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Why I Never Drink Coffee


Why I Never Drink Coffee


How to Drink Coffee in Italy - Foodie Sisters in Italy

When you order coffee in Italy, you need to know how to drink it. Foodie Sisters, Benedetta and Valeria, share all you need to know about how to order your coffee, how to drink it, and how it should be made. Discover the new specialty coffee shops in Rome and their high attention to quality.

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In the video, we had Caffè Espresso at Faro Caffè Specialty in Rome:

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How Italians have Breakfast & Drink Coffee

Avoid faux-pas and learn to fit into the Italian culture as a local, not a tourist! This episode covers where, how, and what Italians have for breakfast.. with a few useful words too!

What's Wrong with Spanish Coffee? ????☕

Something is very wrong with Spanish coffee. If you buy a pack of coffee in the supermarket, or a café solo in a bar, it too often tastes like acrid burnt rubber. Want to know why? In this video I delve into the mysterious world of torrefacto! So venga, let’s go!

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More About This Video ????
When I first moved to Spain in 2011, I would buy all my coffee at the supermarket. But it never tasted very good. It always had this acrid, bitter flavour. I drink my coffee black, and I found the stuff I was buying and drinking in bars almost undrinkable. It was like burnt rubber.

And then one day I looked a little closer at the coffee packet. And I noticed this common word, “mezcla”. I knew that mezcla meant mix or blend. But I thought - a blend of what? So I read further, and then I started seeing this word “torrefacto”. I had no idea what it was, but I suspected it had to do with what was going on with the coffee in this country.

So I started investigating further, and I discovered that torrefacto is a process that is applied to coffee beans sold in Spain that make the coffee taste, well, horrible. How the tradition got started is connected to the civil war. And why we still drink torrefacto coffee in Spain is about tradition, and, well, habit.

In this video I explain what torrefacto is, do a taste testing with my wife Yoly, and head to Toma Cafe to get a good cup of coffee!

Below is a list of great coffee places in Madrid:
Toma Café (Malasaña)
Toma Café (Chamberi)
Cafe Tornasol (Antón Martín market)
Zero Point (Lavaiés)
HanSo Café (Malasaña)
Coffee & Kicks (near Puerta del Sol


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The Truth About Coffee in Vietnam

Going for coffee in Vietnam is a unique experience. Ca phe sua da, or iced coffee with milk, is an incredibly delicious traditional Vietnamese coffee that's served with condensed milk. Vietnam is the #2 producer of coffee in the world, but most of their beans are of low quality, so they're mostly used for instant coffee. That's slowly changing though - Arabica beans are becoming more popular, and espresso is being brewed more frequently. Coffee in Vietnam is changing, but the traditional coffee will never go away.

For more about Vietnam, visit my website with a budget guide to Vietnam that took over 2 years to make.

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Drinking Ethiopian Coffee in Addis Ababa

One of the best things to do in Addis Ababa is drink Ethiopian coffee. Looking for other top things to do:

As you probably already know, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee - coffee is originally from Ethiopia, and it's still known to grow some of the best quality beans in the entire world. When you're in Ethiopia, coffee is never hard to find. It's an important part of the Ethiopian culture. In Addis Ababa there are a number of different kinds of Ethiopian coffee to drink. All over the place there are cafe's where you'll find European and especially Italian style coffees like espressos and macchiatos. At Ethiopian restaurants you'll find the traditional style of coffee known as buna. And along the sides of the streets and all over the city and neighborhoods you'll find tiny shoebox coffee shops that serve local coffee.

Walking down the street in Addis Ababa you'll frequently get a blast of fresh coffee roasting in your face. You'll know right away that you can step off the side of the road and dip into the small coffee shop for one or ever three cups of coffee. This video was taken at a small coffee shop just next to a hotel that I was staying in. The girl welcomed us in to the scent of delicious coffee being roasted. Her little coffee shop was both a coffee shop and a store selling khat, a leaf that you chew.

When we arrived she was roasting up a batch of coffee beans until dark and fragrant. I chose a seat on a side turned soda crate and watched her make the coffee. When the beans were roasted she transferred them to a mortar and pestle. Using a few swift pounds she impressively had the coffee beans pounded and turned into a fine powder in just a few minutes. From there, the ground coffee was spooned into the jebena, a clay vessel used to make traditional Ethiopian coffee. She then added water to the top of the beans and set the jebena on the hot charcoal to let it boil. Once the coffee had finished brewing, she then covered the coffee pot with a strainer and poured dark brewed Ethiopian coffee into each individual cups. Lots of locals like a ton of sugar in their coffee, but I enjoyed just a half a spoon so it wasn't too sweet. It was marvelous coffee, thick, full bodied, and rich with flavor. When it was really sweet it almost had a chocolatey flavor. Though there wasn't any popcorn at this particular spot, drinking coffee with a small bowl of popcorn on the side is common, especially the a coffee ceremony or at a restaurant.

One of the greatest things about Ethiopia is Ethiopian coffee and I didn't have a bad cup the entire time I was there. If you love coffee, Ethiopia is a country you need to visit as soon as you have a chance.

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How To Drink An Indian Tea or Coffee from the saucer

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This video is about making How To Drink An Indian Tea or Coffee, from the saucer

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