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10 Best Places to Visit in South Korea



South Korea offers everything a traveler could want in a destination. It has a long and fascinating history, a wonderful culture, amazing food, friendly people, and an excellent tourism infrastructure. Let's take a look at the best places in South Korea.

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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Seoul, South Korea In 2021 - Seoul, South Korea Travel Guide

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Seoul, South Korea In 2021 - Seoul, South Korea Travel Guide

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a huge metropolis where modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways and pop culture meet Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets. Notable attractions include futuristic Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a convention hall with curving architecture and a rooftop park; Gyeongbokgung Palace, which once had more than 7,000 rooms; and Jogyesa Temple, site of ancient locust and pine trees.

Time Stamps:

10.) 0:39 - (Seoul Tower)
9.) 1:42 - (Bukchon Hanok Village)
8.) 2:44 - (Public Museum of Korea)
7.) 3:36 - (Lotte World Tower)
6.) 4:42 - (Gyeongbokgung Palace)
5.) 5:43 - (Seoul Museum of Art)
4.) 6:30 - (Blue House)
3.) 7:13 - (Bongeunsa)
2.) 7:55 - (Gwanghwamun Gate)
1.) 8:37 - (Cheonggyecheon)

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25 BEST Places to Visit in South Korea | TOP 25 Places to Visit in South Korea | Travel Video

25 BEST Places to Visit in South Korea | TOP 25 Places to Visit in South Korea | Travel Video

8 Best Places to visit in South Korea

Experience many wonders of nature by exploring the top places to visit in South Korea by selecting our best selling package. -
There are so many beautiful places in South Korea, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to shortlisting. From the unexplored natural sites to the urban delights, there’s a lot to be explored
Here is a list of our top picks of famous places in South Korea. You can witness the beauty of the countryside villages, grand Buddhist temples, ancient fortresses and high-tech urban cities.
Top 8 places to visit in South Korea:-

1. Seoul
Seoul is charming in all ways possible. From the charm of bustling high tech city life and the beautiful parks to the panoramic views and party culture, Seoul will steal your heart.

2. Jeju Island
The magnificent island of Jeju is only 85 Km away from the coast and has been named among the seven wonders of nature.

3. The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
Get a sneak-peek into the history of conflict between North Korea and South Korea by visiting this zone. It is also one of the most famous places in South Korea for those who’re interested in being a little more than regular tourists.

4. Busan
Busan will fulfill your cravings for local Korean food. Relish the seafood spread at fancy restaurants and enjoy local delicacies at the stalls on the streets.

5. Gyeongju
Visit Anapji pond, Tumuli Park and the majestic Seokguram Grotto in Gyron to bring yourself in touch with the authentic Korean culture.

6. Pyeongchang County
This is one of the best places to visit in South Korea to experience peace and extraordinary scenic beauty. Located in the Taebaek Mountains, this picturesque county, which is 180 km away from Seoul, hosted the Winter Olympics in February 2018.

7. Suwon
Built by the Joseon dynasty, Hwaseong Fortress is a UNESCO world heritage site with four pagoda-style gates, artillery towers, and observation decks. It is a sight to behold.

8. Seoraksan National Park
A day hike in Seoraksan National Park will take you through jungles and the famous Ulsan Rock. If adventure is not your cup of tea, you can simply enjoy the gondola ride up the mountain for some spectacular views.

Few other places to visit in South Korea -
1. Andong Hahoe Folk Village
2. Upo Marsh
3. Juknokwon
4. Boseong Green Tea Field

How to reach South Korea from India : -
South Korea is well connected through Air routes. So taking a flight from the major Airports like Mumbai and Delhi to Seoul (South Korea) would be the best option.
Average return ticket costing: 50000 to 60000 INR

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10 Best Places To Visit In Korea!!

Here are the top 10 places to visit in South Korea. This list is based on a travel application. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Korea but we'll introduce 10 of them.
I hope you guys visit South Korea someday because it is such a wonderful place to experience the culture and traditions of modern South Korea. Here are some of the great places mentioned in this video.

10. 한강 - Han River
9. 국립중앙 박물관 - National Museum of Korea
8. 창덕궁 - Changdeokgung Palace
7. 명동 - Myeongdong
6. 제주도 - Jeju Island
5. 한라산 - Halla Mountain
4. 설악산 - Sulak Mountain
3. 북한산 - Bukhan Mountain (it is not in North Korea)
2. 경복궁 - Gyeongbokgung Palace
1. 전쟁기념관 - War Memorial of Korea

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【Seoul】 Travel Guide - Top 10 Seoul | Korea Travel | Asia Travel | Travel at home

Follow us to the most beautiful places in Seoul! ????????
Have an amazing trip at home. ????
????In this video, we’ll cover more than Top 10 best places in Seoul you need to check out before your trip:

1. Gyeongbokgung
2. Cheonggyecheon
3. Myeong-dong
4. Gangnam
5. Bongeunsa
6. Dongdaemun
7. Bukchon Hanok Village
8. Hangang Railway Bridge
9. Ttukseom Resort
10. Lotte World
11. Seoul Tower

????Let us know your favorite place in the comment!

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Seoul Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Seoul – a city that harmonises its ancient palaces with soaring modern structures and stands proudly as South Korea’s capital. Explore the city sights, here.

When ready, browse vacation packages to Seoul:

A #Seoul #vacation will bring you up close to the palaces, villages, museums, and markets much loved by locals and travelers. This is a city that has emerged in the 21st century as an economic powerhouse and maintained its rich, inviting culture.

#Visit the Gwanghwamun Square and see the statue of Sejong the Great, whose reign oversaw a golden age of literature, science and technology. The great leader sits before the grandest of Seoul’s five royal palaces, Gyeongbokgung, the Palace of Shining Happiness.

#Explore the adjoining palaces of Changdeokgung and Changgyeongung and see the changing of the guard at Deoksugung Palace. See yet another of Seoul’s great palaces, Gyeonghuigung, a royal refuge in times of unrest.

There is more than palaces in Seoul. Don’t miss the Namsangol Hanok Village, the Namdaemun Market and the peaceful wooded surrounds of the Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple, just to get started…

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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0:00 - Seoul
1:34 - K-Style Hub
2:22 - Gwanghwamun Square
2:38 - Gyeongbokgung Palace
3:16 - Changdeokgung and Changgyeongung palace
3:53 - Deoksugung Palace
4:24 - Gyeonghuigung Palace
4:38 - Namsangol Hanok Village
5:02 - Korea Furniture Museum
5:25 - National Museum of Korea
5:47 - Namdaemun
6:19 - Myeong-dong
6:41 - Insadong
6:56 - Dongdaemun Market
7:11 - Gwangjang Traditional Market
7:27 - Noryangjin Fish Market
7:49 - Samseong-dong
8:05 - Bongeunsa Buddist Temple
8:35 - Olympic Park
8:50 - Seoul Forest
8:58 - Yongsan Park
9:14 - Namsan
9:32 - Namsan Botanical Garden
9:40 - Seoul’s Tower
9:55 - Cheonggyecheon Stream
10:33 - Bukhansan National Park
11:00 - Truce Village of Panmunjom
11:49 - War Memorial of Korea
12:35 - Banpo Bridge

10 Best Places to Visit in South Korea - Travel Guide

Best Places to Visit in South Korea & Tourist Attractions in South Korea - South Korea Travel Guide and Tips.

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Top 25 Things to See and Do in Seoul - South Korea Travel Guide


DISCLAIMER: Brands mentioned are based on my own personal taste.

Back in May of 2019, I spent several days exploring the city of Seoul, South Korea. These are the top 25 things to see, do, and eat in Seoul, South Korea!

1. KOREAN BARBECUE – Fatty, high-quality grilled meats with fresh incredients and sweet, spicy, and savory flavors. Try samgyeopsal and galbi!
2. KOREAN COOKING CLASS – Take a Korean cooking class to learn to make your favorite local dishes, like sundubu jjigae and haemulpajeon. If I can do it, so can you!
3. NATIONAL MUSEUM OF KOREA – The flagship museum for showcasing Korean history and art.
4. KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN & BEER – Some of the tastiest and highest-quality fried chicken in the world!
5. THE WAR MEMORIAL OF KOREA – A sobering museum that commemorates the lives lost during the Korean War between 1950 and 1954.
6. JOGYESA TEMPLE – A beautiful Buddhist temple in the Insa-Dong neighborhood that was built in 1395 during the Joseon Dynasty.
7. KOREAN CONVENIENCE STORE – An important element of Korean culture, and a place where you can buy fresh, tasty, and healthy foods like triangle gimbap and yachae juk.
8. CHEONGWADAE SARANGCHAE – A museum that teaches its visitors about South Korea’s recent past with exhibits about the nation’s presidents, tourist destinations, and more.
9. TONGIN MARKET – A covered market that offers a wide variety of delicious Korean street foods like kimchijeon and tteok-bokki.
10. RENT A HANBOK – Renting a traditional, 17th-century outfit called a hanbok will gain you free entry into Gyeongbokgung Palace and make for a more immersive experience.
11. GYEONGBOKGUNG PALACE – A massive palatial complex that was built in 1395 and served as the home of the Joseon kings.
12. KOREAN STEWS & PORRIDGES – Near Gyeongbokgung Palace is a shop that sells delicious manduguk (Korean dumpling stew) and saeujuk (shrimp & rice porridge)
13. CHANGDEOKGUNG PALACE – A Joseon-era palace that contains a secret garden and a stunning hall for royal ceremonies.
14. NAMDAEMUN MARKET – A traditional market with 10,000 stalls and dates back to 1414. Check out the wooden masks and the kimchi mandu!
15. CHEONGGYECHEON STREAM – A peaceful and lush oasis in the middle of Seoul that consists of a stream and two pedestrian boardwalks.
16. GIMBAP CHEONGUK – A Korean restaurant chain that offers delicious fare including kimchi mandu and donkkaseu.
17. NAMSAN SEOUL TOWER & NAMSAN CABLE CAR – One of Seoul’s most prominent landmarks, which has an observation deck at its top.
18. HONGDAE – A youth-oriented neighborhood that is full of K-Pop culture and is home to clothing stores, street food stalls, and bars.
19. LOTTE WORLD TOWER – The 5th-tallest building in the world, which is home to a food court and the highest glass-bottomed observation deck on Earth.
20. GANGNAM AREA MONUMENT – A monument that honors the song “Gangnam Style” by Korean rapper PSY.
21. MYEONGDONG– A touristy area of soul where you can try delicious street foods including egg buns, Myeongdong tteokgalbi, and dakkkochigui.
22. KOREAN CRAFT BEER – Seoul is full of incredible craft beer, including at spots like Michin Dak and Craft Hans.
23. BUKCHON HANOK VILLAGE – A 14th-century Korean village in Seoul where you can try traditional food and view stunning architecture.
24. KTX BULLET TRAIN – A high-speed bullet train that travels between Seoul and Busan at speeds up to 190 mph.
25. AIRPORT EXPRESS TRAIN – The fastest and most efficient way to travel between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station.

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JEJU ISLAND SOUTH KOREA, Top 7 Best Attractions.

Jeju or Jeju-do is an island located in the South of the peninsula of Korea. Jeju Island is the largest island in South Korea and one other special province. In 2007, it was named as one of the UNESCO World Heritage lists. Jeju Island South Korea, this is info about Jeju Island tourist attractions, a tourist destination in Jeju Island with Jeju Island tourism and best places to visit in Jeju Island.

1. Manjanggul Cave
Manjanggul is located in lava tube area Gimnyeong-ri, Gujwaeup. Lava tube itself is one of the types of caves that are formed due to the deposits of volcanic lava flows. With a width of 5 meters and a length of 13 kilometers, Manjanggul became one of the world's longest lava tubes. These caves are formed due to lava flows from a volcanic eruption that occurred around 200,000 years ago.

2. Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
Cheonjiyeon waterfall is one of the most beautiful that exists on the island of Jeju. Because of its beauty 22 m-high waterfall is named after the Cheonjiyeon means ' land of paradise '. Cheonjiyeon is attractions most visited by the tourists in the evening, as soon as the evening around a waterfall turned on the lights that make a colorful atmosphere around becoming romantic. Many couples who came to take pictures in there at night.

3. Hallasan Mountains
Hallasan which means Mount Halla is the highest mountain in South Korea. The volcano with an altitude of 1,950 meters is part of Hallasan Gungnip Gongwon conservation area or Hallasan National Park. In this mountain, there is the oldest Buddhist temple in Jeju, namely Gwaneumsa constructed during the Goryeo dynasty. While at the top there is a crater lake known as Baengnokdam, meaning ' white stag-inhabited pond '. The area of Mount Halla has unique natural conditions, as is divided into several different climates

4. Jeju Folk Village Museum
Jeju Folk Village Museum is deliberately artificial village was established on an area of 40 acres by mimicking the concept of rural in 1890 's. The main attractions offered by this open-air museum is a replica of the ancient culture of Korea. There are 117 cottages, houses, and public facilities ala era can be found here.

5. Teddy Bear Museum
If you've ever watched the drama Princess Hours Goong or Korea, you definitely remember the teddy bear of the ruined museum visited by Chaegyeong and Prince Shin in the drama. The venue is the teddy bear museum, one of the few museums that display a collection of a stuffed teddy bear in the world. Teddy bear Museum is also one of the few museums with a unique concept which exists on the island of Jeju.

6. Haenyeo Museum
Who would have thought, that meant a dip in South Korea are women. The story of the great South Korea divers in can you find in the Haenyeo Museum. Inside the museum, you can see a replica of the House the women divers. The House is usually divided into three parts namely bedroom, dining room, and kitchen. You can also see the clothes as well as weapons and tools used for hunting in the sea.

7. Yeomiji Botanical Garden
The last interesting sights worth a visit in Jeju is Yeomiji Botanical Garden or Botanic Garden Yeomji. The Park is located in the tourist complex of Jungmun, is Asia's largest botanical garden which houses a collection of 1,200 plant species from tropical and subtropical areas. Inside are glass houses with various themes, among others, flower garden, garden plants, cactus gardens, forests, and tropical fruits.

Travel Guide South Korea :
7 Beautiful Mountains in SOUTH KOREA:
7 Tips to travel in JEJU ISLAND:





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In this things to know before visiting South Korea, we share everything you need to know before visiting the Asian country, including getting to South Korea, South Korea travel tips and what you need to know if you are visiting South Korea for the first time.

Korea Packing list

If you are starting to write your packing trip, there is a few things you need to remember to include. Firstly, an umbrella is essential, it can rain a lot in Korea but it is also common to use an umbrella to share yourself when walking in the hot sun. You will also need to bring some decent trainers or sneakers, you will be doing a lot of walking in the major cities but there are also some great hikes to chose from near Seoul. You may also want to bring some deodorant, you can find this in some drugstores but it expensive and rare to find. Ladies, I recommend carrying some tissue around with you, most restrooms are western but you will find some squat toilets in smaller villages. One more thing to pack is slippers, water shoes or a spare pair of flip flops. Most hotel rooms will not have a bath or enclosed shower, so it is worth having a pair of slippers just for the bathroom to avoid wet feet.

Korea apps

Before arriving, also download the google translate app and a currency converter. Not all restaurants, cafes and taxi drivers can speak English, so have a translate app will help you a lot. The currency in South Korean is Won so use a currency converter to check prices, especially when purchasing souvenirs or food in touristy areas.


Seoul is the capital and many peoples firs choice when heading to the country. There are a lot of historic sites and incrusting experiences to be had here but don’t spend your whole visit in the city. Be prepared for crowds and congestion, Seoul is home to over 25 million residents; half of the countries total.

Seoul is also a great place for shopping wit endless malls but a massive variety of fashion, accessories and beauty stores. It is also a great place to try some new products; there are beauty and skincare products everywhere so try something new whilst you are in Korea.

Try the cafes. When in Seoul, you have to head to at least one of the amazing cafes in the city. With themed cafes, unique cafes, modern cafes and instagram worthy drinks to try, plan a visit during your trip.

Restaurant tips

When you are in a restaurant, it is common for servers to avoid interrupting you whilst you are eating. This means if you need something else, perhaps another drink or serving of something, you will need to wave or press the call button on your table.

Another thing to note in restaurants is the chopsticks. Koreans use metal chopsticks, which can be a little harder to use than wooden ones. However, you can use a spoon to eat rice and make sure you place your chopsticks back down on the table when you are finishing with them - do not leave them sticking up vertically out of your bowl.

Also, when you want to pay the bill, it is likely to already be on your table. Check the sides or underneath the table and pay at the payment stand; there is normally some type of sign or server behind a table.

Some other table manners to be aware of; our your elder’s drink before your own, do not blow your nose whilst sitting at a table, don’y pick up your bowl to eat and drink your soup before trying other dishes.

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If you have any more questions, let us know them in the comments below!

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Seoul | South Korea - English

#SeoulPlaces #PlacesInSeoul #SeoulVisitPlaces #Seoul
Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a huge metropolis where modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways and pop culture meet Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets. Notable attractions include futuristic Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a convention hall with curving architecture and a rooftop park; Gyeongbokgung Palace, which once had more than 7,000 rooms; and Jogyesa Temple, site of ancient locust and pine trees.

As Seoul famous places have such a long history and cover a lot of ground, it means that there is a huge amount to see and do – but as best places in Seoul is so well connected even if you only have one day in this city, because of a layover or a connecting flight, you can really pack in a lot. To help you, even more, you can get a Seoul beautiful places 1-Day Ticket.

Apricot Wanderer's mission is to promote the beauty of the capitals of the world as well as cities and promote the tourism of those cities.

There are many beautiful places in Seoul. South Korea has some of the best places in Seoul. We collected data on the top 10 places to visit in Seoul. There are many famous places in Seoul and some of them are beautiful places in Seoul. People from all over South Korea love these Seoul beautiful places which are also Seoul's famous places. In this video, we will show you the beautiful places to visit in Seoul.

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10 Amazing Places to Visit in South Korea – Travel Video

10 Amazing Places to Visit in South Korea – Travel Video

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The Korean Peninsula is a charismatic land of culture and beauty. This Asian Country represents the most vibrant and lively culture that makes it a beckoning attraction for every traveler.

Whether you’re a diehard foodie or a fan of history or you love getting into the outdoors and hiking, travel in #southkorea can take whatever form you want it to. An interesting fact is that when it comes to South Korea most people only know about the capital city, Seoul and think that it is the only place worth visiting in the country. However, that is not the case. We have listed out some of the most amazing #places in South Korea here that you can #visit and explore.

We’re sure you’ll add at least a few of these places to your bucketlist in no time.

00:00 Why visiting
00:44 Changdeokgung Palace
01:36 Busan
02:33 Jeonju
03:12 N Seoul Tower
03:57 Bukchon Hanok Village
05:17 Seoraksan National Park
05:58 The DMZ
06:53 National Museum of Korea
07:48 Lotte World
08:16 Bulguksa Temple

#travel #tourism

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10 Best Places To Visit in South Korea - Top Tourist Attractions In South Korea | TravelDham

South Korea offers everything a traveler could want in a destination. You can Explore the 10 best places to visit in South Korea. Some of the top tourist attraction in South Korea and things to do while travelling for holiday vacations.

Seoul is the principal tourist destination for visitors; popular tourist destinations outside of Seoul include the major coastal city of Busan, the Seorak-san national park, the historic city of Gyeongju and subtropical Jeju Island.

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TOP 10 Places to Visit in South Korea

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10. Dadohae Haesang National Park
At the bottom of South Korea is the Dadohae Haesang National Park, 1,700 islands spread out across the southern coastal waters. These islets vary in size with some home to isolated communities while some hold merely a few dozen trees. Cheongsando is one of the larger islands. Translated to ‘Blue Mountain Island’, it’s a ‘slow city’ meaning it’s one of the best places to discover genuine and authentic culture.

09. Suwon
Suwon is the largest metropolis of Gyeonggi-do, the province which surrounds Seoul. The Hwaseong Fortress was built in 1794 by the Joseon dynasty ruler King Jeongjo with the aim to move the capital from Seoul to Suwon. However, before this could happen King Jeongjo died and power stayed in Seoul.

08. Busan
South Korea’s second biggest city, Busan brings together tropical beaches and majestic mountains, ancient Buddhist temples and a glamorous film festival. Busan is famous for its delicious seafood with many restaurants and the Jagalchi fish market. For incredible vistas of the intriguing city, hike to the top of Jangan Mountain. While many of Korea’s temples are nestled in hills and mountains, the Haedong Yonggung Temple is on Busan’s coast overlooking the Sea of Japan.

07. Pyeongchang
A peaceful place with astonishing scenery, Pyeongchang has seen a lot of development in recent years. It’s found in the Taeback Mountains region with parts of it sitting 2,300 feet above sea level. With lots of seasonal snow and maximum temperatures reaching just above freezing in January, it’s the perfect location for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

06. Andong & Hahoe Folk Villages
Andong’s peaceful, rural surroundings are in stark contrast to the buzz of Seoul. Set in the heart of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Andong is noted for having preserved much of its traditional spirit. A great place to see Korean traditions unfold is the cultural village of Hahoe, where the noble Ryu family originated and have lived for the past 600 years.

05. The Demiliterized Zone (DMZ)
The Korean DMZ or Korean Demilitarized Zone is a buffer zone between North and South Korea. Created in 1953 at the end of the Korean War, the DMZ remains as one of the most militarized regions in the world.

04. Jeju Island
Although it lies only 85km off the coast of South Korea, Jeju Island (more specifically Jeju-do) has developed its own unique history, traditional dress, architecture and linguistic traditions. With a moderate climate that differs surprisingly from the mainland, Jeju-do has a sub-tropical southern side and a more temperate northern region.

03. Seoraksan National Park
Designated as a Biosphere Protection Site by UNESCO, the 400 000 sq km Seoraksan National Park’s unique rock formations, wildlife, hot springs, dense woodland and temples from the Silla-era make it an area of South Korea that simply has to be visited. Each area of this incredibly beautiful park has its own unique appeal and attractions.

02. Gyeongju
Once the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla, Gyeongju is a coastal city in South Korea with a rich selection of cultural and historical attractions. Its Silla heritage stretches back over 1000 years, with ancient sites, relics and ruins found throughout the city. The Gyeongju National Museum is home to countless treasures and the 23 ton Emille Bell cast in AD771. Gyeongju's other highlights include the scenic Anapji Pond, Tumuli Park which is the site of incredible giant grass-covered burial mounds and the ancient UNESCO World Heritage Listed Bulguk-sa Temple.

01. Seoul
The vibrant, modern city of Seoul definitively lives up to the ‘24-hour party’ tag that other cities can only pay lip service to. A buzzing urban expanse that is striving to reshape its hardened concrete and steel edges with gorgeous city parks, cultural landmarks and tasteful design. You’ll find a host of exciting places to eat, drink, shop and relax, whether you’re in Hongdae’s chic bars and restaurants or the stylish boutiques of Apgujeong.

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10 best places to visit in South Korea - 2021 ????????❤️

10 best places to visit in SOUTH KOREA ????????????-2021
한국에서 방문하기 좋은 10 곳

1) Seoul
2) Gyongju
3) DMZ
4) Jeju Island
5) Andong Hahoe folk village
6) Seoraksan national park
7) Jeonju
8) Busan
9) Chuncheon

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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in South Korea

South Korea is a thoroughly modern, engaging and thrilling destination for travelers.

Here are the top 10 best places to visit in South Korea:

1. Seoul City

Seoul is by far the largest city in South Korea and a major destination in East Asia. If you’re spending any time in the country, there’s a good chance you’ll be visiting Seoul at some point. There is no end to the attractions in the city, but many visitors start with some of the many palaces located in Seoul.

2. Gyeongju

Gyeongju is the ancient capital of what was once the Silla Kingdom. This makes the city more than 2,000 years old. Gyeongju is an incredible destination that boasts a number of temples and cultural festivals. Start your trip at the Bulguksa Temple, a true masterpiece of Buddhist religion and art that dates back to the 8th century. Then, hike up from the temple to the Seokguram Grotto for even more Buddhist culture and artifacts.

3. DMZ

The DMZ, or demilitarized zone, is the boundary area between North and South Korea. It is considered a cease-fire zone. While travelers can visit the DMZ, not all areas of the zone are safe. Only a small portion of the DMZ, known as the JSA or Joint Security Area, is open to the public. In the JSA, you can physically stand in North Korea, although you will be within a building that also houses South Korean soldiers.

4. Jeju Island

Off the southern coast of South Korea is Jeju Island, the country’s only Special Autonomous Province. Nicknamed Island of the Gods, Jeju is a subtropical destination known as one of the top honeymoon and vacation spots in South Korea. In addition to beautiful beaches, lava tubes and lush green scenery, Jeju boasts a long list of tourist attractions and amusement parks.

5. Andong

At more than 2,000 years, Andong is sometimes referred to as the Capital City of Korean Spiritual Culture. Perhaps the main attraction in the city is the Andong Hahoe Folk Village, where local cultural heritage has been preserved and is shared with visitors.

However, it is foodies that will most enjoy a visit to Andong. The city boasts all kinds of local specialties, starting with a famed chicken and noodle dish called jjimdak. Andong is also home to a special type of alcohol called soju, so have a sip before you depart the city.

6. Seoraksan National Park

If you want to go hiking, see the best known mountain range in South Korea or just get some epic photos, then make sure you visit the Seoraksan National Park. Within the park you’ll find pine forests, jagged and rocky mountain peaks, crystal clear streams and stunning lakes. Seoraksan National Park is also home to over 2,000 animal species.

7. Jeonju

At the peak of the Joseon Dynasty, Jeonju was its spiritual capital. Today, Jeonju is filled with temples and museums and is one of the best places to visit in South Korea. If you want to embrace the local culture and get to know its history, make your way to the Jeonju Hanok Village.

There, you can see traditional homes from the early 20th century, make the traditional Hanji paper or sip the locally made soju. Another popular attraction in the city is the impressive Jeonju National Museum, home to a staggering collection of artifacts. While in Jeonju, try the famed Korean dish Bibimbap, which originally comes from this region.

8. Busan

The second largest city in the entire country is Busan. It’s also a major port, and it is known for boasting beautiful beaches as well as hot springs and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Busan’s Gamcheon Cultural Village, known as the Santorini of Korea, is a stunningly colorful hillside community overlooking the water.

While in Busan, you’ll also have the chance to visit several temples, the most popular of which is Beomeosa Temple. While the city boasts all the shopping and museums you might expect from an urban area of its size, some of the most popular attractions include Haeundae Beach, Taejongdae Park and the beautiful Nakdong River Estuary Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

9. Chuncheon

Surrounded by scenic lakes and towering mountains in Chuncheon, the capital city of Gangwon Province. Chuncheon is the location of a popular Korean soap opera called Winter Sonata, and a lot of visitors in the city come to see some of the most common filming locations.

10. Suwon

The city of Suwon is the capital of Gyeonggi Province, and it is just 30 km (20 miles) outside of Seoul. It is easily accessible from Seoul by car or train, but it often skipped over by travelers.

If you visit, you’ll be able to see the World Cup Stadium, affectionately called Big Bird, that hosted the quarter finals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. If you’re not a soccer fan, head instead to the historic 18th century Hwaseong Fortress, where you can tour the architecture and even try your hand at archery on the premises.

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Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in South Korea

In this video we featured the top 10 best tourist spots in South Korea

#WelztopTV #South Korea #TouristSpots
Here are the best tourist attractions in South Korea

10.The Garden of Morning Calm
9. Myeong-dong
6. Changdeokgung Palace and Huwon
5. Namiseom Island
4. Bukchon Hanok Village
3. Lotte World Theme Park
2. Namsan Seoul Tower
1. Gyeongbokgung Palace

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Top 10 tourist attractions in Seoul, South Korea

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If you are interested to visit Korea then Seoul has so many awesome tourist spots to enjoy your time and captute the best moments of your life.

10 Best Places To Visit In Seoul, South Korea

Top Best Places to visit and must do in Seoul, South Korea ????????

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