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10 Best Places to Visit in Botswana



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Top 5 places you NEED to see in Ireland this summer not named Dublin

Our personal Top 5 list for Ireland (plus a couple extras). We realize there are so many places and things to see on the entire island. Maybe we will go back and make another video and have a new top 5! Northern Ireland anyone?? -E + G

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Top 10 Recycled Disney Animatronic Secrets Pt 3 ft. Disney Dan

Top 10 Disney! Animatronics are a big part of Disney rides and attractions but here's a Disney secret...did you know that many of the current Disney animatronics are recycled and reused from old extinct attractions? Rides from the Disneyland Theme Parks (including Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure) as well as the Walt Disney World theme parks (including Epcot & Magic Kingdom) all have recycled animatronics in many of the rides. So along with my co-host DisneyDan we're gonna be taking a look at the Top 10 Recycled Disney Animatronics Pt 3 DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄


►LAST EPISODE: Top 7 Walt Disney Hidden Secrets & Myths at Disneyland

►Top 10 Recycled Disney Animatronics Ft DisneyDan!:

►Top 10 Recycled Disney Animatronics Pt 2

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Branson Scenic Railway

Preview the Branson Scenic Railway in Branson. America's romance with the vintage passenger train lives on through excursions on the Branson Scenic Railway aboard a collection of unique passenger cars that travel through the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. This one hour 45 minute trip takes passengers through tunnels, over trestles, and through the southwest Missouri or northwest Arkansas wilderness that is still home to much wildlife and to the ruins of long-ago communities now named only on railroad maps.

Saturday 5pm Dinner Train offers entree choice of Prime Rib, 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken, or Baked Fish. Meal also includes mashed potatoes & vegetable medley, caesar salad, crudites, black and white cake and water, ice tea, hot tea or coffee.(Items subject to change)

10 Best Places to Visit in Arizona - Travel Video

With a dazzling array of amazing sights, Arizona’s desert climate is home to some astounding geological formations and canyons that are well worth exploring. The Grand Canyon, for example, is one of the United States’ most famous sights, while the impressive Monument Valley certainly gives it a run for its money. With Indian reservations making up almost a quarter of Arizona’s area, there are lots of interesting archaeological, historical and cultural sites relating to Native American culture for tourists to enjoy. The state cities are fun and friendly places to stop by and there is some great nightlife to boot. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Arizona:

Undiscovered islands in Atlantic Ocean - Wildlife Secret Animals (2018 Documentary)

The vast ocean separates continents meanwhile it also boasts hundreds of small island. From sandy beaches to remote and untouched nature

Scattered across all 7 seas and from the tropics to the Antarctic are the UK's Overseas Territories some of the most remote places on the planet. This Documentary we explore this natural wealth of life in locations so remote that few have ever visited.

Thousands of miles from the nearest anything these islands scattered across all 7 seas from the Antarctic to the tropics are amongst the remotest places on earth. But life here isn't lonesome. They teem with life from huge penguin colonies to the world's richest coral reefs. Because many are so remote they have acted as laboratories of evolution shaping life in unexpected and dramatic ways. Thrushes that once fed on seeds have evolved a taste for meat. Turtles have become extreme navigators and seabirds nest on single islands and nowhere else in the world. These islands all have one thing in common they are all British overseas territories....

Undiscovered islands in Atlantic Ocean Islands born of fire run from the equatorial Atlantic down to Antarctica. Many are now home to unique species and all have intriguing stories to tell. From huge penguin turtle and seabird colonies to the world's richest coral reefs discover the UK's remarkable distant isolated territories.

Rabat trip | Travel to Morocco | Fas Gezisi

#Rabat #trip - #Travel to #Morocco - #Fas Gezisi

Medina Region

Old City

Place Bab El Had

Avenue Mohammed V

Porch door Alruah - Bab Rouah

Hassan Mosque

#Kasbah of the #Udayas - Kasbah des #Oudayas

Mausoleum Mohammed V

Hassan Tower

Ruins of #Chellah


I was so wrong about Costa Rica | Best Job On The Planet (Sorelle Amore)

Villa Punto de Vista in Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica was my 6th country of 12 for the Best Job On The Planet with ThirdHOME. I never in a million years expected to fall so deeply in love with this place.

Living in a jungle for a week surrounded by wild cute animals, swimming in the warm ocean, meeting amazing people who are now friends and so much more resulted in this becoming one of my favourite places on Earth.

THANK YOU THIRDHOME for this unbelievable opportunity to travel the world for the Best Job On The Planet which allows me to do things like this:

Thank you Villa Punto de Vista for having me:

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Gorilla Tripod:
Small Vlogging camera:
Remote Control Triggers: Canon - Sony -

Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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Street Food in Ghana - GIANT CHOP-BAR LUNCH and West African Food Tour in Accra!

This was an incredible day of street food in Ghana!
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Jay (Mukase Chic) is an amazing woman, so positive and talented, and so much fun to hang out with and eat with! She’s a food personality, a chef, a restauranteur, a blogger - she’s incredible. Check out her Instagram ( and YouTube (

Anyway, so Jay took me an ultimate street food tour in Accra, here’s all the amazing food we ate:

Red red (bean stew) and plantain - This was the first stop, a small stall that Jay has been eating at for years. They fry plantain, and then serve the plantain along with beans stewed in palm nut oil, and combine it with gari, which are cassava flakes. The result, is a filling and very satisfying combination of sweet and tangy plantains with salty oily beans. What’s key as Jay explained to me is the palm nut oil, which provides so much oil and fragrance. It was delicious, and a perfect way to begin this Ghanaian street food tour in Accra!
Total price - 4 GHC ($0.90)

Nima Market - Next we caught a taxi to Nima Market, known for its spices. We tried everything we could find, which was quite a lot of snacks here and there. The market was fantastic to walk around, full of action and energy.
Coconut toffee
Tigernuts - 1 GHC ($0.20)
Masa - 1 GHC ($0.20)
Zowey (adaakwa) - 1 GHC ($0.20)
Kulikuli - 1 GHC ($0.20)
Boiled egg - 1 GHC ($0.20)
Fried cheese - 1 GHC ($0.20)
Burkina - 3 GHC ($0.70)
Bofrot - 1 GHC ($0.20)

Peace Chop Bar (Chop Bar - Local Ghanaian restaurant) - Finally, to end this street food tour of Ghana in Accra, we stopped back at the chop bar that we had visited earlier in the morning. Seeing the cooking was sensational, it only made me hungrier for lunch. By the time we arrived back, they had already sold out of a few dishes, but there was still plenty enough to choose from. I tried the banku with goat meat, and it was fantastic.
Total price - 36 GHC ($7.90)

This was an incredible day of eating street food in Accra. Many thanks to Jay!


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EGYPT the river, the gods, the city, the desert

From Luxor to Aswan by boat. The landscape, the people, the ancient temples. And then the city of Cairo and the great sahara desert (april 2012).

The BEST things to do in Amsterdam ???????????? handpicked by the locals. #Amsterdam #cityguide

Want to know exactly what to do and where to go in Amsterdam? Then you MUST watch this video!

Discover a different Amsterdam with #Withlocals →

Martijn Van der Sanden is on his second trip as Withlocals reporter, to discover the real Amsterdam, the one the locals love. This is the first video of this special Withlocals Series ‘Discover the real Amsterdam: do’s don’ts and local tips'.

FEATURED Silvino, Otto, Simon, Chris, Carolina, Fusina

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MUSIC Credits to Dj Quads

#1 See Amsterdam Canals without the tourists’ crowds (00:22)
#2 Amsterdam Canals next level: do a private boat trip with a local (00:52)
#3 See Amsterdam’s masterpieces: Museumplein (01:14)
#4 Feel the vibe of the Noord district: NDSM (01:47)
#5 MUST-eat: where to eat the best Dutch waffle in Amsterdam (02:23)
#6 Find out where is one of the best local markets in Amsterdam (02:48)
#7 Enjoy the park life: Vondelpark vs more local alternatives (03:16)
#8 The best Dutch cheese tastings: where to go in Amsterdam (03:54)
#9 A day out of town: explore the beautiful Haarlem (04:10)
#10 The Red Light District like a local: what to do and where to go (04:38)
BONUS TIP Get higher… On Amsterdam rooftop bars! (04:41)

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10 Top Tourist Attractions in France - Travel Video

Famous for its wines and cheeses, France is the world’s most popular tourist destination receiving 82 million foreign tourists annual. Visitors are attracted by historic cities, a beautiful countryside, the castles of the Loire Valley, and Brittany and Normandy. In addition, France offers an agreeable climate, some excellent beaches on the French Riviera, the Atlantic coast and the island of Corsica, wide possibilities for winter sports, most notably in the Alps and the Pyrenees, and a rich culture with food and wines that are among the most celebrated in the world. Here’s a look at the top tourist attractions in France.

10 Best Places to Visit in Norway - Travel Video

From its majestic mountains and famous fjords to its modern yet picturesque cities, Norway is simply one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Picture-perfect landscapes beg to be explored by foot, car, bike or boat. Whether taking in the breathtaking wonder of the northern lights or the summer sun glistening on a massive glacier, Norway is a great adventure in any season. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Norway:

Do I need Dutch for working in the Netherlands? ... even at an international job!?

Do you work in the Netherlands?
At an international job?
Or you are searching for a Dutch job?

You might think, that English is enough then... But these people (expats in the Netherlands) came to a different conclusion!

Even if English is the official language on the work floor in an international company in the Netherlands... you still will benefit a lot from learning Dutch... especially if you stay here for a longer period!

And if you don't have a job yet, but you're searching for a Dutch job.. you'll increase your chances a lot by learning Dutch!

Video made by online Dutch teacher Bart de Pau and Nicolas Balbontin and the students of the BLC Dutch Winter School.

Time to learn Dutch?

(to learn Dutch online)

(intensive Dutch language courses in Summer)

(intensive Dutch language courses in Winter)

Top 10 Billionaire Travel Destinations in Summer 2019 | MojoTravels

Hey we can dream . . . Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Billionaire Travel Destinations in Summer 2019.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most common vacation spots billionaires will be using their private jets to visit in the summer of 2019, according to Business Insider and private-aviation-services platform XOJET. We understand that most of you don’t have access to private jets, but that shouldn’t discourage you from flying coach to these destinations.

#Billionaires #Travel #PrivateJet

Desert Survival Food: Prickly Pear Cactus (Nopales) -Junkyard Fox

I remove, process and roast one of the most abundant foods that can be found in the american southwest. Rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, it makes an excellent survival food.

Link to Cactus Fruit video:

Link to BHK Woodsman Pro knife review:

Link to Cuervo Negro music:

filmed in the El Paso, Texas/Cloudcroft, New Mexico area, Chihuahuan Desert. Survival, Self-Reliance, Bushcraft, Camping, Making Fire, James Harris. Original music by Cuervo Negro. Junkyard Fox

DD Travel Hammock/ Bivi - Intro Video

Dan introduces our versatile Travel Hammock / bivi and demonstrates setting it up.

With a waterproof floor, this hammock can be set up on the ground as a bivi!

For more info please go to

Blind Driver Challenge at the Rolex 24 At Daytona with Audio Description

This multi-camera video with audio description shows the track from Mark Riccobono's perspective, as well as shots of him in the driver's seat, as he drove the road course section of the famed Daytona International Speedway for the groundbreaking Blind Driver Challenge demonstration on January 29, 2011.

Top 5 Travel Agents Picks for 2019 | MojoTravels

When all else fails, turn to the professionals. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’re counting down our picks for Top 5 Travel Agents' Picks for 2019. For this list, we’re looking at five destinations chosen by expert travel agents earlier this year as the must-visit spots for travelers in 2019. We’d like to thank Travel Impressions for the inside scoop.

#TravelAgents #Awards #Tourism

Dream Destination Spotlight: Branson, Missouri

Start planning your Branson vacation with RCI today:

Branson, Missouri promises families, couples and groups a large variety of vacation options. Vacation goers can look forward to world-class live entertainment, great food, award-winning golf courses, and more outdoor activities than anyone could ever get through on a week’s vacation. And the best part? Waking up in the breathtaking Ozark Mountains.

So what is there to do with so many options and so little time in the self-proclaimed “Live Entertainment Capital” of the world? Millions of people laugh the night away at hilarious comedy shows and are mystified by talented magicians. Looking for a bite to eat before or after a show? Branson offers choices from fine dining, buffets, family restaurants, and more, ensuring no one will leave hungry.

Branson is home to a number of award-winning golf courses suitable for all levels of play. After a round of golf, visit one of Branson’s best known attractions: Titanic Branson. Visitors get to experience what a trip was like on the world’s most famous luxury liner.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find a number of lakes that offer boating, fishing, hiking and biking trails. Want to take a trip back in time? Mosey on over to Silver Dollar City, an 1880’s style theme park full of entertaining rides and attractions.

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