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Why This Man Fixes Houses For Free


Why This Man Fixes Houses For Free

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Why This Man Fixes Houses For Free #173


The Truth Behind Italy's $1 Homes

Starting in early 2019, 20 towns across Italy began selling homes for €1, or about $1.10. Local governments hope the plan will attract fresh faces and new businesses to towns that have been suffering from rapid depopulation and a growing number of abandoned homes for decades. But the true cost of these homes turn out to be much higher than $1.

The Truth Behind Those $1 Detroit Homes


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The Truth Behind Italy's $1 Homes

The Hidden Elon Musk Of Africa

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He Gets Everything for Free

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Luxury Tiny House On A Budget | Puglia Southern Italy Traditional Trullo Home

Luxury Tiny House On A Budget | Salento in Puligia. Southern Italy Traditional Trullo Home

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In this Salento Puglia Italy travel vlog we have our first tiny home experience, staying in a traditional Italian Trullo home. This is a must do in Italy and one of the top things to do in Pulia. We managed to find this luxury tiny home for the budget price of just 35 euros and were blown away by how awesome it was both inside and out!
Trulli are protected under UNESCO world heritage law and can only be found in the Puglia region of southern Italy, near Salento.
This unique tiny house accommodation feels like living in a cave, with it's cone-shaped roof and stone walls. Staying in a Trullo is definitely a unique Italian experience that we would recommend to anyone!

We found our Trullo on Airbnb, and there is no shortage of them to choose from! If you'd like to stay in the same one we did, check out the link down below, and please consider using our Airbnb referral link when signing up to give us a small credit towards our next booking.

▹AirBnB - Get up to £50 off your first trip

Where We Stayed - Trullo Babette:

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After 5 years of aimless, yet enjoyable, backpacking around the world we found ourselves in New York City battling with depression. At this point, we decided to go home and confront this problem head-on. After 6 tough months at home we decided to go away again, but this time with a goal in mind.. to turn travel into a lifestyle.

Our time spent battling depression has influenced our outlook on life dramatically! We are now traveling the world in search of what makes us happy. In our vlogs, we talk openly and honestly about our travel experiences, the digital nomad life and depression. We hope our videos can help to inspire you to create a life that makes you happy!

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19-Year-Old Chef Opened A NYC Restaurant With A $155 Tasting Menu

Flynn McGarry is the chef of Gem, a restaurant in Manhattan's Lower East Side. His $155 tasting menu is served in the style of a dinner party, hopefully making you feel like you're not at a restaurant at all. The young chef has been working full time in professional kitchens since he was 12.

See more from Gem:

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8 Reasons Why Americans LEAVE Costa Rica [Why I Left]

The TRUTH about living in Costa Rica: Why do so many Americans leave Costa Rica after moving there? In this video, I explain what causes expats to change their minds about retiring abroad and why I left Costa Rica after 8 years. Some of the initial reasons that people want to move to Costa Rica include the moderate climate, laid back lifestyle, fresh and healthy food, friendly people, beaches, medical tourism, and the low cost of living. But is Costa Rica really a safe and friendly country or is it actually dangerous and expensive? Once they arrive, many people realize that living in Costa Rica wasn't quite what they expected. Unfortunately, that results in people returning home quite soon after arriving.

After helping more than 500 foreigners move to Costa Rica and living there for eight years, this video explains the top reasons why people move back to the USA and why I left, too, so that you know more about what to expect BEFORE you get there. This is the real and sometimes dark truth about living in Costa Rica. What do you think are the biggest pros and cons of living in Costa Rica? Let us know in the comments.

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00:00 Introduction
00:32 How many Americans live in Costa Rica?
00:53 Why people retire in Costa Rica then leave
1:03 #1 High Cost of Living
3:30 #2 Inability to Adjust to the Culture
5:45 #3 Unrealistic Expectations versus Reality
6:45 #4 Healthcare and Health Problems
7:10 #5 Missing Family and Homesickness
8:20 #6 Crime Rate - Is it Dangerous or Safe?
10:58 #7 Negativity from Other Expats
11:53 #8 Misc Things: Infrastructure, extreme weather, and too much Pura Vida
15:04 Why people stay in Costa Rica forever
15:38 Why I left Costa Rica to become a digital nomad
18:15 Why I don't regret moving to Costa Rica
18:50 Conclusion

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World's Strongest Men in a Tug o' War Challenge at Braemar Gathering Highland Games site in Scotland

The World's strongest men attend the world famous Braemar Gathering Highland Games site in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, for a Tug o' War challenge against a local team.

The strongest men were Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, Nick Best and Robert Oberst, who took on a Tug of war team from the Braemar and Invercauld Estate area of Aberdeenshire. The idea was to see how many it would take to compete against them for weight and strength. The Braemar Gathering is the only games attended by the Royal Family each year, with Balmoral Estate within the local Deeside area or Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

$100 Million Boeing Business Jet - Royal Jet

Follow me for a tour onboard the MOST LUXURIOUS Boeing Business Jet (B737) own by Royal Jet.

Thanks to Royal Jet allowing me to make the video during Abu Dhabi Air Expo. I hope the video shows the luxury content to those who couldn't see it personally.

The video content is not sponsored and my intention is to present everything I saw of this private jet to raise public and their brand awareness.

My Blog:

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He Visited Every Country Without Flying

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❤️ Ist der MAN TGE besser als ein Fiat Ducato? Westfalia Sven Hedin auf MAN TGE | TOGO REISEMOBILE

In diesem Video seht Ihr, was den Sven Hedin von seinen Geschwistern der Westfalia Columbus Baureihe abhebt. Wir zeigen Euch den Westfalia Sven Hedin auf Basis des MAN TGE.

Auch der Sven Hedin bietet eine Warmwasser-Fußbodenheizung, einen Kompressor-Kühlschrank und ist damit besonders autark. Wir haben zusätzlich eine Solaranlage und eine große Batterie montiert. Damit seid Ihr immer unabhängig vom Stellplatz!

Wir machen eine ausführliche Roomtour und schauen uns mit Euch alle Details des MAN TGE an. Wie groß wird das Heckbett durch das Pop-Out? Ist die Nasszelle groß genug und kann man in der Nasszelle duschen? Ist die Sitzgruppe ausreichend groß für 4 Personen oder reicht sie nur für 2 Personen? Was verändert die Lounge Sitzbank? All diese Fragen klären wir für Euch in diesem Video.

Natürlich sprechen wir auch darüber, was der Westfalia Sven Hedin kostet und wie Bestellung und Lieferzeit sind.

Während der Westfalia Sven Hedin in den ersten Saisons auf Basis des VW Crafter ausgeliefert worden ist, hat sich Westfalia nun entschieden, den Sven Hedin auf MAN TGE zu liefern. Was sind die Unterschiede zwischen VW Crafter und MAN TGE? Auch das klären wir in diesem Video.

Wenn Ihr noch mehr über den Westfalia Sven Hedin erfahren wollt, schaut Euch auch die anderen Videos an:
????MERCEDES oder MAN? Kastenwagen Vergleich La Strada Regent S vs. Westfalia Sven Hedin 2020 Wohnmobil

00:00 Westfalia Sven Hedin
00:42 Intro
01:45 Zusammenfassung
03:40 MAN TGE
07:10 Außenausstattung Sven Heidin
11:35 Kühlschrank von Westfalia
13:38 Sitzgruppe im Sven Hedin
15:55 Was kostet der Westfalia Sven Hedin?
17:48 Sitzgruppe Teil 2
21:10 Küchenblock
24:15 Die Nasszelle vom Sven Hedin
27:00 Breites Heckbett durch Pop-Out
29:42 Der Stauraum
31:30 1.700 Watt Wechselrichter
34:00 Das Cockpit vom MAN TGE

???? Habt ihr noch Fragen zu den Fahrzeugen? Dann ruft uns gerne an Tel.: 04176-914930 oder schreibt eine Mail an:

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HE BUILT THIS CAR for $200 w/ Scrap Metal (GHANA)

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The other day on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana, I met up with a really inspiring teenager named Kelvin, who literally built this car made out of scrap metal for $200 USD!

I went to his house (which is more like a workshop) and learned the full story from his perspective, as well as from his adorable mother. Kelvin invited me to take a spin around town, and I was beyond shocked when the car actually worked really well!

The more I travel, the more I realize that there is SO MUCH talent in this world that goes unnoticed. I hope some of you feel inspiration from Kelvin and his story -- I know he is up to some big things in the future!

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Finding the Most Secluded Cabin in Switzerland

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On this hike, I tried to get to the most secluded Cabin in the Alps. Day one shows me hiking the long way up to the cabin, day two is me summiting a nearby mountain. I was lucky to have spectacular views all the way to the cabin and the summit.

Reaching this cabin has definitely been my highlight this year. With this video, I am hoping to share some of the impressions and fantastic views that I managed to capture while hiking. Thanks for watching.

Concerning the whereabouts of this incredible cabin: I am not going to disclose this information here, out of respect for the builders and owners of this cabin. Thank you for your understanding!

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BOAT TOUR: The Modern Interior of our 50 yr old DREAM YACHT — Sailing Uma [Step 225]

▸ Watch our story from Step 1 :

1:13 Buying a Blue Water SAILBOAT for $3,000 CASH [Step 119]
2:44 Deck Boat Tour [Step 220]
6:32 Electric Motor Playlist:
6:42 Overview of GALLEY project [Step 175]
7:33 Sink
8:27 Faucet:
9:05 Corian Counter top (+ sink) [Step 137]
10:00 Hefty Suzan [step 135]
DOMETIC (Appliances: fridge, freezer, alcohol stove)
13:50 Propane vs Alcohol video
16:00 NAV DESK (part 1) [step 205]
18:57 The Unknown
19:20 NAV DESK (part 2) [Step 211]
20:30 The NOOK [step 39]
21:55 Structural Floor removal [step 5]
21:55 Structural Keel repair [step 6]
25:12 Kika's Zen Garden [Step 138]
25:23 Wood Stove [step 176]
25:31 Boat insulation + sliding storage
26:54 Head sink:
Head Renovation [step 132 & 133 ]
28:39 Shower System [step 210]
30:02 V-berth Closets [step 24]
30:49 Mattress Ventilation mesh :

▸ 5 Years Living offgrid on an ALL ELECTRIC Sailboat [Step 206]
▸ Diesel VS Electric [step 223]

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Found House in Ghost Village with Power & Water






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Walking London's BRICK LANE MARKET

A first-person perspective London walk tour of Brick Lane including Brick Lane Market, bustling with activity.

Experience all of the sights and sounds as Watched Walker (yes, I’m talking about myself in the third person) takes us on a walking tour through the streets of London, featuring Brick Lane including Brick Lane Market. The route begins at the southern end of Brick Lane, then travels north, passing through Brick Lane Market, finishing at the intersection with Bethnal Green Road.

Sights seen along the tour include Backyard Market, Truman Black Eagle Brewery, street musicians, street food (including German Sausages, Posh Pork Baps, Churros Brazilian Donuts), street markets, graffiti, street art, and food stores (including Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery, Cereal Killer Cafe).

And in each video I've hidden a blinking eye, can you spot it? (It could appear more than once). In addition to the blinking eye, I've also added the Watched Walker logo to various scenes–it could be on buildings, vehicles or any other objects, so keep an eye out for it too!

Footage recorded August 2017.


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How To Escape Quicksand + Make The World’s Fluffiest Omelette In France | Travel Dares S2 Ep 1

Sponsor Content by the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless™ Credit Card.

Travel Dares is back! Episode 1 finds our host Caroline and her friend Aj in northern France. Caroline takes Aj on an adventure to learn how to escape quicksand at Mont Saint-Michel, while Aj teaches Caroline how to make the world’s fluffiest omelette at La Mère Poulard.

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How To Escape Quicksand + Make The World’s Fluffiest Omelette In France | Travel Dares S2 Ep 1

Hit by ???? & Arguing with Man During Food Tour in Pakistan

I go to Karachi's famous Burns Road Food Street for some authentic Pakistani street food and end up finding so many restaurants from Delhi, India there! It turns out a lot of these restaurants came to Karachi during partition.

I get hit by an egg while vlogging and a knight in shining armour tries to tell me how to act around Women. A kid even thinks I'm Peter McKinnon. It was a weird and eventual day in Karachi, Sindh.

We'll try the special Dhaga Kebab which is only binded by string. No additives are used to bind the meat together. So it's a super juicy kebab! We'll also eat Karachi Haleem, Dahi Bhalle, Chai, and more on Karachi's oldest and most famous food street.

Don't miss my Punjabi Night Food Market tour in Lahore too

0:00 Intro
0:19 Hit by egg
1:12 Karachi Haleem
2:22 Hero #1 annoying man
4:37 Delhi Rabri
6:13 Peter McKinnon
7:07 Chai
9:05 Dhaga Kebab
12:38 Spilling chilli everywhere (Dahi Bhale)


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I never thought cleaning my room would change my life, but here I am a new person all thanks to a few days of extreme bedroom decluttering inspired by Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and her KonMari Method. Lou and I spent a few days organizing, cleaning and decluttering my childhood bedroom from clothes and closets to books and boxes of sentimental items. I can truly attest to the life-changing magic of the KonMari Method. We purged my closet of over a decade worth of clutter and were able to minimize my possessions to just those that spark joy. A friend of mine joked that we are the only people who live in a van that are also secret hoarders, but after finishing this cleaning process I can proudly say that is no longer true! This process helped us to reach the minimal lifestyle that we aspire to embody and I truly feel a million pounds lighter knowing that I actually have a bedroom and not a storage unit waiting for me at my parents' house. We hope you enjoy this one! Let us know about your own cleaning projects below! Is anyone else newly obsessed with decluttering?

#konmari #mariekondo #extremedeclutter

Here is a blog post I wrote about the whole process!

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Puzzle Of Complexity - Johannes Bornlöf
The Path To Innovation - Airae
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Remove The Complexities - Peter Sandberg
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Cornelia - The Eastern Plain
Cambodia Rain - SINY
Over The Rooftops - Many Moons Ago
Together We Can - Gavin Luke

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