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10 Best Places to Visit in Cook Islands


Cook Islands top 10 things to see & do

Cook Islands lie in the center of the Polynesia triangle. Rarotonga is the most populous island of the Cook Islands. You will be rewarded with natural beauty and colorful experiences! The surrounding barrier reef protects the lagoons and beaches for safe and beautiful swimming and snorkeling.

1. Aitutaki Lagoon - The world's most beautiful lagoon with its clearly blue waters and unforgettable snorkeling!
Best place to start your stay:

2. One foot Island - This is the highlight of the pristine natural beauty of the lagoon. Here you can get your passport stamped at the most isolated post office in the world!
Best stay:

3. Hiking Te Rua Manga The Needle - Part of the Cross Island track, the views from this mountain are superb. Recommended stay:

4. Snorkeling Muri Lagoon - One of the iconic places on Rarotonga where you can enjoy the views of many tropical fishes in their natural habitat. Fabulous beach house to stayl:

5. Black Rock Beach - The spectacular black volcanic rocks are surrounded by amazingly white sand, making this a perfect spot for a day at the beach. This place is traditionally believed to be the place where the souls of the dead people commenced their trip to the afterworld. You can stay at this villa:

6. Arorangi Cook Island Christian Church (CICC) - The cultural experience of the Cook Islands won't be complete without attending a church service with gorgeous songs. Stay close at:

7. Ancient and modern canoe circles - This archeological site commemorates the 7 ancient canoes (vaka) that completed the journey to New Zealand. The modern circle commemorates the 6 Polynesian canoes that arrived during the 6th Festival of Arts.

8. Arai te Tonga (marae) - The Island's most important marae, or sacred place. It was used for gatherings and prayers.

9. Highland Paradise (guilty rocks) - Cook Island cultural center, where you can learn about the Cook Island Maori culture and history. The guilty rocks are particularly interesting, as those who committed adultery where forced to carry the very large and heavy stones a certain distance.

10. sunset at Titikaveka Beach - During the day a great spot for snorkeling, and in the evening one of the best places to watch the often spectacular sunset!
Best stay at:

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TOP 10 Places to visit in Cook Islands

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10. Maungapu
At 124 m, Maungapu is the highest point on Aitutaki. A short 30-minute hike to the top affords spectacular views over the lagoon and lush, palm-studded landscape. A sign on the road opposite Paradise Cove marks the trailhead, and the track is marked on the free maps available on the island.

9. Aroa Marine Reserve
Sheltered by the outlying reef on Rarotonga's west coast, the crystal clear waters of the Aroa Marine Reserve are excellent for snorkeling. Parrot fish, Moorish idols, wrasse, and angelfish are just some of the species snorkelers might spot here, and the lagoon is off-limits to motorized boats making it especially safe for swimming and snorkeling with small children. Kayaking is also a popular pursuit.

8. Cook Islands Cultural Village
Encompassing five acres of lush tropical gardens, the Cook Islands Cultural Village gives visitors a feel for traditional island life. Coconut husking, cooking, fishing, dancing, carving, weaving, and Maori bush medicine are just some of the activities visitors can learn about on the Cultural Village Tour. The packages include a meal and dance show.

7. Avarua
Situated on the north coast of Rarotonga, Avarua is the capital of the Cook Islands. This relaxed little town has a friendly feel, and visitors will find shops, restaurants, and several tourist attractions here. On Sunday mornings, the sweet strains of Maori hymns waft from the CICC (Cook Islands Christian Church). Dating from 1853, the church is made of coral, and some of the island's most famous people are buried in its graveyard, including the first prime minister of the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands Library and Museum Society houses a collection of rare books on the Pacific, and the museum offers a glimpse of the cultural history of the islands.

6. Arorangi
Arorangi is a small village on the west side of the island. It was the first missionary village on Rarotonga. Today sightseers can visit the Cook Island Christian Churchdating from 1849 and view a monument to the island's first missionary, Papeiha. Arorangi Beach is a beautiful spot to bask on the sand by day and watch the sun sink into the sea at dusk.

5. Cross Island Walk (The Needle)
The cross-island walk is a great way to explore Rarotonga's lush scenery. The trail leads from the north coast up to the pinnacle rock Te Rua Manga and then via Wigmore's Falls to the south coast. The falls are beautiful after heavy rain with a pool at their base, but the cascades slow to a trickle during the dry season.

4. Titikaveka Beach
On the southwest coast of Rarotonga, pretty Titikaveka Beach and lagoon is one of the island's best areas to swim and snorkel. The water is often so clear that swimmers need only stand in the lagoon to spot colorful fish. Snorkelers will find a plethora of marine life around the many coral heads, and the lagoon is dotted with blue sea stars.

3. Muri Beach
On the southeast coast of Rarotonga, Muri Beach or Muri Lagoon, as it is sometimes called, is one of the most popular and picturesque beaches on the island. Crystal clear shallows stretch into dreamy shades of aquamarine, and snorkelers can see coral and many species of tropical fish. Four offshore islets, called motu, shimmer on the horizon, enhancing the beauty of the area.

2. Tapuaetai (One Foot Island)
Fringed by gently curving coconut palms, beautiful Tapuaetai, or One Foot Island as it is more commonly known, is the most visited of Aitutaki's motu, and for good reason. This stunning island is worthy of most people's wildest tropical fantasies. Beach-lovers can bask on its beautiful white sands, wade and snorkel in the turquoise lagoon, and even get their passport stamped at the tiny post office.

1. Aitutaki Lagoon
Aitutaki's main attraction is the large picture-perfect lagoon with translucent turquoise water. Twenty-one small islands (motu) dot the outer edge of the lagoon, some of which can be visited on cruises or tours. Kayaking is also a great way to explore these tiny islets. The small island of Maina in the southwest corner of the lagoon offers excellent snorkeling opportunities and is home to a beautiful sandbar known as Honeymoon Island.

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Katu Kanga - 10 things to do in the Cook Islands

Wondering what the Cook Islands are about? We have Teio and Makea ready to show you what makes a little paradise special for them.

Cook Islands Tourist Attractions: 11 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Cook Islands? Check out our Cook Islands Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Cook Islands.

Top Places to visit in Cook Islands:
Aitutaki Lagoon, Tapuaetai (One Foot Island), Muri Beach, Titikaveka Beach, Cross Island Walk (The Needle), Arorangi Church, Avarua, Cook Islands Cultural Village, Aroa Marine Reserve, Cook Islands Christian Church Arutanga, Avana Harbour

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About the Cook Islands

Two young boys tell you their story about the Cook Islands

Cook Islands Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Situated at the very centre of Polynesia, the Cook Islands is an archipelago nation comprised of 15 islands. It is spread across an area in the South Pacific, three times the size of Texas..

Supremely beautiful, with pristine white sands fringed by coconut palms, the Cook Islands possess a castaway island magic and yet is only a four hour flight from New Zealand.

According to legend, these tiny islands, dotted amongst the vast ocean, were discovered thousands of years ago by the very finest Polynesian seafarers. Guided by the stars and using other sophisticated navigation techniques, they landed their legendary double hulled Vakas and set about creating paradise.

It is a rhythm you’ll feel as soon as you touch down in Raratonga, the largest island in the group.
You could easily drive around this sparkling island in half an hour if you hurry, but that’s the charm of the Cook Islands….. no one does.

It has been almost 250 years since Captain Cook became the first European to discover these islands and yet there is a gentle timelessness that endures here.

Come and discover the generous rhythm and warm hospitality of the Cook Islands for yourself.

Things To Do In Rarotonga - Bird's Eye View | The Cook Islands

Check out amazing bird's eye view of Rarotonga Tourism. A film by Ron Spohn.

The Cook Islands - The Most Romantic Place in the World

The Cook Islands is known to be one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. Why not come to the Cook Islands to renew your wows? Gotta love a little paradise.

New Zealand: Best places to visit and travel tips for the South Island and North Island.

Traveling around New Zealand is amazing. There are so many great spots, you can just pull over and stop at awesome view points. From Kairoura, Abel Tasman National Park to Tongariro National Park. So in this video I summarize my favorite spots of New Zealand (North Island and South Island) - by the way if you only have limited time while traveling New Zealand, you should only focus on the South Island.

Highlights of the South Island of New Zealand:
- Christchurch
- Kaikoura
- Picton / Malborough Sounds (Queen Charlotte Track)
- Abel Tasman National Park (kayak tour and hike)
- Farewell Spit
- Buller Gorge Swing Bridge
- Pancake Rocks
- Okarito
- Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier
- Wanaka
- Queenstown (bungee jumping, sky diving etc.)
- Milford Sound / Doubtful Sound (Alternative for Milford Sound)
- Dunedin
- Mount Cook
- Lake Tekapo
- Akaroa

Best spots of the North Island of New Zealand:
- Wellington
- Tongariro National Park
- Lake taupo (Craters of the moon, Huka Falls)
- Rotorua (Wai-o-tapo)
- Cathedral Cove
- Hot Water Beach
- Paihia
- Cape Reinga
- Waipoua Kauri Forest
- Auckland
- Waiheke Island
- Glow Worms (Waitomo, Waikako)

Recommendations by the community:
- Bridal Veil Falls
- Mount Taranaki
- Cape Foulwind
- Lake Mahinapua
- Roys Peak Tour
- Nugget Point Lighthouse
- Elephant Rocks
- Mount John
- Redwood Forest
- Whangarei Falls
- White Island

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Aitutaki, Cook Islands – "The most beautiful lagoon in the world."

This is part of a series of videos on the Cook Islands.

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Around Rarotonga The Cook Islands Travel Video

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Survivor Cook Islands, may have exposed these beautiful islands to you, so if you are researching this place a holiday destination these travel videos will give you a good insight as to what you can get up to.

In this video we check out the main island of Rarotonga. Rarotonga is only a small island and has a 32km Ring Road that surrounds the island. Hire a car or moped to travel easily around the island, or jump on one of their buses for a truly local travel experience.

If you have any questions please leave a comment and we'll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

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COOK ISLANDS FOOD | Where do locals eat in Rarotonga, Cook Islands?

What tourists eat in Cook Islands is quite different than what the locals eat. So, what is the most popular Cook Islands food that people eat here?

Surprisingly, there are some laid back and cheap places to eat in Cook Islands, and I visited a few of them.

These take-away places are scattered everywhere throughout the island. In Rarotonga, I visited the popular Sea Salt Takeaway and Rarotonga Chicken, which are two of the most popular places to eat on the island.

WARNING: Beware of the actual LIVE chickens while eating in some Cook Islands restaurants. They will try to steal your food, and one hen managed to do just that and have a peck of my lunch.

Basically, Cook Islanders are like the rest of us - and when they go out to eat, they like fast food too.

But if you want to check out some of the traditional foods of Cook Islands, there's lots of places to do that. To learn more, check out our handy guide: Cook Islands Food – Design a Do It Yourself Polynesian Food Tour at:


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The BEST introduction to the Cook Islands

This videos covers the people, culture, landscape and wildlife that makes the Cook Islands a unique place to visit.

Fiji Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

The locals in Fiji have a saying, “Bulla,” which means “life” and “good health.” You’ll hear it used frequently as a greeting when you arrive at the 330-strong islands that comprise this archipelago. You may even find yourself saying it before long!

Any Fiji tour will highlight its magnificent, unspoiled waters and lush landscapes. Go snorkeling, swimming, diving, and sailing on turquoise waters. If you’d rather stay on dry land, you can zipline through rainforests or explore the windy plains of the highland area. Travel to the interior and learn about traditional Fijian culture, or visit the capital city of Suva and wander through its colonial buildings, bazaars, and the quiet harbor.

Two-thirds of the Fijian archipelago are uninhabited, and your Fiji sightseeing should include a stop at Denarau’s marina, where you can book a boat to take you to some of these pristine locations. From family-friendly islands to romantic getaways, you’ll find something to your taste amongst these scattered isles.

Do you have a favorite memory of Fiji? Share it below!

Visit our Fiji travel guide page for more information or to plan your next vacation!


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10 World’s Best Islands You Must Visit Before You Die | 4K UHD

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10 World’s Best Islands You Must Visit Before You Die.
Whether far or near, islands are a bunch of unknown experiences and full of nature. If you are planning your next vacation and want to go somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city life then island destinations are your ideal locations. Lush green nature, serene beaches, evenings over arm chairs and cocktails- islands are a different experience altogether. This article will take you through some of the best islands across the world that will surely evoke you to spend your next vacation out there. Spend your Leisure days amidst the hidden lagoons and unturned nature.
Musha Cay, Bahamas
Bali, Indonesia
Fraser Island, Australia
Maui, Hawaii
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Palau Island
Ischia, Italy
The Andaman Islands
The Cook Islands
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Come Visit Cook Islands


Cook Islands, checking out Rarotongas natural beauty, Holiday travel video guide - Part 5

The team from INTO WATER & BEYOND visit the beautiful Cook Islands in the South Pacific.

In this segment they check out the natural beauty on the island of Rarotonga for some hiking, quad biking before cooling off in Muri lagoon.

We also end the day with a progressive dinner learning and experiencing the life of a local.

For further information and to see other videos from this episode visit:

Cook Islands travel information

Things To Do In Krabi - 10 Best Krabi Attractions

Top ten things to see and do in Krabi, Thailand. A nature and culture destination close to Phuket, Krabi has lots to offer. Here are 10 top Krabi attractions:
1. Andaman Sea island hopping
2. Soaking in the Nam Tok Ron hot stream waterfall
3. Swimming in the Sa Morakot Emerald Pool
4. Rock climbing
5. Exploring the Ban Bor Tor caves for 3000-year-old paintings
6. Taking a long tail boat to lunch
7. Tuk tuk ride through the countryside
8. Roaming the night market
9. Learning to cook at Ya's Cooking School
10. Visiting the Wat Khlong Tom museum

Traveltherenext TV channel of amazing destinations, airlines and hotels is presented by award-winning travel writer and photographer, Christina Pfeiffer, who has visited 57 countries in the last eight years.

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Please watch: Whale Watching Hervey Bay - Humpback Capital of the World


10 The Best Islands in The World 2018

here are 10 of the best islands in 2018,

1. Bali, Indonesia
Bali is often called The Island of the Gods, this island offers beautiful beaches, with countless waves to surf and beautiful natural sites to visit and explore. There are a variety of exceptionally spacious hotels and accommodations, restaurants, spas, and world-class activities as well as shopping, which are all at close range and at very reasonable prices.

2. Maldives
For those of you who are newly married, Maldives is an ideal choice, for honeymooners. This island is famous for the beauty of the blue sea and so tempting. Romantic scenery with hotels above the sea. With remote accommodation and ensuring privacy. Clear lagoons, living coral reefs, and white sand beaches are standard,

3. Palawan, Philippines
Palawan is the largest island in Palawan province in the Philippines. The island offers snorkeling and diving locations that are quite charming. Because it's not as busy as other destinations, you can dive and get into hidden lagoons and enjoy pristine beaches so you can feel you have a private beach here

4. Mauritius
For some people, Mauritius Island is less familiar to the ears. But the beauty of Mauritius turned out to tempt many Hollywood celebrities, to vacation on this island. Mauritius offers the beauty of the sea that is still so beautiful and blue. Luxury resorts line the beach scene, watersport location, and golf. On this island, there are also two UNESCO World Heritage Sites namely Aaapravasi Ghat,

5. Paros, Greece
As a place that has an ancient history, Páros has seaside views filled with rows of white buildings with Kyklades architecture. On this island, there are also many seafood restaurants and cafes, as well as souvenir shops that stand on the beach.

6. Tasmania, Australia
The island has green and mountain scenery that is thick with green. Not that there are no sea views in Tasmania. You can explore Tasmania from end to end by talking about three hours by car.

7. Galapagos, Ecuador
In addition to being included in the list of the best islands in the world, the Galápagos is also included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, because it has 19 islands that store underwater wealth. This island is considered to have the services and facilities that support the convenience of tourists who are qualified. When traveling here, you can observe Galápagos typical animal habitats, such as turtles, penguins, and lions.

8. Cook Island
The Cook Islands are divided into two types of islands, namely in the north consists of six coral islands and in the southern region consists of nine volcanic islands. One of the unique features of the Cook Islands is that the islands are small and remote, such as the Palmerston reef which until 1969 was located on a map based solely on the map of Captain Hook from 1774.

9. Maui, Hawaii
As the second largest island on the Hawaiian Islands, it turns out the population on Maui Island is far less than Oahu Island. Of course, this makes Maui Island relatively more relaxed than Oahu and Hawii Island itself. So you who want to vacation by looking for privacy and comfort are perfect to come to this island. The tropical climate on this island is also another attraction, the mountainous region, and the valley is also one of the charms that cannot be missed

10. Azores, Portugal
If you want to visit Azores Island, you will not only find beautiful sea views but will also enjoy the lake and its spectacular lagoons. In addition, there are also attractions of dolphins and whales in the sea. In the Azores, there is also a lake that resembles a perfect circle and is connected directly to the sea by a gap called Baquet.






Source Video:
1. Bali: Chery Gultom -
2. Mauritius; Iflymagazine -
3. Maldives; -
4. Palawan : Rhey360 -
5. Tasmania: viktor79 -
6. Azores: 1 Minute Lifetime -
7. Maui Hawaii: Zak Longo -
8. Cook Islands: Peter Rollo -
9. Paros: AérialLP -
10. The Galapagos Island: -


#bestislands #ideatop #vespoidea

COOK ISLANDS, what to see in the spectacular island of RAROTONGA

SUBSCRIBE: - Let's go to beautiful Rarotonga which is the most populous island of the Cook Islands, with a population of 10,572, out of the country's total resident population of 14,974. Captain John Dibbs, master of the colonial brig Endeavour, is credited as the European discoverer on 25 August 1823, while transporting the missionary Rev. John Williams.

The volcanic island of Rarotonga stands over 14,750 feet (4,500 meters) above the ocean floor. It is 32 km (20 miles) in circumference and has an area of 67.19 km2 (26 square miles). At a depth of 4,000 m (13,000 ft) the volcano is nearly 50 km (31 miles) in diameter. Te Manga, at 658 m (2,140 ft) above sea level, is the highest peak on the island.

The island is surrounded by a lagoon, which often extends more than a hundred metres to the reef, then slopes steeply to deep water. The reef fronts the shore to the north of the island, making the lagoon there unsuitable for swimming and water sports, but to the south east, particularly around Muri, the lagoon is at its widest and deepest. This part of the island is the most popular with tourists for swimming, snorkelling and boating. Agricultural terraces, flats and swamps surround the central mountain area

Vic Stefanu,

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