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ZAAKIR ko de di SUPERBIKE ???? Gone ?????? ????????


Dr zakir naik security

#Study_al_islam #drjakirnaik


Extreme Road Rage || Gaw walo ne Bike China ???? , Aur Marne Ki koshish ki

This video is about that the village we went and a incident happened their, We shoild take precaution that where were going befor planning for any tour Destinations and check out that tha area is safe .
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1000 Year Old Hindu Temple In D.I. KHAN | Solo BIke Tour

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Real ghost road trip with friends


Canon 5D Mark 4
With 16-35mm, 24- 70mm & 70-200mm
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Anunay Sood -
Brinda Sharma -

We are a Traveling desi Couple also, Indian vloggers, bringing new travel vlogs

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Motorcycle Adventure Pakistan - Mission Khunjerab Pass (Chinese Border)

Motorcycle Trip to Pakistan. Interesting country, great people!

The trip was two weeks long and I did a little above 5,000km. I started from Karachi and went all the way to Khujerab Pass. On the way back I stopped in Islamabad and actually I fly from there to India to continue my trip . I had wonderful time there and met so many so many great people. The idea of this video series is to show you the world the way it is. No hard edition, no cinematic effect. I want you to see and feel everything I have experienced there. Before I start the trip I was looking for information about this part of the world and found that there is not enough. I believe that these video series will fill the gap and provide the necessary information for every motorcycle traveler who has these destinations in his mind.

Detailed video series (25) you can watch here:

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11 Things NOT to do in Israel - MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO!

Israel is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The food, the culture, the history... it's an amazing place. That being said there are a few things to watch out for while you're there. Here are 11 things not to do in Israel.

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My Baby - Jordyn Edmonds
Finest Morning - Superbus
Babylon surround - Metastaz

additional footage thanks to The Israel Project

a movie by Cal McKinley

The Last Pakistani Village Misgar Before Afghanistan and China Border

The Last Pakistani Village Misgar Before Afghanistan and China Border. I am traveling in Pakistan by road, In this video, I am going to Misgar Village. It is the last village inside Pakistan before Afghanistan and China Border. It is located 20 Km from Sost Town. a link road leads to Misgar from Karakoram Highway. It is only 7 km from Karakoram highway and the road is almost paved till the village. Misgar is a village and valley situated at the northern end of Pakistan. It is on the edge of the Hunza District in Gilgit-Baltistan where Pakistan border China and Afghanistan. In recent years, it is also the base for an easy and fascinating trek to Kilik Pass and Mintaka Pass, two Silk Road passes to Tarim Basin in China. Kilik Pass and Mintaka Pass north of the town are part of the ancient Silk Road. They were the usual caravan route from Pakistan and India to Tashkurgan before the opening of the Karakoram Highway. The current settlements of Misgar in Misgar valley were established since at least 1844. Around that time it was settled by people from four tribes who came from Hunza. British Raj took control of the area in 1892 as part of their efforts during the Great Game. Great Britain was using this area to keep an eye on the soviet union and china. They constructed a fort in Misgar in the 1930s to control the Wakhan Corridor -- Qalamdarchi Fort. It is now a local landmark and Pakistan Army’s check post. Misgar remained part of Hunza until the independence of Pakistan in 1947. Qalandarchi fort is about two km from Misgar village. I will show the trek of Qalandarchi fort in my next video. good fresh air, clean water springs, beautiful place for living during summer. There are grown organic fruits and vegetables. episode 183
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#misgar #kilikpass #mintakapass #villagelife #pakistan #gilgitbaltistan #traveling #tourism

EXTREME VILLAGE LIFE OF PHANDER VALLEY S02 EP. 25 | Shandur Pass | Pakistan Motorcycle Tour

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This is the 25th Episode of my Solo Motorcycle Journey in Pakistan and in this episode, I explored the stunning Phander Valley and continued riding towards Shandur Pass (3700meters) which is the border between Gilgit Baltistan and KPK. It is also called the Roof of the world.

Northern areas of Pakistan are considered among the most beautiful due to stunning mountain vistas and natural beauty.

Map of the Route:

Songs I used in this Vlog:
Silent Bloom by Slpstrm Artlist
Borrowed light by Slpstrm Artlist
Soul Temple - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
Nordic Light - Jamie Norwood
Missing Memories - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
You and I by daniel pratt Artlist
Gelatin Nature - Ooyy
Haystack - Biddy Sullivan
Zanzibar - Jones Meadow
Back to the Wild - Pastis
We together by Benj Heard Artlist
La Ladera Joropo by Pangal Gana Artlist

#Pakistan #BikeTour #WildLensByAbrar #motovlog #PakistanMotoVlog #BMWG310GS #MotorcycleAdventure #ADVRider #NorthtoSouthPakistan #MotorcycleTourPakistan #PhanderValley #GhizerValley #Ghizer #OffRoad #ShandurPass #Mastuj #Chitral
#NorthPakistan #NorthernPakistan

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Piyush ko Apna Go Pro Badia laga @Sourav Joshi Vlogs | Ep. 04

Gud Morning Friends, Sat Shri Akal, Namaste, Bado ko pairi pona or Choto ko heloooooo ..

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How Christian Missionaries Convert Indians ⛪????????

An American Christian missionary gave us a ride in India and tried to convert us along the way! Little did he know he had picked up two atheists and one Hindu. After chatting, we realised these guys were also supporters of the separatists in Nagaland who want to break away from the Government of India.

We talk to the Christian missionaries about their work in India and American John Chau who went to North Sentinal Island to convert the untouched islanders who are protected by the Govt. of India.

They tell us about how Nagaland was converted to Christianity very quickly over 30 years and how the Indian Government are worried about Christianity spreading across the country. Then they begin trying to convert me and telling me their stories about finding their saviour Jesus Christ.

They were very nice people and kind to us, but I'm just not sure going around converting tribal people and changing their ancient traditions and culture in India is a good thing to do. It's more like some crazy religious war to make Christianity #1.

13:00 Hear my message for you Dosto ????


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Malaysia - Moped Update #1 (2018)

Deutsche Untertilel verfügbar!

I went to check on my bike after it's been sitting in KL for quite a while and this is waht happened...

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Furious Maitree Express Bangladeshi Rake passing Bounjan Rail Bridge, Dilpashar- Bangladesh Railway

Speedy & Furious 3107 International Friendship Train of Bangladesh Railway (বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ে) Full A/C Dhaka to Kolkata (ঢাকা থেকে কলকাতা) Maitree Express passing through Bounjan Rail Bridge at Chalan Beel near Dilpashar Railway Station Dilpashar Union Bhangura Upazila Pabna District Bangladesh powered by BR ALCO 6526 WDM 3A Locomotive with LHB Rakes.

Afganistan Gezim ve Talibanla Buluşmam

Yapılan yorumlar ve gelen sorular için ekleme;
1- Taliban militanlarının Farsça konuştuğunu söyleyenler var. Bu videoda hiçbir Taliban militanı konuşmuyor. Zaten yabancının yanında konuşmaları da yasak. Ayrıca Farsça da bilmiyorlar. Hepsi Peştunca konuşuyor. Ben şehirdeki liderlerine soruyorum, tüm cevapları o veriyor.

2- Talibanla ilgili anlatabileceğim daha çok şey var ama videoda ancak bu kadar anlattım. Yoksa “Rotasız Seyyah Yol Hikayeleri 2” kitabımda bu konuya sayfalarca yer verdim. Merak edenler bir kitap marketine gidip kitabımdaki Taliban bölümünü okuyabilir. Kitabı satın almanıza gerek yok, orada okuyabilirsiniz.

3- Taliban tarafından iki kez kaçırılan bir doktor ve bir kez kaçırılan bir iş adamıyla da röportaj yaptım. Haftalarca dağda kalmalarını anlattılar. Tüm bunları bir videoda anlatmaya kalksam 200 sayfalık bir kitabı anlatmak gibi olur. Bu mümkün değil maalesef.

4- “Afganistan kadınların dünyadaki cehennemidir” söylemim kadınlar burka giyiyor diye değil. Videoda uzun uzun anlatmak istemedim. Afganistan’da kadınların hayatı tahmin ettiğinizden çok daha zor. Kimi erkek 3-4 tane kadınla evleniyor. Her kadın tek göz bir evde yaşıyor. Adam geçinmeleri için para da vermiyor. Haftada bir, iki gün uğruyor o kadar. Çocuk yaşta evlenenler var. 11 yaşındayken 60 yaşındaki adamın ikinci eşi olan çocuklar var. Afganistan’da baça bazı denilen iğrenç bir olay da var. Videoda maalesef anlatamazdım. Koca koca adamlar 10-12 yaşındaki erkek çocukları kandırıp, evlerine alıyor ve ilişkiye giriyorlar. Adam evli olduğu halde bunu yapıyor. Daha sonra o çocukla eşini çarpık ilişkiye sokuyor. 5-6 yıl evde böyle beraber yaşıyorlar. Bu olayları yapmış kişiyle de röportaj yaptım. Ama bu videoyu çocuklar da izleyebilir diye orada anlatmadım. Bu gibi örnekleri çoğaltmak mümkün. Hala bu konuyu burka giyiyorlar diye dediğimi düşünenler varsa bir kitap marketine gidip kitabımdaki Afganistan kısmını okusun. Dediğim gibi kitabı satın almayın, okuyup rafa geri koyun.

Bir aylık Afganistan gezimi ve Talibanla buluşmamı anlattım.
Not: Sadece Taliban kısmını izlemek isteyenler direkt 32:20 dakikaya geçiş yapabilir.

Adım Mehmet Genç ama sosyal medyada Rotasız Seyyah olarak biliniyorum. Fotoğrafçıyım ve 2010 yılından itibaren dünyayı gezmeye çalışıyorum. Bugüne kadar iki kitap yazdım. Hakkını vererek dünyayı gezmek için bir ömrün ancak yeteceğine inanıyorum.

Diğer sosyal medya hesaplarından takip etmek isterseniz;
İnternet Sitesi:

İşbirliktelikleri için;

Sadhguru debates Jewish Rabbi in Los Angeles, California

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Sadhguru, a yogi and profound mystic of our times, is a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader. A contemporary Guru, rooted as strongly in mundane and pragmatic matters as he is in inner experience and wisdom, Sadhguru works tirelessly towards the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all. His mastery of the mechanisms of life, an outcome of his profound experience of the Self, guides in exploring the subtler dimensions of life.

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Residence 15 - TVC

Located in Gulberg III Block L - Residence 15 is a highly lucrative apartment complex, consisting of luxurious apartments, that features all the best residential amenities that are desired by modern apartment buyers. It is a 15-storey building designed as a beautiful landmark that will grace the skyline of Lahore. Its grand and beautiful façade, prominent location and luxurious amenities are sure to make the project a hit with genuine buyers and investors alike.
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Ultimate Road Trip Around Malaysia (CAR CRASH!!)

In 2017 we embarked on one of the most epic road trips ever! We drove from Johor Bahru up the east coast of Malaysia and ended our trip in Penang! We ate some awesome food, saw some beautiful sights and had the trip of a lifetime!

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This is the second channel for Chopstick Travel and Luke Martin! We will be showcasing uncut and RAW footage of Street Food around the world and Travel snippets from our world adventures! We love to eat and travel and believe its the best way to discover a culture! We want you to travel for food too!

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Najaf to karbala mashi | Pakistan to Iran Iraq ziyarat by road travel | Episode 8/16 | Karbala

Najaf to karbala mashi | Pakistan to Iran Iraq ziyarat by road travel | episode 8 | najaf to Karbala

is Tarah Ki information se bhari video dekhne ke liye hamare channel ko subscribe Karen

hamara Safar Iran Iraq ka hai jo ham bus ke zariya kare ge ya part 8 hai is liye is video mein ham Najaf hazrat Ali as ky roza sa Karbala imam Hussain as ky rozy tak ka safar dakhia ga js ma hum ap ko 86km ka padel Safar be dakia ga ta ki aap ko mukammal information de sake
Iran Buy Iraq Air Travel Package for USA People and Pakistani people



Total Distance

86 km

Total Number of Poles

Najaf Poles: 182 // Karbala Poles: 1452

Distance Between Each Poles

50 meters [20 Poles = 1 km]

Approx. Walking Time Required

23 to 27 hours (Increased in the past few years due to hot weather)

Estimated Time to Reach the Destination

3-4 Days

Who Can Do This?

Anyone (Male/Female/Families)


Take an Exit from Imam Ali (A.S) Haram from Bab-e-Tousi (Opposite to Bab-e-Qibla) and start walking straight on Shahra-e-Tousi - After about 500 meters, Wadi-us-Salam Cemetry will start - Keep walking straight and you will eventually get to the Highway (on the right), turn left, where hundreds of thousands of people will be walking towards Karbala - Join them and you will reach the Haram of Hazrat Abbas (A.S) after about 70 km at Pole # 1452.

Route # 2 - Directions from Kufa via Hindiyah to Karbala [People Starting their walk from Mosque of Kufa]: You can start walking towards Masjid-e-Sehla. There is a route from back of Masjid-e-Sehla, This road runs parallel to the Najaf-Karbala Highway, most people walk on. This route is usually cooler during hot days, as it runs alongside the River Furaat. This route is longer and is about 98.1 km from Kufa to Karbala via Hindiyah. This route was more popular during the Saddam (LA) era, when the walk was restricted by the regime of Saddam Hussein (LA), as this route runs through the villages and isn't a proper route to be caught on and persecuted.

Landmarks (Poles) - Pole Numbers are mentioned along the road from Najaf to Karbala on every Pole:

Karbala Poles Starts After

9-10 km approx.

Pole # 1

Ministry Office on Left side of the Road

Pole # 345

Concrete Walls - Temporary Checkpost

Pole # 578

City of Haidariya - Haidariya Hospital

Pole # 647

Proper Permanent Washrooms

Pole # 960

Large Checkposts

Pole # 1183


Pole # 1237

Al Ameed University (Formerly Imam Ali (A.S) City)

Pole # 1399

Moukkab by Our Turkish Brothers

Pole # 1252

Ministry of Import/Export - Office

Pole # 1285

Checking Checkpost - Entrance of Karbala

Pole # 1294

[Optional Shortcut] Turn Right - The same pole numbers will continue on this route as well - After about 4.5 kms, original pole numbers will again start from 1407

Pole # 1407

First Sight to Roza-e-Hazrat Abbas (A.S) - People who Have Turn Right at 1294 will Join here (Note: Remove your Shoes in Respect to Haram)

Pole # 1378

Al-Kafeel Hospital [Managed by Administration of Haram e Hazrat Abbas (A.S)]

Pole # 1451

Medical Camp in Karbala by Haram-e-Hazrat Abbas(A.S) & Our Pakistani Brothers

Pole # 1452

End of Poles // Poles 1432 to 1452 has been temporarily removed due to the expansion of the road. So, the last pole number you'll currently see is 1432 and the haram is 500 meters from here, as these poles were closer to each other (25 meters distance between them)

25 Meters

Bab-e-Qibla - Roza-e-Hazrat Abbas (A.S)

Landmarks/Re-Grouping Stops:

Pole # 72

Moukkab Aal-e Abi-Talib (A.S.)/Moukkab Abil Fazlil Abbas (AS) (Pakistani)

Pole # 327, 413, 448, 709, 777 & 820, 974, 1005

Various Moukkabs By Our Indian Brothers

Pole # 470

Moukkab Zahra Trust (U.K.)

Pole # 596

Moukkab by our brothers from Thailand

Pole # 602

Moukkab Aal-e-Fakhruddin

Pole # 510, 648, 650, 799, 991, 1045, 1071, 1195

Various Moukkabs by our Lebanese Brothers

Pole # 72, 95, 172, 313, 364, 464, 477, 594, 892, 1086, 1397, 1451

Various Moukkabs By Our Pakistani Brothers (Preventing Blisters | Blisters Treatement | Blisters Guide)

Pole # 822

Moukkab for Repairing of Wheelchair/Stroller, Shoes, Bags, Glasses & Mobile Phones

Pole # 892

Hussainiya Fatima - Under the supervision of Grand Ayatullah Saeed Al-Hakim

Pole # 1062
Imam Hassan (A.S.) City - Managed by Administration of Haram e Imam Hussain (A.S)

Pole # 1102 Muzeef al Imam Al-Abbas (A.S.)
Pole # 1013 Moukkab By Government Of Kuwait
Pole # 1237

Al Ameed University - Managed by Administration of Haram e Hazrat Abbas (A.S) - Formerly Imam Ali (AS) City

You don't have to worry much about doing it completely.

(Update: The situation has improved in the last few years or so and the calls do get connected most of the times. You can use GPRS for internet connectivity but that only work for an hour or so before Fajar. Also, there are some WIFI Moukkabs but those aren't too reliable either and only works randomly sometimes.

@khan TV 110

Train to Patalpani

In 1870, the Maharaja of Indore, Sawai Tukojirao Holkar the 2nd, comissioned the building of a line from Indore to the Great Indian Peninsular Railway Main line at Khandwa . The line would climb the Vindhyachal mountains by way of the Choral valley, to reach Indore.
The section between Patalpani and Kalakund runs along the Choral river and with it’s numerous bridges, viaducts and tunnels , forms a fascinating backdrop in which to view the operations of this one hundred and fifty years old railway line.

Read the trip report here -

00:18 Introduction
02:20 Mhow - Military Headquarters of War
03:26 Steam at Mhow
05:37 Patalpani
07:46 Ravine Viaducts
11:09 People of the Choral
12:47 Bridges on the Choral
14:10 The Bankers of Kalakund
17:28 Uphill to Patalpani
20:12 Steam on the Ghats
24:39 Tantya Mama
26:23 Double Header
28:01 Omkareshwar
31:45 Dhulghat

I Found Some Amazing Gas Deposits | VLOG

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Thatta (Sindhi: ٺٽو‎; Urdu: ٹھٹہ‎) is a city in the Pakistani province of Sindh. Thatta was the medieval capital of Sindh, and served as the seat of power for three successive dynasties. Thatta's historic significance has yielded several monuments in and around the city.

The Tomb of Sultan Ibrahim (D.1558), son of Isa Khan Tarkhan the elder, is a solid octagonal brick structure with a rather pointed dome set upon a high drum. This is an impressive octagonal funerary Mughal tour de force, built as a tomb of the Tarkhan ruler, is forerunner of its genre. The dome on a circular drum, rises above well-crafted cusped arch squinches. All surfaces once embellished with glazed tiles.

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