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10 Best Places to Visit in Martinique


15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Martinique | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel

15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Martinique | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel
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MARTINIQUE, FRENCH ANTILLES - Travel Guide with ALL top 10 sights in 4K

Martinique is part of Caribbean France, also known as the French Antilles. The island is especially popular with French tourists, but actually a great destination for Europeans or Americans. Martinique is definitely worth it, especially because flying to this island is not very expensive from Paris, LA, London or Amsterdam. What is there to do? Amazing beaches, waterfalls, a special botanical garden and endless tropical rainforest! Watch the video and see how we start a trip through the Caribbean in Martinique.

From Martinique we visit many more hidden gems in the Caribbean, but now you can already see some of the highlights. We sleep in Saint Pierre, visit the top of Mont Pelée, stand under the waterfall Saut Gendarme, snorkel in Anse Dufour and Anne Noire and stroll over the most beautiful beaches called Plage du Diamant and Plage des Salines. Also, the video shows many different accommodations in very different areas on the island.

This year we travel all over the world and after the Canary Islands, Oman and Cape Verde, Martinique is our fourth destination. Follow us on this world trip, first in Martinique and then to many more beautiful destinations! We travel non-stop all year round and film everything. Also take a look at instagram @woutoftheworld or

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12 Most Beautiful Islands to Visit in the Caribbean ????️ | Caribbean Islands Guide

12 Most beautiful islands to visit in the caribbean. Some of the best caribbean islands are right here in the travel video. When it comes to winter sun destinations, there’s no better part of the world to visit than the caribbean. islands such as the cayman islands, the Bahamas, st lucia, st kitts and nevis, Anguilla, antigua and barbuda, the popular British Virgin Islands, Anguilla and Aruba. So if your thinking of what caribbean island to visit then give these 12 a try.
Caribbean travel guide.

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Martinique Island Guide

travelguru Cathy Bartrop takes us on a tour of the French Caribbean island of Martinique. Explaining the island's geography and highlighting the key attractions, discover the best places to stay and where to find the best beaches.

Top 10 Islands To Visit On A BUDGET!

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Direction la Martinique, une île des Caraïbes. Je vous montre pourquoi elle est si unique à mes yeux ... En 10 points :)

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Best Caribbean Islands 2022 | Top 20 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Best Caribbean Islands 2022 - The Top 20 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean. In this video we are going to give you the best caribbean islands 2022, a Caribbean travel guide as we share with you the top 20 best places to visit in the Caribbean. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, as our #1 best caribbean island 2022 is the best place to visit in the caribbean and will show you the true meaning of iconic!

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SAINT LUCIA - Most beautiful island in the world? - TRAVEL GUIDE to ALL top sights in 4K

Saint Lucia is the ultimate honeymoon destination. It has the most beautiful nature and is the absolute highlight in the middle of the Caribbean. There is also plenty to do for backpackers and traveling families. In this video I show you why every traveler should visit Saint Lucia at least once: it's just a place that can hardly be beat!

After Saint Lucia we visit many more gems in the Caribbean. Whether they will match with Saint Lucia remains to be seen! With the best views of the gigantic pitons, overnight stays in tree houses in the middle of the jungle and the most beautiful snow-white beaches, Saint Lucia is high on the list of the most beautiful islands in the world. We sleep in Soufrière, visit the Diamond Waterfalls, hike the Tet Paul Nature Trail and visit the beaches Anse Chastanet, Sugar Beach and Jalousie Plantation Beach. From the west, we drive our small jeep through the rainforest to the south and east, before relaxing at an all-inclusive resort in the north.

This year we travel all over the world and after the Canary Islands, Oman, Cape Verde and Martinique, Saint Lucia is our fifth destination. Follow us on this world tour, first in the Caribbean and then to many more beautiful destinations! We travel non-stop all year round and film everything. Also take a look at instagram @woutoftheworld or

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Ultimate Martinique Island Guide: Discover the Top 9 Must-See Attractions

Are you planning a trip to Martinique Island? Look no further, as we have created the ultimate Martinique Island guide just for you! In this video, we take you on a journey through the top 9 must-see attractions on the island.

Our guide covers everything from picturesque beaches, historic landmarks, and cultural experiences to outdoor adventures and delicious cuisine. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this guide has something for everyone.

Explore the beautiful Anse Cafard Slave Memorial, hike through the lush rainforest of Balata Gardens, and soak up the sun at Les Salines beach. Discover the vibrant town of Saint-Pierre, the former capital destroyed by the Mt. Pelée volcano, and learn about the island's rum-making traditions at Habitation Clément.

We have also included insider tips and recommendations for the best accommodations, restaurants, and transportation options to help you make the most of your trip.
Looking for the ultimate guide to Martinique Island? Look no further! In this video, we'll take you on a journey through the top 9 must-see attractions on this beautiful island. From stunning beaches to historic landmarks, we've got you covered. Join us as we explore the vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking scenery that Martinique has to offer. Whether you're planning a trip or just dreaming of a tropical getaway, this video is a must-watch for anyone who loves adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. So sit back, relax, and let us be your guide to the ultimate Martinique Island experience!

So, if you're looking for a comprehensive Martinique Island guide that covers all the must-see attractions, look no further. Watch this video and start planning your dream vacation today! Don't forget to subscribe for more travel guides and inspiration.

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Top 10 Best Things to Do in Martinique, French West Indies [Martinique Travel Guide 2024]

Welcome to our channel! In this video, we bring you a comprehensive guide to the top things to do in Martinique, a stunning Caribbean island known for its natural beauty and vibrant culture. Join us as we take you on an exciting journey through the various attractions and activities available on this tropical paradise.

➡️ Discover the breathtaking landscapes of Martinique, starting with its pristine sandy beaches that stretch for miles along the coastline. Take a leisurely stroll or simply bask in the sun while enjoying the warm turquoise waters. For those seeking adventure, try your hand at thrilling water sports like snorkeling, diving, or windsurfing.

➡️ Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Martinique by visiting the vibrant capital city, Fort-de-France. Explore its colonial architecture, bustling markets, and charming streets lined with colorful colonial buildings. Don't miss out on tasting the delicious local cuisine, infused with flavors influenced by African, French, and Creole cultures.

➡️ Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by Martinique's lush rainforests and scenic hiking trails. Set off on an excursion to the famous Mount Pelée, an active volcano boasting stunning panoramic views. Alternatively, take a boat tour to see the breathtaking Diamond Rock, a small island with a fascinating history.

➡️ Indulge in some retail therapy at the numerous boutiques and shops, where you can find unique local handicrafts, clothing, and jewelry. You can also visit distilleries and sample exquisite rum, a treasured tradition in Martinique.

Join us on this virtual adventure as we share the best things to do and experience in Martinique. Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, Martinique offers it all!

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▬Contents of this video▬

00:00 Introduction
01:11 Sainte-Anne
01:51 Les Trois-Ilets
02:35 Fort-de-France
03:26 Balata Botanical Garden
04:08 Saint-Pierre
04:56 La Savane des Esclaves
05:35 Les Salines
06:17 Zoo de Martinique and Le Carbet
07:57 Anse Dufour
07:38 Diamond Rock & Le Mémorial de l'Anse Caffard

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Top 10,Ten Popular Travel Destinations in Martinique #martinique #martinis#martinistas #martinislive


Best of Martinique Travel Guide

Rum tasting, beaches and the best of Martinique Travel Guide to the Caribbean. In the heart of the Lesser Antilles between Dominica and St. Lucia, Martinique is a French Caribbean island that combines beautiful beaches and bays with lush rainforests and mountains, quiet fishing villages and vibrant culture. Whether you’re headed to Martinique for the first time or returning for a visit, don’t miss these hidden gems and top attractions on an off the beach.

This video shares great places for rhum tasting (yes, that's rhum) at Depaz Distillery and Habitacion Clemont, Nature Adventures at Habitation Ceron, city tours of the “Little Paris of the West Indies” in the 19th century, Saint Pierre, historic sites including the Slave Savannah, La Pagerie Museum in Trois Ilets and the Pottery Village and French Creole Cuisine with a Michelin star chef.

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10 Exciting Things to Do While in Martinique

Get more Tips here!

In the eastern Caribbean, you’ll find Martinique. You’ll find no shortage of pristine beaches, delicious French cuisine, and rugged scenery. If you’ll be heading out to this region, here are 12 exciting things to place on your to-do list.

1. Shop In Pointe du Bout
This resort region has streets lined with ice cream shops, cafés, and restaurants. When you’re done shopping, a ferry service can whisk you away across the bay to Anse Mitan where you can enjoy a drink, snorkel, or just soak up the sun.

2. Dive Off Diamond Rock
It is a volcanic mound that’s one of the best diving sites in Martinique. The rock is also known for its deep underwater caves and the abundance of fish, corals, and sponges that can be found beneath the water.

3. See the Black Sand Beach at Grand-Rivière
The black sand of this small fishing village is definitely a sight to be seen! This area is also full of charming seafood restaurants, as well as hiking trails for you to burn off those extra calories when you’re all done.

4. Shop for Herbs at the Grand Marche
Also known as the Spice Market, Grand Marche is the place to visit to find regional herbs you can’t find back at home. From from dried bois bandé, jerk seasoning, and the freshest cinnamon, you’ll definitely be in herb heaven (herb-en)!

5. Explore the History of Saint-Pierre
Saint-Pierre was the cultural center of Martinique up until Mount Pelée erupted and destroyed the town back in 1902. Nowadays, many of the ruins can still be viewed, like the old theater, and a row of single story houses.

6. Tour Musée de la Pagerie
Napoleon’s wife Josephine, was born in this Museum. This stone cottage has been restored and now includes some of her personal property, including love letters from the French Emperor and childhood artifacts.

7. Explore Gorges de la Falaise
This hike up will lead you to dazzling waterfalls and sparkling rivers that are great for swimming. Surrounded by thick forests, this is one of the most picturesque areas in all of Martinique.

8. Hike Through Caravelle Peninsula
Nature lovers can wander their way through rugged terrain next to the gorgeous coastline and the beautiful forest. At the end of the trail, you’ll find Tartane – a small beach known for having the best swells in Martinique.

9. Listen to Music at Le Carbet
This is said to be the landing site of Christopher Columbus back in 1502. Today, it’s a beachside venue where musicians can perform their songs for visitors and the locals. Enjoy the sunset while the music plays in the background!

10. Sip a Cocktail at Les Salines
These white sand beaches are located at the southern tip of Martinique. There’s no shortage of things to do here, from swimming to snorkeling. If you’re looking for some R&R, grab a rum punch, pull up a beach chair, and unwind!

Which one would you like to do?

Comment below!


This video explores the Top 10 Exotic Destinations In Martinique.
We researched the most beautiful and breathtaking exotic travel destinations across the globe, and we have put together a travel guide of the Top 10 Exotic Destinations In Martinique.
This channel will explore unique places to travel, so I strongly suggest you add these Top 10 Exotic Destinations to your bucket list. Tropical islands, diverse rainforests, beautiful beaches, and historic volcanoes will enhance your experience when exploring the Top 10 Exotic Destinations.


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Discover Paradise: Best Towns & Resorts in Martinique | World Holiday Vibes


Welcome to #WorldHolidayVibes, your passport to the breathtaking beauty of Martinique! In this episode of our travel series, we embark on a journey to explore the best towns and resorts this Caribbean gem has to offer. From pristine beaches to vibrant cultural hubs, Martinique is a paradise waiting to be discovered.

Join us as we showcase the hidden treasures of this tropical haven, providing you with a firsthand look at the top destinations that define luxury and relaxation. Whether you're a sun-seeker, history enthusiast, or a lover of fine cuisine, Martinique has something for everyone.

In this video, we'll take you on a virtual tour of charming towns and world-class resorts, highlighting the unique features that make each location a must-visit. Immerse yourself in the rich local culture, indulge in delicious Caribbean cuisine, and witness the natural beauty that sets #Martinique apart from the rest.

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MARTINIQUE Ultimate Attractions (Watch Before You Go!)

MARTINIQUE Travel Guide 2023 | WATCH before you go! Country #76 traveling together. This is MARTINIQUE, we share our experiences at some of the very best things to do in Martinique including Anse Meunier, Grande Anse des Salines, Morne Larcher and amazing Clement Rum Tour. A. Look out for our other videos from Martinique. We will be sharing food, beaches, culture, topography and things to do . Hope you enjoy.

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Where We Stayed Martinique

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Martinique Travel Guide: Top 25 Things to Do | TRAVEL THERAPY

Come along with the creator and host of Travel Therapy TV, Emmy award-winning, Karen Schaler, as she shows us the top 25 things to do on in Martinique. In this special Martinique travel guide Karen highlights the best hotels in Martinique, Martinique's best restaurants and foodie finds, affordable activities and top Martinique travel adventures.

Also find out some great insider travel tips and Martinique travel deals!



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Best Beaches in Martinique in the French Caribbean

The best beaches in Martinique, with inviting rum drinks, swaying palm trees and black sand. Check out Le Carbet with its traditional fishing, Coup de Sene, explore clear waters snorkeling and more with TV host Darley Newman. Like travel videos? Subscribe to this YouTube Channel

Darley of Travels with Darley on PBS takes you to have coconut sorbet on Anse des Salines with a picturesque sugary white sandy beach and crystal waters. She shows you where to walk along Petite Anse is just off the road heading to Diamant Beach and Grand Anse d’ Arlet with its restaurant Ti Sable, where you can have rum. Visit with Chef Hot Pants, Guy Ferdinand, at Le Petibonum, another great place to dine right on the beach. Go snorkeling at Ilet Chevalier for a truly private excursion with beautiful waters.

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Martinique island best places to visit | Travel, landscapes, vacation, trip | video | Caribbean 4k

Martinique, Caribean is an Obligatory Destination in a Tourist Guide
Discover a new, beautiful island for yourself. In this video, you’ll see Martinique best places You’ll find out the most breath-catching views and nie landscapes, which each traveler should see during a trip to the island. Shooting is made by a drone in 4k format. It provides a high-quality video for viewing on any screen. Thus, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the country regardless of the chosen device resolution. It will help you create your own guide and TOP places that you want to see while having leisure time in the island.

Martinique, Caribean most beautiful places
Martinique is full of picturesque landscapes, historical sightseeing, and admiring views. When visiting the county, a traveler plunges into the atmosphere of relaxation and joy. This is the place when time stops, and a person can admire a lovely pastime. Martinique is rich in adorable views. These include natural parks and gardens, historica monuments, and spectacular art pieces. The island is the place that managed to successfully combine the heritage of nature and history with modern buildings. Thus, each tourist will find sightseeing to his/her taste.

Various famous locations have different styles. Here, you can observe either urban jungles or rural landscapes. When you pass along the streets of a city, you admire the sophisticated architecture of different epochs. The island has preserved historical monuments related to different centuries. Thus, the place will be interesting either for ancient or modern architecture fans. Nature lovers can visit a national park. After an intensive excursion in the city, a tourist can have rest sitting in a shady alley and admiring the picturesque nature.

The capital of the state is not the only place that is worth a traveler’s attention. If you come to the country for several days, do not stay in the city through your holidays. Leave a day or even two to visit the suburbs. You’ll open a completely different view to yourself. You’ll feel the taste of freedom and unity with nature. Mountains, plains, and cliffs will leave you speechless. When staying at the foot of a mountain or on the edge of a precipice, admiring landscapes will make you hold your breath.

This is what you can see in the video. Observing the territory from the bird’s eye view is the most memorable pastime. Our drone has shot the most admiring places in the island. If you’re going to visit the state, do not skip an opportunity to visit to the highest point of the state (for example, climb a mountain, go to an observation deck). You’ll observe the same views in reality but your feelings will be one hundred times stronger. Believe that this activity won’t leave you indifferent. Emotions will overwhelm you.

Martinique, Caribbean best places to visit:
Beach de Salines
Dizak beach
Madian beach
Rezinje beach
Beach de Cosmi

As you discover the country, you understand that this is the perfect place to go to for a honeymoon or a holiday. The state is ready to offer different kinds of entertainment to any taste and size of the wallet. These include:
Numerous cafes, restaurants, cinemas, night clubs for going out at night;
City tours and excursions to local attractions;
Museums, galleries, exhibitions;
Sunbathing under sunlight;
Renting a yacht and making a voyage across a local reservoir;
Visiting craft farms and finding out secrets of local production;
Getting acquainted with local traditions and customs.

The list of offered activities is not complete. Each traveler has different priorities, aims, and tastes. Thus, there is no single guide on where to go. Everyone decides for him-/herself where to go and what to see. Martinique island has a great variety of options. The island is ready to please different travelers and offers exciting ways to spend a weekend. Pick the most suitable ones according to your interests and preferences. When choosing the place to live in during a trip, travelers have a choice between several options. These are a comfortable hotel in the city, a room in a guest house, a cozy country house, a bungalow near a reservoir. Everything is done so that to satisfy each visitor and provide him/her with the desired facilities.

To draw the line, make sure that Martinique island is the place you must visit in your life to discover another reality and meet people that stick to other traditions, customs, and believes. This is one of the places on the world map where a tourist can feel freedom and satisfaction just walking through the city or resting somewhere out of busy urban corners. Martinique beautifull places to visit. Here is a short video captured entirely by a drone in 4k. Vlog helps you plan your summer trip to Martinique and shows you the most scenic travel destinations. TOP 10 best places to see when visiting this amazing island.

#Martinique #Caribbean

Things To Do In Martinique

Going to St. Martinique?? Wondering what to do??? We got you covered in todays video ( )

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