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10 Best Places to Visit in Martinique


10 Exciting Things to Do While in Martinique

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In the eastern Caribbean, you’ll find Martinique. You’ll find no shortage of pristine beaches, delicious French cuisine, and rugged scenery. If you’ll be heading out to this region, here are 12 exciting things to place on your to-do list.

1. Shop In Pointe du Bout
This resort region has streets lined with ice cream shops, cafés, and restaurants. When you’re done shopping, a ferry service can whisk you away across the bay to Anse Mitan where you can enjoy a drink, snorkel, or just soak up the sun.

2. Dive Off Diamond Rock
It is a volcanic mound that’s one of the best diving sites in Martinique. The rock is also known for its deep underwater caves and the abundance of fish, corals, and sponges that can be found beneath the water.

3. See the Black Sand Beach at Grand-Rivière
The black sand of this small fishing village is definitely a sight to be seen! This area is also full of charming seafood restaurants, as well as hiking trails for you to burn off those extra calories when you’re all done.

4. Shop for Herbs at the Grand Marche
Also known as the Spice Market, Grand Marche is the place to visit to find regional herbs you can’t find back at home. From from dried bois bandé, jerk seasoning, and the freshest cinnamon, you’ll definitely be in herb heaven (herb-en)!

5. Explore the History of Saint-Pierre
Saint-Pierre was the cultural center of Martinique up until Mount Pelée erupted and destroyed the town back in 1902. Nowadays, many of the ruins can still be viewed, like the old theater, and a row of single story houses.

6. Tour Musée de la Pagerie
Napoleon’s wife Josephine, was born in this Museum. This stone cottage has been restored and now includes some of her personal property, including love letters from the French Emperor and childhood artifacts.

7. Explore Gorges de la Falaise
This hike up will lead you to dazzling waterfalls and sparkling rivers that are great for swimming. Surrounded by thick forests, this is one of the most picturesque areas in all of Martinique.

8. Hike Through Caravelle Peninsula
Nature lovers can wander their way through rugged terrain next to the gorgeous coastline and the beautiful forest. At the end of the trail, you’ll find Tartane – a small beach known for having the best swells in Martinique.

9. Listen to Music at Le Carbet
This is said to be the landing site of Christopher Columbus back in 1502. Today, it’s a beachside venue where musicians can perform their songs for visitors and the locals. Enjoy the sunset while the music plays in the background!

10. Sip a Cocktail at Les Salines
These white sand beaches are located at the southern tip of Martinique. There’s no shortage of things to do here, from swimming to snorkeling. If you’re looking for some R&R, grab a rum punch, pull up a beach chair, and unwind!

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Martinique Top 10

Cathy Bartrop shares her favourite experiences on the Caribbean island of Martinique. From the varied coastline and gorgeous beaches to the rainforest interior and historic sights.
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Martinique Island Guide

travelguru Cathy Bartrop takes us on a tour of the French Caribbean island of Martinique. Explaining the island's geography and highlighting the key attractions, discover the best places to stay and where to find the best beaches.

Best Martinique hotels 2020: YOUR Top 10 hotels in Martinique

What are the best Martinique hotels in 2020? Travelers review and rate the hotels on various travel websites, and we compiled the data to rank them. Check the most popular and the best rated hotels el Martinique!

Hotels in rating:
1. Club Med Les Boucaniers - Martinique
2. Hotel Le Panoramic
3. La Suite Villa
4. Hotel La Pagerie
5. Hotel Plein Soleil
6. Le Village de la Pointe
7. Pierre & Vacances Holiday Village Sainte Luce
8. Residence Oceane Hotel
9. Carayou Hotel & Spa
10. Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa

Hotels and resorts that was close to TOP 10:
Hotel Corail Residence
Brise Marine
French Coco
Brise Marine
Tante Arlette
Village Creole
Centre International de Sejour Martinique
Hotel Bambou
Diamant Beach
Le Domaine Saint Aubin
Hotel Le Manguier
Domaine de l'Anse Ramier
Simon Hotel
Karibea Valmeniere Hotel
Eden Paradise Spa Ecolodge
Hotel Fregate Bleue
Hotel-Club Trois Ilets
Imperatrice Village
Karibea Sainte Luce Hotel
Hotel BakouaKaribea Hotel Residence La Goelette
Le Hameau de Beauregard
Domaine de Sainte Marie
Residence de l'Anse Caritan
La Dunette
Carib Hotel
Hotel Villa Bleu Marine
Hotel La Caravelle
Hotel l'Imperatrice
Pierre & Vacances Premium Les Ilets
Habitation Lagrange
Auberge de L'Anse Mitan
Residence Marine Hotel Diamant
L'habitation de l'Ilet Thierry
Auberge Kanne-a-Sukre
Habitation Josephine
Habitation Petite Tracee
Karibea Squash Hotel
Ultramarine Hotel And Residence
Residence Deville

Best Martinique hotels 2020 Video :

Martinique, A Tour Of The Island.

A visit of the the French island of Martinique 280 miles off the coast of Venezuela. The tropical island is a paradise of many different climates and many sights. Beautiful palm tree lined beaches, lush vegetation in the jungle, spectacular sunsets on the West side and Montagne Pelée, a dormant volcano are just some of the rich attractions of this South Caribbean gem.
My trip takes you to many of the coastal towns as well as a drive in the center of the island through rain drenched wild jungle roads to the banana plantations in the North. Iguanas and lizards are part of the trip a well as beautiful flowers that bloom all year long. Martinique also boasts quite a number of beautiful churches, many dating to the 17th century. One particularity of these churches is that the woodwork beneath the roofs are in the shape of upside down ship hulls, as they were built by naval carpenters.
Martinique is a French overseas territory of 1,128 square kilometers (436 sq miles) with a population of 385,551 inhabitants.
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Top 10 Places to Visit in Dominica

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Drone footage by DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro footage in the best attractions of Dominica.

Places to Visit in Dominica
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Valley of Desolation
Trafalgar Falls
Fort Shirley
Middleham Falls
Scott’s Head
Wotton Waiven
Titou Gorge
Indian River
Picard Beach
Wavine Cyrique
Mas Domnik Carnival in February


【4K】Drone Footage | The Beauty of Martinique in 8 Minutes 2019 | Cinematic Aerial Fort-de-France FRA

The final 4K footage of my drone flights in Martinique (Caribbean; Fort-de-France and Best of Martinique); project finished & uploaded on 2019-06-14 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage.

▶️ 1 Fort-de-France @ 0:00
▶️ 2 Best of Martinique in 5 Minutes @ 3:44

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Media data: This drone video (7:10min playtime) is an extraction of my multipleGB Martinique 4K Drone Video Footage & Martinique Drone Pictures. Copyright protected Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, contact me via E-Mail, my Blog, Facebook or Instagram Page. One Man Wolf Pack Contact:

Martinique Drone Flight: Martinique is a rugged Caribbean island thats part of the Lesser Antilles. An overseas region of France, its culture reflects a distinctive blend of French and West Indian influences. Its largest town, Fort-de-France, features steep hills, narrow streets and La Savane, a garden bordered by shops and cafes. In the garden is a statue of island native Joséphine de Beauharnais, first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. At the islands southern end are beaches such as Les Salines, with views of Diamond Rock, a scuba destination, and Pointe du Bout, lined with resorts. The colorful coral and fish of Anses-dArlet is popular for snorkeling, and theres golf at Les Trois-Îlets. To the north, black-sand beaches like Anse Couleuvre are at the foot of looming Mt. Pelée. Surrounded by rainforest and crisscrossed with trails, this active volcano has panoramic views from its summit. Martiniques cuisine melds French and Creole traditions, and the island has a thriving dining scene. [wikipedia // Google]

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Video [Internal ID 357] taken in 2017 and published in 2019



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The Caribbean - 10 Best Places To Visit , Live and Retire

The Caribbean is a region of the Americas that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands, and the surrounding coasts.
With its year-round warm climate, the soft white sand, turquoise water, waving palm trees breathtaking landscapes, the Caribbean is the perfect place to enjoy an idyllic retirement for many individuals.
There is a lot of variety between the Caribbean islands in terms of size, nature, languages, people, reachability, and the economy.
However, the one thing that connects them all is the joy of life. The Caribbean is paradise, but of course, with its own quirks and routines.
Every weekend feels like a vacation, people on the streets drinking, no mention of work.
Affordable Caribbean real estate can be found throughout the region, depending on whether you rent or own will makes a pretty big difference.
Jamaica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Honduras, and Belize have some of the cheapest properties.
On the other hand, more expensive properties are in Barbados, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos.

If you want to work, live or retire in the Caribbean, the following are considered the best places for you. Let's make it easy.
10. Barbados.
9. Antigua and Barbuda.
8. Roatán, Honduras.
7. Dominican Republic.
6. Puerto Rico.
5. The Bahamas.
4. Grenada.
3. Martinique.
2. British Virgin Islands.
1. Turks and Caicos.
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Martinique Travel Guide: Top 25 Things to Do | TRAVEL THERAPY

Come along with the creator and host of Travel Therapy TV, Emmy award-winning, Karen Schaler, as she shows us the top 25 things to do on in Martinique. In this special Martinique travel guide Karen highlights the best hotels in Martinique, Martinique's best restaurants and foodie finds, affordable activities and top Martinique travel adventures.

Also find out some great insider travel tips and Martinique travel deals!



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Top things to do and see in Martinique! | Martinique travel guide | World Tourism Portal

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World Tourism Portal

Do you want to find out about things to do in Martinique? Watch this video and discover free things to do in Martinique because we cover both the things to do and see in Martinique. If you are wondering about the TOP things to do and see in Martinique then this video will help you plan your trip and live your next adventure all year round.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want to explore the surrounding areas, then learn all there is to see around this place. By walking around the area you can “feel the vibe of the place” and you can discover hidden gems.
For cheap places to stay in Martinique or cheap places to stay around Martinique you can have a look on our website. Find hotels and hostels to stay in Martinique when you visit and make it easy to walk around the place. How to travel to Martinique made easy.

Looking for all the interesting places to visit in Martinique and the top tourist attractions in Martinique, then look no further. Book your tour guide from our website and don’t lose time waiting in queues. We provide the option to book your tour guide easy and fast and all the top tourist attractions in Martinique are in your hand so why lose time asking around for the interesting places in Martinique.

Are there places to eat in Martinique? Watch the video and find more information on our website for the best places to eat in Martinique. In case you're looking for places to eat and try the local cuisine, don't you worry. From wandering through ruins to devouring the local food and climbing up lookout points to feasting on weird delicacies, in this video we’re going to share with you the best places to eat in Martinique so you can leave with a full stomach.

One of your single biggest travel expenses will be your airfare so it's no surprise that you're curious about how to find round trip cheap flights. You may encounter numerous articles on the internet that offer tips on how to book cheap airline tickets to Martinique.
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To travel on a budget is a daunting thing to many people and unfortunately can deter some would-be wanderers from experiencing this incredible planet. If you wish to travel on a budget to Martinique and save money then this is the right place to be.
Stay tuned for our affordable budget travel destinations recommendations for every season.


Top 5 des lieux en Martinique à découvrir

KARIBEA HOTELS & RESIDENCES vous présente 5 lieux incontournables à visiter en Martinique

Things To Do & See In Martinique

If you're considering a cruise to Martinique, here's what to expect - Pristine beaches, exciting sights, sounds, and plenty of great shopping!

8 Things To Do in Martinique, France | Medicinal Plants & Flowers #MartiniqueEstMagique

8 Things To Do in Martinique, France | #MartiniqueEstMagique

Mentioned in my Martinique video


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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Martinique Now! Travel Therapy With Karen Schaler

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Martinique Now! Travel Therapy With Karen Schaler from Travel Therapy. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Travel Therapy on Blip!

Are you craving something different for your next vacation? Try this exotic escape where you have the best of the Caribbean and some fantastic culinary finds and adventure options? Try the French Caribbean island of Martinique where you can do everything from hike an active volcano to explore lush botanical gardens! Emmy award-winning TV host correspondent Karen Schaler travels around the world featuring the best inspiring and empowering TRAVEL THERAPY vacations, destinations, resorts, hotels, spas, food, wine and adventures based on what youapos;re going through in life. Looking for romance? Want to reconnect with your kids? Stressed out at work? Need to reinvent yourself or pay it forward? Let TRAVEL THERAPY help you find your way! Continue to follow the journey at and on Facebook and Twitter under TravelTherapy. For more TRAVEL THERAPY ideas Karen Schaler is also the author of TRAVEL THERAPY: Where do you need to go? Featuring more than 100 unique vacation ideas from around the world and insider travel tips that can help you plan the best trips AND find the best bargains. Have you had your TRAVEL THERAPY today?

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MARTINIQUE 2019 | Trip to the heart of the caribbean | Cinematic | 4K

La Martinique, ile de beauté et de prospérité. Voici un court resumé de notre voyage de deux semaines dans ce petit bout de terre de la mer des caraïbes.

Matériels :
- DJI Drone Mavic 2 PRO - D-LOG 10 Bits - Filtre ND
- Lumix GX80 - CINELIKE D - Filtre ND (12-35mm, 35-100mm, 25mm)
- DJI Osmo Pocket - CINELIKE - Filtre ND
- GoPro Hero 7 Black - Filtre ND

cinematic footage travel

【4K】¼ HOUR DRONE FILM: «The Beauty of Martinique 2021» ???????????? Ultra HD ???? Chillout Music (AmbientTV)

4K UltraHD Relaxation Drone Aerial Travel Footage with Ambient | Chillout | Lo-Fi Beats Music for Healing | Stress Relief and a Natural Deep Sleep of my drone flights in Martinique (Fort-de-France, the Capital City, Sainte-Anne Beach, Cruise Ships in the Capital, the Nature of Martinique and many more); project finished & uploaded on 2020-11-26 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. #drone #aerial #relaxation

▶️ The Beauty of Martinique 2021 @ 0:00
▶️ Fort-de-France (Capital City) @ 3:19
▶️ Sainte-Anne @ 7:00
▶️ Cruise Ships at Fort-de-France @ 10:36

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???? Media data: This drone video (Internal ID 844, taken in between 2016 & 2021 and published in 2021) is an extraction of my Martinique 4K Drone Video Footage & Martinique Drone Pictures. Copyright protected Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, please contact me via E-Mail or my Blog.
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About Martinique: Martinique is an island and an Overseas department and region of France, and therefore an integral part, of the French Republic, located in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with a land area of 1,128 square kilometres (436 sq mi) and a population of 376,480 inhabitants as of January 2016. One of the Windward Islands, it is directly north of Saint Lucia, northwest of Barbados and south of Dominica. Martinique is also an Outermost Region (OMR) of European Union as a special territory of the European Union and the currency in use is the euro. Virtually the entire population speaks both French, the only official language and Martinican Creole, an Antillean Creole. [Source: wikipedia // Google]

» Among others, you will see following places by Drone (Keywords): birds, view, dronefilm, relax, beauty, of, martinique, nature, scenes, ambient, calming, healing, chill, chillout, music, insomnia, screensaver, background, video, office, waiting, room, lounge, apple, uhd, ultrahd, island, overseas, department, region, france, french, republic, lesser, antilles, west, indies, eastern, caribbean, saint, sainte, anne, guadeloupe, dominica, fort, de, cruise, ship, ships, creole, caribe

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【4K】8 HOUR DRONE FILM: «Islands of Caribbean»
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Explore St. Pierre in Martinique with Eva's Best Travel and Cruises!

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