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10 Best Places to Visit in Jordan


9 IMPORTANT TRAVEL TIPS for JORDAN نصائح سفر مهمة للأردن

Here are 9 Travel Tips before you go to Jordan. I spend the last 15 days in Jordan, starting in Amman, visiting Jerash, the Dead Sea and then making my way further south to Petra, Wadi Rum and eventually the Red Sea in Aqaba.
Here I answer questions like:
- Is it safe
- Should I get the jordan pass
- How to visit Dead Sea
- How visit Petra
- How visit Wadi Rum

These are the 9 essential tips you need to know before you go to this amazing country yourself.


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Hey, I’m Flo. Follow me on my trip around the world as I explore different countries and cultures. Contrary to usual travel, I always try to get to know the locals in the country instead of just doing the tourist route. This means using the same transport the locals use, eating food the locals eat and hanging out with locals to really understand their country and way of life.

1 week in Jordan! - Not what I expected.

Amman, Jerash, Wadi Rum, Petra, Dead Sea and back to Amman.
Jordan is such a beautiful place with very kind people. You don't get hassled by vendors like you do in other middle eastern countries. They're a very neutral country and call themselves the Switzerland of the middle east... such a treat to travel here.

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A Travel Guide to Jordan

A Travel Guide to Jordan
Jordan is an extraordinary country. Although small in size and young in terms of nation state, it is blessed with some of the regions most revered historical treasures, some of its most spectacular scenery and some of its kindest and most hospitable people. It has a delicious cuisine, a good tourist infrastructure – with some great accommodation and knowledgeable guides – and under the much respected royal family, a stable government. Throughout its short history, Jordan has bucked the trends of its neighbours; by welcoming the foreign traveller with open arms, and gallons of sweet mint tea, in many ways it continues to do so.
Amman is a lively, liberal city, modern in character, yet with one foot rooted firmly in the past. With a history dating back to Neolithic times, its journey travels through the Greeks and Romans – when it was known as Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love’ – before being abandoned for almost a thousand years only to rise again in 1921 as the country’s modern capital. Today it carries an air of dynamic self-assurance, and is an easy place to hang out for a day or two. Things not to be missed are the downtown area, the fruit and vegetable market, the Roman theatre, and the citadel with the capital’s most famous monument, the Temple of Hercules.
From Amman the first thing you might like to do is take a day trip to visit the country’s most famous Roman town, Jaresh. Although Palaeolithic and Neolithic settlements can be found nearby, the town came to prominence during in the 1st century AD. Sites to check out here are the Temple of Zeus, the South Theatre and its impressive, and renovated, Hippodrome – which has seen a revival of the Roman sport of chariot racing.
Travelling south you’ll pass Mount Nebo, the site from which Moses showed his people the Promised Land and take a look around Madaba, where, among other things, on the floor of St George’s church you can see the first map of the Holy Land in the form of a wonderful mural.
But Jordan isn’t just about sites of antiquity, it also has some stunning natural wonders to experience. Just to the east of Madaba you can go for a float in the Dead Sea – and, if you so desire, cover yourself in the rejuvenating mud, or treat yourself to a spa or swim at one of the regions smart 5 star hotels – before enjoying remote, offbeat locations like the tiny village of Dana, which has recently been reinvented as an eco-village for travellers looking to explore the nearby reserve.
While most people enter Petra from the town of Wadi Musa, through the famous Siq, or narrow gorge, emerging at the Treasury, there is another route in. Taking the rarely used back entrance not only offers a spectacular walk, through the regions beautifully rugged terrain, it also means you avoid the crowds and start your tour of the amazing Pink City at the impressive Monastery, and thus save the Treasury till last.
And what a site Petra is – truly one of the wonders of the world. Covering some 250 square kilometres, the former capital of the Nabateans simply astounds. The beautiful pink rock, carved into magnificent facades showcasing the noble family’s temples and tombs, divided by mighty canyons and gorges, really does leave you speechless. At one time the city was home to some 30,000 inhabitants and the scale of the place is mind-blowing.
And finally you come to the most impressive of all the Petra sites, the famous Treasury, which simply has to be one of the most magnificent monuments ever created.
This is simply one of the most majestic desert landscapes you are ever likely to witness, a place where orange sands drift against towering red cliffs and immense vistas ride out under vast desert skies. This is a great place to stay for the night, either sleeping wild under the stars or in one of the impressive camps, the best of which is almost certainly Discover Circle, Bedu Camp.
And as dramatic as it is, Wadi Rum has been used as a location in a numerous famous movies.
And finally right in the south is the Red Sea town of Aqaba, which as well as being an important port and modern beach resort for locals, also has its place in history.
With plenty of good walks to be had, horse riding holidays to experience, even great diving in the Red Sea, Jordan also has its fair share of activities to enjoy. At the Feynan Eco Resort it has an award winning ethical hotel, at Karak and Shobak it has Crusader castles and in the Azraq Wetlands it offers some amazing birdwatching.

10 Best Places to Visit in the World

In this video, we’ll share with you the Top 10 hot travel destinations including when is the best time to visit and recommended stay.

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Here are the top 10 hot destinations to add to your travel list:

0:00 Intro

0:17 10. Istanbul, Turkey
This city of 15 million is located on two continents: Europe and Asia and it is Turkey’s economic and cultural center.

1:16 9. Petra, Jordan
It is a historical city in southern Jordan going back to 9,000 BC and one of the seven wonders of the world.

2:10 8. Georgia (country)
The capital Tbilisi is one of the world’s oldest settlements. Travel to the Caucasus mountains, visit one of many UNESCO-listed monasteries, or explore Georgia’s ancient cities. Georgia claims to be the birthplace of wine.

3:20 7. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
It is a vibrant city located along the Mississippi River. Did you know that the modern version of poker was invented in New Orleans?
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4:40 6. Kyoto, Japan
It is a former imperial capital of Japan for over 1,000 years is also referred to as Japan’s greatest ancient city. It is full of ancient temples, shrines, gardens, and castles.

5:52 5. Berlin, Germany
It is the capital and largest city of Germany. During the Cold War, the city was divided between the East and West with the infamous Berlin wall. Berlin offers an amazing mix of history, culture, music, museums, and art. It is famous for its nightlife.

6:46 4. Marrakech, Morocco
It is one of Morocco’s four former imperial cities. The city was founded nearly 1,000 years ago and has managed to preserve its rich cultural heritage. Marrakesh’s old town Medina is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

7:46 3. Amalfi Coast, Italy
It is a picturesque Italian coastline with charming little towns, wrapped between the sea on one side and high hills on the other. Don’t miss Positano, Amalfi’s most picturesque town.

8:56 2. Oaxaca, Mexico
It is full of indigenous archeological sites and colonial architecture made of lava stones. It is also a popular surfing destination and its best-known product is the mezcal, a drink similar to tequila.

9:58 1. Singapore
It is a global business hub and offers amazing tourist attractions, food, and cultural experiences and is suitable for both budget and luxury travelers.


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Top 10 Places to Visit in Jordan | Things to do in Jordan | Top Attractions Travel Guide

Top 10 Places to Visit in Jordan | Things to do in Jordan | Top Attractions Travel Guide


Al-Maghtas, meaning submersion or immersion in Arabic, is an archeological world recorded past site page in Jordan at the east bank of the Jordan stream, formally alluded to as Baptism site Bethany past the Jordan. Wikipedia

2. Reservoir conduit RUM

Reservoir conduit Rum is a secured spurn wild in southern Jordan. It highlights passionate sandstone mountains like the various domed Jebel Um Ishrin, in addition, common bends, for instance, Burdah Rock Bridge. various old etchings and carvings line hard sinkholes and drench chasms, for instance, Khazali Canyon. The regular watering crevice of Lawrence's Spring is called after British contender Lawrence of Arabia, who as far as anyone knows washed
adapt to: Wadi Rum Village, Jordan


Petra is an acclaimed archeological site page in Jordan's southwestern desert. pursuing to around 300 B.C., it transformed into the capital of the Nabatean kingdom. Gotten to with the guide of a thin ravine called Al Siq, it incorporates tombs and havens cut into purple sandstone feigns, procuring its moniker, the Rose city. perhaps its most extreme well known structure is 45m-over the top Al Khazneh, an asylum with an extravagant, Greek-mold lacquer, and alluded to as The Treasury.


Dana Biosphere Reserve is Jordan's biggest nature store, arranged in south-central Jordan. Dana Biosphere Reserve wound up plainly set up in 1989 in the domain in and over the Dana city and Wadi Dana identified with 308 rectangular kilometers. Wikipedia

5. pointless SEA

The dead Sea is genuinely endorheic (no outlet streams) with the Jordan River being its solitary sizeable source. The northern bit of the futile Sea gets rarely.


Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a current city with various vintage remnants. On Jabal al-Qala'a incline, the imperative mansion incorporates the backbones of the Roman Temple of Hercules and the eighth century Umayyad Palace astounding, perceived for its remarkable curve. coordinated with a substitute downtown slant, the Roman Theater is a 6,000-limitation, second century stone amphitheater giving accidental exercises.

7. Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is a raised zone in Jordan, sort of 817 meters above sea arrange, unmistakable in the Hebrew Bible as in which Moses moved toward becoming permitted a viewpoint of the Promised Land. Wikipedia


Qasr Amra, moreover interpreted as Quseir Amra or Qusayr Amra, is the remarkable perceived roughly the surrender royal residences arranged in blessing day eastern Jordan. Wikipedia

nine. JERASH

Jerash is a city in Jordan, north of the capital Amman. Had in light of the fact that the Bronze Age, it's perceived for the remainders of the walled Greco-Roman settlement of Gerasa genuinely out of entryways the cutting edge town. these join the second one century Hadrian's Arch, the Corinthian portions of the Temple of Artemis and the gigantic examination board's oval corridor. The Jerash Archeological Museum shows doodads uncovered from the site on the web.


Aqaba is a Jordanian port town at the dark red Sea's Gulf of Aqaba. Had considering that 4000 B.C., it's household to the Islamic-time Aqaba palace and the adjacent Aqaba Archeological Museum. Its coastline lodging are generally perceived for windsurfing and diverse water sports, and the region is a top go for scuba jumpers, with prominent dive areas, for example, the Yamanieh coral reef inside the Aqaba Marine Park, south of the city.

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Top 10 places to visit in Jordan | Jordan travel video - what to see in Jordan

After a full week in this amazing country and 7 different vlogs, I figured out I should do a compilation of footage to show you in only 4 minutes the beauty of this country and what to visit if you have a similar amount of time to spend in Jordan.

So here are the top 10 places to visit in Jordan:
1) Petra (and little Petra)
2) Wadi Rum
3) Aqaba
4) Dead Sea
5) Mount Nebo
6) Baptism Site of Jesus Christ
7) Madaba (not mentioned in the video as I was lacking footage)
8) As-Salt
9) Jerash
10) Amman

Hope you guys enjoy this Jordan travel video, and that it helps you on deciding what to see in Jordan! ❤

Also, this week's video is very different to any video I have done so far. I am still trying different styles out and trying to improve on each video, so any feedback is much appreciated!

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* Petra by night. Should I accept Bedouin invitations?


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Jordan Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Epic history, thundering landscapes and ancient artefacts await in Jordan. See why this special destination captured the hearts of all those involved in the crafting of this video.

Want to know what goes into creating one of the Expedia Vacation Travel Guide videos? Check out how we made the Jordan Vacation Travel Guide here:

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When ready, browse vacation packages to Jordan:

From epic landscapes to monumental ruins, #Jordan allows us to reach out and touch the eternal and be at one with something far greater than ourselves.

The ancient Greeks knew Jordan’s capital, Amman, as Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Overlooking Amman is the Citadel, the city’s ancient core. Rising over the Citadel are the remaining pillars of the Temple of Hercules, a Roman temple that in its day dwarfed many in Ancient Rome.

From Amman, #journey north to Jerash, home to one of the largest concentrations of Roman ruins outside Italy. Then, continue north to Ajloun Castle, built to halt the Crusader armies as they rode down Jordan’s northern valley, hell-bent on Jerusalem.

Enter the gravel plains of the Eastern Desert and follow the Desert Castle Loop. For many, the highlight here is Qasr al-Azraq, where Lawrence of Arabia made his winter headquarters.

Travel south to Madaba, famed for the Madaba Map, one of the earliest depictions of the Holy Lands. Continue south along the Kings Highway, which once took Arabs to Mecca, and Israelites to the Promised Land.

Follow the hairpin road 1300 feet below sea level to the Dead Sea. Float in the saline waters and cover yourself in the same mineral-rich muds Cleopatra once enjoyed.

No visit to Jordan is complete without a visit to Petra. Emerge from the shadows of the Siq and gaze up at the Treasury, the greatest of all of Petra’s 500 tombs. Then continue south to explore the emptiness of Wadi Rum.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

More travel information around Jordan:

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1:30 - Amman
1:47 - Citadel
1:58 - The Temple of Hercules
2:32 - Roman Theatre
2:48 - Amman’s Museums and Galleries
3:00 - The Royal Automobile Museum
3:17 - Duke of Mukhyber’s Residence
4:11 - Jerash
5:10 - South Theatre
5:26 - Oval Forum
5:44 - Cardo Maximus
6:32 - Temple of Artemis
7:00 - Ajloun Castle
7:35 - Pella
7:56 - Eastern Desert
8:08 - Qasr Kharana
8:25 - Qusayr Amra
8:53 - Qasr al-Azraq
9:26 - Madaba
10:10 - King’s Highway
10:26 - Mount Nebo
10:50 - The Dead Sea
11:42 - Wadi Mujib
12:19 - Petra
12:47 - The Treasury
14:20 - Wadi Rum

Top 10 Places To Visit In Jordan 2021

Top 10 Places To Visit In Jordan 2021.
Jordan has one of the most iconic landmarks and vibrant historical sites in the world.
It might not be on your must-visit list and an unconventional destination when it comes to planning vacations, but once you visit it, you will definitely have you crave for more! It has such amazing cultural hotspots and breathtaking sights that will leave you mesmerized.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Petra
1:15 The Dead Sea
1:37 Gulf of Aqaba
2:03 Jerash Ruins
2:23 Wadi Rum
2:40 Mujib Reserve
3:12 Dana Nature Reserve
3:38 Ajloun Forests
3:53 Amman
4:12 Outro

10 Best Places to Visit in Jordan - Jordan Travel Guide

10 Best Places to Visit in Jordan and Tourist Attractions in Jordan - Jordan Travel Guide and Tips.

Copyright: Video created by BynnDu

Thank For Creative Commons of Authors:

Music: YouTube Audio Library
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Creative Commons Photos:
10. Dana Nature Reserve
young shanahan:
9. Madaba
Jean Housen:
8. Aqaba
Gilad Rom:
Xiquinho Silva:
7. Al-Karak
Dennis Jarvis:
Dennis Jarvis:
6. Amman
5. Desert Castles
Kyle Taylor:
4. Jerash
Sprengr On Flickr:
Sprengr On Flickr:
3. Dead Sea
Roberto Saltori:
Global Panorama:
2. Wadi Rum
Guillaume Baviere:
Guillaume Baviere:
1. Petra
Mark Scharen:
Gary Bembridge:

10 Best Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan, an Arab nation on the east bank of the Jordan River, is defined by ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts. It’s home to the famed archaeological site of Petra, the Nabatean capital dating to around 300 B.C. Set in a narrow valley with tombs, temples and monuments carved into the surrounding pink sandstone cliffs, Petra earns its nickname, the Rose City.
Capital: Amman
Currency: Jordanian dinar
GDP (PPP): 2016 estimate
Ethnic groups: 98% Arab; 1% Circassians; 1% Armenians

Top Most Beautiful Places to Visit In Jordan [Middle East]| Top Historical Places To Visit In Jordan

-: Let's Travel The World Together:-


#Jordan (officially The Hashemite #KingdomOfJordan), is an Arab kingdom in Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River. It is is a founding member of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Co-operation, and is one of two Arab states to have signed a peace treaty with Israel.

The capital and most populous city of Jordan is #Amman. It is also a country's economic, political, and cultural center.

Jordan [#MiddleEast] has a wealth of Beauty and Culture. It is rich in history and has many Islamic & Historical Sites in Jordan. You can find Top Historical Places To Visit In Jordan. which can attract people from all over the world to visit there. This video is like A Travel Guide To Jordan, you'll see the Top Most Beautiful Places to visit in Jordan, so you can spend your time wisely.

#TopPlacesToVisitinJordan, #PetraJordan, #TripToJordan,

Here is the list of Best Tourist Places to Visit in Jordan:-

- #TheJordanMuseum (Amman)
- Royal Automobile Museum (Amman)
- Jabal Al-Qalaa (Amman) – A Roman Temple
- #JordanNationalArchaeologicalMuseum (Amman)
- Children's Museum (Amman)
- Darat al Funun - Home for the arts and artists from the Arab world. (Amman)
- Ola's Garden (Amman)
- Rujm Al-Malfouf (Amaan) Ammonite watch tower built around 1000 BC.
- Jordanian Museum of Popular Tradition (Amman)
- Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery (Amman)
- Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts (Amman)
- Central Bank of Jordan Currency Museum (Amman)
- Jordan Folklore Museum (Amman)
- #AlexanderTheGreatGallery (Amman)
- Wadi Finan Art Gallery (Amman)
- Roman Amphitheater (Amman)
- Wadi Zarqa Ma'in (Amman)
- The Citadel (Amman) – Historical Site, L-shaped hill is one of the seven jabals that originally made up Amman.
- Qasr al-Kharrana (Amman) - Desert Castles
- Iraq Al Amir (Amman)
- 6 Yard (Amman)
- King Abdullah Mosque (Amman)
- Ottoman railway ten arches bridge (Amaan) - Built in 1910
- King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque (Amman)
- Qasr al-Abd (Amman) - palace from approximately 200 BCE
- Badia 4x4 Adventures (Amman)
- The Boulevard (Amman)
- Al Balad – Downtown Amman (Amman) - old commercial area
- TIRAZ Widad Kawar Home for Arab Dress (Amman)
- Rainbow Street (Amman)-a famous historic area of Jabal Amman


- #PetraWorldHeritageSite - The Treasury (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- Monastery (Al Dayr)(Petra-Wadi Musa)
- Siq (Petra-Wadi Musa) - the main entrance to the ancient Nabatean city of Petra
- High Place of Sacrifice (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- The Royal Tombs (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- Al-Beidha - Little Petra (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- Street of Facades (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- #ByzantineChurch (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- #PetraMuseum (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- Obelisk Tomb (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- The Great Temple (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- Sextius Florentinus Tomb (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- Jordan Desert Hikes (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- Horse Riding Jordan (Petra-Wadi Musa)
- Dead Sea
- #JordanRiverBaptismalSite (Dead Sea Region)
- Mujib Nature Reserve (Dead Sea Region)
- Cave of Prophet Lut (Dead Sea Region)
- O Beach (Dead Sea Region)
- Wadi Rum Protected Area (Wadi Rum)
- Lawrence's Spring (Wadi Rum)
- Jebel Khazali (Wadi Rum)
- Desert Moon Camp - Day Tours (Wadi Rum)
- Wadi Rum Trail (#WadiRum)
- Mount Nebo (Madaba)
- Church of St John the Baptist (Madaba)
- The Church of Saint George (Madaba)
- Madaba Archaeological Museum (Madaba)
- Madaba Archaeological Park (Madaba)
- La Storia Tourism Complex (Madaba)
- Wadi Jadid (Madaba)
- Um er-Rasas (Kastrom Mefa'a) (Madaba)
- Machaerus (Madaba) - the location of the imprisonment and execution of John the Baptist
- Wadi Al Hidan (Madaba)
- Jerash Ruins (Jerash)
- Ajloun Fort (Jerash)
- Wadi Araba Desert (Aqaba)
- Berenice Beach Club (Aqaba)
- Aqaba Archaeological Museum (Aqaba)
- Arts of Sham Countries Art Gallery (Aqaba)
- Islamic Ayla City (Aqaba)
- Bait Alaqaba Diving Center (Aqaba)
- City Beach (Aqaba)
- Sharif Hussein Bin Ali (Aqaba)
- Prophet Shoaib Shrine (Al Salt)
- Salt Turk Sehitligi (Al Salt)
- Umm Qais Museum (Umm Qais)
- The Museum at the Lowest Place on Earth (Safi)
- The Baptism Site Of Jesus Christ (Al-Maghtas)
- Quseir Amra (Azraq)
- Qasr Azraq (Azraq)
- Azraq Wetland Reserve (Azraq)
- Wadi Ghuweir (Dana)
- Dana Nature Reserve (Dana)
- Ajloun Nature Reserve
- Ajlun Castle (Qala'at ar-Rabad) (Ajlun)
- Tell Mar Elias (Ajlun)
- Wadi al-Mujib

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Did you know 10 best PLACES TO VISIT IN JORDAN in 2020

Surrounded by countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel is the nation of Jordan. Although it is clearly in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan can feel more liberal, progressive and safe than some of its neighbors. As a result, it is the ideal destination for those who want to explore this part of the world.

A trip to Jordan offers the chance to visit ancient cities, admire magnificent granite cliffs, see secluded deserts and even swim in the Dead Sea. An overview of the best places to visit in Jordan:

10 Things NOT To Do in Jordan!

Jordan isn’t the war-torn, inhospitable country most people imagine. It is a land of beauty and tradition with friendly people who welcome you with open arms!
But as with every country, there are some things you shouldn’t do.
Here are 10 Things NOT To Do in Jordan!

1. Don’t Ride the Camels
Yes, it may seem like fun but its actually hard work. You’ll be nearly thrown off when it gets up, and when it kneels down and on the ride you’ll be behind another camel watching how it farts, pees and poos.

2. Don't Be Late Whilst Visiting Petra
Petra is a big tourist spot. If you want to explore the ancient city and visit the treasury, the royal tombs, and the monastery without the crowds, arrive before opening time.

3. Don’t Forget to Get The Jordan Pass Before You Arrive!
A standard tourist visa costs $56, entry into Petra costs $71. As long as you’re planning on staying at least 3 nights, the Jordan Pass includes all this as well as entrance to other attractions for $99!

4. Don’t Go To “Petra by Night”
This is more of a tourist gimmick than a sight worth seeing, it costs $24 and consists of an underwhelming traditional music performance and an equally disappointing illumination of the treasury. It's better to spend your money at “The cave bar” which claims to be the oldest bar in the world.

5. Don’t Think They Hate You!
Jordan relies on tourism and welcomes tourists. They are hospitable and want you to enjoy your stay. There has been a lot of scaremongering due to Jordan’s neighbors Iraq and Syria but that’s like saying Beverly hills is full of crime because its close to Skid Row.

6. Don’t Pay to Float in the Dead Sea
There are several places on the coast offering showers, hotel facilities, and food but if you follow the coast further south there are places where you can float for free.

7. Don’t Try Diving in the Dead Sea
Not only is it impossible due to its buoyancy, but it’s 34% salt content will make your eyes and nose sting. Also don’t swim if your freshly shaven or have cuts or scratches.

8. Don’t Offend the Locals
Every culture has certain religious do’s and don’ts here are some quick ones
Don’t point the soles of your feet at anyone
Don’t walk in front of someone who's praying
And Don’t interrupt someone who's praying

9. Don’t Refuse Coffee or Food
In general, it’s best not to refuse an offering. As a people, they are very hospitable and take pride in offering too much food and drink so they may take offense if you refuse.

10. Don’t Worry About Your Clothes
They are not as conservative as you think, many wear jeans and t-shirts. Just don’t dress too provocatively and keep your elbows and knees covered!

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10 Best Places to Visit in Jordan | tourHQ

#Jordan #travel #tourHQ
10 Best Places to Visit in Jordan - The land of lost cities has so much for you!
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Top 10 Attractive Places to Visit in Jordan | Wacky Alan

Surrounded by countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel is the nation of Jordan. Although it is clearly in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan can feel more liberal, progressive and safe than some of its neighbors. As a result, it is the ideal destination for those who want to explore this part of the world. A trip to Jordan offers the chance to visit ancient cities, admire magnificent granite cliffs, see secluded deserts and even swim in the Dead Sea. An overview of the best places to visit in Jordan:

10. Madaba
9. Dana Nature Reserve
8. Aqaba
7. Al-Karak
6. Amman
5. Desert Castles
4. Dead Sea
3. Jerash
2. Wadi Rum
1. Petra
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Welcome to Jordan!

Welcome to Jordan! Explore the awe-inspiring sites that Jordan has to offer through this illuminating video.

Thanks to Columbia Omniten for making footage for this video possible.

Jordan: Top Ten Things To Do

Jordan is home to ancient Roman ruins, UNESCO world heritage sites, unique landscapes and Holy sites.
Here are the top ten activities:
1) Petra: lost city UNESCO world heritage site
2) Petra Museum: historic artifacts
3) Wadi Rum: explore the desert and Bedouin life
4) Dead Sea: float on the salty sea or try a spa
5) Amman: capital city with historic and modern interests
6) Jerash: roman ruins, amphitheater and Hadrian's Arch
7) Mount Nebo: panoramic view where Moses viewed the promised Land
8) Aqaba: port city on Red Sea with historical sites and seaside resorts
9) Madaba: home of St George's Church and Madaba Map
10) Karak: ancient crusader castle and museum

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Top 10 places in Jordan for visit

What to Do in Amman Jordan | Citadel of Amman | Walking Through the Streets of Amman


Hey there travel lovers!

Our second day in Amman, Jordan! AMAZING! Had an early start - just wondered around the city. Explored the downtown and the top attraction in the city - the old Citadel of Amman (with only 10 other tourists). Make sure to check the whole vlog to get some of those middle east vibes. Jordan is such an amazing country. Let us know if you have been to Jordan or would like to visit.

Useful information:
* Entrance in the old Citadel of Amman - 3 JD (approx 4.50$ or 3.60 EUR) free with Jordan Pass (gonna explain that in the upcoming vids)
* 1L of fresh juice - 2 JD (approx 3$ or 2.40 EUR)
* Delicious pastries - 7 pieces 2 JD (approx 3$ or 2.40 EUR)
* The gorgeous hotel that we stayed - The House Boutique Suites -

Coming up in the next vlogs - the ancient city of Petra and the mysterious hidden gem of middle east - Wadi Rum desert. Make sure to follow for the upcoming vlogs and travel teasers.

Let us know if you liked this vlog and would love to see more these kind of vlogs!

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10 Best Places to Visit in Jordan



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