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Top 10 Things to do in Hong Kong - HD


Thailand Street Food - The BIGGEST RAINBOW LOBSTER Cooked with Butter & Cheese

تهنئة يمنية للجزائر المتألقة

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Top 7 INCREDIBLE Travel Destinations of 2019 | Where to Travel This Year!

The Top Travel Destinations of 2019! A list of where you NEED to travel in 2019! I share with you the best World travel destinations of 2019 with travel guides in each location.

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Top Travel Destinations of 2018:

World Travel Destination Playlists:
Tanzania -
Finland -
Sweden -
Martinique -
Iceland -
California -
New Zealand -

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7 Things to Eat in Hiroshima

Okonomiyaki, soupless spicy noodles, broiled eel—Hiroshima has a lot of good stuff!

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10 Best Places to Visit in Italy 2019 - Travel Video

Located in Southern Europe, this boot-shaped country is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for a number of reasons that include art treasures, trendy fashion, stunning landscapes, passionate people and top-class cuisine. Italy offers so much to see and do that it would take a lifetime to explore.

Travel To Dubai | Full History And Documentary About Dubai In Urdu & Hindi | دبئی کی سیر

Travel To Dubai | Full History And Documentary About Dubai In Urdu & Hindi | دبئی کی سیر
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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Dubai
Aaj ham aap doston ko UAE k aik shehar dubai ki sair k saath aor bohat c dilchasp malomaat frahim karen gay video start karny say pahaly agar abhi tak aap nay hmara channel subscribr nahen kia hmara channel jani tv zaror subscribe karen.
Dubia aik khobsorat aor azeem shehar honay k saath dunia aik mashhor aor karobaari shaher bhi hay.Dubai raqby k lehaaz UAE ka dosra bara shehar hay aor is ka raqba 4114 murba kilometer hay 2017 men lgaye gaye andaazy k mutabiq dubai ki abaadi 286500 nafoos hen jin men say zyda tar ghair mulki rehaaish pazeer hen ghair mulkion men zyda indian dosry number par pakistani jin ki tadaad 23% 17% amaarti baaqi bangaali amreeci waghera rehaasih pazeer hen.
Dubai men pahlay machli k karobaar say guzar basar hoti thi baad men heero say guzaara hota baad men yahan dukaanen ban gai aor ye shehar ahista ahista traqi karny lga.1994 men oil ki drayft k baad dubai ka bunaadi dhancha badal gya aor mulk traqi ki rah par gamzan ho gya.
Dubai ka Dubai international Airport dunia k 10 bary airport men shumaar hota hay aor ye dunia k 10 masroof treen air port men 3 number par aata hay jis par 2016 men 83654250 musaafron nay safar kia.
Dubai ka burj khalifa dunia ka sab say bra tower honay ka ayzaaz rakhta hay 162 manza ye tower 2010 men dunia ki sab say lambhi amart honay ka ayzaaz hasil kar chuka hay burjkhalifa men dunia ki sab aonchaai waali masjid bhi jo 158 manzil par hay.
Dubai Burj Al arab hotel bhi dubai ka mehnga tareen hotel hay aor ye dunia k pahly 7 star hotlon men shumaar hota hay jo dunia ka aik mehnga treen hotel bhi hay.Dubai men qanoon itna sakhat hay k aap wahan par public k saamny kisi larki ko kiss nahen kar sakty dubai men aap hassas amaarton ki photo nahen bna sakty.
Dunia k 10 Buland tareen hotels men say 7 Hotel dubai men hay aor dunia ka sab say bara Shoping Maal bhi hay. Dubai police ko mehngi tareen garan mujrmon ko pakrny klye di jaati hen.
Dubai sony aor heeron ki khardo frokht ki dunia ki sab say bari markeet hay.Dubai ko aap blando Baala amamrton ka shehar bhi kehty hen aap ye sa sab kuch Dubai ja kar hi Dakh sakty hen. Dubai ki full Malomaat ham aik video men nahen day paaye aap is ko like karen jab 20000 likes hon gay to ham dubai ka part 2 upload karen gay.
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BVI TRAVEL GUIDE | Top 25 Things To Do in British Virgin Islands | TRAVEL THERAPY

Travel Therapy Needed: Stressed out at work?
Travel Therapy Rx: British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Come along with the creator and host of Travel Therapy TV, Emmy award-winning, Karen Schaler, as she shows us the top 25 things to do on in the British Virgin Islands. In this special British Virgin Islands travel guide Karen highlights the best island in the BVI, top BVI resort and hotels, the BVI's best restaurants and foodie finds, affordable activities and top BVI travel adventures.

Also find out some great insider travel tips and BVI travel deals!



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10 Best Places to Visit in Germany - Travel Video

There is a new version of this video available:

Mon VOYAGE a ALGER إستعداداتي للذهاب من المغرب إلى الجزائر #رحلة _ المغزائري

هنا تبدأ رحلتي الجديد لإكتشاف البلد الجار الجزائر
حقا حلم و بعد اليوم سيتحقق إن شاء الله
إشتركو في القناة و فعلو الجرس ليصلكم كل جديد
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Loflied op de langzaamloper (23) – Stork Ricardo AR 216 op de Anna en MWM TRH 348 SU op de Zephir

Gepubliceerd op

Schipperszoon Arie Stolk uit Werkendam is achttien jaar oud en sinds vier weken eigenaar van de 53-meter Anna, de voormalige Mayenne. In de Anna staat een Stork Ricardo AR 216 van 282 pk. Arie’s oom Henk Stolk vaart op de 80-meter Zephir. In de Zephir staat een MWM TRH 348 SU van 800 pk. Dat levert een spectaculair waterballet op.

360°, Raja Ampat archipelago, Indonesia, 5K aerial video

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10 Best Places to Visit in Croatia - Travel Video

Located in the Balkans, Croatia has become one of Europa’s top tourist destination again since its War of Independence in the late 1990s. Like much of Europe, Croatia boasts its share of medieval cities and historic ruins, but what makes this country exceptional is its wealth of stunning natural attractions such as the Plitvice Lakes, the spectacular Adriatic coastlines and gorgeous islands. An overview of the best places to visit in Croatia.

Perù = Ollantaytambo documentario in italiano live 8° di 15 video

Escursione e spiegazione del sito archeologico di Ollantaytambo in Perù. Si tratta di un sito conosciuto perché passaggio obbligato per andare a Machu Picchu. Uno dei primi siti archeologici peruviani in termini di interesse. Parte 8

9 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth!

Islands throughout the world that are shrouded in mystery! From Mexico's creepy Island of the Dolls to the Naval Base on Diego Garcia

#9. “Island of Socotra”- Off the coast of Somalia in the Indian ocean is an island that seems as though it belongs on another planet. Socotra Island has long been theorized as a location for the biblical Garden of Eden, and just by looking at pictures of it you can see why. The island is home to several species of plants that are can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. There are the Dr. Seuss looking Adenium socotranum which have big bulbous trunks and tiny gnarly branches that sprout from their tops and bear flowers that are a marvelous shade of pink. There odd appearance makes them kind of look like giant root vegetables. Then there are the Dragon’s Blood Trees which look like perfect natural umbrellas. The have trunks that resemble that of an average tree but their thick tightly bunched branches shoot upwards and form a mushroom like crown. Socotra is also home to three geographically unique species of bird: the socotra sunbird, socotra grosbeak and socotra starling. There aren’t many other creatures that inhabit the island other than that of bats and insects and the last time it was home to man was around the year 100 A.D. Adding to the mystery, the island has been the site of dozens of shipwrecks over the years.

#8. “Palmyra Atoll”- Though technically not an island but an atoll that formed from coral the mysterious nature of Palmyra Atoll cannot be ignored. Also known as Palmyra Island, the breathtakingly beautiful ringlet sits between American Samoa and Hawaii. Though it is full of lush vegetation and appears unblemished by man the island has long be the subject of superstition and folktales. There have been several cases of violent shipwrecks and mysterious disappearances of ships on and around the island. Those who have observed the island and survived to tell their tale have claimed having seen some extremely bizarre sights like that of floating lights, ghosts and sea monsters. It is also reported to be the home of an incredible amount of sharks who may have developed a distinct taste for humans. There is also the story of lost Incan treasure that may still be on the island. These tales and others which cannot be discussed do to their graphic nature have made Palmyra the stuff of legend amongst sailors and Pacific Islanders for centuries.

#7. “Vulcan Island”- Vulcan Island in the Philippines isn’t necessarily an island that is shrouded in mystery but it definitely is a mindblowing locale. On the northern Philippine island of Luzon there sits a lake named Taal and in that lake there is an island called Taal Volcano, inside this island is the world’s largest crater lake and inside of this lake there sits yet another island, known as Vulcan Island. Not only is Vulcan Island one of the most fascinating of natural recursion it happens to be located on one of the most active volcanoes in the entire Pacific Ocean. Because of this fact it is incredibly dangerous to visit Vulcan Island as it has been quaking and bubbling consistently since 1991.

RCI Help Series: What is RCI?

RCI remains the leader in vacation exchange, offering the world’s largest vacation exchange network and providing unrivaled products and services to enhance the vacation ownership experience. It’s one of the many reasons why more resorts trust RCI to deliver vacation exchange services to its subscribing members than any other company across the globe.

Through our core exchange programs, RCI Weeks®, RCI Points® , RCI helps its subscribing members take the vacations of their dreams and explore the world through access to over 4,300 affiliated resorts in 110 countries.* Members can also enjoy other great deals on rental opportunities, cruises and transportation, as well as a host of other travel and lifestyle benefits through the RCI Platinum® and RCI Gold® membership tiers.

At RCI, we understand that no matter how busy life gets, you cherish the time you set aside each year to get away and create memories that will last a lifetime. We are so dedicated to delivering vacation memories that last a lifetime - Because your vacation means the world to us®.

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Jackson Hole Rodeo -

Street Food in Peru - ULTIMATE 14-HOUR PERUVIAN FOOD + Market Tour in Lima!

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Also, big thank you to Elias for showing us around Lima:

Street food in Lima, Peru! #Lima #Peru #PeruvianFood #streetfood

Peruvian food is one of the world’s great cuisines, and I was thrilled to have a chance to visit Peru to learn about and taste the food. In this video, get ready for an ultimate 14-hour straight Peruvian street food tour of Lima!

Here’s everything included in this food tour:

La Parada Market - If you love vegetable markets, I don’t think anywhere else in Lima is as colorful, energetic, and vibrant. This is the beating heart of Lima’s food supply, and I fully enjoyed walking around and seeing the diversity of ingredients from around Peru all in one busy wholesale Market.

Caldo Cesar - Elias navigated us to Caldo Cesar, a restaurant that was incredibly packed and specializes in some of Lima’s best caldo de gallina - chicken hen soup. It was one of the best chicken soups I’ve ever had in my life. Total Price - 52 PEN ($15.71) for 4

Ceviche Cart - One of the national dishes and most beloved dishes of Peru is ceviche (raw fish in lime juice), and we walked over to the section of the market where they sell fish and seasonings for ceviche and had a plate of fresh Peruvian ceviche. It was delicious. Price - 8 PEN ($2.42)

Fruit Tasting - This was pretty unplanned, we just walked around the fruit market and tasted about a dozen types of fruit. My favorite fruits were the Sanky - Fruit produced by a cactus, Camu camu - Native to the Amazon rainforest, and Lucuma - Gold of the Incas.

Papa rellena - This is one of the most common of all Peru street foods, a papa rellena, or a Peruvian stuffed potato. I was impressed - one of the best fried potatoes maybe I’ve ever had in my life.

Tocosh - This fermented potato pulp, was invented by the Incas, and it’s not for the faint of heart. I thought it was unique and pretty delicious, and fun to eat, and it contains natural penicillin.

Papa con huevo - This was ok, but just basic, a potato with egg on top and doused in sauces. This is again, a classic part of Peruvian street food, especially enjoyed by children.

Sanguchería El Chinito - “I practically moved to Peru just for this sandwich.” - Timour Ghoneim. That says it all about this legendary chicharrón Peruvian sandwich located at Plaza de Armas. And he was right, you would move to Lima for this sandwich.

Don Tito Pollos a la Brasa - If you ask Peruvians what is one of their comfort foods, I’m guessing pollo a la brasa would be a common answer. Pollo a la brasa is Pervuian rotisserie chicken, but somehow they just do it better in Peru. Total Price - 84 PEN ($25.39)

Anticuchos Manuela - Without a doubt, this was one of my favorite parts of this entire Peru street food tour of Lima, anticuchos, or grilled cow hearts. They are truly majestic, so juicy and flavorful, you won’t believe it. Price - 10 PEN ($3.02)

Picarones - Finally to end this ultimate street food in Peru tour of Lima, we ordered some picarones, donuts made from sweet potato and pumpkin. They are addictively delicious and should be eaten when you’re in Lima. Price - 6 PEN ($1.81) per box

Get more details about every restaurant including address and location on my Lima Guide:

Again, a huge thank you to Timour and Elias for showing us amazing street food in Peru:
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“Bailamos” “Te Quiero Verdad”


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Top 5 Hidden Secrets of Extinct Rides at Disney World | Tomorrowland

Disney World Secrets! It's time to take a look at some extinct Disney rides in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Magic Kingdom has seen many attractions come and go, and even though these Disney rides are now extinct there's many hidden secrets & remanents left over and scattered throughout Tomorrowland that pay tribute to these classic Disney rides. Let's Dive into rides like The Skyway, Timekeeper, Galaxy Palace Theatre, Delta Dreamflight and Mission to Mars to discover these hidden Disney secrets in The Peoplemover, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and Monster's Inc Laugh Floor. DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄


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