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10 Most Insane School Rules In South Korea


South Korea 4K. Interesting Facts About South Korea

South Korea is one of the most developed countries today. Lets take a tour of Korea and see modern Korean cities. Seoul, Busan, Daegu and many more. Enjoy South Korea in 4k! #SouthKorea

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Things Not to Do in South Korea

South Korea is one of those places that we may visit just once in a life time because well... It's in a bit of a troubled area. But, if you do, remember these things not to do so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

1. Don't Speak Loudly
This is considered very rude, and you won't be making any friends like this, especially on public transportation. Try to be polite and speak in a normal tone of voice. Nobody wants to have to listen to your comments.

2. Don't Leave Your Chopsticks Stuck in Rice
Sometimes we do things without thinking. Wash the dishes, lay the table, stick the chopsticks in the rice. No! In South Korea, this is offensive as it resembles the incense sticks burnt at funerals. They don't like it at all.

3. Don't Focus Just on Seoul
Of course it's very important that you don't miss this city. But bear in mind that there are more places to see, such as Suwon in Gyeonggi Province or go all the way to Busan. It will be worth it.

4. Don't Think That Everyone Speaks English
No, not everybody speaks English, get used to it. You could either learn some polite words in Korean, use Google Translate or just use your hands to point. However you do it, be patient and comprehensive!

5. Don't Refuse Drinks From Your Elders
We usually respect our elders, but Koreans take it to another level. So if an elder offers you a drink you are expected to take it whether you want it or not. Don't even think about refusing it, just hold it and you will make him happy.

6. Don't Wear Revealing Clothes
You will attract some stares if you go with an exposed back or shoulders. But only the upper side of your body! You can show as much leg as you want!

7. Don't Forget to Try New Food
Some people don't dare to try new food and go straight to a McDonald’s. But you'll regret it if you don't try at least some hotteok fresh from a street stall, kimchi or chicken feet. They have excellent food that you won't find in any other place.

8. Don't Be The First to Eat Your Meal
Here, it’s also a sign of respect to wait for the elders to start eating. Even if you’re starving, just be patient and wait for them, and afterwards wait for them again to leave the table.

9. Don't Forget to Take Off Your Shoes
In restaurants or people’s homes, it is customary to take off your shoes. So, just do as they do and take them off. Bear this in mind when choosing your socks!

10. Don't Give Things With Just One Hand
It doesn't matter if you're giving or receiving something, in South Korea, they do it with both hands. Even if you don't understand this tradition, just do as they do. You wouldn't want to offend them, right?

Where do you want to know what not to do in next?
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Here are 11 things you should NEVER do in South Korea. The country is one of the most amazing places in Asia, but the culture can be difficult to navigate if it's your first time. These are some helpful tips when getting to know the Korean people.

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a movie by Cal McKinley

Covered in Oil - Broke for Free

Additional footage by: OmahaTom, Jazzy Chan

SOUTH KOREA - Top 10 Interesting Facts (Part 2)

South Korea Top 10 Interesting Facts
Part 1:
Are you familiar with South Korea? If you’re not, you’re missing out on a quirky yet brilliant, cultured yet modern country full of life and fantastic experiences. South Korea might be a small country, but as you will see, it is a wonderful and surprisingly diverse place that boasts a number of impressive achievements. Here are a few things you should know about South Korea.

10. South Koreans have a very unusual approach to age. Every South Korean child is considered to be one-year-old when it is born, and it will turn two on the next Lunar New Year. So be careful when asking a Korean for their age as they will likely tell you they are 1 or even 2 years older than they would be in the international age system. They do, however, still celebrate their birthdays.

9. South Korea is the world leader in internet connectivity, having by far the world's fastest average internet connection speed. About 92.4% of the population are internet users. South Korea has the world’s fastest wireless speeds on the planet, with an average download speed 33.5 megabits per second, nearly three times the average speed of second-place Hong Kong.

8. The iconic song Gangnam Style by the South Korean musician Psy became the first YouTube video to reach 1 billion views. Now it has over 2.8 billion views and it has been YouTube's most watched video since November 2012, when it surpassed Baby by Justin Bieber.

7. Most South Korean restaurants (including fast food like McDonald´s) offer food delivery via motorcycle drivers who are notorious for speeding through traffic (including pedestrians on the pavement) to deliver the food on time. After you are done eating, you can just put your dirty dishes outside your door and the delivery guy will come

6. A misconception known as the fan death is common in South Korea. Many South Koreans believe that leaving an electric fan on overnight may kill the person sleeping below it. The genesis of the misconception is unclear but fears about electric fans date almost to their introduction to Korea in the 1920's.

5. With more than 11 shots of liquor per person per week, South Korea totally dominates liquor consumption per capita. Runners-up Russians, notorious for their drinking habits, drink “just” 5 shots per person per week. South Koreans top the list worldwide in terms of hard liquor consumption, and Jinro Soju, Korean distilled rice liquor, is the best-selling liquor in the world.

4. Despite being located right next to North Korea, an infamous aggressor, South Korea is one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world. It has an extremely low crime rate and very strict gun policy. Also, almost every kid in the country studies and practices the Korean national sport, Tae Kwon Do, which teaches respect for others and discipline over aggressive emotions. This could be a significant contributing factor to the level of safety in the country.

3. Many South Koreans suffer from tetraphobia – fear of the number 4. The floor number 4 is almost always skipped in hospitals and public buildings. In other buildings, the fourth floor is sometimes labelled F instead of 4 in elevators. Apartment numbers containing multiple occurrences of the number 4 (such as 404) are also likely to be avoided.

2. Each July, the town of Boryeong (200 km south of Seoul) hosts arguably the largest mud festival in the world. The Boryeong Mud Festival features various mud contests and fights but also massages and therapies. Since it was staged in 1998, the festival has attracted millions of visitors to Boryeong.

1. Samsung alone is responsible for 20% of South Korea´s $1.1 trillion economy. While most people think Samsung only produces electronics, the company also manufactures armoured vehicles, oil tankers, appliances, door locks, medical equipment and much more.

Despite reaching the end of the list, there are a few honourable mentions I feel deserve to be said, so here goes…
- South Korea is the largest market for plastic surgery per capita in the world. It is estimated between 1/5 and 1/3 of the women in Seoul have gone under the knife for at least one cosmetic procedure. Most wealthy young South Koreans receive double-eyelid surgery for their 16th birthday as a gift to make their eyes appear more Western.

- Valentine’s Day in South Korea is celebrated with a twist. It is a day where women show their love for their men by giving chocolates and gifts to their husbands or boyfriends. On March 14, Koreans celebrate White Day

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10 ऐसे स्कूल नियम जो आपको कही नहीं मिलेंगे | Top 10 Weirdest School Rules From Around The World EP2

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Every school has a long list of rules you need to obey. Most are there to keep us safe. However, some, who knows what the point of them is? Here are our top 10 weirdest school rules from around the world.
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VLOG 24: Wasu-ri, South Korea

Description: Another day in the life with Torel. Last week in Korea and it's time to end on a bang! Come to his girls middle school to see how funny they can be. Meet some of the shy students and interact with the confident ones.

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Is this Discrimination?? I can't believe Ajussi wouldn't let me on this bus!!

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Things You have To Do Before You Graduate Highschool

You have to do at least half of these things before you graduate high school. Hope you enjoyed this. Please like and share and subscribe

Visiting North Korean Secondary School (Wanderer's North Korea tour, Part 22)

Now it was time for a big event, an actual visit to a north Korean Secondary School. They were well prepared for us. Yet something unusual was going on. During the time of visiting, an enormous amount of the school children were situated out on the field. This was not explained.

We first proceeded into a classroom where we met with a number of schoolgirls dressed in traditional Korean dress. they had prepared a performance for us. With intense discipline, they sung, dance and instruments for us. It was very well organised. Afterwards, we got to take pictures with them.

We then proceeded upstairs, where we encountered a classroom full of children learning English. In a traditional style, the class was segregated, with boys sitting on one side and girls on the other. Almost immediately on entering, the school children got up and started to ask us questions in English. They spoke very clearly and fluently. We had to tell them about our lives. They took turns to ask more and more questions. We got to ask them something back too

My life in North Korea vs South Korea

UPDATE. A year after publishing this video, I decided to make another video that explains why it might not be a good idea to travel to North Korea yourself: I know it's ironic of me to say it as I've been there myself, but please think twice before making that decision.

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One year ago I went on a strictly guided 7 day-tour in North Korea where they took away my passport and did not allow me to explore anything on my own. North Korea was definitely the weirdest country I had ever visited and throughout that trip I kept wondering what life was like in the neighboring South Korea, because it used to be the same country just over 60 years ago.

To answer my questions, this year I traveled to South Korea and made this video, where I compare my time in the North and my time in the South. I still have a lot of questions about the whole situation, but one thing was clear - the daily lives of the Korean people couldn't be any more different than they are right now.

My favorite books about North Korea:

Dear Leader by Jang Jin Sung -
Escape From Camp 14 by Blaine Harden -
Nothing To Envy by Barbara Demick -
1984 by George Orwell (I couldn't believe how similar some things in North Korea felt to the ones in the book) -

Videos about North Korea:

My Daily Life In North Korea (my video from North Korea):
10 Days in North Korea Documentary:
Escape From North Korea TED Talk:



I want to thank my friends Donghyuk Shin, Vytautas Jašauskas, Urtė Laukaitytė and Leeann Roybal-Shin for their continuous support and helping making this video. I could not have done it without them!

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Korea 17 - Cheongju Middle School

Lst fall we took a pile of our students to write an English test at Cheongju Middle School. It is a nice school, with its own little park.

16 Places You're Not Allowed To Visit

These 16 places are highly guarded and mysterious places are not easy to get to and visit like the dangerous radioactive Chernobyl.

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7. The Colonel's LIttle Secret
Similar to the Coca Cola vault, Colonel Sanders really doesn’t want anyone else replicating his mighty fine, fingerlicking good recipe. He has a total of 11 herbs and spices he mixes in there and the recipe is stored in the an upgraded modern security facility at the headquarters in Kentucky. What are they putting in our chicken? According to rumor, even the President of KFC doesn’t know the recipe, so don’t try bribing the drive through to give it up.

6. Room 39
It’s not like anyone would willingly want to go to North Korea but if someone were to try to get into Room 39 it would be extremely difficult. At an undisclosed location, most likely in or near the capital of Pyongyang, lies a rumored headquarter that's in charge of North Korea's underground activities. They are mostly in charge of gathering foreign currency in whatever way possible. Whether it’s drugs, counterfeits arms deals the lists go on. If North Korea were to get a hold of a nuke, it would most likely have to come from foreign counterfeit.

5. Chernobyl
No one is legally able to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone without permission from the Ukrainian government, which basically means it’s off limits. Some people are willing to take the risk to visit the abandoned city but it’s extremely risky especially for foreigners who don’t speak Russian well. The only way you’re getting in here is with a heavy bribe to the police if you’re stopped. In just a short period of time you might be able to get away with visiting the outskirts without too much bodily damage. The sludge that’s left here after the literal meltdown of the radioactive materials is known as the elephant's foot as you see in this photo is still extremely lethal. Just after 300 seconds of exposure gives you only 2 days to live. It’s actually still melting and could one day seep into the ground water. Good luck!

4. Ozyorsk, Russia
Sometimes entire cities can be completely off limits in Russia. Located in the Chelyabinsk Oblast Region, Ozyorsk is considered a closed town due to how close it is to the Mayak plant. However people do live here, you're just not invited to this one. The Mayak plant is a facility that processes nuclear waste and decommissions decaying weapons of mass destruction. It used to be a location where the Soviet Union would find its source of plutonium. The area is now polluted with industrial and radioactive waste.

3. Svalbard Global Seed Vault
If the world were to come to a tragic end or certain species of plants have become extinct, the svalbard seed vault has got their back! Located only 800 miles south of the North Pole in Norway lies a vault that has a set goal on preserving plant diversity and holding on to large amounts of seeds in the case of an emergency. More than 400,000 crop seeds are stored here and includes seeds for 32 varieties of potatoes. The Norwegian government spent 9 million dollars on this facility that one besides scientists can go to and maybe some day it’ll be useful.

2. The Demilitarized Zone
Also known as the 38th Parallel, the demilitarized zone was created at the end of the Korean War to keep the two countries at peace. It’s considered to be neutral territory that neither country is allowed to cross and at least a 10 mile wide buffer zone between the two. It’s most heavily militarized border in the worlds Near this zone, you’ll notice quite a few landmines, armed soldiers, watch towers. You can almost feel the tension about to burst. North Korea even built the 4 largest flagpole in the world in order to giver the southerners a view of communism. You’re really not allowed to visit this zone, and some how if you find away, you may bring on another world war.

1.Area 51 Nevada
No other place seems to be so secret yet well known at the same time. Also located within the isolated National Nevada Security Site, the government only recently admitted its existence. They claim to use the smooth, dry lake bed known as groom lake as a runway for experimenting with new aircraft. But do to the extreme restriction many wonder exactly what’s going on out there. Motion detectors and thermal body heat detectors are spread across desert and will detect anyone who thinks about coming close. Not to mention the constant surveillance of drones that relentlessly monitor the area for trespassers. Conspiracy theorist claim the government is holding extraterrestrial life forms or even their flying saucers at this location, but it’s restricted, i guess we’ll never find out exactly, will we?

Korean Tradition and modern city Seoul

Kimchi School and Trick Eye Museum, Hongdae

The North Korean Defector Creating Propaganda-Style Artworks

Korean painter Sun Mu worked as a propaganda artist in the North Korean Army, but now creates satirical works of art from a modest studio on the outskirts of Seoul.
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School principal accused of flauting tendering rules in Mkondoni

Mkondoni secondary school board of management committee has refused to sign a sh1 million tender award documents for the construction of toilets claiming it was given to an outsider.

Gyeongju/South Korea - Bambus Fight

Was ein legendärer Kampf auf einem Badminton-Feld in Gyeongju.

Why Japan Keeps Apologizing for World War II

Since the end of WWII, Japanese politicians have apologized for atrocities committed against a number of countries. What are they apologizing for now?


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