comoros Tours Video - Haphazardly scattered across the Indian Ocean, the mysterious, outrageous and enchanting Comoros islands are the kind of place you go to just drop off the planet for a while. Far removed from the clutter that comes with conventional paradises -- sprawling hotels, neon discos -- the Comoros are so remote even an international fugitive could hide out here. In particular, the island of Mohéli, boasting the sleepy town of Fomboni. Anjouan is the beautiful sister among the already good looking cluster of islands, it does paradise so well, it actually lives up to all the clichéd expectations any traveller could possibly muster -- Palms, bananas and the scent of ylang-ylang and cloves borne on the breeze.

Rich in Swahili culture, and devoutly Muslim, the charming inhabitants of Comoros come from a legendary stock of Arab traders, Persian sultans, African slaves and Portuguese pirates. The four developed islands offer everything from relaxing on white-sand beaches by turquoise seas to hiking through rainforests on the lookout for giant bats. Grande Comore, the largest of the islands, boasts the largest active volcano in the world, Mt Karthala, which last blew its lid in 2005, flattening villages. The aftermath, though has created a spectacular desert landscape on the mountain, and walking and trekking here is particularly good. Also on Grande Comore, timeless Moroni is oozing with old-time Arabian flair. Mayotte, is the only island of the four still a part of France, and while some love the whitest of white beaches, others find it a little too 'French'.

Nicknamed 'Cloud Coup-Coup' land because of their crazy politics, the three independent islands (the fourth, Mayotte, is still a part of France) have experienced almost 20 coups since gaining independence in 1975! In fact, a Comorian president is lucky if there's time for his official portrait to be taken before armed men are once again knocking on the door. In the last decade, however, the quarrelsome tiff-prone independent islands agreed to put their differences aside and fly under the joint banner of the Union des Comores.

Holidaying in the Comoros isn't for everyone; travel will kick your arse at times. But it teaches lessons in patience, humility and resilience. Everything moves mora mora (slowly slowly) and tourism facilities are far from plush. Islam, and all its traditions, is evident everywhere. Women are expected to show modesty and cover up, and alcohol is a no-no for both sexes.

But if your idea of the perfect holiday is less about drinking rum punch in a skimpy bikini at a swank resort, and more about long, lazy days sipping tea and talking politics with the locals, then a safari in the exotic Comoros will probably be the kind of unpredictable, swashbuckling adventure you've been craving.

Enjoy Your Comoros Tours Video!

France - Mayotte

Inspirational video for Mayotte.

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Making salt on the tropical island of Mayotte

Mayotte is a French dependency in the Indian Ocean, a volcanic island between the African mainland and Madagascar. I visited the island in December 2007. One of the places I visited was this salt flat where salt is made literally from the ground.

Grande Comore - Comoros

Grande Comore. Moroni. March 29, 2019. Northern part of the island.


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Toujours au Zanzibar🇹🇿, nous quittons notre logement🏠 et le village de Paje après plusieurs jours passé dans ce petit coin de paradis.🏖😍

Nous décidons par le même occasion de vous montrer notre quotidien, notre routine de voyage, mais notre prochaine destination n'a rien d'habituel....😄

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Reunion Travel Guide

Reunion Travel Video Guide - Jutting out of the ocean like a basaltic shield cloaked in green, Réunion is a mini-Hawaii, with astounding geographical diversity. Within an hour or two, the landscape morphs from lava fields to lush primary forest, from jagged peaks to sprawling coastal cities. The West is Réunion's Riviera, a long string of beach suburbs and resorts towns, including glitzy Boucan Canot.

The pièce de résistance is Les Hautes & the volcano. Piton de la Fournaise is one of the world's most accessible active volcanoes and depending on nature's whims, you might even witness fiery-red molten lava. When the volcano has finished working its magic on you, there are horses to ride, majestic mountains to trek up in the Cirques, or paraglide from in St-Leu, drop-offs to dive from, big waves to surf, extinct volcanoes to fly over, and canyons to explore. But it's not all about nature, landscapes and adrenaline -- Réunion has its cultural gems as well, with stunning Creole architecture in cute-as-can-be villages, as well as colourful religious buildings and festivals.

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