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You Can't Google This?!


You Can't Google This?!

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The Scariest Places of Google Earth

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Is it your dream to travel to the four corners of the globe, but just don't have the cash? Don't worry! Just download Google Earth! You can visit the whole world right from your couch. However, be warned, there are some scary places out there!

1) Pripyat Village, Ukraine
This village suffered the most cruel and saddest ending. It's heartbreaking to see pictures of this lonely and abandoned ghost town. But if we glide in from above in Google Earth it's almost even more breathtaking. This area will never be the same.

2) Linfen city, China
This is known as the most polluted city in the world. It's a fully industrialized city without environmental controls where people die very young from cancer and other fatal illnesses. The smog is so dense it obscures most of the images on Google Earth.

3) The Devil's Face, Atlanta
In one of the most religious places in the U.S.A. suddenly, one day a malicious face could be perceived in the surrounding area. Could it just have been a coincidence? Probably. But, in any case, it was really scary and suspicious. People in the area modified the terrain to, literally, erase it from the face of the Earth.

4) The Cave of Antarctica, Antarctica
This is a huge cave that nobody has been able to explore yet. The thing is that its entrance is so strange that rumors say it was built by aliens to hide their ships. And there's also another one that is suspected to be a German army base built back in the 1940's where they performed secret experiments.

5) The Blood Lake, Iran
One morning this normal lake was suddenly completely blood red. Some thought that it was maybe due to high pollution levels and sediment resting in the lake. However the surrounding lakes were clear, so it didn't add up. The other terrifying conclusion is that the surrounding slaughterhouses began dumping their waste into it creating this huge lake of blood.

6) Censored Places
The world is full of nuclear power plants, some of them outside of city limits. However, we can't see them on Google Earth because they are completely censored. Who knows what other secrets our governments are keeping from us?

7) Chittagong Port, Bangladesh
Also known as Hell on Earth. (Monkey of Doom) This is the most polluted place on Earth. It's a ship graveyard where vessels from all around the world are brought to be dismantled. However, it's so polluted that the sea is full of fuel and oil, the air is toxic, and people live inside the old ships, with a very low life expectancy. It's like something out of an apocalyptic movie.

Know of any other scary places?
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Is Google really making us stupid?

The Economist asked thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and people on the streets of New York City: is Google really making us stupid?

This video aired at our Ideas Economy: Information 2012 event in San Francisco, California on June 5th-6th 2012.

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Offline Google Maps work in CarPlay!

Google Maps version 5.0 will work offline in Apple CarPlay in iOS 12. If you have limited data access or poor cellular coverage or just want an inexpensive GPS such as a used iPhone with no SIM card, Google Maps on iOS is now an effective option for your travels.

Zooming in on TUVALU | Geography of Tuvalu with Google Earth

In this series I'm zooming in on countries with Google Earth, and it's time to take a look at Tuvalu! Google Earth gives information about cities, bordering countries, coordinates, distances, and I can use street view! Thank you, Google Earth, for showing us our beautiful earth!

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Bols Museum Cave, Cayo Belize

Bol's Museum Cave is amazing, artifacts litter the cave like chamber, not the easiest place to find your way to, but so worth it. Mr Bol guides you to this treasure trove of Mayan artifacts. You can't do this on a whim, a lot of planning went into this .. I have put links to a couple of people below that can at least see if its possible for you to visit as we did. The meeting the man himself that discovered it, and hearing some of the stories surrounding this incredible find.. this is not like anything we have
we stayed at

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You Can't Google This! KUN DIGITAL | 2018

Sit down, relax and watch this video!

It is made from around the world about everything that you can't find on Google or you can't just understand from Google.

Some things, you just have to be there to see for yourself to believe!

I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

You can’t Google this !!


You can't google it


Hope you like it and thank you so much for sharing our experience :)

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Looking for the peak of Penang Hill and a bit of goofing around in George Town, Malaysia. Thank you for watching and I hope you have an amazing day!! :)


So here's the story behind the Google my Hustle Challenge....

I saw the post about this giveaway on Banky W's Instagram page. It was simple and clear what we were supposed to do- Post a picture or a video and explain how google has helped you in your hustle. Winners were going to be chosen randomly.
I kinda shrugged it off but then again I saw the same post on Adesua Etomi's page and Ebuka's page. Something said, why don't you try out? and I followed that voice in me.
I prayed about it first ooo... I told God that if i am going to do this, then I want to win and not just create something mediocre. I asked Him to give me the idea of what to create and what story I should tell and when I was done with my short prayer, i wrote a script, this was about 1am-2am in the morning(Nigerian Time).
I woke up the following day and made the video, shot, edited and saved it. When I posted it on IG, I got another feeling saying If you win a new phone from this challenge, what then happens to your phone? So I said well I will give it out to someone is need of a phone
Fast forward to 3 weeks later, I saw that Banky W had posted on his page about 2 people he picked as his winners. I felt discouraged, of course, I mean, who wouldn't? I sha moved on from it saying to myself,Things like that don't happen to people like me sef
On October 4th I got a call from Always on Point Nigeria, saying I was one of the winners and that I should come pick up my price at Surulere. I doubted it for a while but Toolz confirmed it and well here I am sharing this as a testimony to you guys.

It may seem small to you buy it is everything to me and it confirms the truth that God does answer prayers.

Gringo Guide to Traveling the Peruvian Amazon Things you can't GOOGLE Part 1

Gringo Guide to Traveling the Peruvian Amazon Things you can't GOOGLE Part 1

Cant sign into Youtube/Google accounts these days?? Maybe this can help. Apple MAC.

Cant sign into Youtube/Google accounts these days?? Signing in taking forever? Maybe this can help. Apple MAC. If youve windows etc,its basically the same method. I do not own or have any rights to the audio track.



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