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10 Best Places to Visit in Serbia and Montenegro


GO TO SERBIA - CNN Travel 🛪 recommendation for 2018

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10 Best Places to Visit in Montenegro

10 Best Places to Visit in Montenegro: Sveti Stefan, Budva, Biogradska Gora National Park, Cetinje, Durmitor National Park, Kotor, Mount Lovcen, Ostrog Monastery, Ulcinj, Perast

Top 10 Places To Visit in Serbia | 10 Tourism Attractions in Serbia | Travel Serbia

Top 10 Places To Visit in Serbia | 10 Tourism Attractions in Serbia | Travel Serbia

1. nis

niš is the 0.33 best city of serbia and the administrative point of convergence of the nišava district in southern serbia. wikipedia

2. fallen heavenly attendant's town

đavolja varoš is a hard to overlook shake direction of action, organized in south serbia at the radan mountain close kuršumlija. it highlights 202 shiny guides of movement depicted as earth pyramids or towers, as neighborhood people mean them. wikipedia

3. kopaonik countrywide park

kopaonik is one of the extra mountain extents of serbia and kosovo. it is organized in the valuable little bit of serbia and the northern parts
of kosovo. wikipedia

4. prizren

prizren is an critical metropolis arranged in kosovo. it's far the definitive point of convergence of the eponymous location and district. the town has a humans of round 178,000, making it the second finest metropolis in kosovo. wikipedia

5. derdap countrywide park

the đerdap national park stretches out alongside the right financial institution of the danube river from the golubac fortification to the dam close sip, serbia. it spreads extra than 640 square kilometers and the enjoyment focus agency office is within the metropolis of donji milanovac on the danube. wikipedia
deal with: boljetin, serbia

6. studenica monastery

the studenica monastery is a twelfth century serbian orthodox non secular institution masterminded 39 kilometers southwest of kraljevo and forty.nine kilometers east of ivanjica, in primary serbia. it's far one of the greatest and wealthiest serb orthodox spiritual companies. wikipedia
deal with: 116, brezova 36343, serbia

7. zlatibor

zlatibor is a metropolis in serbia. it's miles masterminded inside the čajetina area, in the zlatibor district. the quantity of occupants in the metropolis is two,344 human beings. it's miles an unmistakable visitor inn in serbia. by avenue and rail it's miles associated with užice and nova varoš. wikipedia

8. novi sad

novi sad is a town in serbia on the banks of the danube river. on a riverside pretend stands petrovaradin fortress, a extraordinary deal of it courting to the 17th and eighteenth a few years, with a well-known clock tower and an association of sections. over the circulation is the vintage zone, stari grad, web page of the gothic revival name of mary church and neo-renaissance town hall.

9. subotica

subotica is a city and the administrative attention of the north bačka district inside the independent area of vojvodina, serbia. wikipedia

10. belgrade

belgrade is the capital of the southeast european united states of serbia. its maximum exquisite point of reference is the beogradska tvrđava, a compelling publish on the crossing point of the danube and the sava conduits. the submit is a showing of the city's key criticalness to the roman, byzantine, ottoman, serbian and austrian domain names, and it is by means of and with the aid of the website of more than one verifiable focuses and moreover kalemegdan, a big forestall.

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Top 10 Places To Visit in Montenegro | Travel Montenegro | 10 Best Places to Visit in Montenegro

Top 10 Places To Visit in Montenegro | Travel Montenegro | 10 Best Places to Visit in Montenegro

1. Ulcinj

Ulcinj is a city at the southern shoreline of Montenegro and the capital of Ulcinj Municipality. It has a city people of 10,707,
the lion's extent being Albanians. Wikipedia

2. Biogradska Gora nation wide Park

Biogradska Gora is a boondocks and a nation wide stop in Montenegro inner Kolašin region. it is the site of one of the last 3
rainforests in Europe. The scene is viewed as one of mountain edges, cold lakes, and gentle timberland. Wikipedia

3. Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is a touch islet and 5-star lodging resort on the Adriatic shore of Montenegro, approximately 6 kilometers southeast of Budva. Wikipedia

four. Mount Lovcen

Lovćen is a mountain and countrywide thwart in southwestern Montenegro. Mount Lovćen climbs from the edges of the Adriatic bowl, closing the protracted and turning strait of Boka Kotorska and making the hinterland to the seashore front town of Kotor. Wikipedia

5. Cetinje

Cetinje, is a city and vintage Royal Capital of Montenegro. it's far similarly the vital and the elective capital of Montenegro, where the
true blue home of the President of Montenegro is resolved. It had a people of 13,991 beginning at 2011. Wikipedia

6. Ostrog Monastery

The Monastery of Ostrog is a religious system of the Serbian Orthodox Church sitatued against a for all intents and purposes vertical premise, over the top up inside the considerable shake of Ostroška Greda, in Montenegro. it's far dedicated to Saint Basil of Ostrog, who get to be distinctly covered appropriate here. Wikipedia

7. Perast

Perast is an antique town on the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. it's miles sorted out more than one kilometers northwest of Kotor and is specified for its proximity to the islets of St. George and Our young lady of the Rocks. Wikipedia

8. Durmitor countrywide Park

The Durmitor is a massif that gave its call to a nation wide stop in northwestern Montenegro. The greatest enhanced top, Bobotov Kuk, goes to a stature of two,523 meters. Wikipedia

9. Budva

Budva is a Montenegrin city at the Adriatic Sea. a couple part of the Budva Riviera, it's recognized for sandy shorelines and nightlife. Stone dividers created by means of the Venetians include the tight paths of the medieval old city (Stari Grad). This compositionally full-estimate locale is household to a coastline fortress
what is additional, religious areas recently like the Church of Santa Maria in Punta, developed inside the ninth century.

10. Kotor

Kotor is a propped town on Montenegro's Adriatic float, in a gulf close to the limestone feigns of Mt. Lovćen. Depicted through winding roads and squares, its medieval vintage city has a couple of Romanesque houses of prayer, which incorporates Kotor Cathedral. it is also home to the Maritime

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old focus, which examines neighborhood nautical history. Sveti Đorđe, one of 2 unobtrusive islands off the old town of Perast, components a

many years old church.

address: Žabljak, Montenegro

Serbia Tourist Attractions: 10 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Serbia? Check out our Serbia Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Serbia.

Top Places to visit in Serbia:
Belgrade Fortress, Church of Saint Sava, Nikola Tesla Museum, Ružica Church, Niš Fortress, Palić Lake, Manasija, Sopoćani, Patriarchate of Peć, Pobednik

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Montenegro - TOP 10 places you need to see

Have you ever heard of small country Montenegro, which offers beautiful seaside, spectacular mountains, stunning canyons, old cities and much more ? well you should.
Enjoy TOP 10 places you need to see when visiting this amazing country.
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1. Lake Piva
2. Budva city
3. Skadar lake
4. Durmitor national park
5. Sveti Stefan
6. Black lake
7. Tara canyon
8. Kotor Bay
9. Prokletije national park
10. Črnojevica river

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1. jazero Piva
2. Budva
3. Skadarské jazero
4. národný park Durmitor
5. Sveti Stefan
6. Črno jezero
7. kaňon rieky Tara
8. Kotorský záliv
9. národný park Prokletije
10. rieka Črnojevica

Golubac Fortress - Day Trip from Belgrade, Serbia

Golubac Fortress - Day Trip from Belgrade, Serbia

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David's Been Here is touring all the top sites and must-visit attractions of Serbia. In this short video, David brings us along the Danube River to the Golubac Fortress. An hour and a half drive east from the capital city of Belgrade, this 14th century castle is one of the country's most remarkable attractions. Take the beautiful day trip from Belgrade along the Danube River, passing along and even through the walls of this medieval fortification. Soak in the ancient atmosphere, stunning scenery and clear views of Romania across the river for an awesome half-day experience.

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Golubac Fortress - Day Trip from Belgrade, Serbia



This video shows the most beautiful places in Republic of Macedonia.

Linz Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places To Visit

Planning to visit Linz? Check out our Linz Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Linz.

Top Places to visit in Linz (Austria):
The New Cathedral, Postlingbergbahn, Schlossmuseum Linz, Ars Electronica Center, Hauptplatz, Postlingbergkirche Wallfahrtsbasilika Sieben Schmerzen Maria, Alter Dom, Linz Botanical Garden, Zoo Linz, Ursulinenkirche, Linzer Landhaus, Landestheater Linz, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Hauptbahnhof Linz, Donau Park

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Travel Guide - Serbia

Tour through the beautiful landscapes of Serbia and experience a revitalized Belgrade. Learn all the tips and tricks necessary to create your own amazing adventures in this beautiful country! Plan. Save. Explore.

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Travel Guide recorded outside of Gusinje, Montenegro.

Serbia Tara national park Best photo spots Montenegro express train

Balkan adventure . Tara national park.
Apartment we recommend, Apartments Tara Viva
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"KOSOVO" Top 50 Tourist Places | Kosovo Tourism

Kosovo (Things to do - Places to Visit) - KOSOVO Top Tourist Places
A country in Europe
Kosovo, officially the Republic of Kosovo, is a partially recognized state and disputed territory in Southeastern Europe. Defined in an area of 10,908 square kilometers, Kosovo is landlocked in the center of the Balkans and bordered by the uncontested territory of Serbia to the north and east, the Republic of Macedonia to the southeast, Albania to the southwest and Montenegro to the west.

Geographically, Kosovo possesses varied and opposing landscapes for such a small country determined by the ideal climate along with the geology and hydrology. Most of central Kosovo is dominated by the vast plains of Dukagjin and Kosovo. The Albanian Alps and Šar Mountains rise in the southwest and southeast respectively.

KOSOVO Top 50 Tourist Places | Kosovo Tourism

Things to do in KOSOVO - Places to Visit in Kosovo

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KOSOVO Top 50 Tourist Places - Kosovo, Europe

Top 10 Poorest Countries in Europe | 2018

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Top 10 Poorest Countries in Europe – 2018.

Often when people think of Europe, they think of the pinnacle of society; Beautiful cities, peaceful borders, and prosperity. However like in all places of the world, Europe also knows struggle and poverty. Here, we list the ten poorest countries in Europe by way of Gross National Income per capita. Figures are calculated by data procured by the World Bank.
10. Romania – $9520
9. Bulgaria – $7620
8. Montenegro – $7320
7. Serbia – $5820
6. Macedonia – $5150
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina – $4760
4. Albania – $4450
3. Kosovo – $3990
2. Ukraine – $3560
1. Moldova – $2560

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TOP 10 Tourist Attractions in BALKAN Peninsula.Full HD

Description:The video shows 10 of the most beautiful sites in: Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro

SERBIA TOURISM - Historic sites and fun events

Serbia is a country is a republic which lies at the crossroads between Central and Southeastern Europe, bordering Hungary to the north; Romania and Bulgaria to the east; Macedonia to the south; and Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and west; It also borders with Albania. Serbia's capital, Belgrade, is one of the largest cities in Southeast Europe.

Serbia has a variety of tourism products, mainly focused on the mountains and the country spa, which is mostly visited by domestic tourists, as well as Belgrade preferred choice of foreign tourists. There are many spas in Serbia, the largest of which is Vrnjacka Banja, Soko Banja and Banja Koviljača.

Another Serbia travel offer is a natural wonder like Đavolja Varoš, a Christian pilgrimage to many Orthodox monasteries across the country and sail along the Danube river. There are some popular international festival of music held in Serbia, such as EXIT (with 25 to 30.000 foreign visitors who come from 60 different countries) and the Guca trumpet festival.

All INCLUSIVE VACATIONS right here. Reviews, tips, and much more. Get free INCLUSIVE VACATIONS guide


Serbia Road Trip: Exploring the Heart of the Balkans

In March I took an 8-day road trip through Central and Southern Serbia.

Some of the different places I visited include:
Mokra Gora
Tara National Park
Uvac Canyon
Zlatibor and the Zlatibor Mountains
Sopocani Monastery
Stari Ras
Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
House on the Drina
Bajina Basta
Ravanica Monastery
Various clips of driving in Serbia

Even 8 days wasn't enough to thoroughly explore all of the best regions, cities and natural beauty in Central in Southern Serbia.

Poor weather like heavy rain, landslides and flash floods also made it more difficult to get around but overall the road and driving conditions in Serbia were excellent.

I definitely want to explore Serbia by car again and I think a minimum of 1-month would be needed. I also would recommend travelling during the summer or fall because in the winter and spring many of the attractions are closed and the weather isn't as ideal.

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Explore Serbia, The Best Places to Visit in Serbia

Serbia today is a blend of cultures, having been fought over by the Romans, Ottomans, Hapsburgs and other people in its war-torn past. Now it’s a place for fun, from rowdy parties to beer festivals, in some of the most scenic spots around. It’s where Eastern culture meets Western culture, where medieval cities with imposing fortresses and ancient monasteries ooze charm. Oh, and the country has some pretty darned good skiing, too. An overview of the best places to visit in Serbia:

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Montenegro: Country of Contrasts

More info about travel to Montenegro: One of Europe's newest and smallest countries, Montenegro is about the size of Connecticut, with well under a million people. It's a country of contrasts: an intriguing combination of rugged landscapes, communist-era decrepitude, and an emerging Mediterranean hotspot that's quite popular with the cruising crowd.

For more information on the Rick Steves' Europe TV series — including episode descriptions, scripts, participating stations, travel information on destinations and more — visit

48 Hours in the most UNDERRATED CITY in EASTERN EUROPE | Kotor, Montenegro

We have found the most underrated city in Eastern Europe!

We have started our road trip from Croatia to Montenegro (with a little stop over in Bosnia to cross the borders).

Everyone told us about the border crossings through these countries so we are testing it out for you guys to see what they are like and honestly we had no issues.

Upon arrival in Kotor I mean wow this city is absolutely incredible, so underrated, there's so much to see and do and eat.

Hope you enjoy the video :)

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Kotor, Montenegro - Travel Around The World | Top best places to visit in Kotor

Top best places to visit in Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor is a coastal town on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro.

Kotor is located at the end of the Boka Bay, it is a Fortified Town well-known for its World heritage medieval structures and its stunning natural setting.

The city is surrounded by thick walls, up to 20 meters high.
There are three entrances to the Old Town, the western Sea Gate is the main one.

The southern Gurdic Gate is at the south apex of the triangle, a quiet but fascinating section of the town, often missed by tourists.

Beside this doors is the Monastery of Saint Francis, originally situated outside of the walls.

The northern River Gate leads to a bridge that crosses the river Skurda.

In a square just by the River Gate stands, built on the site of the 6th-century basilica, the Church of St Mary.

Along the river is a part of the City Walls that are open for the public.

The social center of Kotor is the L-shaped Square of Arms.
And the Clock Tower, built on the site of the medieval torture tower, it is the focal point of this square.

The most important monument in the whole Bay of Kotor is the St Tryphon's Cathedral.

On the same square is the Town Hall.

Old Kotor also has numerous palaces like the Pima Palace that expense out with the 16 meter balcony.

A Serbian Orthodox Church of St Nicholas thanks to its size, shape and domes it is the most prominent building in town.

St Luke’s Church, that has been used by both Catholics and Orthodox, lies next to the St Nicholas Church.

Church of Our Lady of Remedy built on the hillside overlooking town, can only be reached by a short hike.

The highest construction above Kotor is the Fort of St John. From there is the great view of the bay and the city.


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