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10 Best Places to Visit in United States


20 BEAUTIFUL Places To See In Europe

The great thing about this continent is that you can travel to a completely different world by train and experience a whole new culture and language. Let’s touch upon some of the most beautiful things to see in the continent that was once considered the center of the world.

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7. Lapland, FInland
Okay, for those of you not sold on exploring the outdoors--think about how rare it is to experience the northern lights. There’s only a few places in the world that you can see those colorful, all natural lights in the sky. And one of them includes Lapland, Finland. The Lapland region measures to 100,367 kilometers square. When covered in snow and the moon’s our and the lights make themselves visible in the sky, a trip to Lapland looks like a scene from a Christmas movie. Would you traverse the cold for a chance to experience those lights?

6. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
On a forested hill in the region of southwest Bavaria sits Neuschwanstein Castle, up at an elevation of 2,260 feet or 800 meters high. Ludwig II of Bavaria commissioned the construction of the castle in 1832 to be a retreat as well as be dedicated to Richard Wagner--the famed German composer. Every year, 1.3 million people tour the castle, with a traffic of 6,000 individuals per day. Many get drawn to the architectural design of the castle, a mix of castle romanticism called “burgenromantik” and other styles.

5. Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine
Nope, that’s not from some children’s fantasy movie. That’s a real industrial railway that exists in the Ukraine. Located near the territory of Klevan, this section of railway got famous for the green leaved arches that surround the entire path--which extends to about 3 to 5 kilometers long. Called “the Tunnel of Love” for the many couples that frequent the path together, which does make it really difficult for train operators to watch out for.

4. Quinta da Regaleira Initiation Well, Portugal
Travelling to Sintra, Portugal means you’re going to see lots of 19th century architecture constructed in the Romantic style. As a result, the entire municipality had been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But perhaps one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Sintra includes the Initiation Well of Quinta da Regaleira. Through a series of tunnels and caves, you can reach the well, which has a spiral formation to get to the bottom. People did not use the well for water. Rather, it served as a location for ceremonial Tarot Initiation rites.

3. Bavarian Alps,
Let’s be real. The Alps in any country would be awesome to visit anyway. We picked the Bavarian Alps just because it looks a little more green. This region of the Northern Limestone Alps ranges from between the Saalach and Lech rivers. Not to fret--just because it looks green in these pictures doesn’t mean snow doesn’t still cover other parts of the Bavarian Alps. People love to ski here, as well as take in the health retreats, visit the villages, and relax at the spas during the non-ski season, too.

2. Oxford University, England
Located in the south east English city of Oxford, you’ll find one of the most well-known universities not only in the world but in history. Oxford University not only provides quality and expensive education, but it also has a lot of really neat architectural structures. From St. Mary’s church to the Radcliffe Camera to the All Souls college, there’s not shortage of pictures to take on an afternoon walk through campus. Alright, alright. If you prefer Cambridge, we can’t blame you. But for simplicity’s sake, we had to pick one. And we picked Oxford. If you want to argue Cambridge’s case, you’re more than welcome to in the comments!


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British Airways Listen Up takes you inside the London music scene with Bear’s Den, Jamie N Commons, The Staves, Catfish And The Bottlemen and Leon Bridges as they share the amazing experiences they've had performing for their fans at some of the most iconic venues.

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Pegasus Türkiye Sizi Çağırıyor! Reklamı

Bu Yaz Tatilinde Sevdiklerinize Kavuşun, Çok Uygun Fiyatlarla Türkiye'ye Uçun!


See the Muni streetcars over many decades from the end of WWII to 1980. We also cover vintage cable cars and the general history of public transportation on the San Francisco peninsula. This DVD is available at railroad museums, hobby shops and many mail-order dealers. See all of our DVDs at and look for them at your favorite dealer.

Nikon Z7 Hands-On: A Tour of Nikon's new full-frame mirrorless camera

Get an in-depth preview of all the specs and features of Nikon's new Z7 full-frame mirrorless camera here:


Emilia got to meet Anna & Elsa from Frozen! she also got to have lunch with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet,Tigger and Er and met loads more Disney princesses and its only our first day!

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10 Best Places to Visit in Australia - Travel Video

Located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Australia is the world’s largest island and its smallest continent. There’s room to move in the Land Down Under, and with so many sights to discover and enjoy, there’s a great incentive to go on a walkabout adventure. Whether exploring the traditional lifestyle of the nation’s Aboriginal people, relaxing on a sun-kissed beach or reveling the night away in a city hot spot, Australia has something special to offer every visitor. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Australia:


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8 Jahre Abenteuer Landleben - Lohnt sich ein Selbstversorger-Bauernhof? | SWR Doku

Über acht Jahre hinweg hat das SWR Fernsehen in seiner Langzeitreportage Abenteuer Landleben eine Familie im hintersten Winkel Rheinhessens begleitet. Die Kamera war dabei, als Kälber geboren und Rinder zum Schlachter gebracht wurden, als Missernten beklagt und Erfolgserlebnisse beim Käsemachen gefeiert wurden. Der Film dokumentiert auch die Entwicklung der vier Hofbewohner.

Im Sommer 2011 hatten sie ihr Leben umgekrempelt und waren weggezogen aus dem Speckgürtel von Mainz: Die Malerin Elke Heydecke, ihr Mann Stefan und die Kinder Paul und Emma kauften sich in Nieder-Wiesen einen kleinen Bauernhof. Hier, im hintersten Winkel Rheinhessens, machten sich die Vier auf den Weg in die Selbstversorgung.
Aus den Kindern Paul und Emma sind junge Erwachsene geworden. Sie verlassen den Hof.
Für ihre Eltern stellt sich nun, im achten Jahr ihres Hoflebens, immer dringlicher die Frage, ob sich der Aufwand mit einem eigenen Selbstversorger-Hof noch lohnt. Gute Bio-Lebensmittel kann man schließlich auch kaufen. Sollen sie ihren Hof verlassen?

Diese Doku von Stefan Hanf trägt den Originaltitel: Abenteuer Landleben - 8 Jahre auf dem Wiesbachhof, Ausstrahlungsdatum: 18.12.2019.
Alle Aussagen und Fakten entsprechen dem damaligen Stand und wurden seitdem nicht aktualisiert.

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Lessons I learned serving opposite Mandela | Tony Leon | TEDxJohannesburg

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Tony Leon occupies a unique place in history; as leader of the opposition, he served opposite Nelson Mandela during the most turbulent and exciting times in contemporary South African politics. In this funny and highly eloquent TEDxJohannesburg 2014 talk, Leon draws from lessons learned while working with Mandela and others, and contends that the miracle that brought about democracy in South Africa is due for a renewal.

Tony Leon obtained his law degree at the University of the Witwatersrand where he was the President of Law Studies Council and Vice President of the Student Representative Council. Leon served as the leader of the Democratic Alliance between 1999 and 2007. His recently published (May 2014) memoir Opposite Mandela—Encounters with South Africa's Icon has drawn critical acclaim. Leon was appointed to serve as the South African Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay between 2009 and 2012. He is currently chairman of Resolve Communications and syndicated columnist for the Times Media Group.

Tony on Twitter: @TonyLeonSA

About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

British Airways teams up with Tom Daley for Red Nose Day 2017

For Red Nose Day, Tom Daley dressed as British Airways’ customer service representative ‘Thomas’ to surprise customers in Heathrow T5. Filmed undercover, here are some of the best bits.

Celebrities David Walliams and Emma Bunton also took part – watch the full compilation video, as well as their individual films, on our YouTube page.

Red Nose Day takes place March 24, 2017 and the airline would like to thank its customers and staff for raising £15 million for the charity over the past seven years.

Santiago Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Santiago de Chile – A city of extremes. Explore the cosmopolitan South American capital for the perfect mix of both historic and ultra-modern attractions.

When ready, browse vacation packages to Santiago:

#Santiago de Chile is surrounded by the world’s longest mountain range, driest desert, largest ocean and southernmost grassy plains. Enjoy the patchwork of natural treasures with a #vacation here.

The lively Plaza de Armas houses the divine Metropolitan Cathedral and the National History Museum. Santa Lucía Hill is the place where the city was founded by the Spanish in the 16th-century and the Chilean Museum of pre-Colombian Art shows what life was like here before colonial rule.

La Moneda Palace is the seat of government and the place of Augusto Pinochet’s 1973 military coup. The Museum of Memory and Human Rights documents the dictator’s repressive regime.

Santiago has many city parks to explore, such as: Parque Bicentenario, Parque de las Esculturas and Parque Forestal.

On your #visit here, find colorful street art, craft shops and sidewalk cafés in Bellavista.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

More travel information around Santiago:

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Walk around Paris France Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré Rue Saint Honoré

00:00 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt

10 Best Places to Visit in Greece - Travel Video

Known for its plethora of ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, tasty cuisine and friendly atmosphere, it is no wonder that Greece ranks among Europe’s top travel destinations. Greece is made up of a mountainous mainland and hundreds of islands where each one offers its own share of stunning landscapes, historic sites and cultural delights. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Greece.

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada - Travel Video

Awe-inspiring scenery, vibrant cities and a welcoming atmosphere all make Canada a popular tourist destination. As the largest country in North America, Canada is a vast land encompassing majestic mountains, spectacular coastlines, virgin forests, spacious prairies and Arctic tundra. While much of the nation is of British and French descent, Canada is home to a mosaic of multicultural communities. Here's an overview of the best places to visit in Canada.

Sausalito, California

Welcome to Sausalito, California! Your first exit as you come off the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County. Sausalito is a wonderful waterfront community. From the expensive hilltop homes to the houseboats on Richardson Bay Sausalito offers a rich history and possibly one of the more amazing communities in Marin. Don't forget to check out Sausalito's where Robin Williams worked, Clint Eastwood and Sonny Barger (Hell's Angels) hung out together, and Janis Joplin was a regular that had her own table when she came in. The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and many more practically lived there. New York had Studio 54...San Francisco had the Trident!

For more information about homes in the area contact Mark Lomas at 805.845.2888

Icip-icip Mangut Lele Mbah Marto di Tempat Baru

TRIBUNTRAVEL.COM - Warga Jogja atau wisatawan yang kerap berkunjung ke Jogja pasti familiar dengan Mangut Lele Mbah Marto di Bantul.

Ya, bagi kebanyakan wisatawan, kuliner satu ini seperti wajib dikunjungi untuk mengobati perut lapar usai berkeliling ke tempat-tempat wisata di Jogja.

Rasa lele asap yang khas dan keramahan Mbah Marto selalu meninggalkan kesan bagi siapapun yang pernah datang ke tempat ini.

Di rumahnya di Desa Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Mbah Marto sudah berjualan mangut lele sejak puluhan tahun lalu.
Namun belum banyak yang tahu, Mbah Marto baru-baru ini membuka warung mangut lele di tempat baru.

Mangut Lele Mbah Marto yang baru berada di Desa Gaduh, Patalan, Jetis, Bantul.

Dari tempat warung sebelumnya Sewon, warung baru ini lebih ke arah selatan lewat Jl Parangtritis tepatnya kilometer 14,5.
Saat coba menyambangi warung baru pada Minggu (22/12/2019) belum ada papan nama.
Salah satu penanda yang bisa jadi patokan, adalah sebuah toko bernama Toko Bu Eko.

Arah warung lewat gang di sebelah toko ini lalu ada petunjuk nama di simpang tiga, ikuti saja petunjuk tersebut.
Warung yang baru ini terdapat area parkir yang lebih luas.
Yang menarik, di belakang warung ada pemandangan berupa hamparan sawah yang luas.

Menurut salah satu anak Mbah Marto, Kasilah, warung anyar ini baru buka sekitar satu bulan yang lalu.

“Sekarang Mbah Marto tinggal dan memasak mangut lele di tempat baru ini,” kata Kasilah.

Di tempat lama, masih ada warung mangut lele yang dikelola salah satu anak Mbah Marto.

Cita Rasa Masih Sama
Di tempat baru ini, cita rasa mangut lele khas buatan Mbah Marto masih sama.
Ini karena proses pengolahan ikan lele dari awal sampai penyajiannya tidak berubah.

Dimulai dari tahap awal, ikan lele dipilih sesuai ukuran yang pas.
Tidak terlalu besar, tapi juga tidak terlalu kecil, cukupan untuk diolah menjadi lauk.

Tusuk untuk membakar lele dibuat dari pelepah kelapa.
Proses pengasapan masih memakai arang sabut kelapa.
Sampai ke tahap meracik bumbu dan mengolahnya juga masih sama.

“Yang masak masih sama, saya dan ada yang bantu. Mbah Marto juga ikut masak jadi rasanya juga tidak berubah, cuma tempatnya yang beda,” kata Kasilah.

Benar saja, mangut lele saat disantap cukup empuk dan aroma khas masih terasa.

Juga citarasa pedas yang benar-benar membuat nafsu makan kita bertambah.

Penyajian Tetap Prasmanan di Dapur
Salah satu alasan Mbah Marto punya banyak pelanggan setia adalah keramahannya.

Juga cara penyajian masakan secara prasmanan langsung dari dapur.

Terkesan sangat sederhana, tapi inilah yang membuat orang menjadi serasa makan di rumah sendiri.

Di warung yang baru ini, Mbah Marto masih tetap melayani pembeli secara prasmanan.

Begitu masuk warung, pembeli langsung diarahkan ke dapur untuk mengambil nasi, lauk mangut lele, lauk tambahan seperti tahu tempe dan sayur pelengkap.

Harganya masih sama, Rp 25 ribu untuk satu porsi mangut lele termasuk minum. (*) Wahid Nugroho

FROZEN Queen Elsa and Princess Anna Meet and Greet at Disney World Princess Fairytale Hall

FROZEN Queen Elsa and Princess Anna Meet and Greet at Disney World Princess Fairytale Hall

Cammi was excited to meet Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from FROZEN at Fairytale Hall in Walt Disney World. Anna and Elsa put a big smile on Cammi's face as she was able to meet and talk with them.

FROZEN Princess Anna and Queen Elsa can be seen daily at Fairytale Hall at Walt Disney World.

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CONGELADO Reina y la Princesa Ana Elsa Meet and Greet
Treffen Elsa und anna
satisfacer elsa y anna
pulong elsa at Anna
ประชุม elsa และแอนนา

Royalty Free Music Downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library:

CONGELADO Reina y la Princesa Ana Elsa Meet and Greet en Disney World princesa de cuento de hadas Salón

Cammi estaba emocionado de conocer a la reina y la princesa Elsa Anna de congelado a Fairytale Hall de Walt Disney World. Anna y Elsa poner una gran sonrisa en el rostro de Cammi como ella era capaz de conocer y hablar con ellos.

CONGELADO princesa Ana y la Reina Elsa se pueden ver todos los días a Fairytale Hall en Walt Disney World.

Frozen Queen Elsa at Princess Anna Kilalanin at bumati sa Disney World Princess kuwento Hall

Cammi ay nagaganyak upang matugunan ang Queen Elsa at Princess Anna mula Frozen sa kuwentong pambata Hall sa Walt Disney World. Anna at Elsa ilagay ang isang malaking ngiti sa mga mukha Cammi bilang siya ay magagawang upang matugunan at makipag-usap sa kanila.

Frozen Princess Anna at Queen Elsa ay makikita araw-araw sa kuwentong pambata Hall sa Walt Disney World.

FROZEN الملكة إلسا والأميرة آنا لقاء وتحية في عالم ديزني الأميرة حكاية قاعة

كان Cammi متحمس لتلبية الملكة إلسا والأميرة آنا من FROZEN في حكاية في قاعة والت ديزني وورلد. وضع آنا وإلسا ابتسامة كبيرة على وجهه Cammi كما أنها كانت قادرة على تلبية والتحدث معهم.

FROZEN الأميرة آنا والملكة إلسا يمكن أن ينظر إليه يوميا في قاعة حكاية في عالم والت ديزني.

สมเด็จพระราชินีเอลซาโฟรเซ่นและเจ้าหญิงแอนนาพบปะและทักทายที่ Disney World เทพนิยายเจ้าหญิงฮอลล์

Cammi รู้สึกตื่นเต้นที่จะได้พบกับสมเด็จพระราชินีเอลซาและเจ้าหญิงแอนนาจากโฟรเซ่นในเทพนิยายในฮอลล์วอลท์ดิสนีย์เวิลด์ แอนนาและเอลซาจะนำรอยยิ้มบนใบหน้า Cammi ขณะที่เธอก็สามารถที่จะตอบสนองและพูดคุยกับพวกเขา

โฟรเซ่นเจ้าหญิงแอนนาและสมเด็จพระราชินีเอลซาสามารถมองเห็นได้ทุกวันที่เทพนิยายฮอลล์ที่ Walt Disney World

FROZEN rainha ea princesa Anna Elsa Meet and Greet no mundo de Disney princesa do conto de fadas Salão

Cammi estava animado para conhecer a Rainha ea Princesa Anna Elsa de congelados a Fairytale Hall em Walt Disney World. Anna e Elsa colocar um grande sorriso no rosto de Cammi como ela foi capaz de conhecer e conversar com eles.

FROZEN Princesa e Rainha Anna Elsa pode ser visto diariamente no Salão do conto de fadas no Walt Disney World.

ING Bank - ING Pegasus Plus Kart

ING Bank'tan uçuşları başlatıyoruz! ING Pegasus Plus Kart 'ta bol bol Uçuş Puan var, kart aidatı yok!