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10 Best Places to Visit in Austria


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25 Best Places to Visit in Europe - Travel Europe

Although it is the world’s second smallest continent, Europe welcomes more than half of all the tourists worldwide. In fact, 7 of the 10 most visited countries in the world are European nations. It’s easy to see why; a well-preserved cultural heritage, rich history, safety and efficient infrastructure makes visiting Europe a breeze. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Europe:

15 Destinations Told by Solo Female Travellers

I asked my favourite female travellers their top solo travel destinations for female travellers and these are the countries they recommended.

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Kristen Sarah
Hopscotch the Globe
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The 14 Most Beautiful Main Streets Across America

The 14 Most Beautiful Main Streets Across America
Between the major cities on the coasts of the United States are hundreds of small towns where a good portion of the American population lives today. Established over the last two centuries as the country expanded west, the majority of these municipalities have one thing in common: a charming main street. Lined with shops, restaurants, and other small businesses, these broad boulevards— often with their vintage flair intact—are a quintessential hub of any small community. Sure, European towns might have main streets with fairytale-esque cobblestones and half-timbered façades, but nothing says Americana like a paved road flanked by old brick buildings and hand-lettered signs. Here, a look at 14 of the most beautiful main streets across the country.

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The Top 10 Problems Faced by Immigrants

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The Top 10 Problems Faced by Immigrants

Settling in a new region poses many challenges, whatever your background, and there are some that are common experiences for migrants across the globe. While immigrants to Canada may face some, or all of these issues, the country has a range of features which can help to make the transition smoother. In this article we'll look at those issues and how to resolve them when moving to Canada.

Language Barriers
Access to Services
Cultural Differences
Problem Kids!
Prejudice and Racism
The Weather

Top 10 Underrated Cities in Europe You Need to Visit

Top 10 Underrated Cities in Europe You Need to Visit


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London, Paris, and Barcelona draw the crowds, while these gems beckon just off the beaten path. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 underrated cities in Europe you need to visit.

For this list, we're looking at cities infused with great architecture, culture, and history, that are often overlooked in favour of their better-known brethren.

#10: Ghent, Belgium

#9: Bucharest, Romania

#8: Lyon, France

#7: Cork, Ireland

#6: Innsbruck, Austria

#5: Porto, Portugal

#4: Helsinki, Finland

#3, #2. #1 . . . ??

A Tour of Tybee Island, Georgia

A laid-back beach community just outside Savannah, Georgia, Tybee Island's charms lie in its history and eclectic attitude. Check out the architecture, eateries, shopping, the beach. Another 'Small Places in the World' video from the food and travel website,

Trans-Siberian by Private Train

The epic Private Train Journey on the world's most famous Railroad
Further Information:
Over 30 years of experience - More than 30,000 satisfied guests.

Director Michael Altenhenne has captured the journey on the Trans-Siberian by private train with his camera in a virtuoso manner. His impressions of Russia, Mongolia and China are perfect to lose oneself in the yearning for or maybe even one's own memories of the last genuine adventure trip on earth. The unique atmosphere onboard the comfortable private train, the sublime mood of the travellers and the natural and cultural wonders en route unfold their irresistible charm in this excellent documentary.

Filmmaker: Michael Altenhenne (

Overwater Villa Tour in Bora Bora!

This overwater bungalow is amazing! Having so much fun in Bora Bora with Tarte! #trippinwithtarte

Use my code CloeTarte to get 15% off everything on the Tarte site!

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Did They Find a Living Megalodon In the Mariana Trench?

Сould Megalodon sharks still be alive in the deepest parts of the ocean? Science tells us that Megalodon sharks are extinct. Given that it was a massive shark with noticeable feeding habits, we guess that if Megalodon sharks were still roaming the oceans, they would probably have been spotted by someone by now. But perhaps not if they lived in the deepest place on Earth: the Mariana Trench.

What the name Megalodon means 1:49
Megalodon’s size 3:26
The deepest spot on Earth 4:13
Could Megalodon live in the Mariana Trench 5:00
How many people reached Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench 6:39

#megalodon #marianatrench #meg


- The Megalodon shark roamed the oceans as early as 23 million years ago, and we have their fossils to prove their existence. When people first encountered Megalodon teeth, they believed them to be rocks that had made their way to Earth from the moon.
- Megalodon was the biggest shark to terrorize the ocean, and it is thought to have gone extinct 2.6 million years ago. The name Megalodon means “big tooth.” Most of the recovered Megalodon fossil teeth have been 4” to 5”. But there are a few enormous teeth that are over 7”.
- The Mariana Trench is 6.83 miles deep and measures more than 1,500 miles long and 43 miles wide. To put the depth into perspective, if you were to put Mount Everest into the Mariana Trench, the top would still be sticking out. To put the length into perspective, in 1,500 miles you could fit all the states between Florida and Massachusetts. 1,500 miles is also the distance between Madrid, in Spain, and Copenhagen, in Denmark.
- To survive in the Mariana Trench, Megalodon would have had to adapt to the living conditions and evolve. It would also have to switch its diet from whales, dolphins, sea lions, and sea cows to whatever organisms reside in the Mariana Trench and hope that it could find and eat its usual 2,500 lb of food per day.
- According to the United Nations, there are 7.6 billion people in the world today, and only 3 of them have made it to the deepest point on Earth. The reality is that with so little research, it is impossible to know what lies in the depths of the Mariana Trench.

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Abandoned Farm house untouched (lots of antiques and items from 1940s-1950s)

This farmhouse built in 1915 is located along Caratoke Highway in Virginia. Beautiful antiques left behind and the house is still structurally sound. one of the best explorations I've done to date. nothing was damaged or taken.

360°, Raja Ampat archipelago, Indonesia, 5K aerial video

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Ancient Scrolls Found In Egypt...They Contain A Message EVERYONE Needs To See!!

These writings are of major importance, they describe the Archons, how they function and why they are here. The texts were found in a deep cave in Egypt, in order to protect the most important information they contained.

One of The Best Seafood Restaurants in Hong Kong at Aberdeen Fish Market

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This is the final video in this Round The World for Food video series with Star Alliance. It was an amazing trip, the most action packed every day trip with food that I’ve ever taken in my life. I want to say a huge thank you to you for your support and for watching all the videos!

On Day 39, I wanted to have one final delicious meal in Hong Kong, and so we decided to take a quick trip over to Aberdeen Fish Market, which is outside of the main city, but very close, across the mountain. Turned out to be one of the best seafood meals I’ve ever had in Hong Kong, awesomely fresh seafood. We then headed to the airport and caught a flight with Thai Airways back home to Bangkok!

1:04 Aberdeen Fish Market - Located across Hong Kong island from the main part of the city, but only a 10 minute bus ride when there’s no traffic, Aberdeen is a nice place to visit. It also happens to be home to a wholesale seafood market. The market wasn’t too busy or crowded, but it was quite nice. But the main reason we went there was to eat an amazing Hong Kong seafood meal.

2:47 Aberdeen Fish Market Yee Hope Seafood Restaurant - It took me a little while to find the restaurant as I wasn’t sure if there was more than one restaurant at the fish market - but it turns out that I think there was just one restaurant, known as Aberdeen Fish Market Yee Hope Seafood Restaurant. The English part of their menu had some seafood set meals, so I just decided to order the full set which included crab, steamed fish, scallops, and a few other incredible seafood dishes. What impressed me the most about this Hong Kong seafood restaurant was that not only was the seafood extremely fresh, but it was cooked perfectly - nothing was too salty or overcooked - but everything was literally perfect. Although it wasn’t cheap, it this seafood meal in Hong Kong was the perfect last meal on this round the world trip! Total price - 646 HKD ($83.26)

14:38 Hong Kong Airport Express - After finishing the seafood meal we checked out of our hotel and headed to Hong Kong International Airport to head back to Bangkok. Price for airport express - 170 HKD ($21.91) for 2

15:28 Star Alliance Flight #10 - Thai Airways: Hong Kong to Bangkok - For our final flight of the trip we flew with Thai Airways from Hong Kong to Bangkok!

The epic seafood meal in Hong Kong was the highlight of the day!

Disclaimer and Thank You:
Thank you to Star Alliance and their Round The World tickets ( for sponsoring my business class flights.
Thank you to JW Marriott Hong Kong for sponsoring my hotel stay.

I personally paid for all food and attractions in this video, and I decided what to do and where to eat.


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Visit Denver, Colorado, USA with Barrhead Travel

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Whether you’re looking to ski the world-famous Rocky Mountains, explore the many cities and towns or enjoy breath-taking natural beauty, you’ll find your perfect adventure with any of our Colorado holidays.
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The state’s four distinct seasons, 300 days of annual sunshine and great vacation values make this the perfect place to plan a trip

Why not take a memorable combination of Yellowstone and three more spectacular National Parks; Mount Rushmore and several more world-famous icons; Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane and the Deadwood Stage; Old Faithful, geysers and massive waterfalls and Indians, cowboys and other men from Laramie. Oh, and the colossal Rocky Mountains too!

Is Your Dream Farm Abandoned And Waiting For You?

There are abandoned farms everywhere in the rural area where we live. This is a tragedy as places that were loved so much just rot, but it is also an opportunity for anyone who wants to own a farm!
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Snowflakes 1 - Björn Skogsberg

Top 10 Most Expensive Rapper Homes

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In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
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How rich is Will Smith:
How rich is Jay Z:
How rich is Kanye West:
How rich is Rick Ross:
How much is Will Smith's house?
What is the most expensive house in the world?
Which rapper has the most expensive home?
Inside Jay Z's house?!
Inside Kanye West's house?
What's the price tag for P Diddy's house?

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Koovagam: Episode 1: The Hotel | 101 All The Way In | Unique Stories From India

Party animal Rosh goes for a bash he'll never forget - with 100,000 members of the transgender community.

Every year in May, the sleepy village of Koovagam in Tamil Nadu comes alive. Thousands flock to this village for Koovagam - Asia's largest transgender festival. City boy Rosh was sent in to experience the festival the way the locals do. He gets (a little too) up close and personal with the transgender community and begins to understand what life is like for them.

Watch Part 2 of Rosh's journey here -

India's culture, festivals and people can only be truly understood when they are experienced to their fullest. When you don't just see them, you live them. It's one thing to see a cultural festival; it's quite another to experience it up close and personal, warts and all. From meeting (and bathing) the star attraction of Thrissur Pooram's elephant festival to spending time working in a makeshift brothel at Koovagam, Asia's largest transgender festival, city boy and party animal Roshmin is on his way to experience India's people and culture head first. Not just to see how they live, but to live their lives.

He might love it, he might hate it. He might want nothing more than to get out. But he's going #AllTheWayIn!

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TOP 10 Best Beaches in the World (2019)

The Top 25 and more Best Beaches in the World. Beautiful Beaches.

What's your favorite?

Myrtos (Greece)
Cancun (Mexico)
Miami Beach (USA),
Bali (Indonesia)
Sonya Beach (China)
Surfers Paradise (Australia)
Phuket (Thailand)
El Nido (Phillipines)
Waikiki Beach
Hawaii (USA)
Rio de Janerio (Brasil)
Cape Town (South Africa)
Fiji Islands
Boracay (Phillipines)
Harbour Island (Bahamas)
Bora Bora (Tahiti)
Zanzibar (Tanzania)
Cas Abao (Curacao)
Grote Knip (Curacao)
Lefkas (Greece)
Crane Beach (Barbados)
Wineglass Bay (Tasmania)
Bahai Honda (Florida, USA)
Trunk Bay (Virgin Islands)
North Palmetto (Bahamas)
Tulum Beach (Mexico)
Palombaggia (Corsica, France)
Dominican Republic.

Really great and beautiful beaches. Please let me know which beaches I should add in my new video.



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