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10 Best Places to Visit in Netherlands Antilles



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St. Maarten is a beautiful island and one of our favorites. There is so many fun things to do there. If you are planning a vacation there or a cruise port stop, I have a list of things to check out with a little bit for everyone.
Hope this is helpful....Happy Cruising!!!

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Best Places to Visit in Curaçao

Best Places to Visit in Curaçao

Curaçao is a Lesser Antilles island in the southern Caribbean Sea and the Dutch Caribbean region, about 65 km (40 mi) north of the Venezuelan coast. It is a constituent country (Dutch: land) of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and a unique Caribbean island paradise. Curaçao's highest point is the Sint Christoffelberg 372 m (1,220 ft).
The coastlines bays, inlets and hot springs offer an on-site source of natural mineral, thermal, or seawater used in hydrotherapy and mesotherapy, making this island one of many balneoclimateric areas in the region. While tourism plays a major role in Curaçao's economy, it is less reliant on tourism than other Caribbean countries. Most tourists originate from the Netherlands, Eastern United States, South America and other Caribbean Islands . It is a leader in the Caribbean in cruise tourism .

Ringed by picture-perfect beaches and craggy headlands clad in the occasional bloom of palms and sea grasses, spiny cacti and divi-divi groves, the terrain isn’t your usual soft sands and jungle.

There IS really plenty to see on the sun-kissed Curaçao! Check it out…

2.Christoffel National Park
3.Shete Boka National Park
4.Kurá Hulanda Museum
5.Playa Lagun
6.Playa Cas Abou
7. Klein Curaçao
9.Tour Fort Amsterdam
10.Hato Caves

New And Colorful Hotspots In Willemstad | Curaçao Travel Vlog | Part 6 of 7

While we stayed for a month on Curacao, we took the time to discover the new and colorful hotspots of Willemstad. Beside Pietermaai, we also dived into Fleur de Marie, a brand new and upcoming neighborhood with many artists and musicians.

We loved BijBlauw for shopping, dinner and to stay for a few days. Get a glimpse of why we love this place and the people of BijBlauw!

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Top Caribbean Islands for travel (Antilles)

In this video you can find four top caribbean islands, cool destinations for 2017, located in the Lesser Antilles. Four Caribbean treasures that we recommend to discover (or rediscover) this year. All these islands have very good beaches, but also many other attractions.

#beaches #caribbean #antilles #holidays #islands #travel #travel2017

Antigua Island (Antigua and Barbuda): There are 365 beaches in Antigua, one for each day of the year. Antigua hosts some events like Sailing Week, and is a good windsurf and kitesurf spot.

Guadeloupe Islands: The archipelago offers culture, gastronomy, nature, sports, and of course... wonderful beaches. The Parc Nationel de la Guadeloupe and the majestic Carbet Falls are some of their many atractives.

Tortola (British Virgin Islands): Tortola is the biggest and most populates of the British Virgin Islands, with many beautiful beaches to visit. Tortola is also a very good base to explore the sorrounding islands (Jost van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, etc...)

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten: Philipsburg in the Dutch side, and Marigot in the French side, are the main cities of the island. Great beaches and shopping are some atraction of this popular destination for caribbean cruises.

Only four of the many islands of the wonderful caribbean region, incredible destinations for travel and holidays. Wich is your favourite?? Tell us in the comments.

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Netherlands Antilles Travel

Netherlands Antilles Travel - The Netherlands Antilles, previously known as the Netherlands West Indies or Dutch Antilles/West Indies, consists of two groups of islands that form part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. The islands are Curaçao and Bonaire, which are just off the Venezuelan coast and belong to the Leeward Antilles; and Sint Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten, which are located southeast of the Virgin Islands and are part of the Leeward Islands. These Dutch islands form an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The islands economy depends mostly upon tourism, international financial services, international commerce, shipping, and petroleum.

The Netherlands Antilles are scheduled to be dissolved as a unified political entity on October 10, 2010, so that the five constituent islands will attain new constitutional statuses within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. ( source Wikipedia )
Enjoy Your Netherlands Antilles Travel!

Curacao Island // Dutch Antilles full episode Visit Curacao

Things to do in Curacao Island. Visit Curacao Curaçao Island Netherlands Antilles with Travel With Kids. In this half-hour episode, explore beneath the waves while scuba diving with dolphins and heading 500-feet down in a submersible, ride the famous swinging bridge and explore the markets of Willemstad, taste local foods, get kissed by a sea lion and an ostrich and more! Things to do in Curacao for Kids

Top 10 Things to Do in St. Maarten

Here are my top 10 things to do in St. Maarten plus the details on how to do them....

1. Taste local Rum - Visit Toppers Rhum Factory.
2. Visit Nectar of St. Maarten for natural / organic skin care, protection and bug repellent. These products are sold throughout the islands and are amazing!!
3. Party - Come during Carnival and experience J'ouvert and party with the locals.
4. Watch the sunset – It is absolutely gorgeous, especially at Divi Little Bay -
5. Stroll in Philipsburg and visit Guavaberry Emporium -
6. Ride in a water UFO - An Unbelievably fun object..
7. Go shopping at the Marigot Market on the French side
8. Visit Loterie Farm in the hills of Pic Paradis to be surrounded by nature as you zipline, party or relax by the pool.
9. Visit Orient Beach - It's on the French side and is the most popular beach on the island. It is also home to Club Orient which is a clothing optional beach resort.
10. Watch the extreme airport landings from Maho Beach. Schedule some time before your flight home to experience this.

Happy travels!!



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Netherlands Antilles

The Netherlands Antilles, previously known as the Netherlands West Indies or Dutch Antilles/West Indies, consists of two groups of islands that form part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. The islands are Curaçao and Bonaire, which are just off the Venezuelan coast and belong to the Leeward Antilles; and Sint Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten, which are located southeast of the Virgin Islands and are part of the Leeward Islands. These Dutch islands form an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The islands' economy depends mostly upon tourism, international financial services, international commerce, shipping, and petroleum.

The Netherlands Antilles are scheduled to be dissolved as a unified political entity on October 10, 2010, so that the five constituent islands will attain new constitutional statuses within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. ( source Wikipedia )

Discover St. Maarten Dutch & French

As soon as you depart the harbor you'll start to enjoy the charm and scenery of this dual personality island which has been flying the flags of both Holland and France since 1648. You'll drive from Phillipsburg, the Dutch capital, past the Great Salt Pond and through the countryside. The tour then continues past the Border Monument indicating arrival at the French side, into the district of Orleans. Sightseeing continues through several quaint towns and fishing villages, including Grand Case known for its lovely beaches and exquisite restaurants, then across the north side of the island for a short stop at Marigot, the French capital, where you'll observe a truly European atmosphere as you browse its waterside open-air markets, quaint shops, boutiques and sidewalk cafes. After your brief sojourn in Marigot you'll return to the Dutch side and a truly spectacular view of Simpson Bay as you drive over Cole Bay Hill. Note: Participants must be able to manage three steps into and out of the bus. Wheelchair access may be limited - for details, please consult your Shore Excursion staff before booking. On public holidays all stores and shops will be closed in Marigot.

Travel Amsterdam, Netherlands - The Skinny Bridge of Amsterdam

Take a tour of Skinny Bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands -- part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

The most famous bridge in Amsterdam is the Magere Brug, in English, the Skinny Bridge.

The popular legend is that the bridge was built by the two Magrere sisters.

The story says they lived on opposite sides of the river and wanted to visit more often.

The truth is that the original bridge, from 1691, was simply very narrow.

The current bridge was built in 1934 and is amply wide for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Many people visiting Amsterdam make it a point to come and cross the unique Skinny Bridge.

Holland. The Original Cool. Episode 3: Can Cool be stolen?

Learn more about The Original Cool at:

Watch the dramatic conclusion to the “Holland. The Original Cool.” 2014 series! In Episode 3, Pim de Koel is tipped off that Holland’s cool may have been stolen (gasp!), and travels to one of Holland’s coolest cities - Rotterdam - to investigate. Named one of the “52 places to visit in 2014” by the New York Times, Rotterdam is known for its amazing architecture, inspiring culinary scene, contemporary art, and the largest port in Europe.

Join Pim as he explores Rotterdam, gets to the bottom of this mystery, and makes sure that everything is still cool

The first episode of Holland. The Original Cool., has won two coveted Communicator Awards and focuses on local authentic experiences for American travelers visiting Holland. Check it out here:

An ongoing partnership between the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Amsterdam Marketing, the first Holland. The Original Cool. video debuted in May of 2013 and has earned more than 1 million video views in just four months as well as numerous industry accolades.

Learn more about Holland’s Original Cool at and stay tuned in early 2015 for more videos from Pim!

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Zaanse Schans. One of Holland's top tourist destinations

Go to to start feeling Zaanse Schans!

This enchanting hamlet gives an excellent impression of how a typical Zaanse village must have looked like in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Apart from the cluster of windmills and houses there are also several museums, restaurants and a visitors' centre to be found as well as the possibility of taking a boat trip on the river. The Zaanse Schans has become one of the top tourist destinations in the Netherlands.

This excursion takes you north of Amsterdam, to the edge of the river Zaan, where you visit the windmill village de Zaanse Schans, with its characteristic green wooden houses.

On the turn of the 18th century this district was an industrial area with approximately 700 windmills in use. In this day and age there are only five left.

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Top 10 Carribean Destinations: Part 2

Our guide to the top ten destinations to choose your hotspot!

For more fantastic honeymoon ideas, head to

Visit Curacao: Explore the Culture, Music and Adventure

Curacao, or Korso in the native Papiamento, is the most authentic, populous and cosmopolitan of the ABC islands the Dutch Antilles. It is a cultural enthusiast’s dream and a language lover’s paradise.

With nearly 40 beaches, colorful picturesque architecture, delightful people, delectable Caribbean cuisine, and a vibrant and diverse culture, the island of Curacao is the perfect destination for almost anyone.

Explore Curacao with me as I explore the local culture, music and adventures on the island. Bon bini!


Translation for Levi Silvanie's song Ami ta Korsou:
Manera  un estatua na su luga elegi
Like a statue in its chosen place
Un monumento ku refleho pa  éternidat
A monument eternally reflecting
Ta ekstende poder di su balor
Extending the power of its value
Den rosea dje pueblo su alma
Through the breath of its peoples' souls

Ami ta korsou, mi ta banda ariba I mi ta banda abou, ami ta korsou
I am Curaçao, I am the East side and the West, I am Curaçao
Ami ta korsou, un kurason chiki meimei di mundu
I am Curaçao, a small heart in the center of the world
Si abo ta korsou, no ta importa si bo ta hel of blou si bo ta korsou
If you're Curaçao, it doesn't matter whether you are yellow or blue
Si abo ta korsou, bo tambe tin un luga spesial den e mundu
If you're Curaçao, you too occupy a special place in the world

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The BEST THINGS to do in Willemstad, Curacao

If you are looking for things to do in Willemstad, Curacao, we have some great ideas for you. Curacao is in the very south of the Caribbean, it is a part of the Netherlands Antilles and the ABC islands. We start our tour of Willemstad by exploring the historic and trendy area of Pietermaai full or colourful buildings. We then go to Plaza Bieu, where you can get locally made food- here we have curry chicken with roti. Next we go to explore the floating market of Willemstad, where boats from Venezuela bring over fresh produce. We then walk the Handleskade with the famous historic and colourful buildings of Punda and onto the floating bridge (Queen Emma Bridge). We also visit the Curacao and Dushi signs in Punda. We finish our day back in Pietermaai at our hotel, Bij Blauw to take in the sunset.

Bijblauw Hotel


Willemstad, Curacao


Since the year 2000 It has undergone a major metamorphosis. Most of the 200-year-old mansions and worker houses, being monuments, have been renovated. They have been restored into their original state and transformed into idyllic restaurants, hotels, apartments & suites, which are now occupied by permanent residents, tourists & students.
Pietermaai District’s allure draws business men, artists, students and travellers alike. Fondly referred to as the SoHo of Curaçao, its stunning architecture is likely to catch one’s eye. Boutique hotels, small shops, cozy little cafés and top-rated restaurants snuggled together, makes the neighborhood highly walkable and perfect for exploring at your leisure. It’s a neighborhood full of mystery, magic and fun.

The quaint neighborhood of Pietermaai District is located just a stone’s throw away from the city center Willemstad. The district covers an impressive, yet walkable, area stretching from The Movies at Plaza Mundo Merced to the rows of bars along Pietermaai and the restaurants at Johan van Walbeeckplein all the way to Avila Hotel in Penstraat.

Plaza Bieu:

Plasa Bieu, or Plaza Bieu is situated in the heart of Punda, in Willemstad. The place to find krioyo soul cooking; a wide range of local dishes. The six different operators located in Plasa Bieu are: Yvonne di Plasa, Chichi di Plasa, Grasia di Dios, Fung’s Kitchen, Kushina di Rignald and Zus di Plasa. Punda’s Cafetaria, also known as Marché Bieu: Old Market.

Floating Market of Willemstad:

Located along the water in the trendy Punda district, every morning starting at 6:30 AM boats from Venezuela arrive full of fruits, vegetables and even fish to sell at the bustling floating market. Even if you’re not interested in buying anything, a visit to this colorful market is a fun way to pass some time; the merchants are arranged in a well-honed pattern along the water and the fruits are at once gorgeous to behold and mysterious in their origins.


The Handelskade is a famous location on Curacao. It is depicted in many paintings, photos and postcards. Rightfully so, because it’s a fantastic sight. Whether you look at it from the Queen Juliana Bridge or you go for a relaxing stroll on the Handelskade itself (there’s plenty to see and do), the Handelskade is definitely a must-see when you’re on Curacao.


The vibrant pedestrian-only streets create a picturesque atmosphere with many shops, café’s and terraces conveniently located in one area.Walking in one of the most beautiful inner cities of the world, you can find some of the best photo opportunities.

Punda’s quaint streets and alleys, full of life and color, lead you to some of the best shopping on the island. Stores in Punda offer a variety of jewelry, electronics, cosmetics, women and men's fashion and local souvenirs. Relax on one of the many café’s and terraces enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner or a refreshing cocktail! Punda hosts its famous Punda Vibes every Thursday night. Punda Vibes’ mission is to make you fall in love with our dushi Punda. Activities are organized for a pleasant evening of shopping, live music, and great local shows.

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Travel the Caribbean Islands / Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao Island Adventures

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Explore the mind blowing beauty of the Caribbean! The crystal clear waters with dolphins and turtles, the island hopping to Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao in small airplanes and the friendly locals made our time in the Caribbean worthwhile. We went scuba diving with dolphins, went sailing in the blue ocean and explored stunning caves.

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Marko Roth

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Moritz Dehler
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Amazing Curaçao | Best Places to See

We take you with us on our amazing journey through Curaçao.

Special thanks to Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort Curaçao.




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8 Hours In The Royal Caribbean: St. Maarten

This is not a flat tire on a side street. This is zooming through two extraordinary worlds in St. Maarten, making the most of every second in eight unforgettable hours on a unique Caribbean island that oozes with personality. Join Tyson Mayr as he explores St Maarten's shimmering seas, unique eats, and the sweeping, spectacular views you could spend your whole life searching for. This is how Tyson spends his eight hours in St. Maarten. What will you do when your clock starts ticking?

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Bonaire: The ultimate Caribbean Shore dive destination!

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#shorediversparadise #caribbeandiving #buddydiveresort
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This video is about Life Aquatic Diving's recent trip to Bonaire in the Caribbean with the Bellsub team. Bonaire is part of the Dutch Antilles islands, located just North of Venezuela. It's famous for it's easy access shore diving and vibrant marine park reserve. There are also numerous coral restoration projects around the island and a high focus on conservation and sustainable scuba diving practices. Bonaire has been rated the worlds top shore dive location 22 times consecutively, is home to 340 species of reef fish and boasts 86 dive sites!

Shot on GoPro Hero4 Black with PolarPro Red Filter
Este vídeo é sobre a recente viagem da Life Aquatic Diving a Bonaire, no Caribe, com a equipe Bellsub. Bonaire faz parte das ilhas das Antilhas Holandesas, localizadas ao norte da Venezuela. É famosa por seu fácil acesso a mergulhos em terra e pela vibrante reserva de parques marinhos. Há também inúmeros projetos de restauração de corais ao redor da ilha e um alto foco em práticas de conservação e mergulho sustentável.
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这段视频讲述了Life Aquatic Diving最近与​​Bellsub团队一起前往加勒比海的博内尔岛。博内尔岛是荷属安的列斯群岛的一部分,位于委内瑞拉北部。它以其便捷的岸上潜水和充满活力的海洋公园保护区而闻名。岛上还有许多珊瑚修复项目,高度重视保护和可持续的水肺潜水实践。
Este video es sobre el reciente viaje de Life Aquatic Diving a Bonaire en el Caribe con el equipo de Bellsub. Bonaire es parte de las islas Antillas Holandesas, ubicada justo al norte de Venezuela. Es famoso por su fácil acceso al buceo en la costa y la vibrante reserva de parques marinos. También hay numerosos proyectos de restauración de coral alrededor de la isla y un gran enfoque en la conservación y las prácticas de buceo sostenible.

In diesem Video geht es um die jüngste Reise von Life Aquatic Diving nach Bonaire in der Karibik mit dem Team Bellsub. Bonaire gehört zu den Niederländischen Antillen, die sich nördlich von Venezuela befinden.
यह वीडियो बेलसब टीम के साथ कैरेबियन में बोनायर के लिए लाइफ एक्वाटिक डाइविंग की हालिया यात्रा के बारे में है। बोनेयर डच एंटील्स द्वीपों का हिस्सा है, जो सिर्फ वेनेज़ुएला के उत्तर में स्थित है। यह आसान पहुंच किनारे डाइविंग और जीवंत समुद्री पार्क रिजर्व के लिए प्रसिद्ध है। द्वीप के चारों ओर कई कोरल बहाली परियोजनाएं हैं और संरक्षण और टिकाऊ स्कूबा डाइविंग प्रथाओं पर एक उच्च ध्यान केंद्रित है। बोनेयर को दुनिया के शीर्ष किनारे गोताखोर स्थान को 22 बार लगातार रेट किया गया है, यह रीफ मछली की 340 प्रजातियों का घर है और 86 गोताखोरों की जगह है!
يدور هذا الفيديو حول رحلة Life Aquatic Diving الأخيرة إلى Bonaire في البحر الكاريبي مع فريق Bellsub. بونير هي جزء من جزر جزر الأنتيل الهولندية ، تقع شمال فنزويلا. وتشتهر بكونها سهلة الوصول إلى شاطئ الغوص واحتياطي الحديقة البحرية النابضة بالحياة. هناك أيضا العديد من مشاريع ترميم الشعاب المرجانية في جميع أنحاء الجزيرة وتركيز كبير على الحفظ وممارسات غوص السكوبا المستدامة
Deze video gaat over de recente reis van Life Aquatic Diving naar Bonaire in het Caribisch gebied met het Bellsub-team. Bonaire is onderdeel van de Nederlandse Antillen, net ten noorden van Venezuela. Het staat bekend om de gemakkelijke toegang tot het kustduiken en het levendige reservaat voor mariene parken.
Это видео о недавней поездке Life Aquatic Diving в Бонайре в Карибском бассейне с командой Bellsub.
Cette vidéo parle du récent voyage de Life Aquatic Diving à Bonaire dans les Caraïbes avec l'équipe Bellsub. Bonaire fait partie des îles Antilles néerlandaises, situées juste au nord du Venezuela.

Dutch Caribbean Islands: Curacao Day 2 | Bistros & Beaches

AdultingLabs: Work Hard, Vacation Easy - Dutch Caribbean Edition

We are here in the amazing ABC (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) Islands of the Dutch Caribbean (formerly the Netherlands Antilles) .

We discover the Dutch Grocery store Van Den Tweel, before heading to Blue Bay Golf Resort and end up at Bistro Pietermaai after a few drinks. Minus the pregnant lady who didn't get to enjoy any drinks.

Join us while exploring one of our top inexpensive travel destinations


Bistro Pietermaai -

Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort -

Van Der Tweel -

Above The Clouds by | e s c p |
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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License